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Bridal collection 927 Queen Street West Toronto, Canada Tel: +1.647.352.8115

CĂŠcile Boccara

927 Queen Street West Toronto, Canada Tel: +1.647.352.8115

Dahlia Earrings

Roche Argent/Corail Earrings

Glass pearls, Swarovski crystal, Earring silver 925, Calais lace, Natural pearls

Glass pearls, Earring silver 925, Swarovski crystal

Mina Peigne Brass, Swarovski Crystal, silk

Lune Peigne Brass, Swarovski Crystal, Silk, Glass pearl

Elie Blanc Brass, Swarovski Crystal, Silk, Natural pearls

Adèle Swarovski crystal, Silk, Ribbon

Paul ThĂŠ Calais lace, Ribbon, Swarovski crystal

Audrey Ruban Glass pearls, Steel, Silver clasp 925, Ribbon: 52% cupro, 40% polyester, 8% nylon

Harry Brass, Swarovski crystal, Glass/Natural pearls, Ribbon

Victoire Pic Flamme Brass, Swarovski crystal

Brass, Swarovski crystal


Fleurs en Plumes

Brass, Swarovski crystal, Ribbon

Swarovski crystal, Ribbon

Star Chic Swarovski crystal, Ribbon, Calais lace

Jennifer Behr

927 Queen Street West Toronto, Canada Tel: +1.647.352.8115

JB47HB1 Crystal and Silk Chiffon Hair Clip

JB50AA12 Tiny crystal scallop headwrap

JB47BA3 Crystal and silk chiffon on skinny headband

JB50CA4 Primrose pacific pony wrap

JB50CA3 Rock candy pony wrap

JB50RB1 Crystal gunmetal

JB50ED4 Crystal laurel comb

JB50AA26 Diamond Leaves Headwrap

Bridal gloves

927 Queen Street West Toronto, Canada Tel: +1.647.352.8115

Lookbook bridal ss14  

Rue Pigalle Bridal Collection

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