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a few stories themselves. They’ll regale you with tales of back alley Czech crystal trades, wild goose chases in search of a rare and elusive Art Deco tray, repeat runins with the cutlery equivalent of a crazy cat lady. “We’ve come across some real characters, that’s for sure,” Diana laughs. The adventures are sure to continue, for as the acquisitions of Casa de Perrin expand, so too do to the opportunities that Josh and Diana face. With his background as a professional photographer, her styling experience, and their partnerships with planners, designers, and editors, the stars

are aligned for a very happily ever after. The couple has progressed from simply loaning their pieces for shoots and events to being involved in the production thereof; an international buying trips is in the works. Which begs the question: perhaps Josh and Diana aren’t a prince and princess at all, but crusading knights in search of a complete set of black Jasperware saucers? And they’re now accepting applications for squires with a talent for washing dishes.


Rue Holiday Issue  

Rue Holiday Issue