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How does handheld vhf radio function?

Use of a VHF radio can be in two ways. It can be used to listen to broadcast material and also to communicate with other individuals. This radio system permits making communication within range and until the frequency is correct. As a cell phone works in the push-to-talk way, so does the VHF radio. Depending on the make and model of these radios, the frequency range and transmission distance differ. These VHF radios or very high frequency radios work on a premise of reception, which is known as a line of sight. In a straight line, the signals are received and depending on the line of sight the ability of the radio is built up to receive the signals. The most significant factor is the environment in which the radio is in or works. Apart from it, there are also many factors which influence the ability of handheld VHF radio whether they can receive or transmit the signals, such as building, mountains, hills, and many other terrain, which can keep the radio from sending the signal in a straight line. Try to mount the antenna as high as possible. Imagine a raised mast on a boat which you can heighten to the peak to sail through easily. Or else, you can also stand at the highest point possible in the surrounding terrain to enable your handheld VHF radio find itself on the straight line and receive the frequency smoothly. Find the highest peak, be it by standing on a raised terrain or mounting your radio’s antenna, to surmount the problem line of sight reception and transmission. Types of vhf radio: Two types of radios are mainly available on the market. Depending on your functionality requirements and purposes you have to choose one out of them. However, they are different slightly from their structural point of view. You will find fixed vhf radios and handheld vhf radio. As the name reflects, fixed vhf radios are attached to a static location, for example a wall or a dashboard of a ship. Power resources are linked to them instead of battery being inserted. This kind of device has the longest capacity of transmission, most often up to 25 miles. Coaxial cable is attached to this epirb radio. The distance between them has to be 3 feet as a rule so the transmission is free of interferences such as sequels. The other type of radio is the handheld vhf radio or portable version of the vhf radio. This type has an antenna, which is attached to the radio itself. To charge these radios, replaceable or rechargeable batteries are used. They have dramatic decrement of operating range- up to 5 miles- with the advancement of technology. However, signal wave pattern, which is measured in decibels, varies according to the types of antennas. Using it will give you experience how signal strength and reception capacity get diminished during transmission. Use lower decibel antenna only when you are on the higher mounts. So, higher antenna attached handheld vhf radio will give better transmission and reception. Purchase that kind only.

How does handheld vhf radio function  

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