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Trust Me Read This If You're Deciding Which Beat Maker To Invest Your Hard Earned Money Into! DO NOT Make Beats Online! DO NOT Make Beats With MP3's!

DO NOT Use ONE Bar Software! ^ YOU WON'T GET ANYWHERE WITH THAT! YOU = Are in the market to MAKE SICK BEATS FAST - but you're seeing a BUNCH of pitch pages and have no clue which one to get or what makes them different... .... I uderstand your concern and JUST went through this (well, like 4 months ago). I was scratching my head doing a bunch of (now I find pointless) research on what I need to just accomplish ONE darn task; to create beats that are high quality when exported (i.e. .wav 16 bit stereo)... The rest of my research and money was spent on audio production software that was online based, OR that was free - and it was all... . ..WACK! So let this page spare you the research you're about to do, because it's actually pretty f****n simple once you get the immediate basics down. 1. You NEED a sequencer! What is it? It's basically your canvas, where you integrate sounds onto your timeline, those sounds can be drums, keys, voices, whatever.... it all happens in your main sequencer interface before you get into the panels of the drum editors where you build the actual beats or your keyboards where you play sustaining samples or triggered tones... 2. ^ That sequencer better not only be able to import your own sounds - BUT is any great beat maker software SHOULD come with already mastered sick libraries by default, AT MINIMUM 44.1 stereo 16 bit .wav files (then when you export it should be the same, which makes your beats flawless and lossless in quality). 3. FORGET ONLINE OR MP3 music production software! The problem with making beats online is that you have to login and you're on a cloud based system - meaning your internet connection and the server that the site/beat maker are sitting on are acting as your main cpu (wtf - I mean it's a noble idea and dubturbo does that too but with .wav's, not NEARLY as fast as having it installed locally).

having it installed locally). Anyway, the online beat machines are VERY limited, when you export your .mp3 yeah it bangs ok but nowhere close to what it should sound like. Even their libraries are usually pretty cheesy, and you can forget about importing your own sounds (who cares, again it's MP3's, yuk). Nothing against mp3's, like when you're exporting your mastered song into a standard pcm .wav and THEN converting it down to mp3 from that master, BUT to 'start' your foundation of each beat with mp3's is for kids. No serious artist or studio will look at you, and you'll be LUCKY if you can hawk it for $5 on the bargain basement beat sites lol... you've been warned, stick to broadcast quality. So finally after contemplating giving up on anything under $200'ish, I decided to take dubturbo for a trial run.. .... The thing cost me $30 and it covers ALL of the above and more. Really nice mastered libraries, easy to use interface which kinda reminds me of a cross between logic, cubase, and an mpc for their beat machine panel. For version 1.0 even with the few small bugs, I'm extremely impressed with their overdelivery! Importing a few kits I bought recently was a breeze and I ended up making like 4 kits my first night by beatboxing into my mic and chopping up the sounds into my own kits, then seqeuncing them... ... Exporting into a .wav is also easy, and you control the volume of EACH sound, not just the whole kit (each drum kit has 10 sounds, so you can turn down the master of all 10 combined, or turn down just the snare, or turn up just the kick, etc). What else can I say.... Here I know, I'll ask myself a few general questions pretending I'm YOU and I don't know this world yet:

* Best part of the ap and why you use this one instead of the others in it's price range? Yeah I know, the money thing is important, to me more than anyone! So seeing that it was $30 kinda threw me off, so that's probably the best part, is that my mission (my TRUE mission, to make 16-32 bars of WICKED hooks, patterns, and beats with custom sounds and samples - WITHOUT having to get a whole home studio) is becoming a reality! It was a good realization that first time a client asked me "So where's the .wav file I need that for the radio and tv spots too". This is so much more

than anything else in it's price range you can't really compare (again most are mp3 crappy online versions, or upsell driven where you need more plugins or PC parts...). ^ I was like WOW! I've learned a LOT since I was in your shoes, and trust me it's good to be in mine! I hustle beats now like a madman, and I'm saving up to get more gear too because this feed both my desire to bang music and express my creativity, and have an outlet to channel that creativity to turn it into money and feed my kids kids someday!

I'm not filthy rich no, but the most important part of my beat making journey is taken care of - now all I do is listen to tracks and videos on youtube from my favorite artists, and make my own remixes of their beats - SOUNDS HOT! & broadcast quality! :):):):):) Keep Bangin Beats! J Smith.


Beat Making Software - Dubturbo Review