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I currently attend Riga Technical University, studying towards a Master’s in Architecture. My knowledge consists of 8 years architecture study and 2 year experience in architecture office. Architecture and urban planning fascinate me because through these fields, which people face every day, it is possible to affect the environment, influence society, promote cultural development, and inspire people to create. In the field of architecture, every project is a challenge for creative ideas and new technical solutions.


PORTUM CULTURA Dubai culture village ISOVER contest project 2017 PORTUM CULTURA takes the concept of transparency to create a project from which people are able to see Dubai creek from the city through it. Its buildings emplacement connects surroundings by providing interesting perspective views not only to creek and library but also from the west side main road to the site. The project offers livable and different types of spaces as well for inhabitants as for visitors: from water-

front public space to internal courtyards and semi-private spaces inside buildings. Maintaining residential part as private and exclusive as possible. The regular shape of buildings is meant to make a contrast with the organic shape of shadowing structure placed in the site. This structure together with a natural cooling system by buildings openings provides comfort to users during any time of the year.

HIGHSCHOOL IN MEZAPARK University project 2017

The building was designed so it could serve as high school and as well be used for culture and sports events. The project was designed so it would integrate in the surroundings, using natural relief, the building has variation of height. Facade finish uses wooden boards and dark toned metal plates.

ARHIS ARCHITECTS Architecture design office

While working in the architectural design office “Arhis Architects” I was part of a team working on residential building projects. I did different types of tasks ranging from model making and preparation of project documentation to the preparation of detailed drawings and creation of the building design.

Philosopher’s residence The multi-storey apartment building complex consists of two 18 and 17 floor volumes, which are connected on a ground level with a common underground parking space. The site is located next to the historic coast line of the Daugava River that creates a natural steep slope on one side of the site. Historically there used to be a public recreation zone called the Philosophers’ alley. Now the city is planning to recreate it and make accessible for the public again. That is the main reason why the apartment building is lifted on 14m tall columns in order to provide a view of Old Riga’s skyline from the alley.

Dzintaru nr.44 residence The shape of the planned building with the facades facing East and West is influenced by the longitudinal site in North – East direction. The front square with the main entrance and glazed entrance lobby is situated towards the neighbouring site courtyards. The view from the apartments looks out onto nearby pine tree park on the East side and towards forest on the South. To respect and reflect respect towards the prevailing characteristics of buildings in Jurmala, the volume of the proposed building is fragmented into smaller, slightly slanted volumes – both in the facades and plans.

strelnieku nr.8 residence Multifunctional building on Strelnieku Street 8. The building complex is intended to accommodate public multifunctional spaces, workshops, apartments, vertical communication and parking lots.

co ffe e h o u s e i n r i g a University project 2015

H otel i n o ld c i t University project 2016


small volume recreation structure

Fa m i ly H ou se

University project 2015

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Rudolfs Ceipe

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