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Continuous Improvement

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Daruma dolls are Japanese wish dolls. They have a face, but their eyes are white: the idea is that you paint in a single eye while making a wish. Traditionally, the right eye is filled in first; the left eye is left blank until the wish is fulfilled. If you wish your organization to improve continuously, fill in the first eye, and visit Japan – the cradle of TPM, Lean Manufacturing and similar philosophies. The Japan Study Tour provides exclusive access to the best examples the world has to offer.



You are already improving? Of course your organization is improving. You have introduced a new machine, come up with a smart idea – or perhaps you’ve just had plain luck. But is the improvement sustainable? Will it last? Do you and your employees only act once a problem occurs, or do you try to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place? Does everyone in your company think: “How can I improve on this?” all the time? Does every step in your production process add value to your product? Does your client agree?

As the term suggests, continuous improvement is more than just a tool or a neat trick to give your company a temporary boost. Rather than promoting a few simple non-committal methods, philosophies like TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) are aimed to teach you and your people a profound attitude, a desire to do better all the time. Once you are ‘infected’ with the drive for continuous improvement, you will have no other wish than to aim for the best. You will no longer take losses for granted, you will strive for maximum value for your clients, operational excellence and World Class Performance.


I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand 6

More and more companies are aware of the continuous improvement concept and how it can help them become World Class performers. However, few have grasped the essence of the philosophy – either because many companies think they can learn it from a book, or because they are ill advised. Our advice is simple: experience continuous improvement yourself. There is no better place for this eye-opening experience than Japan. After all, it was in this country that the Toyota Production System was developed, the mother of all continuous improvement philosophies. We know our way around in the land of the rising sun. For many

years we have been able to open doors that normally remain closed. We offer you the opportunity to talk to specialists, listen to inspirational lectures and work with managers and people on the shop floor. Learn about Japanese business concepts, methods like TPM, and about deploying company strategy. See for yourself that ‘zero loss’ and ‘eliminating muda’ are no myths. Once you realize that TPM works, you will believe it is possible to implement this methodology in your own company. Moreover, the tour is your oncein-a-lifetime chance to experience authentic Japanese life and culture to the full.



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Whether your company is unfamiliar with continuous improvement, is starting a TPM implementation process, or has already embarked on the continuous improvement journey, the Japanese companies we visit will offer you tremendous new insights. How did they implement TPM? What tips do they have? How do they cope with the fact that there is no end to the change? How do they handle setbacks and how do they celebrate successes? See what nearly eighty managers from companies like Mars, Heineken, Farm Frites, Heinz, Corus, Volkswagen, Campina, Cosun and Lafarge saw before you. This seventh Study Tour opens doors that would normally remain closed. You will visit several companies in different sectors of industry, including car makers, food and consumer goods processing


businesses and packaging companies that have extensive experience with the Toyota Production System, Lean and TPM. Check for detailed and up-to-date tour information. Participants in the Study Tour should typically have a background in manufacturing and currently have managerial responsibilities and/or a position in continuous improvement (such as Technical Directors, Factory Managers, TPM Managers, Company TPM Directors, Shift Supervisors or Departmental Managers). Blom Consultancy organizes the tour in conjunction with TPM Solutions Int’l and the Japanese experts JIPMSolutions. Both, like Blom, are authorities on continuous improvement consultancy and committed to sharing their knowledge with you. The cost of the one-week Study Tour incl. accommodation is ₏ 6,500 (exclusive of VAT and airfare).

the key to the world of

Studytour Sunday 18th Saturday 24th October 2009

Continuous Improvement



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