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OUR REFERENCES ABB Ltd _ ACEA S.p.a. _ AEG-Electrolux Italy _ Naples, Catania, Orio al Serio, Friuli Venezia Giulia airports_ Agustawestland _ Thales Alenia Space Italy _ Alitalia S.p.a. _ Alstom Ltd _ Ansaldo S.p.a. _ Regional Agency for the Environmental Protection(A.R.P.A.) _ Italian Motorways _ Health services and hospitals _

Barco Italy _ Barilla Italy _ Black & Decker Italy _ Bombardier S.p.a. _

Cameo S.p.a. _ Cementir S.p.a. _ Centres of research _ Municipalities (Local and municipality Police ) _ Daimler Chrysler Rails Systems S.p.a. _ Doppelmayr S.r.l. _ Edison S.p.a. _ Electrolux S.p.a. _ E.N.E.A. Nuclear Fusion Dept. _ E.N.E.L. S.p.a. _ Eni S.p.a. _ Enichem S.p.a. _ Ericsson S.p.a. _ Ferrari _ Festo S.r.l. _ Fiat Iveco S.p.a. _ Galbani S.p.a. _ Gewiss S.p.a. _ Gruppo Isoil S.p.a _ Hera S.p.a. _ I.N.A.I.L. _ Intermetro S.p.a. _ Technical Institutes _ Italcementi Group S.p.a. _ Johnson Control S.p.a. _ Leitner S.p.a. _ Loacker S.p.a. _ Magneti Marelli S.p.a. _ Maserati S.p.a. _ Navy, Army, Italian Police Force(Carabinieri) Bosch S.p.a. _

_ MBDA Italia S.p.a. _ Mercedes Benz Italia S.p.a. _ Ministry of Defense (Aeronautics) _ Ministry of the Interior (Police, Prefectures, Fire Brigades) _ Ministry of Transports and Infrastructures

Nexitec S.p.a. _ Olympus S.r.l. _ Osram S.p.a. _ Pirelli Cavi S.p.a. _ Polimeri Europa S.p.a. _ RAI _ Regions and Provinces (Civil Defense) _ RFI S.p.a. _ Schools of vacational eduction _ Selex S.p.a. _ Siemens S.p.a. _ STMicroelectronics S.r.l. _ Telecom Italia S.p.a. _ Tetra Pak Carton Ambient S.p.a. _ Trenitalia _ Universities _ Whirlpool Europa S.r.l. _ Zanussi S.p.a. _ Zuegg S.r.l. (Port authorities) _ Ministry of Finance _

and further 1500 CUSTOMERS‌


For more than 25 years, we have planned and realized solutions for turnkey technical furnishings made-to-measure for highly technological workplaces, respecting the flexibility and ergonomical requirements . Laboratories, workplace system, control and multifunction rooms, instructional and training facilities profit nationally and internationally from our competence in the planing, the execution and the equipment. Our customers are satisfied with having a specialized partner who fulfills their personal requirements and wishes.

Ansaldo RAILWAY STATION “lingotto” torino, PIEMONTE Control room for the Turin railway traffic

“The Nitz engineering solution has totally fulfilled our expectations. Furthermore, the support has been timely appropriate.” Arch. Honoré Kamilindi, Office Signaling engineering

MOTORWAY TURIN-SAVONA Carmagnola, PIEMONTE “We chose Nitz engineering because their solutions are flexible and individual. They also reflect completely our expectations regarding the technical and ergonomical areas.” Davide Poggio, Systems Head of office

Work room for the motorway traffic control between Turin and Savona

PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLprofessionaleprovinciale Bolzano, alto

Bombardier Transportation Italy Cremona, LOMBARDombardia Control room for the railway traffic management for the connection lines Milan-Cremona

"The human relationship has been essential for us, as well as the service we've been offered. The solutions are of high quality and reliable Emilio Pallucci, RCS Engineering

“Competence, quality, reliability: the Nitz engineering technical furnishings solutions Laboratories for electronic, electrotechnical have always respected these requirements with know-how, and mechanical applications, techniques of professionality and experience. Their planning has completely fulfilled automation, automotive engineering, thermohydraulics our requirements in the didactic field.” Günther Holzmann, Head of electrical engineering and security Co-ordinator

professionale Brunico, SOUTH TYROL Laboratories for electronic, electrotechnical and mechanical applications, techniques of automation, automotive engineering, thermohydraulics

“Nitz engineering, in all these collaboration years with us, has always studied and delivered high quality concepts, professional work, optimal customer service,long-lasting and high quality solutions Paolo Caneppele, Head and spokesman of the teaching staff for electrotechnical, electronics and electrical engineering division


enel Vezzano, Trentino Control room for the electrical energy production Trentino/Alto Adige

“After 5 years, theNitz engineering technical furnishings are still integral and functional as on the first day.” Stefano Gabbiani, Head of the teleconduction plant

Work room for the natural disasters management

“High quallity solutions. The famous references and the similar in the Trento province and the execution of the deliveries which have been carried out, have favoured la Nitz engineering.” conference room Provincial management of Fire Brigade and Civil Defence.

CIVIL DEFENCE Palmanova, Friuli Venezia Giulia Work room for the natural disaster management for the whole region Friuli Venezia Giulia. Technical offices, crisis room and training room

“Nitz engineering has fully met our demands, in regards to the service and the other solutions they delivered.� Walter Stabile, Head of technological , informatical and multimedial systems

REGION PALACE Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia Multimedia table dedicated to the regional cabinet and representation meetings.

“The furnishings installaions realised by Nitz engineering sono funzionali, di alta qualità, esteticamente piacevoli e soddisfano pienamente le nostre esigenze.” Walter Stabile, Head of technological, informatical and multimedia systems

FIRE BRIGADE BOLZANO, alto adige “High technical competence, from the consulting to the execution. Reliability in the planning and the execution, optimal collaboration and commitment in searching adapted solutions.” Arch. Walter Pardeller

Work room for the management of events in the province of Bolzano

FIRE BRIGADE Mestre, Veneto Work room for the management of events in the Venice province

“Nitz engineering developped personalized solutions, with high product versatility and varied possibilities of execution. The quality and the aesthetical are optimal. Head of the fire brigade

Hera Ravenna, Emilia Romagna Control room for the processes in the incinerating plant “Optimal project support and execution.� Arch. Andrea Zanarini, Hera S.p.a. D.I.G.I.C.R.E., Modena

CIVIL DEFENCE Modena, Emilia Romagna

Hera Ferrara, Emilia Romagna

“The collaboration with Nitz engineering for the furnishing of our technical

Control room for the management of natural areas with respect to the planning and the execution enabled to come up to disasters, crisis room and conference the centre's specificities and expectations increasing the value of the working room. spaces with modularity, flexibility and technology.”

Dr. Rita Nicolini, Civil and Land Defence Manager

Control room for the processes in the incinerating plant “Optimal project support and execution.” Arch. Andrea Zanarini, Hera S.p.a. D.I.G.I.C.R.E., Modena

Nitz project

Nitz engineering



Let's benefit from the know-how, the long-term experience and the innovative strength of Nitz project and Nitz engineering to develop your made to measure solutions from the planning to the final assembling.

Our solutions _ design of workplace systems, laboratories for electrical engineering and electronic applications, operational and communication centers, control consols for service control rooms, instructional and training facilities, and multi-function rooms. _ measuring instruments. _ _ didactic modules for electrical engineering, electronic applications, mechanics and thermohydraulics, automotive engineering, mechatronics. _ laser technology



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