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November 1, 2010



Designers: Krystle Duldulao and Patrick Ruder

Facebook stalks by Amanda Vuicich, student writer

Photo by Riana Stellburg They just got to have them. From Nike’s to Jordan’s, men’s biggest fashion statement is on their feet.

“Check my new kicks” Sneaker pimps are selling by Krystle Duldulao, student writer

cent years, Undan and many or Dunks.” others have had to sacrifice “Collecting shoes is my Every weekend you can their love for shoes due to a hobby,” 20-year-old Jo Racifind them at Ala Moana rocky economy. mo said. “It gives me that Shopping Center. Those sense of satisfaction when I slaves to fashion, spending walk down the street and I their every last dime on the SNEAKERHEAD? don’t see anyone else with the hottest shoes they can find to same shoes I have.” complete their outfits. But – According to Undan, Racimo, a nursing major, here’s the surprise – they’re signs of being a sneakerhead credits Undan with turnall guys. Sneakerheads. include “spending hours ing him into a sneakerhead. Tw e n t y o n e - y e a r - o l d on the computer looking Undan introduced him to C h r i s t i a n U n d a n f r o m at shoes, knowing release the Web site, Solecollector. Makakilo can’t walk past dates on cer tain shoes, com. The site allows fellow Foot Locker without taking spending a majority of your sneakerheads to buy, sell and a peek inside. He carefully money on shoes, knowing trade shoes. scans the attractive displays more than the salesman “After that, I was hooked for his desired shoe. There selling you shoes.” on that website 24/7,” Racithey are. The black, varsity Every night Undan spends mo said. red and white Jordan 9 Ret- at least two hours in front of ros he’s had his eyes on for the computer screen scoping PLIGHT? BUCKS! weeks. Undan tries them on. out the latest news in the The $150 price tag is off- athletic shoe industry. “I used to collect a lot setting. In the end, his wallet de- before I sold them all due to wins, and he leaves the store fines a sneakerhead as “a debt and Christmas presents,” empty-handed. person who collects limited, 22-year-old Mark Sagucio Undan is a sneakerhead. rare, OG or flat-out exclu- said. He is a member of a culture sive kicks. Usually the colSince 2006, Sagucio, a that defies sneakers. But in re- lection consists of Jordans nursing major, has spent more

than $5,000 on shoes. “My credit card sky rocketed, which was why I sold a lot of that stuff,” Sagucio said. In a three-month span, Sagucio sold most of his shoes for about $3,000. At one point, Undan boasted more than 50 pairs of shoes in his collection. He used to buy a pair of shoes every paycheck, but now he only buys a pair every two or three months. After selling many pairs, Undan limits himself to 15 pairs of shoes in rotation. “I’ve realized how much money I’d save if I didn’t buy a pair of shoes so often,” Undan said. Despite Undan, Racimo and Sagucio’s decrease in shoe purchases the shoe industry hasn’t faltered. In its first quarter, Nike reported a 9 percent increase in its net income, with running and toning shoes being best-sellers.

College is about three things: overpriced education, building ‘tolerance’ and wasting time on the Internet between the other two activities. Facebook. We all have it, unless you’re highly antisocial or highly intelligent, and this time sucker is one of the defining points of the 21st century. Did you ever log on and see that Facebook has either changed a part of its layout or that there are new features that make stalking your friends that much easier? Anyway, here’s a little insight into the process known as “Facebooking,” and its new stalker application. It’s all about me! You’re in! Eyes quickly dart to the top left corner, friend request? Messages? Notifications? That little red square becomes the bane of your existence. Someone has something to say to you! You’re important! It becomes like a status symbol, there’s always that kid who announces before class starts, with a smug little smile on his face “Oh! Wow! Sixteen notifications!” (This leads everyone in the vicinity to roll their eyes, while simultaneously reaching for their phones to check their own stats.) I forgot you existed… Maybe on the newsfeed, maybe after you click on a friend’s profile, you end up finding someone you literally forgot existed on this earth. Usually, they’re of no real significance to you and you’ll forget as soon as you log out. In the meantime, however, you devour every little post, picture and status they’ve offered up to the Internet gods. Also, it’s around this point that you find mutual friends of mutual friends who end up knowing your mom (because all moms are on Facebook now. Don’t lie. We’ve all gone through the moral dilemma of adding a parent…and subsequently putting them on Limited Profile). Why did that jerk delete me?? This is the most emotionally demanding stage of the Facebook series. You’re innocently perusing profiles and you come across one you haven’t seen in a while. Curious you click on it, only to find a message gloating, “People who aren’t friends with (so and so) see only some of her profile information. If you know [insert name here] personally, send her a message or add her as a friend.” At first, you’re a little offended, but then you start to wonder what you did to make her want to cut you out of her online life, and you sit and go through every little detail of your last encounter, until…you see another person’s profile and move on. View friend history You add friends that you’ve known from high school, new friends you meet in college, hell, even “friends” that you don’t know but they go to your school so you think you are bound to meet them eventually. But what is with the new application to where you can view your “friend history” with someone? View your wall posts and you will be able to then view the Facebook history between you and your friends from photo comments you have posted down to viewing their history with their other friends and comments made about you by them. Two hours later… After a snack and/or bathroom break, you look at the clock only to notice that not just minutes, but hours have gone by. Either the sun set or rose in the time you had your eyes glued to your laptop, but either way you gotta get off this thing. Now.


SNEAKERHEAD? PLIGHT? BUCKS! p9 others have had to sacrifice their love for shoes due to a rocky economy. November 1, 2010 “I used to collect...