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Top: Soulgasm attendees dance with different styles to the groovy house beats at SOHO Mixed Media Bar. Below: One of choreographer Lyanne Brooks’ students, Russell Rumbawa works on his house dancing technique.

House music plants its roots in Hawai’i by Riana Stellburg, staff writer

In order for a tree to have a long life it must have healthy roots. House music is rapidly planting its roots in Hawai’i with its different infusions of disco, funk, and other music genres. Through Soulgasm, a monthly dance event at SOHO Mixed Media Bar on downtown campus at Pauahi St., people from all walks of life and all ages can dance and engage in this rich culture. Hosted by the Housing Project 360, a dance school collaborated by house music pioneers, Soulgasm is quickly paving its way in the local music scene here in Hawai’i. According to, house music originated in Chicago during the 1980s. This underground music genre combined soul, funk and disco with electronic drums. Local choreographer, dance director and pioneer of house music, Lyanne Brooks said, “house music is hard to define especially because of its lineage being very rooted yet still evolving and inclusive to other music.” Using a layering technique with other music genres, house music is audibly appealing to everyone. Born before techno came into the world, house music has definitely earned its wisdom by being played all over the world from Chicago to Europe and now, Hawaii. “Techno came later receiving it’s inspiration from

One of Soulgasm’s guests, DJ Flux, spins the turn tables.

House music in Chicago,” Brooks said. So how is house music different than techno? “It’s similar that it’s dance music but it’s faster than most House, a lot harder in vibe and sound using a lot of synthesizers and samples rather then organic sounds and structure of House music,” Brooks said. “It’s a more amped up vibe rather than a groovy one.” Pioneers of house music are quick to distinguish the difference between techno and house music. “…they are their own style of music,” she said. How was Soulgasm started? “Soulgasm was created in NYC by DJ Brian Coxx and House Dance Pioneer and leader Ejoe Wilson, and highly respected NYC promoter Redness who has and still promotes for many legendary artists in House music,” Brooks said.

“We’d like to inspire many, through mind, body, and soul as one for health and well being on all levels as a harmonious flow. Dance is fun. Dance is life.” -Lyanne Brooks On the last Saturday of each month and sometimes during th week, SOHO in Chinatown and Lotus in Waikiki near the Ohia play house music. Patrons can dance all night long to the rhythm and beats of house music. Usually local, mainland, even international DJs play their music at these events which introduces their interpretations of different house music styles. At these events whether it’d be at SOHO or Lotus, different dancing styles and ethnicities cover the dance floor from capoeira to break dancing. DJ Kentaro, an HPU graduate, usually spins throughout the night at Soulgasm showcasing his talent and skills. Through house music, he feels a connection every time he plays. “It’s organic, it’s more emotional,” Kentaro said. “Music and love is always in Soulgasm.” Everyone is able to show off their dance moves and these events are guaranteed always fun and enjoyable. With different combinations of dance styles of its music originators, house dancing started before its genre even began. Along with Soulgasm, Brooks teaches at the Housing Project 360, a pioneering dance school in Hawaii that teaches various styles of street dance and movements. Focusing on introducing this diverse culture to the pub-

lic, located in downtown Honolulu, Housing Project 360 is the premiere school of House Dance in the state of Hawaii. “This is in turn about learning to enjoy moving, and music from a place inside yourself, not only because it looks good, but because it feels so, not because you think so, but because you know so,” Brooks said. Brooks not only teaches house dance but also hip hop and floor work for all ages. “We’d like to inspire many, through mind, body, and soul as one for health and well being on all levels as a harmonious flow. Dance is fun. Dance is life,” Brooks said. HOUSING PROJECT 360 Prices range from monthly rates: $52.50- $135.00 Unlimited classes to bi-monthly (1.5 hour): $144$225 For more information, contact Lyanne Brooks at (808)225-6114.


“We’d like to inspire many, through mind, body, and soul as one for health and well be- ing on all levels as a harmonious flow. Dance is fun...

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