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Department of Marine Resources

Personal Bag Limit The subsidiary laws of The Bahamas allows all persons travelling by commercial airlines to carry the following fisheries resources when leaving The Bahamas as personal baggage: No more than eighteen fish in total - Kingfish, Wahoo & Dolphin, Ten (10) pounds - Crawfish or Conch OR Twenty (20) pounds of Demersal - Snappers, Grouper, Stone Crab claws, Jacks, Hog Fish, etc. For more information contact Department of Marine Resources at 242.699.0202.

An import permit is required from the Ministry of Agriculture for all animals being brought into the Bahamas. Applications for such permits (along with a $10 processing fee - money order or cash only) must be made in writing to the Director of Agriculture, P.O.Box N-3704, Nassau, Bahamas. For the US and Canada, the following are the main provisions of the import as it applies to dogs and cats: the animal must be 6 months of age or older, have a valid certificate of vaccination with in one month and not more than 10 months prior to importation for a one year vaccine. The animal must be accompained by a Veterinary Health Certificate presented within 48 hours of arrival into the Bahamas to a licensed veterinarian for an examination. The permit is valid for one (1) entry and must be used within one (1) year from the date of issue. Breeds restricted from being imported into the Bahamas are Pit Bull, Cane Corso and Presa Canario. For more information 242-367-2260 - Fax 242-367-4260.


The post office in Marsh Harbour is situated at the Government Complex and provides air mailing service to anywhere in the world, also regular surface mail. Postcards are 50 cents to the US, UK and Canada. Airmail letters (one-half ounce) 65 cents for US and Canada, 70 cents for Europe. Other services available include FedEx, United Postal Service and DHL. Each town has its own post office.

Public Holidays

New Year’s Day Majority Rule Day Good Friday Easter Monday Whit Monday Labour Day Independence Day Emancipation Day National Heroes Day Christmas Day Boxing Day

Organized clubs of business and professional persons active in public services.


Dedicated to helping prevent brain-related disorders - “Brain Minders”. Tel: 242.367.4571 Meets every 3rd Tuesday in the month at Central Abaco Primary School at 6:00p.m.




Upon your arrival in The Bahamas you are

1st January 10th January 3rd April 6th April 25th May 5th June 10th July 3rd August 12th October 25th December 26th December

Service Groups

Exchange Rates

The Bahamian dollar is on par with the U.S. dollar. A small exchange may be applicable when converting traveller’s cheques for local currency.


Department of Agriculture Import Requirements

given an immigration card to fill out. The officer at the Port of Entry will keep the top section and return the bottom section to you. You must return that portion to the ticket agent upon departure. Citizens of the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom or colonies do not need a passport for a visit that does not extend beyond 3 weeks, provided that you have proper identification, birth certificate, picture identification and a return ticket.

Dedicated to serving the children of the world. ‘Young Children - Priority One’ meets every other Tuesday at Central Abaco Primary School at 6:30pm. Tel 242.367-3680 Committed to committed to community 81

Destination Abaco Volume 23 Feb-July 2015  

Travel Guide to Abaco, The Bahamas

Destination Abaco Volume 23 Feb-July 2015  

Travel Guide to Abaco, The Bahamas