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CUSTOMS In typical parties and festivals where traditional Polish people use traditional clothes.They dance traditional songs, and they drink vodka.They eat sausages, sweet cakes and chocolates.



We can say with great generality that Polish cuisine is rich, hearty and relatively high in fat. Poles are famous for the generosity they spend periods of enjoyment of food.


CI TI ES  Warsaw is the capital.  Important cities:  Cracovia,Gdansk,Sopot,Po



ď‚— Many sports are popular in Poland. Football is the

most popular in the country with a rich history of international competition. Also popular volleyball, athletics, basketball, boxing, fencing, handball, ice hockey, swimming, and weightlifting, among others.

SPORTS CELEBRITIES ď‚— The first Polish Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica was,

who was also the first to win a race. Poland has excelled in motorcycling through Tomasz Gollob, successful pilot.

EURO 2012

ď‚— Poland and Ukraine organized the Euro 2012 soccer

tournament. ď‚— The champion of Euro was Spain.


THE BISON Bison is a genus of mammals. There are two species: the American bison, or buffalo, preferably living on the Great Plains of the United States, Canada and Mexico, and the endangered European bison.

THE DEER The deer is an animal flexible, compact body, with long, powerful legs suited to the wooded and rugged terrain. Hart is an excellent swimmer.

THE MOOSE The moose can reach a weight of 450 kg and some very old individuals often come to 500. The body of the moose is relatively short, thick, tall, broad chest, somewhat raised, horizontal in the lower back and rump cross.

THE HORSE The horse has a half life of 25/40 years in captivity and released a horse can live around 25 years.The inclination of incisors increases over time and used to determine the age of the horse. It is normal that in any case more live.


FLORA There is a great variety of plants in Poland.The original flora was a conseauence of the climatic changes in the centre of Europe .The enviroment in Poland is protected by natural parks. Some importans parks are : Babiogorski , Drawenski and Magurski.

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