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LOCATION OF POLAND • Poland is bordered by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukrame, Belarus and Lithuania

WARSAW • Warsaw is the capital of Poland

This is the mermaid of Warsaw

Krakรณw โ€ข 766,583 habitants

POLICY OF POLAND • The president of Poland is Bronislaw Komorowski

POLICY OF POLAND • The primer minister of Poland is Donald Tuck.

THE SHIELD • The shield of Poland is an eagle with a crown

THE FLAG • The flag of Poland is red and white



THE CURRENCY • The currency of Poland is the Zloty

THE LAKES • In Poland there is a Lake Distrit.

THE KINGDOM • The kingdom of Poland is founded in 1025

THE POPULATION • The population of Poland is 385 million

THE SEA • The Baltic sea is in Poland

THE LANGUAGE • Kashubian is a regional language of Poland

Mountains • Poland has got seventy mountains.

Rysy • Rysy is the highest mountain in Poland (2499).

Desert • In Poland there is a desert.

Błędów’ desert

• Made by Carmen, Monica, Ana, Sergio, Iker and Armando.

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