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We aim to fostor innovation in the healthcare industry. The fundamentals of our business are based on the intention to develop a better environment, especially for researchers and innovators in the medical field, to help them get their projects off the ground. In Thailand, people with great ideas often find it difficult to translate their projects into tangibles. Many projects start off with good intentions only to fall by the wayside because of the hurdles in the process—be it acquiring funding, a research grant or other problems. Ruckdee believes research can play a critical role in achieving successful outcomes in the Thai medical industry that can benefit Thai society generally. In supporting the research community, we provide the following:

We have carefully developed Ruckdee as a model that supports project creators from an early stage. We help groom the business, suggest the best funding model, help execute the funding plan and support the project until it is launched. We also follow up on the progress of the project to ensure investor satisfaction.



We bring in more diversified investment and more involvement from the private sector, either institutional or from individuals.

We strengthen communication channels within the community.


We improve incentives for project creators, allowing them to retain their ownership whilst obtaining vital funding.

Seeing information asymmetry between the two, we work on facilitating conversations between investors and project creators. From the investor side, what differentiates us from other platforms is that investors get the assurance of the authenticity, feasibility and validity of the projects they are investing in from our trusted assessment service. From the project creators’ perspective, what they lack is not only funding but also market understanding and business expertise. We help groom their ideas, and assist them where necessary to successfully evolve their business. Our revenue comes from the following:

Services Fee Profit sharing Commissions on fund raised

RUCKDEE is where healthcare meets business.

How can we help Ruckdee operates as a Consultancy + Venture platform

ServiceS to creators - A portal where creators can showcase their projects and seek funding from targeted investors or the general public. - Grooming service—providing both technical and business consultation through different stages of the project, to ensure that project goals are reached as promised to the investors.

Services to investors - An online marketplace for projects related to healthcare, where investors can find projects ranging from research to social enterprises to ready-to-commercialize projects, so that it is easy for them to support. The projects can be in wide-ranging fields—hospital/medical/dental practice activities, healthcare equipment, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. - Preliminary assessment for projects: we provide technical and business evaluation, ensuring investors that they know of associated risks before entering the platform.

Thailand’s Crowdfunding Market Environment Instigated in 2001 , crowdfunding concept has grown tremendously both in terms of numbers and value. Currently there are over 1,250 platforms around the world, accounting to US$ 16 billion in 2015, with an estimation of US$ 96 billion in 2016. The growth in Asia alone is projected to be at 210% per year. The concept of crowdfunding has only been formally introduced to the Thais in 2015, where two Thai-based platforms – Dreamaker and Asiola were launched. To date there are several platforms running covering donation-based, reward-based with the focuses in publication, media industry, social campaign and manufacturing. Equity-based crowdfunding platforms are expected to launch after the passing of new regulations from Securities and Exchange Commission. The Stock Exchange Commission of Thailand, with the pressure from the Bank of Thailand is working on rolling out key regulations to support the operation of online equity crowdfunding. Until the regulation is in place, our operation is limited to offline services, and other non-equity crowdfunding models. Challenges to the introduction was the lack of understanding and awareness of the concept, both among investors and entrepreneurs. Thais are more used to traditional banking services, be it taking loans or making payment. It is therefore important for us to create the awareness of crowdfunding while building trust in online lending and payment services. We see opportunities coming this year in 2016 where the government’s attempt to promote national electronic payment and fintech should manifest.

Growth by crowdfunding region prediction for 2015 in millions of USD (research based estimate)

Thailand’s healthcare industry With core focus being Healthcare industry, we take careful assessment of its potential while positioning ourselves as an alternative source of support to the industry’s traditional space and its extension.

In Thailand, healthcare is a promising industry. The industry is expected to grow from THB841.2bn (US$24.6bn) in 2015 to THB892.3bn (US$25.2bn) in 2016: +6.1% in local currency. This projection is supported by the country’s aggregating demand for medical services and its increasing popularity as a medical tourism destination. Healthcare professionals also see opportunities in expanding into neighboring frontier markets, specially Myanmar and Vietnam.

Despite positive growth prospect, the main problem facing the industry is the lack of human resources and medical supplies. We therefore see the opportunity in tapping into innovation in traditional healthcare services and the forthcoming self-care innovation.

Number of Hospital Beds per 10,000 population



YEAR 2013

Private Healthcare Expenditure

Number of DOCTORS per 10,000 population


Government Healthcare Expenditure



2014 2015 Source: Economist Intelligence Unit, WHO



3.7 12.5


KANAWAT CHANTARALAWAN, MD (EGG) Founder * Work experience * Department of Ophthalmology, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital Bangkok, Thailand 2015-Present Resident Ophthalmologist Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital , Chonburi, Thailand 2014-2015 General Practitioner Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2012-2014 Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center/ 2012-2014 Massachusetts General Hospital Research Fellow * Education * Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Prince Mahidol Award, Youth program Scholar


Assist. Prof. KARNDEE LEOPAIROTE, PhD (AOR) Opportunity creator/ Strategic partner * Work experience * C-Asean Managing Director

- Present

* Previous experience * Executive Director of Future Innovative Thailand Institute (FIT) Advisor to Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) Advisor to Deputy Minister of Commerce on Creative Economy Policy and Initiative National Sub-Committee, Creative Economy Policy and Initiative Thailand Competitiveness Committee, NESDB Head of Operations Management Department, Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University Executive Director, Thammasat Business Consulting Center (TBCC), Thammasat University Director and Program Advisor, Master in Service Innovation (MSI), College of Innovation, Thammasat University

paddy tan Startup doctor * Work experience * InterVentures (Singapore) Founder BST Consulting (Singapore/Hong Kong) CEO & Executive Director Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) Tech Advisor BASH (Singapore) Mentor * Previous experience * 1st Vice President of Mobile Alliance (Singapore) CEO & Founder of BAK2u (Singapore) CEO of TheFoundersCamp (Singapore) Director of Europe Connect (Singapore) Country Manager of Interactife (Singapore/Hong Kong) Business Development Engineer of Solectron Technology (Singapore)



* Work experience * Bangkok Bank PCL 2015-Present Investment Banking Analyst

* Work experience * Asia Group Advisors Analyst

Chiang Mai University Lecturer in Economics * Education * CASS Business School, UK MSc Financial Mathematics



London School of Economics, UK 2010-2011 MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics University of Essex, UK BSc Economics



Bank of Thailand Assistant to Chairman




Google/iLaw Google Fellow


* Education * University College London, UK MA Economics and Business


Chulalongkorn University, Thailand 2008-2012 BA International Relations/Business Psychology

RARIN AUWATTANAMONGKoL (ZINE) * Work experience * Freelance Graphic Designer 2013-Present - Graphic Designer, Buriram Supply - Junior Creative, Area SE1 School Agency - Social Media analyst, The National Theatre - Event Marketer, Disclosure-Island record * Education * London College of Communication, UK 2014-2015 MA Advertising University of Nottingham, UK BMedSci Medical Science


ADVISORY BOARD Ms. Manida Zinmerman Hunton & Williams LLP Partner Mr. Trirat Chatkaew SSC IT Group CEO Mr. Axel Winter Standard Chartered Bank Global head, Retail bank architecture Mr. Prin Panichpakdi Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia (Thailand) Managing Director

operative team

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“พวกผมอยากเห็นอะไรเจ๋งๆ มันไม่ได้ หายไปกับเศษกระดาษที่คุณไปตีพิมพ์ หายไปกับถ้วยรางวัลแล้วจบไป

ผมอยากเห็นอะไร ที่มันสามารถสร้าง มูลค่าได้จริงๆ สร้างจีดีพีให้กับประเทศไทย อย่าง


“มีคนไอเดียด้านการแพทย์ดีๆมากมาย เราดูแลไอเดียของคนฝั่งนี้เพื่อให้แมตช์ กับนักลงทุน โรงพยาบาลหรือคนไข้ให้ เขามาเจอกัน”

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“Lending landscape and trends in Southeast Asia” with Crowdo and FinAccel 23.07.16 Techsauce Summit 2016

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Regulation Environment Although Thai government welcomes and encourages foreign investments, there are several foreign equity restrictions and Thai participation requirements that investors may need to consider to avoid possible inhibition. Foreign investment is supervised by a range of legislation, cabinet policies, trade association regulations, laws and other controls. Investors consider investing in Ruckdee or projects on Ruckdee may enquire into the followings: Foreign Business Act The scope of foreign participation in business activities in Thailand is under the supervision of The Foreign Business Act (FBA). The FBA prohibits foreigners, unless they are otherwise exempt, from participating in specified business activities and requires certificates or licenses to be obtained before engaging in such activities. The prohibition covers around 50 types of businesses. In practice, it is often possible for foreign business to participate in businesses by having the right proportion of ownership structure, voting rights or control of any kind.

Relevance: The FBA may apply when investing into projects

listed on Ruckdee through equity model. Ruckdee will publish the details and the allowance of foreign participation in each project through

Financial Institution Business According to the Financial Institution Business Act (FIBA), B.E. 2551 (2008), shares of the company’s operating business related to financial institution that are owned by foreigners shall not exceed 25% of the total shares, and at least 75% of directors must be Thai.

Relevance: It remains unclear whether FIBA may affect foreign investment

into Ruckdee, as it is considered a funding channel, specially through equity and lending model. From our talk with the Security Exchange Commission, we have been confirmed that they are working on introducing a specific law for crowdfunding platforms. Currently we are aware that it is safest to raise fund without exceeding the above restriction. We are following this evolving regulatory environment with close attention.

securities law and regulation Transaction of securities is governed by the Securities and Exchange Act (SEA). The act sets Security Exchange Commission (SEC) as the regulator of the Thai Capital Market. Activities under the supervision of SEC include securitization, derivatives, and other equity or securities related activities.

Relevance: SEA only applies to security traded in primary and secondary markets. The

two markets deal with companies looking into making public offering or listed companies. Crowdfunding places new challenges for the SEC, as its operation is in gray area. However, for Thailand, SEC has expressed interest in governing equity crowdfunding activities and promised to issue regulations in support of the service within Q3 2016.

Distribution of Profit to Overseas The Civil Commercial Code (CCC) is the fundamental law that govern businesses’ operation. Section 1201 of the CCC supervises that the distribution of a dividend can only be made out of profit. A company must maintain reserve fund of 10% of its registered share capital. The distribution of profit to overseas may subject to Thai Exchange Control Law. Companies can conduct each remittance of funds for the repayments of loan to abroad or the remittance of capital to overseas investors, with an authorized juristic person. Required documents are such as the shareholder list, the sale and purchase agreement, written evidence of the loan and also the Foreign Exchange Transaction Form.

Relevance: The law lays out processes for the remittance of profit to foreign investors. This will apply to investors investing in equity, and royalty model.

Intellectual Property Thailand Intellectual Property protection is currently covered by three main laws which are the Trademark Act, the Patent Act, and the Copyright Act. The laws cover plant varieties, layout design of integrated circuits, and trade secrets. Thailand is member of the the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), aligning the country’s intellectual protection effort with international standards.

Relevance: Many projects listed on Ruckdee introduce new concepts and may

seek for the protection from the laws. Ruckdee encourages project owners to obtain intellectual protection in all cases.


Contact: FB/RuckdeeConsultancy

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