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Chancellor Pritchett to Step Down After Academic Year

Chancellor Pritchett will be departing after five years of leadership.

school. Graduating from three Ivy League On September 10th, Chancellor Wendell schools, Pritchett is a lawyer, author, Pritchett announced that he’s stepping urban scholar, and historian. Pritchett also down as chancellor after the 2013-2014 academic year. His announcement included, “…the campus is extremely strong, and I believe that the end of this academic year is the right time to turn over the reins to a new chancellor who will work with all the members of our community to continue our strong performance.” Pritchett was praised by students and serves on the Philadelphia School Reform staff last year for advocating the Camden Commission, where he was recently campus to continue staying a part of elected president of the Coalition of Urban Rutgers University. He now oversees a and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU), a campus with the highest enrollment and national consortium of higher education most graduations in the campus’ history. institutions. Pritchett began July 6, 2009; he Most students interviewed about the succeeded Roger Dennis, who is now resignation were either positive about the first dean of Drexel University’s law SEAN BROWN | CONTRIBUTOR




“Chancellor Pritchett is a gifted and inspiring leader” – President Barchi





Pritchett or unaware of whom he is or that he resigned as chancellor. Ronald Williams, an Economics major, reacted with sadness, “I think he did a great job. He came out to events, made sure his face was seen, and a great advocate for the campus”. Williams thinks that students are now more proud to go to Rutgers. Nick Hung, a third year law student, said that “the way he dealt with Rowan/Rutgers [proposed merger] was professional. He advocated for what students wanted. He will be a great asset as he continues to be a professor”. In the Chancellor’s message, he said that he will continue to teach a law class, but that he will take a year sabbatical first. In a statement, President Barchi reacted with admiration and praise, “Chancellor Pritchett is a gifted and inspiring leader, and under his direction, Rutgers-Camden has expanded its student population and grown its superb faculty; established vibrant new academic programs, including a School of Nursing, which serves a growing demand in southern New Jersey; and made critical improvements to the campus infrastructure, including a new 350-bed residence hall that opened last year. True to Wendell’s passion, RutgersCamden has become deeply involved in supporting the people of Camden and the surrounding region, establishing an Office for Civic Engagement that has helped to instill an ethic of civic engagement into the curriculum.” Barchi’s statement was released following a summer where the structure of Rutgers was close to being drastically changed. Ever since UMDNJ officially merged with Rutgers, State Senator Sweeney has proposed making changes to the unique structure, including eliminating the 59 member Board of Trustees and changing how people are appointed to the 15 member Board of Governors. Most recently, Sweeney unsuccessfully attempted to abolish the politically independent Rutgers Board of Trustees. This was seen by some as a power grab by the South Jersey political elite, lead by the Senate President. The Speaker of the Assembly never allowed a vote on the proposals. Yet supporters argued that the proposed changes were a way to ensure South Jersey has its own influence on how money is spent by the university. Pritchett answered questions about his time as Chancellor in an exclusive interview for the Gleaner. What’s your greatest accomplishment as chancellor?


New and Returning Students “Meet the Greeks”

HERCAMPUS.COM Students around campus are choosing to Keep Calm and Go Greek A M E L I A N O WA K | S TA F F W R I T E R

With a new start to the fall 2013 semester comes a new look at Rutgers Camden’s Greek Life. The third week of September was declared “Greek Week”, which allowed each Greek organization to advertise to potential new members and show the campus who they are. Each semester Greek organizations show off their own organization as well as Greek Life as a whole. Activities range from playing dodge ball to having bake offs. See MEET THE GREEKS page 3

Voters Will Decide to Raise the Minimum Wage (or Not) in November

RAISETHEWAGENJ.ORG Senator Sweeney speaking to a receptive crowd about raising the minimum wage. THOMAS MAGJUKA-EGAN | N E W S & F E AT U R E S E D I T O R

On November 5th, 2013 New Jersey voters will have several important decisions to make. Besides the gubernatorial election and down-ballot races, voters will also decide whether or not to amend the New Jersey constitution and raise the minimum wage. New Jersey’s current minimum wage is among the lowest in the nation, matching the federal minimum wage at $7.25 an hour. Neighboring states New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania all currently have a minimum wage set at $7.25. This is not the first attempt at raising the See RAISING THE MIN WAGE, page 4



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A Poem by Adolf Alzuphar

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Meet the Greeks CONTINUED from front page

The Greek organizations advertised themselves on campus through bake sales, fliers, hosting events, raffles, and much more over this one week dedicated to them. On September 19th, Gordon Theatre held the annual “Meat the Greeks” where the campus got to see the Greek organizations in a different setting. This year, the event was hosted by the renowned Webb of Beta Mu and music was provided by student, Ron Williams Jr. “Meet the Greeks” allows the different Greek organizations to speak a little on the founding of their fraternity or sorority, seek out potential new members, show their allegiance, and preform in either a salute, step, or stroll. Rutgers currently has chapters of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sigma Delta Tau, Delta Phi Epsilon, Tau Epsilon Phi, Lambda Theta Alpha, Lambda Tau Omega, and Phi Beta Sigma. Those chapters¬¬¬ along with other Greek organizations that are not active on our campus but are on neighboring campuses, such as Rowan, spoke about their organization’s missions and preformed a routine. Sophomore Abdullah Abdelelaziz, biology major and member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, said that Meet the Greeks was a place where each Greek organization was able to show their brotherhood or sisterhood. Senior Deziree Matinez, a Social Work major and member of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated, agreed with Abdullah by saying “Meet the Greeks is not only for us to show off some of our traditions, but to also display our unity, love, and respect for one another as sisters”. This brotherhood and sisterhood was not appealing to some students who were interviewed, such as Sophomore Jenny Barrone, a psychology major, who mentioned “I don’t believe that Greek life is the life for me, but I sure do love to watch them dance!” A majority of students at RutgersCamden are not involved with Greek Life. While not all may find a place within Greek life, it’s a sight to see that much passion at one event, which is something Junior Ravi Trevedi, a political science major and member of Tau Kappa Epsilon mentioned, “…the pride these individuals have in being a brother or sister in their respective organization is truly remarkable”. The energy produced by each member of these Greek organizations was felt throughout the Gordon Theatre, launching the audience into a dance-frenzy. This “Meet the Greeks” event was also a chance for those who interested to be

able to learn and mingle with Greek organizations they felt would be a good fit for them. During intermission, the undergrad students could go into the lobby of Gordon Theatre and visit various tables where the Greek organizations had set up. At these tables the undergrads could learn more about what each organization stands for and see what other members were like. Junior Patrick Tiedeken, a business management major and member of Tau Kappa Epsilon explained that joining a Greek organization has allowed him to “gain experiences that I will be able to take into my professional career”. Many CEO’s, politicians, and other influential people have been members of Greek organizations. For some, these Greek organizations can help them grow into the person they want to be, and at “Meet the Greeks” they can find the right organization to do that with. Not all may find a fit into a Greek organization like Junior Lisa Nguynen, Nursing major, who mentioned that she found a “family-like” feel in other organizations not Greek affiliated. Greek life is not meant for everyone, but “Meet the Greeks’ was still a fun-filled event, whether students are Greek affiliated or not. Those interested in joining a Greek organization have school mandated requirements. Potential Greek members must be full-time students, have over 12 credits, and a GPA above a 2.0. Students must meet those standards and any financial requirements that the Greek organizations charges before they can “rush” an organization. Rush is when potential members meet members of a fraternity or sorority that they are interested in. During rush, potential members get to know the organization and see if it’s the right fit for them – and vice versa for the Greek organization. Rushing occurs towards the beginning of each semester, spring and fall. After rush, the Greek organizations will give out bids (invitations) to pledge their organization. Once the bid is accepted by the student, they are known as pledges, and then spend weeks learning about the organization and participating in events. At the end of the pledging process, the pledges usually turn into a full member (Brother or Sister) and reap the benefits of being in the organization. You can find more information by visiting the Office of Greek Life in the Campus Center or online at http://greeks.


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Raising the Min Wage CONTINUED from front page

minimum wage in New Jersey. New Jersey’s legislature passed a bill that would increase the minimum wage to $8.50 and included adjustments based off of the Consumer Price Index; however, Governor Christie vetoed the bill (A2162) last January claiming that the economy was too weak to increase the minimum wage. Democrats in the Senate and Assembly responded by having a bill passed that would amend the New Jersey Constitution to increase the State minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.25 and increase the minimum wage based off of cost of living increases. The issue will go to the voters in November, and will be listed as ballot question #2. Currently individuals making minimum wage make about $15,080 a year

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce. “If this ballot question is approved, annual raises would be automatically granted with no consideration to whether the economy is strong or weak, or whether the market warrants the increases.” A non-profit and non-partisan think tank, New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP), suggests that raising the minimum wage would affect 429,000 workers in New Jersey, or 11 percent of the New Jersey workforce. NJPP also says that raising the minimum wage will increase overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by $174.8 million in 2014, and could create 1,520 full-time jobs.


First $100 3D printer launched on KickStarter Six years ago the state’s Minimum The world’s first 3D printer has begun Wage Advisory Commission recommenddevelopment thanks to the crowd-funding website KickStarter. The 3D printer will be using “Freedom Respecting and OpenSource” software and hardware. The printer will be the cheapest printer available and yet it plans to be one of the most accessible – open to the most basic users. The development team raised over $50,000 in just 24 hours; the 3D printer will be sold for just $100. For people interested in 3D printing technology, this product is ground breaking in many ways. However, to the lay user it will just be a affordable new gadget. ed New Jersey raise its minimum wage to $8.25 an hour and provide an automatic annual cost-of-living increase of the minimum wage. The last time New Jersey raised the minimum wage was in 2005, where it was raised from $6.15 to $7.15 an hour.

“Large numbers of New Jerseyans have been touched by joblessness and financial challenges. Most seem to think those at the lower end of the ladder deserve a chance to do better.” - David Redlawsk, Eagleton Poll director before taxes. If the wage is increased to $8.25, workers would make about $2,000 more per year. The minimum wage raises are traditionally supported by Democrats and organized labor. “For years, New Jersey has assigned a dollar amount to the minimum wage that is woefully inadequate,” said Stephen Sweeney, state Senate President. “In fact, it is a complete failure. An increase must happen. By tying future increases to the CPI, we are sparing working people from having their wages tied to the whims of politicians.” Groups opposing the minimum wage increase include Republicans and the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce. Many opponents of the bill claim that raising the minimum wage would destroy jobs, and they do not think government intervention is needed at this time. “The business community does not want to see the New Jersey Constitution used to institutionalize private sector decisions,” said Tom Bracken, CEO of the

Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics conducted a poll in April that showed that the minimum wage increase is supported by 76% of voters. The poll reported that only 18% oppose the measure, which can be seen as evidence that a large majority of both Democrats and Republicans support raising the minimum wage. “The fact is, unless a strong opposiSALON.COM tion campaign emerges, this amendment is highly likely to pass,” said David Redlawsk, the poll director. “Given the ecoRutgers-Camden Student Testifies at nomic dislocation of the last four years, Senate Hearing large numbers of New Jerseyans have been Brooke Donegan | Staff Writer touched by joblessness and financial chalOn September 12, 2013, the state Senlenges. Most seem to think those at the ate Committee on Education unanimously lower end of the ladder deserve a chance passed Senate Bill 2974; the bill, sponsored to do better.” by Senator Lesniak, would allow recovery themed charter schools. Tom Magjuka-Egan, a senior at RutgersCamden and recovery advocate, testified at the hearing in favor of the bill. “Less than 20% of students stay sober after going back The statement in the first sentence is 100 to their former high school, these recovery percent false. Regarding the political themed charter schools are something New leaders in south Jersey, they have Jersey desperately needs,” said Egan. He consistently said that the region needs noted recovery schools provide an educamore educational resources, and I agree tion along with recovery support. with them 100 percent. I see no difference The first recovery school plans to open of opinion between them and me. its doors for the 2014 school year in ElizaSome say that the “R U Screw” is beth, New Jersey. still prevalent. Mistakes made by the financial aid office and class offerings delaying graduation seem to top the list. Will you address these issues in your last 10 months? We’ve made it a priority to improve students’ services over the past four years. We’ve hired several new people in Financial Aid and other offices, we’ve expanded our student employment to help at busy periods, and we’ve worked to be more responsive to student problems. And when I talk to students I hear about improvement. But there is a lot more that we can do and this area will continue to be a focus for me.

Andrews, Menendez top list of “Most Corrupt Members of Congress” The political watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), recently released its “Most Corrupt Members of Congress” report. Members made this list by conducting activities that range from collecting illegal campaign contributions to using campaign funds for personal use. Senator Menendez and Congressman Andrews both appear in the report. Menendez made the list for his scandal where he used his official position to benefit a close friend. Andrews was ranked the most corrupt member of congress for the second year in a row. Andrews is on the list primarily for using campaign funds to finance luxurious family vacations. Andrews’s wife is an employee of Rutgers-Camden School of Law.


Booker holds large cash advantage, up 35 points On October 16th, 2013, New Jersey voters will decide who will replace the late Senator Lautenberg’s seat. The Republican candidate is tea-party favorite Steve Lonegan; meanwhile, Mayor Cory Booker won the nomination for the Democrats. Many pollsters and politicos predict low voter turnout and expect Cory Booker to easily win the mid-October special U.S. Senate election. Latest campaign finance reports show Cory Booker with over $4 million cashon-hand while Lonegan lags behind with $150,000. The latest polling from Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics shows Booker leading by 35 points. The poll suggests Lonegan is relatively unknown to likely voters.

Chancellor Stepping Down CONTINUED from front page

I don’t look at any of the things WE’VE done as MY accomplishments, but if asked what of the many things WE’VE done I’m most proud of my answer is increasing the number of students who graduate. Last May we celebrated the graduation of more than 1500 graduates, an all-time high. That is a great thing. What initiatives do you hope the next chancellor continues? Again, the campus agenda is the CAMPUS agenda, not mine, and I’m certain that we’ll continue to grow the number of students, continue to attract great faculty and continue to use our resources to partner with the City of Camden and the region in improving educational attainment and economic development. Many speculate that political influence from Norcross and Sweeney on campus affairs lead to you resigning. Does your departure send a message to New Jersey about its political priorities?



Christie commands lead against Senator Buono in gubernatorial race Governor Chris Christie has been gearing up for his November gubernatorial election by raising large amounts of cash and while remaining a national figure. Christie’s latest campaign finance filings have him at $4.22 million raised after the primary. His opponent state Senator Barbara Buono raised over $500,000, but the New Jersey ELEC has only verified $200,000. Both candidates will be participating in the state’s matching funds program. The election is drawing significant outside spending on both sides. Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics released its poll on September 16th, 2013 where it showed that Christie was leading Buono by 20 points.




Molly’s the New Girl on the Block BROOKE DONEGAN | S TA F F W R I T E R

On December 1, 2012, Zeds Dead, a Canadian electronic music duo, cancelled their performance right before they were about to take the stage at Spring Garden in Philadelphia, PA, because young fans started collapsing. Eight people were rushed to the hospital as a direct result of the street drug known as Molly. On September 1, 2013, the third and final day of the Electric Zoo Music Festival was canceled after two people, in their early twenties, overdosed and died while four others were critically ill in hospitals after consuming the drug Molly. The word Molly comes from the word molecule. The drug is generally thought to be pure MDMA. MDMA was created in Germany in the early 1900s, and found its way to America decades later. According to CNN, in “1970 American psychiatrists felt they’d found in the drug a kind of penicillin for the soul. The drug was said to allow for greater insights and better communication.” In 1985, the U.S Drug Enforcement Association disagreed with the psychiatrists by stating that MDMA had no “therapeutic value”. In the 1990s the pill form, called ecstasy, became popular as a party drug. Molly generally comes in either a rock or capsule form that drug users can snort or ingest. It takes about twenty minutes to feel the immediate side effects. Molly is typically sold on the streets by the gram. In South Jersey, drug dealers can make twenty dollars off of each .2 of a gram

they sell, which can make selling Molly extremely profitable. The more a person takes, the more intense the side effects are, with some people claiming the ability to feel the side effects, or “roll” for a couple of days. Molly enhances feelings by releasing serotonin. An anonymous Molly user says he uses Molly a few times a year on special occasions, like the concert in Spring Garden and the Electric Zoo Music Festival. It is now socially acceptable and it has become almost a requirement to take Molly at events such as those. He says it makes him feel, “Euphoric, it opens you up. You feel the music, you move to the music better and you don’t feel socially awkward.” He says that if a person were to consume too much Molly in a short time period, they would start to build a tolerance. According to the DEA, Molly “has a high potential for abuse, and no accepted use in medical treatment.” When people drink too much, they typically feel hung-over. When people abuse hard drugs like heroin or cocaine, they typically feel withdrawal. Molly has the potential to produce both of those results depending on how much a person consumes it. Users naively think Molly is safer than the pill form of MDMA, ecstasy, because it is a powder. However, Molly is often mixed with an assortment of other dangerous drugs – with some not even containing MDMA at


DJSETS.CO.UK EDM fans dancing the night away.

all. Unless tested, users have absolutely no idea what is in their drug. It can be combined with everyday ingredients like caffeine or commonly used pain relievers. Molly can cause confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep problems and cravings. It can also cause muscle tension, tremors, involuntary teeth clenching, muscle cramps, nausea, faintness, chills, sweating, blurred vision and severe dehydration. If Molly is combined with harder drugs, the side effects can vary depending on what specific drugs it is laced with. Coming down off of Molly almost always causes at least one day of depression, similar to a hangover. In spite of education on the side effects, Molly is still encouraged in the party scene. Drugs have a significant

influence on music, which can be likened to the well-known phrase, “sex, drugs, and rock and roll.” Artists have been describing the effects of MDMA in their songs for decades. More recently, admired rappers like Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Trinidad James, and Kanye West have all made specific references to Molly. “Let’s take it back to the first party, when you first tried Molly and came out of your body,” says Kanye in his song Blood on the Leaves. In this song, Kanye describes a woman encountering Molly for the first time and having an out of body experience. “I stopped [messing] with Mary today and it sucks, but there’s a new girl in the neighborhood, ya know Molly,” Trinidad James says in his song One More Molly. James is referring to letting go of marijuana and picking up Molly. Tyga has a song

completely dedicated to the drug, featuring Wiz Khalifa. The song is called Molly and mentions the word Molly 110 times. South Beach Miami is one of the biggest party scenes in the country. Recently South Beach is consumed with bright lights and electronic dance music (EDM) to cater to the Molly epidemic. Molly is supposed to intensify feelings. Like most drugs, it is apparently guarantees a good time. The immediate side effects of Molly appear attractive. Who would not want to feel EDM music, gaze into bright lights and avoid being socially awkward? However, it is the consequences that appear alarming. People have lost their lives as a direct result of ingesting Molly because they thought it would guarantee a good time.




Another No: A Take on the Patient Privacy and Affordable Care Act

NBLAWGROUP.COM Hospital’s emergency rooms would be the first to experience the effect of the changes proposed in the Patient Privacy Affordable Care Act. ANNALISA KLEIN | COMMENTARY EDITOR

By now, we have all been made aware of the flaws in our healthcare system. In an attempt of reformation, the Obama administration has come up with a solution for our underinsured nation. It is a highly sensationalized healthcare reform act known not so affectionately as ‘Obamacare’. With the Internet at your fingertips, try Googling ‘Obamacare’ and you should receive 52,700, 000 results. Now, attempt ‘healthcare reform act’. You should receive 43,700,000 results of a slightly more objective quality. For the last element of this interactive introduction, use Google to search for ‘Patient Privacy and Affordable Care Act’, which will bring you to 8,430,000 search results. That is a whopping six times less than the results

for ‘Obamacare’. What is ‘Obamacare’ anyway? In March 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Patient Privacy and Affordable Care Act bill that would reform healthcare and health insurance practices. This act was designed to eliminate annual limits on benefits, assist those uninsured due to preexisting conditions, require coverage of preventative services and immunizations, develop uniform coverage options, cap insurance companies administrative expenditures in order to lower health system costs, expand Medicaid eligibility, along with many other attempted improvements throughout the healthcare sector. These goals are seemingly positive and if government’s finances were never a question, it would be an almost undisputed gain for the uninsured American public and the nation’s overall health.

This, however, is not the case. Money, though believed to be printed on paper, does not grow on trees. In a nation already in a financial deficit, those funds have to be taken from outside sources in order to establish a plan that can sustain itself. Guess what accomplishes that task? New taxes. These taxes are typically going to be placed on high-earners. We can all imagine how excited hard-working individuals, who have earned their income and already have a large part of that income removed in taxes, feel about carrying the burden of the uninsured on their coattails. They additionally have to deal with increased healthcare costs for their own family. I can sympathize with their discontent for these reasons that extend beyond the new tax burdens. Though this bill does attempt to increase the number of individuals insured, I fail to see this bill addressing our healthcare sector’s main problem: the overall cost of healthcare. Our nation’s media outlets, however, have not exactly been explaining to our generation what the ‘Patient Privacy and Affordable Care Act’ is and why we should care, but instead have assisted in polarizing our nation based off of our individual takes on President Obama. The act of referring to a bill that had to pass through Congress, a bi-partisan department established by our forefathers intended to ensure our government was fair and balanced, by the name of the President who signed it, is inaccurate at best by all who do so. Under the guise of basic manipulation, the name ‘Obamacare’ incites feelings of anger or loyalty for one individual when Congress voted for the bill to pass. Voting for a bill based off of an affiliation with the party who created it is detrimental to progress. Whether or not you find Obama’s multiple controversial policies like abortion or his take on gay marriage favorable, his take on healthcare is a separate issue. Blind opposition or favor of an affiliation like those so often

found in politics leads to the current separatist mentalities of the collective ‘us’ or the collective ‘them.’ This outlook serves no functional purpose. Indisputably, a nation with proper healthcare is desirable, though this bill is not the ideal way of attaining that goal. Many naysayers even dispute the very idea that the health of our society is their problem. This, too, is counter-productive and intrinsically, I disagree with them. Our nation’s health is absolutely our problem. We all benefit from preventative healthcare in our individual lives and as a society. Living in a society better educated on heart disease, for example, can lower the ignorant practices of the masses, which may include members of your immediate family. The lack of poor health practices by your family can greatly impact your state of mind. Prevention, which take multiple forms, very often leads to fewer hospital visits, which leads to less money being spent on emergency healthcare. The money saved can be utilized for lowering the cost of healthcare or can be given back to taxpayers in tax breaks. I cannot defend nor would I care to defend the ‘Patient Privacy and Affordable Care Act’ as an infallible bill which will overcome the flaws that reside in healthcare and with the health insurance companies. That simply is not true. What I am saying is that as students, taxpayers, and citizens of America, we should be aware of the current healthcare reform debate, with knowledge and not apathetic glancing. Our future and the future of our children lie in the hands of the officials we elect and the reform they vote on. With the simple use of Google (or Bing for you Hotmail users), and a look at the results from the phrasing disparities, it becomes apparent that we are not taking an objective look in that direction.

Banned Books Week: I Stand with the Banned


Banned Books week, September 22- 28, celebrates the books which were banned or challeneged due to their content; which directly infringed upon the public’s first ammendmant right. SEAN QUINN | EDITOR IN CHIEF showing that 1984, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, non whose intelligence is improving sig- 3. 1984 for being communist and also not Last week was Banned Books Week, and Beloved were also among the likes of nificantly. This book is on the list of books communist enough. This book was banned something I participated in as a child, cel- Green Eggs and Ham, James and the Giant I think everyone should read. It is striking, during Stalin’s midnight purges, but then ebrating all the books that have been chal- Peach, and Winnie the Pooh. The reasons important, and heartfelt but I may be alone again in 1981, Florida residents found it lenged or even banned for their contents. behind the challenging of these books, in thinking that. It was banned in Empo- was “too communist.” As this year’s rolled around I read up on even still today, are either prejudice or just rium, PA, by parents who feared that some 2. Green Eggs and Ham for showing howhat the ludicrous reasons were for the plain ridiculous. The most common reason reported to passages that were sexually explicit would mosexuality. I remember very distinctly books on the list that surprised me. I began to think about what my life would be like the ALA, American Library Association, awaken their child’s natural impulses. Ad- what Sam I Am was trying to get his friend without having read these books. Books is sexual explicit material followed closely ditionally it was challenged in Glenrock, to do in a house with a mouse, but it wasn’t like Harry Potter, A Wrinkle in Time, and by offensive language. Many young adult WY for sexually explicit passages and that. To Kill a Mocking Bird impacted my life titles are deemed unfitted for their tar- language that one objector compared the 1. Arabian Nights for potentially causing a in a large way, and if I was unlucky enough geted age group, and homosexuality and novel to Playboy and Hustler. I think it is “wave of rapes.” Oh that’s all, just a wave. to not be able to read these books, would violence are high on the list as well. These incredibly ignorant to say that Flowers for I think that it is clearly a prejudice against I be as interested in reading in general? I opinions are all relative and should not de- Algernon is like a pornography magazine. Middle Eastern folk lore, but they had to feel very strongly that books are meant to termine whether whole school districts of Here are my top five most preposter- rationalize it somehow without sounding be shared and the subjects of the books second graders are not allowed to read any ous reasons: too racist. So rapes it is. should not determine whether or not they of the Capitan Underpants books. It vio- 5. Fahrenheit 451 for explicit language. I have high hopes that the ALA’s lates the student’s first amendment right. should be read. Really? Banning the book about banning efforts to spread anticensorship awareness I created a program in the Residence Flowers for Algernon is a heartbreakwill change the ease some schools, churchHall spreading banned book awareness ing story about one man’s fight for his own books. 4.Winnie the Pooh for Nazism. Since all of es, libraries, and parents have towards putand giving out these books to my residents, mind. It follows Charlie who is undergoing my teddy bears that have a thing for honey ting their opinions in the way of someone and when choosing the titles to hand out procedures similar to the lab mouse Algeralso have a thing for the furor. else’s search for knowledge. I tried to find books of all reading levels



#twerkteam: Miley Twerks on Thicke to Her Detriment

If you haven’t heard that the ‘Candy Crush’ phase is over, you have now. It’s time for us all to move away from the ‘pay-to-play’ debauchery and begin playing Cookie Clicker. This game is free, fun, and deals with economic decisions. Haven’t heard of it yet? Oh, you will!

For all you daytime drinkers, I have the best WWW.HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM Miley Cyrus performing ‘Blurred Lines’ with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV VMA’s has led to criticism of Miley’s persona.

between us and her because from where I am standing there isn’t one. Now we come to the video for “Wreaking Ball.” Oh my god, Miley is naked in a video! What kind of world are we living in? I will tell you, we are living in a world where it is perfectly acceptable for two men to have naked women in their music videos, but not for a woman to be naked in her own music video. Let me also point out that nowhere in the “Wreaking Ball” video do you actual see her breast, the most that you see is side boob. In contrast, Robin Thicke’s Video for his song “Blurred Lines” has multiple women wearing no tops and g-strings. Why aren’t we up in arms about Robin Thicke, who let me remind you, was the person that Miley was twerking on at the VMA’s.? Thicke is married with a young son, and still no one is making

NURSINGCLIO.ORG A male co-worker inappropriately ogling his female counterpart in the 1940’s.

You and your buddies are sitting outside the dorm rooms when a beautiful girl walks out. You quickly speak amongst your friends and decide you are going to go for it. So as the classy gentleman that you are, you yell, “Hey sexy, nice a—!” You made her night, right? Wrong. Gentlemen I am here to tell you that, “Hey sexy, nice a—“ is not, I repeat is not a compliment. Whoa! Shocker, I know. See fellas, the problem is that the majority of you are surface thinkers and the majority of women are not. You are thinking, one, females like compliments, and two they like honesty, and you honestly think she has a nice a--. So, telling her that she has a nice ass is like killing two birds with one stone. Now, let me walk you through what goes on

THERAPTORREPORT Social Media Marketing for addictive games

nearly as big of a deal about what he is doing in comparison with Miley. People are bashing Miley because she isn’t being a good role model, news flash! It isn’t her job to be a role model for anyone! That would fall on the shoulders of parents, and she doesn’t have any children. Robin Thicke however, has a young son, and it is his job to be a role model for him, but no one is talking about that. No one is talking about the fact that he is setting a terrible example for his son about how to treat women. So is Miley being a little ratchet and over the top? Yes. Should it be made into such a huge deal? No. I’ve never been so in love with Miley. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t stand her pre-2009. However, she has taken a huge step for women in this country, and I could not be more grateful. Miley seems like she’s having a fun time and I think it would be epic to have her as a best friend.

Street Etiquette: How Not To Treat Women





Miley Cyrus, if it were 2009 the only thing anyone would have to say about her would be, “Doesn’t she play Hannah Montana?” Then in 2010 the “Bong video” surfaced. It was everywhere, anywhere you turned you saw some headline about how Miley was doing drugs. Mothers were flipping out, yelling about how she was supposed to be a role model for their daughters. Her own father wouldn’t speak to her for months. And yet soon enough, no one cared anymore. She once again went back to being Hannah Montana. Fast forward to cutting all of her hair off, bleaching it blonde, and the infamous #twerkteam, the not so surprising result is that she is all over the news, magazines, and my Facebook newsfeed again. Do you see a pattern? Let me point it out for you, if Miley wasn’t doing these ratchet things, she would be as irrelevant as Raven Symoné. That obviously would not be beneficial for her career. Please tell me that I am not the only person who sees that she is doing these things so she can continue to be relevant. Why is that an issue though? Why is she losing sponsors, getting kicked off the front of Vogue and being replaced by Selena Gomez? Yes, she got up on the VMA stage and twerked her little heart out, and I for one loved every single minute of it. Why are we as a society being so hard on her? I’m sorry, but I am pretty sure that almost all of the girls in any given club on Friday night are “twerking” or at least attempting to, but that’s okay, why? Please, someone tell me the difference


in a female’s head when this happens. She walks out of the door and silently groans when she sees you and your friends because she already knows one of you is going to have something to say. So she purposefully walks the longer way so she doesn’t have to associate herself with you, but you yell at her anyway from across the sidewalk. There was no way for her to get out of this situation, because once you decided you were going to do it she didn’t have any say in it. Now she feels embarrassed and uncomfortable about her body because you just yelled that she had a nice a-- in front of whoever was standing around at the time. She wants to turn around and tell you to shove off, but she doesn’t because you are a man and she doesn’t know how you will

react, so she just ignores you. If she is lucky, you go back to whatever you were doing, but there are the nights when she isn’t so lucky and your ego gets the best of you. You walk after her and say “Hey, what’s your problem?” Her problem is you! No, it has nothing to do with whether or not she has a boyfriend, no; you can’t shrug her off as being a bitch. This “cat-calling” is one of the most sexist things in our society. What if a woman yelled out to you? What if she followed you and when you rejected her she asked, “Well, what’s your problem?” At this point I’m sure you are thinking, “I wish women would do that!” But what about the ones you don’t think are attractive? Would it still be cool? No, I don’t think so. I’m not here to bash you men. I’m here to help you. So here is what I think you need to do. You need to start thinking about what you say a little longer before you blurt it out of your mouth. Women would respond better to comments that aren’t disrespectful. For example, compliment her hair. According to a recent poll, it takes the average woman 40 minutes to do her hair, and longer than that on a night when she is going out. Tell her that she looks beautiful in her outfit. As a rule of thumb, treat her with the respect that you want men to treat your sister or future daughter, maybe then your dating life would be existent.

surprise for you. The Yuengling, (pronounced ying-ling) we have all come to know and drink will be rereleasing, (drumroll please) ice cream! Oh yes, you read that right… a delicious and creamy frozen dairy dessert. Before you begin to write off Ben & Jerry’s, you should know that the flavors will not be including a ‘beer’ flavored masterpiece. No frozen nightcaps just yet. For the brand of Yuengling and the schmucks that will purchase ice cream for the hope of getting drunk

For AMC’s Breaking Bad fans, and those who have failed to see the amazing journey Walter White has taken. To all my fellow Breaking Bad fans, together we shall mourn the loss of an amazing show. Bryan Cranston has proven to us that funny and/or pathetic guys can transform into drug kingpins. I can already see the millions of science nerds who used to be made fun of getting a little more respect. Ahh! Cranston, thank you for showing us all that typecasting is not allowed. My Sunday nights are bare without you. Oh, Apple. We all know you are the leading distributor of smartphones, and we all know you have relatively recently mourned the loss of Steve Jobs. What we apparently didn’t know is that you have completely moved away from your signature iOS aesthetic appeal. I suppose it’s about time to see you lose the grip you have on the market. That probably won’t even be the case though, because Apple has some of the strongest brand loyalty I have ever seen.






decided to publicly complain about Google. Why? Well, Windows is accusing Google of being a monopoly. Yes. The former technological giant that was benefitting from monopolistic pricing on the consumer is accusing the free search engine Google of cornering the market. Do they have a point? I’m not sure… maybe we should Google it. Sorry, Windows. Bing sounds like an STD.





Deciphering Lamont B. Steptoe’s Meditations in Congo Square SEAN LYNCH | COPY EDITOR

“They now call this place out if its name / After one of their own who trafficked in human flesh” Philadelphia’s Congo Square lies a block away from the most historic building in America, Independence Hall, where the Founding Fathers boldly began their rebellion against the British Empire. The park, more commonly known as Washington Square, is advertised as a somber burial ground for Revolutionary War soldiers, Continental and British alike. However, thousands more buried in the square remain overlooked, including slaves, free blacks, Catholics, and victims of various epidemics. The Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier, the centerpiece monument of the park, marginalizes the unmarked graves of the oppressed by barely mentioning their presence underneath. This is in spite of the fact that the square had been a “stranger’s burial ground” (and consequently a gathering place for what Steptoe affectionately calls saltwater Africans) for almost a century before the Revolutionary War began. Through Meditations in Congo Square American Book Award Winner and Pew Fellow poet, Lamont B. Steptoe, undertakes the daunting task of providing a voice for disregarded human beings buried in the dregs of American history. Steptoe’s poetry uses meditation and spiritual creativity in order to shed light on the everyday life of not only his African ancestors, but also

everyone else buried in Congo Square, including, “…the hearts brains and bones [of soldiers]…” and “the corpses felled by plague”. The underworld of Philadelphia’s hidden history comes alive from the very first line of Steptoe’s book, when he proclaims, “I dance with the ghosts of Congo Square / Meet and marry what isn’t there”. Readers come to understand that writing Meditations in Congo Square was no mere pet project for Steptoe, as the poet mentions in the book’s introduction that his three days a week meditation schedule on the burial ground lasted for a period of five years. Each poem in the collection conveys the poet’s psychological descent into an otherworldly realm, while managing to guide the reader along with him much like Virgil did for Dante in Inferno. Throughout the book the poet digs deeper and deeper into the square’s sacred grounds until his voice ultimately becomes one with the departed, culminating with the collection’s final poem, Untold Stories, in which Steptoe calls for the whispers of the forgotten dead to be “…loud enough to enter history’s ears!” Reading Meditations in Congo Square is not a front to back cover endeavor, as many of the poems in this short book can easily stand on their own. This is because Steptoe’s Meditations… functions not only as a testament to colonial people’s history, but also often as a warning against war


Lamont Steptoe’s work has been featured in dozens of anthologies, including The Oxford Anthology of African American Poetry. and oppression in the present and the future. Steptoe’s ability to translate the humdrum of an average day into existential prophecy is frankly impressive, “…we are snowflakes falling on a / summer day vanishing in air while the unborn await their turn / to imagine our lives we are empty vessels dreaming of fullness”. In another poem Steptoe muses that when he was young he never would have thought the subject of weather would be a topic of conversation for him, let alone a metaphor for the transcen-

dence of physical to spiritual. In this respect, Steptoe refers to the path of tropical storms originating in West Africa and crossing the Atlantic, the same route that saltwater Africans were forced to take. In No Name Worthy to Claim Steptoe speaks for a dead African joyous of being able to journey back home across the Atlantic, “I rushed across waves and plowed through storms / I entered the tabernacle of my youth”. Altogether, Steptoe’s Meditations… focuses on balancing historical and contemporary forms of life

and death in Congo Square, and his unique method of meditative writing transforms the mundane into something spectacular. (Steptoe recently read on campus in support of Rutgers Camden professor Ewuare Osayande’s anthology Stand Our Ground and stated that it is important for Meditations in Congo Square to be made available everywhere. The book is currently on sale at La Unique bookstore on 6th and Market in Camden, and the Penn Book Center on 34th and Sansom in Philadelphia.)

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- A Very “Sharpe” Album

PRETTYMUCHAMAZING.COM/ Front man Alex Ebert and vocalist Jade Castrinos on stage, belting out one of the many great songs from band’s new album. MITCH LARSON | A&E EDITOR

In late July the band Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros released their third studio album, the self-titled: Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. The album follows the band’s 2012 record Here and their debut album in 2010 titled Up from Below. I remember back in high school listening to Up From Below and falling in love with the sound of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros instantly. The songs “Home” and “40 Day Dream” were easily the standouts from what was as good of a debut album as you will see. The thing that captivated me about Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros back then was simply the band’s style and sound, it’s so different compared to the vast majority of music created now a days. I would even go so far as to say that no one can replicate the

sound that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have when you listen to their music. It’s almost like neo folk and retro rock music, taking you back in time to the days of Crosby, Stills, and Nash & Young but for the modern era. It’s very hard to tell that Sharpe writes and records his music today and not in the 1960s-70s hay day of folk. That sound that I immediately fell in love with thanks to 2010 Up from Below wasn’t necessarily missing from 2012’s Here but it was definitely noticeably lacking. That’s not to say that the album didn’t have a unique sound to it again, because it did. But for some reason it just didn’t have the same feel that Up From Below did and I can’t really say that many of the songs actually affected me, whereas with Up from Below it was as if every

song grabbed a hold of you All in all, Here was just an okay album. I am happy to say that the same sound that made Up from Below one of my favorite albums of 2010 and made The Magnetic Zeros one of my favorite new bands has finally made its return in their newest album, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The new album is back with that same feel, and I really hope that the sound is here to stay. Some of the real stand outs of the album include: “This Life”, “If I Were Free” and my personal favorite “Better Days”. Not every song on the album lands as well as others though, “In the Lion” and “Please” are two that come to mind. Outside of those couple though every other song on the album clearly has purpose and fits phenomenally well. One of the

best things about the album is the phenomenal and deeply personal lyric writing by front man Alex Ebert (ironically Edward Sharpe is not his real name, but rather a stage persona), something that is extremely hard to find these days. One of my favorite things about the Magnetic Zeros is how large of a band they are, containing 10+ members; it’s not your average group consisting of the normal guitar, bass, and drums. The sheer size of the band would normally be a cause for concern because you don’t want to have too many sounds overlap, or even just cause needless noise. But somehow this is actually one of the strongest parts of not just this particular album but of the band in general. Every instrument and musician harmonizes perfectly together. No

song sounds like it’s too much of one thing and too little of another; they all mesh with each other and make listening to this album a treat. Be warned though, as great as this album is, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking to listen to pop or hard rock, this album is NOT for you. If you do however, want to listen to relaxing music with a different kind of feel to it, this is for you. Or, if you’re a fan of the old 60s and 70s style of folk music, then this album is for you as well. Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros is a phenomenal album that is easily one of the best this year. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh, unique sound. 8.5/10





A Look at The World’s End

IMDB.COM The Heroes of The World’s End fleeing the evil robots. ANDREW AMODEI | SPORTS EDITOR

The World’s End is a 2013 British Sci-Fi Comedy which came out at the tail end of the summer movie season. The World’s End, which is directed by Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as the leads, is the third entry in the loosely tied together “Three Flavors of Cornetto” trilogy which also include 2004’s Shaun Of The Dead and 2007’s Hot Fuzz, all of which are directed by Wright and star Pegg and Frost. The plot of The World’s End follows five childhood friends as they head back to their hometown to complete the Golden Mile, which is a pub-crawl of the 12 bars in their town. When they return to their hometown they find something amiss with the people of the town and that something in general isn’t quite right when they realize no one remembers them. The five friends include: Gary King (Pegg) Andy Knightley (Frost), Steven

Prince (Paddy Considine), Oliver Chamberlin (Martin Freeman) and Peter Page (Eddie Marsan). This is the core group the film follows, but it also includes supporting performances by Rosamund Pike and Pierce Brosnan. The performances in this movie are all very good. Pegg and Frost act well together as usual and play different characters than they previously have in the other Edgar Wright movies. The other actors are superb here as well; Considine, Freeman, and Marsan all shine in the movie and portray their characters in a unique fashion. Pike does a fine job as the female lead in the film. It’s also always fun to see Pierce Brosnan pop up in a film, and he does a solid job in this one as well. The story to the movie is also extremely well written and well executed. The writers did a great job of balancing the comedy, drama, and also the vast amounts of

action the film has to offer. The World’s End falls right in line of being a film about real people encountering supernatural occurrences. How the film balances the characters dealing with their own problems but also dealing with the robots who have taken over their home town is one of its greatest strengths. The fact that a situation so absurd can still be bought as a realistic situation is a testament to the film. The World’s End is also a hilarious flick as well. There are plenty of laughs to be had in the movie and the writing is just as good as it was in the other two films. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg wrote this movie along with Shaun of Dead and Hot Fuzz, so the humor in this film follows the humor in those previous two movies. That being said, The World’s End is not a perfect movie. There are a bit of inconsistencies in the film and it definitely feels slowed down at times. For a movie that builds characters and situations very well from the beginning to end, some of the resolutions are drawn out and not completely satisfying. Without giving away too many spoilers, the ending to this movie is a bit weak and strange. It didn’t really fit in to the rest of the plot. It didn’t ruin the film at all, but it just didn’t really provide a satisfying feel. The ending won’t be spoiled though, you will have to go out and see this film for yourself. The World’s End is an excellent film which combines many elements and does them all exceptionally well. For fans of Wright’s previous works, they will be right at home with the writing and the style of this new flick. Although this type of movie will turn off some people, it is still worth seeing, as it is a very good and funny comedy. The World’s End was the perfect film to end the summer and a fun time at the movies. 3.5 stars out of 4

25 years of at home football with Madden

EASPORTS.COM The graphics in the game can be superb, but they’re not a huge leap from last year. MITCH LARSON| A&E EDITOR

Are you ready for some football? Madden is back and ready to put gamers on the field with their favorite NFL teams. But how does this year’s Madden, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the series, hold up? As an anniversary edition, Madden 25 is a big disappointment. For such a beloved series and such a big anniversary I expected a lot more than just the game being called Madden 25 and having some nostalgic load screens. The “All 25 team”, which has the best players in Madden history in it, is cool, but you can’t do anything with it besides play the CPU. Also, some of the players they picked are real head scratchers. I mean Brian Finneran as a starting receiver? Not Marvin Harrison or Jerry Rice or another great player, but they picked Brian Finneran….

In terms of gameplay Madden 13 took some amazing steps forward with its physics engine, although there were still some awkward tackles and improvements to be made. Thankfully, Madden 25 continues in that trend with better, more realistic tackles. Another big gameplay element is the new “precision modifier” which allows for more precise cuts for the ball carrier; it’s definitely a welcome addition to the game and makes running the football the most fun it’s ever been. Graphically, Madden looks the same, which means it looks good for the most part. Sure, sometimes a player with long hair will look horrible and some other minor details, but all in all it’s pretty good. The presentation is also decent, with Phil Sims and Jim Nantz of CBS Sports back to commentate. They work well together just like in real life. But after you play a couple of games you

hear the exact same thing 1,000 times. Seriously, if Sims tells me that I got my first first down of the game when I’m up 42-10 in the 4th quarter one more time…. The biggest draw this year is connected career, which expands on last year’s mode, allowing you to be a player or coach on any NFL team. This year you also get to be the owner. You have control over everything from relocating your team, to getting new uniforms, signing players, and everything in between. The mode is a blast to play and a great step up. In total, this year’s Madden is a ton of fun, and really captures the game of football. While it’s not that different from previous years, the few updates it does have are engaging and fun. As an anniversary edition, Madden 25 is a big disappointment and I expected a lot more. There’s still a lot to improve on, but fans and newcomers alike will have a fun time. 8/10


S E A N LY N C H | C O P Y E D I T O R

(Warning, there is a minor spoiler in the first sentence of this article.) At the time of this writing, Walter White is at the end of his stint as an exiled hermit somehow vaguely reminiscent of Henry David Thoreau, holed up in a cabin in the snowy wooded mountains of New Hampshire, and far from the show’s original arid landscape of New Mexico. Spoilers aside, Bryan Cranston’s development of Walter White in the award winning AMC series entitled Breaking Bad is widely acclaimed as one of the most spectacular performances in television history. Not surprisingly, Breaking Bad won the Emmy for the best drama series on Sunday, September 22nd. However, fans of the show could not care less about the Emmys because they understandably preferred watching the penultimate episode of the series instead of seeing glitzy stars patting themselves on the back. Even the New York Times correspondent for the Emmys wrote that he wished he was at home watching Breaking Bad instead of having to sit through mournful monologues commemorating dead actors and quirky Neil Patrick Harris jokes. So what is so tantalizing about this series whose creator, Vince Gilligan, has dubbed as the story of Mr. Chips becoming Scarface? Well, pretty much everything, from the dramatic yet realistic acting led by the dynamic Bryan Cranston (formerly known best as the goofy dad in Malcolm in the Middle), to the accessible yet often experimental cinematography. The show is able to pull off twists which would befuddle the average television series writer, which is why it seems so natural that Walter White has transformed from a docile, cancer stricken high school chemistry teacher into the kingpin of a drug empire. And yet by the middle of the second to last episode, Walter seems as far from the badass mastermind image he has built as ever before. Although in the very last moments Walt changes his mind on a dime in a twist which seemingly allows him to take back Heisenberg’s indefatigable mantle. By the time this issue of the Gleaner is published, Breaking Bad will be complete, regardless of the outcome for Mr. White and his estranged family. And by the look on Badger’s face on Talking Bad while Adam Scott attempted to guess what would happen in the final episode, us fans will get the closure we so desperately desire.





PAC Gets Their Sea Legs at the Philly Fringe SEAN QUINN | EDITOR IN CHIEF

During the Philadelphia fringe festival a few weeks ago, a group of Rutgers Camden Theatre Students went to see a Eugene O’Neill’s The Sea Plays directed by adjunct Professor Damon Bonetti. The Sea Plays consisted of two short plays, Bound East for Cardiff and In the Zone which are set inside of a ship. For the Philly Fringe’s purposes instead of using a theatre, the Philadelphia Artists’ Collective used the Tall ship Gazela as a stage, literally immersing the audience into the action. The play ran from September 11th to the 23rd with shows running twice a night on the weekends. Tickets were $20 for general public, but were discounted for students at $15. PAC makes it their mission to produce rare classical theatre to share with the public in the most inviting and relatable ways. They believe that art is for everyone and therefore they produce art for the public with low prices, and choose to do classics to breathe life into them rather than leave them on a museum shelf. They try to bring the public back to worlds forgotten through the classics they choose, and hope that the change in pace will challenge and enlighten their audience. Once below decks you have long forgotten anything from the world above. You are sailing on the ocean while your fellow crewmen are already there going about their business. A man lies on his cot playing a harmonica as you find your seat, while you hear another wheeze in the back of the ship. The action begins

when more crew members come down the stairs. You learn bits and pieces of these people through the dialogue, but the subject quickly turns to Yank, the wheezing man from before. You learn that he had an accident where he fell and has been coughing up blood ever since. Yank is on his last leg and as the play continues he opens up to a man he has sailed with for a while, Driscoll, about his death. He explains that he knows what he is in store for. In a very emotional moment Yank expresses, “I wish the stars was out, and the moon, too; I c’d lie out on deck and look at them, and it’d make it easier to go—somehow.” Yank, played by John Lopes, gave a heart wrenching performance. You know very little about him, and yet with every word you wish you could help him by getting him the medical attention he needs or even helping him hold on till they’ve reached Cardiff so he could be buried on dry land. His stories of a woman he wanted to say goodbye to and the remorse he felt for the man he killed speak volumes about his last hours. The players transition expertly into the next play which follows Smitty, played by Brian Ratcliffe, who is suspected by the crew to be guilty of treason. The tensions are high as the ship is carrying a cargo of ammunition and have passed into the war zone. Every bump or noise scares the crew as they sail in the dark through the zone. Once Smitty is out of sight


The cast of The Sea Plays, produced by the Philadelphia Artists’ Collective, pose upon their stage, the tall ship Gazela. Davis, played by David Blatt, mistake as Smitty sobs. was the best of the entire Philly The plays received mixed re- fringe. It was beyond compare. tells Driscoll, played by Brian McCann, about his suspicions. views from the students which is Katherine Fritz, who was the cosBlatt’s expressive telling of the to be expected when dealing with tume designer, did an excellent secret box, and his inferences O’Neill’s work. Katrina Hall, stu- job of making them fit in to that about their meaning are both rous- dent at Rutgers Camden, when world below deck. The Sea Plays ing and comical. By the end of his explaining what she was about under Damon Bonetti direction speech, he and everyone on board to see to her friends, answered took you somewhere else for an believes that Smitty is a spy send- the question, ‘what are the plays hour; you traveled leagues by going secretive code letters to the about,’ with, “Well, it is O’Neill, ing nowhere. enemy. The crew is so sure they so it will be Irish and miserable.” PAC has other events coming up ambush Smitty and tie him while Other students enjoyed it im- soon. For more information about they search his things. Once they mensely as Irish and miserable is PAC’s vision, season, apprenticefind all he was hiding was a stack exactly what they wanted out of ship, or workshop opportunities of love letters ending with a note their night of theatre. go to http://www.philartistscolI agree with several other severing their relationship, the crew backs down realizing their sources that say that the venue

The Last of Us Proves to be Gaming Nirvana

COMPUTERANDVIDEOGAMES.COM The setting of the game is filled with post-apocalyptic urban environments overcome with vegetation, almost like the History Channel’s “Life After People”. MITCH LARSON | A&E EDITOR

Immediately following my first play through, it was hard to articulate my feelings toward The Last of Us, the PS3 exclusive from game developer Naughty Dog. Three months and two playthroughs later it’s no easier. Although, it may be a cliché to say, let me first start my review by saying that The Last of Us is the perfect game. The Last of Us takes place in the devastated ruins of America 20 years after an unknown virus breaks out and causes most of the population to turn into the “infected”. You play as Joel,

a survivor of the attack who has experienced his fair share of pain and loss. Without giving away too much, the story is a simple one, Joel is hired by some people to take a young girl named Ellie across the country. As an avid gamer it’s safe to say I have been around the block, and every time I hear that a game is “game of the year” or gets so many perfect 10’s I take the hype cautiously and wait to pass judgment until I play it. Oftentimes the hype is way overblown. I am pleased to announce that this is not the case with The Last of Us. It’s been a great year to be a gam-

er; The PS4 and Xbox One are launching in November, and there have been a plethora of phenomenal games this year, such as the long awaited sequel to Bioshock: Bioshock Infinite, which somehow exceeded its massive expectations. And yet The Last of Us is even better in that it’s almost hard for me to classify it as a game, it’s more so an experience, and one that everyone should have. But let’s talk about the The Last of Us as a game first. Graphically it has one of the most beautiful and detailed worlds in video games. The developers did a phenomenal job illustrating the de-

spair and decay of the American post-apocalyptic ruins. In terms of gameplay, The Last of Us doesn’t reinvent the wheel, which is a good thing. It does do some incredibly unique things though. For example, ammo is scarce so you want to take out enemies as stealthy as possible and use melee often. You won’t just find health lying around to pick up. The Last of Us utilizes a “crafting system”, meaning that as you play you will come across what appear to be random items. In actuality Joel will collect and use them to make things such as health and weapons. Be warned, if you want to

make them you better be sure the coast is clear, because you will do it in real time and the game won’t pause for you. This is something that truly adds to the feeling that you are in the world with Joel and Ellie. As great as the game plays, what truly separates The Last of Us from every game I have ever played is experiencing the story. From the opening sequence which brought me to tears, to an ending that brilliantly fits the dark tone and style of the game. This is a brutal and emotional game that never lets you forget the despair and ruin of the world around you in your interactions with characters. The highlight of the game truly is the evolution of Joel and Ellie as characters and the interactions they share. Ellie starts out as naive and overly optimistic. Whereas Joel is hardened and pessimistic of the world around him. How these two interact with each other and grow over the course of the 12+ hour game is truly a marvel. Never has a game had such high quality of characterization and dialogue. Video games can be a powerful medium, and the perception gaming as something juvenile is truly a tragedy. Games such as The Last of Us prove that video games are no longer just for kids, but can be used to tell deep, mature narratives. The Last of Us is an experience, and one that I cannot recommend highly enough. I can confidently say to you that The Last of Us is a masterpiece and easily the best game I have ever played. 10/10




Dexter- An Entirely Spoiler Free Review of the “Killer” Season 8


Is Everything Still the Same for Drake? ASSANE DRAME | CONTRIBUTOR

SHOWTIME.COM This season America bids farewell to the most charismatic and complicated serial killer ever. MITCH LARSON | A&E EDITOR

In 2006 Dexter premiered on Showtime and ever since America has had a love affair with the charismatic blood spatter analyst, Dexter Morgan, who moonlights as a serial killer. For readers who are unfamiliar with Dexter, Michael C. Hall plays Dexter Morgan. A blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, who moonlights as a serial killer, except with one unique rule, he will murderers who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system and are walking around free to kill again. Working with police provides Dexter the perfect cover so long as he can conceal his secret double life from his adopted sister Deb, and his family. Dexter tries his best to balance both a family and normal life that he wishes he could have, and his murderous urges. Dexter is incredibly original and has been one of the best and most thought provoking shows since aired. Now 8 seasons later, Dexter has come to a close and thankfully America’s favorite serial killer went out with a bang, but not without some major hiccups. Dexter has for eight years been one of the most intriguing, original, and well written and performed shows in television history. Especially for its first four seasons when Dexter was one of the most critically acclaimed and highest watched shows on television. It had a rare blend of sometimes very subtle dark humor, to go along with a fantastic story arc for all of the characters. One of my favorite things in those first four seasons was the narration by Dexter, narrating his feelings and interactions. It’s made very clear that no matter how human Dexter wants to be, he isn’t really human, he is a killer. Perhaps no season was better than season four, when Hall and John Lithgow, who portrayed the sinister “Trinity Killer”, were both nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy, with Lithgow winning both. At the end of season four Dexter shocked viewers with one of the most surprising and controversial cliffhangers in recent memory, the ending set Dexter up to have an even better season five. And while I won’t say what happened at the end of season four, rest assured, it’s a BIG ending. However the show never really capitalized on season four’s cliffhanger and Dexter saw a deep decline in the quality of the show in seasons five and six. That’s not to say that season five and six were awful, because they weren’t. However they were unfocused and did not meet the impossibly high standards of its previous seasons. Out of the two

of them though, five was a much bigger disappointment. Season four was so incredible and opened so many doors for the writers to take; it looked like it was almost impossible for them to not knock it out of the park. However the swung at the season and hit a weak dribbler down the first base line. Season six of Dexter was probably the worst of all the seasons, there were some phenomenal ideas and even some decent episodes; for the most part it fell flat. Except, that is, for the finale of season 6, which was an absolute game changer for Dexter and saved the series completely. Season seven took the ending from the previous year and ran with it, making it the best season of Dexter since season four, one of the best seasons of the entire series. What season seven did so well was return to its roots. Bringing back old plot lines and establishing a series of events that would set in motion the final season. It was very clear that Season seven of Dexter was created with the end game in mind and the writers did a phenomenal job of establishing the tone for the final season while keeping season seven running remarkably well. And no episode of season seven was better than the finale which was absolutely perfect and opened the door for Dexter to end in any number of satisfying and incredible ways. I wish I was able to tell you that season eight of Dexter followed up on the game changing and jaw-dropping ending of season seven with an even better season in tis farewell year. Sadly, that’s just not the case, while season eight certainly had its great moments; overall it’s just an average season of Dexter. Despite the fact that the performances were incredible as ever especially from Hall and Jennifer Carpenter who deserves the Emmy for her portrayal of Dexter’s sister Deb, most of this season couldn’t keep pace with the incredible acting. Season eight picks up six months after the events of season seven and moves forward, centering this time more closely on Dexter’s upbringing and his relationships family and also the mysterious Dr. Vogel; All while Dexter hunts arguably his most dangerous and smartest enemy yet: The Brain Surgeon. The first four episodes of the season start off great even if they go in an entirely different direction than anticipated, but after about five episodes the show starts to drag. So much so in fact, that I had serious doubts if Dexter would be able to recover and have the proper sendoff it more than deserved. As the finale season to one of the greatest television shows ever, it shouldn’t drag at any

point, let alone for a four or five episode span, and especially not when the season is only twelve episodes. At the very end of episode nine though the show begins to find its focus once again and it carries through the last two episodes, delivering a jaw dropping finale that saved the season from going down as one of the worst, but and that’s something that’s magnified because it is in fact the final season. And part of this may be magnified due to the fact that Dexter is playing in the same time slot and running alongside the other hit show of the season, Breaking Bad. But regardless this was not the worst season but also nowhere near the high standard that was previously established. The finale episode though was easily the best of the season and definitely saved the season at a time when it looked like Dexter may have missed its chance to end with something really cool. The finale had everything it needed; it was ballsy but also illustrated just how far Dexter has come as a character. Even when parts of the finale made you angry at certain characters, you understood why and accepted the fact that there really wasn’t any other way for it to happen with the way the writers constructed the season. However, I did have an issue with what was essentially the epilogue to the episode, as it appeared to have been counterproductive to the entire point of the episode and the season, that being said I understand why they did what they did and I can accept it. The show went in such a different direction that it didn’t end in the way many thought and in some respects that’s okay, in others though I feel like Dexter really missed the opportunity to do something really cool and awesome with its ending. But what it had to work with, it did a great job of at the end. The final episode will rank among the series best and is easily the best episode in what amounted to a good but not great farewell season that was able to be saved by one hell of a finale. Overall I wish Dexter was able to get the season long sendoff it deserved, and in parts it did, concluding with an incredible finale that saved the rest of the season. No matter what though, I will definitely miss Dexter which was truly, over its 8 season life-span, one of the best television shows of all time. The Season: 7.5/10 The Finale: 9.8/10

“The album is coming September just wait on it.” That’s the message calling for patience from the previously released song “Versace” by Drake featuring Migos. Well, Drake’s highly anticipated album Nothing Was the Same just recently dropped. Personally, I’m not a Drake fan at all, but even I have to say that I am impressed with the album. NWTS shows that he has improved his lyric writing and that he can still connect well with his audience. As people of this current generation, we often find ourselves caught up in trust issues, love issues, and so on, and part of the reason that Drake is so popular is because he knows what the majority of his listeners are feeling. Drake’s style has often been praised, but at the same time criticized, for being too “soft” and not being real enough. Although Nothing Was the Same impressed me, I still do not think that this particular album is going to net Drake a Grammy. Nothing Was the Same was simply not a great effort by Drake. The album does not contain deep substance like Take Care did, and it seemed like his partner Noah “40” Shebib made his mark just as big as Drake, (which is similar to the problem Jay Z had with Magna Carta Holy Grail). However, Drake sounds as confident as ever with this new release, and to be honest, why shouldn’t he? He’s one of the most successful artists in the game these days. And yet this year he has some tough competition at the Grammys; Drake will probably have to go up against Macklemore, Jay Z, Kanye West, J Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, and that’s only in the Rap category. Drake has a shot at winning another Grammy, but not in AOY because the competition is too fierce. Here are some of the tracks on NWTS that made me go “Hmm”: “Connect”, “Paris Morton Music 2”, “Tuscan leather”, and “Hold on We’re Going Home”. While NWTS will definitely sell, fans need to look at the bigger picture for Drake’s label, October’s Very Own.

VIBE.COM It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Drake’s album art for Nothing Was the Same features his soft face set against a soft Windows 98 cloud desktop background.

12 LIFESTYLES l Best in Beauty:

Biore Pore Strips

MICHELLE PHAN Tired of having huge pores? Try Biore deep cleansing pore strips and worry no more. KRISTIN A MA R TO R A N Ol L I F E S T YL E S E D I TO R

Looking for a way to unclog those pesky pores on and around your nose? You know the pores that always seem to look so big, and produce black heads. Well look no further because Biore has the perfect solution to all of your pore needs. It’s called the Deep Cleansing Pore Strips and they help unclog and invigorate your pores. Just one strip can clean weeks of dirt and grimy build-up out of your pores in 10 minutes. Use one strip once a week on the nose region of your face. All of the pore-clogging dirt, oil, and blackheads will be instantly removed to create blemish-free and clean skin. They also help minimize the appearance of pores. The strips are unique in that they have a slit design that contours to your nose and gives a perfect fit. They are simple to use and work extremely well. I got a sample of one in a magazine and have been hooked ever since. Now I no longer get those pesky blackheads and my pores are definitely smaller. The process is simple and it only takes 10 minutes of your time. You just remove the strip from the pouch and twist it to separate the slits. Then you wash your face and thoroughly wet your nose area, because the strips will not stick to dry skin. Then peel off the plastic liner and apply to the nose area. Let the strip sit for 10 minutes until it is dry and stiff to the touch- then remove. It’s easy and only takes 10 minutes out of your week. So instead of worrying about your skin, do something about it, and try Biore’s deep cleansing pore strips. Your skin will thank you!



Brooklyn Flea Comes to Philly D A R R A G H N O L A N | S TA F F W R I T E R

There are so many kinds of flea market philosophies. You have your sustainability salvagers shopping for repurposed goods with the environment in mind, antique-ers, and people distracted while walking their dog, hipsters and punks looking for an economical wardrobe addition, foodies and all of the vendors they love are convening in one spot. The trading post I am talking about is not in a trendy Brooklyn neighborhood, although it is descended from the Brooklyn Flea making its way through Manhattan and down to Philadelphia. From April to Thanksgiving, Sunday’s are for Brooklyn Flea Philly at the Piazza in Northern Liberties, where nearly seventy-five Philadelphia businesses relocate between 10AM and 5PM. The Piazza is well known by students for hosting the free Radio 104.5 concerts and the restaurants and bars, one of those being PYT, where diners can get extremely experimental hamburgers. On a side note, after investigating the menu on their website, my next Brooklyn Flea excursion will be followed by a visit to PYT for the Fried Guacamole Burger. Yes, it is real and there is photographic evidence at Since we are on the subject of food, it should be mentioned that the best of Philly’s gourmet scene have weekly posts at BFP and nearly all shoppers’ hands balance something to purchase with something tasty. The Lil Pop Shop of West Philly sells popsicles with unconventional flavors like Red Hot Mango Chili Pepper, Vietnamese Ice Coffee, and Pineapple Basil. Little Baby’s Ice Cream of East Kensington goes one absurd step further by selling the must-try Pizza and Earl Grey Sriracha flavors, along with non-dairy and vegan options including Duck Sauce. You might be overwhelmed, but these vendors and their neighbors have plenty of familiar provisions including barbecue from Mighty Quinn’s of Northern Liberties via New York, hot dogs from Hot Diggity on South Street, German fare from Wursthaus Schmitz, and coffee the way you like it from Joe’s of Rit-

Has all the fun of the original Brooklyn Flea Market, but right in our backyard.

tenhouse. As the season changes, vendors come and go, but Cantina Dos Segundos on North 2nd Street and Honey’s Sit and Eat on North 4th Street are sit-down stand-bys. The shopping is diverse and there is plenty to look through if you’re seeking a fall statement piece for your wardrobe. Hoof & Antler’s racks caught my attention first with their collection of vintage t-shirts, one from the Pixies, another with a cowboy and a Native American riding horses, chummy in total ignorance of one’s oppression of the other, and a few with witty innuendo written across them. They also had some old Girl and Boy Scout backpacks that I wish I had put on Instagram for others to squeal in joy as I had. Then I saw a rack of vintage negligees from the sixties and I found spiritual fulfillment… until I saw the prices. That’s the catch with this flea market; the hip vendors show up and they bring their store prices with them. I perused their inventory to see if there was anything else worth splurging on, but decided to return if I had not found anything by the end of the trip. There were local designers from the jewelry and clothing boutiques Ritual Ritual and Moon and Arrow who both had cool, geometric metal necklaces and rings that are trending among larger retailers like Urban Outfitters.

Diament Jewelry stood out when I saw their ring collection. Most of the jewelry that I had seen at the other tents had the minimalist looks and the hippie turquoise-coated metal pieces that both make me ache for their budget-blowing beauty, but at Diament the merchant dropped the price from $20 to $15 for a gorgeous gold statement ring. I used my $5 change to buy a blue leather cross-body bag from a couple that looked like my parents (middle aged, sitting in those chairs they used to bring to soccer games), and I saved at least $20 if I had bought anything similar at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21. I had a twinge of buyer’s remorse when I saw naturally worn, brown leather bags line the walls of the tent next door, but that only shows how many style options you have as a shopper at BFP. With confidence from my first purchases, I returned to Hoof & Arrow and bartered the negligee down from $25 to $20. Items worth mentioning at BFP include a twin set of Oriental statues of crawling babies, old Boy Scout uniforms and leopardprint fleece circle scarves that I’m going to rip off on my sewing machine once it gets cold. BFP is accessible by SEPTA’s Broad Street Line to Girard Ave with a transfer onto Trolley 15 towards N 2nd Street and there is free, two-hour parking on most residential streets.

Restaurant of the Week: Treno


Atmosphere Food Service Price Range



8/10 9/10 8/10 $$ ($11-$21)

As a full-blooded Italian I strive to find Italian restaurants that meet my expectations when it comes to serving the food of my ancestors. I can honestly say that Treno meets and exceeds these expectations like no other Italian restaurant I’ve visited. Located in Westmont at 233 Haddon Avenue, this fantastic restaurant serves up meats, cheeses, pastas, and pizzas that are similar to what you would eat in Italy. Treno expertly cures all of its meats and

cheeses on the premises. They also have housemade pastas as well as authentic Italian pizzas made in a huge wood-fired oven. Their wine selection is vast and every Monday through Thursday they have $4 wine and well drinks as well as $2 domestic beers for their happy hour. The atmosphere includes dark oaks and Italian style furnishings. They have everything from a giant wood-fire oven to an outdoor patio where they host monthly events and specials. The food is nothing short of phenomenal. Portions are moderately sized, and most dishes and pizzas are reasonably priced. The appetizers are flavorful and can easily feed a party of four. My personal favorites are the Sicilian Calamari which is lightly fried and served in a delicious sauce, and the cured meats and cheese platter which offers several types of homemade Ital-

ian meats and cheeses with crispy garlic bread. As far as the entrees go, I find that you simply can’t go wrong with any of them. The pizzas are thin, crispy, and cooked just right. They have so many types of pizzas from the fig gorgonzola to the truffle mushroom. If you would like to stick with something simple- I recommend the fourcheese pizza. It is a perfect blend of ricotta, mozzarella, fontina, and pecorino cheeses. If you would like to try something new, the prosciutto pizza is fantastic. It is topped with homemade prosciutto, fresh arugula, fontina, pecorino, and lemon juice. It will send your taste buds for a ride. Treno’s pastas also never fail to disappoint. If you’re really hungry make sure you visit on Sundays when they have their four-course Sunday gravy special for $19. Besides atmosphere and food, Treno also has a wonderful wait staff. They are attentive and helpful and quick to explain a menu item or to recommend one. So the next time you want some truly authentic Italian food, or you want a nice night out, be sure to try Treno. There are always specials going on, so make sure to check Treno’s website before you make your plans. Your taste buds will certainly thank you!






Dorm Decore: tips on your home away from home SEAN QUINN | EDITOR IN CHIEF

Firstly, I only use the phrase dorm for an adequate use of alliteration, even though our on campus housing is a Residence Hall. Radical Residence Hall Room stuff does not flow as well and therefore I refused to use it as my title. I apologize for the misuse, but ultimately how many of you know the difference between the two anyhow? Here is a hint, dorms have a negative connotation and residence halls are a community based living experience. To get the most out of your community based living experience it is beneficial to make the space your own, otherwise you are stuck surrounded with white cinderblock walls and standing on generic brown carpet wishing you were at home. Make your residence hall room a home; you’ll work more efficiently, sleep more soundly, but most importantly you will be happier. To start, focus on your bed. It is the largest piece of furniture in your room, but also where you will be spending a lot of time. Sleep is incredibly important to a college student and bedding is a huge opportunity to personalize your space. The bed itself is a glorified gym mat, and if you intend to enjoy your slumber, the first thing you should buy is a mattress pad. They have them in all sorts of styles: egg crate, memory foam, feather bed, and they differ in price. Cover this in sheets that are colorful and comfortable. Sheets that are cotton, flannel, and jersey are easiest to wash and so easy to find in every color and pattern you’ve ever wanted. Cover all of this with a comforter, quilt, or duvet that you’ve found and love. In the comforter verses duvet debate, I am duvet converted. I purchased a duvet because the pirate pattern was only available in duvet, and I whole heartedly suggest this option for the residence hall lifestyle. If you spill something on your duvet cover it is eas-


ily removed and cleaned, or if you want to swap out the cover to update your style, it takes seconds. I recently was in a fight with someone over the validity of the existence of throw pillows. I have several pillows on my bed, all adorable, and when my bed is fully made, I think it looks great. I am pro throw pillow and that is all I have to say about that. Beyond the bed, the room is walls and floor. You never realize how hard the floor is till you stand on a really nice rug. Posters have been a college room staple for years but consider the following, there are other options. Cork and memo boards can be personalized and hold all the tickets and photos you accumulate going to all the OCI events. As the semester goes on, the board changes and you have a constantly varying collage of your life coloring up your room. Wall decals and other large removable stickers are an easy way to use your wall space. Just follow the rules of


the Office of Housing and Residence Life, they have policies on how much wall you may cover to follow the fire codes of the building. Though the Reshall doesn’t allow pets of any nature, you can have small indoor plants. I suggest getting a plant because it helps with responsibility. Small plants can liven up a room and help eliminate odors better than any Glade plug in. Etsy sellers from all over sell different plants for reasonable prices and home depo has a great selection of bonsai trees. My plant was from a personal seller at the farmer’s market they host in Rittenhouse square every Saturday morning. Succulence and cacti only require water about once a week, and are pretty durable to all weather. They are what I would suggest for the less than green thumbs in the Reshall. Last week Reslife hosted an event talking about the importance of growth and after they handed out small Evergreen shrubs that they entrusted to students to take care of for a


few months till they will be donated back to the community. I think the most important thing beyond all of that is storage and function. Target has a huge and reasonably priced storage section that should be explored by every student. You have a desk, dresser, and closet to fill, but that does not leave much room for everything else. I suggest bins, the canvas ones you see on bookcases. They are cheap, come in every color and can hold all of the things you need to store in your closet or under the bed. Plus they mask ugly packaging and make things look cleaner. I have several of these things around my room. Another personal choice is a set of drawers on wheels that I grabbed from Target for $5 dollars. I liked them so much I bought another for my bathroom. They hold extra things, and can be used as a night stand. As a final word, I say make your room, yours.



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1 package cream cheese, softened 3 cups cold milk 2 packages vanilla flavored instant pudding 1 tub whipped topping 48 Nilla Wafers ½ brewed coffee, cooled 2 squares baking chocolate 1 cup fresh raspberries

Beat cream cheese in a large bowl with an electric mixer until creamy. Gradually beat in milk. Add dry pudding mixes, and mix well. Stir in the two cups of whipped topping. Line the bottom and sides of a 21/2 quart bowl with half of the wafers. Drizzle with half of the coffee. Layer half of the pudding mixture over the wafers, and then top with half of the grated chocolate. Repeat all layers starting with the wafers and coffee. Top with remaining whipped topping and raspberries.


Ah Yes Tiramisu, that delicious Italian dessert that is a personal favorite of mine. In Italian, Tiramisu actually means “pick me up”, which makes tons of sense considering Tiramisu typically is made with ladyfingers dipped in coffee egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, and flavored with cocoa. That sounds like the perfect pick-me-up to me. Tiramisu is surprisingly a newer dessert. Some famous dishes will date back hundreds of years and have a rich history, but Tiramisu was created just a couple of decades ago in 1982, when a chef in Sienna put a new dessert together on a whim. The espresso soaked cake took off quickly and became the classic Italian dish that it is today. This recipe isn’t quite as elaborate as the traditional Tiramisu, but it is a great variation for large parties or holiday dinners. It only takes eight simple ingredients and a twenty minute prep time. It’s a cold dish so no baking is required. I made this dessert for a Christmas dinner a few years ago and it was a hit. The pudding-like consistency along with the several different flavors presented makes for a great crowd-pleaser. So give it a try next holiday season, I can guarantee it will be a quick easy dessert that will impress your friends and family.



It’s a Date

Etsy Seller Spotlight




Dating Ideas for the Autumn Months KRIST I N A MA R TO R A N Ol L I F E S T YL E S E D I TO R

If you haven’t noticed by the amount of falling leaves, temperature changes, and pumpkin spice everything, fall is most definitely among us. So it’s time to put mini-golf and ice cream dates to rest and start enjoying all of those fun fall dates that this season brings about. Fall is my favorite time of the year to have some dating adventures. One of my favorites is to go apple picking. Apple picking can be so much fun, and a perfect chance to have a bit of competitive spirit. At Mood’s farm in Mullica Hill you can actually go on apple hayrides before you go picking. Make sure to get some Pink Lady apple because they make the best apple pies. So after an afternoon of playing around amongst apple trees and hay barrels you can stop at your local food store and pick up some pie ingredients and spend some time in the kitchen, just the two of you, making an awesome fresh apple pie. Another great idea for a fall date is pumpkin carving. Pumpkin carving can be messy, but it is so much fun. My favorite thing to do is go pumpkin picking at Johnson’s Farm in Medford, New Jersey. After you’ve picked that perfect pumpkin and picked up some of Johnson’s awesome apple cider doughnuts, you can take the pumpkin home and carve it up together. There’s no experience necessary and it can be so much fun to gut the pumpkin and cook the seeds for a tasty fall snack. Just wash the seeds and throw some salt on them and stick them in the oven. They’re crispy and healthy. Of course I would not be doing a dating column justice without mentioning that fall is the perfect time for a picnic date. It may seem corny, but with the nice fall weather you’ve got the perfect excuse to surprise your significant other with a picnic basket and a blanket. You can make it extra special by packing some homemade hot chocolate to warm you up in that fall breeze. So get ready for fall because there are some awesome dates that could be had this season. Take a break after midterms and go apple or pumpkin picking, it will be a great opportunity to have some fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

CHATEAUAVOLHOTEL.COM Fall is the perfect time of year for some creative date ideas.


Shop Location Price Range Rating

Nappyhappy Swindon, England $10- $20 5/5

Daisy’s Creations is an Etsy shop which sells an adorable assortment of alternative jewelry that she makes herself. Her shop also includes silk screened patches and some jewelry hardware. She has a huge selection of cameo broaches with images of unconventional people and cartoon characters. If you have no interest in any of the premade variety, she takes commissions and you could end up with a picture frame broach with whoever you want displayed. I may be drawn to her products since Halloween is just around the corner, but my favorite items are these ghost hair clips that glow in the dark. Her tooth necklaces and tentacle earrings bring creative and creepy together in very affordable packages. Customers have left several rave reviews commenting on her fast shipping and quality of work. Many say that their new piece is now their favorite in their collection. Daisy’s Creations embody what an Etsy shop is; homemade and not something you would find in stores.



Shop Location Price Range Rating


Pittsburgh, PA $30- $65 5/5

Fancy Clothing is an Etsy shop run by the creative Arielle St. Lawrence. She has been sewing since before she can remember and with those efforts has turned to creating vintage inspired pieces that she has been selling on Etsy since 2008. Her dresses are girly and flouncy, made out of cotton with accent colored zippers. Something you would see in at a picnic in 1950, right out of one of those quintessential Coca Cola advertisements. Her visible stitching is used as trimming, and as someone who sews, her accuracy is exquisite. She scavenges through the thrift stores to find darling fabrics for her pieces. Her sister models for her, and is featured in all of her photos. Her advice in a featured Etsy interview for anyone interested in selling was to take the best photos they could to show off the product. Bad presentation is not good advertising. Her dresses are one of a kind, and sold only on Etsy and in two boutiques local to Pittsburg. Customers love the compliments they receive when wearing her dresses.

Shop Location Price Range Rating

Boygirlparty San Diego, CA $3- $77 5/5

Boygirlparty is a shop run by Susie Ghahremani who started selling her personal creations in 2005, and who proudly identifies as one of Etsy’s first stores. In 2010 she was the winner of the Venus Magazine Readers Poll for Best DIY Designer, and comes highly recommended by past customers. Her shop is full to the brim of her art, ranging from clothing to notepads, which is inspired by nature. She sells What Will Hatch, a children’s book written by Jennifer Ward, which she illustrated and will sign when purchased through her Etsy site. Her notepads feature cute creatures and bright colors. Her shop offers cheaper gifts which would be good for any age, as well as more expensive jewelry pieces that feature the same woodland creatures. A small pendant featuring a squirrel is one of the most unique pieces. You can search through her thousands of listings to see the wonderful products she has to offer. The next time you need a little something to give as a gift, it would be hard not to find something at her Etsy shop.

The Philosophy of the Plant on my Windowsill S E A N QUINN| EDITOR IN CHIEF

My backyard in California is less of a yard and more of a garden. The plants are all potted cacti and succulence, that some way or another found their way to our yard. Each year I see the collection grow and change, and even now my father still sends me pictures of the annual cacti blooms so that from 3,000 miles away at Rutgers Camden I can still partake in the family garden. Succulence and other desert plants are very strong and easy to take care of, making it the perfect choice for someone who is not a person blessed with a green thumb. This is the thought process that landed me with a beautiful baby Echeveria ‘Tsunami.’ My father was the one who took a special interest in succulence, so when I was walking through the farmer’s market in Rittenhouse Square and a table full of beautiful succulence caught my eye, I was drawn to them. Without thinking it through I purchased one and had to walk around Philly and train home with a potted plant, but once it was home it looked beautiful on my windowsill. I water it and make sure every few days I turn it so all the sides receive proper sunlight. I think that taking care of this plant has become more than a thing I picked up from the market, but I am on this plant grower’s adventure that has me hooked. The growth of a flower has often been used as a metaphor for the growth of a person. They blossom when they come into their own, et cetera. It makes sense, mainly because life cycles for plants and animals have similar stages, at least up to the point of assumed maturity; but I think it reminds me more of the baby proj-

ect you participate in during high school health class. Like a pet, or a baby, you need to take care of the plant and it teaches you responsibility. The difference here is that a plant is exponentially less work than a puppy. Not to sound like a crazy plant lady, but I was thrilled to watch my plant grow and eventually sprout flowers, like a proud mother. I took pictures, I showed them off to everyone, I updated my facebook, and I am so psyched about this adorable piece of flora. I began to think about what this plant has done for me, and I have come up with that it makes me happy. I think that gardening might be a hobby that runs in the family. I have already begun looking into seeing the other plants I want to add to my windowsill, and have bought plenty of planters which look strange sitting vacant. My boyfriend has lovingly referred to my windowsill as Antiques Road Show, and soon I hope to graduate to Macy’s Flower Show. The importance of having this thing in my life that is completely my own, not for school or work, but only for my enjoyment, is incredible. It is stress relieving and I find a solace in it that doesn’t come from other things. It is little and not something I find taxing; I am not threatened by the thought of failing at it. I’ve found interest in it and it helps to read about something that wasn’t assigned to me by a teacher. I think that it is in all of our best interests to find this thing that helps with day to day stresses. While I love my work and am studying the subject I love most; it is beneficial to find a comfort in something else. I think it is applicable for anything that you find comforting and you can see progress.




The Real Adventures of College Life


Darragh Nolan





Glenn McCoy

Non Sequitur

Wiley Miller


CAMPUS l 10.1.2013 T HE G LEANER What We Did Roommates: Do’s and Don’ts of Sharing Space Without What comes to mind when you think about Starbucks: college? Unlimited freedom, frat parties, late M I C H E L L E B OY D | CO N T R I B U TO R

A Horror Story


The Starbucks was closed for the first part of the semester, and it was not pleasant. SEA N Q U I N N | E DI TO R I N C H I E F

The Starbucks on campus was closed for the first few weeks of the semester, not that anyone didn’t notice, but what did students do without their precious java? 5. Found their coffee elsewhere. Many students who weren’t aware of the closed business chose to go to the closest option so the corner store’s coffee sales went up as did the cafeteria’s. 7/11’s huge coffee bar was a frequent stop on many students’ before class ritual. The real Starbucks fanatics held on to their roots and took the trek to the Starbucks in the campus bookstore to receive their daily dose. 4. Came prepared. Commuter students stopped on the way to campus to their local Starbucks for their lattes and the like. Those reusable cups come in handy on the drive over, but even the disposable would do for these champions of espresso. They’d laugh as their colleges looked longingly at their cups garnished with green insignias, representing their place in society as the master of Starbucks. 3. Made it themselves. These connoisseurs of coffee have figured out the system for these occasions specifically. Not unlike the zombie survival enthusiasts, these coffee makers have their system to make sure they will always be fueled for their lives. They’ve perfected their morning roast so that it will last them throughout the day, leaving no room to be tempted by the green mermaid. The coffee maker, both economical and convenient, is the number one rule in the coffee survival guide. 2. Went without. This could be the scariest of options. Students who refused to put their money toward any caffeinated beverage without the Starbucks seal, and couldn’t for whatever reason find another option, roamed the halls of Armitage looking like the living dead. The bags under their eyes were heavier than my backpack, and still they stayed loyal to the promise that the day would come when Starbucks would open their doors to them once more. 1. Complained. The number one thing that everyone on campus did for the few days when Starbucks was closed was complained. Starbucks being temporary closed meant that the delicious 75 cent scones were not available, tables were not occupied by study groups, and the long awaited pumpkin spice latte was still out of reach. Whether you enjoy coffee every day, sometimes, or not at all, the Starbucks being closed affected you and you were not happy about it.

night study sessions, and loads of homework? While most of this may be true, there is one area that first year students neglect to prepare for and that’s living with roommates. Preparing to live with a complete stranger can be a scary thought but keeping an open mind and positive attitude can make a huge difference of whether you have an enjoyable experience or a bad one. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to live with any kind of roommate and gain the most of your college experience.

No Place like Home? Living away from home for the first time can be a daunting experience for many first year students. Creating a space that is warm and inviting and a place where you can retire to after a long day of classes can help alleviate some of the first year woes. Developing a room and suite agreement allows minimal room for future discrepancies. The agreement should outline every aspect of sharing space including but not limited to sleeping schedules, weekend curfews, sharing clothes, using appliances, hygiene habits, overnight guests, cleaning expectations and even sharing food. Being transparent about your needs will allow you and your roommate to fully understand each other’s needs and expectations. Create a Plan Consider implementing a room and suite agreement at the beginning of the semester. Most Universities require that all first year and returning residents complete room and suite agreements usually in the first few weeks of the semester. If you are unsure of what chores to assign contact your RA for further assistance. Write down expectations for cleaning, cooking, guests, and sharing appliances. Make sure that every suite mate is present when completing agreements to ensure that everyone is clear on what is expected and no one feels left out. Allow everyone the chance to voice their ideas and opinions and agree collectively so that no one feels singled out. Being open and honest when communicating your preferences and pet peeves will lessen the chance of misunderstandings during the year ahead. Create a cleaning schedule to divvy out the weekly duties to even out the workload. Use different shapes, colors, or symbols to

HTTP://REVIEWS.ROOMSTER.COM/ For college roommates having open communication and respect is the key to having a peaceful living experience.

highlight assigned cleaning days. For example, for Monday chores use blue stars, for Tuesday chores used red hearts and so on. Be as creative as you would like when creating cleaning schedules to lighten to mood of implementing house rules. To make the cleaning chores equal for everyone, write down the cleaning chores on small pieces of paper, put them in a hat and let everyone pick a chore to ensure all duties are being completed. Putting labels on personal property can avoid items getting mixed up or misplaced. Communicate which appliances can be shared by other suite mates and which ones are for your use only. For example, if you don’t mind your roommate playing your radio or watching your TV but have a closed door policy to sharing food, express these boundaries with one another. Communication is Vital The key in any relationship is communication. Having open communication with your roommate will create a welcoming environment for residents to voice any questions or concerns that might arise. Be sensitive to cultural backgrounds or different opinions; not everyone will share the same experiences or goals. Share which form of communication are best when dealing with conflicts or disagreement. A common communication method that many college roommates resort to when faced with a disagreement are the passive-aggressive stick notes. Although this may work for some roommates, direct communication is best when try to resolve

a conflict and reach a happy medium. If a situation between you and your roommate becomes overwhelming or uncomfortable consult with your RA who will mediate the situation. Handling issues as soon as they arise will prevent things from festering and escalading to unnecessary levels. As a first year student, some colleges allow resident the privilege of requesting a friend to be their roommate if both agree with the idea. Choosing to live with a former friend can be ideal if you both share similar interests and have a good report with one another. Be wary when requesting friends to be your potential roommate because although they may be the life of the party when hanging out, they may not be the best live in partner. Sit down with your friend before filling out the application and talk about living together and what that would entail. Once a decision is made contact the Residential office and inform them of your decision. Every first year student prays that their roommate is their long lost twin or future best friend forever. Becoming live-in best friends is the ideal scenario every student hopes for and dreads having a roommate they try to avoid at every turn. Not every resident will have control over who their roommate will be, or how they will behave, but can only control how their actions. How you respond to a situation can either extinguish or escalate a situation. Being patient and willing to compromise when faced with issues can be the start of a lifelong friendship and peaceful year.

Favorite Places to Sleep on Campus



later than I think it should be. I blame being With my busy schedule finding an hour, downstairs as the reason I lose track of time or less, of sleep sometimes is the best way down here. There are no windows to see if to make sure I have enough energy for the the sun has set, or risen. rest of the day. My favorite places to catch some shut eye include: The Gordon Theatre. I am a theatre The Gleaner Office. I am in here more student which means I live in the Fine Arts than I would like to admit. The security building. On Tuesdays and Thursdays durguards know who I am and late nights in ing the free period you can find me on the this office are not a thing of fantasy. Sun- long benches in the lobby closing my eyes days especially when I am finishing up lay- hoping I can power nap like an avatar in the ing out the paper and making sure all the Sims game before my next class. At night pictures are in the right places, it is always when we have rehearsals, if I get there early


or we have a break, those seats become by best friend. My Bed. I may be bragging here, but since my bed is technically on campus it still counts. Since I live here, I can walk three minutes to get to the sheets and pillows I have been longing for all day. I can’t imagine having to drive home after some of the long days I have here, so the only thing bothering me is the alarm in the morning telling me I have to get up and do it all over again.





Sports Sound Off- Rutgers Football in the Makeshift American Conference

Should Student Athletes Get Paid?

NYDAILYNEWS.COM Johnny Manziel brings Many NCAA issues to the forefront ANDREW AMODEI | SPORTS EDITOR

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel caused a whirlwind of controversy this summer with his off-the-field activities and behavior. However, his most publicized action occurred in August when he was accused of accepting money in return for signing a number of autographs. He was investigated by the NCAA which ultimately only suspended him due to lack of evidence. This situation brings up an even bigger issue for the NCAA and College sports, which is the issue of College athletes getting paid. This problem has been controversial for the NCAA, but this case and others like it make it an even more pressing issue. In my opinion, I feel as though College athletes should be paid in some kind of way for the contributions that they make to their institutions. The NCAA makes millions and millions of dollars off of student athletes and the students in return see none of that. Why should the institution get rich off of the talent of student athletes? The players should be entitled to at least a piece of the pie. Although this idea isn’t without its cons, for one, it could make college sports more like pro sports when it eventually would become more about making profits. In any case, I feel as though this is still the right choice as it would benefit everyone involved. Paying student athletes would restore some of the damaged image of the NCAA, as the institution will have to show that it’s looking out for the student athlete, and also it will avoid Manziellike-situations. This is one of the biggest problems the NCAA faces today, and this choice would help put a damper on that problem. This choice would affect and help all student athletes, not just the ones you hear about on Sports Center every night. In my opinion, this is really the only direction the NCAA has to go because they have been putting this off for too long. If they do not act soon, they could have more Johnny Manziel situations on their hands.


Conference realignment has shaken up college football to its core. With so many teams and conferences shifting, it’s hard to keep track of what teams are where and which conferences are still around- this is also the case with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. With the realignment, the conference formerly known as the Big East is in shambles with Rutgers themselves leaving for the Big Ten next year. With that being said, how does the conference Rutgers is in this year look and will they make an impact? This year Rutgers is in the American conference, which is a hodgepodge of teams. Right now the American Athletic conference holds 10 teams which are leftovers from the MAC, the Big East, and Conference USA. The ten teams in the conference are Central Florida, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Houston, Louisville, Memphis, Rutgers, SMU, South Florida, and Temple. This is an interesting mix of teams and leaves Rutgers in a strange place. Since Rutgers is leaving in a year, this will be the only year in this particular conference and it will be interesting to see how they stack up against the rest. At this point, Rutgers seems to be the second best team in this conference, with the Louisville Cardinals being the best, led by star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Rutgers stacks up pretty well in this conference as there are some familiar foes such as Louisville UConn, and South Florida. Rutgers will also have to contend with local rival Temple, a team that always gives them a hard time when it comes to football. Rutgers stacks favorably well when it comes to the American conference. They are one of the better teams in the conference which unfortunately has inherited the scraps of other conferences to fill out its ranks. Here are the other teams in the conference and how they stack up to the scarlet knights. South Florida- a familiar Big East foe for Rutgers and a team they have traditionally had close games with- one of the tougher matchups in the league.

WHOLEHOGSPORTS.COM Quarterback Gary Nova will lead Rutgers through the American conference.

Connecticut- again, another foe Rutgers has faced in the past. UConn has been pretty good in the past but has fallen off recently. Central Florida- a different opponent for Rutgers known to give better teams a real run for their money. Could be a challenge for Rutgers. Memphis- one of the weaker teams in the American conference. One of the easier tests for Rutgers. Temple- this one is interesting. Temple and Rutgers are local rivals and have started to play each other regularly. Cincinnati- another former Big East opponent. Like UConn, Cincinnati was formidable in the past but has fallen off in more recent times. SMU- one of the weaker teams in the league but one Rutgers is not all that familiar with. This could work against Rutgers. Houston- another Former Conference USA team. They have a high scoring offense which could provide Rutgers with a big problem.

Louisville- the best team in the conference. They provide the biggest problem for Rutgers as they boast a NFL ready quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater and are a top ten ranked team; easily the biggest threat to Rutgers. Remember that this is a product of conference realignment and Rutgers will have to deal with it at least for this one year. Conference realignment really makes for some interesting scenarios for college football. It shakes things up and creates a landscape in college football that hasn’t really been seen before in the history of the sport. Rutgers will have to deal with this product of realignment and it will be interesting to see how it plays into their success as a team in this 2013 season. All in all, it should be an interesting season for the 2013 Scarlet Knights and provide them with challenges that they haven’t really faced in recent years. This should be a good test to see how Rutgers fairs in the bigger stage of the Big Ten.

star center Dwight Howard. He will certainly help a team on the rise with stars James Harden and Jeremy Lin. The Los Angeles Clippers are also an interesting case. They have a new head coach in Doc Rivers who certainly knows how to win in the NBA and they of course have star players Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. They will start having to live up to their potential or they will never get to where they could be. Last year’s runner up to the NBA championship, the San Antonio Spurs, are another year older but are still a force to be reckoned with. As long as Tony Parker and Tim Duncan are on the court the Spurs have a chance. The Oklahoma City Thunder still have the best pure scorer in Kevin Durant and with Russell Westbrook coming back from injury, they will be right back in it. The West will really be the wild-west so to speak. Projected top eight in the west 1. Oklahoma City Thunder 2. Los Angeles Clippers 3. San Antonio Spurs 4. Houston Rockers 5. Golden State Warriors 6. Memphis Grizzles 7. Denver Nuggets 8. Minnesota Timberwolves On the other hand, the Eastern conference is a lot more predictable even though a lot of teams have improved; the defending champions, the Heat, are still the first-class of that conference. Some notable teams in the East include the Brooklyn Nets who added veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They will certainly be better than last year with those veterans, although they are aging. The Chicago Bulls will

be right back in the mix and hopefully will get start player Derrick Rose back after not having him for an entire season last year. The Bulls are always stout on defense, their offense will have to step it up if they hope to get over the hump and win a title. The Indiana Pacers are also an interesting team to contend in the East coming as they came close to the NBA Finals last year. The Miami Heat are the defending champions and are still the biggest threat in the East and that doesn’t look to change as their core led by Lebron James is still the same. Projected top eight in the East 1. Miami Heat 2. Indiana Pacers 3. Chicago Bulls 4. Brooklyn Nets 5. New York Knicks 6. Atlanta Hawks 7. Washington Wizards 8. Cleveland Cavaliers There you have the previews for the Eastern and Western conferences of the NBA. It should be a very exciting season to watch unfold as these teams battle to unseat King James and the Miami Heat. Of course there is always the possibility of a surprise team no one expected rising up and taking the league by storm such as the Philadelphia 76ers or the New Orleans Pelicans. Any way it goes the NBA season is always exciting to watch and this season will be quite intriguing considering all of the story lines happening when the season does get underway on October 29th. Which team will be left standing when the dust settles in June? We will all just have to wait and see who comes out on top as the king of the NBA.

2013 NBA Season Preview

BUSINESSINSIDER.COM The rest of the NBA will be gunning for Lebron James and the Miami Heat. A N D R E W A M O D E I l S P O R T S E D I TO R

The 2013-14 NBA season is right around the corner and it should be a very exciting season to be sure. NBA basketball seasons are always exciting, but this season seems to be shaping up to be a even more interesting to say the least. Like every year, it’s interesting to see which teams will make a run for the playoffs. The Western and Eastern conferences are both stacked with quality teams so it will be fun to see who comes out of it in the end. Starting with the Western conference, this conference is not as clear cut as it has been in past years. There are many different teams in the west who look like they could win the West. This certainly is the more wide open conference in terms of team style and just how wide open everything else is for the West is this year. Some notable West teams are the Houston Rockets, who improved greatly with the acquisition of



Quarterback NFL Ranking



Fantasy Football and the Little I Know About it SEAN QUINN | EDITOR IN CHIEF

NYDAILYNEWS.COM Peyton Manning is always a top notch QB, but is he number one? MITCH LARSON | A&E EDITOR

1.) Aaron Rodgers- Bay Packers-. Despite bad blocking, no running game and an overrated defense, Rodgers has the Packers in contention for a Super bowl spot every year; this year will be no different. 2.) Tom Brady- Patriots- He’s been to 7 AFC Championship games, won 5 of them and 3 out of the 5 super bowls. He’s also a member of the uber-exclusive 5,000 yards passing in a single season club and has the NFL record for TD passes in as season. 3.) Peyton Manning- BroncosComing off what many thought was a career ending injury; Manning was his old incredible-self last year. 4.) Drew Brees- Saints- Brees is the only player to throw for 5,000 yards more than once and he’s done it the past two years. I wouldn’t bet against him now. 5.) Eli Manning- Giants- Completely average for 3 quarters during the regular season, but in the 4th quarter and playoffs he’s a whole other quarterback. 6.) Matt Ryan- Falcons- Matt Ryan is elite and has the numbers to prove it; this year should be more of the same. 7.) Tony Romo- Cowboys- Last year Romo proved some doubters wrong by once again putting up incredible numbers, this time leading the NFL in 4th quarter comebacks. Dallas will live or die by him, with a new mega-contract and the emergence of Dez Bryant as one of the NFLs best receivers, expect Dallas to do more living. 8.) Andrew Luck- Colts- Last year’s NFL Draft was the best for quarterbacks since the historic draft of 1983 and Andrew Luck was the prize of the draft and played like it. With a better running game and blocking he could be even higher up by the end of the year. 9.) Russell Wilson-Seahawks-.

What Pete Carroll did last year took balls, handing the keys of the franchise over to undersized rookie Russell Wilson. Wilson led the Seahawks on an incredible run to the playoffs and tied Peyton Manning’s rookie record for TD passes. 10.) Robert Griffin III- RedskinsThe ACL injury will slow him down, but expect Griffin to improve on his historic rookie season. 11.) Ben Roethlisberger-Steelers-He has no help, but he also doesn’t help himself. Careless decisions with the football have him lower than someone with 2 super bowls should be. 12.) Joe Flacco-Ravens- See Eli Manning. 13.) Colin Kapernick- 49ers- Defenses will have a better look on him so expect regression. 14.) Matthew Stafford- Lions- Has the arm and talent to be great, just needs to be smarter. 15.) Cam Newton- Panthers- Has all the talent but none of the leadership skills. 16.) Jay Cutler- Bears- Phenomenal arm and talent, but needs to be careful. 17.) Alex Smith- Chiefs- Great decision maker but doesn’t have the arm to make all the throws an NFL QB needs too. May flourish under a good quarterback coach in Andy Reid. 18.) Andy Dalton- Bengals- Has been great at times, but just okay at others. 19.) Carson Palmer- Cardinals- A veteran gun slinger who will make just as many great plays as he does boneheaded ones. 20.) Matt Schaub- Texans- Overrated needs to be able to stay healthy and consistent. 21.) Philip Rivers- Chargers- Rivers throws way too many picks to be considered truly elite. 22.) Sam Bradford- Rams- With better receivers Bradford should climb this list by the end of the year. 23.) Josh Freeman- Buccaneers-

One year he’s great, the next he’s horrible. He needs to be consistent and learn to read defenses. 24.) Ryan Tannehill- DolphinsPleasantly surprised me last year, expect big improvements this year. The addition of Mike Wallace should help improve his progression as well. 25.) Jake Locker- Titans- Needs to improve from last year, but he has the talent and tools to do it. 26.) Michael Vick- Eagles- He may finally be in the perfect offense for his skills, but he can’t read a defense to save his life and gives more balls away than Santa Claus on Christmas. 27.) Brandon Weeden- BrownsWhoever thought drafting a 28 year old rookie was a good idea is an idiot. Weeden struggled all year- the only people who didn’t see it coming were the Browns. 28.) E.J. Manuel- Bills- A rookie, so there’s still time to move up, just don’t hold your breath. Manuel was a HUGE reach in this year’s underwhelming quarterback draft. 29.) Terrell Pryor- Raiders- Still needs to play more before we can give a firm assessment, but with the receivers Oakland has don’t expect too much. 30.) Christian Ponder- VikingsThank god for Adrian Peterson because Ponder can’t read defenses or make good decisions. 31.) Mark Sanchez- Jets-. 5 years ago “The Sanchize” was one of the hottest Quarterbacks out there. Now 3 years removed from his last play-off game Sanchez’s infectiveness has him better known for the “butt-fumble” than going to two AFC championship games. 32.) Blaine Gabbert- Jaguars- A colossal bust, struggling to complete even 50% of his passes. He turns the ball over way too much and has a horrible understanding of an NFL playbook.

For the longest time I was someone who knew little to nothing about football and to be honest I still am that person. However, I have taken the initiative to educate myself on the subject for a reason that is still not clear to me. Could it be that I would rather be screaming at the television with my father on game day actually knowing what we were screaming about, or could it be the deeply rooted feminist inside of me yelling that I’ll show them I can be interested in football too? At this point we are four weeks in, I am following the scores with all the vim and vigor I can muster, and I don’t know if I am any more knowledgeable on the subject of Football. I do think that I am in deep, and have personal connections with how well Payton Manning does for me each week. To put it in terms my people can understand, my people being a euphemism for literature junkies and nerds, Fantasy football is to jocks as Pokémon Gold is to us. It is a glorified role playing game for people who stereotypically hate people who stereotypically love role playing games. Do we notice the paradox here? They search the forums for the projected top players and hope to god the random draft generator picks their team first. After that they pay attention to player news and their line up to make sure they don’t go into game day not prepared. Got to catch ‘em all, right? It really is invigorating, but I have to admit, not because of football. I think I am a person who loves being competitive and winning is something we all strive for. Only, unlike Pokémon, you can’t just finish the game to beat it. There are actual losers and winners, and those losers and winners are your dummy friends who made fun of you for asking why you aren’t trying to draft a Quarterback in the first round. To be clear, I was already aware that you shouldn’t I just wanted to know why. The stakes are high because you are dependent upon real people whose real injuries mean you really will receive no points. The fun happens when you do win and you can shove it in everyone’s face at least that is the way I play, but it is a hard fall when you lose, especially when those few league members who auto drafted beat you. Then bye weeks take all your good players and you end up with an empty wide receiver spot because you have no other options. As I sit here writing this I still wait for my fourth week results hoping beyond hope that Darren Sproles doesn’t rack up more than nine points because I am in the lead, for a very short moment. In any regard, fantasy football was a good choice, but not for the reason I thought it would be.


Venus in Libra and your sector of love and romance will bring the opportunity to show affection and appreciation to someone special. You’ll be charming and attract love into your life. You’ll be critical and seek perfection on the home front or when dealing with a close family member and this could create difficulties and stress. If you must make comments, be sure that you’re dishing out constructive criticism. A Full Moon in Pisces will bring career problems if you’re disorganized and fail to plan ahead. Interviews or performance review may not go well.

Jupiter in your sign will exaggerate your natural qualities, both good and bad. If you have a tendency to be shy and retiring, you’ll be even more so. On the other hand, you’ll be very intuitive and caring. Your home and family life will be a source of pleasure if you can avoid being too picky or impatient. There may be good people around you, but you need to keep an open mind and allow others to make their own choices. Help neighbors and relatives with errands and projects. You’ll be the one organizing the details and logistics.

The Sun and Mercury in your sign will bring out your discerning nature and a strong need for perfection. You’ll be critical of yourself and others and find it difficult to see the big picture. You will be caught up in small details that won’t matter in the long run. Neptune in Pisces will be opposite and in your relationship sector. You may experience tension when dealing with others, especially a romantic partner. You’ll be clear about what you want in life but confused about your feelings. You’ll lack the ability to control others.

Venus in your sign will help you connect with others and be more loving. Your natural charm and attractiveness will help you gain cooperation and get your way without being overbearing. Uranus will be opposite in the sign of Aries, and so your behavior may be unpredictable. You may be bossy and erratic with your partner. Pluto in Capricorn and your sector of home and family will stir up change. This planet will be in a difficult aspect to Venus and Uranus and create inner tension. You’ll feel insecure with the Sun and Mercury in your sector of the unconscious.

You’ve been feeling stressed and limited with Saturn in your sign. Many things in your life have been complicated and progress has been slow. Venus moves to your sign and this transit will help you attract what you need with less effort. Jupiter in Cancer will bring the ability to set new goals and expand your horizons. You’ll have a desire to travel to a new location or further your education. Mars in Leo will bring out your drive and ambition in career matters, but you might become frustrated if you don’t get quick results. You’ll expect perfection from friends.

Your life will be stressful and full of change. Pluto in your sign will form difficult aspects to Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus. You’ll have a negative attitude, and all your relationships will be tense. Others may see you as charming and happy, but beneath the surface you’ll be in chaos. You will be supportive of your partner while Jupiter is in Cancer. Mars in Leo will bring out sexual passion and assertiveness. You’ll make plans to expand your skills or travel to a conference. Do some writing or present your ideas.

Mars will be transiting in Leo and your relationship. This planet will allow you to be assertive with your partner, but you could come on too strong. You’ll need a lot of freedom and independence if you’re in a relationship. Uranus in Aries will bring change in your neighborhood or within your extended family. Saturn in Scorpio may restrict your progress in career matters. You’ll be interested in art, music, literature, and ideas. Foreign food and culture will be a source of pleasure. Pay attention to contracts and shared finances.

Neptune is still in your sign, and there will be a Full Moon there as well. You may feel insecure, anxious, and unclear of your direction. Also, you’ll need to protect yourself emotionally, eat properly, and get plenty of rest. Pay attention to your romantic partner and don’t take anything for granted. Listen attentively when the other person is talking, and make an effort to compromise on important issues. Avoid the tendency to be overly critical. Mars will transit your sector of work and health. You may seek attention in the office through drama or hypochondria.

Slow down and pay attention to details at work. You might be impatient and find it difficult to do this, but you can avoid costly mistakes if you’re careful. You’ll be open to learning new techniques to improve your time-management and organizational skills. Mars will be in Leo, another Fire Sign, and heat up your love life. Passion and fearlessness will bring a risk-taking attitude. Venus in Libra and your relationship sector will help you get along better with others. A close relationship will benefit from a show of affection and empathy.

Family relationships will be a source of conflict, and you might be angry and defensive. You’ll be very supportive and kind with some relatives and neighbors, but you may bicker and be impatient with your parents. You’ll be picky and critical in your love life, but this might help you avoid getting involved with someone inappropriate. Give others a chance at first, however. A Full Moon in Pisces may bring stress when dealing with friends or groups. Other people could be irresponsible or forgetful and this will drive you crazy for a few days.

Mars will be in your sign all month and bring vitality and a strong need for attention and approval. You’ll do anything to be seen and heard, even if that means taking some risks or being overly assertive. Venus in Libra will bring skill in working as part of team, especially when dealing with relatives and neighbors. You’ll be able to see all sides of an issue, but with Mars prominent, you may be argumentative and opinionated. Saturn in Scorpio will bring heavy responsibilities at home or with a parent. This will be stressful and could lead to health problems.

You’ll enjoy the company of friends and support one another. You will engage in interesting conversations and may meet new people who share your interests. The Sun and Mercury will be in your career sector, bringing the need for perfection and attention to detail. You’ll have to work hard to see results, and you may not be recognized for your efforts or experience. If you can learn to be more organized and efficient, it will help improve your prospects. A Full Moon in Pisces could bring stress within the family.




Dear Scarlett, I’ve been spending a lot of time with someone lately, and we get along with each other really well, but I don’t know if I’m ready for a relationship or not. A couple of months ago I broke up with a long term boyfriend and now I’m just sort of floundering around in the single pool. Should I make a move? I think it is so awkward. Awkward Allison. Hey Allison, I think it’s great that you aren’t trying to hop into another relationship with someone when you know you’re not ready for it. I think it is important for a girl to take the time out to figure out exactly what it is she wants out of a relationship, the things that she is okay with and the things that are deal breakers. Without this time to figure out what you want you will keep jumping from relationship to relationship and allowing guys to treat you poorly. As far as this new guy I think that you should be content with your friendship the way it is. If he is not pressuring you to make things more official then enjoy it the way it is. If you decide later on that you want to be in a relationship with him then simply have a conversation with him about your relationship status. It doesn’t have to be an awkward situation, just be honest with him because you want him to be honest with you.

Need Advice? Send your questions to rucgleaner@gmail. com

XOXO, Scarlet

Dear Scarlett, I moved to campus to get the whole “college experience,” but my mother will not leave me the hell alone. She refuses to let me be, and it’s hard to tell her that because I love her. I’m just stuck in the middle between wanting to get her off my back, and trying to be nice. Help mee. Anon Hey Anon, One thing that everyone needs to realize is that, moms are ALWAYS going to be annoying. It’s their job, it’s in their DNA. All we can do is figure out the best way to handle it. Your mom is probably a little sad that you moved out of the house and are becoming an adult, so be a little sensitive to her for now. Its okay for you to have a conversation with your mom and let her know your schedule and the things you have going on so that she doesn’t call you all the time or just pop up randomly. Just don’t be mean about it. Remember if something happens or you need something your mom is going to be the one that you call on and she will be there for you. So be nice!

XOXO Scarlet

Dear Scarlett, I am having some problems with waking up for my 8am class. I know that it is important to go, but I have no motivation to get out of bed and listen to my teacher drone on about science. Do you have any advice for someone who really hates the morning? Sleepy Susan Hey Susan, You’re not the only person that has an issue with 8am classes. I personally know that I couldn’t do an 8 am class myself. I think that it is important to know your limitations and to do what’s best for you. If you are not going to learn anything in the class because it’s too early and you can’t concentrate yet, then maybe you should find the same class later on in the day that way you can get the most out of the class. You’re in college now and you have to pay for your education. That alone should be enough of a motivation to go to class and do well, so next semester when your picking classes just don’t register for and 8ams. Good Luck!

XOXO, Scarlett

Volume 94, Issue 1  

First issue of fall 2013.

Volume 94, Issue 1  

First issue of fall 2013.