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TU E S DAY l OC TOBER 15, 2013


Booker and Lonegan Square Off for New Jersey’s Senate Seat

Newark Mayor Corey Booker and Steven Lonegan before the first debate.

choosing the date of the special election; he could have chosen November 5th, 2013 On Wednesday October 15th, 2013, (normal Election Day), November 4th, New Jersey voters will be decide which 2014 (next year’s Election Day), or almost candidate will represent New Jersey in “Polls have consistently the United States Senate. The special election is for the seat of the late Senator shown this race to be closer Lautenberg. The two main candidates are Mayor Corey Booker (D-Newark) than most pundits thought it would be. While Cory and former Mayor Steven Lonegan (R-Bogota). Both candidates faced Booker’s lead is relatively opposition in their respective primaries. sizable, many voters have The Senate seat was filled by Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ) up until his death on doubts about his motives in June 3rd, 2013 at the age of 89. Governor seeking this seat” Chris Christie then had the constitutional – Patrick Murray task of finding an interim senator and deciding when to hold the special election. Christie appointed his friend, and former any date in between. The special election will cost Attorney General of New Jersey, Jeff taxpayers $24 million dollars. Critics say Chiesa to fill the seat until the election. that the election date discourages voter Christie had several options when









participation, and is purely a political move to ease Christie’s own reelection. Also, that it’s a waste of money because it could have been just 21 days later for free. Many politicos and scholars believe he chose the October election day to avoid having Corey Booker at the top of the column in 2013 – making it much easier for Christie’s own reelection. Christie claims, “The costs associated with having the special election and primary, in my mind, cannot be measured against the value of having an elected member of the U.S. Senate.” Corey Booker received the most votes among progressives Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, Congressman Holt, and Congressman Pallone to win the Democratic primary. Throughout the short primary Booker was attacked by his opponents for grand-standing, having no stances on multiple issues, not being effective in Newark, being cozy to Wall Street, plus many accusations saying he was not a true progressive. The conservative, Steve Lonegan, easily won his primary to physician Alieta Eck. Corey Booker was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Northern New Jersey. He was educated at Stanford, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science and masters in sociology. Eventually Booker found a place to call home in Newark and started getting involved in the political system. Booker’s first elected office was to City Council of Newark. He then ran for Mayor against the local machine in 2002 and lost; later, he ran in 2006 and won the election to become Mayor of Newark. Since being elected mayor, Booker has become a rising national star of his party – particularly famous for his direct interaction with his constituents through Twitter. He also achieved lots of press for his high-profile friends such as Governor Christie, Mark Zuckerberg, and Oprah. The Republican candidate, Steve Lonegan, was born and raised in New Jersey. He earned a bachelor’s at William Paterson College and later a MBA at Fairleigh Dickinson College. The former mayor of Bogota and longtime conservative activist is known for his relentless agenda to reduce the size of government. After his 12 year tenure as mayor, Lonegan became the state director for Americans for Prosperity, a conservative activism group. There he successfully led the effort to defeat an 8-percent sales tax ballot measure, and successfully de-funded the campaign finance reform measure of having public funding for legislative elections. Booker held a large lead at the


Camden’s Non-Profits Rely on Volunteers to Help the Hungry

COURIERPOSTONLINE.COM Art livens up the non-profit’s headquarters in Camden. B R O O K E D O N E G A N | S TA F F W R I T E R

Within the many places to volunteer in the City of Camden, Cathedral Kitchen is one of the more well known. Cathedral Kitchen is currently the largest food provider and soup kitchen in Camden, NJ. The kitchen has been around for 35 years and is located at 1514 Federal Street in the Cramer Hill section of South Camden. Volunteers serve a hot, healthy dinner Monday through Friday from 4pm to 5pm. Additionally they open on Saturdays for lunch from 12pm to 1pm while closing on Sundays. See CATHEDRAL KITCHEN page 3

New Health Insurance Marketplace Allows Citizens to Find Health Care

WASHINGTONPOST.COM A screenshot of the home page. THOMAS MAGJUKA-EGAN | N E W S & F E AT U R E S E D I T O R

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is a word thrown around by Republican and Democrats, but recently it’s a word that everyday citizens will start to be familiar with. On October 1st, 2013 the Health Insurance Marketplace, a large part of President Obama’s reforms, was launched on “Tens of thousands of Americans die each year just because they don’t have health insurance,” the president said, “Millions more live with the fear that they’ll go broke if they get sick. And today, we begin to free millions of our fellow Americans from See HEALTHCARE MARKETPLACE, page 4



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16 times Grammy winning artist, Sting, recently released a new album called The Last Ship, which he is planning on turning into a musical. Here at the Gleaner, we do not think that it stacks up to Sting’s greatness. Give it a listen; we thought it was hilarious.

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Looking forward to: Extra Life

is a videogame marathon that raises money for the children’s hospital in your area. Sean Quinn is hosting a video game party on November 2, and is collecting donations at the door.

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here showing their ugly head once again. The Learning Center has tips on staying afloat for the next two weeks.

Make a difference... Find out how a degree from Rutgers School of Social Work will help you make a difference in the lives of others. When you choose Rutgers, you will find:  Excellence in research-based education  A distinguished faculty  Opportunities for field placements in over 800 affiliated agencies  Access to the vast resources of one of America’s leading research universities  Flexible programs of study offered in Camden, New Brunswick, and Newark

Fall 2013 Open House Dates Monday October 21

SCC Teleconference/Lecture Hall Archibald S. Alexander Library 169 College Avenue New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Saturday October 26

School of Social Work 217 North 6th Street Camden, NJ 08102

Saturday November 9

Paul Robeson Campus Center 350 Martin Luther King Blvd. Newark, NJ 07102

Saturday November 23

Cook Campus Center 59 Biel Road New Brunswick, NJ 08901

6 PM New Brunswick Campus

11 AM Camden Campus

11 AM Newark Campus

11 AM New Brunswick Campus

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey




Cathedral Kitchen CONTINUED from front page

According to Alex Wills, the Community Relations Manager, the kitchen feeds about 325 people every evening. The building itself seats about 240 people, however volunteers help to reset the tables for an organized rotation. Wills said that the number of guests that come in vary on the time of the month because many guests collect government assistance. In the beginning of a month, the kitchen might feed between two to three hundred people. Towards the end of the month, they may feed up to four or five hundred people. Wills stated that about 30-40% of the guests are homeless, sleeping in tents or under bridges. The kitchen does not discriminate against any race, color, or religion. They are a 501(c)(3), meaning that they are not affiliated with any religion and receive tax benefits. The kitchen’s main mission is to feed anyone who is hungry. Every year there are 7,000 volunteer slots that need to be filled. Volunteers come a half hour before the kitchen opens for lunch or dinner and stay a half hour after they are done serving. They help prepare for the lunch or dinner rush and then help clean up when it is over. Volunteers must be at least sixteen years old to participate in the meal service. Other than the meal service, there are plenty of other ways people can get involved. The kitchen is always looking for sandwiches and desserts that guests can take with them on foot. Volunteers can make 25-350 peanut butter and jelly, turkey, beef, or bologna sandwiches without condiments. Each sandwich must be in a sealed sandwich bag to be accepted. Volunteers can also contribute by making desserts which again must be in a sealed sandwich bag. Kids are able to get involved too. There are plenty of opportunities for young children to volunteer from home. They can assemble utensil packets in a sandwich bag which contains a plastic fork, paper napkin and a salt and pepper packet. Kids can decorate construction paper place mats for the guests. Children can make centerpieces for the twenty two tables in the dining room to brighten up the kitchen’s dinners. Centerpieces can be anything from paper flowers to paper bag turkeys. As with most non-profits, the Cathedral Kitchen constantly needs donations. It is crucial that the meal service stays organized and sanitary to ensure everyone’s safety. The kitchen consistently lacks cleaning supplies. Volunteers can drop off and donate paper towels, toilet tissue rolls, paper napkins, sealed sandwich bags, small salt/pepper packets, plastic

forks (heavy duty), Clorox, Brillo or SOS pads, Lysol or Clorox wipes, and individual hand wipes. Other donations include bottled water and juice boxes for children. The kitchen does not accept clothes donations because their focus is food, however when the weather gets too hot or too cold they do accept new men’s socks. Aside from serving food, the kitchen has broadened their role in helping the community in Camden. They provide meals to local shelters, after-school programs, small pantries, and other soup kitchens. The kitchen has a dental clinic open on Wednesdays and Fridays called Project Smiles Dental Clinic staffed by dentists doing pro-bono work. They have partnered with Project H.O.P.E, a local clinic that provides healthcare to vulnerable populations. The kitchen offers healthcare screenings, legal assistance from attorneys, and an on staff eye doctor to interested dinner guests with the help of their partners UMDNJ, AHEC Camden County Department of Health and Human Services, and the South Jersey Eye Center. Recently, the Cathedral Kitchen began a free seventeen week Culinary Arts Training Program. Individuals must be eighteen or older and possess at least a six grade reading level to participate. The program teaches job skills and has already had 144 graduates. The kitchen recently bought the building next door and plans to open a cafe to help the Camden community. The cafe will start out serving lunch and will be capable of producing up to 2,000 meals per day. There are several other volunteer opportunities available in Camden for students to get involved and better serve the community. They can be found through the Volunteers of Camden County Cathedral, the Romero Center, Desales House, and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children of Camden County). CASA is designated to helping neglected and abused children in Camden and is constantly in need of volunteers. Volunteers of Camden County Cathedral participate in a Thanksgiving food drive held at the Cathedral Kitchen building. Anyone interested in volunteering or donating at the Cathedral Kitchen should contact Alex Wills, the Community Relations Manager by e-mail at www. People interested in volunteering at Volunteers of Camden County Cathedral, the Romero Center, Desales House, and CASA should contact them via phone or e-mail found on their websites.


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Heathcare Marketplace CONTINUED from front page

that fear.” Over 2.8 million Americans visited on the first day causing glitches and even some downtime. It remains ironic that a large part of the Affordable Care Act was implemented on the very same day that the federal government was shut down, despite Republican opposition. The Health Insurance Marketplace ( allows all citizens to enroll in a health insurance plan that covers essential benefits, pre-existing conditions, and preventive services. The marketplace allows users to create a profile that allows them to browse insurance plans pertaining to their specific needs. Some states have their own marketplace while others, such as New Jersey, use the

can Governor Rick Perry blasted Obamacare calling it a “criminal act” to implement in states while at a campaign stop in New Jersey for United States Senate hopeful Steve Lonegan. Some Republican states have done little to no advertising of the new marketplaces. At the time of this writing, Republicans in Congress refuse to pass any bills funding the government (restoring the government shutdown) without defunding Obamacare or delaying the implementation of it. Many were praising the new law though. “The promise of the law is that no one will go bankrupt because of medical bills,” said Neera Tanden, president of the progressive Center for American Progress, “It won’t happen in the first day or the first year. But when the law is fully operational, it will provide an economic benefit to roughly 30 million Americans.” domain. The Obama Administration’s goal is to have 7 million people sign up the first year, and eventually would like to see 25 million new sign ups. Current estimates have the uninsured at 50 million. Americans are required by law to have health insurance by January 1st, 2014. These marketplaces allow citizens to find the right plan for their selves as well as answers to financial questions. The marketplace serves individuals, families, and small businesses. Many citizens were eager to sign up for health insurance that they previously could not get due to a number of factors. However, those who have adequate healthcare insurance may have not heard of the marketplaces created by the A.C.A. Reactions varied to the launch of; predictably Republicans slammed the launch as an intrusion of government, at best. Recently Republi-

The Rutgers-Camden and New Brunswick chapter of New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG) held a press conference on October 7, 2013 at outside the Rutgers-Camden Law School and up in New Brunswick. At the New Brunswick press conference, Congressman Pallone said, “The Affordable Care Act is making health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans, but many people still are not fully informed about the new law and how it will impact them. I am pleased to work with groups like NJPIRG to help answer questions and make information available to students, so they can make the best decision possible to meet their health care needs.” At the Camden event NJPIRG had Assemblyman Fuentes and Dr. Maria Serra, the associate director of psychological services at Rutgers-Camden Health Services, speak on the importance of the Obamacare implementation.

CONTINUED from front page

equality. Lonegan: Believes marriage is only between a man and woman. Opposes federal government forcing states to observe marriage equality. NSA Spying Booker: “Concerned” about the NSA spying programs but believes that spying programs are useful. Lonegan: Opposes government spying on private citizens. Syria Booker: No clear position. Lonegan: Opposes sending troops to Syria, and opposes sending troops to any country that does not provide an actual threat. Tax Issues/Welfare Booker: Supports raising taxes on wealthy and providing welfare to the disadvantaged. Lonegan: Supports major cuts in welfare and wants to lower taxes. Gun Control Booker: Supports background checks on all American’s for gun purchases, supports increase sentencing for gun crimes, and supports bans on high-capacity weapons along with automatic weapons. Lonegan: Supports individual rights for guns and opposes any gun controls by the federal government.

“The Affordable Care Act is making health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans” – Congressman Frank Pallone

Senate Seat Race

beginning of the general election; however that lead has slowly diminished. An early September poll from Rutgers Eagleton Institute had Booker leading by 19 points meanwhile the most recent poll (from Monmouth University) has Booker leading only by 13 points. “Monmouth University’s polls have consistently shown this race to be closer than most pundits thought it would be. While Cory Booker’s lead is relatively sizable, many voters have doubts about his motives in seeking this seat,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. The most recent campaign finance reports show Booker with $4 million cash-onhand and Lonegan with $150,000. Where They Stand Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Booker: Supports Obamacare and believes it is a step in the right direction. Lonegan: Opposes Obamacare and supports a full repeal. Education Booker: Proponent of charter schools, and supports more financial aid for college students. Lonegan: Opposes all federal government involvement in education at all levels. Marriage Equality Booker: Full supporter of marriage

NJPIRG Hosts Event on Campus to Encourage Students to Vote

ALENA SIMON Camden’s Most Recent Building had a Grand-Opening Ceremony at Cooper Camden’s newest building, the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper, held its grand opening on October 7, 2013. Politicians including Governor Chris Christie, Congressman Rob Andrews, and Mayor Dana Redd joined power broker George Norcross III to celebrate the opening of the $100 million, four-story, 103,050 square feet center dedicated to cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and research. “Our vision to bring the best possible cancer care to the region takes another step forward with the opening of this remarkable building,” said George E. Norcross, III, Chairman of the Board at Cooper, “[…] we bring renewed hope to cancer patients across the region.” .


Rutgers Board of Governors meet in Camden, discuss Athletics One of the main governing bodies of Rutgers University, the Board of Governors, convened at Rutgers-Camden on October 2, 2013. One of the topics discussed was Rutgers athletics; the board spoke about how the university expects to pull in $200 million over 10 years by joining the Big Ten league. The Board of Governors also said Rutgers had a “banner year” in terms of fundraising – the endowment stood at $684 million as of August, by far the lowest in the Big Ten. Critics complained how Rutgers University deeply subsidizes the financially draining athletic programs at the detrimental cost of academics.


The NJPIRG chapter at Rutgers-Camden held an “Exercise Your Right to Vote” event on campus on October 3, 2013. The event was held to raise awareness of the upcoming special and general election to make sure students get out there and vote. There were about a dozen students hosting the event that brought participants to the Camden waterfront. NJPIRG lobbies for college affordability, healthcare, campaign finance reform, and environmental issues. Later in the week, the NJPIRG chapter held a press conference on healthcare with Assemblyman Fuentes.


Christie Maintains Steady Lead against Buono, but Not Expected to Flip Legislature Red Governor Christie continues to lead against his gubernatorial opponent, state Senator Barbara Buono. According to the latest Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics poll, Christie leads by 20 points but the poll showed that it is unlikely for Christie’s coattails will make much of a difference in the state legislative races. Much of the attention has been focused on the Senate election in October between Corey Booker and Steve Lonegan. Much of Christie’s message while campaigning talks about his “cleaning up” of Trenton, pension reform, and Sandy recovery. Meanwhile Buono has been focusing on women’s health care, minimum wage, and Christie’s poor Sandy recovery management.


Twitter Prepares to go Public in Early November Twitter, the website famous for its 140 character limit on posts, plans to go public sometime in early November 2013. Early investors mistakenly started buying shares of Tweeter Home Entertainment (TWTRQ), due to the similar ticket symbol, and caused the stock to rocket up 1500% in one day. Twitter hopes that going public will spark a growth in their company, meanwhile investors are eager to get in on the social media giant. The company filed confidentially with the SEC while waiting to reveal financial information to the public. Many in the tech and financial world are interested in seeing how the IPO deal works out.

5 Silk Road Marketplace Taken Down by Feds



We are in the age of the internet; we can purchase anything from a new LED TV to a custom made motorcycle with just a few clicks and it will be delivered to our doorstep in a matter of days. Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist are the websites that most people think of when discussing the subject of online shopping. However, for people who want drugs or other illicit goods – they have their own It wasn’t just any shopping website - it was the marketplace for whatever drugs you’d like. That website was called Silk Road. Silk Road was allegedly created by Ross Ulbricht, a Pennsylvania State University graduate, in February 2011. Many argue the point of the website was to provide a true free market – free from government regulation. To access the website users had to use the encryption service: Tor. Tor was originally created for the U.S. Navy (and they still use it) to provide encryption for their secret messages - but it is also available for free online for the public. Tor, along with other security measures, was thought to keep the website safe and secure from law enforcement or other parts of government. Upon entering the website users could browse pages of items for sale from vendors. Silk Road created an atmosphere similar to Amazon but much more basic in its layout. Vendors would have ratings and feedback. At one quick glance of the marketplace


you could find vendors selling high quality versions of drugs such as MDMA, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs but you could also find items like fake ID’s, passports, and birth certificates. At one point in the history of Silk Road, you could even purchase firearms. Bitcoin (BTC) is the currency that was used on Silk Road. Bitcoin is an online currency that is not backed by any government; instead it is part of an open-source platform that allows transactions to be made securely. At the time of this writing, one BTC is equal to 121.1 USD. Bitcoins can be used at many places on the web as well as some brick-and-mortar establishments. One bar in NYC allows payments in the form of Bitcoins. Bitcoins have also received a lot of media attention in the last few months with many financial newspapers and magazines gaining interest in them. Silk Road (and Bitcoins) also had a following of libertarians and other anti-government ideologies – not necessarily users but just folks who supported the idea. Once finding goods on the Silk Road, you simply hit buy and then pay the BTC amount. Soon after your goods will arrive at your doorstep (or where you shipped it to.) Few consumers would receive any attention from law enforcement. USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other postal services would deliver without suspicion. However, some packages received more scrutiny depending on where they’re being shipped from. For example, shipping from the Netherlands usually


VIMEO.COM The Silk Road Marketplace, now defunct, featured discretionary items in a ‘free market’ fashion.

people buying MDMA, would increase your chance of the package being searched. The Silk Road’s popularity quickly rose over the last few years. At one time a Guardian journalist investigated and found over 10,000 products for sale with 340 varieties of drugs. A study conducted by Nicholas Christin, a Carnegie Mellon professor, found that Silk Road would do $14.4 million in revenue a year. A year later Christin declared that he wouldn’t be surprised if the amount of revenue was $30 to $40 million a year. The Silk Road was taken down by the FBI on October 2nd, 2013. Ross Ulbricht was arrested as the alleged founder and owner of Silk Road. According to court files, from the launch of the marketplace in February 2011 to July 2013 the Silk Road had

a revenue of 9,514,664 BTC, or $1.1 billion. Ulbricht was the alleged sole person running Silk Road, aside from moderators, and seemed to be caught due to lack of secrecy during the early phases of his operation. Since the fall of Silk Road there has been praise and criticism. Many of the praise came from Drug Warriors, those who support America’s War on Drugs, and from law enforcement themselves. They believe that they are keeping drugs of the streets and out of kid’s hands. This was a huge bust for law enforcement in the United States and around the world. Critics claimed that prohibition does not work and that the Silk Road provided a safe alternative to purchasing drugs and kept people off the streets of violent areas, such as Camden. Other critics

say it was the true free market and that it should be left alone as long as there are no goods such as child porn, weapons, human trafficking, or stolen credit cards featured. There are already alternatives to the Silk Road online. Many are now trying to take Silk Roads spot as number one. One anonymous self-proclaimed expert of underground online market places said, “From a quick scout around I’ve counted at least 5 publicly stated projects with the said aim of replacing becoming ‘Silk Road 2.0’ and many many more gathering info and building alliances. And this is what Law Enforcement is now parading as a victory? Over two years of investigation, millions of dollars spent and for what so a couple of armchair programmers can build it again in a few days while in the meantime vendors simply move to other sites.”

Rutgers Camden Homecoming 2013 AMELIA NOWAK | STAFF WRITER

This year Rutgers Camden held their homecoming week from October 7th to October 12, 2013. Homecoming is a time where current student and past students get to show their love, pride, and excitement they have for their school. All week Rutgers held events that students could attend. One of the events was first season winner of the TV show The Voice, Javiar Colon, sang covers of various popular songs. On October 12th students and alumni could gather for numerous activities. In the morning they had “Pre-Event Activities” which included a 5k run and a one mile tour of the campus. Sign-ups for these pre activities started at 8:30 am where current students or alumni could either run or have a tour of all that is new to our Camden campus. On this one mile campus tour, alumni were able to see the new graduate buildings located on Cooper Street, the process of the first alumni house, the new program of Nursing and Science, the construction of the writers house, and all the other new things that Rutgers Camden has added on. After these early morning activities was the alumni baseball game. At 10:00 am on Campell’s baseball field, baseball alumni could partake in baseball game. Old team mates got to see each other again and reconnect as they played together. Starting at noon was the main event of the homecoming weekend. At this event on Linden Street, you registered and got a Rutgers bag and a wrist band. These wrist bands allowed attendees to get food, and if they were 21 years old or older they were allowed into the beer garden. Food consisted of hot dog, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, and cookies


Last weekend, Rutgers Camden students and alumni celebrated homecoming. for desert. Not only were attendees able to get some food and refreshing beverages, they were also able to fill up their Rutgers bags with free give-a-ways such as frisbees, high-lighters, notepads, and much more neat little nick-nacks. Other things attendees could fill their backs with were shirts, earring, and hoodies for purchase. While this main event had lots for adults, there were also great events for children. The kids could play carnival games to win cool Rutgers memorabilia. Other activites for the kids were face painting, pumpkin picking, animal petting, and caricature drawings. In this main event were other smaller events; there was a Fun Zone filled with games, a VIP 2013 graduate tent, a contemporary art tent, and a wine tasting tent. Those attending could

also watch Rutgers Camden own sports teams play and represent their school. Girls soccer started it off playing against Sarah Lawrence. At half time Rutgers soccer girls were winning and they kept it that way and won 8-0. Rutgers player Jenna Savarese said her team “played and very composed game” and was very happy with their victory. Girls tennis also played a match against Notre Dame Right after the girls victory the Rutgers soccer boys took to the field. Rutgers boys’ soccer has been successful this season and are ranked second in the NCAA Division III national poll. They tied 0-0 during their homecoming game, but the boys’ soccer team played great. Soccer play Christian Emilio Rodriguez that this season it has been an honor to,

“have worked together as one unit,” and to play, “to put Rutgers Camden on the map.” Christian defiantly expressed the pride current and past students have and show during Rutgers Camden homecoming. Rutgers groups and organizations also got to show their pride for the school by decorating giant “R” cut-outs and placing all along Linden Street and the soccer field. This year’s homecoming was a great success. Alumni got to see the new additions that Rutgers has created in the past years, get back on the field with some sport games and old teammates, and have a good time over games and food. Rutgers Camden pride was seen and showed by all that attended.





Syrian Civil War Escalates as the OPCW Begins The Gleaner Dismantling Assad’s Chemical Arsenal deserves your

Message from the Editor:



The Gleaner is comprised of several students who, like you, are highly involved in campus groups and in their education. For one reason or another; writing experience, resume building, marketing, increased involvement, ect; these handful of students have made their way to the Gleaner. Each week they pull their efforts toward the end result of a 16-24 page newspaper for the benefit of the Rutgers Camden community. Each member of staff of the Gleaner volunteers their time for this newspaper, and yet, each week I hear negative comments about the work we do here. The Gleaner has always been an underdog in this community, for reasons I cannot understand. We are an outlet for students; if the Gleaner is properly utilized students should walk away with skills that are beneficial to and sought after for different occupations. People who work at the Gleaner have gone on to use what they have learned her at nonprofits, Urban Outfitters Inc., Book Chick City, and many more. Cartoonists and graphic designers can use this paper for portfolios. The Gleaner can be a stepping stone to great things, if the student so chooses to use it. Last week, while going over the archives, I found an article written by then Commentary Editor Michael Carr, where he expressed the same concerns I have now: that the Gleaner is being put down by the very students we strive to serve, and that those with plenty of complains do nothing to help the cause. He speaks eloquently about the fact that the group who works on the Gleaner spends countless hours to serve the community, but that we get little to no respect. “A newspaper is supposed to be the voice and informant of the community, not an entity which is commonly derided and taken for granted. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me that they don’t think that the Gleaner is up to par with other school newspapers. These, of course, are the same people who offer us no suggestions on how we could improve our paper, nor offer to help us out in the process of turning the paper into something that our community can take pride in,” writes Carr. This article, from years ago, speaks about issues we are having today and I’ve decided to express my thoughts on the subject: either do something about it, or shut up. If you wish there were more articles about the sports teams, you write them. If you want more people to look into your club or organization, send in your advertisements. If you want things to change, change them. I represent a staff of capable and intelligent students who decided they wanted to be a part of this paper, and they deserve your respect. The Gleaner is wants the students of Rutgers Camden to contribute to the newspaper, and we are incredibly thankful to those who do. Like a mama bird, I want to fight for my own, my staff that spends those long nights with me in the office editing, meeting word counts, making interviews and covering events. The Gleaner is here for the community, not as a punching bag, but as a news source and expressive outlet. To get involved email us at or come to an interest meeting Mondays at the free period in the Gleaner office.

MINTPRESSNEWS.COM A Father holds the body of his son in war-torn Syria; thousands of children have been killed in the conflict. S E A N LY N C H | CO P Y E D I TO R of impact craters suggested that the bar-

The Syrian Civil War has been raging for over two years; it is a conflict that has emerged from Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s violent quelling of peaceful protests at the height of the Arab Spring. The protesters’ demands were secular in nature, namely overthrowing the Assad family dictatorship and establishing free elections. Those protestors took up arms with the help of army defectors who sympathized with their plight. The Syrian government has characterized the opposition as terrorists since 2011, long before an influx of Mujahideen foreign fighters had entered into the conflict. In the summer of 2011, defecting Syrian Army officers organized the Free Syrian Army, an umbrella group for the many rebel factions fighting to topple Assad’s regime. However, thirteen rebel factions have recently disavowed the political wing of the FSA, called the Syrian National Coalition, and declared Sharia law as “the sole source of legislation”. The conflict has escalated into a sectarian civil war, with Assad’s Shia offshoot Alawite sect fighting against the Sunni majority. The Syrian Army and government still employ Sunnis, but mostly at lower levels, with Shiite militias (Shabiha) preferred for trusted positions. Ethnic Kurds, originally neutral in the conflict, have now established territorial control in the northeast of the country. The involvement of Kurdish fighters, (Kurds in Turkey have been fighting for independence for decades, and in Iraq the ethnic group controls their own autonomous state) has further complicated the civil war, as the Kurdish PYD has fought against both the FSA and Syrian government forces. The war’s sectarian nature has grown because of the many atrocities committed in the conflict, a majority of which can be attributed to indiscriminate bombings of rebel-held civilian-populated areas by the Syrian air force. Opposition forces have also taken part in atrocities, but on a smaller scale according to United Nations reports. By September 2013 the United Nations confirmed the civil war’s death toll to have exceeded 120,000. Western nations have recently focused on the use of chemical weapons, killing at least hundreds of

civilians. Throughout 2013 there have been multiple confirmed small-scale chemical attacks against civilian populations in Damascus suburbs, Aleppo, and other areas in northern Syria. Both sides in the conflict have claimed that opposing forces were responsible. United Nations inspectors were given access by Assad’s regime to some sites in August 2013 where attacks had occurred, but were only mandated to investigate the use of chemical weapons; the team was not

“Contrary to [Syrian] government accounts that the chemical attacks originated from rebel-held neighborhoods, evidence from the United Nations inspector’s analysis of impact craters suggested that the barrages came from a government controlled area…” allowed to assign blame for the attacks. On August 21st, 2013, large scale rocket barrages pounded neighborhoods on the outskirts of Damascus only a few days after the UN investigation team had arrived in the capital. However, the inspectors could not access the neighborhoods because government forces were carrying out heavy and sustained shelling against rebel positions in them. The UN team was only able to travel to the sites after several days of political pressure from Western nations demanding accountability for the Syrian government’s obstruction. The inspectors entered Ghouta, which had the highest reported casualty rate, with the easing of shelling by the Syrian Army and protection from escorting FSA fighters. By early September, the UN team determined that a deadly gas called sarin was used in these attacks, and that the barrage was the result of surface-to-surface rockets. Contrary to government accounts that the chemical attacks originated from rebel-held neighborhoods, evidence from the United Nations inspector’s analysis

rages came from a government controlled area, namely Mount Qasioun. Theories proposed by government backers claiming rebel infiltration of Syrian Army positions in order to carry out the attacks “as a provocation” have been nullified by these findings, as the mountain in which the attacks originated is a heavily fortified government zone that has not been penetrated by opposition fighters. The launchers used in the chemical attacks were built in Russia. Russian president Vladimir Putin has been the Syrian government’s staunchest ally, and the largest supplier of arms to the Syrian military. Russia’s only foreign naval base outside of the former Soviet Union is located in Syria at the port of Tartus. Assad’s regime has also been directly supported by Iran, with the involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as trainers for the Shabiha. The Lebanese Shia terrorist organization known as Hezbollah has also increased its involvement in the war by sending fighters directly into combat in the border area where the Syrian Army maintains a vital supply line linking Damascus with the north of the country. The opposition fighters have been supported mainly by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, with the first two supplying a majority of the arms. The United States and European countries have contributed “non-lethal” foreign aid to the FSA. The most recent chemical attack, however, has “changed the calculus” of the situation, according to statements President Obama made in 2012 warning Assad against the use of chemical weapons. In the first week of October 2013, a UN chemical weapons inspection team began the long process of destroying the Syrian government’s arsenal. Assad’s regime agreed to relinquish its chemical weapons in order to prevent U.S. cruise missile strikes in retaliation for the Syrian military’s alleged attack against Ghouta on August 21st. Although the UN team has stated that its mission will not end the war, and added that chemical weapons attacks only amounted to 2% of the conflict’s total casualties. Last week the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for its work in Syria.

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Circle your answer to the following questions to see which secrion of the Gleaner is for you! Most people would describe you as A. A people person, you can talk to anyone B. Highly opinionated, you love to debate a topic C. Artsy Fartsy, you can’t imagine your life without Monet D. Fashionable, you can’t shy away from budding trends E. Athletic, you love to get in the game F. Creative, you have pages and pages of doodles in your notebooks Someone new to Rutgers Camden asks you what your favorite place to hang out is, naturally you say A. The Campus Center Lounge, there is always something going on that you wouldn’t want to miss B. The library, you like to listen to NPR and read up on news stories between classes C. The lobby of the Gordon Theatre, it is always so peaceful and you never know what will be showing at the Stedman gallery. D. Friend’s Café, they have so many options, a foodie like you couldn’t get bored. E. The Athletic Center, when you aren’t working out, you love to show off your foosball skills. F. The Mac lab, you work hard on your animation homework between classes You and your best friend met A. At the midnight breakfast, you both couldn’t miss your favorite administrators serving pancakes B. In line to vote last November, you both were wearing your favorite political t-shirt and struck up a conversation quickly C. Online playing World of Warcraft, playing through that dungeon was a perfect icebreaker. D. At Sephora you both reached for the last of your favorite lipstick, now you can’t stop sharing your favorite products. E. You played on the same intermural dodge ball team, what happens at dodge ball stays at dodge ball F. Your best friends are the characters you’ve created for your webcomic.

Mostly A’s:

News and Features follows campus news and events. You would be perfect; you go to the events anyway.

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Commentary is where you can express your opinions, and we all know that you have a lot to share.

Your favorite class you’ve taken at Rutgers Camden is A. History of Camden, you find it fascinating to know about areas around campus. B. As a poly sci major, any class where you are able to have heated discussions are your favorite C. Shakespeare, reading the plays that you love while looking at them in a new light was especially thrilling D. Psychology, you love learning about different personality types and how people think E. A spin class that was offered during free period, it really kicked your butt F. Photography, not only did you get to play with fancy cameras, but learning new editing techniques put this class over the top. When looking through online dating profiles, you look for people who A. Are involved in many things, you need someone who is interesting B. Someone who is strong willed, your love wouldn’t let anyone walk over them C. Someone who watches as much television as you do, you can’t get along with someone who won’t let you catch up on your favorite show D. Someone who knows how to put themselves together, they have to look as good as you do E. Someone you can watch the big game with, and who will have just as good of a time as you F. If their “about me” includes a link to their DeviantArt, you have to scope out the talent before you make a move. What do you want to be when you grow up? A. You want to work in higher education B. In politics, someone has to fix this country C. On the stage is where you belong D. It’s always been your dream to work for Cosmo E. You are the fair and attentive ref the NFL has been looking for F. Stan Lee

Mostly C’s:

Arts and Entertainment includes everything from art, music, video games, and literature. You would fit right in.

What is your pet peeve? A. When people look down on Rutgers Camden because it isn’t New Brunswick B. Everything, want to hear about it? C. When people see the movie before reading the book D. Leggings as pants E. Michel Vick F. Papyrus font What is your favorite color? A. I bleed Rutgers Red B. Red, White and Blue C. Picasso’s blue period D. Whatever color Beyonce is wearing today E. Phillies’ Red, Eagle’s Green, or Flyers’ Orange. Depends on the time of year. F. #FF6347 What is your favorite television show? A. Community B. The Newsroom C. There is so many to choose from, something for everyone D. What not to wear, Say yes to the dress, and Project Runway E. Monday night football F. The Simpsons, Adventure time, Powerpuff girls. What is your favorite thing about Rutgers Camden? A. The events they host on campus, they are both fun and get people together. I have made so many friends. B. Freedom of expression. Rutgers Camden gives me plenty of chances to use my first amendment right. C. The Mallary concert series they host in the Fine Arts building. D. The Starbucks E. 24/7 gym in the Res Halls F. Seeing my work displayed in the Student Gallery behind the Corner Store

GRADING Mostly E’s:

Sports is all you ever talk about, so why not write about it for the Gleaner?

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Mostly D’s: Cartoonists, Graphic Designers and Layout Lifestyles needs a fashionable foodie such editors are always welcomed. The Gleaner is as you to bring the newest trends to Rutgers looking for creative and artistic people such Camden. as you to keep our pages looking fantastic.

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A Little Weed Never Killed Anybody: Doctor Sings Medical Marijuana praises

WEB2CARZ.COM America’s Most Trusted Doctor, Sanjay Gupta photoshopped in with a large cannabis leaf, in response to his CNN documentary entitled Weed. BRITTANY BLOOMFIELD | STAFFWRITER

The Drug Enforcement Agency lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance. According to the Office of Diversion Control’s website, a Schedule 1 substance is a substance with “no currently accepted medical use in the United States, a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision, and a high potential for abuse.” Astonishingly marijuana is listed in the same category with drugs such as LSD, heroin, and Ecstasy. This is to me is absolutely unacceptable. As it turns out when they put marijuana in that category they had no scientific proof. In 1970, Dr. Roger O. Edgeberg recommended that marijuana be classified as a Schedule 1 because of the lack of knowledge that was readily available on the drug.

However, in the last four decades things have changed, so much so that we now have doctors saying that marijuana is okay, helpful even. Perhaps the most influential and vocal of them all is Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Dr. Gupta is a neurosurgeon and CNN’s chief medical correspondent. He was also offered the job of Surgeon General by the Obama administration, but turned it down. Essentially, he is our country’s most respected doctor. In 2009 Dr. Gupta wrote an article for Time magazine titled Why I Would Vote No on Pot. Recently however he has apologized for this article and admitted that he had not looked hard enough into the drug to make that call. Until now, that is. Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently made a documentary for CNN entitled Weed and while the name may sound simplistic, the

documentary itself is full of incredible facts and research being done on marijuana. His documentary takes a look at the amazing things that weed is doing to help people with debilitating illnesses. Let’s remember that only a few decades ago weed, labeled as Cannabis, was being prescribed by medical professionals and distributed by pharmacies. It wasn’t until the 1937 that marijuana was made illegal in this country. Dr. Gupta’s documentary has been one of two documentaries that I’ve watched within the last week that have attributed this to the Mexican population at the time. People of Mexican heritage were singled out at that time as marijuana smokers, and it was an easy way for the government to throw these innocent people in jail with out it being called a race issue. Since the day that I developed an opinion on the subject I have always been on the side that marijuana should be legal not only medically, but also recreationally. After watching Dr. Gupta’s documentary and reading articles that he has written my belief that it should be legal has only been intensified, especially for medical purposes. In Weed you meet a five-year-old girl named Charlotte who has a terrible condition which causes her to have about 300 seizures a week. Her parents tried everything and nothing helped this adorable little girl who was slowly becoming catatonic. After her father did some research he found that marijuana was helping other children with the same condition. Miraculously the first time they gave the little girl CBD, Cannabidiol, which is the other chemical compound in pot other than THC, she didn’t have a seizure for three days. Now the little girl who once suffered from 300 seizures a week is at just once a week thanks to marijuana. In Dr. Gupta’s documentary he also discuses the effects the pot has on people in general saying that 9% of marijuana users become dependent on the drug. How-

ever, the withdrawal that these people face is not anywhere near the withdrawal from things such as alcohol and heroin, which can kill you. Studies have found that people under the age of 16 should not be smoking marijuana, because of the rate of brain development at that age. This is something I completely agree with. In this country we have two things that adults are allowed to do and children are not, drinking and smoking tobacco products. I don’t see why the same rules we have in place for those two things could not be applied to marijuana just as easily. Marijuana affects the pre frontal cortex of your brain by releasing cannabinoids. Here is a fun fact for any of you who may or may not partake in smoking weed. That “burnt out” feeling that you experience between the high wearing off or smoking again is caused by a lack of cannabinoids. This happens because once the marijuana begins produceing cannabinoids your brain stops producing them. The “burnt out” feeling is the lull between when the marijuana stops producing them and your brain starts to produce them again. The moral is: children without medical needs should not be able to smoke pot, and shouldn’t smoke pot in general. Other than that it is completely unreasonable for marijuana to be illegal. It is exponentially less dangerous than drugs completely legal in this country. Dr. Gupta found that someone dies from a prescription overdose every 19 minutes, but there is not one case of someone dying from a pot overdose. The percentage of addicts from marijuana is 6% lower than alcohol and 14% lower than heroin, which marijuana shares a drug schedule with. I believe that within the next ten years marijuana will be taken off the DEA’s list as a Schedule 1 drug. I believe it will be legal medically and recreationally. Marijuana will be saving lives in the next decade, and I think that we all have Dr. Gupta to thank.

Nation in Terror: Questions in Nairobi ANNALISA KLEIN | COMMENTARY EDITOR

After the events of September 11th, 2001, the global community has had its eye on terrorism in a way that had never been apparent before. The last presidential administration had declared a war on terrorism, which failed in the media but brought about a number of significant changes in an effort to eradicate the possibility of attack. One of those changes was an occupation of a country that had a strong terrorist base. The country that America is known for invading was around the world from our mainland. It took the fight off of our land and it protected our citizens from being amidst the warfare. Countries were worried. If the United States was infiltrated and attacked by a terrorist cell of Al-Qaeda, any country could be. No level of security was deemed as sufficient. The world realized the capacity of a few militias and acted accordingly. In Africa, the African Union went on a military offensive in Somalia. The intent was to neutralize the threat of Sharia-inspired militant groups that had been spreading jihad and recruiting members to their way of thinking overseas. Kenya is a member of the African Union and Somalia is their neighbor to the northeast. With their safety at risk if the terrorist cells in Somalia stabilize, Kenya has forces in Somalia. An AlQaeda linked group known as Al-Shabaab is a Somali Islamist militant group that had been operating beneath the radar of the media but not outside of the African Union and Kenyan official’s eyes. In October 2011, an Al Shabaab spokesperson declared retaliation would befall Kenya if they failed to remove their troops from Somalia. A few weeks ago, Al-Shabaab retaliated. In the neighboring country of Kenya, the Al-Shabaab attacked a Nairobi mall. The retaliation of the Al-Shabaab was anything but mindless. Reports show the

militants entered the mall with force. The use of grenades and automatic assault weapons are said to have been the first wave of violence in the parking lots before the assailants had even entered. A second group of attackers drove through a barrier and continued forward while tossing grenades at innocent bystanders and shooting all who stood. The heinous events of the small group of jihadists lasted for 80 hours. Eyewitness reports have the gunmen as entering from both the lower and upper levels. The jihadists in the basement car park of the mall set up a makeshift control center and according to Kenyan officials, planted explosives. Reports have also said the gunmen were in communication with others and even used Twitter over the course of the attack. Two makeshift groups of armed volunteers entered the mall an hour after the initial gunshots. Upon STATIC.BUSINESSINSIDER.COM the arrival of the Nairobi police’s flying squad, reports say they refused to enter. During the Nairobi Mall Shootings, A young girl flees into the arms of an armed The gunmen were occasionally reported to volunteer. have separated the Muslims from the nonMuslims. Reports of gunmen changing manner. There was also a power play be- “The criminals found us unafraid, as we into civilian clothes came about. Nearly tween the police chief, David Kimaiyo and ever shall be. We cannot be conquered. three and a half hours later, the Kenyan army head, Julius Karangi. The two were Our confrontation with the terrorists at S.W.A.T. team arrives on the scene. Here said to argue and complain to the Presi- Westgate mall left 240 casualties.” Kenya has not been able to overcome is where politics should have never come dent of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta. Kenyatta put Kimaiyo in charge for the night. Kithis tragedy since the number of people into play. Here is where we should have seen swift and efficient movements by the maiyo, in the middle of one of the most missing is still massive. Only three bodies leaders of both the police and the military. heinous terrorist attacks to touch Kenyan have been recovered, with the help of the Instead, here is where we arrive at the fail- soil, had to relinquish control to Karangi, FBI, and they consisted of two Kenyan Later that day, Kimaiyo tweeted: “Taken soldiers and possibly an assailant. ure of the Kenyan government. Disturbing news of plundered and The one thing that is certain over the control of all the floors. We’re not here to feed the attackers with pastries but to finlooted stores, that only authorities had accourse of this attack was how ill prepared ish and punish them. IG” On Tuesday, Kecess to, enraged Kenyans. The misleading the Kenyan government was for this kind nyan officials stated that the terrorists had government has led to a distrustful nation. of catastrophe. With the reports of the initial makeshift militia seeing gunmen placed explosives in the car park. Within With lies surrounding the collapse of the changing into civilian clothes, all survi- the hour, officials claimed they shot an car park, the number of people dead, and vors of the mall attack should have been anti-tank shell at the car park. Munitions the escape of at least two assailants, Kescreened in some way before being able experts have claimed that Kenyan officials nya has a lot of explaining to do. In short, the people of Kenya have a to flee the scene. Initially, they were not. are lying. The experts claim there had to be direct explosives used. right to an investigation of the events of Kenyan officials believe at least two gunLate Tuesday, Kenyatta proclaimed, the Nairobi Mall. men escaped through the confusion in this






In the HBO television show The Newsroom, a financial analyst named Sloan Sabbith talks the dangers of the debt ceiling not being raised, “Listen to these quotes. These aren’t from liberals. These are hardcore Wall Street guys who, whatever the world may think of them, know what they’re talking about and so do I. Jamie Dimon at Chase says, ‘Voting against raising the debt ceiling would be a moral disaster.’ The Barclay’s guys say, ‘This debate is detached from reality.’ My Goldman source says, ‘If the House Republicans continue this debate, I hope they’re willing to mark the end of the dollar as the Global Reserve Currency.’ Please notice that he didn’t say, ‘If the House Republicans don’t raise the debt ceiling.’ He said, ‘If the House Republicans continue this debate.’ That’s all it takes. Just the uncertainty… Just the possibility that the House Majority might commit the greatest self-inflicted damage to the country since the secession of the south has caused billions in value to disappear.” These quotes are taken from real articles in 2011 and the episode was aired in 2012. As of the date this article was written, we are in a government shutdown. Why? Well, if you listen to news reports, our elected officials are having a temper-tantrum. With the fiscal year ending on September 30th, lawmakers were supposed to vote on the debt ceiling for the upcoming year. Congress is in charge of voting for this fiscal increase. Why haven’t they? The Republican majority won’t approve new borrowing unless the Obama administration makes changes to the Affordable


The Jonas Brothers were supposed to begin their tour on Friday right over the bridge in good ol’ Philadelphia. Fortunately, for my eardrums, the Jonas Brothers (like actual brothers) broke up. The reason was TERMINARTORS.COM A section of Bosch’s painting of hell that Feroli believes will be a similar result if America defaults.

Care Act. This is a stalemate. If our elected officials were simply pouting on their days off, I would not have cared at all. This, however, is not the case. The debt ceiling is the government-imposed limit that the U.S. Treasury can borrow from other government accounts and outsiders. On May 19th, we hit the 16.699 trillion dollar borrowing limit. The Treasury has been ensuring that the government has enough money to pay for things like Social Security. When the 17th of October comes, the Treasury will no longer be able to pinch pennies. With a remainder of 30 billion in the bank and the cost of operations sometimes hitting 60 billion in a day, something must be done. The concern does not lie in the worry of whether or not a veteran fails to get his social security check, but the disaster that would occur if the American government defaulted and could not pay the bondholders. JP Morgan’s chief economist, Michael Feroli believes that if the nation defaults it “would be like the financial market equivalent of that Hieronymus Bosch painting of hell.” So, what to do? If Congress won’t raise the debt ceiling and

America can’t afford to pay its debts, we will default. The result will be catastrophic for the American dollar. I might not be an expert, but I think the only option is to remove the debt ceiling entirely. The spending that the presidential administration is asking to borrow for has had to already been approved by Congress. Countries like Canada, the U.K., and Germany have no borrowing limits and are surviving quite nicely. No party, even one I am affiliated with, has the right to use the debt ceiling as a point of political leverage. This political pissing contest has left thousands of workers out of work and out of paychecks. Here at the Gleaner, Editor Mitchell Larson has family that is being furloughed and sees first hand the kind of stress it can cause those misplaced workers. By the time you read this, I hope the government shutdown is over. Not only for the furloughed workforce in a bleak economy, but for my faith in our nation as a whole. After this drama ends, I believe we need to reevaluate all of our elected officials that allowed this debate to happen and attain such heights.

Public Displays of Complainers: Why PDA is A-Okay.

HUFFPOST.COM A little PDA visibly makes some outsiders feel very jealous and lonely. BRITTANY BLOOMFIELD | STAFFWRITER

Did you know that cuffing season is now in full affect? Well it is! What is cuffing season you may ask? I will tell you, it is held during the fall and winter months. It is simply when people who are usually single or promiscuous find themselves in a serious relationship. Why do people who are typically single find themselves “cuffed” during these months? Well, it is cold and there is nothing to do outside, which means people spend much more time indoors than they do in summer and spring. One can only scroll through Tumblr for so long. What this means for our college environment: an influx of random couples popping up everywhere, couples that most likely will not make it past early April, which no one really cares about. What everyone complains about is what comes along with the couples. The

dreaded public displays of affection, more commonly known as PDA. Everywhere you turn there is a couple kissing, holding hands, or groping each other. This isn’t the worst of it though; the worst thing this season has to offer is the constant complaints from single people about the PDA. The irony of it is you cannot get away from it, because for every one public display of affection there is going to be about three bitter single people who are going to complain about it. People take their time and choose wisely when they are deciding whom to cuff with because they are going to spend about the next six months shacked up with this person. They are going to make sure that it is someone who they don’t mind everyone seeing them with, and within two months the relationship has reached the plateau of PDA. Which is the reason once late November hits I can’t go on Facebook with read-

ing three statues where people are complaining that some couple was kissing in the student center. So why do all of these single people have such a hatred for it PDA? The reason is because they are bitterly jealous. Let’s face facts here, we all complain about PDA when we are single, but as soon as we get far enough into a relationship you better believe we are kissing in the student center and not giving one crap about what anyone thinks. I think what makes it worse for the single people is the fact that it takes a certain level of commitment before public displays of affection are even a thought. It isn’t like the summer time when all their friends are pretty much single along with them. Even if their friends are hooking up with people they usually aren’t dating, because there is way too much fun to be had. However, once cuffing season starts that all goes out of the window. So now you have a bunch of bitter jealous people who are extra lonely because all of their friends are too busy with this “serious relationship.” Does that justify their scoffs and complaints? Not as far as I am concerned. For all my single people out there, you are not going to change this by constantly complaining about it. The way I see it is you have two options: fall in line with everyone else and get into a relationship, or do us all a favor and shut up about it.

‘creative differences.’ So much for being the city of Brotherly Love. If I wanted to keep up with the Kardashians, I would watch their show. If only I was lucky enough to miss this tid-bit of non-news. Bruce and Kris Jenner broke up. Did they break up today? No. Yesterday? Nay. They broke up over a year ago. It makes me wonder if it all had to do with Kanye and then I remember I don’t care. The government gives out a 600 million dollar contract every four years to IBM for their cloud system. With the volume of sheer information the government uses a day, the system has to be the top of the line. Up until this week, IBM fulfilled those needs. IBM lost the contract to none other than Amazon. Who knew that the makers of Kindle had that kind of storage? I am a Big Sean lover. He is the last CD I bought and the only artist I jam out to in my car. The hearts of young women and groupies everywhere were devastated when he announced his engagement to Naya Rivera. I mean…I heard my heartbreak. Who knew he was a Glee-ker? The United States annually provides upwards of 1.5 billion in aid to Egypt. We will be suspending aid though the State Department failed to mention how much we would be withholding. With a nation close to defaulting, why haven’t we removed aid ages ago? Maybe we can actually balance this budget. If you have been following Football over the past few weeks, you would have seen the catastrophic massacre of the record for the Giants. A team that won two Superbowls in the last 6 years has not won one game in the last six weeks. It seems to be that the Big Blue Wrecking Crew is only doing a good job at wrecking my heart and pride.





Taipei is Stylistically Unsound with an Unsurprising Lack of Substance

NYTIMES.COM Hipster NYC writer and Twitter fiend, Tao Lin, has once again changed his diary’s firstperson narrative to third-person, and got it published as a “novel”. S E A N LY N C H | CO P Y E D I TO R

Taipei may be Tao Lin’s most mature work, but that isn’t saying much considering that the thirty year old author has made a literary career out of immaturity. And yet Lin’s third novel and seventh book has been critically acclaimed more than it has been criticized. Jonathan Kyle Sturgeon of The American Reader even makes the grandiose claim that “Taipei is beautifully cut, to be sure, like a diamond.” Critics from a wide range of pulpits have seemed to come to the conclusion that Lin’s parenthetical commafilled and dash-riddled run-on sentence style is not only unique, but somehow representational of the millennial generation’s collective thought process. However, claiming that Taipei best reflects the perspective of an American growing up in the digital age assumes that a majority of the newest generation are try-hard apathetic artists with comfy

allowances from mom and dad. This is especially frustrating considering that many young Americans are primarily concerned with financial hardship, (unlike Lin’s proxy, Paul, who does not have to consider monetary troubles). Even critics with negative responses to Taipei (such as Ian Sansom of The Guardian and Annalisa Quinn of NPR) miss the point that “Generation Y” does not mainly consist of pseudo-intellectual, faux existentialist, bourgeois pill-poppers, but rather that this specific audience merely has a significant internet-presence. Clancy Martin’s overtly positive review of Taipei in the New York Times Book Review refers to the protagonist’s interminable travel throughout the novel as “…Paul’s way of being, much more than his pill-popping (which is also nonstop, but doesn’t seem to have much influence on his way of thinking).” After reading Martin’s review, one wonders whether he had actually read the book

at all, because the entire plot of Taipei revolves around Paul experimenting with drugs in order to experience life differently (and consequently perceive, or think differently), relieve himself of boredom, and in order to act “normal” when doing readings for his book tour across the country. It’s understandable that reviewers get excited about a novel that celebrates alternative consumerism with avantgarde, sometimes even skillful prosepoetry. However, the author’s beautiful but clumsy writing does not mean that at Taipei’s conclusion Paul has believably grown from a self-absorbed womanizer into a human being capable of feeling compassion. Regardless of whatever revelation the main character has, the final passage does little to satisfy the reader, who has endured 248 pages of insignificance in order to find out that Paul is “grateful to be alive”. What is clear is that the protagonist has journeyed from a state of inexplicable dreariness, (signified by the opening words of the novel: “It began raining a little from a hazy, cloudless-seeming sky…”) to a state of semi-awareness, (brought on by a psychedelic trip nonetheless) which still falls short of compassion for other human beings. The fact that critics are claiming Lin’s style to be delineating of his generation is absurd in that it overlooks the novel’s solipsism (in spite of its third-person narration). Yet this narration is a ruse, as Tao Lin, the internet-obsessed and ironic self-publicizing NYU alumni, has openly admitted to merely transcribing “25,000 pages of memory” into roughly 250 pages of a thinly-veiled diary posing as fiction. Through this, Lin is able to convey to the reader his not-so-profound message that other people’s emotions matter, if only in regards to how he, himself, feels.

The Eric Andre Show- A zany parody of late night shows ANDREW AMODEI | SPORTS EDITOR

Adult swim, since its inception in September of 2001 has established a reputation of showing bizarre and surrealistic content. In the 12 years since the network was created this has not changed. This trend continues with the series known as The Eric Andre Show. The show which has only been around since the summer of 2012, will begin its second season soon. This is a show which certainly lives up to Adult Swim’s bizarre reputation. The program is the brainchild of comedian Eric Andre for whom the show is named. Andre is known for his supporting roles on numerous television shows and movies, but on this show he is front and center. The other star of the show is stand –up comedian Hannibal Buress who plays the sidekick and also the straight man to Eric’s wacky antics. The show runs about 15 minutes like most of Adults swim’s line up. The premise is that of a talk show gone wrong. Eric Andre is the host and Hannibal Buress being the supporting host in the same way Andy Richter is to Conan O’Brien. However this talk show is set up to look completely surreal and not a very informative. The show is known for its bizarre skits and its unusual guests. There is no continuity in the show as Eric or any other characters will not acknowledge events that have happened previously to that point. The show also has eccentric guests which included impersonations of popular celebrities such as George Clooney and alternate universe versions of pop culture stars such as Jerry Seinfeld, who is depicted in one skit as being an African-American male wear-

JGL pleasures himself, and the audience, in Don Jon MITCH LARSON| A&E EDITOR

Don Jon, is the long awaited directorial debut from Hollywood darling, Joseph Gordon Levitt who also wrote and stars in the film. Don Jon is one of those that will elicit one of two responses from people. The large majority of people will either love it for the most part or absolutely hate it. This is due to the extremely raunchy humor of the film, and also the overall subject matter. While I can understand and appreciate both sides, I really liked this movie for the most part. However, there were still some glaring drawbacks, but they didn’t stop me from enjoying the film. The best thing about Don Jon hands down is the performances. Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon Levitt have incredible chemistry on screen and play off each other extremely well. Gordon Levitt nails the North Jersey guido he plays, and Johansson knocks the “real house wives”, high maintenance type woman out of the park completely. In the movie Gordon Levitt plays a bartender named Jon. His friends call him Don Jon because he is so smooth with the ladies. One night he runs into Scarlett Johansson’s character and immediately he’s attracted to her and they begin a relationship. However, for as smooth as Don Jon is, he does have a crippling addiction…to porn. Julianne Moore, who plays a student in one of Jon’s classes he takes at a local community college, is also phenomenal, as well as Tony Danza. While he is definitely underutilized, he brings a great screen presence. Don Jon is a very raunchy movie, in fact hard to believe watching that Joseph Gordon Levitt, who played the sweet innocent Tom in one of my favorite movies of 2010, 500 Days of Summer (my favorite JGL movie besides the lesser known indie-noir movie Brick,) plays the macho sex scoundrel guido in Don Jon. But that is part of what makes Levitt such a great actor, that he can easily fill any role convincingly. Having also been the first film Levitt has written, there are some bumps in the road such as a sudden and rather awkward tonal shift from very funny and raunchy rom-com to drama. It definitely loses its focus in the third act, but it’s forgivable due to the strong performances and overall great quality of writing for two-thirds of the film. Overall this was a great directorial debut for JGL. The performances are great, and it’s definitely worth your time to go see it. 8.0/10

ANIMATIONMAGAZINE.NET Eric Andre being a wacky host yet again.

ing the famous puffy shirt from Seinfeld. I may have given off the impression that the show is simply sketch comedy with no real celebrity stars. However, this is untrue as the show does actually feature real celebrities. People such as; actor Dolph Lundgren, former NBA player Rick Fox, and comedian Sinbad have all made appearances on the show for interviews. The interviews almost always have no point or real purpose. Andre, while very funny is a complete incompetent host who is often ignorant and offends his guest. The show is also notorious for its opening in which Andre destroys the set and engages in other strange activities such as eating glass. The

set is always put back together like it was never touched with everything intact. The presentation is also unique as well. It’s set up like a public access show and is intentionally made to look campy and cheaply made. For example, the audio will play over itself and the show will almost always cut out at the most inopportune times. This makes the show very unique and is also reminiscent of something such as The Tim and Eric Show, another Adult Swim comedy. Andre also features random skits and different bits throughout the show. The Eric Andre Show is definitely a very promising and unique show from Adult Swim and certainly has me giddy about its return.

CINEDORK.COM Scarlett Johansson and first time director Joseph Gordon Levitt star in the new film Don Jon.

l ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Grand Theft Auto V: More like Grand Theft Awesome T HE G LEANER


GAMESTOP.COM Grand Theft Auto is finally back. MITCH LARSON | A&E EDITOR

It’s about damn time. It’s been 4 very long years between this year’s Grand Theft Auto V and 2008’s critically acclaimed game of the year Grand Theft Auto IV but Rockstar Games have finally made good on the long speculated and eagerly anticipated successor to GTA IV with Grand Theft Auto 5. Since the game was announced last year the critical hype has been greater than almost any game ever made before or since and no matter what, the game seemed destined to deliver on the hype, at least to the critics. But how does its stack up against its predecessors to the everyday gamer or fan boy? Grand Theft Auto 5 is certainly a phenomenal video game and absolutely brilliant, but it is not the perfect video game that the critics say it is as they continue to dole out perfect scores to the game. A few minor, but very noticeable problems hold the game back from truly being my “game of the year” and a perfect 10, but none the less, GTA V is one of the best games of the year and this console cycle. Strictly as a story, Grand Theft Auto V is nowhere near as good as this year’s other hit games, The Last of Us and Bioshoick Infinite. That being said Grand Theft Auto V tells an incredible and immersive story. Without giving too much away, GTA V, allows gamers to play as and switch between three equally central characters. Franklin, a gangbanger looking for his way out; Michael, a former bank robber looking for another score; and finally the game’s most talked about character, the dark, violent, sarcastic and sadistic Trevor. Equal parts crime epic and American satire, GTA V tells a violent and darkly comedic story about the harsh realities of American life and culture during the recession that really sucks gamers in. However, if you are easily offended or squeamish than I highly suggest you skip Grand Theft Auto V and play something else entirely. The game has copious amounts of sex, violence, drug use, and foul language that clearly push all the boundaries of the usually progressive ESRB (Electronic Software Ratings Board). While the game is extremely graphic, it is not necessarily pointless violence and sexual content. In its own way Grand Theft Auto V is critical of violence and the American obsession with violence and its culture. It may seem odd because of the perception that Grand Theft Auto as a pop culture series glorifies violence. It many ways that is true. But once one gets over the copious amounts of graphic violence in the game, it becomes clear through the narrative and the player’s interactions with the

three main characters, Trevor especially, that to the mature gamer this violence isn’t glorified and is horrifying. In terms of gameplay, Grand Theft Auto V plays just like L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption, and the other Grand Theft Auto games. Rockstar Games doesn’t have a ton of variation in terms of the controls in their games. The controls aren’t earth shattering or new by any stretch of the imagination but they do a decent job and they don’t distract too much from the overall enjoyment of the game itself. It would have been nice if some of the vehicles were a little bit easier to pilot though, for example the helicopters could be very annoying to pilot and difficult to maneuver around when you are playing. Anytime I had a mission that required me to pilot a helicopter I groaned not wanting to do it. It’s a small issue in the grand scheme of things but still it’s still an issue none the less. Another issue that bothered me was the insanely long load times that you have to deal with when booting up the game and even between cut scenes and action sometimes. Graphically Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most beautiful games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The world is so large and so expansive you would expect and understand if something’s weren’t nearly as detailed as others. However this isn’t the case in Grand Theft Auto V at all every building, street corner, car and article of clothing is so detailed its absolutely incredible and just a joy to look at it. To say that San Andreas, (the fictional state that houses Los Santos and Blaine County, where the game takes place) is beautiful would be a massive understatement. There are some issues with the graphics however. Due

to the sheer size of the map, sometimes when driving from the rural to urban areas of the map , or vice versa, or even submerging from the ocean or going into it the frame rate can get very choppy and the game takes noticeable time to load the environment. Also characters movements can be way to rag doll like and it can extremely annoying when you mistimed a jump by a half second and all of a sudden your character just collapses onto the ground like a ragdoll and seeing things like that can you pull out of an otherwise realistically designed world. Speaking of the world of Los Santos, it’s absolutely humongous. Los Santos is hands down the biggest video game world I have ever experienced. As I said earlier every small detail is handled with impeccable care and attention. Rockstar truly left no stone unturned. That is part of what makes Rockstar one of the best developers in video games right now alongside Play station exclusive developer Naughty Dog. A developer such as EA (makers of games such as Mass Effect 2 and 3, the Dead Space series, and such beloved sports series as Madden and NHL) on the other hand is notorious for rushing to games out from development and putting out a product that while is very fun, is often extremely unpolished and sometimes even an almost broken game. Electronic Arts is a developer that never goes the extra mile, even when they do put out good games. Developers like Rockstar and Naughty Dog on the other hand, truly put insane amounts of detail and time into the creation of their games and environments and it really shows. One of the things that truly impressed me about Los Santos wasn’t just the size of the map but the number of different kind of environments that the map had. For example there are tons of things to explore on the surface of Los Santo’s sea, anything from fish, to sharks, to the remains of an alien spaceship, chances are its in the water of Los Santos and one of the really cool little additions to the game. All in all GTA V is a phenomenal video game. Through a phenomenal and very darkly humorous narrative GTA V tells a great story that’s a real pleasure to experience. However for all that’s incredible things about the game, it does have some issues and drawbacks that are hard to overlook. Long load screens and choppy frame rates can be hard to overlook and sometimes the character movements can look way too robotic and ragdolly. Also, sometimes vehicles can be too difficult and annoying to want to pilot. Regardless of the minor hang-ups GTA V has way to much going on for it to be anything but a great game and a really fun time. It truly is one of this console generation’s best games. 9.0/10


Lost Echo: Lost In Translation


On its surface Lost Echo appears to be a continued embodiment of potential for iOS games to deliver worthwhile experiences beyond minutes at a time. Upon tapping “new game” your Apple device of choice will literally begin to ring with an incoming call from a woman named Chloe. The gratification of this novelty wears off and you’re immediately thrown into the opening scene as Lost Echo begins in a beautifully rendered metropolitan park. This undated futuristic utopia is home to Greg, Chloe’s boyfriend who is tasked to find her when she vanishes before his eyes in a flash of light. It doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes of drudgery to piece together Last Echo’s narrative pacing is gruelingly sedate. This is due to the lengthy meanderings of its halfbaked characters that more often lead to redundancy than serving any actual purpose. Greg’s inner monologues can be especially plodding but provide occasional comic relief when commenting on characters and surroundings. Rapidly tapping through the text delivered dialogue isn’t recommended as vigilance is required to progress since the plot doesn’t initially flow methodically in any way. Tropes of the genre are plentiful in Lost Echo both in its narrative and gameplay but are handled with intuitive and simple controls. Both walking and interacting in the environments are dealt with by single taps, a double tap to run and two finger holds to reveal hints. A basic inventory system is present with the usual function of combining items to deal with solving puzzles. Lost Echo isn’t reverberating with mechanical depth but does an admirable job at giving the player competent puzzles without padding them or the game. A notable puzzle has Greg pacing back and forth through the game’s dimly lit melancholic bar to expose a cheating back room poker player. Lost Echo’s third act sees its vapid plot reach cringe inducing cliché as time travel is introduced to multiple Greg’s with an echo device. If KickBack Studios weren’t aiming for superficial ambiguity this uninspired twist could have been engaging which ultimately is Lost Echo’s most striking problem. Even with a mysterious futuristic metropolis to adventure through and puzzles to solve the lack of motivation is met with equally lacking satisfaction. Below the surface Lost Echo is hollow lacking any depth to its serviceable puzzles and vacant narrative.


This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to cover two music festivals within days of each other on behalf of the Rutgers-Camden Gleaner. The first of the two festivals I attended required a 12-hour road trip out to Manchester, Tennessee. The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. With chalked phrases along the fences such as “Radiate Positivity” and “Be in Here, Not out There,” I knew it was going to be an unforgettable four days. Having been approved for press credentials, I was granted access to the backstage media areas of the festival, where I got up-close and personal with numerous artists, including Passion Pit, The Lumineers, Twenty One Pilots, Capital Cities, Matt and Kim, John Oates, Ed Helms and Scott Aukerman (the creator and writer for Between Two Ferns starring Zach Galifianakis.) In conversation I discovered that Passion Pit’s bass guitarist Jeff Apruzzese has a personal connection to the State University of New Jersey. “My sister and brother-in-law are very pro-Rutgers and go to every single football game. I grew up in suburban New Jersey, so lots of my friends ended up going to Rutgers.” I asked him if he ever spent time around our campus or in Philly. “Actually, when I was 17 I got my ear pierced on South Street in Philly.” “My friend has a cool loft in Fishtown so whenever I’m in the area I go there and check out the cool bars and restaurants.” When I interviewed Capital Cities, they had just arrived to the festival after a flight from Germany. Lead vocalist Sebu was under the weather so naturally I had to

give him health advice and give a shoutout to Rutgers-Camden’s School of Nursing where I had just graduated from. In response to my question about how bandmate Ryan and him liked the Philly area where they had just played a few shows, Sebu said “We love Philly. You guys are always very warm and hospitable.” As we were talking about what it was like to play in front of huge crowds at music festivals, band mate Ryan explained that “the best part of playing in front of large crowds is when people start swarming over to your stage after hearing a few songs from off in the distance. That’s the coolest part of playing at festivals. People who may have not otherwise heard of us become fans after seeing us live.” One thing that makes Bonnaroo such a unique festival is its location. Around my campsite were people from Georgia, Connecticut, New York, Florida, Ohio and many other states. During the festival I met people from all over the country, and even some from back home. I remember one concert-goer in particular named “Zander” who had actually graduated from Rowan and hitchhiked his way out to ‘Roo. You never know who you will bump into on a 700-acre music-fertilized farm in Tennessee. The festival lineup was incredible. Paul McCartney put on the most epic show I will ever see in my lifetime. During his 38-song set- topped off

with three encores- Sir Paul had the entire crowd sing along to classics like “Hey Jude,” having the men sing one chorus and the women singing the next, followed by a purely vocal harmony of 80,000 voices strong as hundreds of fans sent gold and red illuminated Chinese lanterns floating upwards into the black Tennessee sky. When “Live and Let Die” was coming to an end, the entire stage seemed to be on fire with pyrotechnics, in addition to explosions of fireworks from the sides of the crowd that placed even the most distant fans from the stage right in the middle of the action.

Other notable acts were Jack Johnson (who replaced Mumford & Sons on a day’s notice after the band’s bassist had a brain injury), Tom Petty, Of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Tame Impala, Local Natives, Alt-J, The XX and Grizzly Bear, along with countless others. The five mammoth stages on the farm had artist after artist amaze the crowd from early afternoon until two or three in the morning every day. Bonnaroo is not just a music festival, it is a life experience. The 12-hour drive is not bad at all (I drove straight through) so without reservation I encourage everyone reading this article to put Bonnaroo on their bucket list. For four days, you will forget about everything and be completely engulfed by a sea of music, art and new friends. So pack up your SUV with beer, burgers, ice and a tent and next summer I’ll see you on the Farm!

Music in a Mason Jar The Gleaner goes to Firefly

Greg Gullo is a graduate of Rutgers University Camden and former Gleaner staff. Greg was able to go to these music festivalswith a press pass on behalf of the Gleaner. Both articles are written by Greg Gullo, and all photos were taken by him.

With my Jeep still packed up to the ceiling with camping gear from Bonnaroo, I embarked on a much shorter road trip to the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware with my brother and sister in June. A short two-hour drive later, we arrived at The Backwoods, a campsite set up by the festival organizers for overflow campers. I had been approved for press credentials for Firefly, so I was able to bring my brother, sister and friend Dan into the festival prior to the gates opening each morning for general admission concert-goers. I was also able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the logistics behind running a festival for over 65,000 attendees. One thing I noticed right off the bat was how well-organized the event was for this being only its second run. From the more-than-adequate number of porta-potties everywhere you looked, which were cleaned before the gates opened each day and also throughout the day, to the amount of recycle bins and trash cans to encourage people to keep the grounds clean, there was not a single flaw I saw in the way that the festival was run. There were even water refill stations conveniently located so that everyone would stay wellhydrated and cool in the hot June sun. One thing in particular that I enjoyed about Firefly was the theme. From the stage names to the grounds of the Woodlands, there was consistency in the natural and easy-flowing vibe of this music festival. The stage namesFirefly Main Stage, The Lawn, The Backyard and The Porch, all contributed to the rugged yet relaxing forest theme. To get from one stage to the next required a walk through the freshly mulched paths in the woods. Along the way were hammocks that were well-shaded by the canopy from

the trees that stretched high above, and were tempting for most people as they provided a period of respite from the sun. Also in the woods were silent film screens, which were an interesting touch in addition to the colorful umbrellas that were hung above-head along the length of the forest path. Now that the stage has been set, onto the music! Firefly had a fantastic lineup this year, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Foster the People headlining and a fantastic lineup throughout each day. The Neighbourhood, Dr. Dog, Calvin Harris, Atlas Genius, Ellie Goulding and Twenty One Pilots were some of the big names to take the stage the first day of the festival, while Jim James, Alabama Shakes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kendrick Lamar, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, A Silent Film and Chvrches were the big bands to perform on day two. The last day of the three-day music festival concluded with Passion Pit, Matt & Kim, Dispatch, Vampire Weekend, Capital Cities and Zedd providing the soundtrack for most of the day until Foster the People took the stage to close out the festival. The Red Hot Chili Peppers proved that they still have the same funky fire they have had since the band formed in the 80s, as Chad Smith, Flea, Anthony Kiedis and new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer rocked the crowd with a mixture of old and new, including “Californication,” “Higher Ground,” “Give It Away,” and “Snow (Hey Oh).” The band also opened their show with a jam session for the first time since 2007. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers headlined the second night of the forest festival, as they played timeless tunes “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” “Free Fallin,” “Refugee,” and “American Girl.” As

always, their set had a balanced combination of slow blues and upbeat sing-alongs. The most pleasantly surprising headliner was Foster the People. I have seen many concerts, including the Foo Fighters and Paul McCartney- both of which were out-of-this-world amazing performances- but Foster the People put on the best show I have ever seen live. Half of that is due to their musicianship. I would probably not put Foster the People in my top five or even top 10 favorite bands, but their live sound made my ribs rumble in place which was much unexpected. The other reason that they were the best band I’ve ever seen was the stage effects. Their light show was reminiscent of a Star Wars space fight scene with multi-colored lasers lighting up the crowd and surprise after surprise in stage props. Dancing on multiple LED-illuminated rotating columns were the “monsters” that are featured on the cover of their album Torches. The strange costumes and awesome light show combined with crisp and powerful sound made for a visual and auditory euphoria. The most intriguing aspect of their set was that Mark Foster played four new songs from their forthcoming sophomore album, which is set to drop later this year. The new material was more rock-dance than their debut material from Torches, and will certainly surprise fans as the band has apparently gone through a “rebirth” as Mark told the crowd. Firefly announced after the conclusion of the 2013 festival that they now have a 10-year exclusive contract to the Woodlands, so we can all rest assured that there are many years to come for our tri-state music festival. Get your mason jars ready now for Firefly 2014!




DMC at Rutgers: Talks Rap and Creativity


“ “Darryl McDaniels” may not be a name that is widely recognized outside the music industry. But if you ask the average American if they’ve heard of DMC, you’ll get an answer something like, “You mean, as in Run-DMC? Yeah, they were that rap group from the 80s!” Run-DMC has been long known and widely acclaimed as a forerunner of modern rap. They began and defined a movement away from the flagrant showiness of the disco era and into an expression of urban culture, often urging social consciousness to promote positive change. Though the group will never reunite, as 2002 witnessed the unfortunate death of the trio’s Jason Mizell (commonly known as Jam Master Jay), Darryl McDaniels (DMC) has been making appearances to educate viewers on hip hop and rap culture. On September 25th, DMC visited Rutgers Camden to present “From The Old School to The New School: The History of Rap and Hip-Hop, Yesterday, Today, and into the Future.” The event was held in the Multipurpose Room of the Campus Center to a crowd of welcoming fans. “We took the beat from the street and put it on TV,” McDaniels explained, quoting a line from RunDMC’s famous song “My Adidas,” a song which memorialized the group’s iconic sneakers of choice and makes reference to Run-DMC being the first hip hop artist to have a video shown on MTV. To illustrate the first part, “We took the beat from the street,” DMC took us back in time. In New York City, toward the end of the disco age, people started gathering for outside

parties in the parks, where DJs played records on dual turntables. In an effort to control the crowd, orchestrate the action of the parties, and to simply gain popularity, some DJs started adding their own vocals to the music. This started with simple rhymes, such as “Get out in the street and get on your feet!” Eventually, the role of the MC was born, as DJs teamed with partners so that they could focus on playing beats, while the MCs elaborated with rhymes. As time went on, they added more complex rhymes and beats from different musical genres. McDaniels described a sense of competition inherent in these early hip hop artists, which drove their efforts toward more creative and experimental pieces. “This hip hop was about ‘-tion’,” a reflective DMC told us. “Creation, innovation, education, and evolution.” He criticized some modern hip hop, particularly those songs which are repeatedly played on the major radio networks, saying that their tone is more violent, rather than creative. The hip hop of his day was a “transformation within culture,” which, he claimed, was based on educating the listeners with facts that were “presented it in a platform that they could all relate to.” Ideally, DMC suggested, hip hop could be used as a platform to elicit social and cultural change. He had hoped to accomplish that with Run-DMC, rather than merely entertaining us. McDaniels explained his philosophy, “If we tell the truth, then things will get better.” He even urged the crowd to represent the needs of our own



Darryl McDaniels stayed after the lecture to take photos and sign autographs for everyone in attendance. communities, telling us to “Get it merely imitative. McDaniels honored by many groups as being an iPod and an amplifier, and play contrasted them with Run-DMC, unmatched masters in their craft. some music so that young people who has been deemed classic, in Besides statistics that include can hear the message!” regard to hip hop and rap music. multi-platinum record sales, both Though McDaniels tried to He then defined “Classic means and VH-1 called Runconciliate today’s hip hop artists, better than everything else that DMC the “Greatest of All Time.” remarking, “I can never critique came before. Until eternity.” McDaniels reflected, “We were another man’s creativity,” he also While it may have been tempt- the first to do it and we did what added, “there’s hip hop, and then ing to consider McDaniels a bit we did ‘cause it was dope! When there’s showbiz hip hop.” Re- arrogant, one couldn’t help but you saw Run-DMC, you saw garding these modern artists, Mc- recognize that he corroborated yourselves. Everything we gave Daniels remarked, “They don’t his statements by identifying the them on records, we gave them in speak for their people.” efforts of Run-DMC as pure, te- life.” “That’s the only difference nacious, and innovative. The fact For those who might have been between the old school and the that an elder DMC is – now some inspired by his enthusiasm, Mcnew school.” DMC explained. 30 years later – pointing out the Daniels encouraged us to find our “There’s not a generation gap, group’s accomplishments is, in own artistic outlets. Advocating there’s an information gap.” He fact, perfectly natural. for all forms of art expression, he also mentioned a lack of passion And, after all, Run-DMC has urged: “Reveal the beautiful that in some modern work, deeming won numerous awards and been is you.”

Dance Gavin Dance’s Album Deserves Praise

off the Lights, I’m Watching Back to the Future Pt. II.” Happiness was Dance Gavin Dance at their most focused where even their campiest songs were methodical. The first two parts of “Strawberry Swisher” gave a playful clichéd side of the band that hadn’t been heard before. With repeated listens Acceptance Speech slowly peels back its antithetical coverings revealing it has the same nuance as its spiritual predecessor. “Honey Revenge” is unilateral with its GIGREVIEWSBYJULIA.BLOGSPOT.COM billowing opening riffs as PearDance Gavin Dance excels with Tilian Pearson as their new lead singer. son declares “I will never let you FRED DEVITTO | CONTRIBUTOR Roaring lead single The Ro- holy” during “Death of The Ro- leave my sight” that your head may as well be filled with AdAfter another spilt with vocal- bot With Human Hair Pt. 4 along bot with Human Hair.” Artwork by frequent collabora- olfsoon’s schizophrenic animals ist Johnny Craig, numerous delays, with Doom & Gloom showcase and lineup changes, Dance Gavin the intertwining tonality of Pear- tor Mattias Adolfsoon provides an Dance returns with exceptional ka- son and Mess. The first with Pear- initial aesthetic connection to the leidoscopic breadth for their fifth son’s crooning confession “I wear band’s third outing Happiness. album Acceptance Speech. The my soul on my sleeve at night” Delving into the music itself reechoing guitar of a sprinting flag followed by Mess’s abrasive veals more than the possibility of solider followed by the massive an- “searching for substance” in an coincidence with a part three of themic assault of Jon Mess scream- almost cat and mouse like fash- “Strawberry Swisher” extending ing “sleeping late and eating wrong” ion. The latter has Mess scream- the songs to a trilogy. Acceptance confidently opens Jesus H. Macy. ing, “Let it in and come to terms Speech evolves the progressive Latest vocal duties come from Til- with what would have, could instrumental precision and narraian Pearson whose high register have been,” while Pearson cathar- tive arc of Happiness while addexclamation of, “And I’ve kept it tically rasps out, “Stay away from ing peripheral production courbottled down But not this time, not me.” It’s in these moments where tesy of producer Matt Malpass here,” shines through mechanical Gavin’s lyrics are used to create ultimately making this a heavier guitar chugs. The addition of Pear- brief genuinely resonating emo- endeavor overall. Acceptance son is perhaps the biggest change tional experiences that have been Speech also sees the conclusion to the band in quite some time, both absent with Craig at the helm. to the record spanning saga “The sonically and thematically. Pearson’s Admittedly Acceptance Speech Robot with Human Hair” adding backing wails of desperation shift isn’t absent from lyrical blunders. a fourth part and termination with gently underneath the mix like gra- Its most glaring being a rap at the “Death of The Robot with Human cious waves while his lyrics in tan- end of the title track by guitarist Hair”. A continuation from their dem with Mess add subtle layers of Will Swan and the band in unison debut Downtown Battle Mounbelting “make this motherfucker tain ends the album with “Turn cohesion.

depicted on the album cover. The same can be heard on “Strawberry Swisher Pt. 3” with Swan sprinkling over Mess and Pearson poking fun at the songs title. “Overcome by circumstance, separated by consequence,” Pearson softly yet triumphantly sings concluding the closing track ostensibly a nod that this band will go on with or without Johnny Craig. The rest of Rise’s catalog should once again be torn apart by the shrapnel of their most interesting and volatile signee. Acceptance speech is the culmination of Dance Gavin Dance riding an elevator in confidence instead of taking the stairs through their typical revolving door lineup.




The Real Adventures of College Life


Darragh Nolan





Glenn McCoy

Non Sequitur

Wiley Miller

Surprising information will reach your ears when Mercury is quincunx Uranus in Aries on Tuesday. This nugget of news will rock your world! Clear out the clutter in your home on Wednesday. It’s time to toss aside items that aren’t wanted or needed. Be very discreet on Thursday. Think carefully before sharing your deepest secrets with another. Create a new goal list on Sunday. Remember, you’ve evolved over the years. Don’t waste your energy in pursuit of outdated ambitions.

Relationship issues could arise on Monday. A lover might want more personal space. Your vitality could hit a low point on Tuesday. A good night’s sleep may be just what the doctor ordered. Confusion could boggle your mind when your ruler Venus squares Neptune on Thursday. Strive to think clearly. An associate may ask you for a loan on Saturday. Keep a firm grip on your wallet! Don’t fall for any financial sob stories this weekend.

A rival will challenge you when Venus enters your zone of competitors on Monday. Call on your smarts to outwit any opponent. Your agenda may change without warning on Tuesday. Try to go with the flow as much as possible. Rejuvenate your lifestyle on Friday. Quit a bad habit and walk on the path of wellness. A new companion will come into your life on Sunday. This person will be very clever! He or she will expand your mental horizons.

Celebrate the simple joys of living on Tuesday. Watch the beauty of the sky at sunrise and sunset. You’ll be tempted to overindulge your appetites when the Moon opposes Jupiter in Cancer on Friday. Remember, too much ice cream will add inches to your waistline! A partner could be in a quarrelsome mood on Saturday. Don’t waste your breath bickering over unimportant matters. A lost item will be returned to you on Sunday.

A friend may ask you to invest in a financial scheme on Tuesday. Only put in money you can afford to lose. You’ll be very cheerful when the Moon sextiles your ruler Sun on Wednesday. The smile on your face will inspire others to grin. The boss could increase your workload on Friday. This person knows you’ll plow through the projects quickly! Don’t rush to judgment on Saturday. You don’t have all the facts regarding a particular situation.

Household repairs may be needed on Tuesday. A leaky faucet will demand that you brush up on your plumbing skills. Try not to worry on Thursday. Your fears are unfounded regarding a certain issue. A flash of insight will zing into your brain when the Moon sextiles your ruler Mercury on Friday. Use your newfound wisdom to resolve a difficult dilemma. Be blunt with a loved one on Sunday. This individual won’t get the message unless you speak plainly.

Generate good karma on Monday. Think about devoting your time to a worthy cause. A colleague may be up to no good on Tuesday. Don’t get involved in the malicious games this individual plays. Your emotions will hit a new level of intensity on Friday. Your heart will lead your head in all life circumstances. Extravagance will be your middle name when the Sun in Libra squares Jupiter on Saturday. It wouldn’t be a good idea to hit the shopping mall.

Don’t follow the crowd on Monday. It’s important to be yourself regardless of what others think. Catalog the pros and cons of a lover’s behavior when Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio on Tuesday. If the minus list is long, hit the delete button on the relationship. A friend will ask for your advice on Friday, but this person might need professional guidance. Search for a moment of Zen on Sunday. Find a quiet nook in which to unwind this weekend.

Update your wardrobe when Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday. It’s a great time to overhaul your image. Pay close attention to detail on Wednesday. A careless error will prove to be very costly later. You’ll possess a new sense of boldness on Thursday. No one will be allowed to intimidate you! Don’t procrastinate on Saturday. A certain matter requires that you take quick action or the boat will sail without you. A wish may finally come true on Sunday.

Forgive yourself for a past mistake on Tuesday - you’re only human. It’s time to move on both mentally and emotionally. Determination is the key to your success on Wednesday. If you keep trying, you’ll finally win the prize! Be careful of your movements when the Moon in Capricorn squares Uranus on Friday. Look both ways before crossing a busy street. You may feel under a lot of pressure on Saturday. Practice deep breathing if you get stressed out this weekend.

You may undergo a life-altering experience on Tuesday. This event will change your view of the world. A mentor will come your way on Thursday. This person will help you achieve a cherished goal. Your sixth sense will kick up a notch when the Moon conjuncts Pluto in your intuition sector on Friday. Follow your gut instincts in all circumstances. Strut your stuff before others on Sunday. You’ll have an abundance of the “wow” factor this weekend.

A wonderful new career opportunity will appear on Monday. You may find your dream job! Don’t believe everything that you hear when the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday. A friend may inadvertently pass on false gossip. You may feel pulled in two different directions on Thursday. Choosing the right path to walk will prove difficult. A plan may hit a snag on Saturday. It might be wise to go back to the drawing board.




1GB A poem by Mike Gallone

My brain only probably holds a gig.

While your shadow of television static lurks beneath the waters, revealing the behemoth

It keeps half the lyrics to a song I heard the other day, the face to a name I cannot remember, and the image of my phone blaring the time in my eyes.

that you are. The cancerous cell at the heart tumor, and you’re ing still.

Lenses focus, re-focus. Think. What are you supposed to do, Michael? The white light from my phone is coming at me like God in a tunnel. Wake up, Michael. Wake yourself for work. Oh, Baron of bleach. Keeper of House, Pull yourself from this soft boat. And hear them call you by title, Adjunct of Absurdity. It’s time to put your clothes on.

of the grow-

“Do you remember me?” You spark me. You are the starter to my engine, without question. But with all you have done, sliding your fingers in between my own, and clasping to make one fleshy soul- I could feel your nails in my skin, and how far you try to dig in, till bare knuckles shine bright white like eyes reflecting sun.

In the surrounding darkness, little star lights emanate from the computer tower. What’s your name again? Where do you go to school? Your age? Your studies? Your existence?

I press my eyes shut tightly. Regroup. Reformat. Reboot.

My brain holds onto a few remaining pictures from last night’s dreams, and maybe a few words you spoke to me yesterday, roughly 18 megabytes.

Voices come into my ears like a bowl of cereal dumped down the kitchen sink.

I can’t calculate the megabytes that you have corrupted. Your silhouette behind frozen screens means Registry Error; command prompts whispering across my frontal lobe. End Program. End it now. My boat rocks upon jagged jutting black and blue stones of ocean,

A ringing reminds me of the time. No. Detect, Defrag, Delete. Restart.

Too much to drink, Michael? Too much to think, Michael? Too many zeroes and not enough ones, Michael? Arms rest on the kitchen table, low hanging bulb, interrogation style. In the empty bowl staring back is the eye of shallow warming milk with a single centered Cheerio.

“Do you remember me?” Is there a coded string quartet with the sound to un-plug a faucet, and let the blackened water spill clear from mind until an intravenous caffeine transfusion, for generating the hertz to undo my debilitating confusion? I want to dump the milk and stare into the sliding soggy iris as it drops from view. Call out. Tell them you’re sick. Tell them you quit. Tell them you’re dead. The Reason: Preventative maintenance on an imminent hard disc failure. Diagnostics running… Take control. Worship what you can’t keep. Determining route… Fill the holes. Fix the boat. Destination is on the left… Stop the flood. Go back to sleep. “Do you remember me?” My brain only probably holds a gig.

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Changing Seasons A poem by Michelle Boyd


A time for changing A time for rearranging A time for newness A time to pursue it A time for falling, into a new beginning, while embracing the moments that mean the most. Moments of laughter Moments of sadness Moments of learning Moments of growing Moments of giving Moments of living each moment like it matters Second to second Minute to minute Day to day Make the most of your moments today Embrace the now, but plan for tomorrow. Tomorrow...another moment in time. Live today like there's no tomorrow. This Flame Should Consume Water A poem by Sean Lynch When I am one who’s wasted too many of my own thoughts on the daily mundane, then who am I to offer remedy for beauty sprouting seemingly from plain brown eyes? I’d watch as you tried to get high off residue, and you, my love, were far from pathetic. The flame was dignified while licking cannabis in lieu of water. Your second tongue intertwined with mine and the ashes of my flesh combined with spit, creating words I never thought I’d send from my mind let alone my mouth and it felt good, us. We felt good, we’re still good at times, yet our mouths have been filled with blood.




NFC East Updated Power Rankings

NFLRUSH.COM Who is the best team in the NFC East? MITCH LARSON | A&E EDITOR

Five weeks into the 2013-2014 NFL seasons there are still a ton of questions. One thing however, is abundantly clear: the NFC East is the weakest division in all of football. Without further ado, here is The Gleaner’s first NFC East update and power rankings. 1.) Dallas Cowboys- Right now the Cowboys are the best team in the NFL’s worst division. For all the heat he takes quarterback Tony Romo is elite and he’s definitely playing like it. Despite losing to Denver 51-49, Dallas had plenty of positives to take away from the game. Romo passed for over 500 yards, had 5 touchdowns, and played like he was worth the mega contract extension GM and Owner Jerry Jones gave him this offseason. Outside of Romo the Cowboys have serious issues when it comes to running the football and the team’s defense needs some serious help. Overall though, the Cowboys are head and. shoulders above the other 3 teams in the NFC East. 2.) Philadelphia Eagles- 5 weeks into the season Philadelphia is a real head scratcher. Outside of one game against New York and the first game against Washington, Philly has looked dreadful. Head Coach Chip Kelly hasn’t been the unstoppable and unique force of a coach everyone expected and the defense is an absolute mess to put it lightly. Michael Vick may be in a good offense for his skill set, but poor decisions, inability to read a defense, and just plain carelessness have left him playing like the same old Michael Vick.The offensive line is a disaster and Lesean McCoy is clearly the best player on the team. Yet overall the Eagles just aren’t a good team despite offensive talent and potential. 3.) Washington Redskins- Robert Griffin III, who suffered a torn ACL at the end of last season, is one of the top talents in the NFL, but the expectations for the Redskins was too high due to his sheer talent. Griffin and the Redskins will be fine, but RGIII needs time toget healthy and comfortable. Look for steady improvement throughout the year. 4.) New York Giants- What happened to Eli Manning and the Giants? There is not even a hint of a running game, and Eli appears to have regressed to the level of play he had 7 or 8 years ago. The Giants are a total mess and there seems to be no help anywhere in sight.

NFL Power Rankings: The Studs, Duds, and Down in the Mud ASSANE DRAME | CONTRIBUTOR

If you love football season, then take a look at The Gleaner’s exclusive NFL Power Rankings. These are where the teams stand so far. Find out just where your favorite team is placed. 1. Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning is just in a different stratosphere. I expect him along with this solid Denver defense to continue its roll. 2. Seattle Seahawks – The hawks schedule gets tougher as the weeks go on. However, that should not be a problem for a team this elite. 3. New Orleans Saints – Head coach Sean Payton make a difference. So does Rob Ryan, the defensive coordinator who has the Saints D doing so far so good. 4. Kansas City Chiefs – Alex Smith may not wow people, but he finds a way to get the job done as a starting QB. Add on a great Defense and Jamaal Charles, (who can also wow people) and you have a pretty darn good football team. 5. New England Patriots – The first two weeks were lackluster. You can’t blame Tom Brady though, who is seeing plenty of new faces in terms of who he is throwing the ball to, nevertheless the Patriots are winning games. Keep an eye out for the Vince Wilfork Injury, however. 6. Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins are doing pretty well with the improvement of Ryan Tannehill and a legit defense leading the way. 7. Indianapolis Colts – With their great play, the Colts are making a case to be a part of the NFL’s elite. 8. Detroit Lions – The acquisition of Reggie Bush in the Offseason has given the spark the Lions needed. More needs to be seen from this team, but Detroit is impressive right now. 9. Chicago Bears – The defense of the Bears is superb. They’ll put more points on the board than a few NFL teams right now *cough* Jaguars *cough*. 10. San Francisco 49ers – from here on out the ‘Niners should be running the ball more. Just ask Frank Gore himself, he’d be

CONTURODESIGN.COM Where does your favorite team rank?

glad to tell you why. 11. Tennessee Titans – Jake Locker’s Injury will definitely be a step back for a team that has been so far finding ways to win this season. 12. Cincinnati Bengals – When it looks like Andy Dalton takes a few steps forward, he suddenly takes a step back. The Bengals have a lot of talent, but will only go as far as Dalton takes them. 13. Green Bay Packers – The Packers are not doing too well right now but it’s nothing that Aaron Rodgers can’t fix. 14. San Diego Chargers – The Chargers are looking good at the moment. Maybe Philip Rivers is starting to see the light. 15. Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo is quietly having a good season. With the NFC East looking terrible this year, it would be the perfect time for Dallas to capitalize. 16. Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco has looked more like Joe Fluke-o lately. The Ravens have an inconsistent defense that spells trouble. 17. Houston Texans – I don’t believe in Matt Schaub period. Too inconsistent to be a top tier quarterback. 18. Atlanta Falcons – With the Saints trending up and the Panthers looking resurgent, Atlanta better turn things around quickly. 19. Cleveland Browns – It’s crazy to think that there is a possibility that the Browns have an actual chance at winning the division. 20. Arizona Cardinals – Larry Fitzgerald has a QB that can actually throw the ball to him now, which means great numbers.

21. Carolina Panthers – I wonder which Panthers team we shall see in the upcoming weeks? 22. Buffalo Bills – Buffalos rushing attack is too good, but they need to hold on to the ball better. 23. New York Jets – The Jets might have a respectable season. Geno Smith isn’t the greatest QB, BUT anything is better than the BUTT fumble. 24. Minnesota Vikings – Matt Cassel makes me ponder the thought of a QB switch in Minnesota. 25. Washington Redskins – This team just doesn’t seem to have that ‘It’ factor like it did last year. 26. St. Louis Rams – I sort of had expectations for the Rams this year. Well…. 27. Oakland Raiders – They probably should be used to being this low on any power rankings by now. 28. Philadelphia Eagles – While the offense may be good, the defense is just down right abysmal. 29. Pittsburgh Steelers – Look on the bright side, they’re the best winless team in the NFL. 30. New York Giants – Giants safety Antrell Roll said that the team would go undefeated for the rest of the season. April Fool’s Day does not fall within football season. 31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – See the Rams. 32. Jacksonville Jaguars – Probably on track to be one of the worst teams in NFL history. Now here is the team that’s down in the mud.

Are the Flyers Standing up to the Competition?

SPORTSILLUSTRATED.CNN.COM Can Claude Giroux lead the Flyers back to their former glory? MITCH LARSON | A&E EDITOR

The wait is finally over, the 2013-2014 National Hockey League season is finally upon us. Philadelphia Flyers hockey is back and there are a ton of changes to the Orange and Black that fans should be excited about. The further development of superstar captain Claude Giroux, along with the development of potential superstars Jacub Voracek, Brayden Schenn, Wayne Simmonds and Sean Couturier, means that 2013-2014 will be a very different season in Philadelphia. The Flyers had a tumultuous offseason with rumors swirling about who they would buy with one or both of their contract buyouts. Gone is goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, one of the biggest free agent busts in NHL history who only played two seasons, one full and one strike shortened here in Philadelphia. Gone is fan favorite and longest tenured Flyer, 2nd line center Danny Briere. In are the new but sturdy veterans that include: defensemen Mark Striet, who

came over in a trade with the New York Islanders, goalie Ray Emery who is making his second stop in the City of Brotherly Love and hoping to have more success than the injury riddled campaign he had in 2009, and finally the most hyped addition to the orange and black: center Vincent Lecavalier. He is coming over from the Tampa Bay Lightning; Lecavalier boasts an impressive resume and was linked to a 5 year deal to fill the void that Danny Briere left. However, at age 33 Lecavalier is no longer one of the best players in the game. He’s been a steady 20 goal scorer for years now, but his career trajectory has shown a clear regression almost every year. For the first 2 maybe even 3 years the signing should be a solid one, but after that the signing will be frustrating as Vinny regresses. With a cap hit of $4,500,000 the signing could prove costly. One could even argue that retaining a healthy Danny Briere would have made more financial sense than signing Lecavalier to such a long term deal. None the less, for the short term he will help the Flyers and be a big piece of what should be an improved offense. Defensively however, the Flyers look like the same old team. Outside of Timonen who is always a great player, there are serious questions as Braydon Coburn took a step back last year. Luke Schenn, despite of all his talents and potential is still progressing as a defenseman. Whoever is the starting goaltender, whether it’s Steve Mason, who played incredible down the stretch last year for Philadelphia, or signed free agent Ray Emery, they will have to deal with a ton of shots. Something tells me that if the Flyers can continue to develop the younger guys, and the veterans do their part, than Philadelphia will win a lot of

games. The outcomes may be close with a lot of 4-3, 5-4 games though. Should Lavy really be the one catching all the heat? General Manger Paul Holmgren has consistently made the same mistakes over and over again, signing over-the-hill veterans to ridiculous long term contracts that never work out for the team in the long run. His biggest in-housesplash was signing superstar and team captain Claude Giroux to keep him in Philly for the long run. All in all, the Flyers are still a good and dangerous hockey team, but they need to get it together and play good sound hockey. The firing of head coach Peter Laviolette could prove costly, but new coach Craig Burubee is respected and wellliked by his players. The new coach shouldn’t have too hard of a time winning with this team. The goalie tandem should be efficient, but you have to wonder about the disaster that was the 2010 Stanley Cup finals when the Flyers used Michael Leighton and Brian Boucher as their goalies. The Flyers will have success once they hit their stride this year and there is a lot of reason for optimism, especially with the further development of young potential stars that the flyers have mixed into their first 3 offensive lines. The team has to right the ship, but GM Paul Holmgren must finally learn from his past mistakes. The Flyers can be great and have the potential to finish a lot higher than 6th overall, where I project them to be, but they could easily be a lot lower depending on how the players adjust to the new head coach. Although for now 6th place and the playoffs seem like a good bet for Philadelphia. Projected finish: 6th in Eastern Conference, and advance 2 rounds into the playoffs.




Gambling in Sports- How Odds Can Tell the Story



The Jacksonville Jaguars have the longest shot of any team to win a title this year. MITCH LARSON | A&E EDITOR

Gambling in sports is a popular activity that also provides an interesting and different perspective on different professional sports by showing who odds makers think will win a title and who has no shot. Odds are given months before the actual seasons start and it’s interesting to see where particular teams are placed. With that being said, let’s look at the odds for the four major sports leagues: The NFL, NHL, MLB, and the NBA. It’s important to note that odds change constantly depending on how the teams are playing and how much confidence there is in them. The odds used in this piece will be from the beginning of each sports prospective seasons. (Since baseball is in the postseason, postseason odds will be used.) NHL-Odds to win Stanley Cup Best odds-Chicago Blackhawks- 6/1 odds Worst odds- Florida Panthers-150/1 Now this seems pretty accurate. The Blackhawks are defending champions, however it is hard to repeat a championship in any sport let alone hockey, and there are some great teams in the NHL this year. Overall, it’s fair to give Chicago the best odds as they have done it before and are returning with most of their team. On the other hand, it’s really hard to assign a

team with the worst odds to win a Stanley cup. The Florida Panthers happen to be the team with the smallest chance of winning a title this year. They weren’t very good last year and that trend may continue this year. The Calgary Flames and the Buffalo Sabres have similar odds with both being at 100/1. MLB-Odds to win World Series Best odds- Boston Red Sox-15/4 Worst odds-Pittsburgh Pirates-10/1 Since baseball is the only pro sport currently in the playoffs, the odds are a little skewed since not all teams make the playoffs. That being said, the odds for who will be champion in baseball are pretty accurate. The Boston Red Sox are definitely playing the best baseball of any team in the playoffs and the odds reflect that. The Dodgers are also heavily favored but the Red Sox look like they have the tools to steam roll through the rest of the playoffs. On the other hand, the odds for the pirates may be a bit off. The Pirates had their best season in years this year and made the playoffs for the first time since 1993. They are given the worst odds to win the whole thing. This may seem a bit unfair as they have played really well and look to continue their good play into the rest of the post season. The margin for the odds of the playoffs is very close as there is no

run-away favorite. NBA- Odds to win NBA Title Best odds- Miami Heat-2-1 Worst odds- Three teams tied for worstOrlando Magic, Charlotte Bobcats, and Philadelphia Sixers all at 500/1 The odds for the NBA seem to be pretty spot on. The Miami Heat are still the class of the league and these odds show it. Again, it’s risky to place the favorite on the Heat as it is extremely hard to repeat and the Heat would be going for a third title in a row, which is a rare feat, but they are obviously favored to do so. On the other hand the odds for the worst team seems to be even more accurate. The three teams that are predicted to have no chance to win the title seem to be spot on. Orlando, Charlotte, and Philadelphia are all building to the future and none of the three are expected to do much of anything this year. Although these three are tied for the worst odds, the Sixers should pull away to be the worst by the season’s start as they are the most barren of the three teams mentioned. It will be interesting to see how the NBA plays out according to these odds. NFL- Odds to win Super Bowl Best odds- Denver Broncos- 2-1 Worst odds- Jacksonville Jaguars-9999-1

The NFL is the most popular sport to bet on and placing the odds for the NFL is always tricky. Every year it seems the team most favored to win the super bowl does not and some unexpected team wins the Super Bowl. With that being said, the Broncos are clearly the favorites right now. They are running through each team and show no signs of slowing down. So at this point of the season the NFL odds seem pretty accurate, but again, in football anything can happen. On the other hand, the odds of the Jacksonville Jaguars are spot on. Unfortunately, Jacksonville is the wasteland of the NFL and the odds reflect that. They are currently winless and none of their games have been close. They have heard their place for having the worst odds to win the Super Bowl. It’s interesting to note that the upcoming games between the Broncos and the Jaguars carries the Broncos as a 28 point favorite, the highest since the 70’s. There it is. The best and worst odds for the four major leagues. Odds are an interesting way to look at the sports but are no way a full proof indication of how any sports season will go. They are just a good indicator of what teams are where and who people are betting on in the ever growing world of sports betting. It will be interesting to see ultimately how accurate the odds are for each sports and just how much money will be made.

The UFC: A Guide to the best and up and coming Fighters

UFC.COM Jon “Bones” Jones is one of the best UFC Fighters today ANDREW AMODEI | SPORTS EDITOR

The UFC, which stands for Ultimate fighting championship, is a sport that is growing fast in popularity all over the world. It’s a brutal mix of skill and technique and is definitely not for the squeamish. It’s a mix of boxing and the theater of Pro Wrestling. To the general audience this may seem a bit much and a bit hard to understand. However, like all professional sports, the UFC has a whole list of names of the most recognizable fighters that could help people get more initiated with the product. As a note, this list will not be compiled by weight class and is in no particular order. This list is just a basis to introduce the more well-known figures of the UFC. Jon Jones- Commonly referred to

as Jon “Bones” Jones, is currently the Light Heavy Weight champion. “Bones” Jones currently stands as one of the more popular UFC fighters due to his attitude and his vicious in-ring style. He is known for his outspoken nature and his fights against Rashad Evans and Chael Sonnen. His fights against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson put him on the map and established him as a big player. In the ring he is primarily a takedown and striking fighter and has established his own original brand of fighting. His record currently stands at 19 and 1. He also stands at number one in the UFC’s best pound for pound fighters list. Georges St. Pierre- He is currently the Welter Weight champion. He has been a staple of the UFC for many years now and continues to be at the age of 32. He is known for his well-rounded attack

in the ring and has used it to great effectiveness. He doesn’t have many fights each year put his fights are still some of the more exciting ones to watch for sure. His record currently stands at 24 and 2. Anderson Silva- Anderson “The Spider” Silva is probably one of the more infamous UFC fighters. That being said he is still widely popular. He is known for his antics and also his in-ring taunting. He is famously known for being knocked out by Chris Weidman in midtaunt during their bout. Silva relies on a strike-heavy offense which is particularly nasty and effective. Silva is currently working on getting back the middleweight championship that he lost to Weidman. His record stands at 33 and 5. Cain Velaquez- He is the current Heavyweight champion and known for his hard hitting style. He is relatively untested as his record stands at 12 and 1. He is a dominant heavy weight champion as he usually controls his fights. He uses takedowns as his primary source of offense and uses his strength to his advantage. His next fight will be against Junior Dos Santos on October 19th. Frank Mir- Frank Mir is one of the most well-known UFC fighters there is today. Although he has fallen off somewhat in more recent years, there is no denying he has made quite the impact. He is known for his epic encounters against Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos.

Mir is a submission specialist and uses them frequently. He is currently still in the hunt for the Heavy Weight title. His record is 16 and 8. Alistair Overeem- This big bruiser is commonly considered one of the more imposing UFC fighters there are today. Standing at 6 foot 4 he is certainly monstrous. He is best known for knocking Brock Lesnar out of the UFC as it was Lesnar’s last fight before he returned to the WWE. Overeem is known for a balanced attacked that employs a lot of striking. His record stands at 36 and 13. Chael Sonnen- Sonnen is an interesting case. He is an up and coming Light Heavyweight fighter. He is also widely known for his outspoken and bold behavior outside of the ring as well. He is currently trying to climb the ranks of the Light Heavyweight division. He is also known for guaranteeing wins. He employs a take-down heavy offense as he is considered a great wrestler. His record is 29 and 13. This list is compiled of the best and most popular UFC fighters in the sport. Of course there are always more fighters always fighting their way up the ranks and looking to make a name for themselves. This is the best list for those who are looking to get acquainted with the sport, and knowing the most popular and well known fighters is a good start to have when getting into the UFC.

22 LIFESTYLES l Best in Beauty: Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer

OOHMYFAVORITE.COM KIREIMAKEUP.COM Don’t let heavy foundation burden you this summer. Try the newest moisturizing foundation from Tarte Cosmetics. KRIST I N A MA R TO R A N Ol L I F E S T YL E S E D I TO R

Are you tired of heavy foundation weighing you down? Or perhaps you want something simple to just cover up some blemishes. Well, Tarte Cosmetics has an awesome new product that will fix all of your foundation and blemish problems. With the new Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer, you needn’t worry about dry skin, heavy liquid foundation, covering up blemishes, or even applying sunscreen. This one product does it all. It gives you light coverage, while revitalizing your dry skin and it applies a layer of SPF 20 sunscreen. Although before we get into the benefits of this product, you must be warned that even though it works for all skin types, it is not ideal for anyone who does not have normal or combination skin. If you have typically oily skin, it will streak and not give the same amount of coverage. If that’s not the case, then this weightless water-based formula will blends into your skin perfectly. It’s an oil-free product so there is no need to worry about clogged pores. The moisturizer also contains micro-treated mineral pigments to diffuse fine lines and wrinkles. Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer is chock full of awesome natural ingredients for your skin. Amazonian Clay is nutrient-rich and skin-balancing, which reduces dryness and flakiness, improves skin clarity, elasticity, firmness, and texture while removing oil from the skin’s surface for smooth application and wear. It also contains apple extract, camellia extract, chamomile, and Vitamins A, C, and E. All of these great ingredients combined will give your skin a soft and bright complexion. Plus the SPF 20 also adds the extra benefit of protection for your skin. No more need to slather sunscreen all over your face on the beach, because your foundation will cover it. A bottle of Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer can be found in your local Sephora and Ulta stores. Or if you’re more of an online shopper, you’ll be able to find it on Tarte’s website. There is only one size of the bottle and it costs $36. There are also eight different shades of moisturizer, so I would recommend testing it out in stores first. Don’t bother with heavy foundations, treat your skin to something light, which will keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun.



Pop Some Tags at the Thrift Store D A R R A G H N O L A N | S TA F F W R I T E R

I have a love-hate relationship with shopping for clothes. The hate part has its roots in shopping malls specifically. The crowds, the stores, the lighting, sometimes the friends I go with, all cloud my usually reliable judgment. I seem to find myself buying clothes I don’t like or leave empty-handed, frustrated and disappointed at the mall. Thrift shops became a curiosity of mine when I was getting bored of the same clothes and accessories at my favorite retailers, but they were also the solution to the problems I had with the fashion industry. The controversial fact about making clothes is that the brutality towards and exploitation of factory workers and recycled fashion gives shoppers at least some influence over the demand for new manufacturing. Changing the free-market attitude to accommodate the well-being of others has considerably less force, than say, Macklemore’s infectious song, “Thrift Shop,” but it amusingly covers the basics; thrifted clothes are cheap, old and smelly, on occasion. He forgets to include that thrifting is challenging, egalitarian, and ecological, but if shoppers have their doubts about second hand clothes, it won’t hurt to try it. The used-factor of the inventory can be a turn-off, but the trip is worth the fun of trying on old, stained wedding dresses and taking pictures to share on Facebook. The more a shopper visits though, the sharper their abilities go beyond just browsing. If one has all of the ingredients, including skill, time, and good supply, then a non-thrifter can easily convert. For those who are ready to shop, these are my tips and tricks to make the best of every piece. There is a right way to score at the thrift store and a right way to leave empty-handed. I have learned, through trial and error, to concentrate on preparation before expectation. A successful trip starts with slip-on shoes, clean socks, flexible pants, a comfortable undershirt, the exhibitionist inside of you and you’re ready for public try-ons. Now, set aside a Saturday morning and put the alarm on for 9AM, find directions to the

SDRESCUE.COM Shopping at Thrift Stores can be fun and light on the wallet. Be sure to practice these tips for your next thrifting adventure.

local Goodwills and Salvation Armies, get in the car with a large cup of coffee, and go. Being prepared for thrift shopping is essential for good thrifting chi and even better, a hint of spontaneity can help you find something better than what you’re expecting. Most stores are organized by color, so let color guide you. While there is a good amount of contemporary clothes in the mix, consider embellishments for basics, like a big, comfy grandpa sweater or a plaid mini skirt. Try on everything you pick, and if the store has dressing rooms, make multiple trips and decide on a few items at a time. No dressing rooms? It’s time to try on that leather jumpsuit in front of everyone, and its appropriate at thrift stores, so embrace it. Wearing socks is so important for trying on shoes, which might seem obvious, but I’ve put my bare feet in many a smelly boot out of necessity. I have Ralph Lauren riding boots in great

condition and a pair of perfectly worn-in Dr. Martens, both that I paid less than $5 for, but my feet fell subject to itchy irritation. I’m not complaining, but it really makes it worth it to come prepared. Do not buy something that looks good on the hanger and only kindof looks good on yourself; give it to a friend to try so at least you can enjoy it from afar. My last thrift store purchase included a knit turtleneck sweater and printed harem pants that are popular right now at Urban Outfitters and H&M. There were a few items that resembled Free People’s and American Apparel’s styles that I passed on, but the traffic at the Goodwill in Stratford, NJ is low enough that I see a lot of the same items from before and can take into consideration again. My next trips will be to Unique Thrift Store in South Plainfield, NJ and Impact Thrift in Feasterville, PA, and apparently they are both huge. For me, the best things in life are nearly free and recyclable.

Restaurant of the Week: Sang Key


Atmosphere Food Service Price Range

9/10 7/10 9/10 $ ($7-$12)

Last week I had the pleasure of trying several noodle dishes from Sang Kee restaurant in Cherry Hill, and I was simply amazed by how wonderful and authentic they were. Sang Kee is a noodle café located on 1601 Kings Highway North, in Cherry Hill. Everything served at Sang Kee is prepared fresh daily and is traditional Asian specialties. If you were ever looking for an awesome Asian meal, I recommend Sang Kee to satisfy that hunger. Sang Kee has awesome food, however it is relatively small. So I suggest dining there on a weeknight or if it is really crowded ordering

take out. The restaurant may be small, but it is simple and quaint inside. Everything is well kept and the tables are decent-sized. The wait staff is friendly and helpful, and everyone greets you with a smile. Even if you are just ordering take-out you will be treated kindly and efficiently. Although the service is great and the atmosphere tranquil, the best part about Sang Kee hands down is the food. As I mentioned before everything is fresh and authentic. The main attraction at this restaurant is their noodle dishes. One of the dishes that I tried was the chicken Lo Mein, and it was superb. Lo Mein consists of thin egg noodles, with napa, carrot, and bean sprouts. The Lo Mein at Sang Kee is unlike any Lo Mein I’ve ever had before. It’s light, the noodles are thin, and it isn’t doused in sauce. There’s no oily taste, and it leaves you feeling content instead of exorbitantly full. I also tried the Shanghai noodle, which is Udon noodles,

shredded pork, shiitake mushrooms, bean sprout, napa, scallion, and carrot. My father ordered the Singapore noodle dish which includes a spicy combination of thin grass noodles, with shrimp, roasted pork, onions, and peppers in an Indian curry sauce. I had a taste and it was delicious. It’s not too spicy, but it does have a little kick to it, so it’ss the perfect combination. Other noodle dishes on the menu include the Ginger and Scallion Stir Fried Noodles, the Pad Thai, the Needle noodle, and many more. Sang Kee also has an extensive appetizer, soup, and vegetarian menu. They also have some interesting rice bowl options like lemon grass grilled chicken and vegetables, or lotus leaf seafood with fried rice. While perusing the rest of the menu, I also found some other interesting dishes such as spare rib with bitter melon, chicken, and pumpkin in coconut sauce. For those of you who would like to start off with something simple that you know you would like, Sang Kee also has a traditional offerings section in their menu. The traditional offerings section features everyone’s favorites, like sweet and sour chicken, Kung Pao chicken with peanuts, and General Tao’s chicken. If dinner seems too extensive, stop by Sang Kee for one of their special lunch combos. You’ll get soup, spring rolls or dumplings, an entrée, and a choice of rice for less than $10, which is an awesome amount of food for such a small price. Sang Kee is definitely a must if you are looking for a good authentic Asian meal. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never had a better noodle dish. It’s also a plus that sang Kee is only a quick drive away from Rutgers. So grab a bunch of friends and try something new. Trust me; I wouldn’t rave about it if it didn’t deserve it.





Caffeinated Enlightenment: A Gleaner Guide to Coffee Shops D A R R A G H N O L A N | S TA F F W R I T E R

Coffee, in my experience, is a lifeline for the soul and all of its relationships. By that, I mean I would not have a soul or relationships without coffee, because coffee makes me a grounded person. As coffee is my salvation, the coffee shop is my temple. In the absence of the campus Starbucks, the Rutgers-Camden community rallied together in mourning, but most of us went to local haunts to hold ourselves over until the reopening. And for some of us, Starbucks has never been the apex of the coffee shop, because given any other choice, Starbucks has a fast food quality to its service and management, and that’s not chill in comparison. The anatomy of the perfect coffee shop is made of coffee, coffee-related beverages (see: Frappuccinos, under Necessary Abomination), the baked goods and breakfast foods, atmosphere, internet access, background music, cuteness of baristas and patrons; some aspects being more important than others for every caffeinated connoisseur. With Agent Dale Cooper of Twin Peaks as my spiritual guide, I went to find the greatest cup of coffee, among other important things, to give you this scored guide to coffee shops. Grooveground of Collingswood has been my go-to coffee shop since high school. I go with my oldest friends and bring my new friends because it’s informal, the baristas are cool, there’s good music and the café serves La Colombe brand coffee. Their outdoor Garden Bar has views of the garden center next door and comfortable furniture, hand-made by the owners with salvaged wood from the Philadelphia Naval Yard. They hang art from local artists and have musical guests almost every weekend. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this place is cool. On weekdays they have their rush at around 9 AM and 1 PM, and the cozy space can get cramped at those times. Le Bus sup-

plies their bread and pastries including: croissants, bagels, muffins and scones, but they also prepare sandwiches in their kitchen, wraps, and my favorite- hummus plates. I try the flavored croissants every once in a while, but I’m always bummed out because they taste like the chemicals from the plastic wrapping. In the summer, when I’m not hooked up to intravenous iced coffee, I like to have their Sparkling Coolers: the Mojito, Pomegranate Chill and Citrus Mango flavors are divinely refreshing. They have all of the autumnal favorites too, including Pumpkin Spice and Peanut Buttercup Lattes. The drinks are appropriately priced, but the food is overpriced for the quality. However, I still think you’re cool, Grooveground.. The next place I visited was Espressit, farther down Haddon Avenue in Haddon Township. The warm pumpkin-colored walls make the small space cozy and happy. There were small café tables and large dining room tables, spatially accommodating any group. I took a seat and ordered an iced coffee, also from La Colombe, and their vegan Zucchini Almond Muffin. The muffin was so pretty inside the refrigerated glass case with all of its pastry friends; then they put it on a cute ceramic plate and I ate it in three bites because it was actually that delicious. I loved that their muffins, cookies, lunches and prepared smoothies are refrigerated; everything is fresh baked on premises, so it’s great to have that non-plastic taste (no offense, Grooveground, but take note). Their prices are fair, too. I rarely go to this shop, but I will definitely be back. Jersey Java in Haddonfield really tested my chill-vibes and assumption that all coffee shops were as good as the last two. This place is the former Three Beans, alive before Wifi was a thing and legendary among regulars in the coffee shop scene. When Jersey Java opened, it had big mugs to fill. It still is always well

NJ.COM Be sure to stop by Espressit on Haddon Ave for an awesome coffee shop experience.

populated inside the café and on the patio, but I’m turned off to its cuteness because every time I visit, the same things bum me out. My friend and I ordered hot coffee, served in mugs, and went to take a seat on a pretty leather couch. Everything was cool until we actually sat, and the couch swallowed us up and spat us out; it was so sunken in and slippery. Not unrecoverable though, so we eventually found the couch’s sweet spots and got into conversation. Second bummer occurred as both of the mugs leaked hot coffee from the bottom. My prior visits I’ve had coffee to go and the paper cups leaked so much as well! I’m not sensitive to leakage until I’m getting burned and losing coffee that I paid a lot for. They serve expensive but yummy cheesecake, so I’m going to give them snaps for that. When I go to Philadelphia for any occasion, the trip starts, ends, or starts and ends with coffee at my favorite shops. I like Good Karma on 9th and Pine, Elixr on Sydenham, a side street off of Walnut between 15th and 16th streets and The Last Drop on 13th and Pine. Good Karma is chill, cute and spacious, so when it gets

busy, it’s not over crowded. They have good vibes going with Buddha statues and abundant plant life, and I love that they stock up on yogurt, juices and their own bagels and sandwiches for the complete breakfast experience. Elixr is a coffee-experience; they are the pioneers of the next cool way to drip, flavor or ice and the new store’s interior architecture and design are creative ways of using an open floor space. If you take coffee preparation seriously, Elixr is the place to go. The Last Drop is my third favorite for coffee, but it’s my first place winner for Iced Mocha. Iced Mocha is chocolate syrup plus steamed milk plus espresso. It’s everything the Frappuccino wishes it was, but can’t be, because Iced Mocha is its mature older cousin and therefore, more refined. If you like Frappuccinos, which I do, just not the coffee flavored ones, your choice does not mean you are immature; this is just what I believe goes on in the self-governed world of coffee and coffee drinks. Coffee is a privilege I’m grateful for. I respect its mystical powers and I don’t drink decaf. If you treat this guide with respect, you can reach caffeinated Enlightenment too.

Double Corn Bread


• 1 cup all- purpose flour • ¾ cup cornmeal • 2 to 3 tablespoons sugar • 2 ½ teaspoons baking powder • ¾ teaspoon salt • 1 tablespoon butter • 2 beaten eggs • 1 cup milk • ¼ cup cooking oil or melted butter • ½ cup frozen whole kernel corn, thawed

1.Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 2. In a medium bowl stir together flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, and salt. 3. Set this aside. Add 1 tablespoon butter to a 10-inch cast iron skillet or a round baking pan. 4. Place in the oven for about 3 minutes until the butter melts. Remove the pan from the oven, and swirl the butter in pan to coat the bottom and sides of the pan. 5.Meanwhile, in a small bowl combine eggs, milk and oil. Add the egg mixture all at once to the flour mixture. 6. Stir until just moistened, then fold in the ½ cup thawed kernels. Pour the batter into the hot skillet or pan. 7. Bake for 15 minutes or until a wooden toothpick inserted near the center


Double Corn Bread is a ten minute recipe that makes a great side dish to any meal. You might not know this, but Corn bread is a dish that dates back thousands of years. The Native Americans used ground corn, or as they called it Maize, for nourishment years before the European settlers arrived in the New World. European settlers soon learned the original recipes for corn dishes from the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Creek tribes. Shortly after they created recipes that used cornmeal in breads the way grains were used for breads in Europe. And thus cornbread was created. This recipe is so easy to make and delicious. It is best when made in a skillet. This happens to be the preference in the southern United States where cornbread has been called the “cornerstone” of southern cuisine. Cornbread can be cooked, fried, or even steamed. Steamed cornbread is mushy and chewy, almost like cornmeal pudding. If you prefer it you can also bake this recipe into corn cakes using cupcake trays. This recipe takes about 15 minutes to bake and makes 8 to 10 servings. Whether you love cornbread or have never tried it before, you will love this recipe which adds a twist of, you guessed it, more corn!



It’s a Date



Etsy Seller Spotlight


Paying for Dinner KRIST I N A MA R TO R A N Ol L I F E S T YL E S E D I TO R

How many times has this happened to you? You’re out on a nice date, finishing up your meal and chatting, when the dreaded bill gets placed on the table by the waiter. Unsure of who should payyou both sort of just subconsciously stare at it. Well, don’t let this awkward situation affect you anymore, because there are several bill paying etiquettes every couple should follow. In the past it was always assumed that the guy was the one who paid, but today things are a little different. According to Cosmopolitan, the person who does the asking is the one who pays. So ladies- if you beg your guy to take you to that new restaurant, it wouldn’t hurt to be the one who flips the bill. Even if he refuses to let you pay, don’t hesitate to offer tip, that extra ten dollars can mean gas for some people. Now when it comes to couples group dating, things can be a little trickier. The general rule is that each couple takes care of their portion of the bill. It sounds easy enough, if it becomes a discussion about who will pay then it’s still fine to ask the server for separate checks. Just make sure you aren’t asking for separate checks after you sitting for a moment to see whether your friends would be buying your dinner. If there wasn’t a clear expectation set up before the meal, it’s better to default to splitting the bill instead of sitting around awkwardly waiting for someone to make a move. If the discrepancy between what you ordered and what you owe is a small amount—say, less than five dollars—then you should just let it go. In the end, having to divide up that little amount will just be a hassle and will look like a waste of time. However, when the bill definitely tips more towards your way, you can say something. One thing to do is to look at the check and do your own math. Try something like, “Really? I think that yours is about ten dollars more. I’ll put in X amount.” Don’t wait for the reply; start to put your money down. They’ll see what they did and notice it. So don’t let dinner bills baffle you any longer. Use these rules to make sure you’re being proper.

POLICYMIC.COM Not sure whether you should pay for dinner or not? Well find out what the proper etiquette really is.

Shop Location Price Range Rating

Eyelashjewelry Seattle, WA $15- $60 5/5

Eyelashjewelry is exactly what it sounds like. Shop owner Natalie, who has been selling since 2010, hand crafts unique and creative false eyelashes. Rather than accentuating the length of your eyelashes, Natalie uses beads, chains, wire, and clay fimo cane charms as embellishments for her pieces. Many of her customers have said they wore them with costumes. No matter where you find yourself wearing an item from her Etsy shop, you can be assured that no one else will be wearing the same thing. Her eyelashes often have a theme, so you can easily find ones to match whatever costume or outfit you are planning to wear, no matter if you wanted to be a fish, a witch, or someone who wears glitter and rhinestone adorned carousel horses on their lashes. Her pieces are easily applied with eyelash or hair glue, and are sturdier than store brand costume feather lashes. If you are blessed enough to have an occasion to wear these multiple times, since the quality is so nice, you will be able to no problem.




Shop Location Price Range Rating


Clarendon Hills, IL $6- $70 5/5

VintageConfections is a Chicago based candy company that started in 2008 making custom fortune cookies. Heather Kelly, shop owner, began exploring other candies and turned the shop into a lollipop confectionary exclusively after being featured in a 2010 Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Her real claim to fame began in 2012 after she began making a line of lollypops that featured edible images. These lollys are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and showers since you are able to create custom images for her to encase in sugar. Her shop sells lollipop trees and stands so her artwork can be properly displayed at your event. Reviewers say they were pleased with the product and that they were delicious too. Her flavors range from cotton candy to champagne, and if you would like to make sure you’ll like the taste of your order, she has a $1 tasting sample option. As a result of her shop’s popularity, and the recognition she received from a CNET feature on her solar system lollipops, she opened a storefront in Calrendon Hills, IL.

Dear Scarlet, I love my girlfriend, but sometimes when I am playing video games she gets all weird about it. She says I don’t want to spend time with her because I want to play video games, but it honestly isn’t the case. I love her very much, but it is something I like doing, like watching tv or reading. Whenever I explain this to her it ends up being a fight. What should I say to her to make her understand? Sincerely, Guilty Gamer Dear Guilty Gamer, Your girlfriend feels like your video games are more important to you then she is. You can say you love her a million times but until you show it, she will never truly believe you. Now it perfectly okay for you to enjoy video games as a hobby but when it consumes you, it can start to affect your relationship. That is where the problem is. You should do something nice for your girlfriend to prove that you care about her and can put your relationship above video games. Once you give her more of your attention to her she will then know that you love her and not bug you about playing your video games.

XOXO, Scarlet

Shop Location Price Range Rating

Phillyloveslacquer Philadelphia, PA $10- $85 5/5

Phillyloveslacquer is a homemade nail polish company run by Ester Fox, a Jersey born and self-proclaimed Philly phlavored wife and cat enthusiast. Her nail polish adventure started in 2010 when she was encouraged by a friend’s success with their Etsy shop. Philadelphia takes a huge role in her products, as each color is made with a Philly landmark or neighborhood in mind. For her Halloween collection, All Holo’s Eve, she used inspiration from some of the most eerie places in Philly. The one pictured above is named Pere Lachaise after the cemetery that once stood at 15th and Montgomery in North Philadelphia. After World War 2 the cemetery was demolished to modernize the City. Monuments that were not claimed were then broken up and used for foundation material for the Betsy Ross Bridge. The area is now a lacrosse field for Temple University. The nail polish is clear with many sizes of black and white glitter (the swatch pictured is over a coat of blue nail polish) not unlike the bits and pieces the monuments ended up as. The rest of her collection is equally is chilling and pretty. When you purchase a full sized bottle, she donates a dollar to Forgotten Cats, a charity that helps rescue cats find homes.

Dear Scarlet, I am completely swamped with everything going on and with midterms around the corner, I think I am going to explode. I know how to de-stress, but how do I manage everything? I need help, please! Sincerely, Overrun Ollie Dear Ollie. Stress is a normal part of adulthood. Now is the time to perfect time management skills and learning not to procrastinate. When things begin to feel too hectic it’s good to take the time out to do something nice for yourself. Take a walk, or a nice hot bath and that may just do the trick.

XOXO Scarlet

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