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We moved our College Avenue Campus facility to the Gateway Transit Village


University Career Services

Mid-Year Report

Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

University Career Services Mid-Year Report 2013–2014


Career & Internship Fairs


(fall 2013 vs 2012)



increase in the numbers of employers

32 Fair Revenue (fall 2013 vs 2012)





increase in fair revenue increase in career fair student attendance


University Career Services Mid-Year Report 2013–2014

CareerKnight Postings

(fall 2013 vs 2012)

CareerKnight is our online system where potential candidates can apply for internship, part-time, and full-time positions.

increase in full-time positions in CK

increase in internship/ co-op positions in CK





University Career Services Mid-Year Report 2013–2014


On-Campus Interviewing Program

(fall 2013 to 2012)

Employers review student applications and invite potential candidates to interviews during their campus visits.


+ +

% %

increase in the number of interviews conducted


+ +

% %

increase in employers participating in On-Campus Interviewing

How employers rate the OCI program: Please rate the following Number of evaluations Planning to return next year 107 Information provided 94 Resume appearance 107 Student preparation 106 Staff assistance 107

Average score 4.59 4.49 4.36 4.22 4.78

Average score is based on a 5 point grade scale 5 = strongly agree to 1 = strongly disagree


University Career Services Mid-Year Report 2013–2014

Career Clusters

Career Clusters are our new way of organizing our career development strategy around industries while maintaining ongoing communication with academic departments. Career Development Specialists are assigned a cluster (e.g., Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math; Business & Communication; Arts & Humanities; etc). They work with students interested in those fields, develop hiring strategies with adopted employers, and work with faculty representatives closely aligned with those particular career interests. We moved from major-centric strategies to a more industry-centric way of organizing our work.

12 PROGRAMS Conducted

aligned to the various clusters including industry networking events and “How to find an internship in…” workshops.


students have selected a cluster within CareerKnight

University Career Services Mid-Year Report 2013–2014


Rutgers Internship & Co-op Program (RICP)


spring-fall 2013

spring-fall 2012

RICP is an online pass/fail internship and co-op course for academic credit during the fall, spring, and summer sessions (winter session is not an option). The course consists of career-related assignments. Employers must complete midterm and final performance evaluations of the students. Course credits apply toward graduation as general elective credits.




increase in students participating in RICP (spring–fall 2012 compared to spring–fall 2013)

launched an online RICP system leading to a 32% increase in spring 2014 applications


University Career Services Mid-Year Report 2013–2014



Student Preparation Programs +25% “The program gave me a mentor with whom I was able to build a strong relationship. This led me to an interview with Goldman Sachs Sales and Trading, and ultimately led to a full-time offer.” Greg Lerner, Senior Class of 2014

Road to Wall Street Program Participant


150+ students

participated in the Road to Wall Street Kick-off Event

increase in overall workshop attendance

decrease in counseling appointments

(Note that we have a lower counseling capacity while hiring new staff and moving facilities)

432 students

participated in our two new Drop-in Resume Clinics

University Career Services Mid-Year Report 2013–2014


University Career Services New Strategic Plan By the Numbers



Rutgers University Career Services | Strategic Plan 2013 - 2016






ACTIONS Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

“It is very impressive! I will use it for inspiration when our planning process unfolds.” James W. Hughes, Dean Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

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University Career Services Mid-Year Report 2013 - 2014  
University Career Services Mid-Year Report 2013 - 2014  

Tracking our progress is key to the success of the University Career Services. This report was create to provide evidence of our work.