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TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

Visual Strategy

Our Tea Story Timeline Yesterday's Personality Today's Personality People Who Love Us Rebranding Objective Competitives Analysis Strength SWOT Analysis

Our Tea Story Andy and Nancy opened a teahouse at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia. They came up with the idea of opening a teahouse when they went on a road trip. Andy and his wife noticed the gravitation of America towards wine and coffee, so they decided to put their life savings into the business. They named their first store Elephant Tea Co. Andy always intended to introduce specialty tea to other tea drinkers, so he displayed his store with a lot of gadgets, to attract more people to learn about specialty tea. The founder also changed the name of the brand from Elephant Tea Co into Teavana.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

Between 2005 and 2008, the success of the business allowed the doubling up of stores to more than 50. Andy acquired Teaopia for $26.9 million and gain an additional 46 stores in 2012. As time passed, the store counts rose to 246 across the United States, and Andy planned to build more. At the end of 2012, Starbucks bought Teavana from Andy, and he kept assisting Starbucks to operate the business.

History of Teavana





Andy displayed his store with a lot of gadgets to attract more conventional tea drinkers into specialty tea.

The name changed from Elephant Tea Co to Teavana, and they also acquired many prime mall locations in North America.

Teavana was founded by Andy Mack and his wife. They opened their first teahouse at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia.

TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

The stores numbered to more than 50.


The visitors flow rate decrease and the sale of Teavana declined.


The mall stores had slowly shrunk. The reduce of foot traffic in the mall impacted the company, and they decided to close 77 stores.

2017 Teavana acquired the Teaopia for $26.9 million and additional 46 stores. The store count had risen to 246.


Teavana hired a group of people to rebrand their business.


Yesterday’s Personality

Healthy Peaceful Calm Aromatic Enjoy Deepness 12

TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

Today’s Personality

Energetic Passionate Relax Leisure Refreshing 14

TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

People Who Love Us Adela Lee 30 years old/ Blogger Adela loves to travel around the world. She enjoys being in nature and the sunshine. She is a woman with a good temper, and has a dog that always follows and walks around with her. She hangs out with friends during the weekends, and goes to the cafe to meet friends. She loves to share her life with her net-friends.

Alvin Reeder 24 years old/ Interior Designer Alvin is an interior designer, and also studying for his M.B.A. He wants to learn more and have a leg up in his career. He always stays up late. He goes to bars and drinks with his friends only on Fridays. He never goes shopping unless he needs something.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

Peter Thomas 40 years old/ Business Man Peter goes to work every day. He lives with his wife and two children. He wakes up very early to exercises before he goes to work. He is interested in cooking, and has a lot of friends. He loves to invite them to his home and have parties. He has good relationships with everyone. People like him.

Vicky Kuo 21 years old/ College Student Vicky is a student athlete. So she spends most of her school time on practicing golf and attending competitions during the season. She always finishes her homework as soon as the teacher assigns, so she can have more free time to relax. She rarely hangs out with friends because she has a full schedule.

People Who Love Us Lucia Lin 17 years old/High School Student Lucia enjoys drawing. She goes to galleries and museums that bring her inspirations, and loves to draw her friends into illustration figures and give to them as gifts. She always goes to the park and relaxes on weekends.

Felicia Anderson 28 years old/ Freelance Art Director Felicia has a flexible schedule. She loves to do sports. She spends 3 hours a day running, yoga and fitness work outs. She makes a lot of friends, by going to the gym, and enjoys this kind of healthy life.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

Rebranding Objective

The brand will provide tea drinkers a new energetic feeling. Teavana will bring a new image of drinking tea for the youth. Loose-leaf tea does not only stand for older and healthy, but also a unique experience. We will provide our customers energy drinks that become the healthiest beverage.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

The Mission

Teavana Teavana creates creates and and promotes promotes good-tasting, good-tasting, energetic energetic and and healthy healthy drinks. drinks. We We strive strive to to introduce introduce specialty specialty drinks drinks to to the the youth youth of of today. today.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

The Soul of Our Tea

We Provide you the specialty energetic formula.

Current Competitors

Tazo is a tea company founded in Portland, Oregon. Tazo offers teas that blend herbal, spices and botanicals. They provide complex tea with unique flavors.

David’s Tea operates over 200 stores around Canada and United States. They have the largest collection of tea in North America. They also carry well designed tea accessories.

Adagio Teas is a brand based in Chicago, Illinois. They sell a variety of tea blends and tea accessories and focus on Online store more over than retail stores.

Tealyra is birthed in Montreal, Canada, in 2010. Their three big categories of tea are Loose-tea, matcha tea, and blooming tea. They include over 500 different tea and blends.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

Upton Tea Imports established in 1989. Their goal is to provide North America a tea service that can only found in Europe. They offer a variety of looseleaf tea, organic tea, and tea blend.

Fava Tea opened their first store in December 2007. They offer Full Leaf Tea and Flavored Sugar. They also provide teaware that can easily make tea.

Full Leaf Tea Company provides many flavors of tea blends. They offer pure tea with no artificial flavoring and they also offer a huge collection of USDA Organic certified teas.

Mahalo Tea Company creates natural beverages. They offer customer blends from Hawaii including the best pineapple, mango, and papayas. The provide the flavors that combine fruit and tea.

Adjacent Competitors

Gong Cha was a Taiwanese drink shop originally based in Hong Kong in 2006. They offer fresh tea taste drinks using Taiwan Premium leaf tea. They also operate 1000+ stores all world-wide.

Teapioca Lounge is a tea drink and dessert store base in Austin, TX. They offer a range of tea from cream tea to fruit tea. They also provide high quality topping to make their drinks taste special.

Dobra Tea is a tearoom based in Prague in 1993. They offer high-quality tea from Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Japan to Vietnam. They want to let people in small town, taste tea from the world.

Honest Tea is a bottled organic tea drink founded in 1998. They created tea drinks that are organic and sweetless. They offer tea drinks for kids and sports. They also include summer refreshers.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

Lipton is a British Tea brand owned by Unilever and PepsiCo. They offer tea categories from ice tea, tea-bag to pure leaf tea. They also have ready-to-drink beverages sold by PepsiCo.

Arizona Tea is a founded in 1992 in Woodbury, New York. They offer flavored ice tea, juice cocktails, and energy drinks. Arizona was known for it’s “Big Can” that priced 0.99 in each store.

Jamba Juice operates over 875 stores in the United States and other different countries all around the world. They offer fresh juice, fruit smoothies, and energy bow.

Nestea is a brand of iced tea and cold beverage that based in United States in 1977. They offer iced tea mix and bottled tea with real brew tea. They also provide organic tea and traditional tea.

Aspirational Competitors

Red Bull is an energy drink sold by an Austrian company created in 1987. Red Bull has the highest market share of all the energy drink all around the world. They offer various flavors and edition.

Monster Energy is an energy drink own by Monster Beverage. The company is also known for supporting a lot of sports events. 34 different drinks are under the Monster Beverage.

Core is a brand with three kinds of products, Core Hydration, Core Organic and Core Organic Energy. Their organic product emphasizes natural and healthy. The drinks offer four flavors.

Pocari Sweat is a sports drink brand from Japan. It was introduced in 1980. This product is also presented as ion supply drink. They offer bottled drink and powder for mixing water.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

Starbucks Double Shot is the premium energy drink with Guarana, B-Vitamins, and Ginseng. The Double Shot is also a coffee drink blend with milk and delicious flavor.

Rock Star is an energy drink that was introduced in 2001. Their product includes 30 flavors. Rock Star is one of the top three energy drink brands in North America.

The Gatorade Company is a manufacturer of sports beverages. They offer their signature sports drinks, energy bars, and protein drinks.

Vitamin Water is a mineral water product under the Energy Brand that introduced in 2000. They offer six different kinds of Vitamin Water with multiple flavors.


Teavana is a ten year brand with strong brand recognition. We include loose-leaf tea, bottled tea drink and tea powder that can mix with water. We also include customizing flavors that can have more fun while drinking tea. You can pick your favorite flavor and create your own personalized tea.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

SWOT Analysis S




▪ Strong brand recognition by partnering with Starbucks. ▪ Include multiple flavors to choose from the physical store. ▪ Variety of items including loose-leaf tea, bottled drink, tea bags, and tea powder. ▪ Have more fun by customized the taste and flavor.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy

▪ Too Expensive. ▪ Only include a small group of target audiences. ▪ Takes time to understand the tea history and know how to drink loose-leaf tea.





▪ Lower the price of some products like loose-leaf tea.

▪ Big competitions in the tea market.

▪ Create in-store and online rewards for members.

▪ Decrease of mall visitors.

▪ Develop the partnership with other strong brands. ▪ Build online store. ▪ Host events. ▪ Open tea bars.

▪ People choose to buy drinks that are easy access.


TEAVANA/ Visual Strategy


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide

Visual Development Guide

The Old Tea The New Tea Sketches Chosen Logos Similar Logos Digital Drafts Wordmark Constructions Finalization

The Old Tea

The logo of the old Teavana is a person formed by rounded organic shapes and a logo mark. The color of the logo makes people feel friendly, warm and healthy, and orange and purple creates a comfortable feeling. The name of Teavana derived from Tea and Nirvana, and Nirvana is most commonly associated with Buddhism. The goal of the Teavana re-brand is to change the way people view drinking tea.


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide

The New Tea The new Teavana is a cup of tea showing movement inside and trying to getting out. In the logo, we show more energy and excitement to represent our new tone. Our goal is to start your day with a cup of fresh tea.


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide


By incorporating the energetic tone of the brand, we come up with different concepts for the logos. We decided to add some movement and motion to it to make it more fun and exciting. People can feel relaxed by looking at circles and rounded shapes.


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide

Chosen Logo The teacup became an icon to explore. We decided to incorporate some little elements to create a simple and clean logo for Teavana. The wave inside the cup could be different to show more movement inside it that represent more about energy and action.


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide

Similar Logo

To avoid similarity with other brands, we find out some similar logos with cups. We discovered that many brands use cups as logos but included different elements.


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide

Digital Drafts

Different wave-shapes were explored to show feelings of energy.


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide

Wordmark Constructions

The weight and the font are the considerations of our wordmark.


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide

Tea ana

ana TeaTeaana

Tea ana ana

Finalizations Our logo combines the wordmark Teavana with the teacup instead of the “V.� The straight lines represent energy that coming out from the teacup, and the lines under the teacup also provide a gentle feeling for all the straight lines in the logo.


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide


TEAVANA/ Visual Development Guide


TEAVANA/ TEAVANA/ Visual Visual Standards Standards Guide Guide

Visual Standards Guide

The New Brand Our Logo Mark System Look/feel Voice Photo Style Business Advertisement Business Extension

Our Logo Our logo is straightforward, easy to understand and memorable. The lines and stroke include our own rule to make them fit together. The logo is thin, but it also contains the straight lines that provide energy, but also include a warm feeling.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

Mark System

Inline Signature

Vertical Signature

By placing the logo and the wordmark together, they need to have rules of combinations to be complete. The alignments of the shapes and the lines are the standard that everyone is required to follow. The wave inside the cup needs to be the same arc on both sides, the three color lines need precisely the same length and width.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

Clear Space

To make the logo consistent, we need to create clear space for the logo. We make our logo into a box and create four squares at the corner as the clear space for it.

Do/ Don't Incorrect logo spacing, position, color, size, and the ratio will not be used for our brand. Follow the guideline here. Never change the space, the length of each line, and the color of the word mark and logo mark of our brand.



TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide


Tea ana

Do/ Don't



TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide


Typefaces Kefa Kefa is an elegant modern slab serif typeface. It is suitable for both display and text sizes. The font shows our personality and the contemporary way that we want to go.

Aa Aa ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

Franklin Gothic Book Franklin Gothic Book is a typeface that been used in many media from books to billboards. It is suitable for display, headlines and also copies. A solid design typeface fits with Teavana.

Aa Aa ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

Color Palette Our colors show the feeling of Teavana. We are energetic, warm and full of passion, but we also include the sense of reflection.

#fdd044 PMS: 107C CMYK: 1/17/84/0 RGB: 253/208/68

#00a2a7 PMS: 333C CMYK: 79/15/36/0 RGB: 0/162/168

#f4982b PMS: 1495C CMYK: 1/47/94/0 RGB: 245/153/43

#024352 PMS: 302C CMYK: 95/62/50/37 RGB: 3/68/83

#d33c2e PMS: 485C CMYK: 11/91/93/2 RGB: 212/61/46


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide


The goal of our company is to be simple and to enjoy an energetic life. We want to provide a healthy environment where people communicate more with others, and spread energy and happiness to the world. We are willing to share the energetic and enjoyable experience with everyone.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

Photo Style

In our photography guide, all the people are outdoors with low angle shots. All the outdoor photos are shoot before afternoon. We want to have the vitality from the morning, and provide an energetic feeling for our audience. The morning warm natural light is also required in the transitional page that give a sense of a new start of the day. Indoor photos are for still life like teacups, loose-leaf tea, and the profile pictures. They all include requirements of the across and over angle for the shots. The overall tone of our photographs are energetic and refreshing.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide



e. t. 415-759-2626 w. a. 3251 20th Avenue, San Francisco, 94132

The basic design and format for the business cards reflects the design of this guide.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

......... 3251 20th Avenue,

San Francisco, 94132

e. t. 415-759-2626 w. a. 3251 20th Avenue, San Francisco, 94132



Our website includes an online store for people to purchase tea and teawares. The site is more about a place to share your tea experience. We will post photos that our customers share on social media.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide


New Arrivals!







In our advertising, we express the feeling of having a tea experience. The campaign shows different images of sharing your unique way to drink tea. It could be different places with different people. We want to convey the feeling of providing energy, and spread power.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

The Future Teavana will focus more on the online store. We will combine tea bars in order to attract more visitors. We will also create more opportunities for partnerships with other drink shops, providing our loose-leaf tea for them to build more delicious drinks. Teavana will also push out new products like bottled drinks, tea bags, and other energy combinations. By maintaining superior customer service for our loyalty customers, we will also create a loyalty program. Teavana will have a fresh start. One that is full of energy and will spread happiness. We will also spread our energy tea internationally, and make more people understand our specialty tea.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

Things to do ▪ Tea Drinker Competition

▪ Tea-tasting experience (Event)

▪ Learn the history of tea (Event)

▪ Share your tea stories (Event)

▪ Tea Poetry Contest

▪ Tea club

▪ Learn how to drink tea (Class)

▪ Tea dessert (Event)

▪ Exchange Tea (Event)

▪ Tea Nutrition (Class)

▪ Tea Party

▪ Pop up tea room

▪ Meet up Tea Friends (Event)

▪ Chitchat time (Event)

▪ Customize your tea (Event)

▪ Be a tea connoisseur (Event)

▪ Energy drink day (Event)

▪ How you make tea (Event)

▪ Share your tea flavor (Event)

▪ Packaging experience (Event)

▪ Combination Day (Event)

▪ Free drinks day (Event)

▪ What do you drink today?

▪ Teavana Day (Event)

(Social Media Event)

▪ Exchange tea recipe (Event)

▪ Tea culture (class)

▪ Create your tea garden (Event)

▪ Experience when tea live (Event)

▪ Tea lovers should know (class) ▪ Tea gifts exchange (Event)


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

Energy Drink Day

The event provide an opportunity for people to share the energetic life with each other. People get to know what energy food and tea that combine together starts your day. The event will be host like a picnic day. We also provide a great chance for people to make friends.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

Tea Club

Tea Club is the best place to enjoy tea both indoor and outdoor. Members can join the tea trip and meet new friends, and share your experience. People can make tea for each other, and share recipes. You also receive new tea samples and try it instore.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

Teavana Day

Teavana Day is our biggest event that hold in outdoor. We find out our tea lovers and gather around outside and talk about everything you know about Teavana. We also teach you how to grow and make your own tea. We bring out our special tea in different flavors as many as we can for our members to try out. We also provide energy breakfast and food. People can aslo sign up to become a member at Teavana Day.


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide


TEAVANA/ Visual Standards Guide

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