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Philanthropy. Leadership. Collaboration.


For more than 20 years, The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis has been uniting women and helping to break the cycle of poverty through our philanthropy, leadership and collaboration. Our mission is to encourage philanthropy, foster leadership among women and support programs that enable women and children to reach their full potential. Our vision is to be an agent of change committed to a community of wellbeing and prosperity, where women live in sufficiency, strength, and safety, sharing their leadership and empowering their children.

This annual report is dedicated to Mary L. Wolff (1950-2015) and Henry D. Varnell Jr. (1928-2015) for their years of generous support and recent bequests to the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis.

Dear Friends,

The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis (WFGM) is proud to share our accomplishments for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. We are thankful for the contributions of our donors, volunteers, and community partners. Through philanthropy, leadership, and collaboration, each of you has helped us with Moving the Vision Forward. PHILANTHROPY With your support, WFGM raised over $1 million locally and an additional $1 million nationally for a record-breaking $2.5 million total funds from individuals, corporations and foundations. We advanced into the second year of our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan to reduce poverty by five percent over five years in zip code 38126, where 62 percent of adults and 76 percent of children live at or below the poverty line. At the Annual Tribute Luncheon, we announced over a $1 million investment to 22 grantee partners with programs focused on supporting the goals of Vision 2020 and introduced the WFGM Membership Campaign. LEADERSHIP Our board, trustees, staff, and volunteers are Moving the Vision Forward through their leadership and expertise, celebrating achievements in their respective fields both locally and nationally. WFGM successfully elevated our recognition of women’s leadership through one of our signature fundraising events, the Legends Award Reception. The award honors women in the Greater Memphis area whose life work represents the mission and vision of the Women’s Foundation. COLLABORATION The support of our donors made it possible for WFGM to leverage local and national partnerships, expanding our economic footprint and garnering millions in grants to support and implement services geared towards the economic security of women and their families while continuing conversations to tackle women’s issues. Moving the Vision Forward takes more than a single organization, it takes each one of our donors, board members, trustees, staff, volunteers and community partners to make an impact. It takes you. Thank you for another successful year committed to the families of this community. Sincerely,

Dr. Beverly Cross

Jennifer Oswalt

Co-Chair, Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis

Co-Chair, Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis 1

Philanthropy Since 1996, awarded to over


$17 million 470

has been

programs involving more than

The overarching purpose of the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan is to reduce poverty by five percent over five years in zip code 38126, where 62 percent of adults and 76 percent of children live at or below the poverty line.

local non-profits, including investments in advocacy and research.

With your help, we can continue to make Memphis a better



To support families in zip code 38126 in securing resources to meet their basic needs.

place. Join our efforts to empower low-income women to become economically self-sufficient and to provide strong role models for their children.










To equip residents with marketable job skills to gain living wage employment.

To ensure that all children age 0-5 living in 38126 will be prepared to enter and learn in kindergarten.

To develop positive outcomes in youth that include competence, confidence, connection and character.

To help families gain the financial education skills to help them reduce poverty.

The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis announced over a $1 million investment in 38126 to 22 grantee partners that received funding to advance the five goals of Vision 2020. 2015-2016 WFGM GRANTEE PARTNERS Advance Memphis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Booker T. Washington High School . . . . . . . . . . . Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis. . . . . . DeNeuville Learning Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Early Success Coalition. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Emmanuel Center, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Girl Scouts Heart of the South. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Girls Incorporated of Memphis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HopeWorks, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karat Place, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Knowledge Quest. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LeMoyne-Owen College CDC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$25,000 $10,500 $29,634 $20,000 $25,000 $25,000 $10,000 $20,000 $25,000 $15,000 $25,000 $10,000

Literacy Mid-South . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Memphis Urban League, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Neighborhood Christian Center, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . RISE Foundation, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Southwest Tennessee Community College Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . . Streets Ministries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Exchange Club Family Center . . . . . . . . . . . . University of Memphis Research Foundation Herff College of Engineering. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Urban Strategies, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YWCA of Greater Memphis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$19,500 $10,000 $25,000 $25,000

In April 2016 we proudly introduced WFGM Membership Levels and asked donors to help us meet

$25,000 $10,000 $20,000 $35,000 $50,000 $25,000

the $100,000 Hyde Family Foundations Challenge Grant. Members’ gifts were TRIPLED and DOUBLED as part of the challenge. We have strengthened our numbers to 600 members and raised $350,000 of which more than $100,000 are NEW Donors!

WFGM MEMBERSHIP LEVELS $100 – $500 Advancing Philanthropy Membership

OTHER AREAS FUNDED BY WFGM GRANT MAKING: Program assessment, research and evaluation investment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $80,000 Advocacy and research investment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $80,000 Technical support investment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50,000 Strategic initiatives – Walmart Foundation and W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $255,366 over three years Responsive funding and special projects in zip code 38126. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $80,000 The Center for Research in Educational Policy (CREP) will partner with WFGM to help measure the impact of the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan based on the: w Increase in full-time employment and earned income w Increase in residents with a high school diploma or GED w Increase in children enrolled in quality child care

$500 – $1,000 Friends of Change a Life Membership $1,000 – $2,500 Change a Life Membership $2,500 – $5,000 Visionary Membership $5,000 and higher Legendary Membership

“I am happy to join the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis! I have observed them for

w Increase in youth engaged in afterschool and summer programs

the past year. The work

w Increase in enrollment in postsecondary education programs

that they do? Beautiful. Dennis Thomas,

w Increase in families receiving regular health care checkups w Decrease in the high school dropout rate

thank you for sending me to the Luncheon. I think that sealed the deal!” – Jenae Scott-Robinson 3

Leadership WFGM is led by a


and a


-member Board of Directors

-member Board of Trustees representing a

cross section of philanthropists, business leaders, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. Its



-member full-time staff and over

volunteers serve under their leadership Moving the Vision Forward.

The collective economic and social impact of the life-long work of the 2016 Legends Award Honorees spans across education, culture, tourism, and the arts. In 2016, we revised the criteria for the Legends Award and created distinct categories that embody the mission and vision of the Women’s Foundation. Recipients were honored through original art and prose created in a collaborative effort between an artist and a writer to represent their life work. The pieces tour with the Legends Award Art Exhibition before becoming permanent displays in the Hall of Legends at the Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women. Honey Scheidt


A woman who has demonstrated leadership through community service and generously volunteers her time and talent to benefit a segment of our community. Artist – Yvonne Bobo | Writer – Emily Yellin

Linn Sitler


A visionary who demonstrates selfless dedication to creating positive change in the community and through activism, public and civic service has empowered constituencies. Artist – Yancy Villa-Calvo | Writer – Joy Doss

Beverly C. Robertson INNOVATION AWARD

A woman who has transformed her chosen field and has had a significant impact on advancing the broader interests of the community. Artist – Brenda Joysmith | Writer – Lisa Moore 4


WOMEN HELPING WOMEN Nisha Powers is a WFGM Board Member and a mentor for the University of Memphis Girls Experiencing Engineering (GEE), a WFGM grantee partner. Nisha, who is also the founder of Powers Hill Design, LLC , a “boutique” civil engineering firm, met Anne Raheem at GEE. GEE is a summer program that seeks to instill young women with confidence, interest, and awareness of the wide array of career opportunities within science,

More than 150 women attended the 2016 Modern Day Woman’s Conference: The Road to 2020, hosted by the Young Women Philanthropists (YWP). YWP is an auxiliary of WFGM focused on educating, empowering, and training the next generation of philanthropic women leaders. Participants attended workshops headed by over 30 women from various professional sectors including keynote speaker Teresa Younger, President and CEO of New York’s Ms. Foundation for Women. They spoke on topics ranging from professional development and community engagement to philanthropy and leadership.

technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Anne Raheem attended the program with her twin sister Anna and was inspired to pursue engineering as a career. Anne and Anna volunteer some summers as mentors and alumni of GEE and are both freshman engineering majors at Harvard. Anne is a summer intern at Powers Hill Design, LLC. Anna also interns at an engineering firm in downtown Memphis for the summer.

FIND YOUR POWER: PROFESSIONALISM AND COMMUNICATION TIPS In May 2016 the Women’s Initiative Think Tank (WITT) hosted the panel discussion and reception, Find Your Power: Professionalism and Communication Tips. Ursula Madden, Chief Communications Officer for the City of Memphis facilitated the discussion. Panelists included Penny Aviotti, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant; Laura L. Bresee, Executive Speech and Voice Trainer for Memphis Speech Solutions; and Janas Jackson, Diversity and Affinity Groups Advisor for FedEx Express. More than 100 women networked and exchanged communication strategies for presenting oneself in executive settings at the event, which was part of a series of mixers targeting local corporate women’s initiative groups.

“One of the most interesting things about GEE is that it was one of the only summer programs I could find that focused specifically on STEM and because of this program, my goals for the future are to start my own business and make a contribution to the world in a very positive way through drug research and development with bio engineering. I really do have the University of Memphis and the Women’s Foundation to thank for helping me

JOIN THE VISION To learn more about WFGM leadership and how to get involved visit

realize that.” – Anne Raheem 5

Collaboration WFGM collaborates with


of local and

national agencies to link public-private partnerships to make an impact on thousands of women and their families in the Greater Memphis Area each year. Through the power of collaboration, WFGM’s impact is widespread, producing outcomes that change lives.

LOCAL COLLABORATIONS Memphis South City Initiative WFGM played a major role as a backbone organization aligning people, resources, and coordinating community-based services through the twogeneration approach. WFGM’s role is pivotal in the redevelopment and revitalization of the South City area in zip code 38126. In support of the Vision 2020 goals, WFGM worked in collaboration with the City of Memphis and the Memphis Housing Authority (MHA) to secure a $3 million Jobs Plus Award and $30 million Memphis Choice Neighborhood Implementation grant from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The federal grants total $33 million. WFGM secured the commitment of 20 local organizations for collective pledges exceeding $22 million in additional support services for families in the 38126 zip code. NATIONAL COLLABORATIONS The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis received a $200,000 three-year grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation called Connecting Hearts, Hands and Philanthropy: A WFGM Collaborative Women of Color Project. The Women’s Foundation is also part of the Partnership for Women’s Prosperity, an $850,000 two-year grant from the Walmart Foundation awarded to six leading women’s organizations to support the economic security of women and their families.

MOVING THE VISION FORWARD Foote Home Residents Receive Tablets and Two Years of Free Internet Access The Memphis Housing Authority (MHA), Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and WFGM met with Foote Homes residents about ConnectHome, a White House national initiative to provide Internet access in low-income communities through a partnership with T-Mobile. This digital literacy program kicked off with the distribution of 600 tablets to Foote Homes residents. Each household also received free internet access for two years funded by the Women’s Foundation. “If we want families to live in the 21st century, we need them to have 24 hour access to the Internet and therefore the world.” – Ed Jennings, SE Regional Administrator, HUD 6 6



WFGM was one of seven women’s funds across the country invited to attend the Inaugural United State of Women Summit convened by the White House Council on Women and Girls on June 14 in Washington D.C. Executive Director and CAO, Ruby Bright; Deputy Director, Shante K. Avant; Co-Chair of the Board, Dr. Beverly Cross; and Board Trustee Cassandra Webster joined over 5,000 women from around the world for a large-scale effort to rally together advocates of gender equality.

After moving to Memphis from D.C., Jennifer Sciubba

During the summit Prosperity Together, of which WFGM is a member, announced the expansion of the Young Women’s Initiative (YWI) to 7 women’s foundations around the country. WFGM will begin YWI in Memphis in the fall with a series of listening tours for girls 15 to 21 years old. YWI focuses on investing and catalyzing resources to improve equity and prosperity for young women WFGM joined Prosperity Together to demonstrate the collective power of Women’s Foundations in effective grant making. In November 2015 at the White House Summit on Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color, Prosperity Together announced a $100 million commitment to women’s economic security over five years. As part of this commitment, WFGM will invest nearly $10 million over the next five years to secure economic prosperity for women and their families through the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan.

was looking for ways to get involved in the community. Shante K. Avant, Deputy Director of WFGM, recommended she join the grants committee. “She was right, it was such a great way to get to know my new city. It really touched my heart to get to go on the site visits. My first time going to one, we were talking to some women who are homeless and they told me some of the work they are doing in peer mentoring with other women who are homeless. I was so touched by it, I got in my car and cried. It was so moving to see something good going on in the community among the people who were struggling. As a social science professor, I read about social issues at the scholarly level and in a very detached way. My experience with WFGM has really given me a greater depth of knowledge about the complexity of social problems in the city, but also given me a greater sense of optimism about how individuals can really work together to tackle those problems.” – Jennifer Sciubba

Answer the call to community action by volunteering in our office, on our committees or at our annual events. Visit to sign up today. 7



June 30, 2015

For the Year Ended June 30, 2015

Current Assets Cash Investments

$ 959,422

Contributions receivable, net of allowance of $ 44,000

$ 1,365,230

Other receivable, net of allowance of $ 15,000

$ 76,011

Prepaid expenses Total current assets Property and equipment, net Long term pledges, net of discount of $ 11,684 Deposit Total non-current assets Total assets Liabilities and Net Assets

$ 6,971 $ 37,004 $ 7,950 $ 276,270 $ 3,824,218 June 30, 2015

Accrued vacation

$ 21,691 $ 111,708 $ 2,175 $ 113,883

Net Assets Unrestricted Board designated

$ 203,520


$ 802,736

Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted


Revenues and other support Contributions and grants

$ 846,807

$ 392.066


$ 1,238,873

Fundraising ($82,343 in-kind)

$ 599,011



$ 599,011

$ 3,821

$ 7,926


$ 11,747

$ (1,382)

$ (3,039)


$ (4,421)

$ 150,000

$ (150,000)



$ 1,598,257

$ 246,953


$ 1,845,210

$ 1,219,867



$ 1,219,867

Management and general

$ 207,871



$ 207,871


$ 353,921



$ 353,921

Total expenses

$ 1,781,659



$ 1,781,659

Change in net assets

$ (183,402)

$ 246,953


$ 63,551

Net assets at beginning of year

$ 1,189,658

$ 1,798,099


$ 3,646,784

Net assets at end of the year

$ 1,006,256

$ 2,045,052


$ 3,710,335

Investment income Realized/unrealized gain (loss) Net assets released from restriction Total support and other revenues

Program services

$ 2,541

Long-Term Liabilities Total liabilities


Expenses $ 87,476

Capital lease obligations

Permanently Restricted

$ 231,316

Accounts payable

Total current liabilities

Temporarily Restricted

$ 3,547,948

Current liabilities

Capital lease obligations - current


$ 1,140,314

$ 2,045,052 $ 659,027

Total net assets

$ 3,710,335

Total liabilities and net assets

$ 3,824,218

The financial information reported is derived from the audited financial statements prepared by Watkins Uiberall, PLLC, Certified Public Accountants and Financial Advisors of which may be obtained by contacting the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis.

Eva E. Mosby Treasurer and Finance Chair

Karen G. Johnston Nisha Powers Heidi Ramirez, Ph.D. Marilynn S. Robinson Amy Schaefer Stephanie Simpson Anita Vaughn Stacie Waddell Lynne Walker Barrie Wurzburg Tammy O. Young

Andrea Bienstock Organizational Effectiveness Chair


2015-2016 OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Beverly Cross, Ph.D. Co-Chair of the Board Jennifer Oswalt Co-Chair of the Board TaJuan Stout Mitchell Secretary

Marcia Bowden-MarchĂŠ, M.D. Education, Advocacy, and Research Chair Gale Jones Carson Marketing and Communications Chair Rosemarie Fair Grants and Programs Chair Mary H. McDaniel Policies and Procedures Chair Gretchen Wollert McLennon Board Development and Nominations Chair Sharon R. Ryan Development Chair Susan Stephenson Vision 2020 Development Chair

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kim Alexander Toni Boland-Evans Gina Brewer Denise D. Carpenter Shirlee M. Clark-Barber Roquita Coleman-Williams Teresa Dickerson Joyce Thomas Fykes Catherine Gammill

Celie Althoff Rosie Phillips Bingham, Ph.D. Kathy Buckman Gibson Barbara R. Hyde Becky Jones West Shaila Karkera Ellen Cooper Klyce Gayle S. Rose Phyllis R. Scruggs Jeanne T. Varnell Cassandra H. Webster

STAFF Ruby Bright | Executive Director and CAO Shante K. Avant | Deputy Director Cheryl Calcote | Finance and Operations Manager Mimi Duru | VISTA Volunteer Alberta Hope | Office Liaison and Interim Executive Assistant Erica Horton | Communications and PR Associate Patria Johnson | Grants and Programs Manager Michelle Lomen | Director of Finance Marlon Peace | Development Associate Lindsey Stanfill | Development Manager Patricia Thompson | Grants Writer Brittany Tuggle | Special Projects Liaison 9

2015 - 2016 DONORS WFGM MEMBERS Legendary– $5,000+ Anonymous Rebecca W. Ballou Marcia Rene Bowden, M.D. Mary Bowen Shirlee M. Clark-Barber Meg L. Gerber Kathy Buckman Gibson Tomeka R. Hart Barbara R. Hyde Dorothy (Happy) S. Jones Ellen Cooper Klyce Sylvia G. Marks Mary H. McDaniel Joyce A. Mollerup Snowden Morgan Joyce Nussbaum Jennifer K. Oswalt Marianne Parrs Martha Pitts Gayle S. Rose Sharon Ryan Gladys A. Sawyer Phyllis R. Scruggs Linda J. Sparks Susan Stephenson Laurie A. Tucker Jeanne T. Varnell Mary L. Wolff* Visionary $2,500 - $5,000 Carol A. Beachey Andrea Bienstock Rosie Phillips Bingham, Ph.D. Deborah Binswanger Mr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Landau Dr. Diane M. Long Dr. Sandra J. Reed Lee A. Roper-Batker Amy J. Schaefer Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba, Ph.D. Mary S. Shainberg Susan L. Springfield Lynne Walker Becky Jones West Change a Life $1,000 - $5,000 Kim B. Alexander Celie Althoff Jane Amaba Stewart G. Austin Shante K. Avant Ruth Thompson Bernabe Nancy E. Bogatin Gina Myers Brewer Ruby Bright Lila Beth Burke Amy Carney Denise Dahlberg Carpenter Jeanne Gray Carr Gale Jones Carson Leigh M. Chiles 10

Beverly Cross, Ph.D. Sheila Jordan Cunningham Laurie and Doug Daniel Beverly Doggrell Patricia & Charles Dudley, III Ann E. Duncan Dr. Nathan Essex Rosemarie Fair Martha Hickey Fogelman Catherine Shelton Gammill Lucia Flowers Gilliland Bobbi S. Gillis Donna G. Goodman Diane Halperin Sharon Devine Harris Robert Hunt Dr. Jeanne Stewart Jemison George and Betty Johnson Dr. Rose M. Johnston Dorothy D. Jones Edith Kelly-Green Lisa Ann Krupicka Kim L. Lasko James Litzlow Ursula Madden Lund William D. McCorkle Frances James Metheny Michelle Nelson Miller Eva E. Mosby Sherry Swinson Perry Nisha G. Powers Greg and Kimberly Ring Dr. Marilynn S. Robinson Carol Lee Royer Beverly Sakauye Helen H. Scheidt Mel and Pearl Shaw Stephanie Simpson Nancye B. Starnes Jill Steinberg Judith A. Steinmeyer Patricia B. Stringer Patricia Holley Thompson Nina R. Thornton Harry M. Todtman Lynne Jordan Turley Chalmers P. Valentine Kimberly Walker Regina Walker Belinda G. Watkins Cassandra H. Webster Monica N. Wharton Eileen Wishnia Tammy O. Young Friends of Change a Life $500 - $1,000 Norma D. Atkins Rob & Vicki Baird Ms. Beverly Baker Toni Barnes Rosetta (Joey) Beckford Denise R. Benham

Stanley J. Blue Toni L. Boland-Evans Pam and Andy Branham Shunji Brown-Woods Lori Brunson Kathryn G. Cannon Pamela Z. Clary Roquita Coleman-Williams Sara Cook Reverend Senter Crook Cynthia B. Cross Tyree Daniels Ms. Dara D. Davis Teresa Dickerson Hughetta Dudley Virginia Dunaway Daniel Evans Susan Bach Faber Dr. Elizabeth Finch Lynne Frawley Ms. Lynsey L Freeman Michelle Vick Fulmer Brenda Gaines-Ollie Poorna Gajjar Ellen Grimes Miranda Harbor Iris K. Harkavy Deborah Hester Harrison Kim C. Heathcott Alice F. Henry Sherrie K. Hollis Sara M. Holmes Gloria Horner Pamela Houston Sherica Hymes Dr. Stephanie Ivey Joy K Johnson Jennifer Johnson Rev. Mimsy Jones Tsiti Jones James Jones Carol W. Jones Linda Stone Kaplan Shaila M. Karkera James and Mary F. Keegan Rita Kersey Dr. Shirley G. Key Ms. Ruth M. King Wight F. Laminack Rose Landey Kathy G. Ledbetter Sherita Lee Lillie Lee William & Betty Loewenberg Dr. Mary N. McDonald Gretchen Wollert McLennon Dr. Shamim Moinuddin Pat Moody Dr. Theresa M. Okwumabua Ana Olivera Marina Pacini Dr. Ana Neel Palmieri Carla A. Peacher-Ryan Phelisha Pierce-Harris

Myra C. Pierrotti Agnes M. Pokrandt Carol Prentiss Dorothy Gunther Pugh Heidi A. Ramirez, Ph.D. Meryl Shahun Rosen Judith E. Royal Sharon Rozzi Nancy E. Russell Amy Ryan Diane G. Sachs Esther Saltzman Susan Sanford Erin Schultz Ann Schultz Calandra Shannon Melanie & O’Farrell Shoemaker Ms. Linda Sitler James Smith Patti Anne Smith Rev. Gina Marcia Stewart Anne Stodola Dr. Jennifer A. Stone Mary Tate-Smith Telesa Larae Taylor Ms. Madeleine Cooper Taylor Diana L. Taylor-Walls Priscilla Teixeira Allison M. Vance Anita S. Vaughn Cynthia E. Vaughn Kimmie McNeil Vaulx Jane A. Venson-Talford Ellen Vergos Stacie M. Waddell Sonia L. Walker Debra Wallace Tosha Ward Rychetta Watkins Ruby R. Wharton Shanda Wicker Virginia (Ginny) E. Wilcox Linda L. Williams Burnetta Wright Ginny W. Zanca Sandra Zehntner Advancing Philanthrophy $100 - $500 Rep. Raumesh Akbari Susan Alexander Lisa Allen Cathy Lackland Allen Constance Aisha Ameen Lisa Anderson Belinda Anderson Michelle R. Armstrong Catherine G. Arnoult Benedict Arogyaswamy Jeanne Coors Arthur Natasha R. Ashworth Roshun Austin Connie Avery

Teresa Bailey Kimberly Bailey Annie Bares Elizabeth C. Barnett Toni Barrett Sherita Beard-Lee Jennifer Beck Diana Bedwell Josephine A. Bennett Miska C. Bibbs Dot Bilsky Anna Vergos Blair Melanie Blakeney Shannon Bledsoe Karen M. Boozer Cynthia D. Bowers Martha Boyd Marcia Boyd Stacy S. Bramlett Linda Bridgeforth Madison Simone Bright Susan J. Britton Maury Bronstein Lillian Hammond Brown Cary Brown Tyrina Browning Victoria Bruns Willie E. Burley Stephanie Butler Erika Walker Cain Cheryl W. Calcote Gwendolyn Callian Gail D. Cannon Martha Carr Susan M. Carr Oppenheimer Malorie Carrigan Jessica Croslow Chandler Susan and Barry Chase Trevia Chatman Patricia Clark-Ellis Shirley Cobbins Nancy Coffee Ashley Coffield Viola ONeil Cole Darrick Cole Carmen F. Coleman Councilman Harold Collins Cindy Dixon Conner Barbara Cook Judge Felicia Corbin-Johnson Lucia W. Crenshaw Barbie & Ray Dan Carol A. DeForest Yolanda S. Dillard Karen D. Doyle Jed Dreifus Amy Ferguson Dudek Martha Ann King Duncan Catherine Durant Paula M Dycus Mary Earheart-Brown Amanda Eckersley Louise Ellis Anne Engstrom

Nanette Faris Nanette Farris Rowena A, Featherstone Sandra L. Federico Joy Ferreira Phyllis M. Fickling Sarah J. Fitch Deborah M. Flaherty Julie Flanery Rose Jackson Flenorl Kay Floyd Quran Folsom Alvin Franklin Patricia A. Franklin-Norman Lynne Frawley Thelma R Freeman Delmer Fuller Tiffany Futch Kim and John Gaskill Roselle K. Gause Christina Geibel Billie Gale Gholson Judge Julia Smith Gibbons Mary Anne Gibson LaFrancine Gibson Pearl Stephens Gibson Joyce Gingold Caroline Glenn Anastasia Gonzalez Laura Goodman-Bryan Stephany Goodnight Leann Ann Grabski Stephanie Gray-Yeager Mary Jo Greil Carol Guenther Nancy Hajjeh Coasy Hale Sheila Hall Claudia Haltom Rebecca Mosby Halvorson Donna Hampton Barbara Hanemann Robert A. Hanrahan G.A. Hardaway, Sr. Carolyn Chism Hardy Ruth Hays Tiffany L. Hendricks Honorable Judge Gina C. Higgins Pamela Hill Deni Hirsh Barbara L. Holden-Nixon Janice M. Holder Kenya Holmes Latasha Holmes Beverly A. Holmgren Erica Horton Rose C. Hudson Marcia F. Hunter Trina Brown Hyman Janis Malkin Iansmith Tanya Isabel Janas Jackson Laurita Jackson

Peggy Jalenak Diane Jalfon Alice James Dr. Lisa K. Jennings Whitney Jo Lora C. Jobe Onie G. Johns Lisa Johnson Judy O. Johnson Joyce Jeannie Johnson Bettye S. Jones Brooke Jones Barbara Jones Mary E. Jones Carol W. Jones Pamela Herbin Jones Monica Jones Teresa Dyann Jones Sherila Jones-Tuggle Jennifer Karr Carol S. Katz Kathy Kelley Lauren Kennedy Susan M. Kenny Matthew Keyser Ruth M. King Barbara C. King Maudie Kite-Powell Shirley B. Klass Roger Knox Judy Kriger Himali Kumar Terica Lamb Ann W. Langston Barbara B. Lapides Virginia Laster Demetra Lawrence Katherine Lawson Sherrie Ledford Sherrill Smith Lemmi Carol C. Levy Doris Lewis Jeana Littrell Shirley L. Lupfer Faith Lutat Juanita Madere Betsy Mandel-Carley, LCSW Mary Mann May Lynn Mansbach Estella H. Mayhue-Greer Jacqueline Davis Mayo Erin Mazude Myra Mccaskill-Crenshaw Sarah & James A. McDonald Tarrin McGhee Barbara McKee Linda McNeil Ann R. and Roger W. Meier Billie Melton Mary Jo Miller Patricia Miller TaJuan Stout Mitchell Kellie Mitchell Delia Klank Molinski

Stefanie Moore Betsy Moore Hazel G. Moore Donna Morley Ann Mullis Commissioner Amy and Steve Mulroy Arris R. Murphy Margie Malone Neal Sheri Neely Emily Neff Ida Nelson Kay B. Newman Melissa D. Nichols Karen F. Nippert Helen W. Norman Sarah H. Norton Rosaland Odell L’Shaun R. Overton Robbin Page Raygene C. Paige Deanie Parker Frances Paulson Colleen Payne Janet Phillippi Chaplain Brett Porterfield Kimberly B. Post Ruby Powell Dr. Bina Rao Jessica Reeves Christine P. Richards Helen (Sandy) T. Riggs Karen Mason Riss, LCSW Tammie Ritchey Marsha R. Roach DeQuanda Roberson Pam Crittenden Roberson Lindsey Roberts Kia Robinson Lillie Robinson Anniece Robinson Randa Rosenblum Peggy Rounds Dr. Wanda Rushing Jigna Sampat DeJara E. Sanders Kathye S. Sbravati Karen Scatamacchia Farrah B. Schneider Danielle K. Schonbaum Jenae Scott-Robinson Rachel Shankman Karen B. Shea Shirley Shelton Gail J. Silverstein April Simmons Belinda S. Simpson Brandi Sisnett Linda Sitler Ernestine B. Small Carol A. Smith Karen J. Smith Frances Smith Patricia M. Smith

2015 - 2016 DONORS (CONTINUED) Patsy Smith Ham Smythe, III Anne Sparrenberger Lindsey Stanfill Joy Rogers Stout Carol Straughn Tina Sullivan Lauren M. Taylor Telesa Larae Taylor Shelia Taylor Diana L. Taylor-Walls Gloria J. Thomas Allyson V. Thomas Beverly C. Thomas Lee Thompson Kendra Tidwell Shayla Smith Todd Emily Trenholm Juanita W. Truitt Kirbi Tucker Lisa Turman Joy Turner Matthew and Michelle Veyser Amanda Viglietti Ana Yancy Villa-Calvo Stephanie Wade Ann P Wagner Desiree Lyles Wallace Ann Marie Watkins Wallace Tilicia L. Washington Debb Watson Karen Watson Linda Weiss Molly Jalenak Wexler Alice Wexler Linda White Janika White Eldra Tarpley White Nancy Sharpe- White Doris Whitson Joy Brown Wiener Paula M. Wilkinson Linda L. Williams Kathy S. Williams Lois Williams Jeani C. Williams Alexandra Willis Rosemary Wilson Spence Wilson, Jr. Brittany Wilson Martha C. Witherspoon Bert Adler Wolff Kristina Woo Zakiya Woods Genarda L. Wright Diana Wright Elle Wurzburg Rebecca Young Jan Young Barbara Young $1 - $99 Sonya Abran Julie Acosta

Christie Ahern Clara Allen Cynthia Allen Jeanne Alpert Janice Amelang Cathy W Andrews Barbara Andrews Susan Armacost Ruby Armour Joel Y. Ashner Shirley R. Bacchus Tehani Barton Jana Barton Teresa Bechel Kimberlee N. Becton Cindy Billingsley Snehalatha Borra Felicia Boyd Sharita Brownlee Melanie M. Burr Suzanne Carter Diana Carter-Brooks Deloris Clayborne Robin Colwell Janet Covington Doris Cowan Lois S. Currey Phillip l. Dagastino, Jr. Priscilla Davis Henrene C. Davis Carolyn Davis-Byrd Alicia Deere Barbara Doss Lisa Droke DeMere Dwyer Montgomery Laura Edwards Youndalyn Edwards Courtney E. Ellis Felts Lauren Estes, CFP Jacqueline Faulkner Gwyn R. Fisher Kaley Folk Rita Ford Tammi Franklin Sheena Freeman Caroline French Jessica Futch Jennifer T. Gaia Susan George Christy Gibson Linda Goodman Brittani Gragg Kimberly Grantham Vivian Hall Lakeisha Hall-King Kathy Hannah Ashley Harper Kere Harris Kimla Hill Elsie Holmes Louis Holmes Alberta Hope Shrhonda Hubbard Sankendra Hudson

Yvette Hudson Jennifer Quintero Hughes Derek Hunter Karen B. Ingram Alexandria Jenkins Gloria S. Jenkins Bridget Johnson Trinette Johnson Georgette Johnson Patria Etta Johnson Kassidy Johnson Rena M. Johnson Beverly Johnson-Logan John Harrison Jones Cynthia Jones Jessica Jones Linda Joplin Emily F. Kay April Knight Carole Knighton Katy Langston Melanie Lee Jamila Lee Trenya Lewellen Andria Lewis Shannon Little Breyana Lowe Jan Lowry Beverly Luttrell Jeralyn Major Alicia Malone Sherita Martin Reola Marshall McKinney Barbara Higgins Migliara Sierra A. Miller Bettie Miller Emily Mulqueen Deborah Walker Murphy Letithia Myles Elizabeth Neal Asia Nevilles-Smith Joann Nolte Jeanette O’Bryant Summer Owens Eldra Perry Erin Phillips James and Kathy Poe Meredith Powers Jackie Pride Lois Rainey Melvena Leake Reeves Olga V. Repelin Kirdn Riar Betty Roebuck Nickie Rosier Terrie M. Rucker Latisha Sago Marisleydy Sanchez Nicole Sandlin Paige Scheinberg Jacquelyn Ball Scruggs Calandra Shannon Lillie Simmons-Dear Traya Simpson

Justine M. Smith Derrice M. Snipes Lyndall Snyder Lindsey Stanfill Barbara Stapleton Jennifer Stokes Francine Stovall Larry Strong Belinda Tate Trelena Taylor Madlock Shervelle Thomas Harriet Thomas Kim Thomas Fannie Thompson Barbara Tillery Tasha Trent-Tate Darlene Truitt Fredricka Vaughn Kristin Walker Cyrilyn Walters Laquita Walton Rhonda Warren Rychetta Watkins Sharon A. Webb Lisa Webb McKenzi Webster Ashley N. White Joyce White Mary Lynn Williams Jackie Williams Ainsley Willis Debra Wilson Lesa Wood Adrian Word Alana D. Wright Jocelyn Dan Wurzburg Malarie Yates Corporation and Foundations $50,000+ FedEx Hyde Family Foundations Plough Foundation Sylvia Marks Charitable Trust Varnell Decedant’s Trust W.K. Kellogg Foundation Walmart Foundation, National WorkDev/Ecopp Walmart Foundation, State Giving $10,000 - $49,999 AutoZone, Inc. Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women Caesars Entertainment Comcast Independent Bank International Paper Joseph Nike, Inc. Urban Strategies, Inc.

$5,000 - $9,999 BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Community Trust Cummins, Inc. GCA Services Group International Paper Foundation Kroger - Delta Marketing Area McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc. Southwest Tennessee Community College Foundation The Urban Child Institute Valero Memphis Refinery $1,000 - $4,999 AT&T Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Bowden Internal Medicine, PLLC Buckman Bumpus Harley-Davidson Memphis Caesars Entertainment Calade Partners LLC CIGNA HealthCare Coca-Cola Bottling Company Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP Electrolux Memphis Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. Emmanuel Center, Incorporated EVS Corporation, LLC FedEx Express HR Recruitment, Training and Service FedEx TechConnect First Tennessee Foundation Gale Jones Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division GantSystems, LLC Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Inc. HopeWorks, Inc. Housing and Community Development Latino Memphis Lipscomb and Pitts Insurance Lokion, LLC MAA Madison Group, Inc. Maximus, Inc. McDonald Murrmann Women’s Clinic Memphis and Shelby County Film Commision Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc. Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau Memphis Cook Convention Center

Memphis Goodwill, Inc. Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation Memphis Housing Authority Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Morgan Stanley Nan McKay and Associates, Inc. New Direction Christian Church New Memphis Institute NexAir Orion Federal Credit Union Pinnacle Bank Powers Hill Design, LLC Quadel Consulting and Training, LLC Raymond James Financial, Inc. RISE Foundation, Inc. Sedgwick Claims Management Service Holding, Inc. Shelby County Government Shelby County Trustees Office Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel Siemens Industry The Canale Foundation The MED Foundation The Memphis Challenge, Inc. The Wexner Companies dba Joseph Triumph Bank United Way of the Mid-South University of Memphis – Engineering University of Memphis – Office of the President University of Tennessee Health Science Center Vaco Waddell & Associates, Inc. Watkins Uiberall, PLLC Well Child, Inc. Western Governors University Women’s Funding Network Workforce Investment Network Jocelyn Wurzburg, Mediation Services Youth Villages, Inc. $500 - $999 A Step Ahead Foundation Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. – Phi Lambda Omega Ballet Memphis Community Capital, Inc. & ComCap Advisors Community Legal Center Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Downtown Memphis Commission

Dress for Success Memphis First Tennessee Bank Gaskill Strategies Just Us Books Kendra Scott Stores Leadership Memphis Memphis Urban League, Inc. MIFA Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region T-Mobile United Capital Financial Management YWCA of Greater Memphis $100 - $499 Advance Memphis Archimania PC Ashtoria Aesthetics and Wellness Business Equipment Center City of Memphis Renaissance Business Center Community Health Charities Diamond Printing Company East Memphis Aesthetics Girl Scouts Heart of the South Grinder, Taber, & Grinder, Inc. Hope House Daycare Center, Inc. Langsdon Clinic LEO Events The Links, Incorporated, Shelby County Chapter Memphis Commerce Square Partners, LLC Memphis Flavor Memphis Library Foundation National Civil Rights Museum Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. NEXUS - A Proven Experience in Leadership Precision Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC State Farm Insurance Co. Street Ministries The Belz Foundation The Chic Urban Closet The Exchange Club Family Center The Salvation Army Tiger Promotions University of Memphis College of Comm & Fine Arts Wolfchase Honda/ Wolfchase Nissan Wolff Ardis, P.C. In-Kind Donations Libby Anderson Anonymous Ashtoria Aesthetics and Wellness

Beauty Shop Restaurant Bling by Meadows Bounty on Board Marcia Rene Bowden, M.D. Gina Myers Brewer Ruby Bright Browndog Lodge Bumpus Harley-Davidson Memphis Busters Liquors & Wine Caesars Entertainment Denise Dahlberg Carpenter Ceri Hoover Bags Christine Chambers Charming Charlie Cheryl Pesce Claire Ellers’ Fine Jewelry Shirlee M. Clark-Barber Coca-Cola Coletta’s Restaurant Comcast Contemporary Media, Inc. Designer Sylvia Collection Dinstuhls Candy Dorothy Collier Art Duncan-Williams, Inc. Susan Dyke East Memphis Aesthetics Energy Fitness Rosemarie Fair FedEx Express Air Operations Training Folk’s Folly Jen Frank Fundamental Fitness Catherine Shelton Gammill GantSystems, LLC Germantown Commissary Great Wines & Spirits of Memphis Heritage Tavern & Kitchen Hilton Hollis International, LLC Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Inc. Hit and Run Hot Yoga Plus Huey’s Hyde Family Foundations Innate Chiropractic & Wellness Itta Bena Restaurant (Above B.B.Kings Blues Club) Jaffe Studio Jim’s Place East John Chase, LLC Joseph Karen G. Johnston Karrington’s Kreations Kendra Scott Stores Kroger - Delta Marketing Area Lori James Boutique Malco Theater Marci Lambert Photography Mary H. McDaniel Gretchen Wollert McLennon 11

2014 - 2015 DONORS 2015-2016 In-Kind Donations (continued) Memphis Computer Support Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation Mona Esthetics Eva E. Mosby Terri Murphy MVP3 Entertainment Group NexAir Nike, Inc. Julia O’Keefe Lindsey S. Osborne Jennifer K. Oswalt, CPA Pavo Salon Peabody Hotel Eldra Perry Phillip Ashley Chocolates Pinot’s Pallete Playhouse on the Square Premier Designs Jewelry Proactive Heart & Vascular Ree’s Boutique Rodan & Fields Sharon Ryan Saddle Creek Annie Saulsberry Amy J. Schaefer Season 52 Esther Shin Stephanie Simpson Solutions Medical Center Stella & Dot The Cheese Cake Factory The Corkscrew The Memphis Challenge, Inc. The Orpheum Theatre The Rendezvous Restaurant The Treasure Chest The Wexner Companies dba Joseph Therapy Patricia Holley Thompson Trousseau II Shop Ms. Laurie A. Tucker Universal Asset Management, Inc. Verizon Wireless WKNO-TV/FM Mary L. Wolff* Every effort has been made to reflect the accuracy of our donors while compiling this list. If your name has been misspelled, omitted or misrepresented, please contact us at 901.578.9346 and we will correct our records. We appreciate your patience, generosity and understanding. 12

$50,000 + FedEx Hyde Family Foundations W.K. Kellogg Foundation Walmart Foundation, National WorkDev/Ecopp Women’s Foundation of California $25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous AutoZone, Inc. Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation, Inc. Bayer Independent Bank Walmart Foundation State Giving $10,000 - $24,999 Marcia Rene Bowden, M.D. Mary Bowen Comcast Dollar General Literacy Foundation Dr. Tommie Smith Dunavant Barbara R. Hyde International Paper Sylvia G. Marks Nike, Inc. Glenda A. O’Connor Rebecca Klyce Fund Gayle S. Rose Phyllis R. Scruggs Linda J. Sparks Susan Stephenson Sylvia Marks Charitable Trust The Pentecost Family Foundation The Redwing Group United Way of the Mid-South Urban Strategies, Inc. Jeanne T. Varnell Rebecca Webb Wilson Mary L. Wolff* $5,000 - $9,999 Rebecca W. Ballou Bank of America BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Community Trust C Spire Shirlee M. Clark-Barber Cummins, Inc. Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP Kathy Buckman Gibson Housing and Community Development Independent Bank International Paper Foundation Dorothy (Happy) S. Jones Edith Kelly-Green Brig Klyce Ellen Cooper Klyce Mary H. McDaniel

Memphis Housing Authority Snowden Morgan Martha Pitts Mary S. Shainberg Southwest Tennessee Community College Foundation The Urban Child Institute Valero Memphis Refinery $2,500 - $4,999 Andrea Bienstock Rosie Phillips Bingham, Ph.D. Bowden Internal Medicine, PLLC Ruby Bright Buckman Caesars Entertainment CIGNA HealthCare Coca-Cola Bottling Company Tosha Downey FedEx TechConnect Kroger - Delta Marketing Area and Bruce J. Landau Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Eva E. Mosby Nationwide Jennifer K. Oswalt Marianne Parrs Dr. Sandra J. Reed Cathy D. Ross Saint Francis Healthcare Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel Laurie A. Tucker University of Tennessee Health Science Center Lynne Walker Becky Jones West $1,000 - $2,499 Kim B. Alexander Celie Altoff AT&T Stewart G. Austin Shante K. Avant Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women Carol A. Beachey Deborah Binswanger Gloria Roberts Boyland Lila Beth Burke Denise Dahlberg Carpenter Gale Jones Carson Leigh M. Chiles City of Memphis CN Railroad Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Dr. Beverly Cross, Ph.D. Sheila Jordan Cunningham Laurie and Doug Daniel

Becky Deupree Hughetta Dudley Ann E. Duncan Delories A. Duncan EVS Corporation, LLC Rosemarie Fair First Tennessee Foundation Martha Hickey Fogelman Joyce T. Fykes GantSystems, LLC Lucia Flowers Gilliland Karen Garrison Goff Donna G. Goodman Carolyn Chism Hardy Janice M. Hill Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Inc. Dr. Jeanne Stewart Jemison Dr. Lisa K. Jennings Dr. Rose M. Johnston Dorothy D. Jones Linda Stone Kaplan Kim L. Lasko Linda Lazar, M.D. The Links, Incorporated, Shelby County Chapter Jeana Littrell Dr. Diane M. Long Ursula Madden Lund William D. McCorkle Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation Gale Jones Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division Nancy Morrow Kathy Olsen Linda K. Peppers Sherry Swinson Perry Nisha G. Powers Greg and Kimberly Ring Carol Lee Royer Jennifer A. Satre Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba, Ph.D. Shelby County Government James and Tammy Sneed Susan L. Springfield Nancye B. Starnes Jill Steinberg Judith A. Steinmeyer Patricia B. Stringer The Canale Foundation Katherine Smythe Thinnes Patricia Holley Thompson Nina R. Thornton Lynne Jordan Turley Chalmers P. Valentine Anita S. Vaughn Waddell & Associates, Inc. Kimberly Walker Debra Wallace Belinda G. Watkins Watkins Uiberall, PLLC Well Child, Inc.

Carole West Western Governors University Sharon J. Wheeler, Ph.D. Wolff Ardis, P.C. Women’s Foundation of Minnesota Anne Wulff Jocelyn Wurzburg, Mediation Services Youth Villages, Inc. $500 - $999 Debbie Allen Norma D. Atkins Ellen Austin Sherita Beard-Lee Nancy E. Bogatin Jennifer Bradner Jeanne Gray Carr Contemporary Media, Inc. Patricia & Charles Dudley, III Virginia Dunaway Karen M. Edwards Susan Bach Faber Michelle Vick Fulmer Brenda Gaines-Ollie Poorna Gajjar Bobbi S. Gillis Minna Glenn Dr. Brenda Hardy Deborah Hester Harrison Dr. Carol R. Johnson Rev. Mimsy Jones James and Mary F. Keegan Rose Landey Connie Lewis Lensing Ruth W. Lentz William & Betty Loewenberg Danita A. Macon Pat Matthews-Juarez Kristina McDaniel Michelle Nelson Miller Robin S. Orgel Marina Pacini Dr. Ana Neel Palmieri Carla A. Peacher-Ryan Tracy Pearson Carol Prentiss Rhodes College Meryl Shahun Rosen Dr. Wanda Rushing Esther Saltzman Helen H. Scheidt Erin Schultz Barbara (Bobbie) Shainberg Pearl Davies Shaw Rev. Gina Marcia Stewart Joan B. Terry Patricia Tripp United Capital Financial Management Ellen Vergos Reverend Martha B. Wagley Monica N. Wharton Juanita White

Eileen Wishnia Emily R. Woodside Burnetta Wright $100 - $499 Constance Abston Della Adams Angelia A. Allen Constance Aisha Ameen Barbara Andrews Verline Armstrong Ladye Margaret Arnold Catherine G. Arnoult Jeanne Coors Arthur Roshun Austin Elsie Lewis Bailey Austin Baker Beverly Baker Diana Baker James A. Baker, III Linda L. Barnes Linda K. Barnes Carol Barnett Nancy Barnett Ellen Barry Joy Bateman Jennifer Beck Rosetta (Joey) Beckford Kent Benjamin Azalea Black Stephanie Blaisdell Stanley J. Blue Laverne Bobo Elizabeth Bogatin Karen M. Boozer Martin P. Boscaccy Janet Boscarino Ritche Manley Bowden Martha Boyd Stacy S. Bramlett Maury Bronstein Billie P. Brooks-Carter Beryl Brown Lillian Hammond Brown Michelle D. Brown Shunji Brown-Woods Joyce E. Broyles Bernadette Bruce Gwen D. Bruno Gayla Burks Bernice Denise Butler Kathryn G. Cannon Amy Carney Molly Donahue Carr Karen Cassella Jennifer H. Chandler Susan and Barry Chase Kim Cherry, A.P.R. Laurie Christensen Dr. Erma Clanton Pamela Z. Clary Micky P. Clippard Pam Cobb Nancy Coffee Ashley Coffield

Yolandia C. Cofield Viola ONeil Cole Councilman Harold Collins Cynthia D. Collins Cindy Dixon Conner Barbara Conway Lucia W. Crenshaw Jayne S. Creson Jo D. Croner Tyree Daniels Himani Dave Cynthia Davis, Ph.D. Dara D. Davis Lauran W. Dellinger Priti Desai Chad Dickson Dianne R. Dixon Twyla Dixon Cindy Dobbs Jed Dreifus Naomi Dyson Delisa F. Eddings Karen Y. Ellis Patricia Emory-Walker Johnel Angel Evans Barbara J. Feibelman Elizabeth Ferguson Joy Ferreira Debra L. Fessenden Phyllis M. Fickling Michelle Fifer Dr. Elizabeth Finch Jackie Flaum Frances J Flood Rosanne Forgione Dr. Yvonne Fournier Patricia A. Franklin-Norman Michael Frick Dwight Fryer Annette Garner Kim and John Gaskill Roselle K. Gause Emily Roberts Gay Billie Gale Gholson Dorothy Goldwin Peggy Goodman Stephany Goodnight Martha S. Graber Lauryce Graves-McIver Mimi D. Grossman Betty Hale LaSonya Harris Hall Sheila Hall Cynthia L. Ham Donna Hampton Tomeka R. Hart Jacque Hayes-Fennell Kim C. Heathcott Cynthia Currin Henning Lawanda Hill Ethele Hilliard Fredricka A. Hodges Sherrie K. Hollis Sara M. Holmes

Gloria Horner Jane Houston Carissa Hussong Danielle Inez Danielle Ivy Shobha Iyer Deborah J. Jackson Laurita Jackson Mercedes Jackson Margarite Jackson-Jones Cheyenne Johnson Jennifer Johnson Rena M. Johnson Barbara Jones Bettye S. Jones Nicole M. Jones Shirley T. Jones Shaila M. Karkera Mohan and Pratima Karve Carol S. Katz Kathy Kelley Dale Kelman Dr. Shirley G. Key Ann D. Keyes Matthew Keyser Ruth M. King Dr. Vanja M. King Dorothy O. Kirsch Rose M. Klimek Roger Knox Judy Korones Lisa Ann Krupicka Radha R. Kumar Meta C. Laabs Rhonda Treadwell Lambert Wight F. Laminack Dr. Margarita Lamothe Ann W. Langston Demetra Lawrence Lucy C. Lee Courtney G. Leon Lauren L. Lerner Carol C. Levy Joyce Green Lindsey Yvonne Madlock May Lynn Mansbach Nancy Matheny Anne B. Mathes Theresa M. Mauer Jacqueline Davis Mayo Dr. Mary N. McDonald Sarah & James A. McDonald Betty Sue McGarvey Barbara McKee Joyce E. McKinney Gretchen Wollert McLennon Susanne A Medlin Ann R. and Roger W. Meier Mary Jo Miller Wanda Miller Joyce Colbert Mitchell Dr. Shamim Moinuddin Pat Moody Regina Morton

2014 - 2015 DONORS (CONTINUED) Ann Mullis Tricia Munson Sherry Anne DuBose Murphy Gail S. Murray, Ph.D. Margie Malone Neal Dot H Neale Gina P. Lewis Neely Ida Nelson Melissa Nelson Helen W. Norman Deborah A. Northcross Dr. Theresa M. Okwumabua Cardell Orrin Erin Ostrow Summer Owens Wesley Page Raygene C. Paige Deanie Parker Denise S. Parker Mary Parker-Kincaide Diane Pate Ashley Satterfield Patterson Colleen Payne Catherine Roddis Peck Jim and Sue Perrin Elle Perry Lynnefer Perry Cheryl Pesce Myra C. Pierrotti Dana L. Pointer Agnes M. Pokrandt Patricia Pontius Selden Popwell Dorothy Gunther Pugh Dr. Bina Rao Priya B. Rao Dr. Pallavi V. Rawtani Brenda Reed-Pilcher Robert Reetz Penelope Shaw Register Helen (Sandy) T. Riggs Deneend G. Roberson Beverly Robertson Kia Robinson Lillie Robinson Dr. Marilynn S. Robinson Lee A. Roper-Batker Barbara Roseborough Judith E. Royal Loretta Rudd Diane G. Sachs Ann G. Salky Cecelia W. Sawyer Gladys A. Sawyer Amy J. Schaefer Mary P. Scheuner Ann Schultz Tonja Sesley-Baymon Madhuri D, Shah Rachel Shankman Leslie Shaw Karen B. Shea Shirley Shelton Janet Shipman Johnie Shipp

Kara S. Shreeves Gail J. Silverstein Belinda S. Simpson Monica Skipper Dewanna Smith Karen J. Smith Leslie Smith Patti Anne Smith Beverly F. Smith-Drake Brier Smith-Turner Dorchelle T. Spence Lori M. Spicer-Robertson Carol Straughn Lori Strickland Traci J. Stubblefield Tina Sullivan Mary Swinburne Frankie P. Taylor Bobbie Temple Gloria J. Thomas Ossie Thomas Kendra Tidwell Harry M. Todtman Lisa Toler Mary Trotz Brittany Tuggle Jean Tuggle Jovis W. Tuggle Carolyn Turman Joy Turner Kamilah E. Turner Jeane Umbreit Allison M. Vance Cynthia E. Vaughn Kimmie McNeil Vaulx Urmilla Vishria Elaine A. Vowell Clara Saxon Waddell Tiffanee Wade-Henderson Sonia L. Walker Dr. Charles Wallace Cassandra H. Webster Annette L. Weinerman Molly Jalenak Wexler Ruby R. Wharton Ayana White Virginia (Ginny) E. Wilcox Adriane Williams Barbara J. Williams Billie Anne Williams Alexandra Willis Alicia T. Willis Kaeyla Willis Rosalyn Willis Cynthia G. Wilson Lewis Carolyn Wise Martha C. Witherspoon Women’s Funding Network Genarda L. Wright Dr. Linda K. Yates Chutney Young Gina Young Kathryn R. Young Lauren W. Young Ginny W. Zanca

Sandra Zehntner David G. Zettergren $1 - $99 Bettye S. Adams Kathleen L. Adgent Katie Adgent Eboni Albritton Latonya T. Alexander Jeanne Alpert Ayana Alshams-Brooks Belinda Anderson Cathy Anderson Noma B. Anderson Rikki Anderson Anonymous Kathy C. Archie Michelle R. Armstrong Natasha R. Ashworth Kris Azlin Shirley R. Bacchus Cheryl Ballard Jennifer Balouh Jo Banks Virgie T. Banks Elizabeth C. Barnett Shondela Y. Bass Kimberlee N. Becton Yvonne M. Becton Josephine A. Bennett Catherine Berger Cheryl A. Bingham Anna Vergos Blair Melanie Blakeney Shannon Bledsoe Brenda Blevins Dora Blue Katherine Bonanno Snehalatha Borra Cynthia D. Bowers Jacqueline Bradford Darnita T. Brassel Susan J. Britton Chiquita R. Brown Earnestine Brownlee Victoria Bruns Amanda and Daniel S. Bureau Melanie M. Burr Deloris Burrow Lynn Burton Sheryl Butler Carla M. Bynum Sharon Caldwell Belinda J. Campbell Susan M. Carr Oppenheimer Cierra D. Carter Robbie Carter Suzanne Carter Ardrey Cash Vivian Anita Chalmers Jo Ann Chaney Amanda Chatellier Tonjala Chavious Nicole Chiles Marie Chisholm-burns

Cary Chiungos Sharon Choate Catherine Chubb Patricia Clark-Ellis Jen Clayborn Deloris Clayborne Missy C. Clifton Carmen F. Coleman Tameka Coleman Cherlynn Conner Vanessa Conner Tiffany Cooper Jackie Couch Doris Cowan Kathy Moore Cowan Anna Jane Cox Tasheba Crane Novella D. Cromer Caroline Crosby Phillip l. Dagastino, Jr. Mimi Semmes Dann Ashley Davis Ella Davis Yolanda Davis Carol A. DeForest Ophelia Phillips Dortch Karen D. Doyle Keva Duckett Denise Duncan Laura Edwards Kristin S. Ellis Ruby Ellison Shawna Engel Terrica Euell Wanda R. Faulkner Julianne Fermi Charlotte Fields Lea Finley Kathleen J. Fish Gwyn R. Fisher Mellissa Fitzgerald Ella Flowers Faye Flowers Jen Frank Rhonda Franklin Donzaleigh Frazier Renee Frazier Kindel L. Freeman Caroline French Delmer Fuller Mikeesha Fuller Angie E. Gardner Kelly Geer Nikki Gibbs Vearlean Gibson Joyce Gingold Tracy Gipson Caroline C. Glenn Garland D. Goddard Autumn Leaf Goerke Robbye Good Laura Goodman-Bryan Leann Ann Grabski Maria Graham Martha Gray

Stephanie Gray-Yeager Keesha Green Rita Green-Bibbs Mary Jo Greil Tiffanie Grier Selena Y. Grimes Fekecia Gunn Ashley S. Haeger Lisa Evon Haguewood Coasy Hale Cleaster C. Hall Rebecca Mosby Halvorson Melissa Hamilton Heather Hampton Linda D. Hanville Carolyn A. Harris Delores Harris Angela Hawkins Tiffany L. Hendricks Reverend Vivian T. Henry Amanda L. Herche Yanira Hernandez Alice Hill Kimla Hill Linda K. Hill Janice M. Holder Keisha Nicole Holloway Alberta Hope Kate Calvin Horton Carolyn Howard Djuana Howard Penelope Hudson Robbie Hughes Diane Thomas Hurth Mary Clare Incardona Dr. Stephanie Ivey Candice Ivy Bernadine Jackson Janas Jackson Renata Jackson Susanne Jackson Natalie Jalenak Diane Jalfon Kim Jeffries Rolanda Jeffries Brondelyn Mcgee Jellow Whitney Jo Bridget Johnson Georgette Johnson Joyce Jeannie Johnson Juanita Johnson Judy O. Johnson Ronette Lynn Johnson Shirley Johnson Angela Jones Deborah E Jones John Harrison Jones Meg A. Jones Monica Jones Necole A. Jones Pamela Herbin Jones Phyllis L. Jones Lauren Kennedy Susan A. King Earnestine King-Brownlee

Shirley B. Klass Livia Knight Judy Kriger Cecile Lalof Tamara Lance Patricia A. Lane William M. Lane Jamila Lee Kiersten Lee Lillie Lee Melanie Lee Sherrill Smith Lemmi Cynthia Lewis Jeni Linkous Jennifer Liu Marj Livingston Sophia Livingston Beverly Logan Dr. Sondra Long Janie Lowery Theresa AC Lucas Stacey Lyons Jill Madajczyk Juanita Madere Jenvara Jennie Mahautmr Julia Majluf Shanika Martin Sherita Martin Debbie Matthews Tierney Matthews Amelia Mattix Donna McCaleb Carolyn A. McCormick Linda McNeil Virginia McNeil Barbara A. Meeks Kimbria Meeks Barbara Higgins Migliara Bonnie Miller Christine Miller Felicia A. Miller Cynthia Mitchell LaRita Bailey Mitchell Mary Elizabeth Mitchell Cindy Todd Monroe Andrew Moore Mikelle C. Moore Stefanie Moore Frankie Matthews Morris Tyranda Mosby Denhid Mujahid Cynthia Murden Arris R. Murphy Olliette Murry-Drobot Sharon Murtaugh Jacki Muskin Andrea Neely Vicki Nelson Asia Nevilles-Smith Suzanne New Kay B. Newman Regina Morrison Newman Debbie Newport Tara Noah Sarah H. Norton

Herbert L. Notowich Rosaland Odell Claire Owen Virginia (Carol) Palazola Linda Rutherford Parker Barbara Patronis Brenda O. Payne Leprecia Payne Mary L. Perry Leslie Petrie Sharon Lee Petty Luretha J. Phillips Sharon Phillips Yolonda Phillips Christine Pipkin James and Kathy Poe Annette Poole Kimberly B. Post Ruby Powell Allison E. Prescott Joyce Presley Sharon A. Prewitt Bobby Prince Dawn M. Rapoport Melvena Leake Reeves Annie Richardson Darlene M. Richardson Katherine Riederer Karen Mason Riss, LCSW Pam Crittenden Roberson Alfred Robinson Ophelia Robinson Lisa M. Rolfe Ellen Rolfes Brittney Rowe Tracy Rowe Jennifer Russell Tami Salvaggio Marisleydy Sanchez DeJara E. Sanders Donna Tillis Sanders Teka Sankey Kathye S. Sbravati Zofia Schmidt Jacquelyn Ball Scruggs Linda C. Self Elizabeth Joan Senhausen Calandra Shannon Gwendolyn Shields Brenda Sidwell Robert E. Simpson Dorothy Simpson Carla Singer Mary Rosen Singer Shelia Skipper Ernestine B. Small Amelia Smith Brenda S. Smith Carol A. Smith Justine M. Smith Patsy Smith Patricia M. Smith Derrice M. Snipes Carva Spann Dorian Spears

Tasha Spight Lillie St. Clair Mary N. Stallings Tara Standard Jennifer Stephens Ann Stone Barbara Stone Joy Rogers Stout Dr. Karen R. Streeter Karen D. Stull Maura Black Sullivan Nena Sweigard Lesley Takao Brittany Taylor Cassandra Taylor LaTonya Taylor Vashti Taylor Katie Thomas Kim Thomas Patrice W. Thomas Anna Thompson Deidre T. Thompson Lee Thompson Sharron Todd Juanita W. Truitt Kimbra Tsneg-Bernard Sally Tuggle Cindy Tupis Lisa Turman Lauren Turner Janice M. Vanderhaar Kristy Vann Sam Walker Evelyn H. Wall Ann Perry Wallace Kati Wallace Sarah L. Ward Sheryl R. Warmbold Rhonda Warren Judy Weatherly Sharon A. Webb Angela J. Wehmeyer Alice Wexler Vivian C. Whatley Eldra Tarpley White Joyce White Nancy Sharpe- White Doris Whitson Joy Brown Wiener Mary J. Wilder Paula M. Wilkinson Angelia Williams Margaret Williams Taimme Williams-Bibbs & John Williamson Vanessa Wilson Sarita M. Wilson-Guffin Courtney D. Winter Kristina Woo Alana D. Wright Carol A. Yaffe Lyn Yukon Bing Zhang *Deceased 13

Non-Profit Org U.S. POSTAGE

PAID One Commerce Square 40 South Main Street, Suite 2280 Memphis, Tennessee 38103

GET INVOLVED WITH WFGM! Fall 2016 WFGM Young Women’s Initiative Listening Tours YWI is designed to improve the lives of young women and girls. The initiative focuses on investing and catalyzing resources to improve equity and prosperity for young women. Power of the Purse™ Auction This event combines a silent and live auction to create an exhilarating experience highlighting the impact of Women’s Foundation Grantee Partners in the community. Spring 2017 Modern Day Woman’s Conference The conference celebrates the advancement and empowerment of young professional women, and encourages them to continue their civic, community, professional and personal journeys. Annual Tribute Luncheon This event features a national speaker and celebrates the support and dedication of the Memphis and WFGM community. Legends Award Reception Created in 2009, the Legends Award honors trend-setters, visionaries and innovators whose life’s work embodies the mission of WFGM. Summer 2017 Annual Meeting WFGM takes the opportunity to highlight accomplishments in improving the economic security of women in our community over the past year under the leadership and commitment of the board of directors.

Volunteer at the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis Contact Mimi Duru, Vista Volunteer Phone: 901-578-9346 | Fax: 901-578-9446 | | Facebook: Women’s Foundation | Twitter: WFGM_ORG YouTube: WFGM1995 | Instagram: WFGM_ORG


The Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis 2015-2016 Annual Report  
The Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis 2015-2016 Annual Report  

The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis (WFGM) is proud to share our accomplishments for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. We are thankful for...