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She had kept in touch with Shirley all these years and would tell her she’d talked with me. In a few days I was listening to Shirley’s emotionfilled voice on the telephone. “I remember playing with you, Patsy. We’ve gotten separated through the years.” The feeling in her voice sang like a song. “Aunt Jane is the only contact I’ve had with our side of the family. When I asked her about you she could tell me nothing.” She, too, promised to be at our first reunion. I saw my Aunt Jane for the first time at this gathering my quest to find my cousin Shirley had sparked. Until now, she had only been a name to me. In an emotionally driven moment, she took my hand and with tears whispered, “You and your husband have reunited our family after all these years. God bless you.” Still, there remained much sadness in her face and voice when she talked about the estrangement between herself and her father. I met and talked with many on my father’s side of the family. But one face I searched for in vain. To my disappointment, Shirley hadn’t come. What had happened? Later, she called to tell me what had happened. “I planned on coming, but my husband was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital. Can you come down here?” “Tell me when,” I replied. That day with Shirley was a very special time of catching up. We talked of memories of childhood times together and tried to fill each other in on portions of our lives as we looked through old family photos. She and I lost our fathers within a few years of each other. We share a strong family resemblance even as our fathers did. Both of us were stay-at-home moms raising boys. Many of our interests are similar. Music and writing and ties to church and family are an integral part of our lives. We are blessed to be sisters in Christ as well as being first cousins. After more than forty-five years, God brought us together again.

Ruby october 2016  

The October issue of RUBY magazine is filled with inspirational articles, memoirs, short stories, poetry, crafts, recipes, and book reviews...

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