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CONTENTS 4. Biography 5. Achievements

Hercules is a Roman name foe the Greek demigod Heracles, son of Jupiter (the Roman equivalent of Zeus), and the mortal Alcmena.

1. Kill the lion Nemea 2. Kill the monsters Hydra in Lerna 3. Capture the stag in Cerynaea of Atermis 4. Capture the wild boar in Erymanthus mountain 5. Clean up the cow shed of Augeas 6. Kill the bird of prey at Stymphalus lake 7. Capture a bull at Crete island 8. Grab the mare of Diomedes 9. Grab the belt of Hypolyte 10. Grab the cow of Geryon 11. Grab the gold-apples Hesperides sister 12. Catch a dog with three heads Cerberus

Hercules's life  

This is a good book about hercules

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