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Getting Rid Of Sore Muscles - How to Stop Soreness Quickly Using Natural Remedies? By Trish Cannone Most of the active, fitness conscious people of the world would have at some point in time, tried a thousand ways of getting rid of sore muscles. The body muscles swell up due to an inflow of lactic acid when they are over-exerted; causing a person to feel stiffness, inflammation and pain in that area, which is commonly known as soreness. While certain over-the-counter drugs and creams are sometimes helpful in relieving soreness, natural remedies are undoubtedly the best option since they have no side-effects and are very effective. The Best Home Remedies: Train Your Body Since the muscles get sore only when over-worked, the simplest cure is to exercise carefully and within the limits of the body's endurance. To this end, one should begin with a warm up and end with a session for cooling down. If you still experience soreness, then stretching gently can also help with getting rid of sore muscles. Herbal Fixes Certain herbs have pain relieving properties. Tea extract that comes in solid or powdered form, black pepper and peppermint when consumed can help lessen, if not completely remedy soreness. A more effective method would be getting a massage using aromatherapy oils, many of which have core components that are best for getting rid of sore muscles. A gentle relaxing massage using eucalyptus oil, camphor oil or rosemary oil is very effective. The only downside with consuming these herbs or massage using these oils is that it can take some time before it stops sore muscles. Cold Compress One of the quickest and most preferred means to relieve soreness is using an ice-pack. When ice is pressed against a painful area, its continual contact with skin opens pores causing the lactic acid to flow out, thus making it less sore. While it works for many people, some people find using ice packs an uncomfortable option especially during winter. Herbal Spot-Application Creams There are certain natural spot-application creams proven in studies to be extremely effective in healing sore muscles. For a cream to be effective, it must contain herb extracts like Rhus Tox, Ignatia, Belladonna and menthol in concentrated form which on application, reduces muscle pain in the shortest period of time. Moreover, superior quality creams do not even have any repulsive pungent aroma. Such creams are a good option for easy, affordable and speedy pain relief. The bottom line is that muscle pain due to over exertion can easily be cured at home, using certain natural remedies that are very effective. Given the easy availability of ingredients required for such cures in contemporary times, getting rid of sore muscles has never been easier. Want to discover the fastest way for getting rid of sore muscles using natural ingredients that are proven to work effectively without any side effects? For more information, visit:

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Getting Rid Of Sore Muscles - How to Stop Soreness Quickly Using Natural Remedies