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Getting Rid Of Muscle Soreness - Have You Tried These Natural Home Remedies? By Trish Cannone In your day to day strenuous life, getting rid of muscle soreness can become a major challenge. Often, when you restart your workout regime after a break, you will experience soreness in your muscles within a couple of days. This can probably discourage you to continue with the routine. Even when you have been to these workout sessions regularly, a strenuous day may also create such problems. You may have come across a number of painful nights due to different reasons and it is most likely that you have tried all the remedies out there in the market promising to bring you relief but it always left you unsatisfied with a hole in the pocket. Types Of Sore Muscles There are two types of muscle soreness, delayed onset muscle soreness and acute muscle soreness. - The first one is at its worse a couple of days after the action that caused it. Exercises with lengthened contractions are a major cause. - The second type is usually at its worse immediately after or during an activity. The basic cause of such soreness is muscle fatigue. Proven Remedies Studies completed by the University of Connecticut and the prestigious Journal of Rheumatology show that all you need is a natural cream or ointment that contains the perfect pain relieving ingredients, with Cetyl Myristoleate (CM8) being the most important of it all. CM8 is a totally natural substance, which has no side effects and is not at all addictive. It has been very effective in getting rid of muscle soreness because it goes deep into your skin and acts as a lubricant to the region of pain. More Proven Natural Ingredients

Belladonna: An anesthetic being used since before the Middle Ages.

Menthol: Increases the rate of flow of blood to the sight of pain giving faster relief, but too much of menthol causes the skin to burn.

Ignatia: Helps you calm down emotionally by acting on the nerves which in turn catalyses the blood flow. MSM acts on the connective tissues by providing them with the correct amount of sulphur helping in the bonding of cells and joints.

Rhus Tox: One of the major ingredients of medicines that help you get through terrible pain and also helps in faster recovery.

Phosphorous: Helps in maintaining the vital functions of major organs such as the heart and the kidneys.

Naja: Reduces pain by instantaneously attacking you nerves (not in a bad way of course).

Lachesis Mutus: An ingredient which enhances blood flow by the technique of blood thinning.

While CM8 helps you get an instant relief from the pain, the other 8 ingredients (Belladonna, Menthol, Ignatia, MSM, Rhus Tox, Phosphorous, Naja and Lachesis Mutus) ensure that the pain never comes back. Now you might start thinking where do you get it all. The good news is, the best pain cream out there will contain these ingredients. All you need is to try some on and you will find your worry of getting rid of muscle soreness gone forever. Want to discover a clinically proven cream that makes getting rid of muscle soreness easy and effective at home? Find out more at:

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Getting Rid Of Muscle Soreness - Have You Tried These Natural Home Remedies  

In your day to day strenuous life, getting rid of muscle soreness can become a major challenge. Studies completed by the University of Conne...

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