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Cure For Stiff Neck - How To Stop A Stiff Neck Quickly Using Natural Remedies By Trish Cannone Ever get too engrossed in reading a particularly interesting book for too long and then later, literally beat your head against a wall searching for a cure for stiff neck? Sounds familiar? One of the most uncomfortable and irritating ailments is neck pain or a stiff neck. It affects us all at some point in life. Knowing About Neck Pain For most people, a stiff neck is the result of bad posture. However, there are a number of reasons that can be responsible for this. Injury in the form of fall or blow to the neck area can lead to a stiffness in the neck. The nerves between the shoulder and the neck are injured in such situations and can manifest itself in the form of neck stiffness. A condition called radiculopathy occurs due to repetitive stress on the neck or continued bad posture, resulting in pain in the neck muscles. Diagnosing A Stiff Neck In most cases, except for serious ailments like spinal stenosis, the most common form of relieving stiffness in the neck is to correct your posture and take proper rest. However, in a world where time is a luxury most cannot afford, most people would run to the nearest dispensary and get themselves a pain relief ointment. But the question here is, whether the ointment is actually a cure for stiff neck or whether it makes way for future ailments? Considering that most commercial pain relief medicines contain chemicals like toluene, dioxane, parabens, etc. the long-term effects of using such medicine easily weigh out the short-term relief they provide. Most available ointments for this ailment have other nasty side effects like bad odor and may cause rashes or inflammation on the skin. Cure For Stiff Neck The Natural Way Studies have proven that these natural ingredients work the best to get rid of stiffness in the neck. • Belladonna: Used by people in the Middle Ages to anesthetize a patient before surgery, Belladonna in regulated amounts helps as a pain-killer. • Menthol: External application helps with the healing process of the area by eliminating waste from the blood. • Naja: Acts directly on the nerves, thus soothing the pain and speeding up the recovery process. • Phosphorous: Helps in muscle contraction and heartbeat regulation. Due to this property, phosphorous overcomes the burning sensation in the muscles felt due to a stiff neck by regulating the nerves responsible for receiving pain.

And the best part about all these homeopathic remedies is that they have no side effects. One Essential Ingredient Now, consider if a cream or ointment has all the above ingredients and is readily available, would that make it a perfect cure for stiff neck? Well it would, if it contained Cetyl Myristoleate. Cetyl Myristoleate is a chemical that is proven to cure joint and muscle pain, confirmed by independent studies by the University of Connecticut and the prestigious Journal of Rheumatism. Bottom line With this information, all you need is a cream or ointment that contains the most effective and scientifically proven ingredients as mentioned in order to achieve cure for stiff neck quickly and without side effects. Want to discover a cure for stiff neck that contains all the ingredients proven to work effectively, quickly and with zero side effects? For more information, visit:

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Cure For Stiff Neck - How To Stop A Stiff Neck Quickly Using Natural Remedies  

For most people, a stiff neck is the result of bad posture. However, there are a number of reasons that can be Considering that most commerc...

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