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A LONG ROAD I started my first band at the age of 15 and in 1996, I recorded my first original work. After that, I had other bands and played alongside national icons like Charlie Brown Jr, Capital Inicial, Ira!, Rappa and Los Hermanos, among others. I did concerts from Wednesday to Sunday all over São Paulo's coastline and finally landed a recording opportunity with a big studio. Unfortunately, the band broke up before it happened. I thought of abandoning the music, but I went back to catching waves and began to go through my first compositions. I recorded a demo at home with the song “Bom dia” - "Good morning" - (1997), and put it online. In the first week alone I had 900 downloads. That was the trigger. I needed to revisit my roots, so I went back to the sea and while waiting for the best waves I wrote my first solo album, “De Volta ao Começo..." - "Back to the Start”(2007) The album's acceptance was fantastic, with over a million downloads. The music video for the song "Bom Dia" -“Good Morning”- was showing at the Multishow channel as the viewer's choice and a music contest. The song “Quem Dera” - "I Wish", ended up in a soap opera's soundtrack. All of a sudden, radio stations all over Brazil began playing my songs. I did shows all over the country and the internet exposure took me on an unforgettable tour through Chile. I represented Brazil in one of the biggest surf culture festivals of Latin America. In 2012 I released a DVD (100% independent), produced with the help of great friends and now, in 2013, I have unleashed my newest creation. My new album, “Depois Daqui” - "Hereafter”, has 13 tracks with my truths translated into chords, melodies and lyrics that hope to change lives, soothe souls, inspire smiles and awaken dreams. Take off your shoes and turn up the volume!

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I STOPPED TO THINK AND I realized that the last 23 years had flown by. I don't know whether fast or slow, all I know is that ever since my first show at the age of 15, I've been collecting unforgettable moments. I traveled throughout Brazil, did concerts in Chile, played for a soap opera, at a stadium and in many bars and pubs. I saw marriage proposals on my stage, I was part of the sound track of graduations and weddings to which I was never invited. I've seen people leave their addictions and start making their life worth living. All of this thanks to my music. These are some of the reasons that have always caused me to choose my dream at each new crossroad of my life. I'm finally releasing my second solo album. I hope it will continue to touch people’s hearts as the first one did, allowing me to experience unforgettable moments and to find answers on what life will be like “Hereafter”(Depois Daqui). At the age of 38, I still don't know how far I want to go,

I JUST WANT THE MUSIC TO CARRY ME. RUB is a musician and surfer. Composer, dreamer and life juggler. He believes that music is his mission. He seeks peace, connecting those of a good heart.


2012 International Booking: Monica Eckman +1 (717) 406-6138 South America Booking: +55 (13) 3301.7089


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