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10/26/12 12:59 PM

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10/26/12 12:59 PM

Creative Collaboration on Many Fronts

Christine Kerr,

BaAM Productions, TEA President

I have seen the TEA from many perspectives over the past 18 years – first as the client of member companies, then as a new member company, and more recently as a member of the International Board of Directors. Without realizing it, I watched the TEA evolve and change and mature! One of the most significant changes I have seen is a stronger sense of collaboration among members – not just owner-operators forming project teams, but member companies, recognizing the strength in complimentary skills, gathering together their colleagues to create amazing project teams. Yes, at some point in the past or the future those same companies might compete for work, but the relationships forged through this kind of collaboration last beyond any single project opening.

We continue to evolve TEA to ensure all of our members are well positioned to serve an increasingly global industry – building awareness among members and the clients they might serve, especially the rapidly growing Asian sector. If you are an owneroperator or a vendor partner launching projects in the red-hot Asian markets or elsewhere in the world, consider keeping in mind that TEA member companies understand the importance of collaboration, are sensitive to cultural requirements and have probably worked in some pretty unique or crazy circumstances to complete more than a few of the projects in their portfolios. That’s another good reason to keep this TEA Directory close at hand when you are forming your next project team.

Our members are also working on very different projects these days from the types of projects they thought would be their primary focus when they first formed their companies or when the TEA was conceived more than 20 years ago. Theme park designers creating museum exhibits? Film directors producing multi-media spectaculars? Stage managers producing major league sports events for international broadcast audiences? We have become a resource to a wide range of industries – because of the creative ways we develop and execute our work – and that list grows every year. That’s why you should keep this TEA Directory close at hand when you are forming your next project team.

The business of running the association is something that is also constantly evolving. This fact brings us to another very important focus for TEA over the next year – a leadership search to find a successor to Executive Director Gene Jeffers who has announced plans to retire in late 2013 after 12 years of service. A significant milestone such as this is always an excellent opportunity to look closely at the business of the association and plan for the future in a holistic way. This review and planning process is underway and I look forward to ongoing collaboration with a group of esteemed colleagues including TEA past presidents and current board members.

And what a great example this sets for some of the most important initiatives TEA is focused on for the future. For the next generation of creators, producers and leaders of our industry, one of the most important points of difference they might see when they first work on a themed entertainment project is the collaborative nature of the work. If they are trained as a designer, and come from the world of theatre or film or any one of the multitude of backgrounds that might be required on a project team creating an experience, they will learn that collaboration and deeply creative thinking are key to ensuring all the moving parts can function together to create the best possible guest/visitor/fan/user experience. 4

In general, as President I look forward to a busy and exciting year for TEA. We have great momentum and I encourage you to be part of the wave. There are so many ways for you to get involved in the organization and its initiatives, no matter where in the world you live or work – just ask us; you might be surprised! And I also encourage you to pick up this Directory or use our on-line Directory when you are looking for a partner for your next project or forming your next project team.


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10/26/12 12:59 PM

2013 TEA Annual & Directory Welcome to TEA’s next 20 years President’s letter

Christine Kerr, BaAM Productions


Architecture as storytelling framework Jonathan F. Douglas, AIA, VOA Associates


SATE 2012 meets at Disneyland Paris Owen Ralph, Park World Magazine


Achieving production excellence Kile Ozier, Itinerant Creative Executive


Big IPs benefit from small attractions Economics + Culture Advisors


Project capitalization in themed entertainment George Hamilton, Aurora Group Inc.


How government funding drives attraction development Mark Dvorchak, Pro Forma Advisors


The Art of the Family Vacation PGAV Destination Attractions


Dive into TEA events and build your company Kathy Oliver, Manager, Special Events & Relationss


SimEx-Iwerks and the Iwerks legacy Judith Rubin


The best of Yeosu Expo 2012 Exhibitor Magazine


Europe’s Experience Economists Klaus Sommer Paulsen, CNA/Sophis


TEA’s NextGen initiative Christine Kerr, BaAM Productions Thank you, C2C Studio TEA warmly thanks Richard Carlow of Concept 2 Creation/ C2C Studio Inc. for providing the cover design of this publication in addition to graphic design and layout of the entire book. This is Richard’s second time on the production team for the TEA Annual & Directory. We honor his talent, skills and commitment to helping improve communications within the industry – and we are impressed by his unflappable demeanor and ability to deliver in the face of hard deadlines. Visit

SCAD’s grad studies in themed entertainment SCAD staff

Burbank, CA 91502


TEA Foundation Steve Thorburn, Thorburn Associates


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10/26/12 12:59 PM


story helps create

great architecture

& vice versa by Jonathan F. Do

uglas, AIA

Last year during TEA’s annual SATE (Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience) conference in Orlando, I, along with a panel of experts, began a discussion that was termed “The Architecture of Engagement.” The discussion began with the idea that engagement comes from essentially spatial and visual design, using examples ranging from Athens, Greece (the Parthenon) to La Jolla, Calif. (Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute). It continued to the other end of the spectrum where engagement is essentially a social construct about emotional connections, and how, viewed through this lens, architects can create a framework of compelling and personalized stories based on desired experiences that becomes the outline for the design process. It got me thinking a little more about the whole idea of the connections between understanding visitor/guest experience and design methodology. Every design has the individual fingerprint of the designer, because each of the innumerable methods in which design may be approached contains inherent bias about what actually constitutes good design. We each bring our own unique perspective, personality, background and style, building from experience and the expectations of our clients. VOA’s approach to experiential architecture uses a theoretical framework derived from techniques used in interpretive planning, to develop story-based themes and messages that become the drivers for thinking about and discussing design concepts. The backbone of our design method defines the overall vision and long-term goals of the project. We find that this process provides a reference framework for decisions, encouraging development of targeted, realistic design strategies. It identifies key experiences and sets forth an outline for the entire design and development team. What is interpretive planning? The traditional definition of interpretation goes back 30 years or more and is typically defined, per Interpretation Canada, as “a communication process designed to reveal meanings and relationships of our cultural and natural heritage, through involvement with objects, artifacts, landscapes and sites.” Interpretation is different from simply presenting information; it is a specific communication strategy used to translate information for a visitor to understand. Great interpretation uses communication principles from many areas of study and is today used not only in cultural and natural resource planning but in virtually every other communication strategy. Interpretation is the process of finding opportunities to personally connect with a place. While each of us may connect to a place in a different way, we share a universal goal to increase our enjoyment, understanding, and stewardship of our physical surroundings on our own terms.



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Interpretation is ultimately about choices. We choose what stories to tell, whom to tell them to, and how to tell them. Applied to architecture, we have found that using interpretive planning techniques as a design methodology is both effective and powerful – first, in finding the right story, and then in establishing a collaborative framework, so that subsequent decisions are made within the context of the story. 10/26/12 12:59 PM

Collaborative storytelling design Stories have existed from the very beginning of time and continue to evolve, although their purpose remains the same. They entertain, allow us to share common experiences, sometimes teach, and often are the only means to pass on traditions. Although today we may communicate through ever-changing technology and rapid 140 character bits, stories still remain immensely personal. As architects, we consider ourselves storytellers. We work with writers and thematic designers and consider everyone an equal partner at the table during the design process. Successful design and storytelling grow out of a consistent and deliberate process, focused on who will actually be using the design. Using interpretive theory as a means to create stories is about understanding what we call the “know, feel, do” of a project: the “know” is the vision, the “feel” is that expressive or physical connection that great design can produce, and the “do” is the business construct of buying into the experience either with your time or money. Substitute light and shadow for tension or mass and volume, or even time and distance, and our design tools are used to write the building’s story. And, in order to be entertaining, have the right dramatic cues, and tap deep into our collective psyche, our design tools write different storylines about what we want our audience to know, feel and do. This, in essence, is the experience of architecture. Architecture should pull you emotionally, keep your attention, and create a personally compelling experience.

Jonathan F. Douglas, AIA (jdouglas@voa. com) is Managing Principal with international architecture, planning and interior design firm, VOA Associates Incorporated’s Orlando, FL office.

Interpretive design planning starts with an exploration of the complex relationship between the site, program and story, not as fixed entities but as constructs. These constructs help frame multiple perspectives (above, below, arrival etc.). Points of view (child, teen, friend, mother, employee, shareholder, neighbor etc.), or even qualities (light, movement, surface, volume, etc.) become the voice for telling each story. Weaving or mapping these different but simultaneous experiences together helps the design team begin to view the interactions in new ways. The process often leads to unexpected outcomes, a better ‘wow,’ organizational change, stronger vision, and yes - maybe less money needs to be spent to accomplish the desired result. Perhaps it is true that the old ideas about architecture (top down, controlling and controlled experiences, building as object) are being replaced by a new social ecology where experiences are defined by personalized stories that interconnect and relate to each other. It’s a story now not only of aesthetics but of the ways in which we experience things today and is shifting rapidly to a more sustainable paradigm. 2013 TEA ANNUAL

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10/26/12 1:00 PM

International industry gathers for SATE 2012 at Disneyland Paris

By Owen Ralph An international representation of themed attraction creators, operators and consultants converged on Disneyland Paris Resort for the SATE (Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience) conference from the Themed Entertainment Association.

Djuan Rivers, Joe Rohde and Carmen Smith

After last year’s record-breaking turnout in Orlando, and a smaller Europe-only event in Amsterdam, more than 150 industry professionals gathered in Paris for the two-and-a-half day SATE conference at the Newport Bay Club Hotel September 19-21. Presiding over the proceedings – which had cultural diversity as their unifying theme were acclaimed show producer Yves Pépin and senior Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde (both recipients of the Thea Award for Lifetime Achievement) with much assistance from SATE producer Kathy Oliver. “Joe and I are a very good example of cultural diversity,” smiled Yves on opening night at the podium with TEA president Rick Rothschild of FAR Out! Creative Direction. “We have traveled from all over the world to be in this room for two days,” Rohde observed during his keynote address, “but the common thread that unites us all is that we are storytellers.” Delegates then sat back and strapped themselves in for a whirlwind presentation from this philosophical but entertaining Imagineer, which set the tone nicely for the discussion that followed. Differential Destinations The conference program proper was launched on Thursday morning by master of ceremonies Klaus Sommer Paulsen of CNA/Sophis, followed by Steve Simons of Event Communications. Prestige projects, Simons explained, inevitably come under political scrutiny, resulting in homogenized products designed to appeal to international audiences, yet it is those things that differentiate destinations that attract people. Developers of ‘worldclass’ attractions take note! Kicking off Multicultural Teams For Cross Culture Projects was Patrick Stalder, responsible for staging various Olympic ceremonies and sport-related spectaculars including the upcoming Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The scale and number of stakeholders in such events means, “You never really own the project,” yet they are still hugely rewarding, he explained. Emmanuelle Charotte of ECA2 was on hand to talk about The Big-O Show, a multimedia spectacular and the highlight of Yeosu Expo 2012 (Korea), which has survived as a standalone attraction complementing an aquarium.

Yves Pépin This article originally appeared in Park World Magazine and is reprinted with permission.


Visit 2013 TEA ANNUAL

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Moderator Bart Dohmen of BRC Imagination Arts introduced three speakers for the session From Concept To Means: How They Go Through Cultural Borders. First was Forrec executive vice-president Steve Rhys, who gave insight into two different story-driven attractions. Aesop’s Village at Everland near Seoul retells many of the famous Greek fables inside a colorful English village, while Aqua Dunya in Dubai was intended to become “one 10/26/12 1:00 PM

of the few waterparks you would want to jump on a plane to go and see.” Like many other projects in the Emirate, it is currently on hold. When working abroad, it is important to “Listen first …especially if you’re American,” remarked Keith James of Jack Rouse Associates ( JRA). One question you should always ask, however, is why the attraction in question is being built – as it might now always be to make money. In the case of Ferrari World, for which JRA designed the content, the developer Aldar Properties wanted to “build an icon” that would position Abu Dhabi as an international tourist destination. Fresh from his work on Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, Imagineer Bob Weis was invited to take on the creative portfolio of the Shanghai Disney Resort, scheduled to open in late 2015. Walt Disney Imagineering’s (WDI) efforts to understand the local culture have, Bob revealed, gone as far as observing its employees’ day to day to routines. In return, staff at WDI’s California headquarters are being taught about the Chinese way of life. Along the way, WDI hopes to nurture a new generation of Chinese Imagineers to work on Disney projects worldwide. Introduced by Jora Vision’s Jan Maarten de Raad, Andrew McIntyre of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre detailed plans for a children’s museum in Qatar as part of the session Engaging Culturally – Interpreting Authentically. Yet with a population just 1.7 million, including many families without children and a lack of typical parent-child interaction in those that do, such a project

is not without its challenges. Three more museum-style projects were highlighted by Laura Miotto of gsmprjct, Adirondack Studios’ Louis Allen and Audrey O’Connell of London’s Natural History Museum, discussing her experiences in Saudi Arabia. Les Petits Français’ Martin Arnaud shared details of Yo México a stunning, live performance set inside Mexico City’s Zócalo Square, using music, dance, light and projection to chronicle 100 years of the Mexican Revolution. [It received a Thea Award in 2012.] Meanwhile Sophie Poirier of Mu-Events was recently invited to produce a multimedia spectacular for OCT Bay in Shenzhen. Rejecting a brief for a show with an international flavor, she chose the local Mangrove tree as the inspiration for Mangrove Groove, a production that nevertheless fulfilled the Chinese thirst for, “Big, bold statement-making projects.” “Over the years all sorts of b.s. has been put out about Hawaii,” observed Joe Rohde in his case study of Aulani, Disney’s new resort on the island. Describing the finished product as, “Very different for Disney,” Joe revealed how his team went to great efforts to integrate Hawaiian culture into Aulani. Yes, Mickey Mouse does make an appearance, but elsewhere the content is more authentically Hawaiian then many of the island’s existing hotels and resorts. Later in a Q&A session, Joe revealed that the experience had encouraged Disney to re-examine some of its existing offerings such as the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World, created in “a very different era.” Continued >


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10/26/12 1:00 PM

SATE 2012

Breaking Barriers Moderating Friday morning’s Reaching Broader Audiences session, Lesley Morisetti introduced representatives from four museums and heritage sites, including Andrea Dearden of the Science Museum in London, Marie-Sophie Mugica of France’s Universcience, Frederic Nancel of Chateau de Chantilly and Manal Attaya of the Sharjah Museums Department, United Arab Emirates. It was evident there is still a certain amount of division between institutions like these and more ‘mainstream’ visitor attractions – which is why events such as SATE have an important role to play in breaking down barriers.

Patrick Stalder, Vernon Teo and Koert Vermeulen

The final formal session of the conference, entitled Taking Our Skills Into New Sectors, was moderated by Chris Conte of Electrosonic and also featured contributions from architect Ray Hole and Alex McCuaig of MET Design, whose company recently landed a contract to design educational experience in Culiacán, Mexico. Alex explained the brief: to educate citizens about addiction of all kinds – including drugs – whilst trying not be killed by the people the local dealers that dealt them. At The Bridge, visitors encounter experiences such a FunHouse style revolving tunnel designed to simulate the effect of being drunk and a paranoia-inducing wall of staring faces. Entertaining over 2.5 million visitors in just four days, Lyon’s Fête des Lumiéres has come a long way since its humble beginnings 160 years ago as a religious tradition involving placing candles on window ledges. Now, each December, the French city is lit up by more than 350 illuminated displays of all kinds.

Jean François Zurawik

Sanjay Kara of the charity BAPS presented details of another multimedia spectacular realised in co-operation with ECA2. The Sat-Chit-Anand Watershow in New Delhi celebrates Hindu culture and incorporates all four SATE components, not least architecture thanks to the stunning temple-like backdrop of the Swaminarayan Akshardham. The same venue, incidentally, also hosts an IMAX cinema and a boat ride taking riders through 10,000 years of Indian heritage.









GW Group founder George Wiktor conducted a Wrap-up Session. Here a large number of delegates were given a chance to speak, including the students who had been invited along as part of the association’s ‘Next Generation’ initiative. The bearded double act of Rick Rothschild and Joe Rohde then brought SATE 2012 to a close. “It’s been a privilege to meet so many people I’ve not met before,” remarked Joe. “Hopefully in future we can make our collaborations richer and more relevant to the cultures of the world.”

Laura Miotto

Keith James

A weekend excursion to two French parks recently honored by Thea Awards, Puy du Fou and Futuroscope followed for those delegates with time to spare. We wish we had been there.

SATE will return in September 2013, at a North American location to be announced. To see more details of past and future SATE conferences, visit



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10/26/12 1:00 PM

Logo & Brand Development Marketing & Advertising




Strategic Planning






Graphic Design


Website Development Social Media Strategy & Implementation Packaging Environmental Graphics Retail Product Development


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10/26/12 1:00 PM

Collaborating effectively with your


So, you’re a project developer and you are in search of a producer. What should your criteria be? One quality to look for is the ability to say “No,” even to you. In show, theatrical and experience production, there are many fantastic sounding ideas that have to be rejected - sometimes because they defy the laws of physics or psychology, sometimes for other reasons. One of the ways a producer protects his/her client is by having the experience and the gumption to recognize and quickly redirect any alluring but unworkable ideas. This is a nuanced balance, a delicate path one must walk. The client has contracted or engaged the producer to deliver a property or concept, to realize a vision; often, an original vision of the client; sometimes a vision in which the client has invested. Either way, the client is paying the producer to deliver what is wanted.

By Kile Ozier

The major, different kinds of producers ■ Executive Producer: the one with the money and who often holds primary interest in filling the seats. ■ Producer Producer; the one who knows how to put all the pieces together and protect the Director and the Creatives from the Money People and Other Realities while they develop the vision. ■ Managing Producer; s/he is all about the nuts and bolts and scheduling and budgets and not so much about the content or look of the show, itself.

Who is the arbiter of what is wanted? In the best cases, there is a bond of trust between producer and client. The client trusts the producer to be the best judge of how to realize a given vision or concept, and to guard the integrity of the creative vision. The producer trusts the client to let them produce. The producer is vested in and responsible for seeing to it that the project or production happens, that it adheres to the budget and gives the audience what the client wants the audience to receive. Each understands that the other has a stake in the project, and a lot riding on it, personally and professionally. Both are highly motivated to succeed. Ultimately, between the producer and the director lies the Mysterious Realm of Creative Realization and Protection. Between them, the audience experience is nurtured and evolves. It is our job, our responsibility, as Creators of Experience to exceed audience expectation through what we know is possible, what we know is right, what we know will work the best. Our job is to protect that. This is where it can sometimes get dicey. In most of my work, I generally act as creative producer or creative director and, depending on magnitude and complexity, do the directing or collaborate with a specialized director for unique media or contexts. When I have been fortunate to partner with a producer who can support the creative side while protecting the logistical and budget, that is when I have been able to deliver some of the most compelling experiences of my career. Continued >



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10/26/12 1:00 PM

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ETC – providing the most innovative products to lighting professionals for over 35 years. ®

Contact the ETC professional serving you: Karl Haas, Western Region Sales Manager Bryan Yeager, Central Region Sales Manager Craig Fox, Northeast Region Sales Manager George Doukas, Southeast Region Sales Manager Bryan Palmer, Architectural Controls Product Manager Joe Bokelman, Market Manager

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10/26/12 1:00 PM

Itinerant Creative Guy

AudioVisual Consulting

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Lighting for Architectural & Live Events



Theatre & Facility Consulting nautiluS

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10/26/12 1:00 PM

Collaborating effectively with your


The producer and creatives on a strong team know what makes theatre or experience resonant and compelling, and they strive to maintain the integrity of the process and the product. Any contributions detrimental to the ultimate, overall experience must be set aside, even if they come from the client. This is where diplomacy enters the picture. But as producers (or directors) we are honor-bound to stand up for the concept. I have an experience of working with a producer who was virtually unable to say “no” to the client. As a result, in successive increments of two-, three- and four-minutes over the months-long period of concept development, the show grew in length until the additional time came to just under an hour. An additional hour of program. When the show was over and the reviews coming in, the universal criticism was the length of the production and concomitant energy drain. The producer’s inability to stand his ground was in nobody’s best interest. Had we held the line and had those (perhaps, on occasion, heated) conversations along the way, through the creative process, the end result would more closely have yielded the response envisioned by the client. What price this choice? I held the position of producer and director for a huge, international stadium spectacle show years ago - my first. After six or seven months of working with the creative team, building a pretty wonderful show arc and spectacle, external challenges and

second guessing started to come in from peripheral stakeholders. As the heat and pressure turned up, I spent several dark nights of the soul, examining my position(s) and assessing the spiritual costs and experiential risks of holding the line on what I knew in my professional heart would play best. We were, all of us, new to the level of visibility inherent in this project. A failure would be monumentally destructive, personally and professionally. Were I to accede and make the changes I believed to be ill-advised and the show were to bomb, I would have nothing but a failure to my name. I decided that I’d prefer, even embrace, the risk of discovering that I was wrong than to make changes in which I didn’t believe. That decision gave me confidence in my own judgment during a rough time. It has served me throughout my career – though I believe I am a good deal more diplomatic about such things now. This does not mean the original vision cannot evolve; it virtually always does, and most often for the better. What it does mean is that the producer must believe in himself/herself, stay true to what s/he knows, and must collaborate and communicate openly. There must be forged and nurtured a bond of trust between the creatives, and between producer and client. Oh, and the show was a hit.

Through three decades, Kile Ozier ( has been creating and producing Theatrical Experience and Messaging Spectacle that connect with audiences on an intimate and profound level. With development and application of his unique methodologies and skill, from ballroom to rotunda, sports stadium to the Washington Mall, he has been lucky to have had the opportunity to immerse, evoke and take audiences to places forgotten or newly discovered...telling stories experientially, revivifying moments and memories with shared intimacy... with audiences ranging from 5 to 25 to 250,000 people. He is also a great cook. Visit Kile’s blog, imho., or download his iBook for iPad, “imho,” through iTunes or the iBook store. Kile has chaired two TEA SATE conferences, and is now chair of TEA’s NextGen committee.

Interpretation for themed entertainment experiences • Content Development • Planning & Design • Writing & Editing • Project Management michael mercadante president +1 617.484.9111 x13


Let us put you on the map. Design • Prototype • Automation • Control Systems • Fabrication 820 Thompson Avenue, Suite 28, Glendale, California 91201 USA O: +1 818 476-7920 F: +1 818 476-7922


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10/26/12 1:00 PM



Look to Small Attractions

by Matthew Earnest

Photos courtesy Legoland Discovery Center, Kansas City

A significant share of the attraction industry’s revenue comes from smaller indoor attractions, a broad category that includes a variety of formats that mix attractions, games, and food and beverage. Many of these concepts are branded and have multiple-units. However, despite their industry success, they are still not a source of revenue for the major IP licensors. But new models have emerged. In parallel to patient development of the elusive billion-dollar theme park opportunity, IP licensors can now move forward with a smaller attraction format that can be replicated 20 to 50 times across a diverse set of market contexts - urban, suburban, developed, and emerging. For top IPs that are looking to drive penetration of products into emerging markets, small attractions, located in popular retail centers, can present brands and characters to a market that lacks the current income to afford a destination theme park experience. Many emerging markets lack affordable entertainment and retail centers act as primary gathering point for families with children, a core market segment for many top licensors. KidZania will soon open attractions in Singapore, Istanbul, Cairo, Sao Paolo, and Mumbai and Sanrio has indoor attraction projects in development in Southern Malaysia and Istanbul. Revisiting small attraction formats With a focus on indoor attractions that fit within existing and planned retail and mixed-use developments, licensors are revisiting smaller-scale format options that avoid many of the challenges facing large-scale theme parks. Top IPs are exploring smaller, urban concepts that can drive a faster roll-out strategy across a broader set of market opportunities. This idea is not new. In the late 1990s Disney Regional Entertainment experimented with indoor attraction concepts, including DisneyQuest and Club Disney. However, scaling attraction development costs down to support lower price points and attendance thresholds was difficult for Disney, a company which leads the industry in attraction investment. Development of the Club Disney and DisneyQuest regional


products ended within a few years of their opening in suburban markets in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, and Denver. Only the DisneyQuest at Walt Disney World in Orlando remains from that venture. Since then, new concepts have emerged, such as KidZania. KidZania, a 70,000 to 80,000 square foot children’s attraction that packages corporate sponsorship within a set of immersive role playing environments, expanded the revenue opportunity for commercial children’s attractions while adding authenticity through sponsorship (e.g. the KidZania bank carries the brand of a real local bank) to the role playing experience for children. Using corporate sponsorship to supplement admission revenues, KidZania has created a unique and highly successful commercial model that scales across a variety of international locations. Since opening the first location in Mexico City in late 1999, KidZania has opened ten locations across Latin America, Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Seven additional locations are expected to open by the end of 2013. Merlin Entertainments Group provides additional examples. The world’s second largest attraction operator by attendance, Merlin’s portfolio of attractions includes large-scale projects such as LEGOLAND theme parks and smaller scale indoor attractions such as Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE aquariums. Applying its track record for fitting attractions into existing urban space, Merlin created a LEGOLAND concept that works for mixed-use and retail centers. LEGOLAND Discovery Center, a 30,000- to 35,000-square-foot, indoor attraction, combines ride and interactive play elements with a LEGO retail store. Since opening the first location in Berlin in 2007, Merlin has introduced LEGOLAND Discovery Center in nine locations across North America, Europe and Asia. The tenth opens next spring in Toronto. Small Attraction Considerations Because they occupy space within an existing or planned project, small attractions avoid many of the development challenges that slow or stall larger scale projects. With an existing structure, parking, and foot traffic from other tenants, the project can focus its investment on the interior build-out and local marketing. Instead of pulling residents and tourists out to large projects outside of the urban centers, smaller attractions intercept residents and tourists within the urban center.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 16

10/26/12 1:00 PM

Why full-scale resort development opportunities are limited

To accommodate lower attendance and pricing thresholds, smaller attractions must be careful with rents and capital investment. Lease terms need to acknowledge lower rents for a branded concept as an anchor that extends the market draw and competitively positions the larger development. Many existing malls are offering anchor rent terms to new, marketable attraction concepts. Capital investment discipline is a requirement that applies both at the return from the single location, but also to the larger roll-out strategy as escalating costs are multiplied across the future roll-out pipeline. An additional $1 million investment in the attraction development adds $20 million to a 20-unit rollout. Both KidZania and Merlin Entertainments Group secure favorable anchor rents and control capital investment. The next LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Toronto is expected to cost $12 million. To capture the opportunity in a small attraction roll-out strategy, major licensors will need to adopt a long term perspective that accepts lower license revenues per unit in exchange for a larger combined licensing revenue stream from the multi-unit roll out. Also, new concepts will need to creatively address development cost constraints and diversification of revenues, similar to the sponsorship and retail innovations of KidZania and Merlin, that ensures an investment return that supports licensing premium IPs. Unlike large licensing revenues from a single theme park project, a small attraction roll-out strategy diversifies the financial risk across a broad set of markets. Demonstrating a creative commitment to these design and business model issues will be critical in enlisting the support of development, operating, and leasing partners.

Fguvkpcvkqp"Vjgmg"Rctm" $1 billion

Financial Risk Economics Planning Process Octmgv"Qrrqtvwpkvkgu"

Limited ROI Long Hgy"



Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok (planned), Mumbai (planned), Singapore (planned) Dubai, Lisbon, Moscow (planned), Ä°stanbul (planned)

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Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles (all planned)

Ncvkp" Cmgtkec

Mexico City(2), Monterrey, Santiago, Sao Paulo (planned)

Kpfqqt"Cvvtcevkqp 50 x $20 million Higher ROI / Diversified Across Multiple Units Short" Ocp{

Ogtnkp"Kpfqqt"Cvvtcevkqpu" Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok. Tokyo (planned), Other Asia and China Expansion (planned)" 30+ locations across Europe" Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Dallas, Kansas City, Atlanta, Toronto (planned)" n/a

Within the attractions industry, the top intellectual property holders across the major film studio and television networks have historically focused on large-scale theme park projects. Successful parks utilize the popular brands and characters to drive millions in attendance and hundreds of millions in revenue. The lure of strong licensing returns can push theme park anchored projects to the top of executives’ business development priority lists – but these large-scale destinations are difficult to execute due to a number of factors. They require large land areas, upfront capital investment that can easily exceed US$1 billion, and complex development approvals. Low investment returns on capital-intensive theme parks require support from extensive destination development programs that include hotels, retail, and other resort uses and direct government support in the form of public-private partnerships that address infrastructure, investment, and land assembly challenges. Theme park development is a long process and many projects stall along the way. Locating these projects is equally challenging. The number of markets with deep enough resident and tourist markets that can support billion-dollar theme park resorts is limited. Large scale theme park destinations require a combination of income-qualified resident markets within a twohour drive time and an active overnight leisure tourist market. Isolating the right combination of development and market conditions is difficult in both mature and emerging markets. Developed markets often present a number of land assembly and entitlement challenges and emerging markets present economic and infrastructure challenges. There are market opportunities that meet all the key success criteria for large-scale theme park development. Asia - China in particular - dominates the short list of worldwide opportunities. However, the worldwide opportunity set remains limited.

Matthew Earnest is Principal, Entertainment + Culture Advisors. (ECA) is an international advisory firm focused on economic and market analysis for world-class destination entertainment and cultural development projects. ECA principals, formerly with Economics Research Associates (ERA), bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project. They have completed more than one thousand entertainment and cultural projects working with leading international destination development professionals around the world. Visit


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theme park projects

to best advantage Whether your company is building a new theme park, adding a ride, an attraction, building a new hotel, remodeling a venue, or purchasing an existing themed facility, the costs associated with these projects must be properly capitalized in your fixed asset system. Current and future benefits abound in these capitalized costs, but only if detailed fixed asset records are assigned the right attributes. There are many steps to constructing, remodeling, or acquiring a theme park, venue or attraction and placing it into service. Often overlooked is the importance of how the project assets are capitalized. There is hidden value in those assets that can make a significant contribution to the bottom line. Why not let those assets work for you? Let us assume that two companies add the same type of attraction to a theme park: a haunted attraction, for instance, complete with ride, food venue, and gift shop. The total cost includes design, engineering, construction, equipment purchases and in-house labor and overhead costs. Company A capitalizes the project in two assets, the ride and the building. Company B segregates the costs into individual assets such as the ride vehicles, ride track, kitchen equipment, decorative features, electrical components, mechanical components, painting, and themed lighting, among others. Depending on the country’s taxation structure, Company B stands to recognize significant tax advantages through additional depreciation and expense allowances. In addition, the assignment of component lifing to the detailed assets would satisfy the requirements of international financial accounting standards, as well as provide details for tracking maintenance, repairs, and projected replacement of individual assets. The positive impact on the bottom line is significant. While a comprehensive segregation of costs would provide the SywaSungTEADirectoryAd2011.pdf




11:24 AM

details necessary for proper capitalization in order to recognize these benefits, the starting point is the internal Capitalization Manual or Chart of Accounts Manual. These manuals provide guidance to asset classes, asset nomenclature, depreciable lives, maintenance codes, standard asset numbering, location codes, common subject descriptions, and much more. Contained in the manuals (both written and electronic – see explanation below) is a detailed matrix that provides the capitalization team with a uniform process for adding assets into the fixed asset system. THE PAST The traditional approach for many firms has been to assign staff members called “property accountants” the task of capitalizing all of the expenditures at the end of the year. Little or no detail was created for the capitalization of the fixed assets given the short time frame in which the capitalization team had to upload the assets into a fixed asset system. Assuming year end was December 31st, the property accountants began the arduous task of capitalizing all of the assets at the beginning of the month. Piles of invoices, purchase orders, contracts, payment applications, and electronic files were delivered to the property accountants in no particular order or format. With the clock running, the capitalization process had to be completed by the end of the year in order to generate year-end financial statements, tax reports, insurance reports, and such. To meet this impending deadline, assets were grouped or aggregated in order to reduce the actual number of assets to be input into the fixed asset system. Usually, the first item on the invoice, purchase order, or contract was the final asset description, with quantity sometimes attached to the asset record. Hence, Show Lighting purchased in one contract or invoice would be an asset in itself. If the first line item was for spotlights (say 100 spotlights at $250 each) and the invoice was for $200,000 of Show Lighting (spotlights, track lights, pole mounted lights, control panels, computer equipment,


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 18

10/26/12 1:00 PM

by George Hamilton etc.) the asset would either be “Show Lighting - $200,000” or would be “Spotlights – 100 each – total cost $200,000”. THE PRESENT Today, theme parks have recognized the importance of detailed fixed asset records. The complexity of rides, attractions, back of house facilities, and themed elements increased the need for more detailed information. Software systems have evolved in order to meet the demands of many departments such as Tax, Finance, and Maintenance. Without the previous restrictions of file sizes and record lengths, fixed assets systems can provide meaningful information to every department involved in record keeping. The “property accountants” have been replaced by Capitalization Teams or Departments which are aware of the requirements of assigning proper codings to every asset in the system. However, the capitalization of assets is now a multi-step process, far removed from the practices of the past. Reports generated from fixed asset systems are often required on a monthly basis rather than year end basis. Regulatory agencies mandate reports on a timely basis for shareholders, taxing authorities and management purposes. As such, capitalization of assets is an ongoing process in order to meet these requirements. Construction in Progress accounts must be regularly reviewed in order to move assets into a fixed asset system. Included in this process is the assignment of recovery periods (lives) recovery methods, placed-inservice dates (both book and tax), depreciation begin dates (book and tax), asset basis (with or without construction period interest or other soft cost allocations), and proper account classifications (book, tax, insurable values, property accounting, maintenance, etc.), requiring consistent and accurate procedures.

instruction book for the creation of fixed asset classifications unique to theme parks and venues. (While there is no universal standard manual, most firms create a streamlined system unique to a specific project. The property accounting team creates the unique chart of accounts for each project, often duplicating their efforts with each new project.) This manual is the key to assigning the proper coding for each asset being capitalized in the fixed asset system. Capitalization thresholds, aggregation of assets, grouping of like assets, inclusion of make, model, serial number and unit cost, along with standardized nomenclature, are major components in any fixed asset system. Periodic review of the manual is essential to account for changes in taxation, financial accounting, maintenance requirements, insurance coverage as well as maximization of benefits on an ongoing basis. SUMMARY The proper capitalization of assets begins at the initialization of any project whether large or small. Detailed records such as payment requests, change orders, contracts, invoices, and purchase orders are all key elements required for proper asset classifications, and as such should be requested by the Capitalization Team throughout the construction of the project. Smaller projects are routinely analyzed internally, however with larger projects such as the construction of a new theme park, hotel, or a themed attraction, the use of an experienced outside consultant may be necessary to maximize the available benefits.

THE CHART OF ACCOUNTS MANUAL The Chart of Accounts Manual can be considered a detailed

George T. Hamilton ( is a Senior Vice President of Aurora Group, Inc. With over 40 years of fixed asset experience he has assisted clients in capitalizing fixed assets through detailed cost segregation studies and the development of Chart of Accounts Manuals. He holds degrees in both construction and civil engineering, as well as an MBA in finance and advanced work on a law degree. He, and his firm, were co-recipients of the 9th Annual THEA Award for their work on the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge project. For further information about Aurora Group, Inc. please visit

Jack Gillett Precision Prototype Design

Pro Forma A dv is o r s L L C

Market Analysis

Financial Feasibility

Impact Studies

G ILLETT D ESIGN 18434 Oxnard Street Unit A Tarzana, CA 91356 818-399-7149

Mailing Address: 4706 Lakeview Canyon Rd. #416 Westlake Village, CA 91361


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HOW government funding drives

attraction development “Why wasn’t it built?” At Pro Forma Advisors, we are often asked some variation of the following question: “Project X was one-of-a-kind, was designed beautifully, and the concept had a high degree of market receptiveness. Why wasn’t it built?” There are many possible answers to that question. Sometimes relationships soured with the local partner, or the land was too expensive, or the various teams could not forge a partnership agreement. In our view, there is one thing that above all is the essential ingredient of large-scale attraction and attraction resort development: public-sector participation.

by Wonwhee Kim and Mark Dvorchak

The economic success of major theme parks is often contingent on obtaining various forms of government support. What is often forgotten in the development analysis of theme parks is the degree to which, in the last two decades, even the biggest names have relied on government subsidies for their success. A summary comparison is given in the chart below. Rising costs and expectations The need for public support has been driven by two key changes in the market. First, destination theme parks have increased the quality of ride and experience greatly over the past few decades, with many new attractions and “lands” costing more than older theme parks. This quality escalation has also served to increase guest expectations. Second, because of the enormous costs of land acquisition, required infrastructure development, landscaping, and construction of unique attractions, it is difficult for investment returns of major theme parks to pass the minimum hurdles necessary to attract both equity and loan financing. However, destination theme park projects are one of the few entertainment developments that can make significant net-new economic impact on a region, bringing in visitors and revenue from outside the region. Lesser theme parks may drive employment, but do not have the same impact as a destination theme park. Economic win-win For developers, the government contribution often makes an otherwise infeasible project financially viable. When the government provides a road or railway station directly to the front gate, it not only buttresses economic returns, but also acts as a sign of approval. Developers are often also able to obtain lower financing rates because of this implicit government support.



2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 20

10/26/12 1:00 PM

For governments, the scale and investment of major theme parks provide an economic engine for significant growth and employment. And with their destination drawing power, attraction resorts can act as significant net exporters, with significant sources of revenue from people outside the region. Of course, this is not to say that all attraction developments need government support. Smaller-scaled attractions may add value in the context of a larger resort environment, as anchor stores do in a retail setting. And as we’ve seen in China, developers are often willing to treat a project’s theme park component as a loss leader which creates profit opportunity on the development of surrounding land. The quality of attractions and public expectations have risen faster than direct theme park revenues, putting pressure on the economic feasibility of the destination model. However, the impact of the destination theme park brings great benefits to a region. Moving forward, we see more government participation supporting destination theme parks to generate benefits to its citizens and bridge the gap to long-term financial feasibility. Disney Paris

Universal Studios Japan

Hong Kong Disneyland

Estimated Cost





Cost as of Year





Land, Infrastructure, Hard Costs

Infrastructure, Hard Costs

Land, Infrastructure, Hard Costs

Infrastructure, Hard Costs





Cost Components Government Contribution Exchange Rate 2011 Attendance Adult Headline Ticket (local)

Shanghai Disneyland









64 GBP

6200 JPY

399 HKD


Public support can take many forms, depending on site and region specific issues. The following list outlines the types of public contributions that have been made available to major attraction developments. Land • Outright land contribution • Preferred acquisition assistance • Exercise of eminent domain • Subsidized land purchase prices Infrastructure • Land reclamation and leveling • Installation of public utilities (e.g., water and sewage), and services (e.g., police, fire and ambulance). • Construction of roads and piers, expansion of rail or metro lines to service the site Other Development • Planning input or control over usage of surrounding parcels • Assistance in the government review process and minimizing “red tape” • Development of parking facilities Financing Contribution • Direct equity contribution and/or cash grants • Government loans at subsidized interest rates • Arrangement of commercial loans at favorable interest rates • Investment in subordinated equity shares • Project financing assistance (e.g. tax increment financing) within the project (e.g. arena, amphitheater, convention space) • Use of hotel taxes for financing Operating Subsidies • Property tax abatements and other tax abatements for up to 10 years • Sales tax abatements • Allowance for accelerated depreciation • State funding of training programs for project employees TABLE [add from separate document]

Wonwhee Kim is Partner, Director Asia and Mark Dvorchak is Managing Partner of Pro Forma Advisors (, a consultancy committed to providing objective, unbiased analysis of real estate development projects. The company’s entertainment + resort practice specializes in theme parks, casino gaming, water parks, dining, retail and entertainment centers, branded attractions, museums, and visitor destinations of all types. Pro Forma’s real estate + economic planning practice focuses on advisory services for traditional land use development including urban mixed-use, large scale master plans, retail and other site specific development. © 2012 Pro Forma Advisors LLC. Used with permission.


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What they want . . . How they plan . . . Why they go . . . The Fine Art of Traveling with Children It’s that delicate balance of interests, more complex than a Congressional subcommittee. It’s that persistence to find the right blend of activities that satisfies everyone. It’s the think-on-your-feet flexibility to adapt when things don’t play out the way that you planned. It’s the after-the-fact hindsight that helps you do it better next time. And just when you think that you’ve got the kids figured out, they change on you. It’s the family vacation, the most creative act that most families will ever undertake together. Planning, executing, and enjoying a family vacation is truly a rich and complex art form. Even for experienced destinologists like us, this particular art form defies easy understanding. So, like a lot of challenging subjects, we decided to do some research. We commissioned H2R Market Research to conduct an original, nationwide study for us, asking families for detailed information about the reasons they visit destinations, how they plan their trips, how they rank different attributes, and how they evaluate their experience. Perhaps most importantly, we compared our family results to a control group of adults-only travelers, looking for key differences. The results are interesting, and often surprising.



2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 22

10/26/12 1:00 PM

They pay more for their tickets - $22.87 on average, almost $2 more than the average price paid by adults without children. Families also visit attractions more often – 2.9 times a year, on average, compared to 2.5 for adults without children – and they’re more likely to repeat visits. If they’ve had fun, together. The Question Freud Never Asked: What Do Families Want? Our study establishes that there are numerous priorities for families as they travel. In descending order, here are our top ten: 1. Togetherness 2. Fun 3. Variety 4. Unique experiences 5. Learn something new 6. See animals 7. See new rides/exhibits 8. Someplace we’ve never been before 9. Have a discount/coupon 10. Special event/festival The most important ingredient for a family is togetherness. Nearly 66% of the families in our study said so. Families want to do something as a family, even if they head off to different parts of the destination so everybody can see what interests them. At least they’ve all come to the same place, away from their crazy routines and their computer screens. They have a rare chance to create memories they can smile about – and tease each other about – for the next 50 years. Once the family’s together, what matters is having fun. Families want “fun and excitement” more than they want education, interactivity, friendliness, or anything else, ranking fun’s importance 4.56 on a scale of 0 to 5. If the kids are happy, so are the grown-ups. Variety ranked third in importance for families; they gave it a 4.51 on a 0 to 5 scale. “That’s because, in order for Mom to generate that romantic view of everyone doing something together, you need different things for everyone to do,” remarks Jerry Henry. “Nearly 4 in 10 families say variety is one of the things that inspires them to visit an attraction.” In response, more attractions are becoming hybrids, making sure they

have a combination of hands-on activities, amazing things to see, exciting rides or experiences, and then, of course, shopping and dining. “Until recently, a lot of places missed that lesson,” remarks PGAV Destinations Principal Mike Konzen. “Now you see zoos starting to experiment with rides; museums coming up with fun restaurant concepts; historic sites adding unique retail experiences.” How Families Plan Their Outings The travel industry keeps a tight focus on Mom, because study after study indicates that women make about 85% of travel decisions. What many people forget, though, is that women aren’t necessarily choosing what they want. They tend to be altruists, taking their partners into account, and above all, listening to their kids. In our study, 70% of families said that their kids help plan their trips. A full 13% of parents said the initial choice of what attraction to visit was made by their child. In 37% of families, the child may have not been the sole instigator, but he or she played a major role in the decision to visit. Some families are dictatorships, with the grown-ups making all of the decisions. Asked what they do to encourage their child to visit an educational attraction, for example, 37% of parents said they simply insist the child go along. In other families, it’s the child’s power that’s absolute. 24% of families said that if their child did not want to visit an educational attraction, they simply would not go. Perhaps most interesting, in situations where a child balked at visiting, 39% of parents sweetened the deal with some kind of “trade-off.” We call this “arbitration.” In our study, we identified several models for how children are involved: 1. Checks and Balances: Sometimes, for practical reasons, the children’s power must be limited by certain realities – budget, logistics, available time, etc. 2. Consensus: In this model, families talk through every decision and get creative finding ways to make everybody happy. It’s as collaborative as life gets. 3. Democracy: Everybody gets an equal vote, and majority rules. It can be bluntly egalitarian, with the six-year-old vote just as important as Dad’s. 4. Meritocracy: In this model, kids’ roles expand with their age and knowledge of the world. As toddlers, they wield scant influence; by the time they’ve reached their teens, they’re making most of the choices. Continued >


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浩瀚宇宙任遐想, 一点一线梦成真 Producer 制片人 Don MacBain

Executive Producer 总策划制片人 Charlotte Huggins

Project Director 项目总监 Ryan Miziker


Design + Partnership +Production 12711 Ventura Blvd. Suite 200 Studio City, CA 91604 Phone: 661-254-9943

reliable wireless for pyrotechnic control

WWW.UTOPIAWORLDWIDE.COM a division of Birket Engineering

since 1984



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Technology Of the families old enough and savvy enough to have an opinion, more than three-fourths preferred attractions that made the most of technology. As children get older, their hunger for technology increases.

5. A  pprenticeship: Travel is a training ground, with parents actively teaching children how to research a decision, work from a budget, and make arrangements. 6. A  rbitration: Nearly every family resorts to this at some point, and just about everything can be negotiated: where to eat, how much to spend, which souvenir to buy. Real Thrills and Authentic Experiences: A Trip to Remember We learned what motivates families and how they plan their trip. But it’s what happens once they arrive that determines whether they will leave happy, already making plans to return.

Here are some of the elements that make a difference: Thrills The delight in thrills is nearly universal, appealing even to adult couples without children. And among families, 24.9% cited thrills as one of their top motives for visiting an attraction. Interactivity Families rated the importance of interactive experiences as 4.23 on a 0-5 scale, much higher than adults without children. That’s because for the kids, especially under 12, interactivity’s the secret to holding their attention.

Authenticity Families gave authenticity, the desire to experience real or genuine activities, a rating of 4.14 on a scale of 0-5. “Everything kids do is artificial these days,” remarks Tom Owen, Vice President for PGAV Destinations. “But you can’t touch a real fossil through an iPhone.” Dining Not unexpectedly, families were far more likely to prefer informal food options than adult travelers. 33% preferred a “quick bite,” and an additional 32% liked to order at a counter, and then sit down. Shopping Four out of five parents told us that they typically do some shopping when they visit attractions with their children. Over one-third (35%) said they typically shop for souvenirs, while another 30% said that they just enjoy browsing.

“The Art of the Family Vacation” is a nationwide report created by PGAV Destinations, a global leader in the planning, design, and business strategy of unique destinations around the world. For a free copy of the complete “The Art of the Family Vacation” report, call (314) 231-7318 or email marie.shellenberg@ Numerous additional nationwide studies can be found at

Dive into

TEA events and build your company TEA’s signature events are a vital part of the purpose of the association. They provide networking, education and, dare I use the word, compelling experiences! The TEA events year starts with the annual 2-day TEA Summit (in 2013, April 4-5 at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim) followed immediately by the Thea Awards Gala (evening of April 6) where we award and celebrate excellence. The 2013 Thea Awards Gala promises to be very special with the participation of Executive Producer Patrick Roberge. In September (exact dates TBD) comes the annual SATE conference (Story, Architecture, Technology, Experience) – a unique opportunity to connect one-on-one with people in our industry from all over the globe. The 2012 SATE conference, at Disneyland Paris, had delegates from Australia, South Korea, Sharjah UAE, France, England, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and all corners of North America.

Toward year’s end, in November, we all flock to the IAAPA Attractions Expo, where the TEA booth is Industry Connection Central. Hundreds of people converge each day for conversation and coffee. TEA events at IAAPA include the annual international mixer, the announcement of the new slate of Thea Awards recipients, plus the annual membership meeting where we formally install the new president. Without your continued and meaningful support of these events, they would not happen. Sponsorships are the backbone of our signature events. There are myriad opportunities for visibility at all TEA gatherings, and they can be customized to your needs. Both cash and in-kind sponsorships are essential – as is the participation of our many dedicated volunteers (are you one?).

When I joined the TEA staff in 2011, I was just in time to jump into the final production phase of the SATE Orlando conference of that year. In the 12-plus months since, we’ve seen some record turnouts to TEA events, and I’ve had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate many of you. Now, I’m looking forward to creating the next cycle of TEA signature events, and making them better and more meaningful each time – with your help. I’d like to express a big, warm thank-you to all the TEA event sponsors, volunteers and other supporters. Let’s do it again! Please keep an eye on the TEA website and other communications and save the dates for the 2013 Summit, Thea Awards, and SATE conference. And if you’d like to participate in any way, please get in touch.

Kathy Oliver, Manager, Special Events & Relations 2013 TEA ANNUAL

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Thank You


THAT WAS FUN! LET’S DO IT AGAIN! Proud Member and Sponsor


scenic backdrops custom theatrical graphics museum graphics custom graphic fabrication print direct to substrate dimensional letters and so much more


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SimEx-Iwerks and the legacy of

Iwerks Entertainment By Judith Rubin Iwerks Entertainment, co-founded in 1985 by Don Iwerks and Stan Kinsey, left a legacy still visible and influential in today’s themed entertainment industry. Many significant trends, technologies, attraction genres and business models trace roots back to the company. Iwerks and Kinsey assembled and inspired a boldly inventive team, and an impressive number of Iwerks alumni have become creative leaders in the industry (and in TEA).

Brands in the SimEx-Iwerks library include Yogi Bear, Dora & Diego, Looney Tunes, Ice Age and more. Posters courtesy of SimEx-Iwerks.

“A vitality seemed to be in the water, running through the company,” said Eddie Newquist, now EVP/CCO of Global Experience Specialists. “There wasn’t anything we didn’t think we could figure out or invent or put together.”


“Don Iwerks pioneered a lot of the technologies other people have taken forward, and that have become the basis for the digital revolution,” says Bob Rogers of BRC Imagination Arts, which partnered on numerous projects with Iwerks in the 1980s and 1990s. Don Iwerks’s industry accolades include an Academy Award (The Gordon E. Sawyer Award, aka the Sci-Tech Oscar, in 1998), the Lifetime Achievement Thea Award from the Themed Entertainment Association (1997) and official Disney Legend honors (2009). Long before his name was put on the door at Iwerks Entertainment, Don had iconic status from his 35 years at Disney Studios, which included 20 years as head of the Disney Studio Machine Shop developing special cameras and projectors for Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Epcot and Tokyo Disneyland. Don’s father Ub Iwerks was likewise a legendary Disney artist, animator and innovator whose contributions are chronicled in “The Hand Behind the Mouse” documentary and book by Don’s daughter Leslie, herself an accomplished filmmaker/author. Today, Don Iwerks and Stan Kinsey are still active in their fields, and the legacy is upheld in the successes of the present company, SimEx-Iwerks. The merger In 2000, Michael Needham joined the resources of his firm, SimEx, to the assets of Iwerks Entertainment. Iwerks was by that time debtridden after a turbulent, downward business trajectory following a blockbuster IPO in 1993. Company resources had been drained by a long, competitive battle with Imax Corp. for a share of the 1570 giant-screen projection market. “It cost Iwerks a lot to come up with their alternative product and take it to market, and then the two


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10/26/12 1:00 PM

Left to right, Stan Kinsey, Michael Needham, Don Iwerks.

companies fought to the death for 7 years,” explains Needham. The company’s many viable products and innovations couldn’t offset its losses. Former venture capitalist Needham got hooked on the business when he invested in SimEx (then Interactive Entertainment Inc.) to build Tour of the Universe, a flagship motion theater attraction at Toronto’s CN Tower in 1980. The film was produced by Douglas Trumbull. Conceived as a one-off, the 40,000 square foot attraction influenced the template of motion theaters to come. “We spent way too much money building Tour of the Universe,” says Needham, “but it was one of the few investments that my company,

Helix, had made that I felt a real affection for.” He bought SimEx in 1990. Ten years later, he acquired Iwerks Entertainment, returned it to private ownership and eventually to stability and profitability. Today, he says without hesitation, “The turning point for SimEx was the merger with Iwerks.” SimEx-Iwerks does most of its current business in content licensing & distribution, 4D attraction development, and co-ventures with zoos and aquariums. “The company leaders are good businesspeople who recognized our true market niche,” says Scott Shepley, Vice President, Film Post-Production, who started at Iwerks Entertainment more than 20 years ago. SimEx-Iwerks has its corporate headquarters and manufacturing in the Toronto area, a base in Southern California, another in Baltimore and satellite offices overseas. Company revenues are about $30 M, growing at the rate of 8%-10% a year for the past 5 years. Content creation Iwerks Entertainment did pioneering work in digital and video systems for special venue applications. “They were making things accessible to smaller parks and museums - a tradition that has continued with SimExIwerks,” says former Iwerks-ian Cecil Magpuri, now CCO of Falcon’s Treehouse. The film division led by Eddie Newquist and Jon Corfino (now of Attraction Media & Entertainment) produced breakthrough content. Their library included original animations from Chris Wedge and his

Legacy: World Expos A landmark custom project was the Lucky Goldstar (now LG) Pavilion at Taejon Expo 93. “It was a hit,” recalls Eric Rodli, who started at Iwerks in 1988 and rose to company president (currently an investor in entertainment technology businesses). “Our joint venture with Ride & Show Engineering produced a 3-axis motion theater for which Iwerks provided projection and audio. We had Dave Barnett doing R & D.” The Lucky Goldstar film was “Journey to Technopia,” produced by Charlotte Huggins, then with Boss Film Studio Huggins (now with Rhythm & Hues) reported that the show was still playing in the original theater on the original site when she visited a few years ago. Project manager was Iwerks veteran Tisa Poe, currently senior director, design services, Universal Parks and Recreation. For the Spanish National Pavilion at Seville Expo 92, Iwerks furnished 80 Turbo-Ride motion bases. The film “Vientos de España” produced by Summerhays Films using Iwerks 870 cameras, took audiences on a grand tour of Spain. The show, one of the most popular attractions at the fair, presaged something just now starting to happen in mainstream cinemas - the addition of animated seats to accompany full-length movies.

Continued > This article is excerpted from issue #42 of InPark Magazine (, and is reprinted with permission. 2013 TEA ANNUAL

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SimEx-Iwerks and the legacy of Iwerks Entertainment

Celebrating a new Iwerks project in pre-IPO days. Left to right: Mike Swinney, Michael Dulion, the waiter, Darly Dulion, Doron Golan, Kristen Rupert, Dave Rehmus, Lori Kinsey, unidentified, Eddie Newquist, Kirsten Newquist, Stan Kinsey, Betty Iwerks, Don Iwerks

company’s global network of 4D and motion theaters. Like Scott Shepley, he’s been with the company some 20 years. Current titles include “Ice Age 4D” (Fox); “Yogi Bear 4D” and “Roadrunner 4D” (Warner Bros.); “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Dora & Diego” (Nickelodeon) and “Planet Earth” and “Frozen Planet” (BBC). A seasonal favorite is “Polar Express 4D” (WB).

Legacy: Cinetropolis Key to the Iwerks business plan as the IPO launched in 1993 was Cinetropolis: a high-concept, mixed-use development integrating the media-based attractions with retail, dining and other elements. Two opened: at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and in Chiryu, Japan. It provoked a slew of similar concepts from other developers and operators. “Cinetropolis was the big dream,” recalls Stan Kinsey, who now invests in select startups. “We raised $50 million and had real estate partners verbally committed. We had designs for locations in Chicago and Seattle and went a long way in talks with Taubman but then markets changed, the financing model changed and the developers balked. Our vision may have been too aggressive. But 15 years later there’s still a part of me that says it would be fun to do it.”

then fledgling Blue Sky Productions, and influential, custom music videos (think Peter Gabriel’s “Kiss that Frog” for Pepsi, as well as videos starring Clint Black, Willie Nelson and Duran Duran). Iwerks also led the way in attraction films based on licensed big-name IPs - early examples were Aliens and Robocop. Today, SimEx-Iwerks Senior VP of Licensing & Distribution Mike Frueh works with studios and IP owners to develop new shows and adapt existing content for the


TurboRide to 4D Les Hill, presently a system sales engineer at Electrosonic, was instrumental in developing the TurboRide theaters, and Craig Hanna, now CCO of Thinkwell Group, was in charge of developing the marketing for same. “We were doing something that the market wanted - seats that were articulated with a film,” said David Snyder, former Iwerks VP of Engineering. “We could now provide them as an independent product and open up smaller specialty theaters and touring theaters.” “The TurboRide seat was a terrific product,” says Needham. “TurboRide seats sold themselves all over the world; they eventually were taken over by 4D seats, but by 2004 we had between 100-150 TurboRide theaters in 40 countries. That was probably one of the most successful product lines ever produced in specialty attractions.”


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 30

10/26/12 1:00 PM

SimEx-Iwerks 4D seats are based on an Iwerks prototype acquired in the merger. “The 4D seats that are at the basis of our business now were how we got our teeth into the marketplace,” says Needham. “Iwerks was well ahead of us - already into digital projection, and deeply into 3D. There was a whole series of things they’d been working on.” This included Cinetropolis and Virtual Adventures, pioneering concepts that were forerunners of things flourishing today. “Cinetropolis was basically the idea of grouping attractions,”

comments Needham. “They’re doing that in Asia right now. We recently pitched something that looks a lot like Cinetropolis.” Early to Asia Iwerks Entertainment’s primacy in the Asian market proved hugely valuable. “They had been very early into Asia,” says Needham. “Because of that, SimEx-Iwerks was well positioned in what has been the most buoyant marketplace of the last 10 years. If a recession hits, nothing is going to rescue you other than a marketplace where there is not a recession.” SimEx-Iwerks as operator Continuing its tradition of creative partnership and market expansion, SimExIwerks is a hands-on co-investor in some 36 attractions in zoos, aquariums and other facilities in North America. Mark Cornell came to SimEx-Iwerks 10 years ago from the former Imax Ridefilm division and is the primary actor for the co-ventures, working from the company’s Baltimore office. Clients include Shedd Aquarium, San Diego Zoo, Saint Louis Zoo and the National Aquarium.

Legacy: Virtual Adventures Virtual Adventures was a 1993 collaboration between Iwerks and Evans & Sutherland to create real-time, multi-user simulation. The windows of the ride vehicle were computer monitors that displayed the real-time results of the vehicle’s navigation through digital databases loaded onto multiple E&S image generators. The technology cost, much higher than it is today, was one of the factors that kept it from progressing beyond the first few installations. It won eight awards, including the first ‘Best Virtual Reality’ award from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. “There’s a lot of Virtual Adventures in today’s platform games,” comments Newquist, “- in how they are designed, and the concept of what gameplay is.” Bob Chambers, former project engineer at Iwerks, described an Iwerks-Minolta collaboration that helped advance planetarium projection: the 12k 70mm fisheye film system that could share space with a starball projector. Chambers caught the entrepreneurial spirit at Iwerks; he founded his special effects company, It’s Alive in 1995 and recently set up a new business, The Producers Group, which boasts Don Iwerks on its advisory board.

What’s next? Needham forecasts “very exciting and buoyant opportunities ahead. The natural extension is to move into owned-andoperated. In our world of specialty attractions there is room to grow in new and interesting ways.”

Consult the TEA Membership Directory online at


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10/26/12 1:00 PM

A visit to

Yeosu Expo 2012 courtesy EXHIBITOR Magazine

The Corporate Pavilions by Travis Stanton

In many ways, the stars of Expo 2012 were the corporate pavilions. These seven freestanding structures represented a variety of companies, from well-known electronics brands Samsung and LG to auto giant Hyundai to Korean energy firm GS Caltex and more. While some (like Hyundai, Samsung, and Lotte) housed immersive presentations, others (such as SK Telecom and LG) featured hands-on interactives and restful rooftop gardens. Hyundai The following material, reprinted with permission, is drawn from EXHIBITOR Magazine’s excellent coverage of the recent Korean world expo. Yeosu Expo 2012 took place May 12- August 12. Visit www.ExhibitorOnline. com/Expo2012 to see more.


Before entering the main theater in the Hyundai Pavilion, you sat in a waiting area beneath a NASCAR-like ceiling: radiocontrolled race cars tore and sped around a winding track of transparent tube while loudspeakers piped in a corporate-pop song, “All Together Now.” That was just the warm-up. Inside the auto giant’s theater, the room was mostly shadow. Soon, however, subtle spotlight beacons began to follow you, like a fairy godmother of fluorescence, and with each step the ghost lights caused your steps to cast flicks of light. As you sat down, three sides of the cotton-white room came alive. Made of more than 3,500 individual block-like components, the wall thrust its bricks out in a coordinated effort to spell promotional messages and make statements. Digital pictures - flames, cars, dancers - were projected in patterns. Underlying message: Hyundai is not just another brick in the wall.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 32

10/26/12 1:00 PM


Samsung’s pavilion would be a star at any expo. Nodding to the maritime theme of Expo 2012, the automaker constructed its pavilion’s facade like a colossal orb of metallic fish scales. The structure was intended to resemble an oceanic ark that we can ride into the future. After a staffer blew bellowing notes on a conch shell, you filed into a massive, nautical-themed, two-story theater where silhouetted images of briskly walking people were projected. A section of the floor folded shut, lending the sense of a ship prepping for a long voyage at sea. The lights doused and the arena-size floor exploded in projected light. Dancers descended from the sky over virtual vistas of extreme climate, including an F5 tornado that buffeted one dancer in the air like Dorothy on her way to Oz. The flooring morphed into a vast sheaf of ice of startling realism. When it came apart with a blast representing global warming, the frigid chunks seemed to fall into a bottomless abyss. SK Telecom

A butterfly is the corporate symbol of SK Telecom, which explains why the provider of mobile service in Korea sheathed its building in a giant butterfly net that seemed big enough to cover the Superdome. The clever exterior was trumped, however, by the interior exhibit: a kinetic art installation by a Korean artist using SK technology. Steampunk phones with an hourglass shape stood in front of a bobbing mechanical bird-beast that allowed you to input your phone number, then issue a message to your future self that would be delivered to you one year later. GS Caltex, Lotte

GS Caltex, a Korean oil company, erected a forest of 380 52-foot-tall bamboolike stalks of rice. Made of Fiberglas, they swayed in the wind and lit up in shades of amber, turquoise,

carmine, and lavender. Standing between them was like wading inside a cross between the enchanted forest of Snow White and the LA of “Blade Runner.” That gave us a high that looked impossible to beat until we stepped into Lotte’s pavilion, which turned a theater into a simulation of a hot-air balloon with faux flames from a faux burner heating air into the envelope that expanded and took us up, up, and away. The food and shopping megaconglomerate’s balloon used motion-simulation tech to give us a ride that soared to heights where eagles would be afraid to dare and skipped like a rock over planes of ocean water whose waves snapped up into the air like whips.

POSCO If that last sounds conceptual, wait until you hear this: The pavilion for Korean steelmaker Posco resembled an Apple store with an ear-shaped aperture cut out of its side to symbolize “listening to the ocean.” The open-air platform at the top of an escalator blew wind down the automated stairway, activating the spin cycle on tiny windmill-like devices attached to a wall. Inside, you could compose music by running your fingers over metal rubes like a harp of steel, lounge in chairs glowing like a box of Crayola crayons, or whisper into speaker horns to a listener at another horn several feet away. But the piece de resistance was the theater. Visitors trooped into a circular room and stood on a floor of gravel, only to see themselves reflected on the wraparound movie screen several feet above their heads. But instead of lifelike photos or even cartoon-like versions of themselves, they saw silhouettes as orange as a traffic cone or yellow as an Easter Peep. The real surprise, however, wasn’t the trippy movie that followed but a 7-foot-tall version of its mascot, “Big Man,” that burst through a hidden door afterward. It looked like a sinister version of the Michelin Man and charged us like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in “Ghost Busters.” After visitors started clapping, it mellowed down a bit and danced as attendees snapped pics.

Continued >


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10/26/12 1:00 PM

A visit to Yeosu Expo 2012

Local Governments Pavilion

The 57,000-square-foot Local Governments Pavilion housed 23 area municipalities, including Expo’s host city, Yeosu, where they could promote themselves to the fair’s anticipated 10 million visitors. Arranged in shopping mall style linear fashion, the 16 municipal and seven local governments included standouts such as Gwanju. Here, foodies could watch visuals of regional cuisine projection-mapped onto a table setting for eight as if the perfectly-placed courses of duck stew and kimchee appeared on the plates out of thin air. Another region, Jeonbuck, used 6-foot-high signboards shaped like water droplets and covered in hanji, a traditional handmade paper, to promote its status as a cultural capital. Some of the placards were integrated with speakers on which attendees could listen to selections from Pansori, a 14th-century Korean two-person opera consisting of a singer and a drummer.

While most exhibitors in the pavilion accentuated their regional attractions, some, like Jeollanam-do, focused more on the official Expo 2012 theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast.” Bordering the Yellow Sea, the province erected a mini-ecosystem in its space. Recreating a mudflat - a marsh-like area that helps prevent coastal erosion - it populated the biosphere with hundreds of indigenous lugworms, ghost crabs, and goggle-eye gobys that writhed and crawled over the swampy plain.



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The power of the ephemeral: world expos and trade shows By Travis Stanton

While Expo 2012 was, in a sense, a giant state fair with food vendors, performances, and attractions, it also shared an ongoing and evolving connection with both the trade show and themed entertainment industries. After all, exhibitions such as that first Great Exhibition in London, 1851, morphed and modernized themselves to ultimately become the template of the modernday trade show and the modern-day theme park. The structures in Yeosu - or any world expo - are more permanent than any pop-up. Many of the roughly 140 corporate, country, and theme pavilions in Yeosu were freestanding structures, costing millions of dollars and housing everything from 4-D theaters and live presentations to immersive experiences and hands-on activities. Perhaps because of their longer duration (3-6 months), world’s fairs have always served up a sampling of tactics, techniques, and technological applications, many of which make a slow and steady migration to trade show floors and theme parks around the globe. But the kinship between expos and trade shows runs deeper than tech trends and cross pollination. On Aug. 13, the international village that sprang up on South Korea’s coast between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan was dismantled. Anyone who experienced likely felt a little let down.

just a piece of prime real estate along China’s Huangpu River. And so it is with trade shows. We erect small to midsize cities inside convention centers all over the world, turning their typically unremarkable interiors into sprawling seas of experiential exhibits. For a few days, the makeshift marketplace bustles with business, and that undeniable energy seems thick in the air. Through our architecture and the art of marketing, we turn empty warehouse-like expanses into places where like-minded individuals in a given industry are willing to travel to avoid missing out. When it’s done, the temporary metropolis is taken down, booth by booth, and the population of attendees relocates to all corners of the globe. The show is over, and the magic has left the building. Every time exhibitors set out to oversee an install, they open a window of opportunity. And that window’s not just for them to do business, but also for attendees to learn and network, for local businesses to function and profit, and for the community (which wouldn’t exist without these events) to temporarily take root and flourish, if even for a few days. Social media, virtual events, webinars, and more all attempt to prop

In the fall of 2010, when I first saw pictures of Shanghai’s Expo 2010 site being demolished, I felt like someone had just dismantled Disney World. The surreal facades were now unsightly mounds of building materials, and the undeniable energy inherent in such an event had dissipated. It was now 2013 TEA ANNUAL

2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 35


10/26/12 1:00 PM

those windows of opportunity open indefinitely. But the truth is that it can’t be done. The magic cannot be sustained ad infinitum. Expos and trade shows share one defining characteristic: They are temporary. Our windows of opportunity aren’t open forever - and it’s the fact trade shows and Expos are finite that makes them magical, and attracts attendees from all over the world who know they have two choices; be there, or miss out. Trade shows and Expos are living models of the scarcity principle at work. All good things must come to an end, and while Disney World is open indefinitely, every little boy and girl eventually goes home. The next time you open a window of opportunity, I hope you take advantage of every second and make the most of your chance to create marketing magic. Before you know it, the show will end, that window will close, and (if you’re not careful) you’ll be left with a sinking feeling that you could have done better. But if you truly capitalize on that temporary opportunity, you’re far more likely to leave feeling the way I did when I left Yeosu: You’ll know that you experienced something special that can’t be recreated. That is, of course, until the next show rolls around.

EXHIBITOR’s Expo 2012 Awards

A panel of multidisciplinary design, marketing, and communications experts judged 7 categories. The People’s Choice Award winner was determined by popular vote, and Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR magazine determined the Editor’s Choice Award. “The Expo 2012 Award winners and honorable mentions represent some of the world’s best examples of how experiential design, technology, presentation, and storytelling come together to effectively communicate compelling messages,” said Stanton. “These examples will hopefully inform and inspire today’s exhibit and event professionals — along with the next generation of face-to-face marketers.” More information will appear in EXHIBITOR’s December 2012 issue.

About EXHIBITOR Media Group The leader in trade show and corporate event marketing education, EXHIBITOR Media Group publishes EXHIBITOR magazine, a monthly publication featuring best practices in trade show marketing. EXHIBITOR’s Learning Events include: EXHIBITOR2013, the industry’s top-rated conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketing; EXHIBITORFastTrak, accelerated learning conferences; and EXHIBITOR eTrak, professional online learning. EXHIBITOR Media Group is also the founder and sponsor of CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketer), the world’s only university-affiliated certification program for trade show and event marketers. Find out more at



2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 36

10/26/12 1:00 PM

BEST PAVILION Winner: Germany Pavilion Client: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany Design: Arge Expo 2012 Fabrication: Holtmann GmbH + Co. KG Honorable Mention: Switzerland Pavilion Client: Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Design: Steiner Sarnen AG fur Kommunikation, Switzerland; Tamschick Media+Space GmbH Berlin Fabrication: Nussli AG BEST EXTERIOR DESIGN Winner: GS Caltex Pavilion Client: GS Caltex Corp. Design: Atelier Bruckner GmbH Fabrication: S.H.G enc; HP&P Hankuk Polymates & Putrision Co. Ltd. Honorable Mention: Theme Pavilion Client: Organizing Committee, Expo 2012 Design: Soma ZT GmbH Fabrication: Hyundai Construction BEST EXHIBIT/SMALL PAVILION Winner: Philippines Pavilion Client: Philippine Organizing Committee Design: U26 Design Studio Fabrication: Pico North Asia Ltd. Honorable Mention: Lithuania Pavilion Client: Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania Design: Klasikinis Portikaas Ltd. Fabrication: Pico North Asia Ltd.

BEST ACTIVITY/INTERACTIVE Winner: Singapore Pavilion – “Water Harvesting” Client: Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Republic of Singapore Design/Fabrication: Pico Art International Pte. Ltd.

ELEMENTS & DETAILS Winner: Netherlands Pavilion – “Audiovisual Map” Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs Design: Totems Communication B.V.; Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions Fabrication: KBS

Honorable Mention: Germany Pavilion – “Interactive Beach Chairs” Client: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany Design: Arge Expo 2012 Fabrication: Holtmann GmbH + Co. KG

Honorable Mention: Belgium Pavilion – “Culture Carousel” Client: Belgium Design: Totems Communication B.V. Fabrication: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions

BEST PRESENTATION Winner: Australia Pavilion – “Ocean” Client: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia Design/Fabrication: Think OTS Honorable Mention: Lotte Pavilion – “360º Rider Theater” Client: Lotte Co. Ltd. Design/Fabrication: Daehong Communications BEST INTERPRETATION OF THEME Winner: Switzerland Pavilion – “The Source. It’s in Your Hands.” Client: Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Design: Steiner Sarnen AG fur Kommunikation, Switzerland; Tamschick Media+Space GmbH Berlin Fabrication: Nussli AG Honorable Mention: Germany Pavilion – “Seavolution” Client: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany Design: Arge Expo 2012 Fabrication: Holtmann GmbH + Co. KG

EDITOR’S CHOICE Winner: Oman Pavilion Client: Oman Ministry of Commerce and Industry Design/Fabrication: Cityneon Holdings Ltd. Honorable Mention: Thailand Pavilion Client: Department Marine and Coastal Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand Design: D103 International Ltd. Fabrication: Design Prox PEOPLE’S CHOICE Winner: Russia Pavilion Client: Russia Design: Center of Effective Technology and Information Systems Co. (CETIS) Fabrication: General de Producciones y Diseno S.A. Honorable Mention: USA Pavilion Client: U.S. Department of State Design: The Hettema Group Fabrication: Sigong Tech Co. Ltd.


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10/26/12 1:00 PM

w w w. C 2 C S t u d i o . c o m




Concept 2 Creation / C2C Studio Inc. 225 East Broadway, Suite B112 Glendale, CA 91205 USA O. 818 536 7335 E.

All written, photographic and conceptual art material is the exclusive property of C2C STUDIO, Inc. and their respective owners. No portion hereof may be used or reproduced in any manner without the express prior written consent of Concept 2 Creation / C2C Studio Inc. Š 2013 Concept 2 Creation / C2C Studio Inc. - All rights reserved.


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

10/15/2012 1:47:40 PM

The Disputable Rise Of The

Experience Economist When B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore coined the term “Experience Economy” in a 1998 article, followed by the 1999 book, “The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage,” they popularized the concept that products and experiences tie in together, and that the experience in itself becomes more important than the product - or indeed becomes the product itself. Some argued that it was just the latest business consultant trend. The term prevailed, however - especially in Northern Europe, where the basic notion of the Experience Economy transcended the disciplines of business, tourism and culture to be embraced by academic institutions, resulting in different university programs focusing on Experience Economy, Experience Leadership or other derivatives. by Klaus Sommer Paulsen

Marketing within the Experience Economy Wherever there is any kind of economy, there are sales. Sales are driven by marketing. And marketing in the new millennium, to an ever increasing degree, is about going beyond attention to engagement, and toward relationships built upon interactions. And so, as the theory goes, to create these scenarios of the Experience Economy, we need people capable of designing them. Not only do we market experiences, we deliver experiences as marketing. With the added power of a connected, digital world, new possibilities open up for the marketing and experience professional, all to the benefit of the customers, who are now the audience. Mutual benefits flow in all directions... Wait a minute. In 1999, who had heard of Facebook? YouTube? Apple making portable music players - or, for that matter, mobile phones? Still, these are all synonymous with massive meta-trends that have changed the way we live our lives - not only the marketing of products. How does the Experience Economy apply to the world today – and how do we recognize an exemplary practitioner? I went out to seek the contemporary Experience Economist. Boswijk: Both sides of the coin Members of European academic circles often point to Albert Boswijk, Founder and Director of the European Centre for the Experience & Transformation Economy in the Netherlands as someone driving the evolution of Experience Economy as a discipline. As the author of “The Experience Economy - A New Perspective” and his latest book, “Economy Experiences,” Boswijk recognizes the Nordic European countries as being at the forefront of formally training people to work or research within the Experience Economy. “Professional work and research are two sides of the same coin,” says Boswijk. “The Experience Economist is not the designer or consultant, but a person who is pushing the common level of expertise forward by researching and sharing knowledge to the common good.”



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10/26/12 1:01 PM

Albert Boswijk

Finding a common understanding is something Boswijk also sees as not just useful, but imperative. “Both sides of the coin are needed. The theory of the matter is fragmented, and we seriously need to collaborate more than we do. You can be in a room with 40 Ph.D. students, and you would be in a room with 40 different notions of what the Experience Economy is.” Boswijk and others, however, have no doubt that the Experience Economy is becoming more influential as it evolves, and it is something quite different from the business-related approach of the late 1990s. The three phases of the Experience Economy Generally, the evolution is seen as currently having three phases. They are not a linear development, but rather co-existing dimensions, initialized at different points in time. Every business is a stage: Brands are staged with the use of experiences, and experiences become products in their own right. User participation reaches new levels: The user or consumer participates in the creation of products. The value dictate lies with the customer, and we have only yet seen the beginning of this, as companies will have to create products to demand and not create demand for products. Today’s and tomorrow’s digital possibilities are key ingredients. The third phase varies depending on who you talk to, as is often the case when discussing Experience Economy. One notion that appears to be generally shared, however, is the shift in focus from relationships between brands and customers toward social entrepreneurship and the bigger issues, such as globalization and the multi-cultural dialog and perspectives it brings. Knudsen: New ways of thinking “This is not a new way of philanthropy. It is the basic mindset that one has in order to do something in my local area, brought into an entrepreneurial setting,” states Britta Tiim Knudsen from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. As Associate Professor and part of the crossdisciplinary team heading the education towards a Master’s Degree in Experience

Economy, Knudsen is literally surrounded by the next-generation thinkers and doers. She strongly advocates the need for change and coming together also from within the academic community. “We need to open the doors to the outside world, take part and relate to it. We need to collaborate and go beyond the world as our disciplines have taught us to see it. By doing that, our students - the future Experience Economists - can help bridge the gap between disciplines to help create the best strategies and concepts for their organizations. Understanding how to bring disciplines together with respect will also enable them to stand up and take a different route, such as stating that sometimes, actually, storytelling may not be the best approach for creating an experience.” Thomsen: The big issues Kaare Thomsen, leading the education of the Master in Experience Leadership degree at the Danish Roskilde University, also views the ability to understand and even adapt other disciplines as fundamental to becoming an Experience Economist and bringing the world of business together with the world of creating experiences. “Actually, if you already are too welltrained, meaning too set in your ways, you’re not a good candidate for this kind of education,” says Thomsen. “Bringing different disciplines together, this field of expertise has not settled yet - neither has the associated training.” It seems that to be an Experience Economist today, you’ll need to be able to change, and keep on changing. To still be an Experience Economist tomorrow, you’ll need to not only build bridges between disciplines, but also go head-to-head with accepted thinking from within those disciplines. “Stepping into character as an Experience Economy professional also means departure from service and comfort as the good experience. This may very well be in its place at times, and certainly within the hospitality business. But truly transformational experiences are not sugar-coated,” says Thomsen. He agrees that it is necessary to go beyond one’s comfort zone in order to design experiences with the power to change people’s thinking and behavior. “The good experience Continued > 2013 TEA ANNUAL

2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 41


10/26/12 1:01 PM

must have an edge, even a little danger. It reminds of us the big issues of life and death. It must be real.” Intersecting disciplines There are visible signs of change as a variety of market sectors focus on shaping the guest experience. Theme park professionals speak of the importance of cultural heritage and authenticity. Museum professionals speak of the value of audience interaction and entertainment. Retailers seek to increase customer dwell time in addition to purchases. In this period we need those capable of bringing together disciplines with the experience of the audience, customer or guest in focus. We need people who are able to initialize this way of thinking, but also integrate it into the core of an organizational culture so that it can be perpetuated.

That could very well be the mission of the Experience Economist, coming either from the world of business or the world of research, as those worlds open up to more interaction and mutual influence. For this to succeed, though, the continuing work toward a common understanding is important. If the industry is doing well, the odds for doing well within it become so much higher. Just as in any other business or field of expertise, our Experience Economists must be prepared to take risks. Klaus Sommer Paulsen ( is the Co-Founding Partner of CNA | SOPHIS Integrated Marketing Innovations and a member of the Themed Entertainment Association Europe and Middle Eastern Division Board. He defines himself as a creative strategic conceptualist on a mission to integrate interactive media, experience design and marketing to build guest and customer relationships to mutual benefit. Visit: Additional resources: European Centre for the Experience & Transformation Economy: Aarhus University’s Master Degree Programme in Experience Economy:

Roskilde University’s Master Degree Programme in Experience Leadership: - Please note, only available in Danish.


We salute the Themed Entertainment Association for its substantial achievements in building international community for the Experience Industry. I’m proud to have been at the helm of those efforts for the past two years as president of TEA.


Rick Rothschild

FAR Out! Creative Direction 42


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at m Ava ode ilable rnm aste online rs.c om

inspiration Create with Modern Masters

Dolby Theatre - Hollywood & Highland

Your Source for Theme Inspired Paints and Coatings Exterior/Interior • Theme Parks & Entertainment Venues • Casinos & Night Clubs • Hospitality • Murals • Commercial/Retail

Industry Partners

Visit for more information on our Metallic Paints, Architectural Textures, Theme Paints, Blacklight Paints, Glazes, Varnishes and Crackles. Connect and share 2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 43

the experience!



10/26/12 1:01 PM


NextGen Committee reaches out

Remember when you were the NextGen……. An “aha” moment of note at a recent TEA Strategic Planning meeting was the point at which the International Board members realized that we need to focus on the Next Generation of a people to work in our industry. When you think about it, this realization requires the admission that we need to replace ourselves. It came as we looked around the table and saw that, while in our own eyes we are still the 25-year-olds who enjoyed amazing opportunities to learn and hone our skills, start our own businesses and work in this industry, the fact is we were all getting kinda old.

Christine Kerr,

BaAM Productions, TEA President

A TEA NextGen mentoring event at Technifex

So the TEA’s NextGen initiative was born. NextGen’s stated goals are to build awareness of our industry among students during their college or university years - the types of jobs available, the skill sets required to be successful in those jobs - and begin to provide amazing learning and networking opportunities for students as they are deciding what their career path might be. In particular, we have extended the TEA student membership pricing to apply to the 3 years following graduation, a decisive period when students will likely need us the most. We hope that within that 3-year timeframe, that Next Generation will establish themselves working for TEA member companies and transition to TEA company memberships to continue enjoying the benefits. We will work with schools to influence or collaborate on developing curricula. Notably, there are some universities and colleges in the US who already work closely with the TEA – UCLA (in Los Angeles, CA), ETC at Carnegie Mellon (in Pittsburgh, PA) and SCAD (in Savannah, GA) to name a few. These schools all offer courses related to preparing students to work in our industry. SCAD has just launched an MFA program in Themed Entertainment Design as well as a minor concentration for undergraduate students (see the article on page xx of this Directory). But that’s just part of the picture – we know that many of our members teach, offer internships and influence curricula at schools around the world. Part of our plan is to gauge the extent of this involvement so that, as our initiatives evolve, we can measure our progress.

Michel Linet-Frion and Joe Rohde (far right) talk with students at TEA’s SATE 2012 conference NextGen breakfast, at Disneyland Paris

To network with students and help them network with others and find opportunities, our NextGen Committee (comprised of representatives of TEA member companies and leaders from the academic community) has established a series of virtual and real-world forums under the banner of TEA Experience Café. Our virtual community includes an online presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - for sharing information and ideas while learning more about the TEA and the industry. Real-world gatherings include mentoring events at TEA 44


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 44

10/26/12 1:01 PM

member companies, such as one recently hosted by Technifex, and at TEA industry events, such as the breakfast gathering at the SATE 2012 conference held in September at Disneyland Paris. We are also encouraging the use of the TEA’s Experience Café as the brand for student events directly connected to academic institutions. We continue to promote the NextGen Committee’s objectives by building awareness among members in an effort to gather information from members on current connections to academic institutions. We have just developed a presentation that will be available to selected TEA members to deliver at colleges and universities. We are also focused on maximizing opportunities for students and recent graduates to participate in existing TEA events – with student scholarship opportunities available for TEA’s SATE and Summit conferences. One of the legacies of TEA’s recent 20th anniversary celebrations is the mentoring program. Are we making progress? Absolutely. NextGen memberships (for students, academic institutions, instructors and recent graduates) now represent TEA’s fastest growing membership category. And it’s a rewarding group of people to work with because they are genuinely interested, full of energy and offer great ideas and new perspectives. But there is more that we can do and more that you can do….. We need to take chances. We need to remember that at some point in the distant past, we were students and recent graduates and somebody gave us a chance. We need to remember that and do the same thing for a NextGen member. I speak from personal experience. At BaAM,

at least 25% of our core team have graduated within the last 5 years. The NextGen group at BaAM work in design, project management and business development. We also have an extended team who work as on-site installation and operations supervisors on short and longer term contracts. The conscious decision to hire recent grads was a great business decision - it has revitalized the spirit in our office and on-site and reminded many of our senior team members why we love what we do. Their energy and productivity are invigorating and inspiring. I could go on…..but I won’t. Suffice to say, you should try it. As for the TEA, we have lofty goals and high expectations for our NextGen initiatives, particularly given the plain fact that the NextGen represents the future of our organization. We’d like to create content, publish training materials, influence curriculum and carry out thorough research. We hope you’d like to learn more, participate and share your experiences, so contact the TEA office. As I transition from chair of the NextGen Committee to my new role as President of the TEA, I will leave this important initiative in the hands of my colleague Kile Ozier, our new Committee chair. But, I will stay involved; I hope you will get involved.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 45


10/26/12 1:01 PM

SCAD MFA program turns theme park fans

A light in the dark The daughter of an architect and interior designer, Shelly Martin grew up with a keen sense of infusing experience into space. After receiving a B.F.A in film, animation and video, and working in interactive design, her interests drifted back to this inherent sensibility. Over the years, her instincts had been invigorated by frequent trips to Disney World, yet she couldn’t connect the dots between her expertise as an animator and making a career within the ranks of the Walt Disney Imagineers she so admired. “I had been looking at illustration and production design majors, but I felt that the programs were not a perfect fit, that I would only be taking a few classes geared toward Imagineering, but would have to spend the rest of my time doing other projects in which I would not be completely interested,” said Martin. Upon learning about the Savannah College of Art and Design’s new M.F.A. in themed entertainment design, the first such program in the nation, something clicked. Soon, Martin was beating a well-worn path between her home in Orlando, Fla. and Savannah, Ga. She had found her niche. “SCAD’s themed entertainment faculty are able to tell you how the industry works, how they approach unique problems that will arise, and the connections they have within the industry will expose me to opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have,” she said.

into theme park pros by SCAD staff

Professor George Head with students.

Peter Weishar, dean of SCAD’s School of Entertainment Arts, which houses the themed entertainment design program, possessed a similar fascination for the industry. “As a young artist and designer, I would have jumped at a chance to work in themed entertainment,” said Weishar. “However the work seemed so complex, and it was difficult to know what sort of skill set and portfolio one needed to become part of the industry.” Fortunately for Martin and others like her, Weishar was in a position to chart a course. Starting the first Among the first themed entertainment classes to be offered at SCAD was the Walt Disney Imagineering off-campus program, which gives students an in-depth look inside the work of Imagineers, the most visible experience designers in the world. Established three years ago by Weishar, SCAD’s Walt Disney Imagineering off-campus program is open to 16 students who are selected for the class based on portfolio submissions. The cohort spends seven days at various Disney parks learning from park directors and Imagineers and has the opportunity to go behind the scenes to work on case studies. “We met with so many people and got to see firsthand how collaborative it is there,” said Kassandra Patterson, an M.F.A. candidate in production design at SCAD. “Everyone has their own specialty, but they also move around. Disney has a good feel for the people who work there, and they know how to fit different people into different projects.” The Walt Disney Imagineering course is now a part of the new themed entertainment curriculum, which is a beacon for companies large and small that seek future leaders. “We interviewed and met with dozens of firms and realized they were hungry for young talent in the U.S. and abroad who understood their industry and had the skills and training necessary to work as a professional,” said Weishar. SCAD students are able to leverage their coursework to achieve access to a variety of destinations in the industry. Patterson’s recent internship at ThemeWorks Inc. is one example. “I get the feeling that the faculty at



2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 46

10/26/12 1:01 PM

Professor Michael Devine with students.

SCAD are really interested in getting their students jobs and making sure they’re prepared to work,” said Patterson. In providing an immersive and flexible environment for its students, SCAD models the culture they will encounter within the very companies and firms that will employ them after they matriculate.

Dean Peter Weishar.

Collaborative design, great storytelling and themed environments Bob Mond, chair of production design, and George Head, a former vice president at WDI and current themed entertainment design professor, were instrumental in developing the 90-hour course of study for the new M.F.A program, as was professor Michael Devine, also an accomplished themed experience designer who has worked with Universal and WDI, among others. “SCAD’s themed entertainment curriculum instructs our graduate students how to apply their individual design specialty to tell great stories and create one-of-a-kind themed environments,” said Head. “The M.F.A. program is designed to replicate the broad range of common project types, scope, process and analysis of the industry.” To achieve this SCAD provides themed entertainment students in the 2-year M.F.A program with these essentials: •A  n overview of industry history and trends •C  ollaborative process with many design disciplines in one class •C  omponent design of small, stand-alone elements •C  oncept design for large projects with many component parts •A  design studio for student projects Classroom design projects – both individual and group assignments – are customized to students’ existing skill sets. Regardless of the project size, all drive home the fundamental takeaway that design must be in service of story and guest experience. Projects in lower courses could range from designs for small merchandise or food kiosks, to those for a hotel lobby or ride concept. Advanced courses demand larger team projects with a mix of students from theatre, industrial design, architecture, costume design and creative writing working together to deliver a complex concept design for an entire land, park, zoo or hotel. In promoting a sophisticated understanding of the themed entertainment industry, product and philosophy, the themed entertainment design curriculum and immersive projects fulfill SCAD’s mission to prepare talented students for professional creative careers.

For more information please visit: http://www. Photo credit: Courtesy of SCAD. 2013 TEA ANNUAL

2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 47


10/26/12 1:01 PM

TEA Foundation helps extend

educational outreach

In our small, almost “boutique” industry there are a select few educational programs that train our future team members in the basics of our industry: storytelling, design, drawing by hand, engineering, staff management, fabrication, etc. From the inspiration that creates an idea to the point where the door opens to the first visitor we need talented people to staff our teams. The mission of the TEA Foundation, created by three TEA past presidents (Steve Thorburn of Thorburn Associates, Monty Lunde of Technifex and Patrick Gallegos of Gallegos Lighting), is to promote the education and outreach of the Association and help nurture by Steve Thorburn the next generation of talent. The Foundation’s

first endeavor has been to fund three full-time scholarships to the Ryman Arts. In honor of the late Harrison “Buzz” Price, BRC Imagination Arts kicked off donations with a $20,000 matching pledge grant. The Foundation is now just a few thousand dollars short of its $120,000 goal for the three scholarships. Other support efforts will be to provide funding to the TEA for scholarships to educational programs such as the annual SATE conference (Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience) the annual TEA Summit and Thea Awards and other educational outlets. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable fund; US members’ donations are tax-deductible.

For more information about the TEA Foundation or to make a donation, visit or contact one of its founders: Steve Thorburn ( or Monty Lunde(

Economic insight for thE AttrActions industry RECENT PROJECT LOCATIONS

LOS ANGELES Los AngeLes· · HONG Hong KONG Kong

LOS ANGELES 9430 Olympic Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Phone: +1.310.862.9555 Fax: +1.310.862.9556 HONG KONG Suite 2909-10, 29/F China Resources Building 26 Harbour Road Wanchai, Hong Kong Phone: +852.9403.3533



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2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 49


10/26/12 1:01 PM

2013 TEA Annual Advertiser Index Index of Advertisers AECOM Aurora Group BaAM Productions Birket Engineering C2C Productions Canyon Creative Color Reflections Darklight System Dillon Works! Edwards Technologies, Inc. ETC FAR Out! Creative Direction Firelinx GILLETT, Jack Global Immersion Hettema Group Icon Corp. International Play Company


96 49 49 21 39 11 26 31 31 45 13 42 21 19 49 14 21 45

15 49 15 13 14 43 14 14 19 02 21 48 18 95 39 18 21

It’s Alive Co. Jora Vision b.v. Main Street Design Mammoth Sound and Vision Mindrix Modern Masters Nautilus Entertainment Design OZIER, Kile Pro Forma Advisors LLC Rethink Attractions Rhythm & Hues ECA SUNG, Sywa TEA Thorburn Associates Trans FX Utopia Entertainment


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2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 51


10/26/12 1:01 PM

360 Themed Attractions David Harding +44 (0) 8451 360360 Unit 20 Wellesbourne Park Wellesbourne, Warwicks CV35 9JY UK 360 Themed Attractions has a wealth of experience creating unique and enticing attractions completing projects in theme parks and attractions around the world. We bring together unrivalled expertise, technical know-how and creative vision to deliver engaging and compelling experiences and walkthrough attractions. From set dressing, props and signage through to original concepts and designs, 360’s creative ideas, skilled craftsmen and painstaking project management ensure enticing experiences. We will take your project from brief to completion and provide everything from detailed dressing and signage to cladding, flooring and landscaping. We have the skills to deliver everything from an indoor mirror maze or exhibit to outdoor environments, landscaped garden mazes and headline grabbing walkthrough experiences.

3ality Technica Steve Schklair +1 818 333-3000 55 E. Orange Grove Ave. Burbank, CA 91502-1827 USA 3ality Technica is a worldwide leader of stereoscopic 3D production, technology and design. The company’s feature credits include Spiderman, The Hobbit, Jack the Giant Killer, Oz and many, many others. Always on the cutting edge, 3ality’s broadcast credits include events such as the World Cup, the first NFL game shot in 3D, the Ryder cup and dozens of other events and firsts. 3ality is the producer of movies such as U23D, which is still considered the benchmark for 3D movies. The principals of the company have a 25 year history of producing content for the themed entertainment market.

42 Entertainment Susan Bonds +1 626 356-1302 144 West Colorado Blvd. 2nd Floor Pasadena, CA 91105 USA Our mission is to produce the world’s most innovative, immersive entertainment. Through projects like Original Content Productions and Innovative Marketing Campaigns, we are the storytellers who pioneer new forms of cross-platform narratives and build powerful online communities, to create highly participatory experiences for our audiences. We create unforgettable experiences that build meaningful engagement and emotional connections for audiences all over the world. We also develop original content and intellectual property that reside at the intersection of storytelling and game design.

5 Wits Production Matt Harris +1 781 233-3245 375 Vanderbilt Ave. Norwood, MA 2062 USA 5 Wits Productions’ award-winning team of engineers, fabricators, and project managers work in partnership with our clients to design, prototype, playtest, and fabricate a wide variety of interactives, games, special effects, and adventure experiences for museums


and other immersive attractions. Our sister company, 5 Wits, owns and operates walk-through adventure attractions ESPIONAGE and 20,000 LEAGUES and licenses similar attractions such as TOMB. Because of this operational facet of 5 Wits, our team deeply understands the importance of robust design and intuitive guest interactions. Our expertise is creative, costeffective, durable designs of electromechanical systems, and interactive exhibits, with particular experience in integrating real-world physical elements with electronic control and media.

5D Media - Publishing House Andreas Kornprobst +43 1 522 47 220 Schönlaterngasse 8 Vienna, Vienna 1010 Austria

740 Sound Design

Scott Ganary +1 310 574-0740 12509 Beatrice St. Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA 740 Sound Design was founded in 2001 to provide feature-film quality sound design for commercials by Executive Producer Scott Ganary and Academy Awardwinning sound designer Dane Davis. Entering into a new phase of growth, January 2010 marked the opening of 740’s own audio post production facility, adding mix to its award-winning sound design service. The company’s state-ofthe-art facility, which 740 reconfigured from the ground up, is equipped with Pro Tools systems for 5.1 mixing, Voice Over, ISDN, Foley, ADR, Audio Laybacks and more. Some ten times larger than the company’s previous space, the facility includes two mixing stages, two Voice Over/Foley rooms and multiple sound design rooms. 740, whose name derives from the speed of sound, has produced more than 1,500 commercials, winning four CLIO Awards, and an array of others. 740’s impressive clientele list reaches across the United States and abroad.

A.K.A. Engineering Alan Arena +1 909 627-9725 12515 Sterling Place Chino, CA 91710 USA A.K.A. Engineering, Inc. is an engineering and project management company servicing the Themed Entertainment Industry, specializing in the design, development, implementation, and installation of factory automation, flight simulation, interactive simulation, entertainment ride systems (water rides, gravity rides, dark rides), and show action equipment. Services also include CAD design and drafting, dynamic and kinematic analysis, finite element analysis, technical reports and equipment troubleshooting.

Abernathy Lighting Design, Inc. Jason Rainone +1 401 233-4412 15 Thomas St., Suite B North Providence, RI 2911 USA Abernathy Lighting Design, Inc. is a full service lighting design firm that collaborates with architects, interior designers, exhibit designers, engineers,

directors, and producers to visualize and create the lighted environment. Abernathy Lighting Design, Inc. is certified by the State of Rhode Island as a woman owned and operated business enterprise.

Acomb Ostendorf & Associates Tom Acomb +1 407 730-5965 934 Lake Baldwin Lane Orlando, FL 32814 USA AOA provides comprehensive management services for the development of thematic hospitality and entertainment real estate projects worldwide. By building custom teams and managing everything from due diligence to design and construction, AOA helps owners mitigate risk and successfully deliver extraordinary guest experiences at theme parks, resort, restaurants, retail locations, and attraction destinations.

ACT Design BVBA Koert Vermeulen +32(0)2453 0977 Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26 Antwerpen, 2060 Belgium A.C.T. provides full-service Lighting Design in support of architectural, themed entertainment, show, and theatrical lighting design needs. Our services include concept development and visualisation through installation, programming and maintenance documentation. Based in Brussels, we cover the whole of Europe.

Action Specialists Mark Dirkse +1 661 775-8530 25620 Rye Canyon Rd., Unit E Valencia, CA 91355 USA A multifaceted stunt production company with over two decades specializing in themed entertainment and film stunts. Action Specialists supplies stunt coordination and design, equipment specifications, casting, training, and documentation. We have the ability and resources to see a project through from initial concept to a successful opening.

Adams, Ryan +1 513 317--4633 20841 Bellemeade Drive Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 USA Student, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue

Adelbrecht & Associes Florence Adelbrecht +33 9 81 85 97 71 BL 31, 14-16, rue Soleillet Paris, 75020 France Design definition (attraction parks, theme parks, hotel resort and holiday homes, located in France & abroad. Design & optimization of communication tools (signs, logos, etc.) Implementation & monitoring, Budget and planning management until project completion.

Adirondack Studios Louie Allen +1 518 638-8000 439 Country Route 45 Argyle, NY 12809 USA Adirondack Studios was founded in 1975 as a resource for design and custom fabrication. Located in upstate New York, the 125,000 square foot facility includes dedicated studios for design, carpentry, metal, paint, electrics, soft goods and project management. Adirondack Studios is a successful, substantial and respected creative force in the entertainment industries. We build on this reputation through astute, pragmatic, and elegant contributions to every project. May Kan +65 9182 4696 Adirondack Asia PTE. Ltd. 150 Orchard Road #08-01 SIngapore, 238841 Singapore

Adrian Fisher Design Ltd. Marie Fisher +44 1258 458845 Portman Lodge Durweston Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 0QA UK Since 1979 Adrian Fisher has been providing clients with highly creative and internationally award-winning designs. Adrian and his wife Marie founded Adrian Fisher Design Ltd to provide their attentive personal design service so highly rated by discerning clients across the world. Adrian Fisher invents and designs two and three dimensional puzzles and challenges. He is considered the world’s leading maze designer and is an authority on the subject. His highly creative design services range from mazes and puzzles, landscape and garden design, entertaining and educational experiences, special events to public art and community renewal.

Advanced Entertainment Technology David MacMurtry AET@AETFX.COM +1 626 599-8337 735 Los Angeles Ave. Monrovia, CA 91016 USA Advanced Entertainment Technology provides custom design, engineering, fabrication, and service of Themed Show Action Equipment and Special Effects by a creative and accomplished team of artists, designers and craftsmen with over 25 years of experience serving theme parks, legitimate theatre, film and television.

AECOM John Robinett +1 213 593-8000 Suite 3700 555 S. Flower St. Los Angeles, CA 90071-2300 USA AECOM provides market analysis, concept development, financial feasibility studies, and development and operational consulting for projects in the fields of entertainment/ recreation, cultural attractions and real estate. The firm has completed over 17,000 projects for private and public clients worldwide from our seven domestic and international offices.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 52

10/26/12 1:01 PM

AECOM Offices Continued David Camp +44 (0) 20 7651 0222 25 Hosier Lane London, EC1A 9DW UK

Video Editing and Production; Web Site design and hosting. Specializing in themed venues for; Theme parks; Custom architectural features; Hotels and casinos; Museums; Trade show exhibits.

Brian Sands +1 703 682-4900 675 N. Washington St. #300 Alexandria, VA 22314 USA +1 626 390-4806 28439 Santa Rosa Lane Santa Clarita, CA 91350 USA

Aesthetec Studio Inc. Mark Argo +1 416 419-4729 1832 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON M4C1H8 Canada Aesthetec Studio creates engaging interactive experiences. From museums to art galleries, exhibit booths to innovative products, Aesthetec finds creative solutions to address user interaction and technological challenges. Based in Toronto, the studio specializes in making customized electronics and software that deliver unique spectacles of clever interaction and cutting edge technologies. Beyond just being the ‘technical gurus’, our mission is to focus on aesthetic, usability, and maintainability issues - making sure that the projects look as good and work as well as imagined.

AGS Architekten & Planners BV Paul Timmermans +31 455712841 Oliemolenstaat 60 Heerlen, Limburg 6416 CB Netherlands AGS Architects is an international operating medium-sized consultant’s firm in the areas of environmental planning, masterplanning, architecture and interior design. AGS offices are located in Heerlen, Arnhem, Amsterdam and Warsaw with approximately 75 employees. We regard the design of buildings as the realization of a balanced synthesis between urban development, architectural, structural, interior, physical, maintenance, budgetary and user aspects. Sound functional and architectural detailing combined with structural, technical and interior aspects are used to create a timeless, not determined by fleeting fashions, balanced result. Currently we are involved in the design and development of Adventure World Warsaw.

Ahlstone, Derby +1 805 256-4998 Ventura, CA 93001 USA Making the impossible, POSSIBLE, since 1991 - Project Engineering Manager Special/Flame Effects, Pyrotechnics, Show Action Equipment; Animated Props/Figures

Air and Art Designs Aron Lasky +1 661 312-3930 23128 Conde Dr. Valencia, CA 91354 USA Designing Themed Entertainment since 1980. Prototypical mechanical design; 3D CAD, visualization, proof-of-concept, animatics, rapid-prototyping; Show and set design; Product Development; Special effects; Computer Graphics;

Ajiboye, Olubunni

Alan Bishop Themeworks Ltd. Alan Bishop +44 07885 638218 The Studios, 22 Croft Rd. Godalming, Surrey GU7 1BY UK 25 years experience in producing the best Theming and Scenic Art for the Leisure Industry. Specialists in bespoke render rockwork. Clients include the major UK zoos, including London Zoo, Center Parcs, British Museum, Luminar Leisure, Merlin Entertainment

ALCHEMY studio Wayne LaBar +1 201 499-7818 5 North Terrace Maplewood, NJ 07040-1362 USA ALCHEMY studio is an experience and institutional development, design and consulting services studio that designs, develops and provides creative direction for museums, science centers and other lifelong learning experiences around the world, working with staff, boards, civic leaders, governments, NGOs, filmmakers and others involved in the informal learning field. ALCHEMY studio invites visitors to explore their relationship with the world and understand basic principles that underlie the universe. We work to transmute the everyday experience into the extraordinary.

Alcorn McBride Inc. Loren Barrows +1 407 296-5800 Bldg. 105 3300 S. Hiawassee Orlando, FL 32835 USA Alcorn McBride is the leader in Audio, Video, High-Definition Video, Show and Lighting Control products for the Themed Entertainment Industry. We also provide custom engineering services, design and consulting to theme parks, restaurants, digital cinema, retail, casinos, museums and other facets of the themed entertainment industry.

Alfieri, Louis +1 518-937-2007 2539 Route 29 Middle Grove, NY 12850 USA Creative Director/Producer

amaZulu, Inc. Claire Evans +1 352-243-5309 1239 Commons Ct. Clermont, FL 34711 USA amaZulu, Inc. is more than just a designer and supplier of eco-friendly architectural materials such as bamboo, thatching, rustic fencing, grass umbrellas, etc. We are the innovative intallation specialists and suppliers of natural and faux materials used to create

exotic attractions at theme parks, zoos, aquariums, spas, restaurants, resorts and homes.

Ambrosini, Liucija +1 773 465-4880 6164 North Hoyne Chicago, IL 60659 USA

American Association of Museums - AAM Danielle St. Germain-Gordon +1 202 289-1818 1575 Eye St. NW, Suite 400 Washington, DC 20005 USA AAM is the only organization representing the entire scope of museums and professionals and nonpaid staff who work for and with museums. We currently represent more than 15,000 individual museum professionals and volunteers, 3,000 institutions and 300 corporate members. Individual members span the range of museum occupations, including directors, curators, registrars, educators, exhibit designers, public relations officers, development officers, security managers, trustees and volunteers.

American Scenic Phil Bloom +1 626 356-7518 125 Morgan Alley Pasadena, CA 91105 USA We are the masters of themed ride design.

Ancona + Associates Tom Ancona +1 503 274-4444 1220 SW Morrison St. #1200 Portland, OR 97205 USA Creative strategies & design. Engaging, content-rich experiences at the intersection of culture and commerce -- visitor attractions, retail experiences, museums, and digital business environments. Clients & projects include Rio Tinto Diamonds, Boudin at the Wharf, British Waterways, NIKE (Niketowns), Art Institute of Chicago, NASA, BP, Boots, Marks & Spencer, Lucasfilm, Southeast Alaska Visitors Center, Henry Ford Museum, Bay Area Discovery Museum.

Andrade Palacios, SA de CV Virgilio Andrade Gonzalez +525 5 5566 5017 Reforma 155, 5 piso Col. Cuahutemoc Mexico City, DF 6500 Mexico Project Management, Project Supervision, Construction, Legal Services

Animatta Ivan Weinreb +1 786 352-8679 CCS12301, 2250 NW 114th Ave. Unit 1C Miami, FL 33172-3652 USA Animatta is a creative studio specialized in 3d graphics and animation, we provide also product design and ambience design (interior and exterior). Our services range from creative consulting on preproduction to developing and producing the animated character, products, scenes or stills needed. We also have specialized experience in simulating metal, fluids (water) and glass in 3d.

Anitech Systems, Inc. Stephen McIntyre +1 661 257-2184 25021 Anza Dr. Valencia, CA 91355-3414 USA Offering a wide range of solutions in the fields of animation & ride control, audio and video systems, motion simulator technology and systems integration, Anitech’s approach to hardware design and system architecture stresses both reliability and ease of maintenance to achieve unsurpassed “uptime” and maintainability. Anitech’s flagship product, the MediaPro 4000, sets a new standard for digital animation, audio, lighting and show control for the themed entertainment industry.

Annetta, Michael +1 323 8391683 1217 Havenhurst Dr. #15 West Hollywood, CA 90046 USA USC, MFA Student, Interactive Media - Stereo3D, transmedia, game design, public interactives

Apogee Attractions, Inc. Bob McTyre + 1 818 280-3598 19360 Rinaldi St. #352 Porter Ranch, CA 91326 USA Apogee Attractions is an international consulting firm providing a complete spectrum of services for theme parks, visitor attractions, cultural facilities and destination resorts. The Apogee team has decades of top-flight experience producing, creating, designing, marketing, operating and managing attractions of all types and sizes. We will take your project all the way from concept development through opening and operation; or assist you with just the specific elements you need. Apogee is ready to make your dream project a successful reality

Aquarock Themed Environment Steven Porter + 1 800 844-3856 13208 Fifth St. Fort Myers, FL 33905 USA Since its inception in 1996 , Aquarock Themed Environments, Inc. and its talented team of artists, state of the art equipment and inventive artistic technique, have specialized in design-ing and constructing immersive simulated natural environments, scenic rockwork, theme sculpture and theme facades for themeparks, waterparks, zoological exhibits, museums and resorts. With their expertise, imagination, and ÿrst hand knowledge in theme construction, Aquarock has the unique capability to assist its clients through the creative process; from the initial concept, through design and engineering, to constructing scale models and providing full size mockups of the work that’s to be completed. Aquarock works closely with architects, engineers, designers, advisors and contractors to insure each project is completed as planned, within the budgetary estimates and on schedule.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 53


10/26/12 1:01 PM

Aquatic Design & Engineering, Inc. Josh Martin +1 407 656-8002 2 West Oakland Ave. Suite 100 Oakland, FL 34760 USA

Archifunture AB Rasmus Altenborg +46 730 971300 Borgebygatan, Malmo, 21619 Sweden Archifunture AB is a consulting firm with 15 years of experience in developing theme park attractions, concept design, master planning and architecture. We provide creative services spanning from brainstorming and concept design through all phases of a project, including concept sketches, renderings, models and building plans. Furthermore Archifunture AB offers owner/operator advice on how to organize and execute a successful design/ development process for their projects.

Armitage Images Karen Armitage +1 805 226-0705 2639 Geneseo Road Paso Robles, CA 93446 USA Armitage IMAGES specializes in conceptual design/ illustration for theme parks, restaurants, retail, museums and private homes. From initial concepts to development, AI can help develop visuals to sell your idea. Architectural, animated film and theatrical background. History includes California Adventure, Cherokee Museum, Animal Kingdom, Tokyo Disney Seas plus private residences.

Artisan Design Co. Rob Wyatt +1 424 238-5590 228 Main Street Suite L Venice, CA 90291 USA

Associates in Media Engineering Benjamin Lein +1 213 407-9001 5328 Abbott Place Los Angeles, CA 90042 USA Associates in Media Engineering pro-vides expert design, consulting and engineering in the visual and auditory arts. We provide A/V systems design & technical multimedia solutions for special venues, exhibitory, educational and entertainment applications. Our suite of services also includes media finishing, video compression and media management. With more than 30 years experience, AME helps creatives, artists, architects, developers, media producers and content developers with robust solutions for audio, visual and control applications.

Athey, Robert +1 702 858-3393 5275 Arville St. Suite 12 Las Vegas, NV 89118 USA


Atkins Global Fran Boettcher +1 407 806-4192 482 South Keller Road Orlando, FL 328106101 USA Founded in 1960 as a Florida corporation, today PBS&J has over 80 offices in 26 states and 2 countries. Employee-owned with 4,000 employees. Vision: To be internationally recognized as the consultant of choice for the architecture and engineering of theme parks and attractions. Multidisciplinary Services include: Architecture, Building Engineering, Planning, Interiors, Civil/Site Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Transportation and Environmental Planning, Survey and Mapping. Jeff Damron +1 310 268-8132 12301 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 430 Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA

Atomic Ant Models Patricia Frost +1 818 804-0023 1007 West Clark Ave. Burbank, CA 91506 USA We specialize in the construction of the finest Architectural Models and Props. Our Models serve Developers, Architects, Theme Parks, Museums, Film Productions and Interior Designers.

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions, Inc. (A&ES) Todd Wheeler +1 407 873-1943 POB 877 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004 USA The combined passion, talent and expertise of co-founders John R. Oldham and Todd wheeler ensures that every project will exceed expectations in quality and design. Licensed and insured, Attraction & Entertainment Solutions, Inc. harnesses the professional power of the industry experts worldwide, gathering collaborative teams to produce awardwinning, customized and cost-effective creations from conception through completion. Unique in the industry, the collaborative creativity, imagination and energy of Attraction & Entertainment Solutions, Inc. translates powerfully into successfully transforming visionary ideas into tangible realities. In order to serve and satisfy a wide range customer base, an equally wide-ranging array of designers, craftsmen, artists and artisans is available for each unique project. The company has full fabrication capabilities as well as cost estimating, budgeting and conceptual planning experience for scope and timeline. Artistic elegance, visitor engagement, exciting imagery, amazing realism, and smart, efficient, cooperative project management are standard fare when Attraction & Entertainment Solutions, Inc. is there.

Attraction Media & Entertainment, Inc. Jon Corfino +1 661 253-3697 25597 Via Velador Valencia, CA 91355 USA Attraction Media & Entertainment is a leading producer and distributor of ride simulation, 3D / 4D, and other special format films and media.

Attractions Management Magazine Liz Terry +44 1462 471919 Portmill House, Portmill Lane Hitchin, Herts SG5 1DJ UK Attractions Management magazine is read by over 6,000 owners, operators, developers and investors in the international attractions, museums, theme park and entertainment industry. Attractions Management offers vibrant, informative and stimulating coverage of people and projects in these exciting markets. Attractions Management has been chosen as the official publication of a number of organisations and events in the worldwide attractions industry. It is the official publication of the ECSITE conference and the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions (ASVA) and carries the newsletter for BALPPA and AALARA. As a member benefit, Attractions Management is mailed out to top industry professionals who are members of these associations.

Attraktion! GmbH

Markus Beyr +43 664 380 9614 Ebendorfer Str. 3 Vienna, 1010 Austria Attraktion!’s mission is to develop innovative, world class attractions. We support and guide our clients to generate second-to-none, unique destinations. Conceiving and creating a successful attraction is an interdisciplinary process bringing together a team of creative and technical specialists. For each individual project, we partner with global leading specialists to develop the unique.

Audio By The Bay Bob Wackerman + 1 714 547-9700 630 The City Dr. #125 Orange, CA 92868 USA Founded in 1992, Audio By The Bay Entertainment Group has quickly grown into one of the premiere creative and technical production companies in the entertainment industry. Audio By The Bay currently provides creative, audio, video, show control, special effects, and show production services to many of the top companies in theme park, location-based entertainment, television, film, and advertising/marketing industries. With extensive backgrounds in audio design and production as well as theme park show production, Audio By The Bay’s principals have a been a part of some of the biggest entertainment projects ever produced.

AUDISEE Sound Peter Lewis +1 206 499-1401 6736 38th Ave. SW Seattle, WA 98126 USA Established in 1988, AUDISEE continues to provide immersive and engaging sound environments for realistic and virtual Experiential projects. Services include concept and story development, production and system design, show control and media integration. Representative clients: Nike, Coca-Cola museum and two Olympics, National Park Service, Lewis and Clark Trail, DaimerChrysler, Nintendo, Boeing and Microsoft. Venues: world-class exhibitions, product rollouts and a variety of museum exhibits.

Auerbach Pollock Friedlander Holly Auerbach +1 415 392-7528 225 Green St. San Francisco, CA 94111 USA Auerbach Pollock Friedlander, Performing Arts/Media Facilities Planning and Design, provides theatre and audiovideo consulting ranging from initial planning and programming through the design and documentation for projects including opera houses and repertory theatres, concert halls, performing arts training facilities, museums, planetariums and popular entertainment venues. Offices: San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York.

Aurora Group, Inc. George Hamilton +1 630 455--0936 7420 South County Rd. Burr Ridge, IL 60527 USA Aurora Group, Inc. is a full service valuation and consulting company specializing in cost segregation, fixed asset consulting and implementation, and purchase price allocation. For the past 40+ years we have provided our services to themed entertainment facilities such as theme parks, themed hotels, cruise ships, and entertainment venues. Our firm provides services to clients throughout the world and has received the Thea Award for our work on the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Automated Control Solutions, Inc. Kerby Walden +1 407 688-2429 Suite 900 1100 Central Park Dr. Sanford, FL 32771 USA We design and build equipment for theme park attractions. Our projects include Ride Control Systems for new and used roller coasters, special effects with combinations of flame, LN2, Water and Steam. We can provide Turn-Key solutions or design a custom solution for your attraction.


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Automation 4 Ltd Tim Groves +44 (0) 1423 772907 Killinghall Stephenson House, Lind Lane Harrogate, North Yorks HG3 2BW UK Automation 4 Limited provide specialist control and automation solutions for the leisure and entertainment, industrial, commercial markets. We specialise in the production of show control systems for the entertainment & leisure industry. We are Chartered Electrical Engineers with over 20 years experience in the industrial and entertainment industry. We are well placed to provide a professional robust and elegant control and automation solution to meet your project requirements. Key areas of business are: - Show control software development [Medialon Certified Inte-grators, Microsoft .NET, PLC, Motion Control] - Control system design and build [Electrical PLC, AV IT, Pneumatics, Servo systems] Special purpose machinery design and build [Industrial standard machinery and motion systems, Interactive exhibits, Scenery automation, Ride technology] - Complex IT and AV integration [Whole attraction show scheduling, Ticketing systems, Backend database, Dynamic signage] We are based in the UK working on projects in the UK, across Europe, the middle east and beyond.

Autore, Jeffrey +1 203 856-3714 240 Lafayette Ave. Apt 1 Brooklyn, NY 11238 USA Master ofArchitecture degree candidate, 2012 Pratt Institute Graduate School of Architecture + Urban Design

AVI-SPL Philip DiPaula +1 407 786-5000 995 West Kennedy Blvd., Suite B-35 Orlando, FL 32810 USA The Large Systems Group of leading AV integrator AVI-SPL is recognized as an innovator for the design, engineering and installation of large-scale audio and video performance systems. Seamlessly integrated, our dynamic systems are designed to dramatically transform your environment with user-friendly control. From Universal Studios to the Met, we’ve proudly worked with some of the nation’s most popular theme parks, theaters, casinos and museums. Our unmatched expertise includes partnerships with more than 700 of the industry’s top manufacturers, more certified technicians than any other AV company, and the reliability of comprehensive support, both on-site and off-site.

Axile, Kyle +1 702 458-5610 724 Rocky Trail Rd. Henderson, NV 89014 USA Student, Architecture, UNLV

BaAM Productions Christine Kerr +1 416 703-5753 55 Fieldway Road Toronto, ON M8Z 3L4 Canada Sport - Culture - Experience. A flexible team of Design, Project Management and Event Management resources with

backgrounds in architecture, theatre and construction, working creatively within an established framework. We design projects that range from cultural exhibitions to major league sports extravaganzas, exploring all the possibilities to best tell your story or bring your experience to life. And then we turn the big ideas into a blueprint for action. BaAM provides PMP-certified project management, giving the team a proven process for moving ideas into reality. We take a proactive approach to guiding the development, anticipating the inevitable challenges and collaborating to provide creative, workable solutions.

Back Stage Technologies, Inc. Jeff Wade +1 321 735-6448 770 West Bay St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 USA Back Stage Technologies brings to the forefront years of experience in designing and installing special effects, show action and lighting for the theme park, movie and entertainment industries. From state-of-the-art concept and CAD design, through shop fabrication and technical management, to field installation and commissioning - Back Stage Technologies can do it on budget, on time and on specification. John Coller +44 (0) 1249 818601 BSTE, Unit 24, Calne Business Centre Harris Road, Porte Marsh Ind. Estate Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9PT UK

Baghdasarian, Seda 1820 Fairmount Ave. La Canada, CA 91011 USA

Bailyn, Sasha +1 510 295-7467 2690 Filbert St. San Francisco, CA 94123 USA Editor-In-Chief of EntertainmentDesigner. com, the largest online community for the entertainment and experience design industry.

Baker, Graeme

Performing Arts, Themed Environments, Live Productions, Film and Television. We have more than 20,000 products in stocking locations across the world and we represent hundreds of manufacturers . We have a vast inventory of virtually anything you could need for your lighting and rigging. No one carries more products, or can get them to you faster. There isn’t anyone else that has the same breadth or depth of experience in integrating lighting and rigging systems, or managing projects from the simple to the complex.

Bardwell, John +33 00 64 24 68 81 50 rue des Martyrs Samois sur Seine, 77920 France

Barkley, Robert

+86 21-64052700 3125 Hongmei Rd. #301 Shanghai, China 201103

Barnes, Christine David Beaudry +1 818 855-1206 4033 Woodcliff Rd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 USA Beaudry Interactive (b/i) is focused on finding creative technologically driven solutions to challenges with the design of interactivity in live performance and the many facets of themed and experiential entertainment. Our approaches often employ non-traditional applications of cutting edge technology for sensing, interface design, show control, and output design. +1 732 406-6774 5735 Kentucky Ave. Apt. 1 Pittsburgh, PA 15232 USA Graduate Student, CMU

Barnett, Bob +1 212 222-5601 724 Amsterdam Ave. #4C New York, NY 10025 USA Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? Persuasive storytelling and concept development for themed entertainment, architecture, and live events.

Barratt, Martin +44 (0) 7973 854443 Flat 4, Arundel Gardens London, WII 2LA UK

Barrett-Weiss, Andrew +1 818 4042749 3809 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 USA Student, Full Sail

Barrigan, Christina


Barry Howard Limited

Barbizon Lighting Allison Mutton +1 407 999-2647 3309 Bartlett Blvd. Orlando, FL 32811 USA Barbizon, in business since 1947, is the one-stop source for sales, service, installation and integration of lighting equipment and accessories for the Jeff Mayer +1 949 553-9100 2031 Orchard Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660 Bassenian Lagoni is an award-winning architectural, planning and interior design firm involved with projects around the globe. The expertise of its talented staff encompasses the range of disciplines: large scale master planning, site specific planning, mixed-use development, hospitality, commercial and housing in all its forms. The firm has published four bestselling books on residential architecture. We invite you to explore our site and learn how we develop unique design solutions that expand market appeal. +1 850 218-5730 802 Linda Drive Mary Esther, FL 32569 USA Student, University of Florida 61403296909 PO Box 503 Toorak, Victoria 3142 Australia Student, Screen Studies, University of Melbourne Hannah Carmichael +44 (020) 7403 4455 37 Tanner St. Suite 12 London, SE1 3LF UK The British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers & Attractions Limited

Bassenian Lagoni +1 508 963-3292 400 W. University Way Ellensburg, WA 98926-7460 USA Associate Professor/Head of Design, Central Washington University Barry Howard +1 310 260-7744 M214 13900 Panay Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USA Barry Howard Limited embraces every dimension of Conceptual Development, Master Planning and Design for Cultural Attractions. Our work draws upon a diverse palette, from architecture, graphics and historic recreation, to all forms of interactive and immersive media. The qualities that set this office apart from others in the attractions design fields are our strong roots in education and storyline development and our commitment to coherency. These imperatives consistently guide our vision and define our ultimate product.

Beaudry Interactive

Beijing Crystal Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Jason Chen +86 21 62497280 Kai Xuan Road 1058 Shanghai, 200052 China Crystal CG is committed to evolving into a visual creative solution provider based on digital graphics technology with global leading edge, offering one stop solutions to clients from varied sectors. It focuses on 3D visual development and application, including architectural visualization, commercial property promo, exhibition & visual display, film & media, web-based exhibition, virtual city, as well as audio-video integrated application, supplying innovative visual solutions for theme exhibitions, events, reporting, popular science publicity, film & TV production, digital city platform and commercial ads, fulfilling diversified requirements of clients from varied sectors for varied purposes.

Belko, Danielle 2610 Glenchester Road Wexford, PA 15090 USA Student, Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center

Benitez, Wendy M. +1 714 504-6551 1231 Mahanna Ave. Long Beach, CA 90813 USA Costume Designer / Costumer


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Berger Creative Associates, Inc. Adam Berger +1 407 251-4381 4619 Chalfont Dr. Orlando, FL 32837-5051 USA Berger Creative Associates, Inc. provides professional creative writing services for companies in the themed entertainment and attractions design industry, as well as Clients in the museum and education fields. Our credits include projects for Busch Entertainment, Disney Event Productions, Falcon’s Treehouse, Give Kids the World, Herschend Family Entertainment, HHCP Architects, It Ain’t Shakespeare, ITEC Entertainment Corporation, Joint Commission for Continuing Rabbinic Education, Nickelodeon Recreation, Paramount Parks, Ride The Ducks International, Six Flags, Union of Reform Judaism, Universal Orlando...and many more.

Berger, Stephen M. +1 310 429-1958 15330 Albright St. Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-2553 USA Production Designer


Simon Egan +44 7976 783956 Horning Road Hoveton, Norwich, Norfolk NR12 8JW UK

Bezark Company, The Adam J. Bezark +1 818 956-5200 2139 El Molino Ave Altadena, CA 91001 USA The Bezark Company is a boutique design firm specializing in the creative direction of spectacular rides, films, shows, exhibits and special events. Our services include concept development; story and scriptwriting; media production; production design and art direction; and overall creative and show direction. With nearly twenty years’ experience creating groundbreaking attractions, our award-winning team has worked with Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Creative, Paramount Parks, LEGOLAND, MGM, Cirque du Soleil and other internationally acclaimed clients. Projects include Universal’s “Terminator 2: 3-D,” “SpiderMan” and “Jaws” attractions, plus the spectacular celebration for the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China. Current projects include the $750 million redevelopment of Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, along with major new (confidential) developments in Europe, Singapore, Dubai and the U.S.

Big Buddha Baba Productions Barbara Groth +1 310 776-6910 10381 Jefferson Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 USA Big Buddha Baba Productions is a full service media design and production house specializing in interactive entertainment. We offer expertise in concept design, interactive design, animation direction, motion graphics and media production for theme parks,


museums, film and television. Our clients include Walt Disney Imagineering, Vulcan Productions, and The Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.

Bishop, Jim

Biggs, R. Christopher +1 818 427--4710 6527 Franrivers Ave. West Hills, CA 91307-2814 USA +33 606 515 378 Les Blandins Arleuf, Nievre 58430 France Delivering a crisp, organic aural experience to complement and augment any environment or media: Music and atmospheres of all styles; Ancient, modern and fantastic.

Birket Engineering, Inc.

Blackpool Illuminations Steve Birket +1 407 290-2000 162 West Plant St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 USA Award-winning Birket Engineering provides life-safety electrical hardware & software systems. Our experience since 1984 includes control of ride systems, stunt shows, gas fires, pyrotechnics, rigging, animation and simulators. We integrate and develop software for PCs and PLCs. Our Birket Specialty Lighting division creates lighting products and systems for iconic architecture and themed applications. We build and install the equipment we design. See our equipment in the finest attractions around the world. Offices Orlando, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Shanghai China +86 (21) 5230 9991 Hong Kong SAR China +852-8199-0424 Singapore +65 6732 7101

Biscayne Group, Inc. Lynette Widmeyer +1 714 483-4748 18701 Deodar St. Fountain Valley, CA 92708 USA Specializing in Aquatic Construction, Biscayne Group builds water features of all types and sizes across the country and internationally. Natural streams and lakes as well as intricate fountains and other water amenities all fall within the arena of BG’s services. We have offices in Texas, California, Las Vegas and international offices in Hong Kong, SIngapore and Ho Chi Minh City. Sam Bennington +1 512 477-3700 4900 Spicewood Springs Road Austin, TX 78759 USA Jim Post +1 702 220-4402 4275 West Bell Dr. Suite 12 Las Vegas, NV 89118 USA Sam Bennington +852 2295-2654 Suite 1905, Lippo Ctr Twr 2 89 Queensway Admiralty Dr. Hong Kong, China David Kim +82 31 783-6511 T-407, Poongrim I-want Plus 255-1 Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 463-862 Korea Richard Ryan +44 (0) 1253-476400 Lightworks, Shorebury Point Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 2RX UK Blackpool Illuminations Department (part of the local Council) provides one of the Worlds Premier Lighting attractions as a FREE TO ENJOY (NPM) event staged in Blackpool England, in 2012 it celebrates 100 years of existence. The show is 6 miles long and has multiple displays including leds, lasers and water and it and uses a highly talented in-house construction team that work on the shows all year long. The show runs annually for 9 weeks from early Sept. each year. Its services may be hired out for external projects- previous Clients have included the BBC, Granada TV, Pepsi, McDonalds and more.

Blooloop Limited Charles Read +44 208 123 9777 South Molton West Anstey Devon, UK EX36 3PN UK is a web site designed specifically for the Amusement Park, Waterpark and FEC industries. It provides news, views, information and more about latest projects, developments and technologies within the business. Featuring a comprehensive and searchable directory, Blooloop is the market’s most powerful and bookmarked web site.

Bluhm, Rick +1 323 440-6344 415 East Pine, #1210 Orlando, FL 32801 USA Creative Director

Bonner, Jonathan +44 7853412835 27 Church Avenue Humberston, Grimsby, Select DN364DA UK Student, Theme park design

Borgman Engineering, LLC

Brad Borgman +1 408 781-4141 209 Highland Terrace Los Gatos, CA 95030 USA Ride & Show Engineering, Project Engineering, Scheduling, Design Reviews, Technical Management, Vendor Liaison, 3rd Party Evaluations, Specifications, Proposals, Excel Templates, Installations, Testing, Retrofits, Field Engineering, Documentation, Data Acquisition, Troubleshooting, Vehicles, Simulators. International & Domestic.

Borkowski, Derek +1 201 951-8823 4204 Union St. Fair Lawn, NJ 7410 USA IT project coordinator with more than eight years experience and backgrounds in hospitality & tourism, retail and professional sports.

BOSE Simon Holley +44 (0) 870 741 4500 Bose Professional Systems Division 1 Ambley Green, Gillingham Bus. Park Gillingham, Kent ME8 0NJ UK BOSE® offers exceptionally high quality sound solutions for a wide range of commercial applications including theme parks and visitor centres. All have benefitted from our commitment to quality in the specification of total system solutions. Bose offers a complete specialist service to anyone who’s primary aim is the highest quality audio reproduction. Rob Grubb +1 805 276-1071 3905 State St. MS267 Santa Barbara, CA 93105 USA

Boston Productions, Inc./BPI Jillian Domenici +1 781 255-1555 290 Vanderbilt Ave., Suite 1 Norwood, MA 2062 USA For over twenty years, BPI has been telling compelling stories to audiences across the world through multimediabased interpretive exhibits. With expertise in media design, linear film production, editing, interactive programming, AV hardware integration, and immersive environments, we imagine design solutions that engage and amaze visitors of all ages.

Braer, Jeffrey +1 323-394-8577 11201 McDonald St. Culver City, CA 90230 USA Writer/Creative Consultant/Brand Builder

BRC Imagination Arts Jenny Capili +1 818 841 8084 Corporate HQ 2711 Winona Ave. Burbank, CA 91504 USA BRC Imagination Arts is an energetic group of creative thinkers, designers, producers, writers, filmmakers and managers. Our services cover architecture, design, planning, management, creative oversight and integration. Imagination is our middle name. Bart Dohmen +31 40 2676 871 Science Park Eindhoven 5644, 5692 EN Eindhoven, The Netherlands Mailing Address: POB 1245 5602 BE Eindhoven, The Netherlands Donna Davidson +44 (0) 7879 655950 8 Kimblesworth Grange Potterhouse Ln. Durham, DH7 5SL UK


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Brees Studio Inc. Gary Brees +1 618 687-3331 430 South 19th St. Murphysboro, IL 62966 USA For 35 years, Brees Studio has specialized in the design and creation of museum quality exhibits, dioramas, and interpretive displays for museums, visitor centers, and the educational community. We are a full service company, all under one roof, skilled sculptors and model makers well versed in flora and fauna, expert fiberglass fabricators, flawless mural and portrait painters, and one master taxidermist. This group of creative, well-disciplined people enables Brees Studio to offer its customers a unique blend of realism and quality in all of our work that not only inspires the imagination, but truly stands the test of time.

Brooks, Justin +1 480 280-6932 5226 East Charleston Ave. Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA Student in Mechanical Engineering and Art - USC

Brown, Lillian +1 206 851-4129 6416 34th Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107 USA Student, Physics, Penn State University

Bruce D. Robinson Design Group Bruce Robinson +1 513 651-9100 28 Central Parkway West Cincinnati, OH 45202 USA BDR Design Group provides a full range of professional services for international leisure and entertainment markets, including theme and concept development, master planning, site and landscape development, and design of architecture, interiors, graphics and signage. Our project experience includes theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers and cinemas, retail centers, museums and aquariums, sports and fitness facilities restaurants and nightclubs, hotels and resorts, and gaming attractions. BDR Design Group provides creative solutions to design challenges through imaginative theming and responsible design.

Buchwalder, Diane +1 937 479-6099 423 Volusia St. Dayton, OH 45409 USA Student. Doctor of Architecture student, University of Hawaii - Manoa.

Bunting, Neil +1 989 415-8516 2980 N. Euclid Ave. Bay City, MI 48706 USA Interpretive Exhibit Project Manager

Burns, Gary +1 407 361-7387 POB 264, Loughman, FL 33858 USA

Business in Vancouver

Glen Korstrom +1 604 688-2398 102 E. 4th Ave. Vancouver, BC V5T 1G2 Canada

Canadian Museum of Civilization Jean-Marc Blais +1 819 776-8303 100 Laurier St. Gatineau, QB K1A 0M8 Canada The Canadian Museum of Civilization functions as a centre for collection, research and public information on the social, human, military and political history of Canada.

Cancino, Jessica +1 786 368-8404 6958 SW 164th Ct. Miami, FL 33193 USA Student, Miami Dade College

Canyon Creative Dale Sprague +1 702 262-9901 Bldg. K, #100 6018 South Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89113 USA Canyon Creative, established in 1996, is a talented team of imaginative strategists with well-known clientele in the theme park, resort, retail, gaming, restaurant, and entertainment industries. Services include graphic design, brand development, print advertising, retail and themed merchandise design, writing, character development, environmental graphics, packaging design, and creative consultation during all project phases. We’re an eclectic mix of youthful exuberance and mature determination, bringing fresh insight, ingenuity and solid business experience to every aspect of our creativity. Most of all, we’re a team and we love what we do.

Carstensen, Toni P +1 424 200-0088 4712 Admiralty Way, $758 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USA VFX producer experienced in stereoscopic features (Transformers 3 and Avatar) and themed entertainment immersive experiences (StarTrek Voyager:Borg Encounter and Mission:Space).

Casson, Jonathan +1 310 200-5204 924 7th St. Santa Monica, CA 90403 USA Product Marketing Manager

CDA Production Benoit Spriet +33 1 4684 8901 89, rue Escudier Boulogne-Billancourt cdx,F-92722 France CDA Production is a subsidiary of “La Compagnie des Alpes”, main actor on the leisure activity in Europe; Leisure Parc & Skiing station. CDA Production is in charge of the content and the concept development for the group. We work on program and master planning,story line and concept creation and development.

Celtic Engineering, Inc. Jeremy Wall, P.E. +1 407 909-8995 625 Main Street Suite 27 Windermere, FL 34786 USA Consulting structural design & engineering, multi-discipline engineering, project management, project engineering, turnkey design package preparation. Ride/Show Action: structural design, FEA, Mechanical component design and analysis, Fatigue design, Inspections/condition surveys, peer review. Facility: New/ additions/rehab; steel, wood, concrete, fiberglass, aluminum, rockwork, bridges, foundations, cable structures, signs, icons. Technical documents, drawing packages. We are a WBE certified business.

Cemrock Landscapes, Inc. Keeler Ekman +1 520 571-1999 4790 S. Julian Ave. Tucson, AZ 85714-2123 USA For 30 years CEMROCK has specialized in construction, fabrication & installation of artificial rockwork, animal habitats, trees, sculpture, playground amenities, murals, dioramas, scale models, and retail theming. We have molding and casting capabilities and are proficient with fiberglass, urethanes, epoxies, GFRC, & metal fabrication. CEMROCK has a proprietary light weight concrete system when loads are an issue.

Center Parcs Europe Michel Linet-Frion +33 158215986 11 rue de cambrai L’Artois, Espace pont de Flandre, Paris, 75947 France For over 40 years, Center Parcs, (part of the Pierre & Vacances group), has been the undisputed leader in the market for short holidays in the middle of nature (16 in 4 European countries + 2 more under construction). The pillars of Center Parcs’ success are the Aqua Mundo (indoor waterpark with tropical green environment), the comfortable cottages, nature, activities (leisure, entertainment and sport), and service of its employees.

Centre Screen Productions Ltd. Dave Postlethwaite +44 (0) 161 832 7151 Castlefield Eastgate, Castle St. Manchester, M3 4 LZ UK One of the UK’s leading film, audiovisual and multimedia production companies with a reputation for creating programmes that inspire, educate and entertain. Our expertise covers everything from immersive environments to informative videos; large-scale theatre shows to touchscreen interactives. We can offer consultancy services as well as a full production capability.

Chan, Maisie +1 714 608-0850 308 East Jacaranda Ave. Orange, CA 92867 USA Student, Chapman University

Chappell, Urso Urso Chappell +1 415 867-9994 Suite 1 417 Fulton St. San Francisco, CA 94102 USA Designer / Branding Specialist

Charles Morrow Productions LLC Charlie Morrow +1 212 989-2400 1961 Roaring Brook Rd. Barton, VT 5822 USA Entrepreneurs & Producers, we use cutting edge technology of sound and sight to create the ultimate interpretive tours and visitor’s experiences and merchandise. Our goal is to cause a person to feel, visualize and understand the essence of the exhibit they are visiting. Concept, research, writing, music and sound effects/environment, directing and recording talent, editing and mixing, video and graphic production, exhibit design, signage concept, site graphics and event consultation. Clients include the American Museum of Natural History, Kennedy Space Center, The Smithsonian Institution, The Great Platte River Memorial Archway attraction. The Empire State Building.

Charles Pankow Builders Ltd. Don Carp +1 626 696-1828 199 S. Los Robles Ave. #300 Pasadena, CA 91101 USA

Chauvet Pro Iluminarc John Dunn +1 954 577-4455 5200 NW 108th Ave. Sunrise, FL 33351 USA CHAUVET® is a major innovator, developer and manufacturer, leading the entertainment lighting market in terms of design, flexibility and options. The CHAUVET® formula is simple: the right products at the right price. The CHAUVET® brand has two main divisions CHAUVET® DJ and CHAUVET® Professional. Sold through a worldwide network of professional dealers and distributors, both divisions have a global reach built upon three core tenets: Value, Innovation, and Performance—VIP for short. These tenets are the foundation for the CHAUVET® culture. A passion for lighting and the drive to excel unite an otherwise diverse staff of 115 at both the South Florida headquarters in the U.S., and the European branch in the U.K. All share the realization that straightforward advice, after-sale service and support— going beyond top-of-the line products— are key to a truly satisfied customer.

Chamberlain, Jeffrey +1 317 201-7572 1317 Alvarado Terrace Los Angeles, CA 90006 USA USC - Interactive Media


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Chernack Group, The Peter Chernack +1 818 424-0275 1083 E. Elmwood Ave. Burbank, CA 91501 USA The Chernack Group works with developers, investors and strategic partners to concept, design and implement compelling entertainment shows and attractions. Led by Peter Chernack, a producer of award winning guest experiences for leisure venues and corporate brands for over two decades, and a network of equally seasoned writers, designers, directors, project managers, planners and show architects, all dedicated to the art of great storytelling.

Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc. Robert Doepel +1 312 274-9900 1315 N. North Branch St. Chicago, IL 60642 USA How do you define excitement? Physically, emotionally, mentally move and engage your audience beyond the expected. Chicago Scenic Studios has defined, designed, built and ensured that every event or exhibit hits the appropriate level of excitement for its audience. For 35 years, we’ve worked with designers & clients to create custom stories and events and connect with audiences of all types. Find out more about Chicago Scenic Studios by visiting our website at

Chick Russell +1 407 406-2899 490 Castano Ave. Pasadena, CA 91107-2806 USA

Christensen, Annina Chicago, IL USA Student, Psychology, U. of Chicago

Christian Hope Design Christian Hope +1 323 883-0133 3113 Barbara Ct. Hollywood, CA 90068 USA Providing concept design, creative development and master planning for resorts, theme parks, attractions, filmed media projects and marketing campaigns. Previous clients include Paramount Parks International, NBC/Universal Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering. Additional Information can be found online at:

Cinnabar California, Inc. Jeannie Lomma +1 818 842-8190 4571 Electronics Place Los Angeles, CA 90039 USA Servicing the Entertainment Industry for 25 years, Cinnabar specializes in the Creative Development, Fabrication, & Installation of engaging environments and specialized scenery for Film & Television, Museums & Exhibits, Retail, Corporate Events, Marketing & Promotion, Attractions and a diverse range of other venues. Cinnabar is a licenced General Contractor in both California & Nevada.


Clark, Amber +1 941 822-9405 2357 Tamiami Tr. S. #3 PMB#147 Venice, FL 34293 USA Student, Ringling School of Art and Design

Claro Creative Studios Annette Crump +1 818 245-1106 1010 North Central Ave. Glendale, CA 91202 USA Claro Creative Studios is a team of designers, engineers, fabrication experts, gadgeteers, and entertainment enthusiasts who enjoy working together. We have a unique combination of experience in museums and entertainment. We know how to design, build and install durable, meaningful, entertaining exhibits.

Clausson, Glenn +1 858 274-2148 1959 Missouri St. San Diego, CA 92109-3431 USA

CNA Creative Network Agency Klaus Paulsen +45 2721 2021 Graven 18E Aarhus C, DK8000 Denmark CNA Creative Network Agency creates involvement through interactive storylines and concepts for attractions, destinations and brands. We do this by integrating experience design, marketing and new media to create enriching experiential concepts and designs. The creations include mobile storytelling, events and the use of digital media in communication and destination development. As the name states, CNA is a creative powerhouse due to our ability to work as both head of or part of teams both a local or global scale. The project list includes hotels, tourist destinations, museums and retail.

Cobalt Blue Films Tracy Thomas +1 818 988-9093 15115 Lemay St. Van Nuys, CA 91405 USA With the experience, integrity and motivational force to drive your production forward, Cobalt Blue Films is a new model production resource, specializing in line production. Our team of award-winning line producers have more than 20+ years in the industry. Highly skilled in virtually every media available, we bring our international and domestic network of resources to your project. Working with top names in the industry including BRC, The Hettema Group, Cortina Productions, MacGillivray Freeman Films, Fox, and Summit Entertainment, our production expertise spans IMAX, 3D, RED, HD, Digital, 35mm, and other formats.

Cochran, Kelly +1 334 663-1765 121 Lee Drive Auburn, AL 36832 USA Student, Theatre, Auburn University

Cohen Consulting Kathleen Cohen +1 310 995-3995 811 Euclid St. Santa Monica, CA 90403 USA Using emerging technology to present your unique story, wel lead and develop innovative forms of experiential marketing for you. Our mission, what we live for, is to find the newest, latest strategies & tactics of communicating your message and bringing it all to life in a public space. Our team of creative technologists, production and messaging experts will create the experience that best sums you up. 16 years of multimedia & entertainment experience. A highly creative, innovative, business savvy, big-picture thinker, Kathleen creates the right environment that brings together great minds. The result is developing next generation technologies & content with both a competitive edge and wow factor.

Coker, Robert +1 646 479-5762 4821 Via Don Luis Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA Attraction concept writer, graphic designer, best-selling author (“Roller Coasters - A Thrill Seeker’s Guide To The Ultimate Scream Machines”)

Color Reflections

video and stage lighting systems. We are dealers for all major manufacturers. We are also dealers for Playnetwork, DMX, Music Choice and Directv. Our Engineers take projects from inception,through design and final installation.

Community Professional Loudspeakers John Wiggins +1 610 816-3400 333 East 5th St. Chester, PA 19013-4511 USA Community manufactures professional loudspeakers suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment, special effects and engineered applications.

Concept 2 Creation Richard Carlow +1 310 780-4037 G307 713 West Duarte Road Arcadia, CA 91007 USA C2C specializes in master planning, design and production management of individualized and targeted concepts for theme parks, water parks, museums, attractions, shows and integrated themed resorts. C2C has a specialized visualization department for creating threedimensional and environmental graphics for the entertainment industry, retail stores, public spaces and transportation centers. C2C stands out for its ability to combine imagination and unparalleled creativity, with the practical application of technical skill and realistic budgeting. / Shannon Martin +1 702 262-9300 3560 Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89103 USA Our portfolio of services include Durst Lambda Photo Prints and Murals, Grand Format Banners and Signs, Direct-toMedia UV printing, Trade Show Displays and Graphics, Billboards, Vehicle Wraps, Custom POP and Retail Displays, Banner Stands and much more. Whether it is a single unit or thousands, and 8”x10” print or 50’x200’ or larger banner, whether delivering local or drop shipping to 200 locations, Color Reflections is known for their knowledge in the industry, state of the art equipment and museum quality work. Geoff Morrison +66 2632 0876 38 Convent Rd., Silom, Bangrak 4th Floor, Q. House Convent Bldg. Bangkok, 10500 Thailand Concept International Design are specialist Design Consultants for Entertainment, Theme Parks, Water Parks, Food Courts and Landscape Architecture. Our In-house skills include Interior Design, Themed Architecture, Graphic, Landscape Design, and Expert Technical Support.

ColorVision International inc.

Concept Lumiere Mark Simmons +1 407 851-0103 2400 Lake Orange Drive #200 Orlando, FL 32837 USA

Colwell, Chelsea +1 310 672-5166 217 W. 64th Pl. Inglewood, CA 90302 USA Student, UCLA, Theater

Commercial Sound & Design Group

Concept International Design Ltd. Jean-Francois De Lamotte +33 684 542559 13 rue du Lavoir Pecy Paris, 77970 France Concept Lumiere is your partner, worldwide, to design architectural lighting for your projects. For 10 years we have been involved in small and large projects in Europe, designing lighting for Attractions, hotels, restaurant and even cruise ships. Our knowledge and dedication are the key to successful and beautiful lighting using the best state of the Art lighting devices with latest technologies. Andrew Jones +1 954 917-8884 2050 N. Andrews Ave. Ext. Ste 101 Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA Commercial Sound is a state licensed low voltage contractor specializing in professionally designed/installed audio/


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

Contour Entertainment, Inc. Sheila Melody +1 818 778-0815 15036 Delano St. Van Nuys, CA 91411 USA Contour Entertainment Principals... Chris Brown, Bob Joslin, and Richard Vaughn represent more than 100 years working in the themed entertainment arena with expertise in all areas of project development including design, technology, master planning and project management. Peter Gebara +971 4 391 4800 Contour Entertainment Dubai LLC Dubai Media City, Ofc 99, POB 72280 Dubai UAE

Cook, David +1 818 653-6884 4131 Big Tujunga Canyon Rd Tujunga, CA 91042 USA Project/Program Development and Management. Production management and coordination; construction management, logistics, and installation for theme parks and theatrical environments.

Corrin, Dean +1 773 325-7932 2135 N. Kenmore, Chicago, IL 60614 USA Associate Professor, Theatre Studies, Depaul University

Cortina Productions Mary Jewett +1 703 556-8481 6623-A Old Dominion Dr. McLean, VA 22101 USA We are media designers; crafters of image and light, sound and touch. From films and videos, to interactive exhibits we produce award-winning media that entertains, educates, and inspires. From initial concept development through final installation, we collaborate with you to blend story and technology into a single artistic vision.

Cost of Wisconsin, Inc. Christopher Foster +1 800 221-7625 4201 Highway P Jackson, WI 53037-9760 USA Since 1957, COST has been specializing in the construction of simulated environments for zoos, theme parks, casinos, aquariums, museums and family entertainment centers. We provide rock and water features, themed facades, simulated trees, sculptures, murals, architectural panels and decorative coral inserts. Jeffrey Sheiber +1 800 778-0071 / +1 407 816-2110 6457 Hazeltine National Dr. Suite 155 Orlando, FL 32822 USA Christopher Foster +1 888 567-2678 / (206) 223-5777 3400 Harbor Ave. SW Suite 242 Seattle, WA 98104 USA

COST of Wisconsin Branches Cont. Mohamed Sayed +971 4 397-8836 PO Box 117681 Dubai, UAE

Craniac Entertainment Chuck Bueche +1 512 342-8240 3571 Far West Blvd. #29 Austin, TX 78731 USA Entertainment Technology Consulting. Craniac provides consulting services ranging from computer game software development to show controls installation. Mr. Bueche’s experience covers a vast array of technologies and platforms going back to 1981.

Crawford, Jason +1 646 526-8657 6937 Vanland Trl. Los Angeles, CA 90068 USA Design and development expert in video games, applications, experiences, and websites. Clients include Sony, Hasbro, and Walt Disney Imagineering.

Createk Stone Inc. Liz Fritz +1 410 238-1913 9600 Pulaski Park Dr., Suite 117 Baltimore, MD 21220 USA Createk Stone, the most realistic and durable artificial rock surface available, is a patented, composite polymer resin well suited for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications such as landscaping and gardening enhancements, creative theming and playground components. Lightweight, durable, and resistant to UV rays, fire, temperature changes and organic growth, Createk Stone is designed to be a maintenance-free alternative to natural materials such as rocks, wood and live trees. Our team of in-house experts can craft Createk Stone into incredibly realistic products. Using state of the art 3-D computer software and molding equipment in our US manufacturing plants, we can fabricate sculptures, wood formations, trees, fossils, animal reproductions, climbing walls, or practically any other natural or supernatural formation you can imagine! Createk Stone can reproduce the finest details in natural or architectural features, and can be customized to reproduce almost any design, and any type of surface or color. We also offer a wide range of accent products such as artificial moss, vines, plantings, coral, snow and ice to complement your finished product

Creative Capers Sue Shakespeare +1 818 658-7120 2233 Honolulu Ave. 2nd Flr. Montrose, CA 91020 USA C.C.E. has been one of LA’s leading conceptual design firms for more than 20 years. We’re accomplished at: story development, creative design, “theming” and art direction for all forms of themed attractions: theme park, retail, museum, and restaurant. Production of all forms of animated entertainment (2D, Flash & CGI) including: architectural PreViz, feature films and TV, with heavy emphasis on “new technology animation”

for computer games, web sites and online worlds, mobile phone to name a few. Character development and design for character mascots, consumer products, and all graphic “branding” associated with a project. We’re re-known worldwide for the characters we create. We can also design and manufacture the entire consumer products program for a project. No one else in the industry possesses all these unique skill sets under one roof.

Creative Design & Services Chris Lange +49 30 56 82 87 87 Sonnenallee 96 Berlin, 12045 Germany We are a network of professionals committed to the leisure and entertainment industry. Creatively headed by Chris Lange, our exclusive network consists of experienced designers, illustrators, master planners, architects, engineers, project managers, and producers. We provide full project services including program development, project analysis and feasibility, concept development, detailed design, and on-site supervision. Our talented and passionate team is proud of creating world class visitor experiences for young and old around the globe.

Creative Handbook Alex Moreno +1 818 752-3200 10152 Riverside Dr. Toluca Lake, CA 91602 USA Industry specific directory and website serving the needs of project managers, construction and art departments with reliable industry resources. We cover everything from animatronics, mechanical FX, production, scenic elements, rigging, show control, effects and more with a special section included specifically for TEA members.

Creative Integrity Corporation Don Burgess +1 818 370-0872 249 North Brand Blvd #411 Glendale, CA 91203 USA Integrity is the foundation of every success. Creative Integrity has gained that vision and confidence through creative solutions based on solid production expertise, delivered with consistent excellence and integrity. Don Burgess continues to lead the industry in the areas of Creative Direction and Management, Project Conceptualization and Entertainment Production, bringing expertise to projects such as Promotional Events, Publicity Events, Exhibits, Holiday Installations, Halloween Events, Live Shows and permanent installations.

Creative Lighting Design & Engineering Marty Peck, L.C., IALD, IESNA +1 262 242-4432 N140 W13843 Cedar Lane Germantown, WI 53022 USA Wild ideas + engineering expertise = award-winning designs. Seeing is believing with our Lightscape capabilities, which models lighting concepts with

photo-accurate realism. Since 1991 we’ve been creating expressive lighting solutions for experiential, retail, casino, museum, water park and hospitality projects. We push the envelope of design in order to focus attention, drive emotions, sculpt architecture and create excitement.

Creative Works Jeff Schilling +1 317 834-4770 350 Bridge St. Mooresville, IN 46158 USA Discover the place where imagination meets innovation! Creative Works’ Theme Factory creates visuallystunning immersive environments and 3d props that enhance the entertainment experience of guests around the world. Since 1997 we have brought ideas to life with our talented team of designers, sculptors, craftsmen and artisans known throughout the industry as the “Theme Team”. With over 20,000 square feet of design and fabrication space combined with our gifted team of creative professionals, we have the capability to provide your venue with eye-catching scenery and impressive props. Whether yours is a theme park, museum, family entertainment center, zoo or other venue, our goal is to help you create a unique and visually-stunning environment that connects with visitors and provides them an experience to remember. We encourage you to take a look around and see how the Theme Factory can help you create an engaging and memorable guest experience.

Creek and River Entertainment Corp.

Jen-Chiu Seth Wang 88673359350 7F-2, #243, Guang-Hua 3rd Road Qian-Zhen Dist. Kaohsiung, 806 Taiwan Parks/Resorts/Theatre Project Consultant; Live Entertainment/Show Productions and Operations; Service Provider, Show promoter/touring and tourist attractions.

Croskey, Brice 1596 Timbertop Drive Tallmadge, OH 44278 USA Student, University of Akron

Cruden B.V. F. Kalff +31 20 707 4668 Amsterdam XP 1086 The Netherlands Cruden is a leading designer and manufacturer of interactive, motionbased racing simulators, and a developer of motion-based rides. Using the same professional equipment relied upon by Formula 1 teams and other top levels of international motorsport, Cruden simulators provide the most realistic and accurate motorsport experience available, which simply are beyond comparison with video game machines on the market. R. Park +61 409 463108 Asia-Pacific 1 356 Lower Dandenong Rd. Braeside, Victoria 3195 Australia


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Cruden Branches Continued P. Poh +65 6383 1939 Eastwood (Asia) Group PTE Ltd. 115 Eunos Ave. 3 Singapore, 409839 Singapore Claire Dumbreck +44 (0) 1295 724573, m: +44 (0) 7768 773857 Marketing&PR Bloxham Mill, Barford Rd Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 4FF UK

Cubic Design & Construction Limited Stephanie Woolston +44 1493 332031 South Denes Road Ventureforth House Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR29 3PW UK Noted for our attention to detail, Cubic Design have gained an excellent reputation for the design, manufacture and installation of specialist theming and props for Aquariums, Visitor Attractions, Museum and Heritage, Theatres and Exhibitions, both here in the U.K. and Internationally. Our aim is to meet our Clients’ needs and expectations every step of the way, from conception to completion, within budget and on time.

Cultural Studies & Analysis (Center for) Dr. Margaret J. King, Ph D +1 215 592-8544 1123 Montrose St. Philadelphia, PA 19147 USA The Center is a think-tank consisting of a worldwide network of experts in the human dynamics that drive group behavior and value-finding. We analyze consistent patterns of behavior over time to explain and predict group motivation and choice within parameters of culture, age stage, gender, community, and context. We offer front-end crosscultural intelligence, problem definition, and cultural framing to drive design of experience environments and thematics, including analysis of human use factors, wayfinding, story and theme, organization of procession, cultural interpretation, and resonance with audiences.

Cumming Corporation Asif Parkar +1 213 408-4518 660 S. Figueroa, #900 Los Angeles, CA 90017 USA Our services comprise Cost Management & Estimating, Scheduling, Program & Project Management and Dispute Resolution & Avoidance. We have a special group dedicated to “Themed Entertainment” and provide these services for a variety of clients and projects. We work on domestic and international projects, with offices throughout the U.S. and the UAE. We work for Owners, Developers, Designers or IP Owners. Our team members gained their initial TE experience by working at Disney and/or Universal. As Cumming members they have worked for MGM, Ocean Park, Los Angeles Zoo, San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park, Sea World, Lego Land and others.


Cuningham Group Architecture, P.A. Rebecca Martinez +1 612 379-3400 Suite 325 201 Main St. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414 USA Founded in 1968, Cuningham Group has grown to become a leader in the design of world-class destinations. Cuningham Group has earned an outstanding reputation for creating and delivering excellence in master planning, architecture and interior design for entertainment, hospitality, food service, retail, and leisure projects worldwide. Jim Scheidel, AIA +1 310 895-2200 8565 Hayden Pl. Culver city, CA 90232 USA

Custom Prop Shop Sean Burke +1 855 533-3353 11314 Sheldon Street Los Angeles, CA 91352 USA Custom Prop Shop custom fabricates props of all kinds and sizes using all variety of materials. Founded over 16 years ago, CPS has fabricated props for Fortune 500 companies, movie studios, and amusement parks. If you can imagine it, we can create it - at a high quality, on time and within budget.

Cutting Edge Scenic Design Wayne Caulfield +1 781 7044800 454 Charles Bancroft Hwy. Litchfield, NH 3052 USA Cutting Edge Scenic Design’s talented team of designers and artists excel at producing high impact, inventively detailed scenes, and attractions. With decades of experience in the haunt and entertainment fields, our team brings the knowledge to help clients realize their creative and production objectives effectively. From concept to construction to execution, Cutting Edge is dedicated to quality and performance. Our skillful designers work with you throughout the creative process to develop scenes and events that are both imaginative and functional. We are dedicated to finding intelligent solutions for your particular creative mission and budget. You can be confident that we have the ability to transform a design idea into an artful reality. Our team includes the very designers behind many of America’s most acclaimed attractions in operation today—events which are respected for delivering both a memorable customer experience and a successful enterprise for the client.

D. J. Willrich Ltd David Willrich +44 (0) 1590 612603 Bucklers Hard Road Beufre Farm Beaulieu, Hampshire SO42 7XA UK DJW, leading Audio-Visual and Multimedia system specialists, deliver innovative solutions to the broad spectrum of permanent installations; Museums,

Theme Parks, FEC’s and EXPO’s. Our uniquely talented team of hardware and software engineers strive to deliver, innovative and technologically sound pioneering systems solutions, giving years of reliable service.

D3D Cinema Art Mercurio +1 847 475-9140 900 Grove St. suite 210 Evanston, IL 60201 USA Theater design and integration; Distribution; Film Production

DAPA Leisure Group - Destination Properties David Price +1 714 323-3717 25265 Via De Anza Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 USA The mission of the DAPA Leisure Group is to support client groups that need to bring together a team of diversely experienced consultants with backgrounds in economic analysis, facility design and planning, project management and operating management. Its primary focus is to bring together and support the complementary blend of talent, chemistry, experience and expertise to support the unique needs of designers, operators and owners in the hospitality / attractions industry. Under the leadership of David Price AIA, DAPA provides master planning, architecture, interior and graphic design services in all areas of the hospitality industry including family attractions, theme parks, resorts, museums, and restaurants. Son of industry legend Buzz Price, David Price provides a lifetime of professional experience, relationships, understanding and commitment to our valued clients. DAPA is fully committed to supporting our clients in a changing global context in which story, architecture, technology and experience become transformational.

Dark Tech Effects Bill Rodriguez +1 914 5128381 395 Westchester Ave. #1 Port Chester, NY 10573 USA Dark Tech Effects specializes in automated lighting, show control, and audio visual effects for the themed entertainment industry. Our company is capable of providing installation and programming services for complex control of props, lighting, sound, and video projections. In addition we offer a full-service video and film production department which has produced commercials as well as pre-show videos for themed attractions. We are proud to have worked for some of the top dark attractions in the United States; examples of these projects can be seen by visiting our website.

Darklight System Quan Gan +1 661 347-0779 27600 Bouquet Canyon Road, Suite 118 Santa Clarita, CA 91350 USA We design and manufacture professional LED scenic lighting equipment for the amusement park and attractions

industry. Our products can be found in major amusement parks, attractions, museums, and Halloween attractions across the US. Our team of expert industrial designers and engineers can also custom create lighting solutions for your specific application. The precision lighting system was developed to create effects that are versatile, convenient, and safe to use. Darklight is not only suitable for applications in haunted houses but also in many other industries requiring unique lighting such as theme parks, museums, stage, home decor, auto, boats, and showrooms.

Darrias Attraction Design Arts Darrias Baker +1 818 426-1910 Burbank, CA 91506 USA Darrias Attraction Design Arts (DADA) provides consultation for location based entertainment and events. With over twenty years of international experience we help our clients to create their visions by offering an intimate understanding of how a successful entertainment project is designed and produced. Our services and international resources include master planning, concept design, show design, art direction, and production. Our project experience includes theme parks, casinos, water parks, live entertainment, world expos, and science centers.

DaSilva, Jonathan 5246 High Vista Drive Orefield, PA 18069 USA Student, Sound Design (BFA), Penn State

Dawn Chiang +1 917 224-9455 Suite 5J 155 Brewster St. Bridgeport, CT 06605-3111 USA Lighting design for themed entertainment and live performances. Projects include special events, industrials, Broadway mega-musicals, concert tours, television and facility design consultation. Services available from concept development through installation, programming and maintenance documentation.

db Show Control & Automation David Birchall +44 07402912902 40 Mitchell Gardens S. Shields, Tyne & Wear NE346EF UK db Show Control & Automation provide Technical Design, Programming and Project Management services specialising in show control, audio visual and automation systems.Technical Design: We take concepts and ideas and turn them into detailed technical designs, selecting appropriate products and technologies to realise the creative vision. Show Control Programming: We program show control systems, PLC’s, animatronics, motion control systems, AV automation systems, video playback servers, DSP systems and more. Project Management: We provide technical project management services both during the design process and during the onsite implementation phases of a project. See for more details


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De Leon, Jonathan

Design Hawkes

Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts at KSC, Inc.

Design Island Assoc. +1 214 263-0704 14429 Marsha Dr. Balch Springs, TX 75180 USA Student, Lighting Design, U. of Wisconsin - Madison Kevin Kelly +1 716 858-5417 State Road 405 Administration Building Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899 USA KENNEDY SPACE CENTER VISITOR COMPLEX -- Visitors experience NASA’s past, present and future. Tours of the KSC secured areas, including launch facilities, and an enormous 363 ft. moon rocket. Also, guests may climb aboard a space shuttle replica, explore other exhibits and view two different IMAX films on screens 5 1/2 stories tall!

Delicate Electronic Sales Curtis Kelly +1 805 484-8139 874 Verdulera St. Camarillo, CA 93010 USA Delicate Electronics Sales supports businesses, churches, schools, bands, musicians who are interested in service with a Delicate touch. We offer unit sales, system sales, installation contracting, system integration and portable and permanent configuration. As a subsidiary of Delicate Productions, located in the same building, we will always keep true to our production roots while focusing on the needs of our sales clients, benefiting from our: Expertise in configuring systems to suit every type of venue i.e. clubs, theaters, performing arts centers, boardrooms, churches, fitness clubs, classrooms etc.; Capability to design efficient portable or permanent systems for any user level; Knowledgeable sales staff to recommend and demonstrate the equipment, in touch with the latest technology: Talented technical staff who can wire up equipment in a rack as if it were going on display at The Getty, tune a room by ear comparable to acoustical measurement software or tech/ operate the latest lighting technology for all environments, willing to share the “tricks of the trade;” Adherence to project deadlines; Commitment to client satisfaction.

Dennis A. Murphy Design & Drafting Services Dennis Murphy +1 805 579-0153 2684 Sunshine Valley Ct. Simi Valley, CA 93063 USA Dennis A. Murphy Design and Drafting Services is a company that offers complete design services from start to finish. Our areas of expertise include: generating proposals, cost estimating, budgeting, scheduling, concept design, attraction design and development as well as mechanical engineering. We also assist clients with product development, field engineering, architectural design, project and vendor management, manufacturing supervision, construction and installation supervision, testing and quality control. We conduct both foreign and domestic business. Laura Fine Hawkes +1 310 500-5001 642 Moultin Ave. E24 Los Angeles, CA 90031 USA Tim Steinouer +1 407 240-0779 9460 Delegates Dr. Suite 117 Orlando, FL 32837 USA We design and produce multimedia. An award-winning multimedia company, we work closely with you from concept to production and through installation to tell your story. Every project’s success depends on a strong relationship and our creative team takes pride in our long history of successful projects and client partnerships.

Devine, Michael 526 East 41st St. Savannah, GA 31401 USA Professor, SCAD

Digital Illusions

Ann DeVilbiss +1 866 660-3444 x1 812 Huron Road E. Ste. 820 Cleveland, OH 44115 USA Large Format Holographic Projection, Augmented Reality, Stereoscopic 3D Entertainment.

Digital Interactive Booth Systems / Animalive Paul Collimore +44 (0) 1273 417 440 Quayside Offices, Basin Road South Brighton, Sussex BN41 1WF UK Animalive manufactures and designs Interactive Cartoon systems for use in Theatrical Shows and stand alone attractions.

Dillon Works! Inc. Brian Leonard +1 425 493-8309 11775 Harbour Reach Dr. Mukilteo, WA 98275 USA Dillon Works! is a full service custom design and fabrication company specializing in dimensional and architectural interior and exterior environments, retail stores, malls, amusement parks, casinos, exhibits, restaurants, play areas and much, much more. With over 20 years in business, our clients include Disney, Nike, Nordstrom, IKEA, Nintendo, Hyatt, Microsoft, General Growth Properties, and Sony Computer Entertainment. You can find our work all over the United States and in Russia, Hong Kong, Canada, Portugal, Japan, Korea, International Waters, the UAE and Macau.

Dinkel, Paula +1 818 321-7035 1316 21 3/4 St. Cameron, WI 54822 USA Lighting design for attractions, entertainment, and themed environments; consulting on strategic planning and estimating lighting for theme parks.

Dinosaurs Unearthed Jennifer Chow +1 604 277-0707 x553 223-11121 Horseshoe Way Richmond, BC V7A 5G7 Canada Dinosaurs Unearthed is an exhibition company that offers a range of immersive experiences designed to engage and entertain audiences. With proven success worldwide, our exhibitions generate great excitement and exceed attendance projections.

Dobbs Stanford Terry Rountree +1 972 446-8440 2107 Yewpon Court Carrollton, TX 75007 USA

Donna Lawrence Productions Donna Lawrence +1 502 589-9617 624 Baxter Ave. Louisville, KY 4004 USA Donna Lawrence Productions, creates media experiences for theatrical environments and visitor attractions in the U.S. and abroad. Past productions have included highly acclaimed attraction films, multi-screen installations, 360° films, interactive experiences, sound and light shows, theatrical environments, and other unique installations. The resulting work has received top awards in almost every national and international festival dedicated to special format, documentary, or permanently-installed media, including the Sundance Film Festival, the International Documentary Association, The New York Festivals, AAM’s Muse Awards, and many others.

Doug Fleenor Design, Inc. Doug Fleenor +1 805 481-9599 396 Corbett Canyon Road Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 USA Doug Fleenor Design, Inc. is a manufacturer of a variety of products that use and support the DMX512 control standard. Considered one of the experts on DMX512, Doug Fleenor (a.k.a. Dr. DMX) regularly consults on DMX512 designs for his clients.

dpavilion architects Edwin Nafarin +62315348401 JL Basuki Rahmad 83-83A Surabaya, East Java 60271 Indonesia Established in 2000, we are an innovative architecture and interior design firm specializing in service for themed entertainment projects for theme parks, resorts, water parks, museums, zoos, commercial retail, pub, live music, night club and restaurant. Our areas of expertise include: master planning, concept design, architecture design, interior design, attraction design and development, landscaping and art direction. Many entertainment projects with a variety of scales have been designed by dpavilion architects, especially in Indonesia.

Dream Studio Company Koichi Matsumoto +81 3-3478-5181 1-15-8, Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan DSC provides a variety of services for the Project Development, Master Planning, Show Design, Production, Construction and Operational Management of Leisure, Recreation and Themed Entertainment projects, with extensive in Japan. DSC’s talented planners and coordinators help clients visualize their projects, while their experienced designers, project managers and technical specialists bring the project to reality.

DreamWorks Animation LLC Dawn Barber +1 818 695-3260 1000 Flower St. Glendale, CA 91206 USA DreamWorks Animation creates highquality entertainment, including CG animated feature films, television specials and series, live entertainment properties and online virtual worlds, meant for audiences around the world. The Company has world-class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team and advanced filmmaking technology and techniques. All of DreamWorks Animation’s feature films are now being produced in 3D. The Company has theatrically released a total of 23 animated feature films, including the franchise properties of Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon.

Duncan Design, Inc. Greg Duncan +1 707 636-2300 48 Barham Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95407-6117 USA Duncan Design Incorporated is Northern California’s award winning theming design and fabrication company. For over 30 years, Duncan Design Inc. has created themed environments, stage sets, props, murals, museum exhibits, signage, and retail displays for theme parks, special attractions and retail malls throughout the country. From initial concept to fabrication and installation, Duncan Design Inc. is a one-stop-shop for projects large and small. Please contact Marketing Director, Carleen Duncan for portfolio samples and additional information.

Duncan, Kim +1 985 707-3331 1209 Patriot Dr. Slidell, LA 70458 USA Student, Louisiana State University

Dunois, Sean +1 703 7866696 8550 Touchton Rd. #1117 Jacksonville, FL 32216 USA Student


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

Dwyer, Diane +1 301 352-9767 12639 Heming Lane Bowie, MD 20716 USA Student, Production Design & Themed Entertainment Design, Savannah College of Art and Design

DyMoRides (Dynamic Motion rides) David Vatcher +43 1 512 6269 Seilergasse 9 Vienna, 1010 Austria

Dynamic Attractions Peter Schnabel +1 250 995-2198 999 Burdett Ave. #509 Victoria, BC V8V 3G7 Canada Dynamic Attractions, together with our sister company, Dynamic Structures, has forged an impressive list of “ world’s first” in the amusement industry. Soarin’ at Disney and Harry Potter at Universal are examples of our state-of –the-art ride systems. From concept, design and prototype testing to on-site delivery and assembly, we produce results. Partnering with HoloVis, an authority in virtual reality, we are now delivering immersive visualization solutions on a global scale. Led by Peter R. Schnabel and Harold Hudson, with more than 30 years each in this industry, Dynamic Attractions understands the business well and will surpass our client’s expectations.

Dynamic Designs & Architecture, Inc. Howard Ellman +1 866 644-5892 259 East Frank St. Birmingham, MI 48009 USA At Dynamic Designs & Associates, we assist you throughout the planning and design process. Due to our experience, we can impart valuable knowledge and information that will help you MAKE MORE MONEY! We understand what works, and what doesn’t work. You will be much further ahead in your business endeavor if you use Dynamic Designs & Associates.

Eberhart, Jovon +1 352 363-9697 2701 SW 13th St. Apt. E10 Gainesville, FL 32608 USA Student, Scenic Design MFA, University of Florida

ECA2 Emmanuelle Charotte +33 1 49 46 30 44 Immeuble le Spallis 12, rue James Watt Saint-Denis, 93200 France ECA2 is a leading global event company. For over 20 years, ECA2 has been creating and producing major events and shows around the world. Renowned for its outstanding creativity,innovative designs and technical expertise,ECA2 delivers unique special events, ceremonies, for World Expos, Olympic Games and


permanent shows for theme parks. Recent productions: “Mangrove Groove” New permanent Show for OCTBAY Shenzhen started in Oct 2011. Design of corporate pavilion and segment of the Opening Ceremony of Shanghai 2010. “The Ancient Secret” Permanent show in Akshardham India started in 2010. “BIG-O” nightime multimedia show for International Expo Yeosu 2012 South Korea. (under construction)

EDG North America Lee Penn Lanselle +1 818 763-8888 Suite 200 10999 Riverside Dr. North Hollywood, CA 91602 USA EDG creates and develops entertainment destinations worldwide for owners and investors seeking innovative and unique experiences. From idea generation through implementation and opening day, we support our clients throughout the life of each project. As the owner’s strategic partner, EDG works to define and realize our clients’ vision, enhancing real-estate and economic value and ensuring they meet their business objectives. EDG specializes in development strategy, master planning, design management, and operational support for theme parks, resorts, tourism, entertainment retail, and other real estate venues. EDG offers a unique blend of expertise and our team members’ experience with Disney, Universal, MGM, NASA and international developers has been recognized worldwide.

Edwards Technologies, Inc. Roberta Perry +1 310 536-7070 139 Maryland St. El Segundo, CA 90245 USA For two decades Edwards Technologies, Inc. (ETI) has designed multisensory media and control systems, creating captivating environments to entertain and inspire audiences. ETI’s entertainment and exhibit technology is enjoyed literally every minute of every day someplace on the planet.

eg design Eric Gill +1 323 719-8098 2537 Crestmoore Place Los Angeles, CA 90065 USA Design of and Technical Direction for Show Action Equipment and Special Effects. Past clients include; Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios, Technifex, LA ProPoint and many others.

Eisterhold Associates Inc. Gerard Eisterhold +1 816 330-3276 19310 NW Farley Hampton Road Kansas City, MO 64153 USA A Museum Planning and Design firm committed to providing the most effective, direct, and meaningful response to the needs of cultural organizations. For more than 30 years, our experienced team of associates has been committed to the possibilities of interpretive exhibits that challenge boundaries and discover opportunities. Clients: Universal Studios,

Disney Hometown Museum, National Museum of the US Army, Sixth Floor Museum, The President’s House, Independence Historical Park, National Civil Rights Museum, Rosa Parks Museum, National Hurricane Museum and Science Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Eld, Kevin +1 818 544-2552 1326 Flower St. Glendale, CA 91201 USA

Electric Time Company Brandie Morris +1 508 359-4396 97 West St. , Medfield, MA 2052 USA Electric Time Company, Inc. of Medfield, MA manufactures standard and custom designed tower and street clocks. Quality and craftsmanship are our hallmarks. Indoor and outdoor versions are offered in sizes from 12-in. to 30-ft. Materials include aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel. Clocks can be provided with illumination, and all are equipped with a controller that automatically resets the clocks after power failures and the semi-annual time changes. Street (or post) clocks are available in two or four dial styles, cast in aluminum, with standard or custom finishes. Special requests are welcomed, and design assistance is available. Visit our web site for more information or to contact us, “Designing Time”

Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. Mike Griffith +1 800 688-4116 3031 Pleasant View Rd. POB 620979 Middleton, WI 53562-0979 USA ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.) is an international manufacturer of entertainment and architectural lighting equipment. Known for innovation and customer service, ETC offers lighting control systems (the new Eos™, Congo™, and Congo jr™), dimmers (Sensor®+, SineWave™, IES Matrix™, and SmartPack™), luminaires (Source Four® line), distribution, and architectural lighting control (Unison®). Karl Haas +1 323 461-0216 6640 Sunset Blvd. Suite 200 Hollywood, CA 90028 USA Joe DiNardo +1 212 397-8080 630 9th Ave., Suite 1001 New York, NY 10036 USA Rob Raff +1 407 843-7770 4201 Vineland Rd., Suite 1-I Orlando, FL 32811 USA

Electrosonic Bryan Hinckley +1 818 333-3600/ oll free +1 888 343-3604 3320 North San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA 91504 USA Electrosonic is an international audio-visual company with a strong reputation for working on complex

projects, both large and small, and has since its founding in 1964 developed lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers. Electrosonic brings a unique breadth of experience to each project; backed by solid engineering skills, project management and quality production facilities. Beyond complete integrated systems, Electrosonic can provide a wide range of services including technical design, maintenance and operational support. Outside the US, the company has offices in the UK, Sweden, Dubai and China. Alan Wilkinson +44 1322 222 211 Hawley Mill, Hawley Road Dartford, Kent DA2 7SY UK Branch Phone List Birmingham UK +44 121 767 2703 Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 447 6211 Stockholm, Sweden +46 8 522 05700 Burlington, NJ USA +1 609 239-6930 Dartford, Kent UK +44 1322 222 211 Dubai, UAE +971 (0)50 452 0754 Canary Wharf, UK +44 207 719 8107 London, UK +44 203 207 9075 Minnetonka, MN USA +1 952 931-7500 New York, NY USA +1 212 206-7711 Orlando, FL USA +1 407 839-1154 Newquay, Cornwall UK +44 1637 875824 Shanghai, China +86 21 6249 2522 Burbank, CA USA +1 818 333-3600

ELEVEN18 Architecture Mark Adams +1 407 756-2119 424 E. Central Blvd. #542 Orlando, FL 32801 USA ELEVEN18 Architecture is a womenowned architecture firm based in Orlando, FL specializing in commercial and themed environments. Its team members have been providing world-class design and experience conceptualization to the themed entertainment industry for over 15 years. In addition to architectural services, the company has extensive experience in providing concept and schematic design services for attractions, themed restaurants, retail and other themed venues as well as experience concept development.

Eleventh Hour Jeff Ganter +1 310 821-6900 4120 Del Rey Ave. #B Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USA Eleventh Hour’s mission is to change the perception of the staffing industry one client at a time. We care about people and we’re passionate about finding great candidates amazing jobs with great clients. This business is about people and we take the time to understand the people we work with. Through an honest respect of both our clients and our applicants, we maintain a level of service and industry expertise that only a boutique agency can provide. The difference…our employees have worked in the fields that we specialize in, giving us a true understanding of the positions we are trying to fill. Founded in the entertainment industry and focused on bottom line business results, Eleventh Hour is the perfect fusion of industry knowledge and staffing expertise.


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

Elkind, Courtney +1 310 346-6092 4226 Neosho Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA Student, Cal State Northridge

Els, Christopher +1 818 518-5125 22066 Gilmore St. Woodland Hills, CA 91303 USA Student, Pierce College

Enfield Technologies Ed Howe +1 203 375-3100 35 Nutmeg Dr. Trumbull, CT 6611 USA Enfield Technologies is the leading producer of advanced proportional pneumatic control systems for use in the amusement industry. The LS System combines the power and simplicity of pneumatic actuators, with advanced electronic controls, to create high performance servo-pneumatic motion control systems. Position control applications include motion bases, animatronics, robotics and special effects. The LS System is also used in force control, pressure control and flow control applications.

Entech Creative Industries Matt Riley +1 407 251-9898 10602 Satellite Blvd. Orlando, FL 32837 USA Entech Creative Industries is a multifaceted company and proven leader in the development and fabrication of award-winning brand destinations for the Amusement and Theme Park, Entertainment, Retail and Museum industries. Headquartered in sunny Orlando, Florida, our 50,000 sq-ft home office and fabrication facility is staffed and equipped to provide delivery of all your top creative projects.We pride ourselves in offering unique yet sound design solutions to meet the ever changing criteria of our clients. We bring not only the necessary breadth in terms of design, but also a unique turnkey know how from a fabrication and engineering perspective that enables Entech to work with your team creatively and sensibly from an end-user cost and maintenance perspective. Providing sound support from the early stages of our clients’ creative endeavors allows communication and fabrication to be optimized, ultimately resulting in a better project. Whether it is brand destinations, theme parks, museums, or marketing, we are truly concerned with the experience we can create for consumers.

Entertainment + Culture Advisors Ray Braun +1 310 874-4376 9430 Olympic Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA Entertainment + Culture Advisors (ECA) is an international advisory firm focused on economic and market analysis for world-class destination entertainment and cultural development projects. ECA

principals, formerly with Economics Research Associates (ERA), bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project. They have completed more than one thousand entertainment and cultural projects working with leading international destination development professionals around the world. While ECA provides the necessary quantitative analysis required for each project, the added value is the insight they bring from years of international experience helping clients optimize business models with the right balance of visitation, revenue potential, and capital investment.

Entertainment + Culture Advisors Janice Li +852 94033533 China Resources Bldg. #2909-10, 29/F 26 Harbour Rd., Wanchai Hong Kong, China

Entertainment Design Corp. David Kelly +1 310 827-4538 Suite A 1600 Main St. Venice, CA 90291 USA Jeremy Railton’s award-winning designs are recognized by his peers for their innovation and originality. From concept consultation to final installation, Jeremy brings his multi-faceted experience to every step of the design process. His company offers creative design solutions for theme parks, urban entertainment, music tours, live events, restaurants and clubs, corporate events and television.

Entertainment Design Group, Inc. William Clark +1 404 754-3643 5065 Chapel Lake Circle Douglasville, GA 30135 USA

Entertainment Techknowledgy Kane Fritz +1 407 532-8220 8474 Island Palm Circle Orlando, FL 32835-8014 USA Entertainment Techknowledgy provides the highest quality Project Management, Design, Installation Supervision, system Testing, Commissioning and Owner/ Operator Training to the Themed Entertainment Industry. We have the privilege of working with industry leading architects, designers, owners, contractors, and operators like Universal Studios, Walt Disney Imagineering, Electrosonic, and Signal Perfection, LTD to name a few.

Entertainment Technology Center - CMU Janice Metz +1 412 268-5791 CMU-ETC 5305 700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA The Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University offers a two-year Masters of Entertainment Technology degree, jointly conferred by Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Fine Arts and School of Computer Science. Carnegie Mellon is relatively

unique among U.S. Universities in being able to offer this kind of degree, as we have both top-quality fine arts and topquality technology programs. The high concept behind both the Center and the Masters program is to have technologists and fine artists work together on projects that produce artifacts that are intended to entertain, inform, inspire, or otherwise affect an audience/guest/player/participant. Because the larger challenge we face in authoring in new media is bringing together different disciplines, our degree program is driven by trying to do this most effectively. The ETC does not turn artists into technologists, or vice-versa. While some students will be able to achieve mastery in both areas, it is not our intent to have our students master ‘the other side.’ Instead, we intend for a typical student in this program to enter with mastery or training in a specific area and spend his or her two years at Carnegie Mellon learning the vocabulary, values, and working patterns of the other culture. This learning will be evidenced by their ability to work effectively with those who are expert in it.

Equestrian Productions Inc. Robert Waddell +1 661 209-2286 3961 Sourdough Rd. Acton, CA 93510 USA Visual effects producer specializing in themed entertainment. Representing clients in the theme park industry. Providing on site management, preproduction through post production. Experienced with media-based special venue films for 3D/4D attractions, simulators, and pre-shows, while providing a high level of technical support. Hands on experience with dome, multiple projection systems, computer graphics and 3D stereoscopic and 70mm-based similar ride attractions.

EREMCO Mehdi Hoghoughi +33 156360201 195, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore Paris, 75008 France Consultancy & Engineering of Themed Projects.

Ernie Marjoram, Inc. Ernie Marjoram +1 323 939-7690 185 S. Orange Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90035 USA After working 15 years as an architect, Ernie established his own design and presentation consulting firm in 1993. Since then, Ernie has created concept art for entertainment industry clients, rendered plans, elevations and perspectives of proposed projects for developers, architects and interiors designers as well as character designs, storyboards and comps for advertising agencies. In 2008, his architectural illustrations were exhibited at the Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles. In 2003, Ernie began exhibiting his own personal art and has held two solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions. His work has won awards, been exhibited at the Pasadena Museum of California Art and was published in the California Art Club Gold Medal exhibition catalogs in 2008 & 2009.

Escential Resources FX, Ltd. or www. Lorane Wasserman +1 310 534-3481 2531 West 237th St. Suite 119 Torrance, CA 90505 USA ERFX, creates specialty Scents for Theme & Entertainment. We can custom design fragrances to enhance and add dimension to your attraction. You can find our scents in Science Centers, Museums, Aquariums, Interactive Exhibits and Theme Parks. Our working partner, Scentevents, a company that is perfect for product promotions, product launches, brand building and environmental scent ambiance programs. Scentevents offers you a fun, environmentally safe and easy to use system to bring special scent to your event. Our variety of scents is limited only by your imagination. “Just For The Smell Of It!

Euro Amusement Professional Christian Ahuis Trade publication covering the leisure and amusement business in Europe.

Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp Jeri Panek +1 801 588-7405 770 Komas Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84108 USA Evans & Sutherland’s Digital Theater Division (DTD) develops entertainment systems and programming that transform the company’s sophisticated 3D computer simulation technology to 360-degree domed and large format theater experiences. This technology enables audiences to be immersed in full-color, 3D computer-generated worlds and interact with them. DTD’s target markets include planetariums, science centers, themed attraction venues, and premium large-format theaters.

Event Communications Ltd Kevin Murphy +44 20 7 378 9900 45 Curlew St. India House London, SE1 2ND UK Event is based in Europe and one of the most respected creative groups specialising in museum, brand centre and visitor attraction design. Since 1986 we have directed over 160 major projects world-wide. Event provides a complete range of design services including masterplanning, interpretative planning, 3D design, graphic design and project management. We deliver unique spatial solutions, both in new build and historic structures. Our focus is always on engaging an audience - Excellence, Innovation, Involvement - Event’s strapline sums up our strategy.

Exhibit Builder Magazine Jill Brookman +1 818 225-0100 P.O. Box 4144 Woodland Hills, CA 91365 USA


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

exp Daniel Christman, PE +1 407 660-0088 2601 Westhall Lane Orlando, FL 32751 USA exp is a $60M international consulting company with 350+ employees. More than 30 of them are engineers and designers who specialize in providing innovative HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Special Building System (low voltage) design solutions for: theme parks, rides and attractions, shows, theaters, museums, zoos, aquariums, highly themed restaurants and retail. The unique integration with our lighting design team at exp Lighting has allowed our entertainment experts in Orlando and Los Angeles to provide designs for nearly every major entertainment provider over the past 18 years, including several major international projects. In addition to Entertainment, exp. also specializes in Gaming, Healthcare, Hospitality, Mission Critical and SciTech. Walter Brennan +1 818 539-1113 330 Brand Blvd. Suite 1290 Glendale, CA 91203 USA

Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame Brian Phraner +1 206 262-3388 330 Sixth Ave. N. Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98109 USA Since EMP opened in 2000 and SFM in 2004, EMP|SFM has welcomed more than 4.3 million visitors through its doors. EMP|SFM has been a key economic driver among Seattle nonprofit arts and culture organizations, with combined EMP|SFM institutional expenditures and EMP|SFM audience-member spending resulting in $580 million dollars of local economic impact. EMP|SFM is housed in a 140,000 square foot Frank O. Gehry-designed building. Through dynamic programs and exhibitions focused on American popular culture, EMP|SFM seeks to engage museum visitors in critical thinking about creativity in contemporary society by educating and inspiring its visitors of multiple generations, interests and backgrounds.

Exploratorium Robert Semper +1 415 561-0318 3601 Lyon St. San Francisco, CA 94123 USA The Exploratorium is a museum of science art and human perception located in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Since 1969 it has been developing exhibits, and programs that help people explore the world around them. By making science visible, touchable and accessible to a wide variety of people - at the museum, online, through media and in the classroom -- the museum’s explore-foryourself way of learning and teaching impacts science education worldwide. Its international enterprise of research, consulting, workshops and exhibit


sales extends the work to hundreds of museums, corporations, governments and schools, helping them to create their own stimulating learning environments.

F & D Scene Changes Ltd. Leyton Morris +1 403 233-7633 Box 2B 803 24th Ave. SE Calgary, Alberta T2G 1P5 Canada We’re building on 25 years of success in constructing world-wide superior and spectacular stage sets, theme park attractions, film props, museum installations, tradeshow displays, commercial facades, and more. Located in both western and eastern Canada, our full-service, fully-equipped and spacious shops operate with a core creative team of over 100 artistic and technical personnel proudly backed by creative directors and professional managers savvy on surpassing client expectations. With our solid reputation, cost effective infrastructure, and unlimited capabilities, F&D Scene Changes Ltd offers superior quality and value in constructing scenic solutions that fit your vision.

Facilities Management Consulting, Inc. Wayne Meadows +1 321 287-4554 9015 Laurel Ridge Dr. Mt. Dora, FL 32757 USA Providing consultation to the Entertainment/Resort industry in the following areas: New Project Development, Maintenance Operational Planning, Space Utilization and Preventive Maintenance Development/ Audits. Services based on 30 years of experience in domestic and international venues including: Theme Parks, Resort Hotels, Campgrounds, Transportation Systems Maintenance, Manufacturing Facilities and Utility Distribution.

Falcon’s Treehouse, LLC Cecil Magpuri +1 407 909-9350 6996 Piazza Grande Ave. Suite 301 Orlando, FL 32835 USA We design and produce themed attractions. Our skills include: attraction design and management, ride & show design & production, story development, media art direction & production, theme park conceptual master planning, show set, scenic & prop design, museum & trade show exhibit design, design, design/build and sculpt models, mock ups & maquettes, character development, themed graphic & costume design.

Fan, Zikun +1 412 297-1523 700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA Graduate Student - CMU Entertainment Technology Center

Fantasy of Flight Steve Givens +1 863 904-4174 1400 Broadway Blvd. S.E. Polk City, FL 33868 USA Fantasy of Flight, a fun-filled aviation themed attraction, features delights for the whole family. Beautiful Golden Age hangars showcase the “world’s greatest aircraft collection,” representing romantic and thrilling eras from earliest flight to the beginnings of the jet age. Much more than an airplane museum, Fantasy of Flight immerses its visitors in aviation’s storied past while providing ample moments of wonder and excitement. Wander through a WWI trench, explore a mission-bound B-17, and steer a hang-glider through a simulated landing, the goal is always clear: according to founder Kermit Weeks, Fantasy of Flight must “light that spark within!”

Fanto Group Jim Fanto +1 407 857-5101 6533 Hazeltine National Dr. Suite 1 Orlando, FL 32822 USA Fanto Group provides lighting fixtures and lighting control systems, representing virtually every brand name and custom manufacturer of themed and non-themed product, standard and custom, indoor and outdoor, simple and complex. Fanto Group specializes in hospitality and attraction projects all over the globe. If it lights up using electricity or gas, call Fanto Group!

FAR Out! Creative Direction

Rick Rothschild +1 818 400-6007 PO Box 222246 Newhall, CA 91322 USA FAR Out! provides two important services to the themed entertainment industry and museum world. First is directorial guidance for the effective delivery of an experience or story from development through implementation. Second is to assure for a developer or producer that a project’s core concepts are organized into a well-defined storyline that provides a clear vision that can be technologically implemented.

Faris Construction Company Richard Faris +1 760 433-4500 2180 El Camino Real Oceanside, CA 92054 USA We provide construction services for museums, parks, retail, and other themed environments. we perform civil, concrete and carpentry work with our own forces and manage subcontractors and exhibit fabricators for a complete project.

Faris Construction Company Mary Opel 34145 Pacific Coast Hwy #310 Dana Point, CA 92629 USA

Farmer Attraction Development Nick Farmer +44 116 270 8087 London Rd Portland Lodge Portland Towers Leicester, LE2 2PG UK FAD Ltd designs, develops and delivers themed rides, experiences, interactive entertainment and educational exhibits, automated theatre shows and presentations. Additionally, we operate as consultants, guiding operators through the complex process of acquisition, making the right decisions in attraction selection, project development and marketing, ensuring positive visitor response, operational success and financial viability.

Fells, Joseph +44 (0) 7896947866 7 Beck Lane Beckenham, Kent BR3 4RD UK Student

Fenton, Lauren +1 484 340-7572 746 W. Adams Los Angeles, CA 90089 USA PhD student - USC School of Cinematic Arts.

FIG Productions Northwest Mike Figueroa +1 253-232-2365 PO Box 2353 Tacoma, WA 98401 USA Mike “Fig” Figueroa, an enthusiastic creator with roots in Las Vegas has founded Washington state’s newest dream-it, build-it workshop servicing the West coast’s amusement & entertainment industry. Employing a network of builders & artists, we have capabilities ranging from theatrical scenery & props to immersive themed environments. We build physical objects with which your guests or audience can touch, interact & physically experience. Shop specialties: wood, foam & plastics, paints & textures. Projects accepted: stage show & film, attractions, science/educational, retail & fashion, production fabrication & concept design. So Let’s Build Something Together!

Fitch Design Group Robert Fitch +1 310 456-6400 1556 Monte Viento Dr. Malibu, CA 90265 USA For the past 17 years, our group has provided graphic services, including Logo Development, Branding Development & Identity, Retail Development, Venue Design and Retail Signage Design, Environmental & Area Development, Kiosk & Cart Design, Exhibit Design and Wayfinding.


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FiveCurrents LLC Mark Poncher +1 831 624-0700 41000 Highway One Monterey, CA 93940 USA A creative and production firm based in Monterey, California. At FiveCurrents, we aspire to leave a deep and lasting impression on every individual experiencing our projects.

Flightdeck Air Combat Center Paul Wigboldy +1 714 937-1511 1650 S. Sinclair St. Anaheim, CA 92806 USA Flightdeck Air Combat Center is an authentic military flight simulator center providing everybody the chance to pilot a military jet fighter flight simulator. Flight gear, training and in-flight instruction are provided to ensure a challenging aviation-themed adventure you will not forget.

Florida Attractions Association Bill Lupfer +1 850 222-2885 114 North Gadsden Tallahassee, FL 32303 USA

flying saucer GmbH & Co. KG Alexander Bresinsky +49 30 6140 3126 Ritterstrasse 11 Berlin, 10969 Germany flying saucer creates innovative Location Based Entertainment. As consultants, designers and engineers, we develop projects as well as Rides and Attractions for European Entertainment Centers, Theme Parks and Visitor Attractions. We combine the diverse and exceptional skills needed to produce complex and innovative attractions. flying saucer offers a range of support from creative design and technical concept evaluation to project development and production services.

Forrec Ltd. John Plumpton +1 416 696-8686 219 Duffein St., Suite 100C Toronto, ON M6K 3J1 Canada Forrect Ltd. is a multidisciplinary design firm that specializes in all types of themed and entertainment environments, including theme parks, water parks, resort, entertainment centres, restaurants, attractions, exhibits and retail environments.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History Van Romans +1 817 255-9300 1600 Gendy St. Fort Worth, TX 76107 USA The new Fort Worth Museum of Science and History building, designed by architects Legorreta + Legoretta with Gideon Toal, is located in the heart of Forth Worth’s Cultural District. The world-

class, 166,000 sq. foot facility features a collection of new, interactive exhibits and programs developed by the Museum’s staff and a team of nationally recognized designers in support of the Museum’s dedication to informal, discovery-based learning for all.

Freda, Blake

Fountain People Inc. Vijay Sehgal +1 323 255-4343 3235 N. San Fernando Road #2C Los Angeles, CA 90065-1434 USA FSY Architects, Inc. is a full-service award-winning architectural firm located in Los Angeles. FSY’s projects range in scope from cultural arts and entertainment venues to educational facilities, civic projects, urban planning, and interiors. The firm is expert in the programming, design and construction of theatres (including 4D), performing arts facilities, and music halls for private and public clients locally and around the world. Over its long history, FSY Architects has developed a diverse portfolio of work with an acute sense for the place, a high level of dedication to the client, and a genuine understanding of the user’s requirements. John Polk +1 512 618-2140 POB 807 San Marcos, TX 78667 USA Fountain People specializes in design and production of: custom water effects and features, show control, show action equipment, lighting and scenic elements. Services include; design, engineering, mock up, pre-visualization, production, programming and field support. Production capabilities include: prototyping, machining, welding & fabrication, blasting, U.L. 508A panel shop, sculpting, fiberglass & character paint. We have extensive domestic and international theme park, attractions and water park experience. We’ve been creating fountains, water features and water interactive play equipment for over 20 years.

Fournier, Florian +1 407 580-5760 538 S Oakland Ave #208 Pasadena, CA 91101 USA R&D illumination engineer specialized in architectural and automotive lighting, display technologies, augmented reality, immersive environments and machine vision.

Fox Studios - Staff, Sign & Paint Shops Shari Schroder +1 310 FOX-INFO Building 99, RM 524 10201 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035 USA FOX STUDIOS STAFF, SIGN & PAINT SHOPS-Supporting your themed designs with custom vacuumforming, fiberglass, acrylics, plastics, plaster and resin (Staff Shop), painting and faux finishing (Paint Dept.), drapery and upholstery (Drapery Dept.) and signage and routered designs (Sign Shop). Experts in custom orders, quality and quick turnaround. +1 561 531-7218 11874 Osprey Pointe Circle Wellington, FL 33449 USA Student - Lynn University

FSY Architects

Fulford Sound and Communications Services Ltd. Gavin Aldridge +44 1233 640132 #17, Ellingham Ind. Ctr Ellingham Way Ashford, Kent TN23 6NF UK We are an audio visual company that specialise in professional services to the industry for custom audio visual systems for museums, theme parks, visitor centres and retail applications. We enjoy using audio visual equipment and technology in a fun way and are always up for a challenge in creating something unique, however we like to make things simple and use proven technology to maintain reliability and simple operation. We specialise in sub contract work engineering and technical project management for leading companies in the industry and work with them transparently if required.

FUNA International +1 719 369-7766 11501 Malverns Loop Orlando, FL 32832 USA Student, Entertainment Design & Technology, Valencia College Brian Paiva +1 305 622-2878 1570 NW 165th St. Miami, FL 33169 USA FUNA International offers fully integrated design, specification, engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, programming, training and maintenance services for audio, video, lighting, control and network infrastructure systems. We bring our extensive experience in theatrical, theme park, marine & industrial projects and apply that knowledge to provide our clients with innovative solutions.

Francus, David

Gallegos Lighting

Fox, Drew +1 410 402-3765 5224 Apple Way St. Leonard, MD 26685 USA Student, Sound & Lighting Design, Penn State

Fox, Joseph +1 330 819-0592 1759 Four Seasons Dr. Akron, OH 44333 USA Student, CMU Pat Gallegos +1 818 535-1180 522 Cambridge Dr. Benicia, CA 94510 USA Since 1983, Gallegos Lighting has provided lighting design for immersive experiences in themed environments,

museums, aquaria, and resorts worldwide. We provide full service lighting design through all phases of project design and development in support of architectural, show, and theatrical lighting design needs: Concept development, budget development and tracking, mockups, design documents, construction coordination, programming, and maintenance documentation. Selected projects include: Warner Bros Madrid Resort, Legoland California and Germany, Long Beach Aquarium, Peabody Hotel Orlando, Typhoon Lagoon, Sentosa Heritage Museum, San Rio Puroland, MGM Hotel Suites.

Galvin Design Group, Inc. Thomas Galvin +1 407 654-8766 13422 Sunset Lakes Circle Winter Garden, FL 34787 USA GDG is a Restaurant, Hospitality, & Entertainment Firm. Our focus is back of the house/kitchen design & front of the house, bar & expo kitchens.

Garage Graphics & Visuals/GGV Kevin McWilliams +1 417 831-7570 2625 N. Neergard Springfield, MO 65803 USA Garage Graphics & Visuals Inc is a full service custom fabrication company who specializes in themed environments, scenic props, interactive exhibitry, architectural specialty elements, models and signage for the experience industry. GGV can work in a full range of materials to replicate any design as a custom sculpted oneoff, or through mold-making can cast fiberglass, plastics or vacuum-form for production replications of any scale.

Garcia, Maria +1 678 5221989 4820 NW 102 Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33076 USA Production Design Major, Savannah College of Art and Design

Garmendale Engineering Zoe Shelmerdine +44 1159 327082 Dale Works Manners Ind. Est. Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8EF UK International providers of Dark Ride systems, Trackless and Tracked. Using leading edge technologies and always prepared to push the boundaries of expectation whilst providing theme park services to our clients.

Garner Holt Productions, Inc. Jody Van Meter +1 909 799-3030 825 East Cooley Ave. San Bernardino, CA 92408 USA Garner Holt Productions is known worldwide for outstanding design and manufacture of animatronics, museumquality figures, show action equipment, special effects, sets and scenery. Clients include Disney theme parks, Universal Studios, Chuck E Cheese, Coca-Cola,


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

NASA, Caesars Palace and Science City, Egypt. Founded in 1977, the company owns and operates a 60,000 square foot full-service design and manufacturing facility in San Bernardino, California. Awards include THEAs for the Ursula Figure Crane System at TokyoSeas, Ice Age Adventure at Movie Park Germany, Haunted Mansion Holiday: Nightmare before Christmas and Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland.

Garner, Marissa +1 803 447-5060 6 Osprey Pond Ct. Columbia, SC 29223 USA Student

Gartner Design Company Inc.

Andrew Gartner +1 602 751-1155 Suite 462 3219 East Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018 USA An innovative interior design firm specializing in services for themed entertainment projects for resorts, theme parks, museums, commercial retail, restaurants and environmental graphics. We also offer services for art direction, set design, set decoration and fabrication for corporate events, festivals, movies, television, and commercials.

Gary, Wendy +1 321 460-2686 6039 S. Rio Grande Ave. Orlando, FL 32809 USA Student, International Academy of Design and Technology

Gast, Meghan +1 919 412-2353 319188 Georgia Tech Station Atlanta, GA 30332 USA Student, Georgia Tech

Geiler & Associates, LLC Jeff Geiler +1 303 766-7100 12355 East Cornell Ave. Aurora, CO 80014 USA Consultants in Acoustics and sentation Technologies.


Geist, Steve +1 717 808-3087 1501 Asbury Pl., Apt. 1 Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA Student - CMU ETC

General Projection Systems Tommy Bridges +1 407 432-7990 707 Platinum Point, Suite 2001 Lake Mary, FL 32746-5702 USA General Projection Systems provides complete AV integration, show control, 4K projection mapping, video simulation systems, and video walls on a global basis. We have offices in Orlando, Washington, London, Zurich, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Sydney. We are well-deployed globally, and have annual sales of well over $30 million+. Our Entertainment Division is headed by Tommy Bridges, who is well known in the Themed-Entertainment community, and with TEA and IAAPA.


Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions

Marc Hoyng +31 653172224 F. van Riemsdijkweg 21 Eindhoven, Brabant 5657EE The Netherlands Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions has grown in 70 years to one of the biggest players in Europa. Gielissen develops and realizes with almost 4 professionals full service solutions for interiors, presentations, events, congresses, road shows, museums and attraction parcs. Gielissen has offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Helmond, Antwerpen, Hannover, Stuttgart, Abu Dhabi, Atlanta and Denver.

Gilderfluke & Co. Doug Mobley +1 818 840-9484 +1 800 776-5972 205 South Flower St. Burbank, CA 91502-2102 USA We are the largest manufacturer of Control Systems for shows, animation, effects, lighting, motion bases, and fountains. Our Mp3 and .wav Audio Players are available with built-in Show and Lighting Control. Our systems are the easiest to use, most flexible, reliable and cost effective. No installation is too small or too large.

Gillett Design

Jack Gillett +1 818 399-7149 4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd. #416 Westlake Village, CA 91361 USA Creative Development, Precision Prototype Design & Production Fabrication. 28 Years of Disney experience in Blue Sky, Concept, Design & Installation of Projection Systems and Special Effects for Attractions, Parks, Resorts and Museums. Patent holder on Disney projection system designs. Member of TEA, SME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and a Life Member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

Glaser, Margaret +1 513 262-4493 1675 Rudyard Lane Cincinnati, OH 45230 USA Student, The Ohio State University

Global Experience Specialists (GES) Nick Drobnis +1 818 638-5959 500 North Brand Blvd. Suite 1860 Glendale, CA 91203 USA Global Experience Specialists (GES) is a full-service experiential marketing company with over 3,500 full-time employees and 61 offices worldwide. With expertise in trade show organization, production, museum exhibitions, and promotional tours, we dedicate our days to turning incredible brands into unforgettable experiences. The end result, a marketing message that breaks into consumer consciousness like never before.

Global Immersion Martin Howe +44 (0) 8450 456225 The Barn, Hurstwood Grange Hurstwood Lane, Haywards Heath W Sussex RH17 7QX UK Global Immersion’s team of experienced industry professionals has been building immersive environments, digital fulldome, 3D and 4D theater solutions for more than 20 years -- accumulating a portfolio of more than 200 fulldome, large-format, virtual reality, 3D and 4D displays and environments. Operating on an international scale with offices in the UK, USA and Canada, their focus on delivering best image, best value, highest fidelity and innovation through technology, commercial consideration, cost of ownership and robustness can be found in every one of their world-class installations.

Global Scenic Services, Inc.

Warren Katz +1 203 334-2130 46 Brookfield Ave. Bridgeport, CT 6610 USA Global Scenic Services is a customer service oriented scene shop. We pride ourselves on being your partner on a project. We are a full service shop equipped to handle all of your production needs. The size of the project is irrelevant to us. From the smallest platform to your fully automated production, GSS has a qualified and experienced staff on hand to partner with you to bring your project to fruition. Our young and fresh approach combined with the 38 years of craftsmanship has resulted in the completion of many excellent projects.

Gnan Engineering Serv ices John Gnan +1 407 340-8764 3521 Wild Eagle Run Oviedo, FL 32766 USA We provide MEP facilities consulting services from master planning, through schematic and design development to construction/permit documents domestically. Recognized authorities on electrical facility system - ride/show integration. Thoroughly versed and comfortable with the challenges posed by foreign cultures, languages and codes. Principal is former Universal Creative employee.

Golding Audio, Ltd Anthony Golding +44 1206 762 362 Peartee Business Center Unit 8 Colchester, ESSEX C03 5JN UK Established in1969, GA is extremely versatile. Its expertise covers a wide range of sound and vision. The GOLDING Digital Sound Store enjoys an enviable reputation in the Leisure Industry and the Video equivalent is rapidly acquiring the same. AV presentation with Projectors, Plasmas, Screens and White Boards is now an everyday event as is the supply and installation of CCTV. Requests for electronic prototypes are always welcome.

Goodman, Gordon +1 818 760 7271 8106 Posita Road Somis, CA 93066 USA Gordon Goodman is a doctoral candidate in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University.

Gordon, Amelia Anne +1 541 942-8049 900 Bennett Creek Road Cottage Grove, OR 97424 USA Freelance producer with decades of practical creative experience organizing work, money, time, ideas; managing people and projects, and problem solving.

Gordon, Douglas AIA, LEED, AP +1 310 874-9956 201 Calle Miramar, Suite 11 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 USA An architect and art director with extensive experience at Universal and Disney, from concept through construction, and operations.

Goussak, Jason +1 310 403-7004 1657 1st Street Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 USA Student, Chapman University

Grabman, Rebecca +1 610 316-5256 700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA Student, Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center

Gray, Andy +44 (0) 7977217539 40 Holmesdale Road Bristol, Bristol BS34QN UK Project Manager

Gray, Rick +1 702 770-3700 2228 Dogwood Ranch Road Henderson, NV 89052 USA General Manager Entertainment Operations

Grayson, William +1 661-977-4764 28446 Evergreen Lane Santa Clarita, CA 91390 USA Project, Technical and Design Management

Gregory Beck AIA ARCHITECTURE + EXPERIENCE DESIGN +1 917 864-4993 Studio 6A 210 West 19th St. New York, NY 10011 USA Architecture and entertainment design for attractions, retail, restaurants, theme parks and special venue theaters.


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

Group Rio Quente Ronaldo Camargo +55 64 3512-8029 Fazeonda Das Aguas Quentes Fazenda Aguas Quentes CEP 75695-970 Brazil

GROUPE F Christophe Berthonneau +33 490 98 74 12 Domaine de Boisviel Mas Thibert, Arles 13104 France Design, adaptation, development and production of fireworks&pyrotechnic shows.

Gruenbaum, Daniel +1 407 622-8939 2107 Whitehall Dr. Winter Park, FL 32792 USA Project Manager

Gulf Leisure and Entertainment Network Corporation Glenn Figueroa +63(2)535-2369 530 Shaw Blvd. Suite 4401 Summit 1 Office Tower Mandaluyong, Manila 1550 Philippines Gulf Leisure and Entertainment Network Corporation is a design and management consultancy firm for entertainment facility operations. It provides expert advice and a full range of professional services from concept, design, project management of entertainment facilities. Gulf Leisure and Entertainment Network Corporation is managed by officers who collectively have 40 years experience in the business.

GW Group, The George Wiktor +1 818 3955336 2106 Earnslow Drive La Canada, CA 91011 USA The GW Group provides specialized and independent project support for owners, operators, designers and producers in themed entertainment. We will help you navigate the Experience Industry. Call on the GW Group to guide and assist you through the creation of an outstanding, experiential guest experience for your museum, theme park, heritage center, science center, visitor center, themed retail, expo pavilion, FEC, planetarium or other visitor attraction. GW Group is headed by George Wiktor, who has 25 years’ experience working with top companies in production and project management, on both the creative and the business side.

Hammel, Janne +1 818-813-3292 351 N. Florence St., Unit B Burbank, CA 91505 USA Producer & Project Manager: leadership in fast-pace, diverse, creative environments. Ensures the team has fun while accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

Hammons, Elizabeth +1 909 767-8815 1896 Richard St. Pomona, CA 91767 USA Student, Tech. theater, Citrus College

Hands On! Inc. Kathy Gustafson-Hilton +1 727 824-8988 689 Central Ave. St. Petersburg, FL 33701 USA Hands On! is an award-winning exhibition design team that helps museums conceive and develop a vision with creativity in both process and product. For more than 20 years, we have worked with our clients to master plan, design and build extraordinary visitor experiences. Our work captures the intellect and imagination of visitors, supports the sustainability of our clients, and solidifies their role as a vital community resource. Hands On!’s focus is finding new ways to bring knowledge to people of all ages—to turn ideas into experiences. Authentic, intuitive, open-ended and inviting, our exhibits and environments encourage people to use their minds and senses, make connections and understand the world through personal interaction. Our work helps people discover the excitement of learning, fostering lifelong passions for subjects ranging from engineering to art. By forming partnerships with our clients, collaborating together and applying our experience in social learning, Hands On! helps museums become places of inspiration, joy and purpose, where children and families can learn about themselves and the fascinating world around them.

Hansen, Andrew +1 678 612-8593 4975 Day Lily Way Acworth, GA 30102-8156 USA Student, Architecture and International Studies, Concentration in History, Southern Polytechnic State University

Hardonk, Michiel +31 644535369 J.F. Kennedylaan 8c Breda, NB 4811ET Netherlands Passionate about working on design and engineering of inspiring buildings and surroundings in which people can entertain themselves, relax or enjoy.

Harman Professional Martin Collins +1 818 895-3433 8500 Balboa Blvd. Northridge, CA 91329 USA

Harmatan Laurent Mengual +33 1 55 43 12 20 222, Ave. du Maine Paris, 75014 France Harmatan designs and builds tourism and leisure amenities, from the preliminary sketch phase to the build stage. We combine two sets of skills - The ability to mediate spaces through original themes creating concepts and drafting proposals; and Execution skills - the creation of environments, interpretation techniques, and interior architecture and decoration.

Hartigan, Danny +1 818 261-5726 1140 Palm Terrace Pasadena, CA 91104 USA As a themed entertainment industry veteran and leader, I offer over 30 years of experience as a creative director, writer and

consultant for a myriad of entertainment genres from theme parks, museums, live theatre, improvisation, film, experience design and branded attractions.

Hartley, Thomas +44 07717452156 1 Hillbury Road, Bramhall Stockport, Cheshire SK7 3AF UK Student - Sheffield University

Hathaway, Ann +1 818 730-4474 Glendale, CA USA Theme Parks and Location Based Entertainment – Project and Brand Management

staff of more than 90 architects, planners and support personnel based in Orlando, San Juan, and Beijing, HHCP offers clients a unique breadth and depth of expertise through its diverse practice areas, including planning/mixed use, themed entertainment and hospitality, residential community, retirement resort, health facilities, government/civic, and higher education. With projects in over 30 nations worldwide, the firm is characterized by its passion for creating outstanding guest experiences, as well as its commitment to excellence and its pursuit of innovative solutions to the most complex and demanding projects.

Herschend Family Entertainment Corp.

Wendy Heimann-Nunes +1 310 274-9701 9701 Wilshire Blvd. #1000 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA Lara McKay +1 770 441-1940 5445 Triangle Parkway Suite 200 Norcross, GA 30092 USA Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation (HFE) owns, operates or partners in 23 properties in 10 states. Properties include Branson’s Silver Dollar City, Showboat Branson Belle, White Water and Celebration City. HFE is an operating partner with Dolly Parton in Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country, both in Pigeon Forge. HFE operates Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park in conjunction with the State of Georgia, and owns Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta. HFE operates Ride The Ducks in Branson, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Stone Mountain Park, Newport, Seattle and San Francisco; also in San Francisco, HFE operates Classic Cable Car Sightseeing. HFE also owns and operates two aquariums: Newport Aquarium and Adventure Aquarium.

Helifilms Ltd.

Hertel, Grace

Haueisen, Emily +1 817 919-5277 2815 Guadeloupe St. #5612 Austin, TX 78705 USA Student, Scenic Design, U. of Texas

Head, George A. +1 818 929-1531 PO Box 10926 Savannah, GA 31412 USA Thirty years Disney experience in Design, Construction, Maintenance, Show Training, Story Telling, Show Quality, for Attractions, Parks, Resorts. Currently working as industry consultant and university educator.

Heimann | Galen LLP

Sara Hine +61 3 9645 2394 or +61 438 059912 Docklands 2601/80 Lorimer St. Melbourne, Victoria 3008 Australia Film production company specializing in creating simulator attractions such as Space Academy, for the Museum of Arts and Science in Valencia, and Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. Producers of special format films in IMAX, Showscan, Vista Vision. Providers of tv helicopter broadcast units for Summer Olympics Athens 2004, Doha Asian Games, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, feature films and tv commercials.

Heller, Shauna +1 323 823-9555 1021 N. Sweetzer Ave. #12 Los Angeles, CA USA Business development and marketing consultancy for the themed entertainment, show control, live performance, motion picture and visual effects industries.

Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock / Architects (HHCP) John Diflumeri +1 407 644-2656 120 N. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801 USA An innovator in architecture since 1975, Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/ Architects, Inc. (HHCP) delivers awardwinning, imaginative designs and exceptional services for clients around the world. With a talented and diverse +1 303 956-8468 5010 W. Wagon Trail Rd. Bow Mar, CO 80123 USA Student, Savannah College of Art and Design

Hertzka, Andy +1 858 736-5438 4810 Walkingfern Dr. Rockville, MD 20853 USA Student, University of Maryland, College Park

Hettema Group, The Phil Hettema +1 626 683-9876 67 Valley St. Pasadena, CA 91105 USA The Hettema Group is a world-class team of experience designers who continue to create projects all over the globe. Phil Hettema, with his lauded 30-year legacy in themed entertainment, leads this award-winning team of artists, technicians and production experts. The Hettema Group prides itself on the strength of its relationships, collaborating closely with clients to meet the exact needs of each project. We tailor our outstanding team and our proven process to the individual client’s goals. Whether we are creating a massive themed entertainment resort or an intimate museum experience, The Hettema Group will carry your project through to a wildly successful completion.


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home Laine Dunham +1 802 362-1788 P.O. Box 377 Manchester, VT 05254-0377 USA Our mission is to advance the Lincoln legacy through education, commitment to community and active stewardship of the family’s home and land. His father was born in a log cabin and called from the humblest rank in life to preside over our nation during the most momentous period of its history. One generation later, Robert Todd Lincoln, the only child of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln to survive to adulthood, became chairman of the Pullman Company, the largest manufacturing corporation at the turn of the 20th century. He built his Georgian Revival mansion in 1905 in the scenic village of Manchester in The Shires of Vermont.

Historic Tours of America Christopher Belland +1 305 292-8920 201 Front St., Key West, FL 33040 USA Historic Tours of America, Inc. is an entertainment company which provides historically oriented vacation experiences for our guests through the operation of trolleys, street trains, high speed ferry, themed retail stores, festival marketplaces and other historic tourist attractions in Key West, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; San Diego, California; Savannah, Georgia; Washington DC and St. Augustine, Florida. Our strategy is to capitalize on the Historic Tours of America brand, while focusing on heritage tourism. In this process, we will maintain our emphasis on guest communication and satisfaction, product value, superior vehicles and industry trends to profitably expand our entertainment business in each of the cities in which we currently operate and in other vacation destinations across the United States

Hoar Construction LLC Michael Parks +1 407 650-8100 622 East Washington St. #200 Orlando, FL 32801 USA As general contractor, it is Hoar Construction’s responsibility to organize, implement and control the project on the Owner’s behalf. Hoar has been a General Contractor for 70 years and has successfully completed projects in retail, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, institutional and industrial markets. Experience allows the company to undertake the responsibility for projects of any size – from small single projects to $100 million plus multi-phased ones.

Holovis International Stuart Hetherington +44 1455553924 The Brick Barn, Bittesby Farm, Mere Lane Lutterworth, Leicesters LE17 4JH UK HoloVis - A World leader in innovative immersive turn-key solutions across markets from Automotive, Museums and Education to Entertainment and Theme Parks. HoloVis Vision - to “transform sensory experiences” in creating unique


immersive 3D virtual reality solutions, multi-channel projection onto complex surfaces, 2D/3D theatres, permanent and portable Domes (including systems for hire/events), spatial audio, SFX and immersive Motion/Dark-Ride systems. The only limiting factor is our customers’ imagination and our creative team can help there as well! With extensive manufacturing, demonstration, R&D facilities in the UK & LA and through key partnerships, HoloVis design, manufacture, install and support innovative, immersive solutions worldwide.

Hunt Design Associates

Holstine, Danielle

Huntington, John

Honea, Shelby

Hyemi, Do +1 304 218-9511 436 South Aiken Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15232 USA Graduate student, CMU Entertainment Technology Center +1 702 767-7679 8286 Vista Colorado St. Las Vegas, NV 89123 USA Student, Entertainment Engineering, UNLV

Hooker, Michael +1 949 824-6614 249 Drama Irvine, CA 92697-2775 USA Student, Sound Design, UC Irvine

Hormay Co. Zsolt Hormay +1 352 243-6780 11210 Elderberry Ct. Clermont, FL 34711 USA The Hormay Company offers a unique combination of multinational talent and experience unmatched in the rockwork industry. With his sixteen year history as an international leader in the design and construction of some of the world’s premier environmental, figurative and sculptural assignments, Zsolt Hormay is one of a kind specialist for any signature project.

Hornall Anderson Michelle McRae +1 206 467-5800 710 Second Ave., Suite 1300 Seattle, WA 98104 USA Hornall Anderson specializes in the design of visitor experiences within both the built and virtual environments. The world’s most iconic buildings and brands have trusted us to transform and enliven their destinations, including such clients as Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, and Chicago’s Willis Tower. Our team absorbs the essence of a place - what makes the destination special - and crafts a powerful narrative that emotionally connects with visitors. Allied to this storytelliing ability is the technical expertise to harness cuttingedge media and technology, ensuring an arresting, immersive experience. The resulting journey becomes a multifaceted celebration of all that defines the place, brand or moment - its secrets, triumphs and truths. Jennifer Bressler +1 626 793-7847 25 North Mentor Ave. Pasadena, CA 91106 USA Hunt Design is a graphics and exhibit design firm specializing in signage planning and design, exhibit design, and branding for attractions, theme parks, museums, casinos, retail developments and mixed-use projects. Services include programming, design, construction drawings, theme design, name and logo development. +1 718 369-6257 593 17th St. #3R Brooklyn, NY 11218 USA Professor, Entertainment Technology, NYC College of Technology +1 412 999-8738 5701 Centre Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15206 USA Graduate student, Carnegie University ETC

ICONPATH Themed Experiences Michael Reid +61 431 219 047 PO Box Q1200 QVB Sydney, NSW 1230 Australia ICONPATH is a creative and strategic consultancy that specializes in Research, Concept Development, Master Planning, Production and Marketing for a variety of project types including Live Entertainment, Parks & Gardens, Museums & Attractions, World Expos, Amusement Parks, Theme Parks, Hotels & Resorts, Casinos, Retail & Dining and Residential Developments.

iDEA Studio MMA Ltd.


Hypsos Leisure Asia Ltd Vincent Boender +852 2195 1424 Kwun Tong Kowloon 14/F Yau Lee Centre, 45 Hoi Yuen Road Hong Kong, China Hypsos is a full service company working on design, fabrication and installation of world-class leisure projects. We develop and execute projects for museums, science centres, brand experiences, visitor attractions and world expo pavilions. We have a global perspective that brings new insights to both local and multinational projects. We take advantage of the efficiency and flexibility of worldwide connections but we make sure the importance of a personal presence is never lost.

IAAPA Chip Cleary +1 703 836-4800 1448 Duke St. Alexandira, VA 22314 USA Karen Staley +32 2 401 6161 Square de Meeus 38/40 Brussels, B-1000 Belgium Andrew Lee +852 3795 2568 Asia Pacific Office, Level 16 .Man Yee Bldg 60-68 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong SAR, China

Ichniowski, Cassandra 8333 Tally Ho Road Lutherville, MD 21093 USA Student

ICON Computer Company

in Central Florida and serving the world with custom technical, fabrication, installation, and artistic excellence. We can make your creative goals a reality whether it’s scenic art or a complex interactive. James Trani +1 863 420-0600 123 Mariel Ct. Davenport, FL 33896 USA ICON Corporation is a comprehensive and immersive service company based Darka Juras +44 1780 729520 7 Aldgate, Ketton Stamford, Rutland PE9 3TD UK IDEA Studio specialises in bespoke software development, 3D animation, games, modeling, rendering and interactive installations for a number of different technologies including single, dual and multitouch environments, web design, graphic and digital design.

Ideality, Incorporated John Drury +1 480 636-1853 14614 North 63rd St. Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA Ideality Incorporated, an Arizona corporation was formed to create profitable real estate and entertainment projects that are environmentally sustainable. Ideality, Inc. uses creative imagination to originate concepts, designs, and art for projects relating to themeparks, hotels, retail spaces, restaurants, entertainment zones and museums. President and Creative Director John R. Drury has over 45 years experience in the themed environment industry, including 25 years at Walt Disney Imagineering as graphic artist, design director, and concept designer.

IMAGIC! Leonardo Fontenele +55-011 30610995 Rua Mateus Grou 109-201 São Paulo, 05415-050 Brazil As a well connected Brazilian firm, specialized in planning, design and consulting for entertainment and hospitality projects, IMAGIC! provides the knowledgeable guidance from inicial concept development and master planning to grand opening. With extreme profissionalism, we ensure that the final product will be within the cost, due dates and the quality expected.


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

Imagination First: GmbH Mirko Obert +49 15165142654 Benediktenwandstr. 2 Munich, Bayern 81545 Germany Global Conceptual Design Services including Consulting and Operations with a focus on Themeing in the Amusement & Attraction, Leisure and Media Industry.

Imagine Exhibitions, Inc. Tom Zaller +1 404 514-0385 POB 91353 Portland, OR 97291 USA Imagine Exhibitions is the global resource for all things related to traveling exhibitions. From design and creation to placement and presentation, Imagine has the experience and inspiration to bring you the best possible exhibition for your venue. We work with you to address the needs, challenges, and dreams for your venue to refresh your image in the eyes of your visitors. Beyond exhibitions, Imagine also offers consultation on museum expansion, renovation, and direction. Thanks to our extensive experience in the museum and entertainment industries, we are able to advise on every aspect of museum operation, from facilities and exhibitions to marketing and sponsorship. Whether you are looking to redefine your venue’s look, develop long-term programming plans, or create something entirely new, Imagine will provide you with the guidance you need. Imagine is currently touring Genghis Khan, Giant Mysterious Dinosaurs, The Great Wall of China, Dino Kinetics, Chinasaurs, Bigger than T. rex, with other exciting exhibitions TBA. To host one of these exhibitions or discuss a project of your own just contact us

Imagivations Andrew Menschik +1 818 767-6767 11314 Sheldon St. Sun Valley, CA 91352 USA We create What You Imagine! * Models & Miniatures * Themed Environments * Scenic Paintings * Signage * Mechanical Effects * Foam Fabrication * Specialty Props * Sets. Our in house Art director can help with your designs. Imagivations, “Where Imagination and Innovation come together.”

Imatech Systems Richard Cox +1 407 567-2786 7041 Grand National Dr. Suite 202 Orlando, FL 32819 USA Founded in 2006, and derived from the words IMAgination and TECHnology, Imatech Systems provides show control support services to the entertainment industry. Conveniently located in Orlando Florida, Imatech Systems offers support services to some of the world’s best theme parks and entertainment industry providers. From in-house or on-site programming to show control system design and installation. Imatech Systems strives to support entertainment industry providers worldwide.

IMERSA Dan Neafus +1 303 459-2940 POB 11083 Englewood, CO 80151-11083 USA IMERSA is an international professional association advancing the art, science, profile, integrity and common interests of large-format digital immersive media and group interactive entertainment and cultural experiences including (but not limited to) immersive digital theaters and digital dome (fulldome) planetariums

In The Black

Catherine Black +1 214 564-5980 9400 N. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 607 Irving, TX 75063 USA In The Black provides business development and marketing services to companies who provide a service to the entertainment, hospitality and retail markets. +1 214 564-5980 930 Tahoe Blvd. Suite 802-171 Incline Village, NV 89451 USA

In-Depth Sam Gilmar +1 215 332-4779 8701 Torresdale Ave. Suite P Philadelphia, PA 19136 USA

Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries Aarti Chavale +91 226523 1643 Telly Gully, Andheri East 7, Radha CHS, IInd Floor Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 069 India The Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries (IAAPI) is the only apex body of the Amusement, Entertainment & Leisure Industry in India. Established in 1999, IAAPI is a non-profitable organization, comprising of park operators, manufacturers, Family Entertainment Centers and other allied industries related to the sector. IAAPI is the only authentic powerhouse of information for the Amusement, Entertainment & Leisure Industry in India. For more information visit www.

Informal Learning Experiences, Inc. Robert West +1 202 362-5823 P.O. Box 42328 Washington, DC 20015-0928 USA ILE provides planning and feasibility services, educational programming consultation, assistance with federal grant preparation for museums and other educational attractions. We assist with management, budgeting and operating systems in non-profit organizations. We maintain the 600-entry electronic Traveling Exhibitions Database and publish The Informal Learning Review.

InMotion Entertainment Elizabeth Hansen +1 818 760-0866 225 East Broadway Suite 112 Glendale, CA 91205 USA In Motion Entertainment is a full service production company which offers creative development, design, production services and project management for a diverse range of projects both domestic and international including live and filmed entertainment, themed attractions and special events. Our extensive client list includes Disney, Universal and Busch Entertainment.

InPark Magazine Martin Palicki +1 414 434-2429 2349 East Ohio Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207 USA InPark Magazine is a trade publication aimed at providing the amusement industry a fresh perspective on what’s happening inside amusement parks, water parks, family entertainment centers and attractions. InPark, which features critical writing in a creative design, publishes quarterly.

Interesting Products, Inc. Larry Schoeneman +1 773 265-0600 328 N. Albany Ave. Chicago, IL 60612 USA Designers and manufacturers of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) special effects.

International Aquatic Design, Inc. Trip Knox +1 978 767-8711 41 Dayton Street Danvers, MA 1923 USA

International Association of Haunted Attractions (IAHA) Dan Faupel +1 314 853-4395 11247 San Jose Blvd. #1805 Jacksonville, FL 32223 USA The International Association of Haunted Attractions was established in 1998 to assist and advance the haunted attraction and entertainment industry through communication, education, and information. As a member of IAHA, you have access to a worldwide network of fellow industry professionals in order to exchange ideas, information, experiences and concerns.

International Play Company Scott Forbes +1 604 607-1111 #215-27353 -58th Crescent Langley, BC V4W 3W7 Canada We design, manufacture and install themed play structures, indoor mini golf, creative design, development and design fabrication.

INTERSCENE Thierry Huau +33 1 454 15424 46 rue Beaunier Paris, 75014 France Our company focuses its activities in two main fields: environment and landscape. The main objective of our studies and design process is to harmonize the vision of the environmentalist with the work of the landscape architect.7203

IQ Magic Thomas Hartman +1 310 394-0678 1820 Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403 USA IQ Magic is a communications design, museum planning, and exhibition design firm. The firm offers an extensive range of conceptual, design, interpretive, and facility planning services. Thomas Hartman, president of IQ Magic, has positioned the firm as a professional design practice of producers that fuse core vision principles into realized cultural experiences.Specialties: Vision planning and conceptual development that set experience design parameters are the essential steps we provide to design teams and institutions. Clients and projects vary widely from Boards of Directors of institutions to urban design teams, cultural groups, museums or entertainment properties.

Ithaca Media David Sanvoisin +44 208 232 1600 288 - 290 Worton Road London, TW7 6EL UK Ithaca Media is the owner and operator of Leisure Industry Week (LIW). LIW is the UK’s largest and longest-running out-of-home leisure trade show and convention that takes place annually at the NEC in Birmingham UK.

IVANXTEAM SRL Ivan Kostov +39 329 2087411 Via Zanzotto, 28/17 Pieve di Soglio, TV 31053 Italy Xteam is a company specializing in the creation and production of unique shows for amusement parks and event. Our shows ranges from acrobatic diving shows to high dives, from aerial acrobatics to rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, from the Acro-Basket Show (a series of spectacular combinations that Xteam was the first to introduce to Italy), to the Fast Track Show, where acrobatics combine with dancing. The success of our shows is due to 3 cardinal points: the ability to develop shows to measure; a team made up of world champions in their respective disciplines, from around the world; and the experience and professionalism of the 2 partners of the company. Not to mention... a lot of work, constant research and a great passion.


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

iZone David Glorioso +1 888 464-9663 2526 Charter Oak Dr. Suite 100 Temple, TX 76502 USA iZone is the manufacturer of a unique custom digital graphics product that enters a market previously offering a limited selection of products. iZone manufactures digitally imaged high pressure laminates in thick stocks, suitable for sign graphics and exterior applications, as well as regular surface grade laminates. iZone is a wholly owned business unit of Blind Dog Productions Ltd., a Texas Limited Partnership, with a mandate to offer its products and services to the international design and architectural markets. For more than ten years, the versatile iZone has been specializing in signs and graphics for interior and exterior use.

J Co LLC, The

Jumana Brodersen +1 314 933-0322 824 Brookside St. Louis, MO 63122 USA Experienced in master planning, design and implementation of entertainment and mixed use developments for over 25 years. The last ten years, directed Creative Development with Busch Entertainment Corporation. In 2008, Jumana Brodersen established The J co LLC. A design consulting firm that specializes in planning and design of venues that entertain and immerse guests. The body of work includes Theme Parks, Zoos, Aquariums, Community and commercial enterprises such as Visitor Centers, National Parks, Museums. Small, agile, and flexible. Can assemble a team that is appropriate in size and in skill set for your project.

Jack Rouse Associates Keith James +1 513 381-0055 600 Vine St. Suite 1700 Cincinnati, OH 45202 USA Jack Rouse is a group of writers, designers and producers specializing in master planning, exhibit and attraction design, media production, show design, theme development and project management for theme parks, attractions, museums, science centers, zoos, sports-venues and visitor centers. Shahryn Azmi +60 3 6411-0336 Suite 17.7, 1Mont Kiara Jalan Kiara Kuala Lumpur, 50480 Malaysia

Janesick, Gerald +1 407 929-6397 9339 Sir Lawrence Ct. Windermere, FL 34786 USA Technical Director

Janzen, Travis +1 407 882-1410 3280 Progress Dr. Orlando, FL 32826 USA Student, University of Central Florida


JB Coleman LLC

Jordan Coleman 21606 Glen Canyon Place Santa Clarita, CA 91390 USA JB Coleman provides consulting and technology services for all stages of themed attraction development and operation. We’re equipped to provide ride and show system programming and commissioning, custom electronic product design, operational consulting on all levels, and much more. Specialties include safety-critical systems, animatronic controls, masspersonalization, take-home guest experiences, alternate and augmented reality applications, wireless, social applications, location tracking, RFID, and security and access control. We’re passionate about the science and art of creating experiences for entertainment, communication, and learning, and we love to apply our surprisingly vast range of skills to help clients create immersive environments, engaging narratives, and emotional connections.

JB Research Company Jill Bensley +1 805 640-1060 611 Del Norte Road Ojai, CA 93023 USA We are a full-service market and financial feasibility and economic consulting firm specializing in the retail and entertainment industries. Drawing on a combined experience of over 50 years in entertainment, arts, sports, cultural, public assembly facility, recreation, and retail economics, we are able to offer our clients – the leaders in retail and entertainment – the most practical solutions to their economic planning strategies. JB Research Company is dedicated to the collection and analysis of the most current databases available, which we continually review and update. We provide concept planning, market and feasibility studies, consumer research, fiscal impact analysis, and financial planning for both the public and private sectors.

JBJ Associates Rob Haslam +44 0845 094 3340 Laurels, Sawbridgeworth Road Hatfield Heath, Essex CM22 7DR UK Professional Project Management services which can include cost control, health & safety and architectural services. Our direct approach to project delivery provides a one point of contact for the Client and allows us to ensure we maximize the project potential from concept design through procurement and delivery to final handover.

JK2 Scenic Division TIm Bartell +1 407 880-8400 530 Hotslake Ct. Apopka, FL 32703 USA Custom manufacturing of unique products and environments.

JMD & Associates, Inc. Jason Rowley +1 480 539-4431 738 South Perry Lane Suite 9 Tempe, AZ 85281-8811 USA JMD offers design/engineering/ installation services for audio, lighting, video, and control systems. Our turnkey integration fits any budget: from kiosks to 4D theaters to facility-wide design and everything in between.

JN Entertainment & Leisure Consultancy

Jeroen Nijpels +352 2612 3093 22 rue de Kockelscheuer Fentange, L-5853 Luxembourg JN Entertainment & Leisure Consultancy is a company that offers advice and project management in project development and in sales and marketing in the Entertainment & Leisure industry. Especially in the early stages of development, the company is well equipped and experienced to guide a project through these first steps.

John Ramirez +1 909 438-6320 16428 Bell Ridge Dr. Chino Hills, CA 91709 USA Theme park designer, concept artist, parade designer.Mascot & character design. Unique ability to visualize and sketch concepts from verbal directions during collaborative meetings.

Johnson, Sian +44 07711066589 336 Marine Road Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 5AB UK

Jones, Cheryl +1 239 691-2607 2829 Cortez Blvd. Fort Myers, FL 33901 USA Student, Ringling School of Art and Design

Jones, Justin +1 501 412-1171 16738 Rinaldi St. Granada Hills, CA 91344 USA Sculpting and concept development

Jora Vision b.v. Jan Maarten de Raad +31 40 26747 De Maessloot 2B Rijnsburg, 2231XP The Netherlands Jora Vision designs and realizes cheerful themed environments and complete concepts. Whether you are looking for new attractions and concepts, or leisureexperiences. Jora Vision is the right company for family amusement. More than 40 creative builders and specialized designers are working together to create these environments. We are constantly pushing our boundaries to innovate in concept, design & engineering. Please take a look on to learn more about one of our complete services: Jora Vision’s Pimp my Ride ©, Jora Vision’s Park Signage©, Jora Vision’s Zoo Upgrade ©, Jora Vision’s Magical Minigolf©.

Joseph, Marc +1 819 840-2775 13015 Des Mimosas Becancour, Quebec G9H 2N8 Canada Student/Research Assistant. Department of Leisure, Tourism and Cultural Studies University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres.

Kalbfeld, Kevin +1 818 274-9063 65 Birchwood Ave. Oak Park, CA 91377 USA Academic

Kaman’s Design Kathy Hogan +1 440 708-1909 16838 Park Circle Dr. Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 USA Kaman’s Design is a creative design build group specializing in themed fabrication. We work with Theme Parks, Zoos, and other Attractions to supply mobile carts, scenic finishes, graphics and sign packages. We value great service and quality work.

Kanowsky & Associates

Carl Kanowsky +1 661 290-2656 26481 Summit Circle Santa Clarita, CA 91350 USA We are a business law firm, with several clients in themed entertainment. We assist them in contract negotiations and drafting, corporation law and formation, land use problems, intellectual property issues, collections, and litigation. We offer a free initial consultation.

Kaplan, Gregory +1 713 852-7397 2237 Quenby St. Houston, TX 77005 USA Asst. Professor, Rice University

Karl West Studio Karl West +1 818 665-8144 4530 Sevenoaks Ct. Westlake Village, CA 91361 USA Specializing in concept design, models, props, sculpture, murals for themed environments, including parks, movies, museums, educational and retail. KWS has works and projects in Japan, France, Belgium, South Korea and all over the continental USA.

KCA London

Kate Cole +44 020 7921 2910 45 - 46 Lower Marsh London, SE1 7RG UK KCA London create impressive, unique visitor experiences. Our designers, producers, technical specialists and project managers offer a complete service, from compelling concepts to inspiring environments.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 70

10/26/12 1:01 PM

KD Decoratives Ltd. Matthew Kitchen-Dunn +44 (0) 1484 513188 Bath Mills, Albert Street Huddersfield, West yorks HD1 3PY UK Theming is our speciality; technology and traditional craftsmanship are our tools. With a full turnkey service under one roof, we can take a recreational attraction from concept to completion - whether theme park attraction, dark ride, visitor attraction, hotel, restaurant, retail or leisure destination. Every step of a valuable investment is carefully and efficiently project managed. Our skilled team of designers, technicians, model makers, costumiers and make-up artists will work closely with the client to transform their idea into a custom-made, fully immersive attraction or develop a project from scratch.

Kessler, Jeffrey +1 516 996-6439 1623 N. Mariposa Ave. #205 Los Angeles, CA 90027 USA Mechanical Engineer

KFMC Merchandising Concepts Kerstin Falken +49 40 571 294 66 Elbchaussee 140 Hamburg, 22763 Germany Merchandising/retail consulting, product design and sourcing. Development and realization of themed retail/assortment concepts for entertainment and edutainment facilities.

Khalid, Sana +1 562 489-3153 10033 La Reina Ave. Downey, CA 90240 USA Student, History, Theatre, Entertainment, UCLA

KHS&S Contractors Janet Puglisi +1 813 627-2219 5422 Bay Center Dr. Tampa, FL 33609 USA Award-winning specialty construction contractor and the national leader in providing themed environments, interior/ exterior finishes, rockwork/water features and architectural flooring for retail projects, entertainment venues, casinos and high-profile resorts. Experience includes The Forum Shops Phase III, extensive Universal Studios and Disney projects; Caesars Palace; Borgata; and more than 40 additional casinos. Offices are located coast-to-coast. Aric Adolph +1 714 455--1264 5109 E. La Palma Ave., Suite A Anaheim, CA 92807 USA

Kloosterboer, Hester +31 (0) 650526720 Ravenswaaijse steeg 15 Ravenswaaij, 4119 LP The Netherlands Experience Design & Production

Kneupper Music LLC David Kneupper +1 310 440-4305 2372 Nalin Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90077 USA David Kneupper is an accomplished composer, conductor and sound designer whose work spans both the themed entertainment and feature film industries. David holds a Ph.D. in composition and his music has been featured in numerous attractions for Universal Studios, Disney, Six Flags and many others.

Kokoro Exhibits Sukeshi “Casey” O’Neal +1 818 704-9094 21211 Oxnard Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91367 USA

Kong, Warren +1 321 239-2792 1617 Tiverton St. Winter Springs, FL 32708 USA

Koolfog Mike Mulqueeney +1 760 321-9203 73-814 Dinah Shore Dr. Palm Desert, CA 92211 USA Koolfog, Inc. specializes in pure water fog effects & scenting systems used by resorts, theme parks, museums, public artwork, retail centers, fire, military and search & rescue training, among others. Through creative design and innovation Koolfog balances performance and aesthetics by delivering products that seamlessly integrate into themescapes, landscapes and other architectural spaces. Koolfog also provides guest comfort with our outdoor cooling & outdoor heating solutions.

Korting, Alex +49 (0)176 26 24 80 90 Frieth 13 Salzkotten, 33154 Germany Student at Fachhochschule Trier

Kosmo Studios John Kaminski +1 407 718-9558 747 West Church St. Orlando, FL 32805 USA We specialize in Themed Design and Fabrication, but our capabilities don’t end at “carved foam and cool lighting.” We have set ourselves apart by being able to develop unique and interesting spaces that “connect our clients to their guests.” This is what we provide for our clients.

Kraemer Design & Production, Inc. Thomas Kraemer +1 513 872-9700 252 Ludlow Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45220 USA Kraemer Design & Production, Inc. specializes in the planning and design of theme parks, attractions, museum exhibits and interpretive environments. Our background in industrial design and

graphic design allows us to facilitate projects from the conceptual stage through design development as well as the ability to oversee production and implementation.

Kraemer, Jeff +1 513 508-1025 250 Fishing Creek Road Falmouth, KY 41040 USA Project management and media production for Theme Parks, Museums, Aquariums, and Brand Lands.

Kraftwerk Living Technologies GmbH Christian Hofer +43 7242 692690 Maria-Theresia-Str. 49 Wels, 4600 Austria KRAFTWERK Living Technologies GmbH creates high-tech entertainment attractions including simulation theatres, ride attractions, visitor attractions, lighting, sound, special effects, projection systems, show control and many more. The combination of a team of highly qualified technicians, designers, fabricators and craftsmen and our innovative solutions for even the most complex demands makes us unique in the area of media based attractions.

Kramer, Thad +1 614 477-2225 150 Colonial Village Amherst, MA 1002 USA Student, lighting designer, University of Massachusetts

Kreate, Inc. Sean Connolly +1 310 827-2090 4120 del Rey Ave. Bldg. B Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USA With over 23 years of experience, Kreate’s goal is to re-invent the way live events are produced.

Kunstlerische Holzgestaltung J. Bergmann Katrin Hennersdorf +49 35891 49168 Kulturinsel Einsiedel 1 Neisseaue, Saxony 2829 Germany Founded in 1990, the Kunstlerische Holzgestaltung Jurgen Bergmann (artistic wood design) is a company located at the easternmost part of Germany which designs, produces and assembles only unique playscapes and leisure facilities for clients like leisure parks, camping parks, recreational facilities, zoos, tourism facilities and so on. Next to this, we have our own leisure park with the first German Tree House Hotel. This gives us a global treasure trove of experience in creating for the leisure branch.

L’Espirall de Llum

David Lopez +34 938 318 845 C/Les Fonts No. 18 P.I. El Pont

El Pont de Vilomara, Barcelona 8254 Spain

LA Law Center, LLP Joe McHugh +1 818 241-4238 300 W. Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 300 Glendale, CA 91202 USA Attorney Joe McHugh is the founder of this law firm that has earned an excellent reputation for representing clients in the areas of Asset Protection, Business Law, Contracts and Business Organization Formations, Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Elder Law (Medi-Cal & VA Benefits Planning), Conservatorships, Trust and Probate Administration.

LA Propoint, Inc. Mark Riddlesperger +1 818 767-6800 10870 La Tuna Canyon Sun Valley, CA 91352 USA LA ProPoint, Inc. offers a wide range of services which includes; Theatrical Equipment Design, Fabrication and Installation, Lighting Systems Installation, Specialty Metal Fabrication, Show Action Equipment Design, Fabrication and Installation as well as Show Systems and Show Control for Theatres, Museums, Theme Parks and Trade Shows. LA ProPoint, Inc. has assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians, designers, fabricators and craftsmen to deliver show systems specifically designed for the end user. LA ProPoint, Inc. combines the latest in state of the art technology, innovative design and years of proven hands on experience.

Laham, Laura +1 917 297-0562 240 90th St. Brooklyn, NY 11209 USA Student, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

LaMontagne, Marcus +1 818 291-3401 527 Chester Street Glendale, CA 91203 USA Los Angeles based Prop Maker, Special/ Mechanical Effects, Fabrication, and Rigging. Portfolio and Resume can be found at:

Langford, Liz +1 913 530-5856 12116 Cedar St. Overland Park, KS 66209 USA Student - Ringling School

Lanster, Lauren 12925 SW 107 Ct. Miami, FL 33176 USA Student, Carnegie Mellon University ETC

Larrotta, Angela Maria +1 954 309-4767 260 S. Osceola Ave. #1010 Orlando, FL 32801 USA Operation Manager

L’Espirall de Llum is a company specialized in water fountains, water effects and any kind of water works. Our project services are available worldwide and range from A to Z, beginning to end of the project.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 71


10/26/12 1:01 PM

Larry Tuch – Narrative Concepts Larry Tuch +1 805 497-8443 649 Via Colinas Westlake Village, CA 91362-5034 USA Writer and creative consultant for themed entertainment, place making, interactive media and immersive environments. Specializing in experience design that speaks to the imaginations of audiences and visitors by providing emotional connection, the pleasure of anticipation and the thrill of discovery. Services include: Story and design concepts that put creative teams on the same page and turn partners and clients into believers; narrative design and scriptwriting that transport audiences to the heart of an experience and provide a foundation for brand-wise reinvention over time. Clients: Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Imagineering, Metavision, Wyatt Design Group, BRC, Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier.

Lascaut, David +44 7881 92015 38 Purcell Rd., Bewbush Crawley, West Sussex RH11 8XJ UK Technical consultant for the themed entertainment industry. Experienced in rides, shows, parkwide systems, museums and visitor centres, conceptual through completion.

Laschkewitsch, Nicholas +1 831 684-0435 27 Alta Dr. La Selva Beach, CA 95076 USA Junior at a high school in Northern California

Law Offices of Lawrence H. Haber, P.A. Lawrence Haber +1 407 451-2000 6136 Escondido Circle Unit 55 Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 USA Previously with Universal Studios and Walt Disney, Larry has over 25 years of legal experience in business, entertainment, and intellectual property law.

LCI Ltd Marlyn Weeks +44 20 8741 5747 55 Merthyr Terrace Barnes, London, SW13 8DL UK LCI is an award winning company who have mastered the true art-science combination of providing and installing projects to stimulate the emotions and imagination, creating unforgettable experiences. Existing techniques have evolved from the imagination and innovation of their dedicated team who provide both creative and technical expertise from concept through to specification, installation and operation.

Le Cocq, Joanne +1 714 543-6546 2547 North French Santa Ana, CA 92706 USA Design, Drafting, Art Direction, Storyboards, Illustration, and Painting for entertainment, film, and animation.


Leahy, Aaron

Aaron Leahy +1 561 889-8058 140 Sand Pine Rd. Jupiter, FL 33477 USA Student

Learn To Discover Brian Laschkewitsch +1 831 662-9700 27 Alta Dr. La Selva Beach, CA 95076-1621 USA We develop and deliver courses for K-12 students to develop technology skills and life skills that introduce them to, and prepare them for, careers in the themed entertainment industry, and in fields where robotics, animation, mechanical design, electronics, software development, creativity, and innovation play a major role.

Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership Jo Ann Secor +1 212 989-2624 7 West 22nd St. New York, NY 10010 USA Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership(LHSA+DP) is an awardwinning architectural, exhibition and interpretive design firm. Clients include museums, corporate and private visitor centers, foundations, schools and libraries. Design services include master planning, program development, complete architectural services, site planning, adaptive reuse and feasibility studies. Interpretive design includes exhibitions from concept through installation, script and program development education services and project management.

Lee, Changzhi +1 917 3029372 1830 2nd Ave., Apt. 2A New York, NY 10128 USA Masters Student at MPS Branding, School of Visual Arts

Lee, Eun Jung +1 412 297-1523 700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA Graduate Student - CMU Entertainment Technology Center

LeffBrain Creative Consulting, Inc. Steve Leff +1 818 501-1899 3431 Castlewoods Place Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 USA Managing the Business of Creativity: LeffBrain Creative specializes in effective planning, resource selection, design and execution of entertainment, technology, and branded architectural environments for retail and theme park developments. Clients/projects include Paramount Parks, Fashion Show Las Vegas, Universal Citywalk, Universal Studios Parks and Resorts and Caruso Affiliated.

Leisure Business Advisors, LLC John Gerner +1 804 644-3544 2010 Princess Anne Ave. Richmond, VA 23223 USA Leisure Business Advisors LLC (LBA) is a consulting firm that specializes in conducting feasibility studies for a variety of leisure attractions. This study is typically the first step of the development process, and is generally required by potential lenders and investors. Our managing director, John Gerner, is a recognized expert with more than 20 years of consulting experience.

Leisure Entertainment Company Jim Levesque +1 562 494-6619 1434 Park Ave. Long Beach, CA 90804 USA Leisure Entertainment Consultancy (LEC) is based in Long Beach, California with regional offices in Italy, China, Taiwan, South Korea and India. LEC specializes in master planning, design and production management of individualized and targeted concepts for theme parks, water parks, museums, attractions, shows and integrated themed resorts. LEC stands out for its remarkable ability to combine soaring imagination and unparalleled creativity, with the practical application of technical skill and realistic budgeting. +39 335-438804 Via Montello 2 Nervesa d. Battaglia TV, 31040 Italy +86 20-8280-4015 No. 69, St. 19 Feg QuangYuan GuangYuan Dong Road Guanzhou, China +86 773-686-1622 Pinaster House Hejiapu Ling-Chuang County Guilin City, Guanxi Prov. China +886 2-2634-0099 No. 25, Lane 131 Kangle St. Neihu Taipei, Taiwan ROC +82 2-415-8221 I-Space Jamsil Two (Rm 1207) 35-4, Bangi-Dong, Songpa-gu Seoul, South Korea +91 11-25267015 212, Bhanot Trade Center 2 & 3 Commercial Complex, 2nd Floor Jwalaheri, Paschim Vihar 110083 India

Les Petits Francais Jean-Michel Louis +33 0 6 43 42 36 13 1, Cite Paradis Paris, 75010 France Les Petits Français is specialized in conception and production of live and multimedia shows all over the World. Constantly seeking new ideas, Les Petits Français produces multimedia shows that perfectly cater to the designated audience. Our approach has three different aspects: to listen carefully in order to understand and grasp your expectation at best, to immerse ourselves in the site and the initial context by a detailed information investigation, to develop a unique proposal taking into account all the contents of the brief. We put technologies at the service of content and creativity, and not the other way around and we are firmly committed

to giving their shows meaning. We intend to develop original concepts and fresh ideas based on deep artistic sense and technical mastery. For every project, we work in synergy with local producers and multi-disciplinary local teams, backed up by selected international experts. Among our last creations: THEA awarded Yo, México (Centenary of the Mexican Revolution, Mexico city, 2010), Pura energía, puro Chile (Bicentenary of Chile Independence, Santiago, 2010), México en el Corazón (199th Anniversary of Mexican Independence, Mexico city, 2009).

Levine, Meredith 8838 David Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90034 USA Student, UCLA

Lewis, Michael +1 773 486-0002 700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA Graduate Student - CMU Entertainment Technology Center

Lexington Design + Fabrication Jay Decker +1 818 768-5768 12660 Branford St. Los Angeles, CA 91331 USA Lexington is a full-service technical design & fabrication company with over 25 years experience in creating themed environments, unique architectural ornamentation, custom furniture, character lighting, and exhibits for museums, casinos, trade shows, restaurants, broadcast television, and retail. Lexington has built a team of talented artists and managers dedicated to partnering with our clients to create unique experiences.

Li, Ping +1 203 623-8968 700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA Student, Carnegie Mellon University

Libby, Michael

+1 818 516-5048 8020 Blackburn Ave. #2 Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA Creative Director

Liberty Science Center Paul Hoffman +1 201 451 0006 222 Jersey City Blvd. Jersey City, NJ 73054600 USA Liberty Science Center is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation dedicated to offering exceptional science learning experiences onsite, offsite and online. We engage learners of all ages in science excitement, provide professional development for teachers, and actively connect people of all backgrounds to pivotal science and society issues. Enhanced by our historic and cosmopolitan location, we provide transformative experiences, inspiring each individual to understand the continuing connection between scientific advances and how they improve the human condition.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 72

10/26/12 1:01 PM

LifeFormations Rodney Heiligmann +1 419 352-2101 2029 Woodbridge Blvd. Bowling Green, OH 43402 USA LifeFormations is an international creator of animatronic characters and shows for themed attractions, rides, museum exhibits and branded experiences. Considered the benchmark for realistic figures, we offer a variety of services that include: character design and creation, scenery, props and interactive media. Founded in 1991, our collaborative approach and commitment to quality has resulted in a track record of award winning projects around the world. Clients include: The Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, The Walt Disney Company, Coca Cola, Dicken’s World, Dollywood, Avampato Discovery Museum, Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, Universal Studios, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, and Europa Park..

Light Emissions Peter Ed +44 20 7284 2979 19 Rochester Square London, NW1 9SA UK Light Emissions supply large and free format graphic and video LED displays that can be integrated into any interior or exterior architectural design. With a big emotional impact, the displays are cost effective in installation and operation and provide an environmentally sustainable way to make architecture come alive.

Lighthouse Jim Tiffany +1 760 310-9944 3021 Cadencia St. Carlsbad, CA USA Lighthouse Technologies Limited is a global leader in LED video technology that develops, manufactures, and markets LED video screen solutions for multiple indoor & outdoor applications, including digital signage, media and entertainment events, and sports arenas across the globe. With numerous technological breakthroughs to its name, Lighthouse has established itself as a multi award-winning leader in the LED video industry that holds itself to the highest standards of quality.

Lighting&Sound America Jackie Tien +1 212-244-1505, ext. 716 630 Ninth Ave. Suite 609 New York, NY 10036 USA Lighting&Sound America is a respected monthly publication for lighting, sound, and staging professionals working in theatre, concerts, clubs, themed entertainment, corporate A/V, and much more.

Lightspeed Design, Inc. Chris Ward +1 425 637-2818 1611 116th Ave. NE Suite 112 Bellevue, WA 98004 USA Lightspeed Design, Inc. has been a leader in developing and providing

stereoscopic HD 3D projection, video software, production and filmmaking technologies for sixteen years. DepthQ® is Lightspeed™’s technology trademark under which we offer the DepthQ® Projector, DepthQ® Family of HD 3D software and the new Polarization Modulator.

Lightswitch SF, Inc. Norm Schwab +1 415 332-7284 Suite 3 302 Caledonia St. Sausalito, CA 94965-1953 USA Lightswitch is a lighting design consortium whose credits include architectural installations, theme parks, musical concerts spectaculars, film, television and corporate product launches. Lightswitch’s diverse expertise and understanding of technology enables them to create dynamic and emotional lighting design and coordination for any type of project. Lightswitch has office locations in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando and Los Angeles. Edward Marks +1 323 908-4308 208 South Virginia Ave. Burbank, CA 91506 USA

Lintern, Gary +44 07584 167759 Hill Top Cottage, Eastgate Bishop Auckland Co Durham DL13 2HY UK Student, Psychology of Entertainment, Durham University

Lipschultz, Mindi +1 310 663-3998 9114 Hargis St. Los Angeles, CA 90034 USA Award Winning Creative Producer/ Director of innovative media experiences for 3 decades, including digital animation, interactive kiosks & games, and documentaries.

Locke, Rob +44 29 20403667 248 Heathwood Road Cardiff, Wales CF 14 4BS UK

Lohou, Jean-François +33 685498778 10 bis, rue Bisson Paris, 75020 France Jean-François Lohou is a creative set designer specializing in the environmental and theme development architectural and interior design attraction and exhibition development art direction

Loisirs & Marketing

Evelyne Villame +33 (0) 6 8773 6374 28 Villa Emile Loubet Paris, 75019 France Evelyne Villame was Marketing VP at Grevin & Cie for 18 years where she led market analysis,consumer studies and concept development for 14 facilities in Europe: Parc Asterix, Dolfinarium Harderwijk, theme parks, waterpark, attractions (Musee Grevin wax museum,

aquariums, miniature parcs) Loisirs & Marketing was created to provide advice and project management for clients: Setting objectives Planning and designing adequate visitor experiences Conducting necessary studies Developping marketing, communication and sales plans that generate media coverage, attract visitors and develop revenue.

Lomma, Jeannie +1 310 418-5548 Project Management & Design Development

Lord Cultural Resources Amy Kaufman +1 646 375-2500 10th Floor 43 West 24th St. New York, NY 10010 USA Lord Cultural Resources is dedicated to the creation of cultural capital and has undertaken more than 1500 assignments in 36 countries on 6 continents. We have created a network of fully functional offices in the United States, Europe and Asia, understanding that culture is a cherished resource. Paul Alezraa +1 415 296-7224 1620 Montgomery St. Suite #300 San Francisco, CA 94111 USA Andrea Ott +1 416 928-9292 321 Davenport Road Toronto, ON M5R 1K5 Canada Laure Confavreux Colliex +33 1 42 60 73 34 36, rue du Mont Thabor Paris, 75001 France Maria Fernandez Sabau +34 91 298 7470 Miguel Angel 6 (3-7) Madrid, 28010 Spain Rufen Song +86 10 8736 1947 5, houtu Donglu Beijing, PR 100021 China

Lovrich, Quyen +1 714 376-8884 300 East Bellevue Drive #117 Pasadena, CA 91101 USA Student, TV, Film & Media Studies, California State University Los Angeles

Luc Petit CREATION Pierre- Philippe Baeken +32 (0) 472 466 109 Avenue Louis Bertrand, 123 Brussels, 1030 Belgium Across the globe there are many creative and production companies, but for the final investors, whether it is a theme park, a governmental body, an association or a private company, the capabilities of delivering a unique creation, technically and budgetary mastered, is a utmost important point. This is the commitment and the signature by Luc Petit, a designer, an artistic director and producer whose creations are instantly recognisable by his inimitable style, his seemingly limitless imagination and tested professionalism. Among other credentials, his commitments as Show Director along side of Franco Dragone ( Franco Dragone who realized Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco, Mystere,

Alegria , “O” , Celine Dion at the Caesars Palace of Las Vegas, House of the Dancing Waters at the Melco Crown of Macau), the acclaimed Disney Paris Studios’ parade and several incredible urban operas gathering thousands and thousands of volunteers and professional musicians and performers, from amazing fashion shows to more corporate but still highly creative product launches or events. The scope of work of the team covers the following fields of competences: creative works and project management, scheduling, engineering and contract management, creative production supervision and procurement services, show production and direction supervision, on-site programming, training and deliveries. The productions by Luc Petit CREATION are tailor-made to fit the highest requirements and professional standards of the event and leisure industries, including theatres, destination resorts and casino hotels, theme and attraction parks, corporate shows, celebrations and special occasions, carnivals and parades, exhibitions and museums.

Lucas Look Design

Daniel Lucas +1 818 967-8557 818 E. San Jose Blvd. Burbank, CA 91501 USA At LUCASLOOK DESIGN appearance is everything the appearance of projects that is. Whether it’s a themed attraction, a public venue, or a mobile exhibit, we’ve learned that seeing is believing – so before we do anything else, we work hard to create a look that resonates and engages people’s imaginations. With nearly two decades of experience in the Theming Industry, Daniel Lucas, Principal Creative, understands what it takes to get the job done right and on time. Not only does the project have to look good, but it has to function, be safe, and most importantly it has to be designed to last.

Luce Group Lauren Helpern +1 212 330-7640 7th Floor 21 East 4th St. New York, NY 10003-7023 USA Luce Group partners are formally trained in theatrical design and have applied these unique skills to the architectural, exhibit, event, and entertainment arenas. Our work can be seen in institutions, commercial ventures, and theatres all over the world. The Boston Globe called our museum lighting ‘superb’. We are a NYS and NYC certified WBE.

Lucero, Fabian +1 310 418--7538 9519 Danville St. Pico Rivera, CA 90660 USA Student, Art Institute of California, Industrial Design

Luis Berrios Design

Luis Berrios +1 321 795-7926 2101 Colonial Dr. Melbourne, FL 32901-5312 USA Luis Berrios Design provides concept design, ideation, planning and content development services for story driven exhibits, brand experiences, and visual communications.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 73


10/26/12 1:01 PM

LumenEssence David Crater +1 310 455-3352 21705 Entrado Topanga, CA 90290 USA LumenEssence provides product design, system engineering and programming for industrial and entertainment applications. Contract design, consulting and turn-key systems for audio, video, film and control applications are available. International experience with expos, theme parks, and attractions of all sizes. Licensed Professional Engineers (Electrical).

Lumitect Limited Durham Marenghi +44 (0) 1482 651506 26 Braids Walk, Kirk Ella Hull, East Yorks HU10 7PD UK Lumitect lighting designer Durham Marenghi has designed the lighting for a wide variety of theatre, opera, dance, trade, concert, heritage an television productions in Britain and throughout the world and is the first British lighting designer to have lit the ceremonies of an Olympic Games. Durham designed the interior specialist lighting for The Space Centre in Bremen, Germany, at the time the largest indoor theme park in Europe, for which he won an International Illumination Design Award for Excellence. Durham designed the lighting for the Nuerburgring Visitors Centre in Germany and lights the annual London Eye New Year’s Eve Celebration.

Lund, Stefan + 971 434 09025 POB 450275 Dubai, UAE Theme park attractions design and project director.

Lussier, Bryan +1 978 660-1808 1609 NW 29th Rd. #111 Gainesville, FL 32605 USA Student, Lighting Design, U. of Florida

Mace, Michelle +1 562 608-558 50 E. Valencia Ave. #F Burbank, CA 91501 USA Student, Exhibit Design, Art Institute of California

Mad Systems Inc. Tricia Rodriguez +1 714 259-9000 733 North Main St. Orange, CA 92868 USA Mad Systems Inc. provides creative audio-Visual systems design and integration for museums, visitor centers and theme parks, as well as consultancy/ project management for many designers and fabricators. We engineer reliable turnkey systems and specialize in innovative multimedia solutions, interactives and exhibits.

Madec, Jean Herve’ +33 5 49 49 30 50 BP 2000, Jaunay Clan, 86130 France Development director, Parc du Futuroscope


Madison, Robert +1 347 453-8555 191 Willoughby St. 6M Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA Student, Drexel University

Magic Hand Concepts Ltd

Anthony Archer +1 818 636-2585 10256 Quill Ave. Sunland, CA 91040 USA Magic Hand Concepts is an independent company providing concept renderings, sketches, detailed illustrations, presentation art, and study models for the themed entertainment, stage and show, film, television and retail sectors. Magic Hand Concepts have extensive design experience and both create, and deliver exciting and innovative ideas to meet the most demanding deadline.

Magic Works Productions Bob Konikow +1 407 925-8877 11625 Ashridge Place Orlando, FL 32824 USA Developers of exciting and innovative displays and interactives for museums, events, theme parks, conventions, and other public and private venues.

Maillat, Pierre +33 1 56680617 275, Boulevard Pereire Paris, 75017 France

Main Street Design Michael Mercadante +1 617 484-9111 x13 103 Blanchard Road Cambridge, MA 2138 USA Main Street Design is an exhibition design and museum planning firm, specializing in the development and design of interpretive exhibits with history, natural history and zoological themes. We can add significant value to entertainment attractions at a relatively low cost by integrating environmental and/or cultural interpretation into the recreational and entertainment mix. As cultural heritage and/or natural history interpretive specialists, Main Street offers themed entertainment developers proven capability and a complete package of interpretive planning and design services. We are a nationally recognized leader in planning and design of interpretive visitor experiences on both domestic and international projects and we are always interested in exploring new creative alliances and partnerships.

Malaysia Design Development Center Hairul Azrien +603 261 9002 Pusat Pembangunan, Reka Bentuk 22, Jalan Kia Peng Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Malaysia Established in 2008, the Design Development Centre (DDEC) is a onestop centre for branding, product and design development in Malaysia. We provide inspirational ideas and creative solutions for all nature of businesses. Supported by Government, DDEC is a subsidiary of Majlis Amanah Rakyat

(MARA) and under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development. Our portfolio of clients includes government agencies, nongovernment agencies (NGOs), corporate bodies, Government Link Companies (GLC), Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Public and private societies and institutes of higher learning in Malaysia. DDEC is a design resources and consultancy centre. We aim to streamline design activities from a myriad of economic sectors.

Maldonado, Matthew +1 805 201-5023 527 Chester St. Glendale, CA 91203 USA Student, Art Institute of California

Mammoth SAV LLC Roberta Liebreich +1 818 846-4750 3213 Scott Road Burbank, CA 91504 USA

Management Resources Brad Merriman +1 714 832-1201 210 West Main St. Suite 201 Tustin, CA 92780 USA Management Resources specializes in providing management, operations and marketing services to the worldwide leisure industry. Since 1980, the firm has been providing economic consulting, business, operational and marketing planning, and daily operational management to major theme parks, cultural institutions, World Expositions, Olympiads, urban/locationbased enter-tainment centers, and quality destination resorts.

Mandella, George +1 415 260-9884 4133 Lakeshore Ave. Oakland, CA 94610 USA

Mankin Media Systems, Inc Ben Mankin +1 615 324-8350 129 Confederate Dr. Franklin, TN 37064 USA Mankin Media Systems is a systems integrator of audio, video, and lighting equipment that helps clients create compelling spaces to engage their audience.

Marakowits, Laura +1 703 791-5278 9005 Sowder Place Nokesville, VA 20181 USA Experiential Producer w/20+ years global live event design and production experience, demonstrating a balance of creative vision and technical expertise.

Marianantoni, Alessandro +1 323 337-7410 REMAP Ctr. UCLA 102 East Melnitz Los Angeles, CA 90095 USA UCLA Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance

Marilyn Systems, LLC Yvonne Salazar-Pedigo +1 210 200-8451 12915 Agency San Antonio, TX 78247 USA Marilyn Systems, LLC. is committed to providing the best interactive and control electronics in the entertainment industry. Our philosophy is simple: Provide userfriendly, reliable products backed by exemplary service. Give us a call to discuss your next project.

Mario Kamberg Design Mario Kamberg +1 661 553-5587 36854 Summerholly Circle Palmdale, CA 93550 USA Mario Kamberg is a multi-award winning attraction designer specializing in large format and dome media direction & design as well as retail and themed entertainment architecture. Our skills include: attraction design, ride & show design & production, story development, media art direction & production, theme park conceptual master planning, show set, scenic & prop design, museum & trade show exhibit design and character development.

Mark Stutz and Associates Mark Stutz +1 818-359-4572 7912 Cowper Ave. West Hills, CA 91304 USA MSA is a consultant based design group that creates concept visuals, presentation art, and design documentation for environmental and branded entertainment projects. MSA is skilled at developing all visuals as well as providing necessary scope documentation to back up designs. Company founder Mark Stutz has indepth experience in the full process from concept through implementation and brings this knowledge to bear on every project. Business experiences include museum, retail and hospitality, video games and theme park industries.

Market & Feasibility Advisors, LLC Dan Martin +1 312 933-7898 One South Dearborn, Ste. 2100 Chicago, IL 60603 USA The consultants of Market & Feasibility Advisors, MFA (most formerly with ERA) have helped clients with market analysis, concept development, financial feasibility, impact analysis, and development consulting for more than twenty years in entertainment, tourism development, resorts, cultural attractions and real estate. The firm has offices in Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, Wisconsin and coming soon to the East Coast.

Marks Creative Edward Marks +1 818 606-9093 611 Olmsted Dr, Glendale, CA 91202 USA Project Director, Producer, Lighting Designer, Technical Director, Owners Representative, Theme Park Expert. Parent Company to The Producers Group.


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 74

10/26/12 1:01 PM

Mark’s Custom Kits Inc. Mark Scrivani +1 321 697-5445 2217 West Clay St. Kissimmee, FL 34741 USA Mark’s Custom Kits, located outside Orlando in Central Florida, is a fullscope fiberglass/FRP design and manufacturing company. From initial concept through final production, we can design, create, and fabricate your ideas or products. We can also repair, restore, rehab or renovate existing fiberglass/ composite products, such as theme park ride vehicles, facades, or many other applications. Our clients include the major theme parks, architectural firms, hotel chains, film production companies, and scenic design groups. We also design and build custom vehicles for promotional, corporate or entertainment venues. We’ve been creating magic since 1989, let us help you with your next project.

Martucci, Paul +1 973 632-7429 81 Knoll Terrace West Caldwell, NJ 07006-7307 USA CPA with a business background interested in entering the themed entertainment industry.

Marty Sklar Creative Inc.

Marty Sklar +1 323 874-6869 7515 Woodrow Wilson Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90046 USA BLANK PAGE creative solutions: Marty welcomes a small number of select clients to take advantage of his 50 years at Walt Disney Imagineering in problem solving, creativity, organization, leadership, client relations, speaking and writing skills. Some references still alive.

Matilda Entertainment & Production Services Doug Yellin +1 626 797-4422 2545 Ganesha Ave. Altadena, CA 91001 USA MPS is a multi-media content producer. We provide creative development, content production, and project supervision for 3D/4D attraction experiences, ride simulation films, multiscreen & 360 presentations, 70mm large format films, and digital high definition videos. Client list and credits available upon request.

Maxmakers Ltd. Bettina Maag +41 44387 1008 Dufourstrasse 147 Zurich, 8008 Switzerland Makmakers is a Swiss and Korea based real estate firm with a strong focus on new liesure and tourism destinations. Many of our projects around the globe are theme park/edutaiment/water park anchored mixeduse developments, which we help MAXimize in terms of business, conceptual and creative planning - and occasionally also facilitate project partners, operators and coinvestors. WE apply an integrated,

pragmatic planning approach and offer all conceptual planning dimensions (e.g. site & market research, feasibility and financial plannig, concept & design, implementation/go to market planning). We always work in close cooperation with industry specialists designers, engineers, story tellers, etc.

McMeeking, Anne

MB Digital Interiors +1 310 748-6662 28100 Ridgefern Ct. Rancho Palos Verde, CA 90275 USA Student, UC San Diego Guy Bustillos +1 214 402-7525 732 Ridgewood Circle Hurst, TX 76054 USA Specialize in design/build and systems integration services relating to IP based audio/video/data and control automation systems for museums, entertainment and corporate environments. We also provide touch screen interactive computer software, hardware and digital media development and postproduction services for exhibits and kiosks. Additionally, our business provides on-site technical service, support, and maintenance services including technology rehab/repair/ upgrades/updates for clients with existing installations and systems that are experiencing failures due to aging equipment and technology.

McCann Systems LLC Robin ShorGoldman +1 732 346-9600 290 Fernwood Ave. Edison, NJ 08837-3817 USA McCann Systems LLC uses in-house, CTS certified design, engineering, installation, service and sales specialists allowing us to deliver genuine singlesource responsibility. This enables us to closely monitor and seamlessly control every detail from planning through final audio visual installation, including all technical aspects, engineering, drafting, documentation and control system programming. The result: clients receive the highest functionality for the lowest cost.

McKowen, Andrew 1 205 994-0719 250 Thomas Circle Roswell, GA 30075 USA Student, Architecture, Southern Polytechnic State University

McL Projects (UK) Ltd James McLoughlin +44 1932 660758 305 Wey House 15 Church St. Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8NA UK McL Projects have helped deliver some of the most successful visitor attractions projects in the UK. We tailor our approach to suit the needs of your business. Our experienced team are involved in all stages of the project, from concept and design, to realisation on site. We deliver unique,bespoke projects on time and on budget.

McLean, Matthew +1 774 276-8316 700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA Graduate Student - CMU Entertainment Technology Center +1 805 570-4360 1410 B Ashwood Rd. Austin, TX 78722 USA Student, Theatrical Design University of Texas, Austin

Mendonsa, Franz


McPeak, Shannon

Medialon, Inc. Alex Carru +1 305 445-4045 245 Catalonia Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33134 USA Medialon designs user friendly yet powerful, IT based audiovisual control solutions, for simple to mission critical applications such as Museum Media Control, Theme Parks Wide Control, Entertainment Show Control, Corporate Showrooms, etc. Our products range from Show & Media Control Software, Digital Audio Servers, Scheduling Software, and Redundant Control Servers. Being hardware independent our control solution benefits from our partnership with the most prestigious interfacing hardware and audiovisual devices manufacturers. With offices in the USA and Europe and international distributors, Medialon solutions are available worldwide.

MediaMation, Inc. Daniel Jamele +1 310 320-0696 2213 Border Ave. Torrance, CA 90501 USA MediaMation is an entertainment systems integrator. We design and implement creative solutions for complex interactive shows, rides, exhibits, etc. based on our award winning software and hardware products. Mediamation’s integration experience ranges from computer, robotics, audio/video and lighting control to innovative, attraction technology engineering involving show action and control.

Mee Industries Dave Sola +1 626 359-4550 16021 Adelante Ct. Irwindale, CA 91702 USA Inventors of the pure water Mee Fog System used for simulating steam, haze or low lying clouds. Mee’s services include concept development, design, manufacturing, installation, and service. Anything from a dense cloud to a light mist is possible.

Melvold, Daniel +1 562 335-1639 5538 Rio Rancho Way Riverside, CA 92504 USA Show Producer/Project Manager +1 412 425-2220 714 Ivy St. Apt. 1M Pittsburgh, PA 15232 USA Student, Carnegie Mellon Univ. ETC

Merlan Creative Studios Ernie Merlan +1 818 620-3617 5723 Aukland Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91601 USA Merlan Creative Studios creates Quality Digital Content from Computer Simulations, Animations, Motion Graphics, 3D models and Digital Murals to variety of Interactive Products. We make Mega Graphics, HD Logos with 5.1 Surround Sound, Face Morphing and Interactive Fly-Through applications for the most discerning of clients. Strategically located in the heart of the digital industry, we bring together the world’s best CG artists for your particular project. Combining production experience and the latest trends, we help you find the right approach for your idea. Merlan Creative Studios will work with you to develop the concept, build the team and produce the content.

Merlin Entertainments/ Merlin Studios

Justin East +44 20 8982 0045 Westgate House 43-55 The Vale Acton, London W3 7RR UK Merlin Entertainments Group casts its spell on tourists looking for amusement. The company is a leading operator of amusement parks and other entertainment venues with about 60 attractions in a dozen countries. It runs the LEGOLAND chain of theme parks with four locations in Europe and the US, along with the well-known Madame Tussauds wax museums. Other operations include Alton Towers Resort, SEA LIFE, and the giant Ferris wheel known as The London Eye. Formed in 1999 through a buyout of Vardon Attractions, Merlin Entertainments is controlled by private equity giant The Blackstone Group. Jamie Charlesworth +44 (0) 1926 406 617 Warwick Castle, Castle Lane Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 4QU UK Peter Allen MEG, Silverglade Business Park Chessington, Surrey KT9 2QL UK

Methodology LLC

Carlos Miranda +1 818 445-9906 420 E. Laurel Ave. Sierra Madre, CA 91024 USA Methodology, LLC is a proven leader and your “Strategic Partner” in the Creative Development, Project Administration and Production Management of themed rides, shows and branded attractions for the entertainment, resort and leisure industries worldwide. We work closely with Developers, Owner/Operators and Architects, to assemble, inspire and direct experienced Creative Teams, as well as, administrate contracts, deliverables,


2013 TEA Annual - IAAPA Edition.indd 75


10/26/12 1:01 PM

budgeting and feasibility tools. In addition, we successfully manage, supplement and/or collaborate with Show Technical and Scenic Production Teams, as well as, Ride Manufacturer and Construction Teams to coordinate on-site installation, facility integration, programming and commissioning. We are results driven, value added and have been very fortunate to be a major contributor to the following projects and clients: Parque Festival Mexico for MSI Design, Universal Studios Singapore for Resorts World at Sentosa, Paramount Pictures Recreation, NASCAR SpeedParks for Burroughs and Chapin Co., Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville for Edwards Technologies, and LEGOLAND Deutschland for the Nassal Company.

MetroMedia Technologies Anna Chel +1 212 273-2198 10 East 34th St., 9th Flr. New York, NY 10016 USA MMT is an Architectural Signage and Visual Display Company serving Themed Entertainment Environments, Sports Venues, Stadiums and Arenas, Complete Corporate Identity branding, Leisure, Hospitality industries and Shows and production. MMT provides Graphic design, Imaging, Signage construction and installation, Visual displays, Theatrical Scenery and Custom Prop displays. Metromedia Technologies (MMT) has a strong global presence with offices and affiliates in 5 countries, as well as we work nationally and regionally. Please visit our website for additional project experiences and contact us for your next project at 212-273-2189.

MGAC Lewis Howe +1 202 942-3900 730 Eleventh St. NW Washington, DC 20001--4510 USA MGAC supports corporations, government, and institutions in meeting the complexity of achieving their organizational objectives through their design, construction, facilities, and procurement projects. MGAC plays multiple roles: we are owner’s representatives, project leaders, thirdparty consultants, procurement agency, but always a trusted advisor and business partner. We guide the team through every phase of the project, from planning and design through procurement, construction, punch list and commissioning, putting in place the systems and methods that guarantee success, and always with our clients’ vision and business objectives in mind. Since 1996, MGAC has supported our clients across all fifty states, multiple US territories, and across four continents. Our clients entrust to us the management of the most demanding projects when their business and their careers may be at stake. Our corporate culture places a value on intelligence, flexibility, solid experience, and the ability to quickly overcome obstacles in pursuit of the client’s building and construction objectives. MGAC fosters a collaborative environment, both within the office and on the job. MGAC is a learning organization; supporting its staff with the attainment of postgraduate and professional degrees and certifications, and ensures that we


are conversant in current best-in-class practices. We continuously increase our practical understanding through collegial interaction, individual research and professional development, and through the pursuit of advanced degrees and training.

playtesting, and installation. Using the most cutting-edge technologies available, our mission is to create refreshingly evocative, highly sensorial, location-based experiences that push the boundaries of the imagination.

Michael P. Rezinas Insurance Services, Inc. / Access Benefits, Inc. Benjamin Rudd +353 505 45 206 The Belfry Bushertown House Moneygall, Birr, County Offaly Ireland Program management & ride engineering consultancy and services provider. Specialising in the management of development, integration and implementation of ride, show space and themed finish for the leisure & entertainment industry. Michael Rezinas +1 818 408-2400 15455 San Fernando Mission Blvd. #407 Mission Hills, CA 91345 USA As a member of the Themed Entertainment Association since 1993, our agency has a unique understanding of your business of having fun! We want to insure your company’s most important assets, your staff, and their family’s life and health needs. References available upon request.

Michael Stiller Design Michael Stiller +1 212 473-2629 15 West 26th St., Suite 908 New York, NY 10010 USA At Michael Stiller Design we create lighting and media-based lighting designs for themed entertainments, museums, architectural installations, film, television, and theatrical presentations. Our specialties include media-driven LED lighting, automated lighting, and complex control systems. We provide a full range of services from schematic design to systems commissioning and programming. And as advocates of sustainable design, we strive to include energy efficient solutions in all our projects.

Mika, Jeremy +1 510 882-0685 4567 Coolidge St. Concord, CA 94521 USA I absolutely love working with robots and show control; from circuits to code to fabrication to show and back.

Mindrix Howard Smith +1 818 476-7920 820 Thompson Ave. #28 Glendale, CA 91201 USA Mechanical and integrated multimedia interactives for museums and retail. UL 508A Industrial Control Panel manufacturer specializing in ride and S.A.E. control systems including engineering, programming, and integration. Utilizing 3D technical design for the development of conceptual projects from proof-of-concept mock-ups, to technical prototyping, through delivery of first article elements.

Minds At Play Dean Orion +1 310 864-9531 1334 S. Stanley Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90019 USA Minds At Play is a full-service interactive production company. Ours services include creative concept design, art development, project management,

Missing Link, The

Mivan, Ltd. Stephen Mills +44 2894 481000 Newpark, Greystone Road Antrim, Antrim BT41 2QN N. Ireland Mivan’s themed construction trades provide a new dimension to the art of entertainment in the leisure industry. Mivan’s capabilities include the full service of design, art direction, manufacture and installation of themed trades including: artificial rock work, specialized and artistic paint finishes, show facades and sets, prefabricated themed facades, interiors and specialist joinery/casework manufacture. John Lynch +1 407 812-6616 1255 La Quinta Dr. Suite 200 Orlando, FL 32809-7740 USA

Miziker Entertainment Group Ron Miziker +1 818 558-1888 4110 Riverside Dr. Burbank, CA 91505 USA Specialists in unique and entertaining shows and attractions worldwide. Concept, design, production and operations. We also bring our showmanship, creativeness and in depth experience to the master planning and development of new projects.

MM DesignWorks Matthew Martin +1 909 336-6399 Design Inquiries 234 Columbia Wakefield, RI 2879 USA We are Designers & Developers of Themed Attractions and Museums. Seven years in a row, named by the other kids on the block as “The coolest parents in the universe”, we have an extensive history in theme park attractions, exhibits, interactives, experiences, and immersive environments for Theme Parks, Children’s Museums, History Museums, Science Museums, Educational Attractions, Children’s and Youth Ministry Buildings, and corporate visitor and brand centers. We combine architecture, theater, film, show, ride, and games, to astonish, amaze and amuse, touch move and inspire. We are seasoned industry professionals. We are parents. We surprise and discover. We make a positive difference in people’s

lives thru the experience of story, technology, & education. We love what we do. Please contact Matthew Martin for Design Inquiries, John Novak for Business and Technical Inquiries. John Novak +1 909 336-6399 Business/Technical Inquiries 308 Grass Valley Road, POB 58 Blue Jay, CA 92317-0058 USA

MobileXpeditions Mark Gilicinski +1 888 242-1263 x101 Dublin Entrepreneurial Ctr. POB 247 Dublin, OH 43017 USA We deliver location-based experiences such as media-rich tours, multimedia presentations and interactive games on your customer’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad — and we do it for a fraction of the cost of a custom application. With many features available, MX apps don’t just deliver information, they deliver experiences.

Modern Masters Inc. Jim Rogers II +1 818 683-0201 9380 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, CA 91352 USA Modern Masters is a leading manufacturer of decorative and specialty paints including, Metallic Paints, Metal Effects Oxidizing Paints, Exterior Theme Paints, Wildfire Fluorescent Paints, Artist Acrylics, Professional Faux & Decorative Paint products, specialty textures, Venetian Plasters as well as project specific custom products.

Moises Harari +1 5255-55806077 Polanco Av. Ejercito Nacional 926 - 202 Mexico City, Mexico 11510 Mexico

Mollicam, Inc. Jeremy Mollica +1 321 453-9599 3880 North Ct.enay Pkwy. Merrit Island, FL 32953 USA Mollicam is committed to producing the highest quality patterns, prototypes and tooling for large parts utilizing 5-Axis CNC machining. Since 1991, we have machined hundreds of large parts such as icons, boat hulls, art sculptures, cars, as well as aerospace and architectural pieces for industry leaders worldwide.

Mond, Robert +1 912 525-6947 POB 3146 Savannah, GA 31402-3146 USA Savannah College of Art and Design


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

Monkey-Do Hector Caiazza +1 314 610-3198 2940 Locust St. St. Louis, MO 63103 USA When people interact with an environment or an experience they connect to the WOW factor, or more commonly known as the thing that makes them go bananas. It’s the WOW that makes them want to take a picture, share it on Facebook and scream it from the treetops. This connection has been our focus and motivation no matter what form the experience takes. From a seat buzzer to a themed environment, the end product is an experience where people walk away with something worth remembering. That is our passion. And with over 17 years in the themed entertainment industry Monkey Do can make it happen.

Moods in Pictures GmbH Gerd Guegel +49 8141 34 74 232 Rossfeldstr. 13 Alling, 82239 Germany We support consultants/masterplanners/ producers with high-level design, creative input, comprehensive knowhow and R&D during the whole process of attraction-development. Highly specialized in creating linear- and interactive-realtime-media, 3D-stereoscopic-, motion-ride-films with proprietary developments like virtual-perspectivetracking and adaptive-outscreening. Our task-force provides solutions and produces the media content for the final show.

Morisetti Associates Lesley Morisetti +44 (0) 7780 700953 PO Box 63572 London, N6 9AX UK Morisetti Associates was launched in 2010 by Lesley Morisetti to provide economic and strategic business planning consultancy services to the attractions and entertainment industry, based on 28 years of operational and consultancy experience. Client work includes studies for Merlin Entertainments, the National Trust, Silverstone Race Circuits, the Natural History Museums of London and Copenhagen and the UK’s Association of Leading Visitor Attractions. Lesley was previously a Director of the London office of the Economics Practice of AECOM (formally ERA). During her eight years at ERA, she led a wide range of projects within the UK, Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa, for a diverse range of clients, from cultural institutions such as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to commercial attraction operators such as Universal Studios and Warner Bros., and brand owners such as Diageo and HIT Entertainment. Prior to joining ERA, Lesley worked for The Tussaud’s Group in marketing, revenue management and new attraction development roles.

Morris Architects James Pope, AIA +1 407 839-0414 622 East Washington St. Suite 500 Orlando, FL 32801 USA Morris Architects is an award-winning planning and architectural design firm that is renowned for providing entertainment and leisure environments that exemplify a successful integration of creativity, technology and business acumen. The firm has extensive experience in providing design and master planning services for theme parks, water-parks, attractions, theatres, arenas, restaurant and retail venues throughout the United States and abroad.

Morris, Mike +1 818 709-6215 10544 Owensmouth Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA

Mountain Ear Productions Ralph Nielsen +1 818 813-4257 21235 Bottletree Ln Santa Clarita, CA 91321 USA

Mousetrappe Daren Ulmer +1 818 972-2525 111 W. Verdugo Ave. Burbank, CA 91502 USA Mousetrappe provides high-level creative development and direction of intricate media designs and media-based productions. We are known for expert innovations worldwide — continually improving the way media is implemented to advance story and enhance space for world-class theme park and museum installations. For 20 years, our team has been key contributors to the experiential attractions and entertainment industry with a solid reputation for problem solving ahead of the curve, avoiding costly issues that can plague sophisticated productions, and empowering creative directors to use media in ways they may not have known were possible.

dimming, control and automated rigging systems for themed environments and attractions. Full-line lighting dealership. Largest authorized service center in the Eastern U.S. -- 24/7.

Murphy, Megan +44 0777 5440633 2197 Claybourne Ave. Salt Lake City, UT 84109 USA Student, Central School of Speech and Draama

Museum of Science & Industry Chicago John Beckman +1 773 947-6002 5700 South Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL 60637 USA The Museum of Science and Industry is the first interactive Museum in North America. It sits on Chicago’s lakefront in a historic building that was formerly the Palace of Fine Arts at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. Today, the Museum is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere and among the seven most visited museums in the United States.

MY Design, Inc. Michael Yager +1 407 246-7788 4501 S 34th St. Suite C Orlando, FL 32811 USA MY Design Inc. is a consulting & design firm that specializes in themed entertainment experiences. MY Design Inc.’s approach to design combines the talent & skill of show designers, show directors, illustrators, & artisans, with state-of-the-art technical expertise in specialty set construction, lighting design, audio design,and show control programming.

Myjive Aidan Douglas +44 (0) 7731 644869 40 Gretna Crescent Thornton-Clevelys, Blackpool, Lancashire FY5 1NX UK MuralsInc are a leading scenic art company that provide theming solutions to the leisure industry. We are able to provide a complete theming package from concept to completion. We can provide Scenic Art, Sculpted render, Sound & Lighting, Artificial Planting and bespoke GRP products. Steve Kitzman +1 407 774-1110 2072 Sprint Blvd. Apopka, FL 32703 USA Myjive is a Digital Experience Agency that develops strategic, interactive and creative experiences for the digital age. With offices in Orlando and Charlotte, our fully integrated, multi-disciplinary team provides strategic thinking, software development, emerging media experiences, creative and production services. Pioneers in an ever changing digital landscape, we work with clients who understand the value of digital age solutions. Our team of creative thinkers stand at the intersection between technology and the human experience. This enables us to design and develop digital solutions that are finely crafted, experiential and up and coming. We tell stories that transcend multiple mediums and invite audiences to share their experience.

Murphy Lighting Systems

Mystic Scenic Studios, Inc.

MuralsInc Chris Murphy + 1 407 895-7475 5113 Forsyth Commerce Road Orlando, FL 32807 USA Systems integration experts. Sales, project management and servicing of Pete Dorson +1 781 948-1832 293 Lenox St. Norwood, MA 2062 USA Mystic Scenic Studios is a full-service custom fabrication company located just

outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Our projects list includes museum exhibits, trade show exhibits, theatrical scenery, corporate events, architectural millwork, retail & corporate interiors and signage. This diverse range of projects regularly challenges us to find innovative and cost-effective methods of fabrication and the staff of Mystic is proud of providing our customers with superior service and quality craftmanship at competitive prices. It is our innovation, high standards and dedication to our customers that has sustained us and makes Mystic the ideal fabrication partner for all creative endeavors.

N8 Creative Nate Mitchell +1 803 242-5611 13525 Bartram Park Blvd., Unit 1224 Jacksonville, FL 32258 USA n8 Creative Studios specializes in the design, fabrication, coordination, and project management of all types of themed entertainment projects. We have a very detail-oriented and handson approach to each element of a project to ensure it gets completed on-time and within budget. We also know how to collaborate with the industry’s best talent to give you the best possible product. Extensive communication between all parties, we believe, is a fundamental piece to solving the sometimes complex puzzles that themed entertainment projects can be. Simply put, we make it simple. Whether you need some quick conceptual ideas or designs, or you’re just looking for someone to manage the whole concept-to-completion process, n8 Creative would love to help you out. So drop us a line to let us know what we can do for you!

Nassal Company, The Melissa Ruminot +1 407 648-0400 415 West Kaley St. Orlando, FL 32806 USA The Nassal Company is recognized worldwide as the leader in the fabrication and installation of themed and immersive environments for entertainment, leisure, hospitality, museum, zoo and aquarium venues. Our services include theming, exhibitry, and rockwork fabrication. Since our inception in 1984, Nassal has completed more than $350 million in project work on time, on budget and above expectation. Self-performed fabrication mastery consists of custom architectural woodworking, carving plaster, sculpting, mold-making, casting, FRP, specialty painting, replicating full scale environments and objects, propping, and shot crete.

National Fiber Technology Fred Fehrmann +1 978 686-2964 300 Canal St. Lawrence, MA 1840 USA When you need to get hairy in a hurry! Custom turn-around in less than a week. National Fiber Technology specializes in the manufacture of custom made hair, wigs and fur fabrics for the entertainment industry: TV Commercials, Theme Parks, Movies, Theater, Opera, Taxidermists, Special Effects, Costumes, Mascots, Museums and Ballet. Call us with any of your hair or fiber needs. Quotes upon request.


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

National Fiber Technology Kim Clark +1 978 686-2964 300 Canal St. Lawrence, MA 1840 USA When you need to get hairy in a hurry! Custom turn-around in less than a week. National Fiber Technology specializes in the manufacture of custom made hair, wigs and fur fabrics for the entertainment industry: TV Commercials, Theme Parks, Movies, Theater, Opera, Taxidermists, Special Effects, Costumes, Mascots, Museums and Ballet. Call us with any of your hair or fiber needs. Quotes upon request.

National Motor Museum Trust Russell Bowman +44 1590 612345 Beaulieu Enterprise Ltd. John Montagu Bldg. Beaulieu, Hamps S042 7ZN UK

National Museum of the Marine Corps Chuck Girbovan +1 703 784-4520 18900 Jefferson Davis Hwy Triangle, VA 22172 USA The National Museum of the Marine Corps is a state-of-the-art museum showcasing the history, lore and achievements of the Corps from it’s inception in 1775 to present day. It does this through the use of text, mural graphics, interactive displays, audio/ visual presentations and immersive exhibits.

Natural History Museum

Adam Sanders +44 20 7942 5767 Cromwell Road London, SW7 5BD UK Planning and Design Consulting is part of the Natural History Museum, London. We specialise in the development of natural science attractions, exhibitions and visitor destinations with global understanding and reach, for clients from the museum and leisure worlds. Our key services include: attraction and exhibition development; facilities assessment; feasibility studies; interpretive planning and storyline development; visitor programming. Our services also include the sale or long lease of Kokoro Company Ltd animatronics. Together we provide figures for exhibitions and permanent installations in science centres, museums, zoos, theme parks, attractions and aquariums exclusively in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

NatureMaker Gary Hanick +1 760 438-4244/+1 800 872-1889 6225 El Camino Real Suite 110 Carlsbad, CA 92009 USA NatureMaker specializes exclusively in the design, engineering, and custom fabrication of highly naturalistic “steel art trees”. A synthesis of art and structural engineering, each tree is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted to exactly duplicate live trees. Each detail of trunk, limb and tree silhouette is carefully imbued through the


hand-sculpting, hand painting, and scenic aging using a proprietary composite bark medium over an intricate steel substructure. NatureMaker’s continually expanding array of original tree designs – from deciduous to evergreen, Mediterranean to tropical – represent the highest level of visual and textural authenticity. Practical applications for “steel art trees” include “column clad trees,” “interactive/exhibit trees,” multistory monumental trees, walk-through and wall mounted trees. All materials meet stringent fire and building codes. From design development through worldwide installation, NatureMaker’s decades-long experience assures the highest level of quality, delivered on time, within approved design and budgetary parameters.

New Direx Inc

Naumann Nature Scapes, Inc.

Newman, Marlee Roger Naumann +1 321 537-5491 1605 N. Indian River Dr. Cocoa, FL 32922 USA Since 1985 Roger Naumann has been creating and installing themed environments. Naumann Nature Scapes, Inc. is a full service company, providing creative ideas, design and the actual building of each project. You can expect dedicated service from Mr. Naumann as well as the talented and hard working staff. Naumann Nature Scapes, Inc. provides theming for zoos, aquariums, hotels and large scale residential themed pools.

Nautilus Creative Services Ltd John Nuttall +44 (0)1305816352 532 Dorchester Road Weymouth, Dorset DT3 5BY UK Nautilus are specialists in the design, installation and theming of high quality displays for the aquarium and leisure industry. Always individual and innovative, our creations are custom made to wow visitors and provide the most memorable experience possible.

Nautilus Entertainment Design Jim Tetlow +1 858 456-6395 1010 Turquoise St. Suite 215 San Diego, CA 92109 USA Since 1990, Nautilus Entertainment Design has provided innovative design solutions for live entertainment, television, and special events, as well as consulting and system design services for permanent installations. Services include theatre consulting, lighting design, audio-visual system design, integrated control systems, rigging, special effects, broadcast systems, and digital signage. NED applies many years of practical live production know-how to our permanent installation designs and provides current, functional, and technically superior solutions that can only come from hands-on experience. Former and current projects include theatres, television studios, hotel interiors and exteriors, cruise ships, museums, and themed attractions. Larry Bretherton +1 310 885-9500 12000 Woodruff Ave. Unit E Downey, CA 90241 USA New Direx specializes in time sensitive logistics for entertainment cargo projects through the world. We have extensive knowledge in project work including creating budgets, time lines, handling all documentation for export and import customs and booking the cargo from door to door. Our years of experience are invaluable as we know in most cases exactly what your product is and how it needs to be handled to make sure it arrives to the destination undamaged. We have an extensive agent network and can handle work in all continents. +1 916 257-1896 691 Levering Ave. #17 Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA Student, Art History, UCLA

NewsParcs Francois Mayne +33 (0) 6 17 28 29 85 10, Square Paul Gauguin, Appt 6 Magny le Hongre, 77700 France NewsParcs is a French language website dedicated to the amusement park and leisure industry.

Next Generation Creative Group Lenny Larsen +1 847 641-9478 358 West California Blvd. #204 Pasadena, CA 91105 USA Next Generation Creative Group is a designer and developer of technologybased entertainment experiences and attractions. Approaching every project from both sides of the brain, we combine time-honored storytelling and show design with cutting-edge technology to create unique experiences for virtually any venue. Our capable team has worked on projects around the world ranging from simple museum exhibits to full-blown custom interactive installations. Our projects have included theme parks, theatrical productions, museums, zoos, aquariums, retail centers, and restaurants. Let’s create something amazing together!

NHTV Academy for Leisure Klaus Hoven +31 076-5332811 P.O Box 3917 Archimedesstraat 17 Breda, 4800 DX The Netherlands NHTV Academy for Leisure is a bachelor programme specialising in leisure project management and imagineering. Imagineering has recently been awarded the Special Quality Mark by NVAO (Dutch Flemmish Accreditation Organisation). We do research into consumer experience. Creating experiences in the leisure context is the core competency of our students.

Nickelodeon Recreation Seth Dobey +1 407 426-3003 390 N. Orange Ave. Suite 250 Orlando, FL 32801 USA The Nickelodeon Recreation Group brings television to life creating three dimensional experiences that leverage Nickelodeon properties and deepen the consumer relationship with the brand and characters. Worldwide, Nickelodeon Recreation develops themed attractions, live entertainment, hotels and special events. Events include parades, characters, cruises and themed dining experiences in conjunction with licensing and strategic partners.

Ninjaneer Studios LLC Joseph Rosa +1 321 262-7671 1511 E. State Rd. 434 #2001 Winter Springs, FL 32708 USA Ninjaneer Studios™ is a full service studio specializing in 3D animation and Projection Mapping content. Employing a full time staff of dedicated digital media professionals, we achieve the needs of our clients in a manner which is both visually stimulating and memorable. We believe that great art reflects the love and care put into its making. Our mission is to bring finely crafted animation to every industry. Whether it’s entertainment, advertisement, or instructional, the goal of great animation is to evoke an emotional response.

Norman J.T. Elder and Associates

Norman J.T. Elder +1 714 773-0165 747 Arbolado Dr. Fullerton, CA 92835 USA Norm Elder has more than 35 years of themed entertainment development and marketing experience. He worked for Walt Disney Imagineering, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, and Universal Parks & Resorts. His focus and expertise is on product and brand development, marketing and sales, and corporate sponsorship. Norm has spearheaded some of the entertainment industry’s most successful sponsorship programs, such as generating over $500 million in cash for Universal Studios Japan. He has been integrally involved in domestic development, such as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, as well as extensive international development encompassing such projects as Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan. He specializes in pre-opening marketing, sales and sponsorship development, and post-opening implementation.

Nougaret, Jacques +33 609935095 45, rue Villiers de l’Isle Adam Paris, 75020 France Project Manager


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Nth Degree Design + Visual Janelle Picard +1 407 877-8899 446 W. Plant St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 USA

nWave Pictures Eric Dillens +32 2 347-6319 Rue des Allies 282 Brussels, B-1190 Belgium nWave Pictures produces and distributes a large library of 2D/3D giant screen films, 2D/3D ride simulation films and 3D/4D attraction films.

OASE GmbH Egon Lutkemeier +49 54 54-80391 Techlenburger Str. 161 Horstel, D48477 Germany Realization of Innovative Water Features worldwide. The Oase Design Team develops unique fountains concepts. Our Engineers develop the projects and the in house production of the Water Feature. We guarantee to satisfy even the most extravagant desire. Our After Sales Service ensures trouble free permanent fountains operation with professional service. Peter Kok +65 6337 2838 Singapore Aurora Knight +1 800 365-3880 Ext 510

Oasis Enterprises LLC Basel Al Aref 97142821337 PO Box 93 Dubai, Dubai PO Box 93 UAE Established in 1985, Oasis Enterprises Professional Projects Division (OEPPD) covers full commercial spectrum of activities that goes from distribution to installation and after-sales services. Our services include system design, system integration and turn-key projects. We provide equipment sales and support for all type of professional Products and Systems in the Audiovisual, Broadcast, Architectural and Entertainment Lighting. We currently employ over 45 full time staff across UAE with full operational offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with an expanded sales and maintenance services across the GCC countries. We are the sole distributor for the global brands such as JVC for professional Video & Broadcast technology, ETC for Architectural & Entertainment Lighting and control technology, RCF for Professional Audio and Conference systems and more

Oceaneering Entertainment Systems

Dave Mauck +1 407 251-4432 Suite 800 2822 Commerce Park Dr Orlando, FL 32819 USA Oceaneering’s Entertainment Systems (OES) provides standalone and turnkey services for the entertainment industry concept development,

engineering, production and installation. Field Services include system repair, maintenance, refurbishment, and diagnostics. OES specializes in underwater and land systems, medium/ large dynamic mechanical systems, Show Action Equipment (SAE) and specialized ride systems.

reality is evident in the experiences that we have produced for science centres and children’s museums around the world. We offer: customized science and technology experiences, duplicates of existing exhibits, consulting, design and building of new exhibits and rental of our popular travelling exhibitions.

OmniTicket Network

Orange County Register John Davies +44 1782 714300 15 Berkeley Ct. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs ST5 1TT UK OmniTicket Network provides leading edge technological solutions for ticketing, access control and ticket distribution for many segments of the leisure market, including theme parks, zoos, aquariums, performing arts, cinema, culture/ education, sports and events. Thanks to a unique ability to work with all types of ticket media (from magnetic strips to bar codes to smart cards and watches) OmniTicket’s systems are also able to create new opportunities for cross venue promotions city wide or worldwide and we currently manage in excess of 240 million tickets per year.

On Track Themes, Inc. Mark Thomas +1 805 524-7654 POB 1127 Fillmore, CA 93016-1127 USA On Track Themes is a specialist entertainment company that provides attraction development, project management, technical design, operational/feasibility consulting, and owner’s representation for clients around the globe. On Track Themes creates and delivers quality themed entertainment projects on time and on budget for theme parks, attractions, visitor centers/brand lands, live special events, and locationbased entertainment projects.

Ones & Zeros

Patricia MacKay +1 323 646-9937 7373 Pyramid Place Los Angeles, CA 90046 USA Creative Production. Content development. Behind-the-scenes and project-based publishing. Market strategies. Led by former head of TCI (now Entertainment Design) and Lighting Dimensions magazines and LDI expo. Current and recent clients include: Theatre Projects, OnTrack, Spectak, Viacom, Paramount , Landmark, and QSM publishing group.

Onset Studios Davide Simon Mazzoli +1 321 804-4275 633 Terrace Spring Dr. Orlando, FL 32828 USA Writer, Director and Art director

Ontario Science Centre Heather Farnworth +1 416 696-4629 770 Don Mills Road Toronto, ON M3C 1T3 Canada Our talent for transforming vision into Sarah Tully +1 714 704-3793 1771 S. Lewis St. Anaheim, CA 92805 USA Newspaper

Paragon Creative Ltd Mark Pyrah +44 (0) 1904 608020 The Airfield, Elvington Unit 8, Harrier Ct. York, North Yorkshire YO41 4AU UK Paragon Creative Ltd is one of the UK’s leading creative fabrication companies. Paragon specialise in Architectural Modelmaking, Hands-On Interactives, Displays and Theming.

Paramount Pictures/Viacom

Jason Garcia +1 407 420-5414 633 N. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801 USA Charles Myers +1 323 956-5857 The Hart Bldg # 304 5555 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA 90038-3197 USA Paramount Licensing partners with owners, developers, manufacturers, and producers to create resort projects, parks, attractions, rides, gaming, restaurants, theatricals, events, exhibits, and special format films/media that leverage Paramount’s film library. Paramount also provides planning, design, and production services. A Viacom company, Paramount includes: Paramount Pictures, Vantage, Nickelodeon Movies, and MTV Films.

Otnes, McKenzie

Park Orbis Pictus a.s.

Orben, Mitchell Bowman Mitchell Bowman Orben +1 407 460-1096 3952 Township Square Blvd. Apt. 1211 Orlando, FL 32837 USA Set Designer/Graphic Designer

Orlando Sentinel +1 425 478--6237 21326 Damson Rd. Bothell, WA 98021 USA Student, Scenic Design, Central Washington University

Ozier, Kile +1 347 268-2953 300 West 49th St. Suite 815 New York, NY 10019-7303 USA

P&P Projects BV Ifat Caspi +31 493 694511 Ommelseweg 45 Asten, N-Brabant 5721 WT Netherlands P&P Projects B.V. is specialized in (turn-key) projects for the entire leisure industry. For 19 years now we have been constructing and decorating complete projects for several organisations, such as: - Museums - Visitors centres - Theme parks. P&P has 4 major subjects under one roof: Theming / scenery / props Interactives / exhibits / animatronics Specials / scale models High quality interiors.



Group Lisa Meller +1 323 366-0710 POB 53761 Irvine, CA 92619 USA Papillon Entertainment Group offers full service event management and production. From concept and program design to site selection, operations, facilities management, housing, registration, communications and financial management, we help our clients pull it together. Look to us for conferences, meetings, symposiums, special events, retreats, launches and festivals, or any event in which face to face marketing can help make a vision take flight! Petr Fejk +420 222 873 240 Rytirska 4 Prague, 1 110 00 Czech Republic Company for planning, project management and operation of future theme park in the Czech Republic.

Park, Solip +1 724 234-0665 1033 Foster City Blvd. Foster City, CA 94404 USA Graduate Student

Parsons, Charles T. Charles Parsons +1 407 683-4693 2285 Reefview Loop Apopka, FL 32712 USA Instructor, International Academy of Design and Technology

Patrick McBride Company, The Eric McBride +1 305 670-2370 9130 South Dadeland Blvd. Suite 1602 Miami, FL 33156 USA The McBride Company consists of planners, architects, set designers, writers, exhibit designers, art directors, interior designers, and project managers. A spirit of boundless imagination and capable, consistent delivery has propelled the company to the forefront for the design and destination entertainment, museums, specialty retail, themed attractions, and mixed use development. Pat McBride +1 802 362-0700 11 Baker Farm Road Manchester, VT 5255 USA


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Patrick Roberge Productions Inc. (PRP) Patrick Roberge +1 604 248-4190 101-408 East Kent Ave. South Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7 Canada An award-winning entertainment and event management company, PRP boasts 24 years of creating and producing high-profile, multi stakeholder international events and entertainment. Comprised of top industry professionals, PRP specializes in creating live shows and spectaculars that inspire audiences and achieve client objectives. Clients include governments, major corporations, attractions and special event organizers such as Legoland Theme Parks, and the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, PRP has created and produced countless productions throughout North America, Asia and Europe. For more information, visit

Patterson, Kassandra +1 903 780-0013 637 E. Henry St. STEB Savannah, GA 31405 USA Student, SCAD

PCA Safety Ltd.

Paul Crosbie +44 1270 650979 / 07973 525576 127 Wistaston Rd., Willaston Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6QP UK PCA Safety specializes in working hand in hand with its clients and partners to achieve their goals within the safety aspects of design and construction. We take a common sense and informed approach to all aspects of health and safety by providing turnkey solutions to theme park experiences, show sets, museum and heritage exhibition design and construction. We have assisted in the successful delivery of some of the most high profile visitor attractions projects in the UK through CDM coordinator roles and on site safety management. We have developed a reputation to provide an outstanding cost effective service.

PCL Bob Hopfenberg +1 407 363-0059 6675 Westwood Blvd. Suite 200 Orlando, FL 32821 USA PCL is the nation’s #3 Entertainment builder based upon volume according to Engineering News Record magazine. PCL has a diverse and extensive entertainment background with a portfolio consisting of billions of dollars worth of rides, roller coasters, simulators, aquariums, restaurants, retail, and support facilities. Our experience has provided our key personnel with the proper mindset and a complete understanding that the guest experience is everything.

Peller & Associates, Inc.

Miklos Peller, Jr. +1 440 889-1661 842 Corporate Way Suite 820 Westlake, OH 44145 USA Structural Engineering For a Wide Variety of Ride, Themepark and Aquarium


Projects throughout the US as well as Internationally.

Pepin, Yves +33(0)611706613 5, rue Paul de Kock Paris, 75019 France Designer/producer of groundbreaking multimedia experiences.

Performance Solutions Susan Young +1 416 410-1102 Ext. 22 29 Basin St. Toronto, ON M4M 1A1 Canada Performance Solutions is celebrating its 20th anniversary specializing in theatrical rigging/aerial performance, special effects and set construction. Whether we’re rigging a theatre, flying a performer, constructing a set or creating a spectacular special effects show for a live event, exhibit or ride – our wealth of knowledge and experience is the cornerstone of our success. We have worked in film, commercials, theatres, and themed venues helping you create a more unique and compelling experience for your customers. Complete engineered drawings available for any location. Please contact Susan Young at 416-823-7837 cell or syoung@

Petersham Group Ltd. Keith Thomas +44 1822.850606 333 Petersham Road Richmond, Surrey TW10 7DB UK The Petersham Group is the leisure consultancy. Based in London but with an international focus, we work to create compelling destinations and to turn a dream or concept into a viable leisure attraction. Our clients may be developers or operators, architects or designers, funders or borrowers. They know we understand the ‘experience economy’ better than most. From sports venues to theme parks, heritage sites to museums, zoos and aquaria to touring exhibitions - we have an enviable track record for appraisal, development and operation that speaks for itself and we act as the conduit to realise your vision.

PGAV Destinations Al Cross +1 314 231-7318 200 North Broadway, Ste 1000 St. Louis, MO 63102-2730 USA PGAV Destinations is a global leader in the planning and design of unique destinations. Led by Principals Jim Moorkamp and Mike Konzen, we have evolved our practice to become the ideal strategic partner, skilled at developing growth-oriented master plans and translating those plans into successful projects. Our staff of more than 120 fulltime staff includes architects, planners, brand specialists, earned revenue specialists, interior designers, graphic designers, landscape architects, artists, and interpretive designers. No other firm offers such an integrated approach to destination planning.

Philip Hartley Associates Ltd. Philip Hartley +44 161 439 4041 1 Hillbury Rd. Bramhall Stockport, Cheshire SK7 3AF UK Philip Hartley Associates (PHA) Ltd was formed in 1995 and offers a specialist service in the provision of independent creative and technical consultancy and project management for theme park developers, designers, project masterplanners, main contractors, lowcal authorities and other end users. PHA are able to draw on extensive expertise to ensure that the advice we give to our clients is not only robust in creative and technical terms but is also operationally sound. The breadth and quality of this expertise helps to distinguish PHA from the many other consultants and project managers offering services to the visitor attraction and theme park market. We believe that we are unique in offering creative and pragmatic solutions, whilst respecting the constraints of financial and operational resource. Annika Oetken +49 421 349 1504 215e Kirchbachstrasse Bremen, 28211 Germany

Piceau, Colette +1 321-331-6458 7537 Ripplepoint Way Windermere, FL 34786 USA

Picsolve Debbi Perry +1 407 482-3131 6650 Hoffner Ave. Suite A Orlando, FL 32822 USA Picsolve is one of the world’s leading imaging solutions companies with over 500 installations throughout the world with offices in the US, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. We provide you with the highest revenue earning opportunities and the very best products along with leading edge technology and the best engineers and designers in the business. We specialize in expanding photography in attractions and are dedicated to offering a quality photo which is both creative and fun and will tie into the mission of your attraction. Ben Thomas +44 (0) 1332 370 740 Woodland Lodge 107-111 Uttoxeter New Rd. Derby, DE22 3NL UK

Pitman, Nicholas

Nicholas Pitman +1 480 302-1747 2525 E. Jasper Drive Gilbert, AZ 85296 USA Nick Pitman is a dedicated technician specializing in the systems integration field. Primarily lighting integration, including maintenance and repair.

PK & Associates Ltd. Heidiliza Rocafor +44 208123429 Riverbridge House Guilford Rd. Letherhead, Surrey KT22 9AD UK

PlainJoe Studios Ben Jackson +1 951 735-4587 7345 Piute Creek Dr. Corona, CA 92881 USA PlainJoe Studios is guided by the passionate pursuit of quality design and practical solutions for our clients. We utilize the vast array of skills and the multi-disciplines of our team to serve our clients in the areas of strategic ideation, interactive media, and environmental design. Our expertise and services encompass groundbreaking and award winning strategic planning, visual design and the development of physical and “virtual” media.

PLASA Matthew Griffiths +44 (0) 1323 524120 Redoubt House 1 Edward Rd. Eastbourne, BN23 8AS UK Lori Rubinstein +1 212 244-1505 630 Ninth Ave. #609 New York, NY 10036 USA

Point of Light Inc. Tim Linamen +1 407 351-5168 Bldg 32, Suite 103 2000 Universal Studios Plaza Orlando, FL 32819-7630 USA Point of Light is a full service professional lighting design firm dedicated to providing creative visions that enhance a range of projects; specializing in themed environments. We offer various services including consulting, concept development, facility input, lighting system design, redevelopment, systems integration, installation support and programming. Principal designer, Tim Linamen has been involved in professional lighting design for over 25 years and his experience covers every aspect of entertainment and architectural lighting. We thrive on supporting challenging projects and lending our creative expertise to each phase of a project’s development to achieve the maximum dramatic impact and unparalleled visual effects.

Polaris Studio Inc. Kevin Burke +1 626 584-9087 99 South Raymond Ave. #301 Pasadena, CA 91105 USA Polaris Studio Inc is the architecture firm for your project. We provide facility/ show/ ride/ retail and dining themed entertainment and immersive environment design and facility design management services. We have a proven track record of award winning projects for industry leading clients all around the world. Polaris Studio makes your project feasible and your idea a reality. For concept design, program analysis, facility design and management look to Polaris first.


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Poliner, Amy +1 702 882--5927 809 Aquitaine Ct. Las Vegas, NV 89145 USA Student, UCLA Theater/Sound Design

Polysonics Howard Schlieper +1 540 341-4988 405 Belle Air Lane Warrenton, VA 20186 USA Polysonics is an established Acoustics and Technology Design Consulting firm that has been successfully doing business since 1958. We have experience in a variety of projects ranging from Theme Parks, Museums, Hotels, Stadiums, Theaters, and Arenas to Government Facilities, Corporate AV, and Broadcast. We specialize in providing a “one stop shop†to clients for multiple consulting disciplines such as Audio, Video, Control, Acoustics, Lighting, Voice/Data, Wi-Fi, MATV, CCTV, IPTV, Rigging, Mechanical Noise, Vibration, Project Management, EASE Modeling, Door Access, Construction Administration, Systems Commissioning/ Turnover, Testing, Training, and Peer Review.

Portico Group, The Charles Mayes +1 206 621-2196 3rd Floor 1500 4th Ave. Seattle, WA 98101-1670 USA The Portico Group is a design firm currently celebrating its 25th year of work. Portico’s mission – to connect people to nature and culture in meaningful ways – is played out in its multidisciplinary practice, including architecture, landscape architecture, exhibit/experience design and interpretive planning. Clients, from across the US and around the world, include museums, zoos, aquaria, attractions, botanic gardens, arboreta, and parks.

Premier Rides, Inc. Jim Seay +1 410 923-0414 1007 East Pratt St. Baltimore, MD 21202 USA Premier Rides is a global supplier of magnetic launch and traditional roller coasters, observation wheels, observation towers, water rides and custom designed attractions. The company offers a comprehensive service division supplying engineering support, ride and train rehab; it maintains and offers spare parts service on a 24-hour emergency basis. The company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and has additional U.S., Canadian, European and Asian offices.

Preserved Treescapes International Dennis Gabrick +1 760 631-6789 1390 Engineer St. Vista, CA 92081 USA Worldwide supplier of custom preserved, replica and fabricated trees and plants for

interior or exterior themed environments. PTI is headquartered in Vista, CA with offices in FL, IL, India and Dubai. PTI has completed more than 10,000 installations at hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and casinos including The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and the Ferrari Experience in Abu Dhabi. Juan Ascensio 600 Northeast 36th St. #1621 Miami, FL 33137 USA Don Jewett +971 (0)50 254 1796 Dubai, UAE

PRG (Production Resource Group) Tyler Wise +1 212 589-5434 630 Ninth Ave. Suite 610 New York, NY 10036 USA PRG offers systems design, integration, engineering and project management for permanent installations such as theme parks, museums, retail stores, performing arts centers, casinos and cruise ships. We can provide a single discipline, or we can bundle disciplines for an integrated solution that meets the needs of the entire project. Our involvement on a project can include acting as a prime contractor, equipment supplier or as Systems Integrator providing the expertise to coordinate the installation. The world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology, PRG operates from more than 36 locations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. +49 (0)40 670 886-0 Bredowstr. 34 Hamburg, 22113 Germany +86 (0) 21 632 865 11 Suite 1017, No. 885 Renmin Rd Huang Pu District Shanghai, 200010 China +61 2 8568 4400 66 Euston Road Alexandria, NSW 2015 Australia

Pro Forma Advisors LLC Mark Dvorchak +1 310 616-5079 727 2nd St. Suite 105 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 USA Our firm provides sound, independent economic analysis of real estate development projects. We offer our clients and partners superior service in delivering accurate, actionable and objective assessments of your project’s market and financial potential. Our professional team brings experience, creative thinking, new business approaches, and technology to project analysis.

Producers Group, The Andrew Rubio +1 818 334-2829 1125 E. Broadway, Suite 35 Glendale, CA 91205 USA The Producers Group offers detailed owners representation, production

management, technical design/ supervision, creative concepts, direction and installation for projects large and small. Theme park development involves not only the pre-planning and design of many rides, attractions, and shows but also the design and development of a carefully fashioned master plan. The Producers Group utilizes its extensive theme park planning experience while working closely with the client. Theme park production is the art, science and business of designing and producing specialized equipment and media that creates unique and successful rides, shows and attractions. Fumiyasu Yamikawa +81 090 3917 1970 Tokyo, Japan Charlie Xu +86 139 1692 5050 Shanghai, China J.-M. Louis +33 (0) 6 43421336 Paris, France Peter Kim +82 10 2542 2770 Seoul, Korea

Productions du Dragon Ariane Delplancq +64 237650 Rue de Belle-Vue 23 La Louviere, Hainaut 7100 Belgium Founded in 2000 by world renowned art director and producer Franco Dragone, the group designs, produces and puts together live shows combining postmodern dancing, music, circus arts and special effects. The aim is to produce the most spectacular shows on Earth.

Project Management Services

Cliff Robertson +44 776898 1952 Ardencaple, Academy St. Castle Douglas, DG7 1EE UK Project Management Services provides feasibility study development, project appraisal, business planning, design team coordination and project management services. Skills include design review, project scheduling using Primavera, cost estimating. CLiff has degrees in Construction management, an MBA and Design Studies degree plus is member of the RICS. Cliff spends his time between the UK and the Middle East.

Prows, Martin +1 801 566-3454 8743 S 620 E Sandy, UT 84070 USA PhD Candidate, Arizona State University, Theatre for Youth

PRS Associates, Inc.

Patrick Scanlon +1 719 339-8696 581 Vista Grande Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80906 USA Over 30 years in the attractions industry. We specialize in creating and producing themed attractions (theme parks, water parks, visitor centers, aquariums

and museums). Our services include charrette/feasibility analysis, attraction programming and capacity sizing, concept and design development, and project management from design through production/construction and attraction opening.

PTS Staffing Solutions Ronald Stein +1 888 787-3711 Ext 23 9960 Research Dr. Suite 200 Irvine, CA 92618 USA PTS is a leading provider of specialty professional staffing and outsourcing solutions. PTS focuses on providing Engineering and Design staffing, Creative and Entertainment staffing and Payroll Management services to member companies of the Themed Entertainment Association. PTS has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc. Magazine. PTS is the best connected and most cost-effective solution to meet the staffing challenges of today and tomorrow.

Quirk, Nicole +1 215 917-8746 720 Highland Ave. #110 Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA Student, UCLA, Screenwriting

R&R Creative Amusement Designs, Inc. Rick Bastrup +1 714 776-5234 2413 E. Lincoln Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 USA Show design & thematic development for Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Dark Rides & all forms of Themed Entertainment. Services include: design & planning, presentations, thematic development & art direction. Attractions design include: Neptune’s’ Kingdom, The Adventure Express, MGM Attractions, American Adventures, The MGM Theme Park, Phantom Theater, Yosemite Sam and Gold River Adventure, and Voyage to the center of the Earth at Waterworld, Cave Train Adventure and Haunted Castle Dark Rides at Santa Cruz Boardwalk and design and theming for over 40 U.S. Waterparks.

R. K. Roden, Inc. Rick Roden +1 352 787-6073 15519 W. US HWY 441, Bldg. 206B Eustis, FL 32726 USA RKRoden provides Design, Engineering, Project Management, Installation and Programming of Audio, Video, Lighting and Show Control Integrated Systems for Theme Parks, Casinos, Museums, Night Clubs, Corporate Centers, Restaurants and Retail worldwide. Company president Rick Roden has over thirty-five years experience in themed entertainment, and has installed hundreds of systems worldwide.

Radeva-Nedyalkova, Mariya +1 702 927-3133 700 Carnegie St., Apt. 2721 Henderson, NV 89052 USA Student, Costume Design (MFA), UNLV


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Radiance Lightworks, Inc. Clayton Alexander +1 818 879-1516 4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd. Suite 500 Westlake Village, CA 91361 USA Full service lighting design for themed environments, themed attractions, architectural applications, museums, retail displays, exhibits, live events and concerts. Please visit our website to view many of the exciting projects and attractions we’ve completed.

Radical Concepts, Inc. Mike Conrad +1 407 592-0504 POB 2081 DeLand, FL 32721 USA Provider of creative services to theme parks, attractions, live shows, events, games and exhibits. Services include conceptual design, brainstorming, writing, illustration, art direction, storyboards, graphic, character and costume design, etc. 20 years experience on worldwide projects for Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens and many others.

Ralph Appelbaum Associates Deborah Wolff +1 212 334-8200 88 Pine St. New York, NY 10005 USA Founded in 1979, RAA has 33 years experience working for institutions across the United states and in 23 countries. The corporate portfolio includes some 230 permanent and temporary exhibitions, 130 commissions in interpretive and institutional planning, consultation, and branding, and over 50 active projects currently in development. More than 30 million people visit RAA-planned and designed projects each year. Currently the largest museum design firm in the world, RAA has an interdisciplinary staff of over 135 designers, technology and media specialists, architects, writers, editors, and management personnel operating from studios in New York, London and Beijing.

Rando Productions, Inc. Joe Rando +1 818 982-4300 11939 Sherman Road North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

Rassel, Arielle +1 919 819-1575 Savannah, GA 31401 USA Interior Design Major, SCAD

Ravenswood Studio, Inc. Kevin Snow +1 847 679-2800 x224 6900 N. Central Park Ave. Lincolnwood, IL 60712 USA We build cool stuff! We are a creative team of exhibit, interior, theatrical, and LEED accredited environmental designers, craftsmen, sculptors, painters, welders and scenic artists. From design conceptualization to fabrication and installation, we can provide any or all


of the steps in between as your project requires. We work directly with clients and with independent designers, providing complete turn-key museum exhibits and experiential environments, special events, restaurants, retail, corporate exhibits, opera sets, theatre sets, and show automation.

Ray Hole Architects Ray Hole +44 (0) 20 8662 4600 69 Park Lane 9th Floor Croydon, CR0 1JD UK ray hole architects is an international, award winning architectural practice underpinned by experience gained from over 25 years in highly creative, multidisciplinary design environments and through a diversity of projects, activities, locations and cultures. Our attitude and understanding is allowing us to play an influential role in redefining the cultural, heritage, science, sport, education and visitor attraction sectors.

Recreation Management Emily Tipping +1 847 963-8740 #411 50 North Brockway St. Palatine, IL 60067 USA

Reel FX Chuck Peil +1 310 264-6440 2115 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA Founded in 1993, Reel FX (Dallas and Santa Monica), is a creator of cuttingedge content for film, TV, publishing and digital media. It is a one-stop studio for the development and production of CGanimated and effects-driven live-action “family franchise films”, special attraction/ live venue projects, commercials, and interactive projects. Reel FX combines top creative talent (writers, directors, animation and effects artists) with seasoned executives and a proven proprietary animation and production management software (developed by Reel FX), which allows its artists to work & collaborate more effectively. Reel FX also actively develops and secures the rights to franchise-worthy literary material. Reel FX is led by a team of industry veterans including Academy Award®-winning, former Industrial Light and Magic Senior Executive, Ed Jones, and former Walden Media CEO, Cary Granat.

Renaissance Entertainment

Jon Binkowski +1 321 939-2266 691 Front St. Celebration, FL 34747 USA Renaissance Entertainment LLC is an aggressive international entertainment company with corporate headquarters in Celebration, Florida. Since its original introduction in 1989, the company has established an outstanding reputation in themed attraction design, installation and operation.

Resorts World Bhd Kenny Yap +603 6101 1118 Genting Highland Resorts Pahang 69000 Malaysia Genting Malaysia is principally involved in the leisure and hospitality business and its activities cover theme parks, gaming, hotels, seaside resorts and entertainment. The jewel of its crown is Resorts World Genting, an premier integrated family leisure and entertainment resort at the peak of Genting Highlands that attracted 19.5 million visitors in 2009. Known as Resorts World Genting, the resort offers six hotels with 10,000 rooms, over 60 fun rides, 170 dining and shopping outlets, mega shows, business convention facilities, and endless entertainment -- all at one location. the Theme Park division alone attracts over 3 million visitors annually.

Rethink Attractions Joshua Updike +1 818 759-7488 11940 Sherman Road North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA A team of seasoned professionals, Rethink Attractions provides comprehensive attraction design, including engineering, ride system, and media solutions. Drawing from decades of experience with some of the world’s top entertainment companies, our senior designers and producers understand the challenges associated with delivering high end show quality while maintaining fiscal responsibility. With bases of operations in Los Angeles and Orlando, Rethink Attractions is poised to lead any design effort imaginable.

RGH Themed Entertainment Lenny Larsen +1 818 715-7179 5901 De Soto Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91367 USA The Rubicon Group Holding (RGH) Themed Entertainment division conceives, designs, and creates compelling location-based entertainment experiences around the world. From theme parks and attractions to museums and cultural experiences, the RGH team brings fresh ideas and valuable experience to a diverse array of projects. With locations in Los Angeles, Dubai, Manila, and Jordan, RGH also produces interactive technology and digital games as well as award-winning animated content for television and feature films. Currently in development is a $1.5 billion USD destination in Aqaba, Jordan featuring attractions, entertainment, and five-star accommodations, all under the direction of RGH.

Rhythm & Hues Charlotte Huggins +1 310 448-7500 2100 E. Grand Ave. El Segundo, CA 90245-5024 USA Creators and producers of CG and live action, multi-format motion pictures for all special venues.

Richards, Isis +1 323 382-1423 175 Lakeview Dr. Palmdale, CA 93551 USA CONCEPTUAL INNOVATIVE ARTISTS created by ISIS RICHARDS, brings TOGETHER Innovative ARTISTS for CLIENTS, who want their “CONCEPTS to COME TRUE!”

Richey, Glenn +1 205 310-5973 U. of Alabama, Management & Marketing POB 870225 Tuscaloosa, AL 35401-1909 USA Educator/Researcher in Services Marketing: Logistics, B2B Relationships, Marketing/Retail Strategy & Risk/ Disaster Preparedness and Recovery.

Riddle, Gregg +1 909 945-1919 4200 Concours Dr., Suite 350 Ontario, CA 91764 USA Project Executive

Rieman, Leticia L. +1 407 353-5891 1158 Carmel Circle #300 Casselberry, FL 32707 USA Producer - Promoter Special Events

Ringhausen, Brad

brad.f.ringhausen@disnycom +1 407 927-8738 6039 South Rio Grand Ave. Orlando, FL 32809 USA Instructor at the International Academy of Design Technology.

Ripley’s Entertainment Dave Ugan +1 407 345-8010 7576 Kingspointe Parkway #188 Orlando, FL 32819 USA

Risto Salo Design & Engineering

Risto Salo, P.E. +1 661 296-5692 27492 Bridgewater Dr. Valencia, CA 91354-1814 USA Almost anything is possible.... From concept design to fabrication drawings, I take the creative ideas and work through the design and engineering process with you. I have 22 years of engineering experience specializing in the mechanical, electrical, fluids and structural technologies that are unique to the entertainment industry.

Rizik, Jumana +1 512 507-0369 6000 Emerald Forest Dr. Unit A Austin, TX 78745 USA Student, Theatre Technology, University of Texas, Austin

RMA Limited Nigel Knight +44 1753 652 200 Pinewood Road Pinewood Studios Iver Heath, Bucks SL0 0NH UK Visitor Attractions, Design and Build creative architecture, scenic design and build technical systems, design and build programme production project management.


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ROCKARTuk Tony Galer +44 (0) 1379 588060 Unit 7 Halesworth, Suffolk IP198EN UK ROCKARTuk. Your gateway to creating Themed Environments. We Design, Build and Install Themed Environments to your requirements and budget. We provide Consultancy, Feasibility Studies & Master-Planning for all Visitor Attractions. Incorporating innovative twists & ideas within our design phases, and keeping quality at the forefront of each project, we are able to supply complete ‘turn-key’ solutions for Theme Parks, Water Parks, Aquariums, Family Entertainment Centres, Museums & Heritage, Indoor Black Light & Outdoor Adventure Golf Venues, Safari Parks & Zoos.

Rodgers, John T. P.E. +1 310 822-6574 4730K La Villa Marina Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-7027 USA Special effects designer of fire effects.

Romero Petrilli VanRell & Assoc. Daniel Romero +1 407 834-8118 145 West Pine Ave. Longwood, FL 32750 USA Creative planning, design and art for hospitality, leisure and entertainment environments. Conceptualization for large scale, mixed use developments and theme parks components and attractions.

Rommers, Yvonne NHTV Breda, The Netherlands Student, NHTV

Ronald Regan Presidential Library and Museum National Archives and Records Mira Cohen +1 805 577-4000 40 Presidential Dr. Simi Valley, CA 93065 USA

Rosefelt, Rebecca +1 608 5772126 1935 N. Kollath Rd. Verona, WI 53593 USA Student, Costume Design & Technology, University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

RoseWell Entertainment Prudence Ruzicka DePew +1 407 288-2305 620 Patterson Ave. A Glendale, CA 91203 USA RoseWell is a themed entertainment and consultancy company providing a variety of creative and technical support services for design & development projects — from theme parks and resorts to visitor centers and museum experiences. Our specialty is to bridge the gaps between the creative, technical, operational, and budgetary needs in any project in order to uphold the guest experience.

Roto Joseph Wisne +1 614 760-8690 7001 Discovery Blvd. Dublin, OH 43017 USA Roto is a world-class planning and design firm with a rich heritage in production and project management. We specialize in original attractions and exhibits for Theme Parks, FECs, Zoos, Aquariums and Museums. Our projects include international theme park planning, interactive attractions, dark rides, immersive themed environments, and interpretive and hands-on exhibits.

RT Murphy & Associates

Richard Murphy +1 562 945-9430 8214 Elden Ave. Whittier, CA 90605 USA Project scope writing services. Provides written communication for project management, specializing in definition of the scope of work for themed entertainment attractions and exhibits. Our outstanding ability to translate design concepts into practical details promotes early definition and optimizes the efforts of the project team.

Rubenstein, Katherine 700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA Student, ETC at Carnegie Mellon

Rubin, Judith +1 314 853-5210 3435 Halliday Ave. St. Louis, MO 63118 USA Press & PR Strategist-Writer

Russells Tony Quinlan +44 01245 500428 16 Baynes Place Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2QX UK Russell Signs Ltd was established over 100 years ago. Over the past 10 years we have successfully completed projects in multiple entertainment sectors, including theme park and leisure destinations, exhibits, museums and environments for events. Our creative services and high quality standards were originally developed in craft-orientated disciplines such as scenery fabrication, special effects and scene painting. Current capabilities include project and logistics management, design and development, graphics and display, special effects, steel fabrication and machine work, engineering, fabrication and model making of all kinds.

Ruzika Company, The Tom Ruzika +1 949 253-3479 2 Executive Circle Suite 290 Irvine, CA 92614 USA TRC provides lighting design services for architectural, themed environments and theatrical entertainment. Recent projects include major theme parks and international expositions, hotels, casinos, regional retail shopping centers,

restaurants, performing arts centers, and product display exhibits. TRC has created award-winning lighting for international commercial theaters. TRC offers imaginative and cost effective lighting design services.

Sacher Creative

Andrew Sacher +1 818 761-5944 4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite 186 Valley Village, CA 91607 USA The entertainment landscape is rapidly changing and Andy Sacher has a successful track record conceiving, developing, and implementing innovative projects. His mission is to create entertaining experiences and enriching interactive content for diverse clients and business partners. Andy’s 18 years of creative experience includes real and virtual themed environments, entertaining attractions, interactive exhibits, educational games, multimedia production, space design, web design, and master planning. Recent projects include exhibits for the California Academy of Sciences (SF), games for Spaceship Earth Post Show (EPCOT), GameWorks flagships (USA), and Jerry Bruckheimer Films website (go to www. for full list of Projects/Clients).

Sally Corporation John Wood +1 904 355-7100 745 West Forsyth St. Jacksonville, FL 32204 USA Sally Corporation is a design/build leader of award-winning interactive and traditional dark rides and animatronics. Serving parks, attractions, museums and corporate clients worldwide since 1977, Sally is a full service company offering design, fabrication, scripting, audio production, lighting, scenic work, electronics, installation and project management.

Sammons, Colt

www.COLTSAMMONS.COM COLT@SAMMONS.COM +1 941 737-3910 5034 18th Ter E Palmetto, FL 34221 USA Student, Ringling College of Art and Design

Samsung Everland english/index.html Jaehyun Yoon +82 31 320 8145 310 Jondae-ri, Pokog-eup Cheoin-gu Yongin, Gyeonggi-do 449-715 Korea Samsung Everland, which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group, is operating Everland (Dry Park), Caribbean (Water Park), Hoam Mueum, Golf Clubs and so on.

Sanciano, Arnel +1 858 333-1568 1334 Stanford Irvine, CA 92612 USA Student, UCI

Sanderson Group International Pty. Ltd. Brenda Lai +61 7 5591 9591 Level 15, Corporate Centre One 2 Corporate Court Bundall, Queensland 4217 Australia We are an Australian multi-national corporation with over 22 years experience in delivering high quality themed tourist destinations. The Sanderson Group designs and builds thematic attractions throughout Australia, Southeast Asia (India, Macau, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Dubai, Vietnam and Hong Kong) and the Subcontinent, predominately theme parks, waterparks, and themed tourist Attractions. The Sanderson Group offers prospective clientele the flexibility for a total “turnkey” solutions or individual project sequences, such as feasibility reports, masterplanning, conceptual design, design development, documentation, project management, construction management, component fabrications, installations, operational training etc.

Sangrona, Erika +1 407 756-4775 14038 Entrada Dr. Orlando, FL 32837 USA Student, Ringling University

Sans Gear LLC Jan Shaw +1 818 445-8902 4142 Fire Water Ct. Orlando, FL 32829 USA The Adventure People! 40-years’ Guest Experience Enhancement; Consulting for Attractions and Resorts with Project Planning, Design, Development and Themed Fabrication Services. The Best in Adventure Recreational Activity products & planning. Sans Gear puts the Adventuretainment WOW! in family interactive entertainment. Take the guesswork out of your next Adventure Attraction. World’s Safest stunt bag, award-winning Krush KushioNZ safety impact technology.

Sarner Limited Ross Magri +44 20 8481 0600 Horace Road 5 Princess Mews Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2SZ UK Established over 30 years ago, Sarner has developed in resource and reputation to provide an outstanding service in all aspects of museum, exhibition, heritage, visitor attraction and theme park design, and technical system engineering. Our experience in creating attractions has earned us a Worldwide reputation with projects located in Europe, North America and Asia.

Sato, Matt 1936 Edgewood Dr. South Pasadena, CA 91030 USA Creative/Production Coordinator


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SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) George Head +1 912 525-5000 POB 2072 Savannah, GA 31402 USA SCAD: The University for Creative Careers The Savannah College of Art and Design is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution conferring bachelor’s and master’s degrees at distinctive locations and online to prepare talented students for professional careers. SCAD offers degrees in more than 40 majors. Visit

Scott C. Neale Design Frank Janesh +1 818 896-6006 x114 13516 Desmond St. Pacoima, CA 91331 USA The Scenic Route is a full service production resource company, providing services for the entertainment, live event, touring, museum government and trade show industries. Our services range from conceptual design and project management, construction and fabrication, to final installation and implementation. Scott Neale +1 224 595-9030 3223 Tennyson Square St. Louis, MO 63143 USA Scott C. Neale Design is a freelance scenic design and themed attraction consulting service with a solid background in theatre set design. Whether part of a larger collaborative team or on an individual basis, Scott has a diverse range of creative knowledge and experience to tailor every design to the customer’s satisfaction from conception to the completion of the finished product. Scott C. Neale is a true artist at heart, designer by trade. Services include: Conceptual design and rendering, scenic design, small ride and attraction theming, exhibit theming, graphic and sign design, storyboard and illustration, scale model fabrication, Sketchup model fabrication, photoshop services.

Schaab, Peter F.

Scott Sherman Design

Scenic Route, The +1 619 245-3919 1051 Nash Dr. Celebration, FL 34747 USA Design and Visualization For All The Places We Gather To Be Entertained And Enlightened.

Schafer, Kristina +1 704 746-2322 309 Riverwood Rd. Mooresville, NC 28117 USA Student, Lakeside Academy of the Arts

Schaffer, John A. Scott Sherman +1 541 482-5860 376 Guthrie St. Ashland, OR 97520-3022 USA Concept development/ Show design/ Presentation illustration/ CGI artwork/ Graphic design/ Production design/ Field art direction. Also: Fine Art & Sculpture 23 years of experience including: Tokyo DisneySea: Concept/ Show design/ Field Art Direction- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Ride WDI: Senior Concept Designer - 7 years (Disneyland, Walt Disney World) Universal’s Islands of Adventure: Overall Show/ Concept Development .

John. Schaffer +1 520 877-7773 POB 68513 Tucson, AZ 85737-8513 USA

Scott, Don

Schleimer, Law Offices of Joseph D. +1 805 252-9150 UC Santa Barbara, Mail Code 7060 Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA University of California Santa Barbara Joseph Schleimer +1 310 273-9807 9401 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1250 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA Entertainment and intellectual property attorney

Schwartz, Joshua +1 516 398-1791 28 Jerold St. Plainview, NY 11803 USA Student, Production Design/Themed Entertainment, SCAD

Science North Enterprises Julie Moskalyk +1 705 522-3701 100 Ramsey Lake Road Sudbury, ON P3E 5S9 Canada Science North Enterprises provides turnkey solutions to an international client list that includes both major


public attractions and multinational corporations. We have proven expertise covering the full spectrum of exhibit and attraction development services including consulting, exhibit design and production, multimedia attractions, film production, travelling and off-the-shelf exhibits. +1 407 294-3588 3927 Greenock Court Apopka, FL 32712 USA

Scott, Vickie

Scott, Vickie 148 San Milano Drive Goleta, CA 93117 USA

SeaChanger Stephen Ellison +1 727 545-0741 8060 Bryan Dairy Road Largo, FL 33777 USA A true lighting innovation in DMX color changing technology for Theatrical, Architectural, and Themed Attractions, SeaChanger’s optical design utilizes ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal components and employs dichroic glass wheels. SeaChanger continues to evolve with more energy efficient lamp offerings such as Tungsten, Plasma, and HMI. SeaChanger Plasma consumes 320

watts of power to produce lumen output equivalent to a 750 watt Tungsten fixture, with a lamp life of 5,000 hours and a 92 CRI at 5,200 Kelvin. The SeaChanger HMI fixture produces an impressive 24,000 lumens at 34lumens per watt; a spectacular product for long throws and outdoor applications.

Star Trek Tours have received the overwhelming acclaim of fans and the public at large. In addition, SEE-TA provides merchandizing, licensing and marketing planning direction in all of its projects.

Karin Evanston 16080 Table Mtn. Pkwy. #100 Golden, CO 80403 USA

Stephen Seigel +1 206 718-9123 4524 Southwest 241st St. Vashon, WA 98070-8108 USA Providing comprehensive creative consulting and project management services from concept through opening day and beyond. With over 25 years of experience in developing themed entertainment, Seigel & Company, LLC has mastered the art of translating your vision into narrative, specifications, technical documentation and drawings and managing the many diverse trades required to successfully bring your dream to life.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Brian Morrow +1 407 363-2124 7007 SeaWorld Dr. Orlando , FL 32819 USA Theme park industry...Busch Gardens Tampa, Busch Gardens Williams Adventure Island, Water Country USA, SeaWorld San Diego, SeaWorld San Antonio, SeaWorld Cleveland, SeaWorld Orlando, Sesame Palace. Allison Sulock +1 314 613-6011 231 South Bemiston #600 St. Louis, MO 63105 USA Michael Dinninger +1 407 226-5041 9205 S. Park Center Loop Orlando, FL 32819 USA Phil Raybourn +1 757 253-3426 One Busch Gardens Blvd. Williamsburg, VA 23187 USA Greg Bales +1 813 987-5573 10001 North McKinley Dr. Tampa, FL 33612 USA Kathleen Mundy +1 210 523-3874 10500 SeaWorld Dr. San Antonio , TX 78251 USA Jeff Hillman +1 619 226-3998 500 SeaWorld Dr. San Diego, CA 92109 USA

See Nick Design Nick Collins +1 704 807-669 833 Ellwood Ave. Orlando, FL 32804 USA Nick Collins is an award-winning creative consultant and entertainment designer specializing in creative development, art direction, and scenic design for Theme Park Shows & Attractions, Professional Theaters, Themed Environments, Haunted Attractions, Special Events, Parades and more!

SEE Touring Attractions, Inc. Martin Biallas +1 323 957-4300 816 North Highland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038-3417 USA SEE Touring Attractions, Inc. initiates, develops, produces, and tours themed touring exhibitions domestically and internationally. Three world wide

Seigel & Company, LLC

Selecon Peter Borchetta +1 443 907 3047 10911 Petal St. Dallas, TX 75238 USA Leading manufacturer of Entertainment, Stage and Architectural Lighting Fixtures. Stuart Mitchell +64 9 481 0100 Head Office 19-21 Kawana St., Northcote Auckland, 627 New Zealand Jorike Siemerink +31 53 4500424 Philips Entertainment Marsteden 152 Enschede, 7547 TD The Netherlands Rainer Weggen +49 (0) 5254 808293 Postfach 7124 Paderborn, 7124 Germany Graham Eales +44 (0) 7715 051892 United Kingdom Peter McKenzie + 0419 133 342 Australia

Selva, Lucina RLA +1 407 227-9171 POB 536966 Orlando, FL 32853 USA Landscape Architecture & Creative Concepts for Themed & Hospitality Developments, including Landscape/ Hardscape Plans, Creative Images/ Motifs, and Construction Observation

Sennheiser Electronics Robert Genereux +1 514 823-8223 221 Labrosse Ave. Pointe Claire, QC H9R 1A3 Canada The Sennheiser Group, with its headquarters in Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional audio systems. With a strong commitment to the collaborative spirit, Sennheiser helps museums and attractions tell their unique story utilizing state of the art technology


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10/26/12 1:01 PM

Seruto & Company Nancy Seruto +1 626 538-4339 713 W. Duarte Rd. #G-501. Arcadia, CA 91007 USA Seruto & Company is a consulting and management group offering developers, architects, and design firms an efficient and experienced resource for the development of new projects. We specialize in exhibitions, attractions, and thematic public spaces. Our Professional management of both the creative process, and the nitty gritty of production throughout installation, provides an important continuity.

Sesame Workshop Peter van Roden +1 212 875-6651 One Lincoln Plaza New York, NY 10023 USA Sesame Workshop, the home of Sesame Street, is a nonprofit educational organization making a meaningful difference in children’s lives around the world. The Workshop continues to innovate on behalf of children in 120 countries, using its proprietary research methodology to ensure its programs, products and themed entertainment offerings are engaging and enriching.

SESCO Lighting, Inc. Marshall Graham +1 407 629-6100 1133 West Morse Blvd. Winter Park, FL 32789 USA Lighting manufacturer representative; representing over 100 of the finest lighting manufacturers for 40 years.

SG Studios Becky Watson +1 877 540-5487 POB 202 Rocklin, CA 95677 USA SG Studios, founded in 1996 by Shane Grammer, is a pioneer in the themed environment industry, developing unique processes to engineer a three dimensional world. While SG Studios has developed multiple projects to meet clients’ needs, everything from music video sets to professional murals, we specialize in the complete conceptualization, design, construction and installation of themed environments for theme parks, casinos, retail buildings, entertainment centers and even houses of worship. We bring our customer’s imagination to life. SG Studios’ first priority is to provide an accurate finished product that completes our client’s original vision.

SGA Production Services Leo English +1 407 240-8080 6855 Presidents Drive, #500 Orlando, FL 32809 USA SGA Production Services is an industry leader in the design and execution of scalable event seating, staging and scenic solutions. Start with a concept and let SGA transform your space into something unique. Your possibilities are

endless with our assortment of seating options, portable stages, scenic services, custom indoor and outdoor sets, drapery, and much more. SGA’s mission is to enhance the quality of the audience’s experience. To find a complete listing of products and services, please go to: Michelle Johnson 3120 Spanish Oak Drive Lansing, MI 48911 USA

process received a special Oscar for its excellence and visionary impact. Almost thirty years after creating its first successful simulation attraction, Showscan has over 100 simulation and specialty attractions open in 35 countries around the world.

ShowSys Steve Ryan +1 818 574-6101 13527 Ventura Blvd. #2B Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 USA ShoConcepts Creative Services, Inc is an independent Creative Development and Project Management Company focusing on themed attractions, immersive exhibits, live entertainment and multimedia production. Award winning creative producer Steve Ryan has over 10+ years experience as a producer of compelling places and experiences. Scott Arnold +1 561 227-1090 1252 Okeechobee Road West Palm Beach, FL 33401 USA ShowSys provides technical management and design services including control, audio and video design to the entertainment and themed markets. ShowSys has established itself as a leading design consultancy for advanced control and media systems with a proven track record of delivering innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to the entertainment and themed markets. Whether technically managing an attraction, designing master control systems, evaluating existing systems, retrofitting fountain control systems, or engineering sitewide digital media distribution networks, the ShowSys team of experts draws on years of experience to provide a quality solution while maintaining an excellent user experience. ShowSys excels with innovative, safe, and cost-effective technical solutions for the entertainment industry.

Shop @ Show Ready, The

Sicile-Kira, Daniel

Sharrett, Michael +1 323 256-8663 6140 Monterey Road #303 Los Angeles, CA 90042 USA Business Development Representative.

ShoConcepts Creative Services Frederique “Freddy” Georges +1 714 367-9265 5595 Fresca Dr. La Palma, CA 90623 USA Since 2001, The Shop @ Show Ready has been a privately held California Corporation. With over 65 years of collective production experience by its business owners, trade customers have loyally and repeatedly turned to The Shop for their many diverse fabrication needs. Located in Orange County California, your concepts are constructed in our 75,000 square foot facility. From trade shows, museums and casinos to show rooms retail stores and more, our only limit is your imagination Our trade clients include but are not limited to: Designers, Independent Producers, Marketing Ad Agencies, Event Management Firms Exhibit Houses and Film Studios. Our mission “To provide custom specialty fabrication capabilities to designers, architects, and independent producers with the highest level of craftsmanship for the greatest economical value.”

Showscan Entertainment Jessica Young +1 310 858-5589 468 N. Camden Drive, #200 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA Since the inception of movie-based entertainment attractions, Showscan has been a leader in engineering, technology development, production, distribution and exhibition. Showscan has pioneered innovations in film production, technology and engineering. In 1984, Showscan created the first major simulation ride created for entertainment purposes and debuted its innovation of digital sound synchronized with film. The Showscan +1 858 755-0006 12515 Carmel Canyon Road San Diego, CA 92130 USA International design, procurement and construction project management services.

Sieling, Claudia +1 727 742-9409 8010 Riverside Dr. N St. Petersburg, FL 33702 USA Project Manager

Siemens Terry Klusmeyer +1 702 682-7387 673 Royal Stallion Ct., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89131 USA Siemens AG is a $116.6 billion company employing 428,000 people throughout 190 countries. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the company ranks first in sales among the world’s leading electronics and electrical equipment companies, fourth as the most admired electrical engineering company in the world, and 37th in reserves. Siemens in the US is a $22.4 billion company that provides a broad range of products and services to improve the way we live and work. Markets include automation & control, building technologies, energy and power, financial services, hearing solutions, home appliances, industrial solutions, lighting, medical solutions, transportation, and water technologies. Siemens in the US employs 69,000 people in nearly 800 locations throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico. In fiscal 2008, 7,760 employees and $1.6 billion were dedicated exclusively to Research and Development (R&D) in the US. Overseas, we exported nearly $6 billion

in innovations to help America maintain its competitive edge in the global marketplace. Samir Borkar +65 64906000 The Siemens Center 60 MacPherson Rd Singapore, 348 615 Singapore

SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment David Needham +1 416 597-1585 511 King St. West Suite 130 Toronto, Ontario M5V 1K4 Canada SimEx-Iwerks is the leading innovator of immersive 3-D and 4-D attractions and the exclusive distributor of the industry’s best selling film titles. Our company supports over 150 family-friendly attractions in more than 30 countries. Our attractions entertain and educate over 25 million people every year. Mike Frueh +1 661 678-1811 27509 Avenue Hopkins Santa Clarita, CA 91355 USA

Simiosys, LLC Christopher Stapleton +1 407 697-0381 1255 Saratoga Lane Geneva, FL 32732 USA Simiosys, LLC ( is an experiential entertainment and educational research and consulting firm. We transfer the latest technology, techniques and talent from research laboratories around the world for use in new and novel product designs and community venues. We consult, design, prototype and evaluate innovative models of simulation and mixed reality to enhance the design of diverse public venues as well as on-line experiences for compelling leisure, learning, training, cultural heritage and marketing attractions.

Simmons Design Ron Simmons +1 480 348-0800 4641 East Caron St. Phoenix, AZ 85028 USA Design consulting firm specializing in non-traditional applications of themed environments, retail, healthcare and professional offices are examples to where we have applied our creativity to bring dynamic and beneficial results for our clients. Specialties include; Themed Environmental design, space planning, interior architecture, lighting design, product design, graphics and project management.

Simon-Kaloi Engineering, Ltd. Rick Simon +1 818 707-8400 31192 La Baya Dr. Unit G Westlake Village, CA 91362 USA SKE manufactures solid-state digital message repeaters, sound and motion controllers, sound, lighting and motion controllers, and 16-bit DMX receiver/ controllers. SKE also manufactures the Simon Systems line of professional audio direct boxes and headphone cue boxes. SKE also provides virtually all aspects of electronic design services.


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Simpson, Blake

Smith, David

Sinclair Design, Inc

Smith, Eileen +1 253 508-2821 14511 SE 216th St. Kent, WA 98042 USA Student, Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington Scott Sinclair +1 203 222-0836 9 River Oaks Road Westport, CT 6880 USA Concept development and design *Presentation illustration and layout* Production design and field art direction. 20 Years of experience including: Live shows - 9 years of Disney parades, stage shows, and touring shows Interactive exhibits - Attractions developed for BBC, Fox Studios, Millennium Dome, Sony’s Metreon Themed Attractions Tommorrowland-Walt Disney World, Overall show/concept development Tokyo Disney Sea

Sindou Faurie, Planson et Associes

Luc Planson +33 1 48 281808 233 rue de la Convention Paris, 75015 France Architects specialized in theme parks, leisure and entertainment projects.

Skaggs, Shane +1 949 385-3627 1438 Burnside Dr Franklin, TN 37067 USA Telling a story through digital discovery, design and delivery.

Skjonberg Controls, Inc. Monica Skjonberg +1 805 650-0877 1363 Donlon St. Suite 6 Ventura, CA 93003 USA Designer & manufacturer of motion control equipment, show control and show action equipment. Equipment is used by theme parks, motion picture and television studios, theaters and entertainment tours worldwide.

Sklar, Andy +1 213 453-4719 2133 Griffith Park Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039 USA

Sky’s The Limit International, LLC Alan Stein +1 314 704-8923 57 Tealwood Dr. St Louis, MO 63141 USA

Smart Monkeys Inc. Stephan Villet +1 786 879-8877 1701 Sunset Harbor Dr. Suite 203 Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA Smart Monkeys, Inc. specializes in providing advice, project management and programming for show control offering a reliable, high-quality alternative to inhouse resources for projectbased consulting, control systems development and project specific system programming.

86 +1 480 258-4845 400 N. Coronado St. #1016 Chandler, AZ 85224-4184 USA Student +1 407 882-1359 3100 Technology Pkwy Orlando, FL 32826 USA Associate Director, UCF Media Convergence Lab

Smith, Susan Beth 3179 North Beachwood Dr. Hollywood, CA 90068 USA Producer

Smithink, Inc. Linda Smith +1 314 609-7099 515 Stone Ridge St Louis, MO 63122 USA Smithink specializes in strategic planning for experience destinations. From universities to theme parks & water parks, zoological institutions to retail environments, Smithink develops strategies to create and revitalize experiences, resulting in stronger consumer connections and more compelling brands. With extensive experience in long-term capital investment planning, consumer insight, new exhibit/attraction creation and brand development, Smithink offers a broad range of consulting services, including acting as Owner’s Representative and/or Executive Producer.

Snibbe Interactive Maribeth Rubin +1 415 822-1442 1073 Howard St. San Francisco, CA 94124 USA Snibbe Interactive creates personalized interactive experiences for museums, entertainment and branding that produce powerful emotional responses, engaging social spaces, and social networking opportunities. People use their whole bodies to interact with our immersive products in a process that is as engaging as a movie — yet one in which people actively participate with their bodies and with their friends. The unique digital artifacts people create in our experiences can then be shared online in the next step for social networking: personalized media.

Sokol, Eli +1 305 439-2235 517 Kingsland Ave Apt 1S St. Louis, MO 63130 USA Architecture Student & Project Assistant at UIC + CDO

SOL Scenic David Mintz +1 407 352-1444 747 W. Church St. Orlando, FL 32803 USA SOL Scenic Studios is a full-service scenic production company. We create something out of nothing. In other

words, we make wood look like rocks, foam look like trees, and plastic look like pieces of valuable crystal. Essentially we bring imagination to life, touch, taste, and feel. We can work with you through all stages of your project, from design, to installation, to post-installation touch up, and maintenance. The smallest details to the biggest picture are in our scope, and we are familiar with all types aesthetic and structural needs. We can help you with your business presentation, one-day promotional event, ten-year permanent installation, live show, museum, interactive or themed environment, and anything else you may require.

Soundelux DMG

Solomon Group +1 251 599-4747 1699 Chatham Parkway Apt. 1219 B Savannah, GA 31405 USA Student, SCAD Jonathan Foucheaux +1 504 252-4500 900 S. Peters St. New Orleans, LA 70130 USA New Orleans based Solomon Group brings immersive storytelling environments to life with leading edge sound, lighting, video, scenic automation and show control systems. We pride ourselves on tight collaboration with the creative process to create systems that enhance any experience. Markets served: Museum, Theme Park, Edutainment, Archatainment.

Sorbo, Trevor +1 386 214-1039 2241 Catbriar Way Oviedo, FL 32765 USA Student, UCF Rosen School of Hospitality

Sound & Communications Magazine David Silverman +1 516 767-2500 25 Willowdale Ave. Port Washington, NY 10050 USA Monthly coverage of AV for systems integrators, contractors and consultants.

Sound Adventures Timo Spekkens +1 661 236-6623 25203 Atwood Blvd. Santa Clarita, CA 91321 USA Music Composition, Sound Design and SoundFX, THX

Sound Quest Productions Steven Gray +1 585 721-3714 9400 Channingham Lane Orlando, FL 32836 USA

Sound Sculpture, Inc. Ben Herrington +1 661 254-7498 25876 The Old Road # 194 Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381 USA With over 10 years of experience in the design, production and integration of soundtracks for some of this industry’s most ambitious attractions, Sound Sculpture, Inc. specializes in distinctive custom built soundscapes, textures, music and sound effects for themed entertainment venues. Julia Bianco +1 323 603-5108 Suite 100 7080 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 USA Soundelux DMG was founded in 1992 by Scott Gershin as the audio think-tank of designers for theme parks, location based entertainment, new media and commercials. We specialize in sound design, on-site mixing, music and voice over for theme parks, LBE, museums and other new media.

Sowards, Nicole

Spiral Productions Jonathan Gibbon +44 207 428 9948 Unit 18 The Dove Centre 109 Bartholomew Road London, NW5 2BJ UK Spiral is a design consultancy specialising in new media and since 1991 has completed a wide range of successful projects in the UK and overseas. We offer a complete service, providing research and content generation as well as full design and production services. Completed projects include video, audio, multi screen experiences, interactives, games, databases, websites, DVD and CD-ROM. Our services include producing concepts and storyline developments, scriptwriting, picture and film research, production, direction, hardware consultancy, graphic design, animation, multimedia development and programming.

Splashtacular Entertainment Steve Levine +1 800 844-5334 78-365 Hwy 111, PMB 424 La Quinta, CA 92253 USA SplashTacular Inc. is the largest U.S.based waterslide manufacturer. Since 1994, the company has provided a full range of waterpark products and services, including the build-out of more than 1,000 waterpark projects and 3,000 exhilarating waterslides. SplashTacular’s ever growing product line includes signature attractions like the 360Rush™, Double BowlsEye™, and SplashRally™, aquatic play units, FunTraptions brand AdventureRivers, BigSpills, WetScapes and Aquativity tables, plus SplashTacular Enhancements including HydroLighting and HydroStyling. A wide range of clients benefit from SplashTacular’s expertise including destination resorts and hotels, waterparks, fitness centers, municipalities, public and private facilities. Through its exceptionally responsive project management team, SplashTacular builds projects from concept and engineering through manufacture and lifetime maintenance. Ultimately, SplashTacular builds cutting-edge and unforgettable waterslide and waterpark attractions that drive traffic and revenue. SplashTacular hosts corporate offices in California, and operations and production facilities in both Kansas and Texas.


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Stacy, Sarah +1 304 9529711 766 Sable Lane Bluefield, VA 24605 USA Student, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Steelman Partners Kama Star +1 702 873-0221 3330 West Desert Inn Road Las Vegas, NV 89102 USA Steelman Partners is an international architectural firm specializing in the multi-disciplinary facets of entertainment architecture, interior design, graphic design, planning, theater design, 3D design and lighting. The industry’s most talented and acclaimed architects, designers, planners, and artists; we believe extraordinary design is timeless.

Stefan Rules Stefan Lawrence +1 917 579-8437 1985 N. Los Robles Ave. Pasadena, CA 91104 USA [Stefan is] a nutcase, in the mold of Rolly Crump & Joe Rohde. – Bob Gurr. Stefan Rules!!! is Stefan Lawrence, a creative designer & writer with 10 years experience in experiential design, having worked with such companies as the Hettema Group, Mother New York, Rhythm & Hues Special Projects and the Miziker Group. Specialties include: concepting/brainstorming, show-writing, comedy, illustration, historical/ vintage graphics, posters, promotional branding, and logo & identity design. He’ll move heaven and earth to get your project done, and he’s a nice guy with a handsome mustache to boot.

Stehr, Justin +1 717 683-6748 3379 South Kirkman Rd. #1026 Orlando, FL 32811 USA Student, Mechanical Engineering

Stepanian, Mark +1 724 5132421 118 Ridgewood Dr. Beaver Falls, PA 150101232 USA Student Cornell University

Stewart, Matt 5530 Wilkins Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15217 Student, Carnegie Mellon University: Entertainment Technology Center

Stimulated, Inc. Robert Wagner +1 818 7299569 1719 Verdugo Ave. Burbank, CA 91506 USA

Stinger Report, The Kevin Williams +44 7785 254 729 29 Glenn Ave. Purley, Surrey CR8 2AJ UK Owned by KWP, The Stinger Report is the leading out-of-home leisure

entertainment trade e-newsletter - with a free subscription. Specializing on the amusement, interactive attraction, theme park, mixed-use-entertainment and exercgaming sector.

Stock, Annette +44 7429 502841 52 Haberdasher St. London, N16EJ UK Production Manager

Stone, Melissa +1 909 367-0725 1716 Mulberry Ave. Upland, CA 91784 USA Student, Technical Theatre, Stage Management, Citrus College

Strategic Insights & Creative Imagination Robert Ward +1 321 287-4608 514 Lakeview St. Orlando, FL 32804 USA 38 years providing Strategic Planning, Creative Product and Brand Development, and Implementation Management for leisure, entertainment resort destination, hospitality and mixed-use businesses. 25 years as a key executive with Universal Studios Parks & Resorts. 2009 Thea Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Studio Say So Daniel Miller +1 407 913-3235 7520 Eucalyptus St. Orlando, FL 32807 USA We design and produce video and moving media solutions for a variety of themed clients. Our products include: Promotional and marketing videos, behind the scenes documentary videos. documentation interviews, dvd and blu-ray creation and duplication, scripting and developing promotional content for new attractions & design companies and firms.

Studio Wilks Richard Wilks +1 310 478-4442 2148-A Federal Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA Studio Wilks provides integrated branding solutions for museums, libraries, residential communities, entertainment, sports and retail venues. Our services include: identity, print collateral, website design, environmental graphics, signage and exhibit design. Our clients include: Target, Nokia, US Open, City of Cerritos, Museum of the Cherokee Indian and Yoga Works.

Suarez, Esteban D. +1 626 991-3644 4614 Phelan Ave. Baldwin Park, CA 91706 USA Student, Theater, Citrus College

Suffin, Fred +1 818 681-0924 23135 Leonora Dr. Woodland Hills, CA 91367 USA

Sulit, Freddie +1 773 358-8355 1200 Park Ave. Emoryville, CA 94608 USA Student - CMU

Sumpter, Shannon +1 702 895-3261 4505 Maryland Parkway FDH 404 Las Vegas, NV 89154-5036 USA Student, UNLV

Sung, Sywa +1 818 749-6258 9410 Via Yolanda Burbank, CA 91504-1332 USA Concept Design & Illustration. Attractions, Exhibits, Live Shows, Spectaculars, Branding, Sets. +14 years of industry experience. Fresh Ideas. Smart Thinking.

Supeck, Scott +1 631 331-1531 156 Shore Rd. Mt. Sinai, NY 11766 USA Student, Suffolk County Community College

Super 78 Kate Crandall +1 323 663-7878 2894 Rowena Ave. 2nd Flr. Los Angeles, CA 90039 USA Founded in 1997, Super 78 Studios is an award-winning international new media production studio that develops world-class branded entertainment and educational experiences for the most admired theme parks, zoos, aquariums and museums around the world including the Audubon Nature Institute, Busch Gardens, the Happy Valley Theme Park in Shanghai, Seaworld, and UniversalSingapore. Their cutting edge facilities support a full range of dynamic creative services from content development, design, live action and branded mobile content to motion graphics, visual effects, and 3D stereoscopics. Super 78 also produces special venue films for 4-D attractions, simulators, and preshows, providing expertise and a high level of technical knowledge of the “guest experience.” Super 78 frequently collaborates on productions with networks like Nickelodeon, FOX, Comedy Central and NBC, and was lead VFX partner with Cartoon Network for their first foray into features with two highly successful “movies of the week,” entitled, “Ben 10: Race Against Time” and “Ben 10: Alien Swarm,” both of which were based on the network’s hit television show by the same name, the latter eventually earning Super 78 their first Emmy Award Nomination (2010) for character development.

Suzanne Sessions, Inc.

Suzanne Sessions +1 314 241 2355 727 North First St. Suite 340 St. Louis, MO 63102 USA Suzanne Sessions, Inc. is an awardwinning, international design firm of scenic, technical, interior, and graphic designers and architects, working solely in the family entertainment industry since 1980. Our staff has the know-how to take a concept and turn it into a one-of-a-kind experience.

Syncrolite L.P. Jack Calmes +1 214 350-7696 2025 Royal Ln Suite 370 Dallas, TX 75229 USA Manufacturer of high-tech theme park and professional automated Xenon lighting systems. Products include the SX3K, SS7K, ST7K and SX7K automated skylights with currently installed units at Disneyland and Disneyworld. Rental and production services available. Credits include Opening Ceremonies 1996 Olympics, Times Square New Years Eve and Power of Houston.

Sysco Hugo Roche +44 (0) 1483 429491 The Rickyard, Eashing Lane Godalming, Surry GU7 2QA UK Our expertise is in the design and installation of complex audio visual visitor experiences. Core skills include design, installation and technical support of AV hardware, IT infrastructure and show control systems. We combine creativity, innovation and an ability to think outside the box, with a skilled team who always deliver.

Szczepanik, Stacey +1 440 785-1917 10685 Butternut Rd. Chesterland, OH 44026 USA Student, University of Cincinnati

TACC technics K.S. Thomas Zoechbauer +43 650 9030500 Timravina 9 Bratislava, 81106 Slovakia Developer and Manufacturer of high class show control and AV systems. We offer full support from planning to on-site system integration. Our fail-safe systems connect to any controllable unit and easy to use...if your operation team is able to touch one button.

Taft Design + Associates, LLC Geoffrey Woodward +1 626 639-3900 457 S. Marengo Ave. #17 Pasadena, CA 91101 USA Innovative and timeless design solutions for Attractions, Exhibitions, Museums and Resorts. Two elements characterize successful projects: an illustrative story and a fitting design that captures a story’s essence, rendering it visually compelling. Taft Design + Associates, Ltd. is a specialty design studio comprised of four project divisions, with a virtually unlimited capacity to design projects that engage, entertain, educate, and enlighten visitors, creating a memorable, vivid, and lasting impression. Since Taft Design’s founding in 1990, our diverse skills and extensive experience, coupled with that of our talented team members, offer a solid background in design, art direction, and concept-to completion design management. With over 50 years of combined experience in every facet of design, Taft Design provides expertise necessary to take clients’ projects from paper to three-dimensional reality in a timely, organized, and financially responsible process.


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Talamantes, Isaac +1 714 722-0625 1555 Mesa Verde Dr. E. Apt. 1K Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA Student, Industrial Design, Art Institute of California - Orange County

Tamayo, PJ +1 407 383-0259 5510 Imperial Ave. Orlando, FL 32810 USA Writer/Illustrator/Creative Manager/ Media Producer

Taylor Group, The Ross Hallam +1 905 451-5800 255 Biscayne Crescent Brampton, ON L6W 4R2 Canada Celebrating 80 years of growth and success, The Taylor Group specializes in multi-disciplinary specialty and artistry fabrication, engineering and project management. Our clients and work cross over into many diversified sectors including entertainment and attraction venues, museums, science centres, sporting venues, cultural attractions, exhibitions/tradeshows, specialty signage, and specialty corporate events/ exhibits.

Taylor Studios, Inc. Myrna Webber +1 217 893-4874 1320 Harmon Dr. Rantoul, IL 61866 USA Taylor Studios, Inc. is an interpretive planning, exhibit design, and fabrication firm. They are located in Rantoul, IL, but have an array of clients throughout the United States and several other countries. Their portfolio includes everything from Civil War museums to hands-on nature centers and zoos. Providing exceptional quality and creative design solutions are their priorities when working with their clients to create engaging and inspirational exhibits. Taylor Studios builds strong relationships by listening to their clients, backing their products with an unprecedented five-year warranty, and by leading their clients through the design-build experience with efficient, straightforward, and time- and moneysaving processes.

TB Visual Effects Robert Bower +1 614 425-4169 320 London Road #710 Delaware, OH 43015 USA We digitally design and build captivating animated and static characters and awesome environments. Our characters may be found in theme parks, water parks, zoos and museums. Any venue including FECs and restaurants can benefit from our realistic or whimsical characters. Our new digital modeling capabilities have pushed the bar higher and we are excited by the possibilities we can now offer. Our partnership with water effects companies has allowed us to design some awesome cannon and explosive effects. Our motto is even more true today than when we started in 1999, “Imagination = Creation, it’s just that simple.” Visit our website to see all the things we do.


TDS Entertainment Taki Shimojima +1 818 368-9292 11306 Encino Ave. Granada Hills, CA 91344 USA TDS Entertainment, under Taki Shimojima’s skillful guidance, can carry themed entertainment projects through from the spark of conceptual design to ultimate successful installation. Projects undertaken by TDS Entertainment maintain the highest quality of production from start to finish, with all participants working according to the expected schedules and within allotted budgetary requirements.


Chris Newington +1 702 378-9700 157 North Gibson Rd. Suite 110 Henderson, NV 89014 USA

Technical Multimedia Design, Inc. David Revel +1 818 528-5800 801 S. Main St. Bldg. 101 Burbank, CA 91506 USA We combine over 20 years of live sound and installed audio systems design and mixing experience with an intimate understanding of the latest in computer systems, DSP technology and video systems. This unique blend of art and science allows you to leverage cutting edge technologies to realize your creative vision.

Technicolor Kristy Scanlan +1 323 817-6866 6040 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA Technicolor is home to industry-leading creative and technology professionals committed to the creation, management and delivery of entertainment content to consumers around the world. Serving motion picture, television, 3D/4D location-based and other media clients, the company is a leading provider of high-end visual effects, animation and post-production services.

Technifex, Inc. Monty Lunde +1 661 294-3800 25261 Rye Canyon Road Valencia, CA 91355 USA Technifex has been in the business of “Making Magic A Reality” for the themed entertainment industry since 1984. We specialize in the design and manufacture of mechanical, fluid, video and optical special effects. We can also provide turnkey show development from show concept, design and engineering through production, fabrication, and installation, for theme parks, retail, restaurants, museums, casinos, and special events.

Techni-Lux, Inc. Alex Gonzalez +1 407 857-8770 10900 Palmbay Dr. Orlando, FL 32824 USA Lighting equipment distributor and manufacturer with application design assistance. From simple “do it yourself”,

to complicated systems, we can help in applying new efficient and creative lighting technologies to any project. Specializing in conventional, intelligent and LED applications in architectural, themed, restaurants, theatrical, houses of worship and night club environments. Standard and custom control integrations. Featuring exclusive lines: SGM, Studio Due, Swefog, ShowCad, Teclumen, and Dexel.

Technomedia Solutions John Miceli +1 407 351-0909 4545 36th St. Orlando, FL 32811 USA Technomedia Solutions is a recognized leader in innovative audiovisual and media entertainment experiences. For more over twenty years, the Technomedia team has developed turnkey systems for some of the biggest media and entertainment brands on the planet, developing a strong reputation for being among the best anywhere in the world. With offices in Orlando, New York City, Las Vegas, Dubai, Los Angeles, the Caribbean and Abu Dhabi, Technomedia has an extensive team of the industry’s most talented professionals ready to bring anything imaginable to life. Their client list includes Hard Rock Café, Universal Studios, Disney, NASA, Abercrombie and Fitch, 3M, Time Warner, Atkins, HHCP, Itec, and Rockefeller Center to name a few. +1 212 452-1100 75 Rockefeller Plaza 26th Flr. New York, NY 10019 USA Jerry Garner +1 818 937-9351 1756 Flower St. Glendale, CA 91201 USA

Tejix Henry Corrado +33 1 833 860 95 15, Ave. de Saria Serris, 77700 France Tejix designs, installs and maintains high-end audio/video control and lighting systems. Tejix teams up with the best operators to provide their guests with memorable experiences. The company handles all stages of projects, from inception to crew training. The use of proven techniques, renowned equipment and passionate attention to detail results in the excellence Tejix is famous for.

The Attraction Services Company - TASC Melissa Townsend 24907 Ave. Tibbetts, Unit C Valencia, CA 91355 USA The Attraction Services Company (TASC) is a leading imagination destination for immersive attractions, environments, special effects and custom vehicles. By creating mechanical and technological solutions that incorporate seamlessly into the concepts of designers, fabricators and operators, your wildest ideas are our starting point, expanding the boundaries of the possible.

The Florida Aquarium Pete Colangelo +1 813 367-4013 701 Channelside Dr. Tampa, FL 33602 USA

The Party Concierge, Inc. Susan Crane +1 916 440-8080 601 Dos Rios Street Sacramento, CA 95811 USA

Thelma and Boom Juan Mayans +1 714 225-7086 PO Box 791 Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 USA Thelma & Boom is a California based corporation with offices in Mexico and Spain that brings a unique blend of management and technical expertise to the built environment industry: Our understanding of the pre-development, development and operational planning stages of a project, along with a strong multicultural and multidisciplinary technical background allows Thelma & Boom to offer the necessary consulting services to successfully and efficiently execute your project from inception to fruition.

Theme Park Engineering Group Josh Pritchard +1 330 417-9393 2095 Resource Room 1739 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43210 USA Student group at Ohio State University

Themed Attraction Design Dan Faupel +1 314 853-4395 11247 San Jose Blvd #1805 Jacksonville, FL 32223 USA Themed Attraction Design is a collaboration of talented designers from some of the largest creators of themed guest experiences in the amusement industry. We have experience working with over a hundred Major theme parks, Museums, Family entertainment centers, Zoos, Haunted attractions, Familyowned amusement parks, Restaurants, Major motion picture studios, Retail stores and Resorts, both domestic and internationally. Please visit our website for a full list of design and project management services. Let us dream up something your guests will never forget!

Themed Construction Karen Bartsch +1 480 694-0452 7222 E. Laguna Azul St. Mesa, AZ 85209 USA


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Themed Development Management Randy Printz +1 866 930-8364 2828 Cochran St. #267 Simi Valley, CA 93065 USA Themed development Management (TDM) is a unique combination of talents, expertise, proven success, and common experience. The project and construction management executives who comprise TDM have individually and often together been part of some of the signature resort and themed entertainment projects of recent years.

Themed Entertainment Association

Gene Jeffers +1 818 843-8497 150 E. Olive Ave. #306 Burbank, CA 91502 USA

ThemeWorks, Inc. Scott Gill +1 386 454-7500 1210 South Main St. High Springs, FL 32643 USA ThemeWorks is a full service fabrication company serving theme parks, zoos, aquariums, casinos, museums, architects, restaurants and movie studios. With 54,000 square feet of production space and a talented and diverse group of artists and technicians, ThemeWorks creates high quality scenery, artificial rockwork, sculpture, architectural ornamentation, props, exhibits and interactives.

Theming and Animatronics Industries (TAA) Christian Angenvoort +49 7541 7304 286 Alpspitzstr. 32 Grainau, 82491 Germany

Jim Cassidey +1 904 635-7358 6011 Hyde Park Circle Jacksonville, FL 32210 USA

Thinkwell Group Kelly Ryner +1 818 333-3444 695 South Glenwood Place Burbank, CA 91506 USA Thinkwell is a full-service experiential design and development firm that collaborates with its clients to envision, strategize and create immersive, oneof-a-kind guest experiences. Thinkwell develops and produces attractions, master plans, brand experiences, exhibits, live shows, environments, multimedia and digital integration. Over the last decade, the company has become a leader in experiential design by bringing a unique holistic approach to every creative engagement, delivering extraordinary results to notable clients over the years, including Fortune 500 companies, studios, museums, theme parks and destination resorts.

Thorburn Associates, Inc. Steve Thorburn +1 510 886-7826 PO Box 20399 Castro Valley, CA 94546 USA Thorburn Associates (TA) specializes in the design and engineering of acoustics, technology, and lighting systems. With over 20 years of experience and 2600 projects completed, one of TA’s strengths is our ability to be both sensologists and technologists, melding creativity with technical expertise. 1317 N. San Fernando Blvd. #212 Burbank, CA 92504 USA Meg Barham +1 919 463-9995 2500 Gateway Centre Blvd. #800 Morrisville, NC 27560 USA Justin Myers +1 704 334--1040 PO Box 31065 Charlotte, NC 28231 USA Douglas Eaton +1 407 898-5645 7780 Chapelhill Dr. M/S 100 Orlando, FL 32819 USA

Threshold Animation Studios Amy Steele +1 310 452-8899 1649 11th St. Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA Threshold Animation Studios produces 4-D location based entertainment for Disney, Sea World, LEGOLAND, Paramount, Hershey, Madam Tussauds; based on brands like Marvel, Spiderman, Star Trek, LEGO, BIONICLE, Shamu, Bob the Builder, Armageddon, Space Mountain and more. Threshold’s revolutionary technology alliance with the IBM Corporation enables us to produce the highest quality shows for competitive prices. Threshold delivers turnkey solutions from concept design and master planning all the way through production, project management and installation of the final product. Website:

TiLE - Andrich International Ltd. Richard Curtis +44 1985 846181 10 Sambourne Road Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 8LG UK TiLE (Trends in Leisure and Entertainment) is the world’s premier conference and exhibition addressing the future of location based leisure and educational attractions such as theme parks, FEC’s, museums, cinemas and heritage sites.

Tim Hunter Design, LLC Mike Hansen +1 212 586-5870/+1 203 653-9114 84 West Park Pl. Stamford, CT 6901 USA Tim Hunter Design provides creative solutions that fluidly blend imagination, technology and media. Our greatest asset is our ability to seamlessly partner with Developers, Architects, Retailers and Producers to realize thoughtful, engaging and memorable Experiences.

Tim J. Delaney Design Inc. Tim Delaney +1 818 681-6143 1859 Deermont Road Glendale, CA 91207 USA Tim Delaney’s 34 years at Walt Disney Imagineering included 19 years as a creative director and Vice President of Design. He has been instrumental in all phases of design from initial concept through design development, corporate sponsorship, project production and onsite construction supervision through completion. As a designer, illustrator, painter, creative director, producer and art director, Delaney has lead teams that have designed and constructed over $1.2 billion of Disney Parks and attractions worldwide, including Anaheim, Orlando, Paris and Hong Kong. Beyond his signature design and production capabilities, Delaney has assembled creative teams, and collaborated with all disciplines, while always maintaining the highest standard of design excellence, with all projects delivered on time and on or under budget

TJP Engineering Inc. Robert Satchell +1 619 423-8700 137 Elder Ave. Imperial Beach, CA 91932 USA TJP, Inc. specializes in designing water treatment systems for aquatic attractions and resort pools – systems to provide suitable environments for people, captive fish, mammals, reptiles, birds, and every aquatic animal in captivity. We work all over the United States and Internationally. Our expertise includes: • Aquariums • Marine Parks • Zoological Facilities • Laboratories and Research Facilities • Animal Interaction Systems • Film Studio and Speciality Tanks • Resort and Campus Pools • Tropical River Effects • Water Coaster Systems

TLC Engineering for Architecture Laura Lewis +1 407 487-1305 255 S. Orange Ave. #1600 Orlando, FL 32801 USA TLC is one of the largest integrated engineering firms in the US, providing structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, along with audio/visual, and voice/data designs. Our specialty is focusing on guest experience and sustainable designs - reducing ownership costs through efficient designs with extensive experience in design for parks, theatres, restaurants and retail venues.. Founded in Orlando in 1955, TLC has additional offices in seven Florida cities, plus Dallas and Nashville. We pride ourselves in innovative solutions with nearly a decade of experience using building information modeling to provide fully integrated designs and reducing conflicts during construction.

Total Immersion Bruno Uzzan +1 323 617-5577 5900 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 2550 Los Angeles, CA 90036 USA Total Immersion ( is the global leader in augmented reality and has been leading this industry since 1999, with the world’s most reliable and scalable augmented reality platform: D’Fusion. With the recent explosion of AR in the consumer mainstream, Total Immersion today works across a variety of industries including themed entertainment, consumer products, publishing, digital marketing, events and more. Total Immersion offers D’Fusion to a worldwide network of development partners worldwide, providing turn-key solutions for companies of any size to integrate augmented reality into their product. Nicolas Bapst +33 1 46 25 97 43 22, rue Edouard Nieuport Suresnes, 92150 France

Tradex Services International Corp Boris Kofman +1 847 821-1233 1320 Tower Road Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA Tradex Services has an international team of creative designers, engineers, and fabricators capable of developing and building your idea into a turn-key attraction. Innovative rides and audiovisual effects are an integral part of our creation. Animatronic creatures, human characters, and life size dinosaur models are our specialty. We implemented several one-of-a-kind innovations into already practiced concepts, and created a number of stunning 3D holographic simulations that visitors can see without special glasses or gear. Besides USA, we’ve also developed great connections in Russia and former Soviet Republics and have a significant working experience in these countries.

TransFX John Beutz +1 805 485-6110 x108 2361 Eastman Ave. Oxnard, CA 93030 USA Prototype Engineering, Design and Fabrication. Large Scale CNC Machining. FRP Mold and Parts.

Trible, Richard C. +1 520 237-6339 POB 1169 Tucson, AZ 85652 USA I’m currently a “rock architect” with a superior understanding of rock formations. Take artificial rock to a new level.

Torres, David +1 805 527-9175 14 Mollison Dr. Simi Valley, CA 93065 USA


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TWT Group, The Frank Weigand +1 818 516-0400 5312 Palm Dr. La Canada, CA 91011 USA Engineering firm specializing in conceptual design, technical management, design audits, installation supervision, control systems and field upgrades of complex shows, rides and animation. Company Principals have over 65 years combined experience working for major theme park operators.

Tylinski, Charles Christian +1 419 537-9963 2109 Richmond Road Toledo, OH 43607 USA Student - Toledo School for the Arts

Ulgenalp, Kevin +1 971 509 262603 7728 Chapelhill Dr. Orlando, FL 32819 USA Specialist in developing themed retail locations and souvenir merchandise.

Unique Visions International

William Gorgensen +49(0) 162 207 4801 Neddenhüsen 49 Ganderkesee, D-27777 Germany U.V.I., under the direction of Bill Gorgensen, is an Internationally Experienced Group based in Germany, specializing in Worldwide Design and Project Management for various Development Projects such as Leisure and Theme Parks, Visitor Centers, Museums, Exhibitions, Themed Restaurants, Retail, Cinema and Location Based Entertainment.

Universal Creative Michael McGuire +1 407 224-3020 1000 Universal Studios Plaza Orlando, FL 32819 USA Universal Creative, a division of Universal Parks & Resorts, conceptualizes designs and develops attractions, rides and shows, theme parks, hotels and resorts, location based entertainment venues, restaurants, retail, and international project development for Universal Studios, Inc. Chip Largman +1 818 622-9355 100 Universal City Plaza Bldg 5511/6 Universal City, CA 91608 USA

Universal Studios Japan Entertainment Mike Davis 94762-1-33 Sakurajima USJ CO., LTD Entertainment Department Konohana-Ku, Osaka 554-0031 Japan Opened in 2001 Universal Studios Japan is a world-class theme park based in Osaka, Japan. It has the highest guest attendance of any of the Universal Studios theme parks, and boasts an extensive line-up of Hollywood blockbuster themed attractions including The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman,


Jurassic Park, Jaws, E.T. and Back to the Future. Live shows including Peter Pan’s Neverland, WICKED, WaterWorld, Fantastic World, Terminator 2:3-D and Backdraft, plus the well known character brands Sesame Street, Hello Kitty and Peanuts all add to the world-class, family entertainment at Universal Studios Japan.

Unlimited Snow Kees Albers +31 (0)20 471 4640/+31(0)88snowbiz P.O.Box 75835 Amsterdam, 1070AV The Netherlands Unlimited Leisure Holding featuring: Unlimited Snow provides best solutions for all indoor or outdoor snow experiences (skating, snowplay, snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, tubing, tobogganing and more). Services range from realisation of turnkey projects to separate specialized advice and products, including concept, design, plans, project management, themeing, engineering, real snow & ice, installations and systems. TapeMyDay is a high tech track and trace visitor video system, whereby visitors to any kind of amusement park as well as participants in any sports can download a personal film of their stay or activity. A great revenue generator as well as promotional or training tool.

Upson, Barry +1 805 237-8720 923 Osos Way Paso Robles, CA 93446 USA Thea Lifetime Achievement recipient Barry Upson has enjoyed a 50 year career in the conceptualization, design and development of themed leisure projects.

USA Leaders Themed Entertainment Inc. Ryan Li +86 2152289771 Unit 501, Huatsing Bldg, No. 88 Lane 777, Guangzhong West Rd. Shanghai, 200072 China Leaders Group is a multinational company made up of professionals from USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand and China with diversified culture background. Leaders Group is involved in professional recreation and tourism development in Asia Pacific region, even in the whole world in terms of capital and number of various professional staff. Leaders Group’s business covers tourism and recreation industry’s development & investment, investment & consulting, plan & design, engineering construction, digital recreational product’s development and production, different kinds of tourism and recreational project’s operation and management. More than 1000 staff of Leaders Group is looking forward to working with you.

USITT Barbara Lewis +1 800 398-7488 Suite 200 315 South Crouse Ave. Syracuse, NY 13210 USA

U-Studios Incorporated Gary Karasek +1 618 277-4900 POB 1000 O’Fallon, IL 62269 USA Midwest magic and great value is available from U-Studios Incorporated. We cater to family-owned parks and commercial venues that desire fresh, money generating ideas and design assistance. Creative Services including Full Service Architecture, Master Planning, Theme and Set Design, Theatrical Production, Artwork Production and Story Writing for Theme Parks, Entertainment and Hospitality Industries. Our 30 years of service to restaurants, theaters, retail, hospitality, entertainment and corporate venues have included award winning design and many satisfied clients.

Utopia Entertainment, Inc. Daniel Burzlaff +1 661 254-9943 Suite 437 23638 Lyons Ave. Newhall, CA 91321 USA A full-service, turn-key, design and production firm capable of creating, producing and implementing the most extraordinary and entertaining themed environments, live show productions and theme park attractions throughout the world. UTOPIA ENTERTAINMENT provides a unique combination of creative insight and entertainment management that enables its team of designers, technicians and producers to develop projects that exceed client expectations and WOW audiences. Due to the array of creative, technical and management disciplines it offers, the UTOPIA client base has expanded to include; theme parks, zoos & aquariums, museums, visitor & cultural centers, municipalities, casinos & resorts, retail centers, cruise lines, corporations, film studios and more.

UV/FX Scenic Productions Richard Green +1 310 821-2657 171 Pier Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA When designers worldwide need one company to design, develop, art direct and paint UV scenic effects, they choose UV/FX Scenic Productions of Los Angeles. We specialize in Dual Images, complete invisible treatments, Day to Night, 3-D scenery and more for stage, music tours, dark and themed rides, and film/TV effects.

Vale, Catherine +1 956 212-2852 1975 E. University Dr. Apt. 228 Tempe, AZ 85281-8793 USA Student, Arizona State University

Valerio Mazzoli Studios

ValleyCrest Design Group Joe Parinella +1 407 296-7100 x1844 320 North Mission Road Orlando, FL 32811 USA

van Holsteijn, Peter NHTV Breda, The Netherlands Student, NHTV

Van Ling Productions Van Ling +1 310 544-5004 5203 Silver Arrow Drive Rancho Palos Verde, CA 90275 USA Van Ling is an award-winning designer, producer, writer, editor and visual effects artist/supervisor whose themed attraction credits include “Star Tours: The Adventures Continue,” Disney Cruise Line’s Skyline Bar and “Terminator 2: 3D.” Van brings a quarter century of experience in feature film production, visual effects, screen graphics and home entertainment (DVD/Blu-ray) on such films as “The Abyss,” “Terminator 2,” “Titanic,” “Twister,” and “Starship Troopers” to his work as a freelance contractor/consultant to help design and produce visuals and content for all different formats and media. He is an active member of the Academy, PGA, SAG and VES (Board Member).

van Lith, Lianne NHTV Breda, The Netherlands Student, NHTV

van Miert, Rick NHTV Breda, The Netherlands Student, NHTV

van Rooij, Mark NHTV Breda, The Netherlands Student, NHTV

van Sterkenburg, Evelien NHTV Breda, The Netherlands Student, NHTV

Varley, Ian PE +1 562 987-2703 5344 Appian Way Long Beach, CA 90803 USA Licensed Electrical Engineer

Vectis Holdings Ltd.

A.W. Dabell +44 (0) 1983 731978 Haven Sands Castlehaven Lane Niton Undercliff, Isle of Wight PO38 2HN UK Valerio Mazzoli +1 407 412-6584 12332 Shadowbrook Lane Orlando, FL 32828 USA


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VEE Corporation - Production Services and Costumes & Creatures Jean Heyer +1 612 378-2561 504 Malcolm Ave. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414 USA If you want to “WOW” your audience, partner with VEE. Our Production Services and Costumes & Creatures divisions specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of high quality themed environments and professional mascots and costumes. Our talented staff of designers, craftspeople and technical specialists can create a unique customer experience that will make your brand stand out. We know the entertainment business inside and out. For more than 30 years, VEE Corporation has been producing Sesame Street Live and other touring stage shows based on beloved children’s television properties. One of the most experienced and respected names in family-friendly entertainment, VEE has toured more than 30 countries and entertained millions of families around the globe.

Velocity Productions LLC Charlie Otte +1 310 663-6136 821 Bay St. #C4 Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA Velocity Productions is a media and design company providing creative services for the experience-based entertainment industry. Velocity will produce, write, direct and design for live theater, film, interactive media, and special events. Specializing in live show/media production, Velocity’s team can seamlessly integrate the most complicated systems into a smooth production.

Vertex Productions, Inc. Philip Vaughan +1 626 794-6777 1301 E. Morada Place Altadena, CA 91001 USA A design and producing company serving the theme park, museum & entertainment industries. We offer master planning, show design & production support for a wide range of project types. We are particularly interested in projects that require innovation and creativity in order to deliver a successful solution.

Vision Control Associates of Nevada Randy Premtetz +1 702 222-0877 38 West Mayflower Ave. North Las Vegas, NV 89030 USA Audio Visual Integrator specializing in show control system, AV programming, low voltage infrastructure, Large Screen Video Display and Exotic audio technologies.

Vision XS Tony Sefton +44 (0)1865 408323 D5 Culham Innovation Centre Abingdon, Oxon OX14 3DB UK Vision XS provide comprehensive consultancy services to visitor attractions and exhibiting institutions to assess

and validate how well the business venue connects with the needs of its target market. Vision conducts primary consumer research, leverages the world’s largest experiential database, and employs the industry’s most sophisticated experience modeling tool to provide the knowledge needed to make winning business solutions.

Visitor Attraction Company, The Tim Rusby +44 2082740205 230 Hanworth Rd. Hampton London, TW12 3EP UK tvac - is a strategic visitor attraction development consultancy. Although a young practice, our principals each have over 20 years dedicated sector experience in heritage and entertainment. We deliver holistic business & project planning services, from pre-concept, right through to operational set-up. Current projects include the colossal, London Olympic Legacy.

Visual Terrain, Inc. Lisa Passamonte Green +1 661 775-7758 25217 Ave. Tibbits Santa Clarita, CA 91355 USA Established in 1995, Visual Terrain (VTI) is an award-winning design firm specializing in Lighting Design for Architecture, Attractions and the Arts. Nationally and Internationally recognized, our diverse portfolio includes projects in the United States, Asia (including Japan), Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America, and the United Arab Emirates. We enjoy collaborating with a project team, working together from the inception of a project through to completion, providing creative sustainable solutions that arise from our years of experience. With West Coast, East Coast and Midwest offices in the United States, we are easily accessible to project teams all over the globe. It is our goal to establish a long-term relationship with our clients. We feel the best way to do that is to offer diverse experienced designers, a collaborative atmosphere and an unyielding commitment to excellence. For samples of our past work and a complete list of clients and projects please go to our website: www. Services Provided Lighting design, lighting control system design, construction administration, installation supervision, system integration, focus & programming of lighting, custom/themed fixture design & management, energy efficiency & sustainability studies, operations & maintenance strategies, owner’s representative for lighting decisions, park-wide lighting standards and specifications. Also, procurement services and cost quotations through our strategic distribution partner. Ken Daniel +1 203 263-4231 203 Sprain Brook Road Woodbury, CT 6798 USA

Vitala Group, The Wolf Vierich +44 208 991 9556 Perivale Research House, Fraser Road London, UB6 7AQ UK International Developers, Managers, Consultants to the Leisure, Tourism and Themed Entertainment Industry. We finance projects, design, project manage, develop and operate all types of tourist attractions, leisure and entertainment facilities. We also carry out Marketing and Financial Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Due Diligence, Social Impact Assessments, Operational and Management audits, and many other services.

VOA Associates Incorporated Joanna Del Moral +1 407 425-2500 Suite 100 4798 New Broad St. Orlando, FL 32814 USA VOA provides comprehensive services to the leisure and entertainment market by creating Parks, Resorts, Restaurants, and Retail venues that deliver excitement, efficiency and bottom line success. Focusing on the guest experience, our integrated team of planners, interior designers, and architects work with each client to explore a wide range of ideas leading to the best long-term solutions. From offices in Orlando, Chicago, and Washington DC, VOA is strategically located to provide master planning, property evaluations, repositioning, architecture, and complete interior design services worldwide.

VSI Architects Leisure Group Mel McGowan +1 877 258-7VSW 2050 Main St., #400 Irvine, CA 92614 USA VSI Architects Leisure Group is focused at serving the unique needs of designers, operators and owners in the hospitality / attractions industry. Under the leadership of Mel McGowan, AICP, LEED AP, DBIA – Chief Design Officer, VSI Architects Leisure Group provides architecture, planning and design services in all areas of the hospitality industry including family attractions, theme parks, resorts, hotels, restaurants and churches. Mel and several former Imagineers, VSI Architects Leisure Group is fully committed to supporting our clients in a hospitality / attractions industry where storytelling, architecture, technology and experience become transformational. VSI Architects Leisure Group is headquartered in Irvine, California with regional offices in Denver, Chicago, Atlanta and Charlotte.

Vyas, Anisha +1 630 908-0386 5000 Forbes Ave. SMC 2488 Pittsburgh, PA 15289 USA Student, Mechanical Engineering, Minors in Business Administration, Biomedical Engineering, Multimedia Production, Carnegie Mellon University

Wadhwani, Alok +1 818 237-3458 POB 515381 #7424 Los Angeles, CA 90051 USA Syracuse University

Walker, George +1 716 598-1546 12747 Riverside Dr. #113 North Hollywood, CA 91607 USA Design Consultant with the vision and ability to turn ideas into a build-able reality

Wallace, Benjamin +1 626 390-2768 631 Atkins Dr. Glendale, CA 91206 USA Design minded individual who specializes in manufacturability of design and completing the project on time and on budget.

Walt Disney Imagineering Dave Fisher +1 818 544-3621 1401 Flower St. Glendale, CA 91201 USA

Wang, Paula +1 240 447-1407 951 Farm Haven Dr. Rockville, MD 20852 USA Student - George Washington University

Warner Bros. Studio Facilities Amy Hilker +1 818 954-7612 Bldg 44 Room 205 4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91522-0442 USA Design, construction (subcontract) and fabrication services for themed environments, exteriors and interiors. Services include: art direction, set construction, scenery/sets, scenic art, murals, signs, paint, staff, fiberglass fabrication, moldmaking, metal and props. The same craftsmanship utilized by Warner Bros. Studios is available to you.

WEATHERHEAD Experience Design Group, Inc. Andrea Weatherhead +1 206 447-0853 5628 Airport Way South, #205 Seattle, WA 98108 USA WEATHERHEAD Experience Design Group is a multimedia design firm specializing in award-winning interactive installations, film, video, and systems design and integration for museums. We also provide acoustic consultation and technology planning.

Michael Mahlum +1 773 848-3980 2645 W. 98th St. Chicago, IL 60805 USA


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Weber Group Penny Peavler +1 812 246-2100 x125 5233 Progress Way Sellersburg, IN 47172 USA Weber Group is a design, design+build, construction, and specialty fabrication company specializing in hotel and resort, themepark, water park, zoo, museum, and holiday event design, construction, and themeing. From concept to completion our work combines creativity, budget consciousness, and attention to detail. For 25 years Weber Group has brought a variety of brands to life for a wide range of clients including Six Flags and Paramount Parks throughout the U.S., Mercedes-Benz, Nickelodeon, Great Wolf Resorts and the Columbus and Louisville Zoos. Our location in the Louisville, Kentucky area also near Indiana and Ohio affords convenient shipping to locations worldwide and competitive heartland pricing.

Wei, Xing 9530 Baltimore Ave. Suite 226A College Park, MD 20740 USA Student, University of Maryland

Weishar, Peter +1 912 525-5857 115 E. York St. Savannah, GA 31401 USA The Savannah College of Art and Design exists to prepare talented students for professional careers, emphasizing learning through individual attention in a positively oriented university environment. SCAD Vision: The Savannah College of Art and Design, an institution with distinctive yet complementary locations, is recognized as a leader in defining art and design education. By employing innovation in all areas, SCAD provides a superior education through talented and dedicated faculty and staff, leading-edge technology, advanced learning resources and comprehensive support services.

Weiss, David M. +1 213-369-8005 8016 Naylor Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90045 USA Creative Director / Writer Themed Entertainment / Theme Parks / Integrated Resorts / Museum Experiences

Wells Fargo of CA Insurance Services, Inc. Lynn Allmandinger +1 818 464-9378 7th Floor 15303 Ventura Boulevard Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 USA Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. is one of the foremost international insurance brokerages and the largest bank-owned insurance brokerage in the U.S., with over 150 offices in 38 states. Our local insurance professionals understand the risks unique to your business and have specialized in the Themed Entertainment Industry since 1991. We bring a high level of expertise to evaluating your operations and designing effective, customized solutions using domestic and global resources. Whether you are a brand new shop or an established firm, we are dedicated


to providing you with timely and expert assistance. You can concentrate on providing an experience to remember and we’ll take care of the insurance.

WET Teresa Powell-Caldwell +1 818 769-6200 10817 Sherman Way Sun Valley, CA 91352 USA Water feature development for architecture, landscape and urban design. WET Design specializes in the design of water features worldwide and is a leader in the development of innovative design and technology. Whether the installation context is municipal, commercial, institutional or residential, a WET water expression is developed specifically for each environment and provides viewers with a quality of pleasure and engagement--whether the experience be one of tranquility or drama.

Wharton Smith Inc

Spencer Weaver +1 407 321-8410 750 Monroe Road Sanford, FL 32771 USA Our Vision…to be the construction group of choice for our employees, our clients and the communities we serve. Our Mission…to exceed our clients’ expectations by performing with the highest quality, professionalism and fairness and by communicating with honesty and integrity at all times. To Wharton-Smith, these aren’t just words. These founding ideals are a major reason for our strong presence and solid reputation as a General Contractor, Construction Manager and DesignBuild Contractor throughout Florida, the Southeastern U.S. and abroad.

White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, Inc. Randy White +1 816 931-1040 4036 Baltimore Ave. Kansas City, MO 64111 USA White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group’s multi-disciplinary services cover every aspect of project development for location-based family and children’s leisure and learning venues including LBE’s, family entertainment centers (FECs), children’s entertainment and edutainment centers, eatertainment (restaurant-entertainment) facilities, children’s play areas and interactive learning venues. Services include feasibility, concept development, site selection, brand development, architectural and interior design, procurement, operations and management start-up. Over the past 22 years, White Hutchinson has served over 450 clients in 31 countries worldwide and its projects have won 16 different first place awards. Engr Saeed Al Kuwari +974 486-2112 Town Center P.O. Box 10888 Doha, Qatar

White Light

Bryan Raven +44 208 254 4800 Jubilee Way 20 Merton Industrial Park Wimbledon, London SW19 3WL UK Whilst traditionally known for it’s theatre background, the White Light sales division has been supplying lighting and assocaited equipment for installations and attractions for over 15 years including World of Glass, Magna, Earth Centre, White Cliffs Experience.

White Rabbit Company, The Robert Harvey +1 619 442-3300 2559 Pence Dr. El Cajon, CA 92019-3553 USA We have over 35 years of experience working in all technical aspects of the Themed Entertainment industry. Our specialty is providing high quality show control equipment and overall system designs, technical consulting, design and programming, project documentation, technical direction and overall technical support for entertainment related projects. We have the expertise for Turning Ideas Into Reality...

White, Brittany +1 707 319-4423 657 Hidden Creek Rd. Apt. A Arcata, CA 95521 USA Student, Theatre & Film, Humboldt State University

Wildfire Lighting and Visual Effects John Berardi +1 310 755-6780 Suite G1 2908 Oregon Ct. Torrance, CA 90503 USA Visual effects that “reach out and grab you” are the hallmark of the “Wildfire Effect.” From state-of-the-art high intensity black lighting fixtures to super-bright paints, creative materials, scenic painting, printing and screening services, Wildfire has everything you need to create a spectacular black light effect for your attraction.

Wince, S. Logan 603 E. Verdugo Ave. Burbank, CA 91501 USA Concept Design & Art Direction

WLC Architects, Inc. Karla ALonzo DeLeon +1 909 987-0909 8163 Rochester Ave. #100 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 USA WLC Architects, Inc. is a full-service architectural and engineering firm with 35 years’ experience in designing and constructing a variety of entertainment destination projects. Our goal is to bring to life the imaginative and creative concept designs in three dimensional finished product, reflecting an exceptional level of detail and care.

Womick, Benjamin +1 864 590-6939 24700 McBean Pkwy Valencia, CA 91355 USA MFA Student, CalArts TD

World Waterpark Association Patty Miller +1 913 599-0300 Suite 310 8826 Santa Fe Dr. Overland Park, KS 66212 USA

Worldwide Lighting Design Greg McLenahan +44 (0) 1253 766215 1, Rosefinch Ct. Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 9PD UK Worldwide Lighting Design are Programmers and Designers of Entertainment Show Control systems. Specialists in Lighting, Video, Lasers, Automated Shows, Son et Lumiere Shows, Water Shows and Musical Fountains. We also cover: Theatres, Bars, Casino’s, Exhibitions and Architectural systems.

WOTbOX Ltd Andy Reid +44 (0) 1227 808249 Unit 75 Joseph Wilson Ind. Est. Whitstable, Kent CT5 3PS UK WOTbOX was formed to offer bespoke design and development service to those within the audio visual and leisure industry. Drawing from more than 20 years of combined experience in the leisure industry, WOTbOX’s staff are uniquely placed in solving and providing the best engineered solutions possible.

WOW! Works A Buckley/Wymer Company Bettina Buckley +1 352 243-2124 Suite 405 614 East Highway 50 Clermont, FL 34711 USA As a full-service entertainment design and production company, WOW!Works transforms innovative ideas into a tangible “WOW” for its audiences and clients. Our services include strategic and master planning for live show entertainment, imaginative concepts and technical design, professional production management and savvy theatrical productions, spectaculars, and special events.

WrenHouse Design Scott Wren +1 407 347-8695 5657 Somersby Rd. Windermere, FL 34786 USA A boutique creative firm specializing in authenticating storytelling through graphic design, illustration and thematic placemaking. Our services include conceptual ideation, charrette facilitation, design development, creative team management and field art direction for exciting experiences that help build personal and family histories.


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Wyatt Design Larry Wyatt +1 626 304-0031 572 East Green St. Suite 200 Pasadena, CA 91101 USA Wyatt Design Group, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in entertainment, exhibitions, attractions, and leisure destinations. Our core staff has expertise in master planning, site development, architectural and interior design, show design, and environmental design. Principal Larry Wyatt has master planned, designed, or otherwise made significant contributions on major projects for Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount Parks, Universal Studios, Six Flags Entertainment, Busch Gardens Tampa, Sea World Entertainment, LEGO Parks, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, Daytona Speedway, and many more over a career of more than 25 years. From initial Blue Sky Concept to Detailed Design and Implementation, out projects immerse the senses as well as achieve the objectives of their owners. In short, our projects work.

XMC Limited

Alec Mitchell +44 1944 728111 Church View, Yedingham Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 8SL UK XMC is a consultancy that specialises in project, procurement and construction management within the exhibition and attractions industry. XMC can also provide effective cost control and reporting through the production of detailed cost plans, review of design drawings, creation of detailed trade workscopes, value engineering, and 1996, XMC has extensive experience that enables effective liaison between clients, designers, consultants, building to ensure an excellent interface across all members of an attractions team and consequently, a successful completion of the project.

Yeager Design, prLLC Fabian Yeager +1 503 675-1273 #110 415 North State St. Lake Oswego, OR 97034 USA Yeager Design is a multi-disciplinary/ range from lighting design for theme park projects, corporate trade shows, industrials, exhibit design, video production, fashion shows and stage productions.

Yeoman, Kimberly

Zanim8tion Kevin Zevchik +1 407 454-0014 660 Celebration Ave. #170 Celebration, FL 34747 USA Zanim8tion provides solutions for Show Control, Event Services, and Themed Attractions. From Multidisplay systems and animatronic characters to live venues, interactive exhibits, and motion simulators. Zanim8tion provides services for full development and turnkey attractions and exhibits to control systems only, or just the programming. +1 904 335-7005 1011 S. 19th St. Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 USA Student, Technical Theatre - focus in Scenic Design, University of Florida

Professional technology in the US, which provides the primary basis for control, although Zanim8tion offers services and solutions for a multitude of systems, PLCs, and software. As we always say, “If is is not Anim8ted, it sucks.”

Yessian Music

Zeitgeist Design & Production Brian Yessian +1 248 553-4044 33117 Hamilton Ct. Farmington Hills, MI 48334 USA Yessian Music is a full service audio production and soundscape studio. We create music and sound design shows, theme parks, commercials and live events. Yessian has studios and composers/sound designers located in New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Berlin, Cape Town and Melbourne. We also location mixing and surround sound capabilities.

Yoon, Margaret 403 Canoe Ct. Redwood City, CA 94065 USA Student, Carnegie Mellon University

Younger, David +44 7854 619 908 5 Scargill Dr. Spennymoor, County Durham DL16 6LY UK Graduate Student, University of Lincoln Ryan Harmon +1 626 794-2665 2944 Santa Anita Ave. Altadena, CA 91001 USA For over two decades, Zeitgeist principal Ryan Harmon has told the tales of some of the world’s most successful brands, intellectual properties and cultures through innovative and engaging theme parks and attractions, marketing and brand experiences, special venue media, live shows, exhibits and events. He is a respected producer, creative director, writer and project strategist who understands the power of story, brand and budget, and how to engage people emotionally through the mediums of environment, technology, theatricality... in a word, “experience.” Harmon has held creative management positions at Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Creative, Warner Bros. Recreation, Delaney-Harmon, Inc.

YWD Contracting Inc. XPA Experiential Architecture

John Kasperowicz +1 702 523-1047 1809 Chapman Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89104 USA Concept, master planning, and interior design for theme entertainment projects, utilizing storytelling and sophisticated design techniques to create destination attractions. Development of immersive experiences, marketable architecture, and memorable places that meet the client’s business goals. Projects include theme parks, Indian casinos, resorts, location based entertainment, retail, waterparks, museums, cultural centers, restaurants.

Jared Webster +1 310 925-8194 3429 Wesley Culver City, CA 90232 USA General Contracting: Concrete saw cutting and coring/Management Theme paint: High strength industrial two part applications, Single phase applications. Theme color and theme applications

YWS Thomas Wucherer +1 702 243-5670 5005 West Patrick Lane Las Vegas, NV 89118 USA YWS is a globally-integrated boutique environments. We are innovators in our industry because our designs incorporate entertainment elements, value. The in-depth research we conduct into trends and cultures uniquely enables us to understand the needs, desires and motivations of our clients’ clients.


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Did you know that ANYONE can submit a project for a thea Award? - You don’t have to be a TEA member - You don’t have to be an owner of a project - You don’t have to work in the industry - Projects can be anywhere in the world - Projects can be any compelling experience including museum exhibits, traveling experiences, unique and interactive shows. They can even be a portion of a project such as new usage of technology or a very unique preshow. - There are special categories such as “Limited Budget” and “Classic” - People can get nominated as well for “Lifetime Achievement”

For more information, visit http: //, or contact Gene Jeffers -


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The business of entertainment AECOM provides unrivaled expertise in the business of entertainment. We are in a collaborative community of multidisciplinary consultants enhancing and sustaining the world’s built, natural and social environments. We are part of an integrated practice that brings together planning, design, architecture, and landscape architecture, in addition to the pioneering economics expertise that we’ve provided to developers, operators, and investors for the world’s leading attractions.



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Profile for Judith Rubin

2013 TEA Annual  

Themed Entertainment Association yearly look at the industry and directory of TEA members. For owners and operators, developers and designer...

2013 TEA Annual  

Themed Entertainment Association yearly look at the industry and directory of TEA members. For owners and operators, developers and designer...