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Join Rubi J in pledging to make a difference in someone’s life in 2010. We that have been fortunate in our lives can help others in need. Don’t know where to start? Here three websites that rates charities.

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Health Bites: Forty different researches have concluded the same thing. Volunteering produces health benefits and longevity. When we do good, we feel good.

Jennifer Barnett and her husband Lee live in Central Iowa. They have two grown sons, one daughter-in-law and the cutest grandson in the world. Jen is a registered nurse with a B.A. in Human Behavior and M.A. in Professional Counseling. She is a Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitator. She was a member of the Iowa Rivers Chapter of the American Red Cross sent to New York after 9/11/2001 on three separate assignments. Here’s her story:

“On September 11, I watched as the terrorist attacks unfolded on TV. My heart went out to the people in New York as the Twin Towers collapsed. Immediately, I felt “called” to go to New York and help bring comfort to the traumatized people there. My husband, Lee, was very supportive and encouraged me to pursue my desire to volunteer my services. The American Red Cross sent me to New York City on three separate assignments since September 11. While I was in New York, I worked at Respite Center #3---the Marriott Financial Center Hotel. While working at Respite #3, I visited with rescue workers and helped them debrief by listening as they poured out “their stories.” I talked with police officers, firefighters, and many local New York Red Cross volunteers who welcomed a listening ear. I normalized their responses to trauma and helped them understand the process of grief. I also conducted debriefing sessions with Red Cross volunteers. I came back from the experience with a changed view of New Yorkers. I had bought into the stereotype of New Yorkers being cranky and in a hurry. What I found were people who were helpful, patient, and appreciative. They were so grateful and appreciated all the Red Cross workers. New Yorkers were curious to know what Iowans’ reactions were to the terrorist attacks and how we were affected by the tragedy. Additionally, the incredible outpouring of good moved

ashion… A Dash of F ew wonderful n me. I really sensed that people have the ability to react to something so evil, so terrible, with proportional amounts of goodness and kindness. I worked at Respite #3 on Thanksgiving Day---a Thanksgiving Day that I will never forget! Mayor Rudy Giuliani arrived at lunchtime, put on a Red Cross vest and took up a position on the food line. Rudy shook my hand as I ate turkey dinner with the rescue workers. Outside, on the other side of the metal barricades that block off Ground Zero, people continued to leave flowers in memory of the victims. Memorial walls were everywhere. Crowds gathered at St. Paul’s Chapel on Broadway to look over a memorial of signs and posters on its iron fence. People continued to look down the narrow streets of Lower Manhattan, trying to get an idea of what the 16-acre site looked like. The mood was very solemn and sober. It was a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving

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Day! I felt privileged to have had the opportunity to work at Ground Zero. It was a tremendous privilege to offer victims opportunities to share images they could share with no one else. One thing I would definitely want everyone to do is not to forget what happened on September 11. Thousands of other individuals have been forever changed by this catastrophic event.

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 (10% of proceeds are donated to First Book...

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