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Paper, Plastic or Reusable? Plastic bags consume less energy and water and produce less pollution than paper. But paper is more convenient to recycle. Discarded plastic bags can kill wildlife. The winner? Reusable bags. Prices range from $1.00 to designer $$$$. Keep watch! Many stores are now giving away reusable bags with sale promotions. Savvy and Sensible!

Coming S oon: New Animal T ale produ cts!

Her “Secret Ingredients”

Like most Baby Boomers, Bev Jensen and her husband, Bill (of 37 years) refuse to completely retire. They formerly owned and operated a service station which consumed their life. Now “semi-retired” they are able to channel their energy in more directions. “I have yet to be bored,” says Bev who designs and searches for unique jewelry for a select group of customers. Oh, and by the way, she’s also an office assistant in Behavioral Health. Semi-retired, huh? With two sons, one daughter, two grandchildren and two on the way, Bev considers her primary profession to be a mom. With her exuberance and dedication to family, we wanted to feature Bev and have her share a few anecdotes.

Bev Jensen A Dash of Fashion… Too much of anything is a don't. Too much cleavage, make-up, hairspray and jewelry is aging. As a woman ages she needs to look more natural. Try skipping foundation this summer...but don’t forget sunscreen!

Favorite family memory? “A tree house my brother-in-law built for me. As the youngest of eight, I went on several of my older sisters dates and won over their boyfriends. The outcome? A tree house (with the help of a begrudging husband)in my backyard for my grandchildren. On being a grandmother? “There are no words to describe it. They are the extension of my life.” Where do you want to be 10 years from now? “ I don’t think much about ten years from now, but just concentrate on enjoying this day.” Best Invention? “The microwave. I would have made a good pioneer woman if they had just had a microwave.” Most thankful for? “A stable family life. It means the world to have this if you didn’t have the luxury of growing up that way.”

Health Bite: You are what you eat! •Salmon (foods rich in omega-3 acids) prevent wrinkles. •Cranberries brighten your smile. •Spinach, broccoli and Swiss chard can act as a natural hair conditioner.

Aubrey, sporting her ISU colors in her Rubi J tee.

"Well, a new study has found that having a cat makes you 40 percent less likely to die of a heart attack. Not that the cat could care less either way, really." -- Jay

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2009-08 Newsletter  
2009-08 Newsletter  

Check out our blogs... Mommyhood Blog A few morsels of rubi j info to savor and share "Well, a new study has found that having a cat makes y...