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break poverty 2014 ANNUAL REPORT

Dear Friends:

With those aspirations, we undertook an intensive process to develop a new approach, and our strategic plan for 2015 – 2017. This included making some difficult but necessary changes to focus our resources on approaches that add the most value to our shared community – even though these decisions result in our letting go of significant amounts of revenue.

2014 was an extraordinary year. Last year, thanks to you – • Rubicon served nearly 4,000 people. • Of the 1,039 people seeking employment, we placed 674 into jobs. • The people we placed into jobs collectively earned $16.3 million. • We moved 273 families including 2,235 children, into housing.

We revised our mission statement:

Rubicon transforms East Bay communities by equipping low-income people to break the cycle of poverty. We recognize the boldness of our new mission, and the complexity of the efforts ahead. We fully appreciate that others have sought to achieve a mission that, if accomplished, would put them out of business.

We expanded services in southern Alameda County, at our Hayward site, and in west Contra Costa County, in Richmond. We started services in Oakland. Our new services in Hayward and in Oakland help families move off public benefits — we help parents get jobs and housing.

We are humbled by our program participants, whose determination to change course for themselves, their families, and their communities, inspires us each day. We are grateful to you for trusting in Rubicon to accompany you on your journey. You will see photos of a few of these people – Sandra, Vernon, Faria – in this report. We hope that you find as much inspiration in their expressions of triumph, joy, accomplishment, as we do.

We re-tooled, examining our theory of change — which specific activities we need to undertake, to achieve our desired impact. We did this because, quite simply, and tragically, after over four decades, we are not seeing the needle move on poverty in the communities we serve.

We aspire to hold ourselves to the same level of determination and open-ness to change as our participants demonstrate. Our work will be difficult, and will take many more resources than we have at present. And we realize that our goals may seem lofty and unattainable. For all of these reasons, we are humble; yet, working with our allies, we remain hopeful that we will succeed.

While the national poverty rate has seen peaks and valleys since registering at approximately 11% in 1973, the number of people facing poverty in the United States grew to 14.5%, or a staggering 45.3 million people, in 2013. And if we turn our aspirations towards self-sufficiency standards we see even higher levels of need in our communities. In the East Bay, over 17% of adults are living below the self-sufficiency standard ($28,209 annually for 1 adult), and in some areas, this rate nears 23%.

Your partnership with Rubicon is more important than ever. We are grateful to you for joining us in transforming East Bay communities by equipping people to break the cycle of poverty.

Rubicon has benefitted the lives of thousands of people over its 40+ years. We are a strong, stable, accountable, high impact organization. However, we seek to have a lasting impact, breaking the cycle of poverty. We want to change the way in which poverty fighting work happens, in a fundamental way.

Jane Fischberg President and Executive Director


One MISsion:

To transform East Bay communities by equipping low-income people to break the cycle of poverty.

HOW: Introducing our new values:

Justice hope Humility

By acting on the new values we developed, Rubicon has conviction that we will achieve our mission and our vision.

We believe in the promise of fairness, equality and opportunity for all people. We collaborate with others who share our goals of dismantling institutional racism and the cycle of poverty, and we are committed to examining the role we play in perpetuating these systems. We hold ourselves accountable to these promises.

Our optimism and hope drive us to constantly seek justice. We think creatively about how to solve social problems. Our belief in our participants, staff, and community fuels our hope in achieving our mission to break the cycle of poverty. We are responsive to the ever-evolving needs of the people we serve and the community in which we live. We humbly listen to our clients, our community and one another. The urgency of our work demands that we act boldly, and take risks, even if we make mistakes along the way. 4

One Aim:

To partner with the participants we serve, equipping them with the best services, tools, and resources possible on their path to prosperity.


After going through an intensive organization wide strategic planning process, Rubicon developed a program designed to break the complicated factors that cause poverty.

Introducing our new program design:


Income: getting a job isn’t enough


Connection: no one person or organization can break poverty alone

Our community is full of hard-working people who still can’t make ends meet. We aren’t interested in simply placing people into low wage jobs and declaring “Mission Accomplished”— we are passionate about equipping participants to successfully pursue career paths that will lead to enough income to support themselves and their families.

Rubicon believes in community sufficiency. Regardless of our background, we all need positive social networks, mentors, allies, and collaborators to be as successful as possible in meeting our goals.

Wellness: healthy people make healthy communities

Assets: shifting knowledge into action In today’s economy, earning a good salary isn’t enough. We need to know how to make our hard-earned money work for us. Rubicon is focused on working with participants to develop game changing asset building and money management skills that leverage their hard earned money to reach their definition of success.

A holistic approach to health addresses the various factors that contribute to and keep people in poverty. Healthier people are equipped to make choices for themselves and their families that set up our whole community for success. 5

One Community:

No one person or organization can break the cycle of poverty. It takes many collaborators —our participants, staff, partner organizations, donors, and supporters— to transform the East Bay.

WHO: participantS

Sandra, former Rubicon participant and current Rubicon staff

Every decision that we make and every choice we make, affects everyone around us. The saying that I really like is “hurt people hurt people and healed people heal people.” The power of Rubicon is that it sees that, it understands how to work with people so that they can get to a place where they can go back to their community and do some healing work.

When I realized that we all need people to succeed, everything changed for me. I first came to Rubicon to get support for a job but I didn’t know about everything else, from substance abuse services, to legal help, to counseling. But, I also found that it’s more than the programs or the services — it’s the one-on-ones in the hallways, the checkins with staff about the daily things that happen in your life. Staff have shared with me some of their life experiences and that helped me realize that the people that work at Rubicon have had some of the same experiences that I have gone through. A bell went off that said “you can be successful.” Even though people come from different backgrounds they can have similar experiences and they can support each other. I don’t feel alone anymore.

I have a brighter future now. Not only was I a participant, but now I am an employee of Rubicon. There’s no way I could turn back — my dreams are too big. I can do anything I want to now, because I am connected. When you’re connected the sky is the limit. Rubicon helped me look inside and bring out who I am. It started with Rubicon but I see that it is up to me to go back in to the community and give back. Stopping the cycle means setting the example. I wake up every day at 4:30am to be at work because I look forward to helping Rubicon trainees. Now, any opportunity I have to help a person change their lives, I’m willing to take.

Community means everything and everyone to me. We have to live together, we have to look out for one another.



Jennifer, Rubicon staff

As a single mom, being from and living in the East Bay, I feel so passionate about being part of building up my community. I know I’m not just helping the individual I’m working with — I’m helping their family.

Now that I’m the Director of the Center, I’m excited to extend that support network and collaborate with Rubicon’s partners to provide a hub of multi-faceted resources that have been needed in our community for so long. We help people coming out of incarceration get back to their life and their community. Richmond has a history of excellent service providers. The West County Reentry Resource Center is meant to be a place where they can come together under one roof and collaborate to make sure our community is thriving. No one organization can do it by themselves. The participants and our community really benefit when we collaborate.

I feel like I’m paying it forward so that participants can reach their goals because people in my support network helped me reach mine. I feel like the only difference between me and our participants is that I’ve had support networks. I want to be that for our participants — part of their support networks.


I started working at Rubicon three years ago after being unemployed for five months. I had just received my Master’s degree and was beginning to get frustrated looking for work. Thanks to a connection I had with someone that worked at Rubicon, I started working as a career coach, and since then have been promoted twice — first to the position of Rubicon Antioch site manager and now as the Director of the West County Reentry Resource Center.

Transforming East Bay communities by equipping low-income people to break the cycle of poverty. 7


Rubicon has never subscribed to the belief that some lives matter less than others. They know that with intensive support in the hardest hit communities that positive change will occur. As a donor, we are proud to support Rubicon and the committed and resilient men and women who desire positive growth and transformation for their family and community. — Paul Morton, The Morton Foundation.

The work Rubicon Programs does is important in enhancing the lives of many within our community. Heffernan is proud to be a partner with Rubicon Programs and we value and admire the work that they do to help people achieve financial independence, personal empowerment, and more.

Rubicon’s continuous, hands on, and meaningful workshops support participants, and are a great model in building a sustainable community.

We value our relationship with Rubicon based on the quality of services it provides, the organization’s innovative approaches to meeting community needs, and Rubicon’s ongoing willingness to partner effectively with others.

— Sophia Loh, Donor

As a Board member of Rubicon, I am truly honored by the hard work I see done by each individual that works at Rubicon. Rubicon is an organization that allows for anyone needing help to knock at the doors of the organization and many doors will open in providing training for productive lives.

— Chief Chris Magnus, Richmond Police Department

— Melani Conti, Heffernan Insurance

Rubicon partners with Ruby’s Place in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the people we serve. They have taken the time to get to know our program and our clients to ensure that they receive the services they need to live independently and safely.

— Karen Norwood, Board Member

STAND! for Families Free of Violence highly values our strong collaboration with Rubicon. Through this work we are able to make a critical difference in the lives of our clients who have been affected by family violence.

The Antioch Police Department partners with Rubicon because we have seen first-hand how their services positively impact the lives of those individuals who need services the most. As a Police Chief with 28 years in public safety, I have been extremely impressed with Rubicon staff and services as they are doing wonderful work in our community.

— Gloria Sandoval, Executive Director, STAND

— Chief Allan Cantando, Antioch Police Department

— Vera Ciammetti Executive Director of Ruby’s Place, Homeless Shelter

” 8


fiscal year 2014 Assets and Liabilities Current Assets $4,749,116 Property and Equipment 9,549,587


Other Assets 1,077,380 Total Assets $15,376,083


Current Liabilities $3,526,792

50% 38%

Other Liabilities 5,786,240 Government Contracts Earned Income Grants and Contributions

Total Liabilities 9,313,032 Total Net Assets 6,063,051 Total Liabilities and Net Assets $15,376,083

revenue Government Contracts $9,345,709


Earned Income 7,063,568 Grants and Contributions 2,133,264

3% 4%

Total Revenue $18,542,541


24% 69%

Programs $12,630,971 Programs

Businesses 4,500,618


Administration 708,571


Fundraising 542,248


Total Expenses $18,382,408


MANY THANKS: $250,000-$999,999 Tipping Point Community $100,000-$249,999 East Bay Community Foundation Lesher Foundation Y&H Soda Foundation $25,000-$99,999 Chevron Richmond Refinery Virginia Davis Hedco Foundation Kaiser Permanente East Bay Community Benefit Program Mr. Charles Schwab Richmond Community Foundation The San Francisco Foundation Walmart Foundation Wells Fargo Bank $10,000-$24,999 Bank of the West Maureen Kennedy and Konrad Alt Samuel Schuchat and Ilana DeBare Paul Leonard Thomas J. Long Foundation The Morton Foundation Van Lรถben Sels/ RembeRock Foundation John and Ereca Shrewsberry Single Stop USA, Inc. Union Bank of California

$5,000-$9,999 First Republic Bank Jenn Bonilla and Steve Myer Jane Fischberg and Dan Robinson Heffernan Insurance Brokers United Way of the Bay Area $1,000-$4,999 Kerry Abbott and Henry Sigal Robert and Evelyn Apte Alma Azarcon Alison Burke Beth and Jamie Barrett Richard Chacon Phillip Clinard Timothy Combs Import Tile Company Scott Crawford Robert Creek and Anita Wood Joanne and Terry Dale Edward Downer, III and Yoshimi Downer Karen and Steve Ellis Network for Good John Ford and Toni Ayres ATT Foundation Safeway Foundation The Morrison & Foerster Foundation Brian Fraser and Karen Dempsey Pacific Gas and Electric Company Andrew Gaubatz Harrington Group, CPAs, LLP

The transformative work Rubicon does would not be possible without your generous donations. Our sincerest gratitude goes out to the following donors and sponsors:

Jacquie Guzzo Daniel Higgins and Maiya Shaw Susan Johnson Miriam Joscelyn Holly Kane Steve Kaufhold and Christy Richardson Laurance and Deborah Kelley Alan Kosansky Amit Kurlekar and Joanne Lee Margaretta Lin and Rajiv Bhatia Sophia Loh and Thomas Li Karen Kiyo-Lowhurst and Daven Lowhurst Enterprise Fleet Management The Mechanics Bank Philip Monrad and Molly Sullivan Susann and Louis Nordrum NBBJ Karen Norwood Charles Olcott and Laura Pochop Scott Poland Caroyln Schwab Pomerantz and Gary Pomerantz Greg and Alison Powell Dianne Roach Jennifer Rose and Richard Hart Laura Trupin and Beth Ross Elizabeth Schaaf Katie Schwab Paige and Matt Paige


Harry and Pat Sigworth Andy and Narda Skov Brynne and David Staley Richard and Jan Stephenson Elizabeth and Bert Tuan Susan and Christopher Willrich Emily and Danny Wu $500-$999 Mitchell Adams Lisa Barrow Kelly Corrigan Ralph Cotter, III Tracy Dean Karen Eichler Patricia Enrado Dr. Larry Franz Fred Glass and Maureen Katz Jay Goldman and Mona Goldfine Lindy Hahn Robert Herbst Christopher and Dee Hockett Rob Hope and Sarah Shanley Hope Jonathan Jacobs and Joy Kolestsky Patricia Kates Judy Kelly Viktor Manrique Marie Monrad Robin Roy and Kathy Zoi Ruth Rymer Jane Sperring Karla Spormann Paul Staley Andrew Stoloff and Leslie Crary Renske Van Staveren

Timothy West Ellen and Craig Whittom $1-$499 Kerry Haig Agigian Marci Alborghetti Angela Alexander Abony and Nicholas Alexander Deja Anderson Lucy Anemone David and Jill Anderson Erik Babcock and Lisa Puntillo William and Joanne Baker Matthew Ball US Bank Kimberly Barnes Cassandra Benjamin Dan Bernie Liz Bertko Lawrence Best Carol Beth John Bliss and Kim Thompson Renee Bott Janis Brewer Pamela Brown Porschea Brown Christopher Buckley Julia Bussey Dave and Diana Butler Babette Canton Bruce Caplan Carol and Robert Castaneda Lorraine Castillo Garlin Cephas Berkleley Chamber of Commerce Susan Cieutat Deborah Clarett

Gisela and Donald Clemons Tony Console James Cook Lois and Michael Courchaine Miriam Covington Linda Cruz Catherine Darce Ruchira Datta Joe DeCredico Gordon Deppe Kelly Dunn Florence Eriksson Suki-Rose Etter Katy Faix Philip Farrocco Krista Fechner Amanda Feinstein Leona Fields John and Anna Ford The Clorox Company Foundation Lisa Franklin Marianne Franks Eda Freggiaro Monique Fuentes Benevity Community Impact Fund Charles Geerhart Vanessa George Martin Gibb and Karen Panico Cinda Gilliland Dorothy Goff Tim Hallahan Cricket Halsey Bill and Kathleen Hamm John Hanawalt Marcia Hataye Ruth Hawley Hillyard Inc. Sherry Hirsch Christina Holmes Rachel Lee Holstein Tom Hope April Hopkins Rosanne Howell and Cormac Smith

Andrew Huang and Elaine Tseng Shireen Husain Francesca Jacobson Jacqueline Janet Jeannie Jaramillo The John Stewart Company Barbara Johnson Nancy and William Johnston Tina Jung JUSTGIVE Alicia Kae Miller Caroline Kelley Holly Kernan and Mike Woitala Tima Khatri Mike Kilpatrick Shana Kilpatrick Adrienne Kimball Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Klein Philip LaMere Martha Laboissiere John Lau Mary Law Stephanie Lawrence Zachary and Steffany Lee Jill Levine Christopher and Madeline Liddicoat Diane Lofgren Jay and Karen Leong Joe MacDonald Jenny Macdonald Laura Maechtlen Claire Marcus Benjamin Martinez Carly Mask Nancy McCaulou Lisa McCracken Megan McKeon City Mechanical Inc. Daniel Mejia Robin Miller and Daniel Rossi Catherine Minor

Mariana Moore Karina Moreno Julie Mozena MSM Inc. Marsha Murrington Elizabeth Muth Richard and Ela Newacheck Ride Oakland Liz Orlin and John Ifcher Mothusi Pahl Gerd Pannke Patricia Paul Richard and Sharon Pipkin David Pontecorvo Geoffrey and Verity Powell Kimberly Raymundo Wesley and Bora Reed Matthew Ridenour George Rost Lee Safran Rob Sakurai Herbert Sample Guillermo Sandavol Coustasse Thomas Sander and Laura Carter Sander Arthur Sandhu Jack Sawyer Louis Schuster Chris Scrivani Rachel Shifrin Diana Smith Rachael Smith Richard and Sally Smith Call Socket Robert and Althea Soldano Robert Solotar Michael and Deborah Sosebee Jocelyn Sperling Morgan Stanley Chad Stegeman and Stacy Lee Margaret Syed Demetrio Tafoya


Lilian Tham and Hal Berman Tami Unsworth Sara Valkonen Bonnie Vasquez Wessington Ventures, LLC Marc Vezina Ashley Vinson Helene Wallace Carole Watson United Way CA Capital Region Patricia and Stanley Wells Lewis and Elma Ruth White Frankie Whitman Ron Wilson Peter Williams Sherry Williams Robert Wu Abby Yim

Rubicon Programs Board of Directors and Officers

In Kind Donations Dave and Diana Butler Deborah Clarett Holly Kane Whole Foods Market Karen Norwood The Athenian School Cat Peers Smith Verizon Wireless

Susann Nordrum GHG Integration Consultant – Chevron Corporation

Match Union Bank of California Chevron Humankind Employee Funds FairIsaac Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching United Way of Central Maryland We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our donors. If we inadvertently misspelled your name or omitted your gift, please accept our apologies and contact us at 510.231.3994.

As of June 2014 Amit Kurlekar, Chair Attorney Lilian Asperin Clyman, Vice Chair Project Director –WRNS Studios Virginia Davis, Secretary Owner –Virginia’s Live a Little Deborah Clarett, Treasurer VP/Loan Services Center Manager –Bank of Orient Paul Leonard West Coast Director – Center for Responsible Lending

Karen Norwood Facilities Services Manager – Kaiser Permanente, School of Allied Health Scott Poland Vice President – Wells Fargo Advisors

Jane Fischberg, President President and Executive Director – Rubicon Programs Kelly Dunn, Asst. Secretary General Counsel Director – Rubicon Legal Services Roger Contreras, Asst. Treasurer & CFO Chief Financial Officer – Rubicon Programs


Rubicon Programs 2014 Annual Report  
Rubicon Programs 2014 Annual Report