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More than a Manual - Obtain clear descriptions of patent procedures, practicalities and costs; - Use Google Maps to request and select quotes from across the globe; - Find a straightforward breakdown of fees.

One of the reasons we’re excited about Rubicon Personal IP® is that it presents content on patentlaw practices, procedures, and costs around the world in a unique and user-friendly way .

Six reasons to cross the Rubicon

1. Personal information tool 2. Easy to use 3. Edited by Experts 4. Three-monthly updates 5. Global business network 6. Lowest price possible

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Ross Robinson, Winstead PC.

Personal information tool Rubicon Personal IP® is a practical information tool that helps you to find well-organized information about IP law practices, procedures and costs from around the world. Rubicon Personal IP® is your personal tool that you can customize to your own individual needs, for example by compiling your own personal subscription, setting up a personal profile, and adding your own personal notes to specific sections of the content.

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Easy to Use

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Every country on Rubicon Personal starts with a clear flowchart-based overview, which will quickly and efficiently give you access to the more detailed information you need. Navigating through Rubicon Personal IP® is very easy. It also is great fun! The graphic interface, based on Google Maps, supports you in finding your way through the IP world almost effortlessly. The search tree structure, bookmarking system and multiple windows support you in finding the information you are looking for. Once you have experienced the Rubicon way, you will wonder how you ever coped with leafing through thick manuals or laboriously ploughing through enormous amounts of irrelevant data.

Leading national IP firms6

Edited by Experts

The IP content for Rubicon Personal IP® is produced by leading national IP firms throughout the world. Each and every one of these firms has an excellent track record in serving clients across the globe. The final editing of the content is done by Murgitroyd & Company. Murgitroyd & Company ranks among the largest groups of Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys in Europe, with nearly 100 Patent and Trade Mark Professionals and more than 200 staff.

Global Business network Rubicon Personal IP® gives you access to the Rubicon IP network. You will be able to develop new business relationships with other members of the network but there is much more. At the IP market place you post requests for information for other members or respond to their requests. IP firms introduce themselves to members of the network, by means of an in-depth company profile, containing company data, their main fields of expertise and their average agent’s fees.

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Three-Monthly Updates The accuracy of the content is checked every three months by the national experts and updated if needed. What is more, in the unlikely event that they come across some out-of-date information, subscribers are able to send comments directly to the national expert, who will take rapid action to correct the information. You might wish to refer to the content of on older version. Just go to the Rubicon time machine and simply turn the clock back to the period of your interest.

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Lowest price possible Rubicon Personal IP® is a product of Rubicon Publishers B.V. Rubicon Publishers B.V. is a new, innovative and highly efficient company. We believe that there is a lot to gain from the way professional information is made easily accessible and usable in practice with the aid of modern internet and database technology. Rubicon operates as a network company. Overheads are kept at an absolute minimum because almost all our staff activities are outsourced and scattered throughout the world, just like the national experts. Rubicon is just the junction at the heart of the World Wide Web where all strands of information come together. Rubicon believes that valuable information does not have to come at a high price. Professionals are willing to share their expertise with each other as long as this is done within a safe environment and the benefits are enjoyed by all.

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Free trial ticket

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Free trial ticket

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This ticket gives you free and unlimited access to the Rubicon Personal IP® website.

How to validate your ticket: Go to and enter your ticket number. Ticket number:


The first edition of Rubicon Personal IP® will focus on patents and utility models. Go to to validate the free trial ticket and to have your first experience of the Rubicon way. You could also go there to apply for becoming a country expert for one of the countries which are still missing on our list.

The Rubicon is a small river in the North East of Italy. Crossing the Rubicon is a metaphor for deliberately proceeding beyond a point of no return. The original crossing of the Rubicon occurred in 49 BC when the Roman general Julius Caesar ordered his legions to cross the river and march on Rome. On this occasion Caesar spoke the famous words “alea iacta est” (“the die is cast”). Rubicon Publishers B.V. P.O. Box 13348, 3507 LH, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Phone: + 31 30 2519703 E-mail:

Brochure Rubicon Personal IP®  

Rubicon Personal IP® is a an interactive, online manual for intellectual property (IP) procedures . Rubicon Personal IP® is also a worldwide...

Brochure Rubicon Personal IP®  

Rubicon Personal IP® is a an interactive, online manual for intellectual property (IP) procedures . Rubicon Personal IP® is also a worldwide...