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Exotic Mango Mocktails, Mango Cocktails : Mango Recipe

Mango Fizz

Ingredients: • • •

2 Shots Rubicon Mango 1 Short Cranberry Juice Champagne Method: Pour Cranberry juice over Rubicon Mango and top up with Champagne.

Mango Fandango

Ingredients: • • •

3 parts Rubicon Mango juice drink 1 part Elderflower water 2 parts Pineapple juice

Method: Pour all ingredients into container. Shake (or stir vigorously if making a jug). Strain.

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Exotic Mango Mocktails, Mango Cocktails : Mango Recipes  

Get the finest and exotic cocktail and mocktail recipes prepared with help of mango, canberry juice, pineapple juice