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“Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah” --Psalms 60:4

“Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them, shake the hand…” --Isaiah 13:2

“But the LORD said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak� -Jer. 1:7

“Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression” --Isaiah 58:1

“And thou shalt speak my words unto them, Whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: for they are most rebellious� ---Ezekiel 2:7

“An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him� --Proverbs 17:11

“I have preached righteousness in the great congregation: lo, I have not refrained my lips� --Psalm 40:9

“Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets: She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she uttereth her words� --Proverbs 1:20-21

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. –Matthew 5:18

“So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me� --Ezekiel 33:7

“Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me� --Jonah 1:2

“For since I spake, I cried out, I cried violence and spoil; because the word of the LORD was made a reproach unto me, and a derision, daily� ---Jeremiah 20:8

“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” -Prov. 3:6

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God� --1Corinthians 1:18

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil� -John 3:19

“Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake� --Matthew 5:11

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me” -Psalms 23:4

“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth� --Acts 1:8

“….being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it” -1Cor. 4:12

“But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them, Ye men of Judaea, and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words:� --Acts 2:14

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven� --Matthew 10:32

“The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil� --John 7:7

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature� --Mark 16:15

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine� --2Timothy 4:2

“The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight� --Mark 1:3

“Go up to Lebanon, and cry; and lift up thy voice” --Jeremiah 22:20

“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?� --Psalms 94:16

“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth Speaketh” --Matthew 12:34

“Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus� --Colossians 1:28

“And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: for they are most rebellious� -Ezek.2:7

“And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel� --Ephesians 6:19

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light� -1Peter 2:9

“We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners” -Ps. 20:5

“And thou, son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house� -Ezek.2:6

“And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men� --Matthew 4:19

“Then the LORD said unto me, Proclaim all these words in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem, saying, Hear ye the words of this covenant, and do them� --Jeremiah 11:6

“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you� --John 15:18

“Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother� 2Thes. 3:15

“Saying, Go unto this people, and say, Hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and not perceive� --Acts 28:26

“But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets� -2Chr.36:16

“To whom shall I speak, and give warning, that they may hear? behold, their ear is uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken: behold, the word of the LORD is unto them a reproach; they have no delight in it� --Jeremiah 6:10

“My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth� -1 John 3:18

�As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent� --Revelation 3:19

“The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion” --Proverbs 28:1

For they are impudent children and stiffhearted. I do send thee unto them; and thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD� -Ezek. 2:4

“They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly� --Amos 5:10

“Son of man, set thy face toward Jerusalem, and drop thy word toward the holy places� --Ezekiel 21:2

“Yet they hearkened not unto me, nor inclined their ear, but hardened their neck: they did worse than their fathers� ---Jeremiah 7:26

“Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay� --Jeremiah 20:9

“Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice?� --Proverbs 8:1

“For both prophet and priest are profane; yea, in my house have I found their wickedness, saith the LORD� --Jeremiah 23:11

“And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled� --Luke 14:23

“She crieth at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors� --Proverbs 8:3

“What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops� --Matthew 10:27

“And Micaiah said, As the LORD liveth, even what my God saith, that will I speak” ---2 Chronicles 18:13

“And the gospel must first be published among all nations� -Mark 13:10

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee” -Is.60:1

“Behold, I have made thy face strong against their faces, and thy forehead strong against their foreheads� --Ezekiel 3:8

“And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved� --Matthew 10:22

“…and spake boldly for the space of three months, disputing and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of God” Acts 19:8

“Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear� 1Tim. 5:20

“The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity” ---Psalms 5:5

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear� -1 Peter 3:15

“Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not� --Jeremiah 5:21

“For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!� --1 Corinthians 9:16

“Moreover he said unto me, Son of man, all my words that I shall speak unto thee receive in thine heart, and hear with thine ears� -Ezek.3:10

“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth� -Gal.4:16

“Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision� --Joel 3:14

“Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men� 2 Cor. 5:11

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them� -Eph. 5:11

“And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand� ---Isaiah 51:16

“Who hath believed our report?� --Isaiah 53:1

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