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What is Color Theory? Understanding color is a very complex task, it is important to associate color with light. Without light there is no such thing as color. Although color will excist with out any source of light it will be impossible to see color, do to the fact that it will not be visable to the human eye. Once that is understood it is easy to appreciate color. Color Theory is Complimentary colors, Triadic colors schems, Analogous Color Schems, Monochromatic Color Schemes, Complimatery Colors, Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, RGB, and CMYK. In which i will clarify to you.

What are Complimentary colors? Complimentary Colors are colors that compliment each other, in a way that they make each other look and feel brighter then the color placed next to. On the Color wheel they are the colors placed on the opposite sides of the colors wheel. Example are Red & Green, and Blue & Yellow,

The Complementary Colors (opposites)

What is a Triadic Color Scheme? A Triadic Color Scheme is collection of three colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. Triadic color harmonnies are usually Vibrant colors, the colors picked are well balanced and dont out dominate any of the other colors.

What is a Analogous Color Scheme? Analogous color schemes always use colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel. For the most part they match well and create a comfortable color scheme to the viewer.

What is Monochromatic Color Schem Monochromatic Color Schemes are all the hues tints and shades of one color. Often look at as a boring mixture of colors unless well designed with a blend or combinations of colors.


What are Primary Colors?

Primary colors consist of red, blue, and Yellow. These three colors are often combined to create different colors.. They are the simplest of all colors and when mixed properlly they create all colors..

Red + Blue = Purple Blue + Yellow= Green Red + Yellow = Orange

What About Black a Black is included in the color wheel beacouse it is the absence of all color an example of this is when there is no light everything seems to be black..



and White? As for White it is a blend of all colors. Sunlight is the white that is put together. The rainbow is proff of that, you will never see the color white. This can also be demostrated with a prism.

What is Color ? I thought about this and discussed this amonst my piers for hours opon hours. what is color ? What does color mean to you? Color is all of these different schemes, but essentially color is feeling, communication, and texture. Yes colors do represent feelings, for example innumerable people associate red with warmth as well as the devil, and other people might think apples, roses, and tomatoes. Thats why i think color can be anything you preceive it to be. It depends where you are from, as well as your religios beliefs. Different complemantery , Triadic, Analogous, and Monochromatic Color schemes are pieced to gether to communicate with its viewer. To either make something thats comfrotable to the eye or a burst of emotions jumping at you from a canvis .

CMYK and RGB? CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black. These are the 4 colors used for printed documents. It is best to use this mode on your document when your design is goig to print. The CMYK colors varie from 0 to 100, colors are made from a combination , and amount used from Cyon, Magenta, Yellow, and Black

RGB Stand for Red, Green, and Blue. This set of colors is used for work on the Web. The RGB colors varie from 0 to 255. Not for print, if printed on this mode you will notice a slight change of colors do to the fact that printers use CMYK to print.

I choose images with different color schemes, images that show some type of emotion and that would communicate with the audiance, in a way that could expain what color is and show how colors work together and can make its audiance feel some kind of way.

Color theory research paper  

color theory, reaserch paper

Color theory research paper  

color theory, reaserch paper