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Everyday we come across numerous elderly people who apparently would need a helping hand in some form or the other. This sketch depicts a young man passing by an elderly person without compassion or any sensitivity to help. In the shadow, however we see the youngster helping the old man- which is actually what the elderly gentleman expects of him.

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

Looking Forward!


From the Editor’s Desk

The journey of 25 years of the Delhi Nepali Christian fellowship has been humbling as much as enriching. The experiences of the Silver Jubilee Year and the souvenir committee have been no different. It’s our humble pleasure to present to the readers, the many well wishers of DNCF, the past, present and even future members a glimpse of the DNCF world in this souvenir. We hope, more than ourselves, our faithful God is reflected on its pages. While compiling the messages, articles, poems, testimonies, photographs and even advertisements we have witnessed that God has been working sublimely in our many lives. DNCF has evolved from a small-languagespecific-mid-day-fellowship-of-Delhi into a large family which crosses over the barrier of age, language and even time and place. Our many members who are now away from the city have contributed to DNCF and the souvenir as much as those in Delhi. We are also happy to present the souvenir in English, Nepali and Hindi languages with contributions from children, young men and women and our senior citizens. As for time, we hope these pages bear testimony to the fact that DNCF is not a once-a-week church but as a family we are together every day; through sickness, health, celebrations, challenges and reaching out. As a young church of 25 years, DNCF would continue to stay on course as both a witness of Jesus and a fellowship of believers. Its dual facets of being situated in Delhi, the capital of India and using Nepali as a prime language of worship gives DNCF a responsibility of being a light both to the Hindi and Nepali speaking people groups. In the Silver Jubilee Year, DNCF has embarked on a special area of service and witness. In a world of changing population dynamics; increasing migration of the young on one hand and aging of the population in another, the care of the elderly is becoming an area for the church-at-large to serve. DNCF understands this need and has centered its silver jubilee theme and activities on the “Service of the Elderly.” As we celebrate God’s faithfulness on the silver anniversary year, we would like to thank every person and organization that has partnered with DNCF and look forward to their continuing partnership and support in the future. We are also thankful for the many messages, articles and advertisements contributed in this souvenir. In everything, we are thankful to God. Narottam, On behalf of The Silver Jubilee Coordination Committee and the Silver Jubilee Souvenir Team Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship.

2 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


Message from the Founder Member Ps. Solomon Adhikari Singapore

A Journey Called DNCF 1987 - Journey with God The beginning of DNCF was a real miracle. Late Rev. Salim Sharif allowed us to carry out our church service in the Parliament Free Church without demanding any reference. The first service was conducted in June 14, 1987 with 13 people in attendance. Difficulties The following Sunday attendance started dropping and it was not at all easy to continue the fellowship due to the summer heat of Delhi. In few occasions we felt it was not according to God’s plan and timing and felt the need to stop. Somehow the fellowship continued but we did not know what was in God’s heart. Journey Continued Although the journey was difficult, DNCF kept bearing fruits. Those who used to attend DNCF 25 years back can now confidently say that DNCF was started according to God’s plan and timing. God is mightily using DNCF to extend His Kingdom. Many lives were saved, many experienced God’s protection, guidance and blessings during the last 25 years of journey. Bearing Fruits All glory to God, DNCF is now registered as a trust and now has a Pastor who has been with DNCF for many years. This is truly God’s provision. DNCF has become a source of blessing to many. There are many young talented, God-fearing and committed members, taking DNCF to an entire new level. I proudly take the opportunity to proclaim that I am one of the fruits of DNCF. Though I have been living in Singapore for the last 19 years, God has enabled me to assist many Nepali fellowships/churches in different ways. In Manali (H.P.), I got the opportunity to start a road-side Sunday School which later evolved into a church. I assist churches in Bangkok, Hong-Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. At present there are 82 Nepali fellowships across 12 states of Malaysia. On September 1, 2012, I was given the responsibility by HimGlo Core Committee to co-ordinate pre-HimGlo summit in Klang, Malaysia in February 2013. Let God be glorified and his kingdom be extended through our services. CONGRATULATIONS DNCF FOR COMPLETING 25 YEARS OF MINISTRY.

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 3

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship


Awesome God! Satish Chettri Pastor, DNCF

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you” Ps. 32: 8. God’s Promises are undoubtedly trustworthy! God teaches, guides, counsels and watches over us. This assurance comforts us immensely. Absolutely! Throughout the 25 year long journey of DNCF, we have witnessed God’s upholding, care and guidance. The road has been eventful and challenging and God has been faithful in every curve, the highs and the lows in the last 25 years. For me personally, it has been a joy and an honor to be with DNCF in this journey all the while. DNCF is the first Nepali christian fellowship of Delhi. DNCF was born out of prayer, passion and committed people. The commitment of the founders was to reach out to Nepali speaking people who urgently needed a fellowship in their language. The fellowship would provide an avenue for seekers to personally know Jesus and believers to worship God in Nepali and continue to grow in faith. It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. I give glory to God for the first step of faith that was taken by the founders and visionaries. I thank Him for helping me lead this wonderful fellowship all these years as well as for the amazing present generation who are fully committed and sold out for God and for his Mission. On the completion of 25 years of DNCF, let us remember who God really is. It is His goodness and faithfulness that we enthusiastically celebrate. We understand and acknowledge His trust on us to be a light in the city of Delhi and other nations. I invite you to join us in our Celebration in thanking and glorifying Him. All I can say is, “He is Faithful, He is the perfect guide, He is a wonderful Counselor and most of all an Awesome God”! “Be Glorified Lord!” Satish Chettri Pastor, DNCF

4 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012



P.O. Mirik, Darjeeling, West Bengal – 734214, India Registration Number S/6060 of 1963-64

Rev. Dr. K. A. Rai Mirik, Darjeeling

Another Stride of Faith I am glad to know that DNCF has completed its 25 years of existence and ministry in the capital city of India. This is really something to be credited to God’s sovereignty and His plan for the salvation of His people. Leaving this truth aside, it would have been not only difficult but impossible for a handful of Nepali speaking christians scattered at different parts of Delhi and coming from different places of India to organise anything known as Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship. This is the time not for us to take credit and feel proud of, but an auspicious moment to humble ourselves and praise God for what He did through the small and insignificant number of DNCF members. At this blessed occasion all I can do is congratulate and thank the members of DNCF for remaining faithful to their commitment and mission. It is true that God used this fellowship to call and collect many of people who were in other folds to be part-takers of His inheritance. This is what He wants His Church to do. My prayers and best wishes for DNCF is that it ever remains faithful and fervent in its mission. For me any Sunday at Delhi was a DNCF worship Sunday. I do not remember whether I ever went to other such groups while at Delhi. And it was a time of blessing and joy to me. I always felt DNCF consisted of members who could in near and distant future be potential leaders. I am glad to affirm that it has begun. I am quite sure in God’s grace, DNCF will play very important salvific and missiological roles among Nepali-speaking community at Delhi. Here I wish to end my greetings thanking God for all those who so long laboured in this vineyard of salvation. I congratulate the committee members for their good efforts to bring out this souvenir and pray for success and God’s blessing upon this celebration. Rev. Dr. K.A. Rai Principal

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 5

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship


Message from Brother Norman Meeten Bro. Norman Meeten Liverpool, England

It has been my great pleasure to be associated with DNCF for many years. I have been thrilled to see the growth and development of the work of God there. The enthusiasm and commitment of Brother Satish and those who share in the work with him, has been an inspiration. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to bless the work and increase all that He has begun do there in Delhi and elsewhere. “He who begun a good work, will perfect it unto the day of Jesus Christ” Phil 1v6. As we “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness all these other things will be added unto you” Mat.6v33. God is faithful, and His great desire is to build His Church. May the Lord richly bless you all. With my love and prayers. Brother Normam Meeten

6 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


Message from Daya R. Pradhan Director, First Evangelical Church Association of India (FECAI) Elder Daya R. Pradhan Siliguri

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Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 7

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship


Message from Dr. Cindy Perry Development Associates International (DAI) Dr. Cindy Perry Siliguri

Dear DNCF Friends, It’s with thanksgiving in my heart that I write this CONGRATULATIONS to DNCF on the occasion of their Silver Jubilee!! It’s hard to imagine that 25 years has passed so quickly -- and when I think back to when I was first doing research on the Nepali diaspora, and made contact with DNCF in its formative stages, when they were meeting at Free Church -- WOW, how far you have come! And so much that God has done in your midst, and through the lives of those who have passed through DNCF.   Thanks God our Father -- for Your faithfulness, Your provision all along the way, Your Fatherhood to the DNCF ‘family.’ Thanks Jesus -- You’ve called us Your friends, and called many Nepali friends to Yourself through the ministry of DNCF. Thanks Holy Spirit -- for living in the hearts of each one in the DNCF family, imparting Your wisdom, and Your strength. Thanks to the founders of DNCF -- for the vision you had in your hearts to provide a place of fellowship for scattered Nepalis in Delhi, to provide encouragement, a place to be discipled, a place for ‘family’ to grow. Thanks to all those who have exercised leadership in DNCF over the years -- for keeping the flame burning, not giving up hope when times were rough, sacrificing your time and energy to serve others in the DNCF family, and beyond. May you all celebrate with hearts full of thanksgiving at this Jubilee -- and have a wonderful time together!! Blessings from your sister in Christ, Cindy Perry ‘didi.’

8 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


Message from Mr. Richard Khan Sr. Auxiliary Secretary, Bible Society of India

Mr. Richard Khan New Delhi

Dear Satish bhai, Masih me Namaskar! It is indeed a great privilege and joy to be able to congratulate and greet the Pastors, Elders and members of the DNCF on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary (Silver Jubilee) in November 2012. It is very heartening and inspiring to see the growth and development of DNCF led by you and your co-labourers (team). I am personally grateful to have been associated with DNCF and be part of a number of significant events of DNCF. In fact I am also grateful that the DNCF on the occasion of its 18th Thanksgiving Day, bestowed me with the honour of ‘Ambassador of Christ.’ The Partnership between DNCF and BSI also enabled us to produce the audio cassette “Bato Satya Ra Jiwan” based on the Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ in Nepali. At the same time DNCF has been one of our regular Partners in distributing the Word of God. Therefore, it is indeed a great joy and honour to once again Congratulate and wish DNCF every blessing in Christ, not only on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee but beyond, with the blessing of God, not expected or imagined. “…What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love him”. [1 Corinthians 2:9] Your well-wisher & partner Richard G. Khan Sr. Auxiliary Secretary Bible Society of India

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 9

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship


Message from Rev. Dr. CSR Gier Director, Outreach Challenge Ministries

D/177, Sector 8 Dwarka, New Delhi 110075 Phone: 9811197900 : Email:

Rev. Dr. CSR Gier New Delhi

My Dear Rev. Satish Chettri, This is really a joy to hear that DNCF is completing its journey of 25 years. This is not a short time. I feel that it was God’s faithfulness which is shown through the long years in the life of DNCF as a church in Delhi. I know that seeing a church birth and then develop, is sometimes lonesome journey, which you have walked on for some times. There are times of tearful prayers. The Bible rightly points us “Those who sow is tears will reap with joy “(Ps. 126:5). Now as you celebrate the 25th years of God’s faithfulness, I would like to congratulate the members of DNCF. God has blessed you with a joyous congregation and they are so loving and caring for each other. I have been a witness during your celebrations and also in times of sorrow. I am very appreciative about the DNCF members who stand with each other. May you all have great years of success in the physical life of your fellowship. May God’s grace abound you all and many more who would join the church in the coming days. I would like to say “What will matter for DNCF is not the success but the significance of its existence and not what you have learnt but what you have taught” . With lots of prayers Yours Rev. Dr. C.S.R.Gier Director, Outreach Challenge Ministries India

10 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


Forsaken Elderly Lives - By Saknim Namchu

were there to take care of her 24x7. Looking back I see the enormous love that filled our house in her last days, a house bustling with activity throughout… relatives/friends visiting… prayer/worship constantly going on and though we knew she was leaving us there was no chill in the air… all I could ever feel was the warmth that filled the house.

We stand on the threshold of a new beginning!… 25 years with The Lord and still holding onto the earnest zeal to serve Him as we did from Day One! And as we are constantly reminded of His Faithfulness, Love, Care and Support in these 25 years, we heartfelt the need to dedicate this Souvenir of 25 years of our celebration to our beloved but forsaken elderly lives. The significance of The Lord’s unending faithfulness and love in all these years made us realise that the CAUSE that DNCF as a family, has so passionately supported in the past years, is the appropriate theme for our celebration. And what better way to honour our beloved elderly, who are so cruelly cast away and forgotten by their own family? -Their family taking no responsibility in giving them a minute of their time and so quickly forgetting the countless sleepless nights that their parents had unselfishly devoted to them. Our hearts cry out when we see the disappointment and the apparent sadness that so clearly reflects in their eyes. As I sit down today and reflect, just two old ladies in different situations strike my mind so strongly. One is my grandmother who in her 80s, aged gracefully and died peacefully (although she was ailing when she passed away). I say peacefully because she was surrounded by her loved ones… all her children

And the other is “Beejee,” This winter when I was visiting my cousins, I met this lady in her 70s… younger than my grandma and when I heard her story… it just broke my heart. She was abandoned by her son after he had procured her entire property & now she was living in an old age home in spite of having a home of her own but thank goodness for my cousins & their church members who have now adopted her as their own and everyone calls her “Beejee”(grandma in Punjabi) lovingly. Both elderly ladies, aging as they should be but the difference in their situation is just too hard to miss… one loved and cared by her family and the other abandoned by her own. I am reminded of our visits to the old age home, where our visits were the only source of happiness for the people forced to live there because they were deserted by their loved ones. I never knew simple things like toothpaste would bring in so much comfort/happiness in a person’s life. Although we are aware of the fact that “they” are no longer as energetic or as strong or as healthy as we are but does that really give us the right to treat them this way by abandoning them when they need us the most. So many everyday incidents pierce our heart… an old lady crying her heart out to a stranger because her children don’t have time to listen to her or the old uncle who can’t run fast enough to catch a bus & misses it again and again or the old “boju” who can’t stop blessing me just because I offered her my seat… when all these people cry for help, companionship or just a listening ear… just a helpless desperate cry pierces our ear… WHAT DO WE DO?

Their family taking no responsibility in giving them a minute of their time and so quickly forgetting the countless sleepless nights that their parents had unselfishly devoted to them. Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 11

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship


Reflections -

By Asha Lepcha Singh

Memories of my younger days always go back to a small fellowship, where I was taught, nurtured, and encouraged to know God’s Word. Of course, that small fellowship has now transformed into a robust church, with many new members as its youth group page on Facebook shows about 118 members. It gives me great pleasure to scribble my heart and mind on the occasion of DNCF’s 25th Anniversary. Anyone can see the work of God’s hands in the ‘growing older’ of DNCF. I still remember the days when only 12 of us gathered for the fellowship cheering up ourselves up by saying “even Jesus had 12 disciples!” Nevertheless, those were the days I can never forget when we ‘hung out’ long after our fellowship time, sharing tea and ‘fan.’ This ‘tradition’ is still continued I’m pretty sure but I strongly feel, this lingering with believers keeps us strong in love and unity. Disagreements

become much older and stronger within DNCF, and God has added to its number significantly. I grew up in the love and grace and knowledge of God in DNCF like many others. And now that I am a mother I can understand God’s love even better. The great and mighty God, the creator of heaven and earth and everything in it, the omnipotent, omniscient God -- is also my Father. What an awesome truth, that this awesome God knew us before we were born as written in Jeremiah 1:5 (ESV), “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”’ God actually uses relationships that we have on earth to help us understand Him better. In Matthew 7:11, Jesus compares earthly parents with our heavenly Father. He said “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him.” I like what Vickie

And it gives me great pleasure to scribble my heart and mind on the occasion of this Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship (DNCF)’s 25th Anniversary. Anyone can see the work of God’s hands in the ‘growing older’ of DNCF. I still remember the days when only 12 of us gathered for the fellowship cheering up ourselves up by saying “even Jesus had 12 disciples!” were there, but I never witnessed rudeness or derision in rebuke of our elders. I observed the kind of attachment among the members which one seldom notices in families these days, leave aside the churches. And most of us were so called ‘youngsters,’ just started with our first job, just out of college, or still in college or even in school. Usually when one of us came up with a plan, all of us agreed and went forward with it. Anyway, we experienced some very memorable days and some dismal days too, but God helped this small fellowship of ours in all ways to grow into a strong fellowship as bible tells us -- “ will be well with those who fear God.” (Ecclesiastes 8:12). But those were the former days. I see DNCF more organised and mature in handling of God’s work these days. Undoubtedly, the erstwhile members have also 12 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Kraft (The Influential Mother Series) writes “When we have children, they touch something in us that no one else is able to reach. They cut across egocentricity, a basic self-centeredness that is ingrained in all of us. Just think a minute how we willingly get up ten times a night, if necessary, to care for our babies. How we sacrifice our own comfort to meet the needs of these demanding, helpless little ones who are totally dependent on us. God also uses our love for our children to teach us about His unconditional love for us.” Honestly, I could understand my parent’s love and God’s love only after being a parent myself. Many mothers will agree with me if I say that we mothers can’t help ending up buying dresses for our daughters even when we step out determined that we will shop only for ourselves. And it really does not matter to me and

ARTICLE my husband if our daughter is quite stubborn and selfish at times. Sometimes we sit and wonder where she came from and why are we so dedicated towards her. What makes her so special? Well, there is nothing special about her. It’s just that we make sacrifices for her because we love her; and we love her as much as humanly possible. This makes me sit and think about God’s love. It’s even more special, more compassionate, more abounding, and above all unconditional. As we mature in life, get married, and raise children, our relationship with God tends to become more strong. However, I do not mean to say that unmarried people are less strong in the Lord as apostle Paul also says “ is good for a man not to marry” in I Corinthians 7:1(NIV), because those who marry face many troubles in this life (I Corinthians 7:28, NIV). But people with children experience something which others don’t. My husband says that he has become cautious and fearful in heart after I and our daughter came into

Only eating healthy and being cautious doesn’t guarantee our wellbeing 100% in this chaotic and vain world. But we have learned, in this process, to depend 100% on God. We have learned to fall on our knees in the presence of God whenever we go through any situation; both beyond and within our control. And fall on our knees we do, very often indeed. his life; and that he has lost his former carefree and audacious nature. Why? Because he is all the time worried about us and our well-being. He says he doesn’t take risks he used to take before our marriage. He says he is always thinking about coming back home safely after work and trying as much as he can to keep himself healthy and strong for our sake. Obviously, only eating healthy and being cautious doesn’t guarantee our well-being 100% in this chaotic and vain world. But we have learned, in this process, to depend 100% on God. We have learned to fall on our knees in the presence of God whenever we go through any situa-

tion; both beyond and within our control. And fall on our knees we do, very often indeed. Also, we get this responsibility to raise our children in the fear and love of God; which is a huge challenge for us. The bible puts it this way “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it,” Proverbs 22:6, NIV. I am so thankful to God for the dedicated Sunday school teachers we have in DNCF, not forgetting our (parent’s) role in bringing up our children in the Lord. Let us instruct our children in God’s Word by being a role model for them and teaching them. Let us impress the teachings in the Bible on our children; talk about them when we sit at home and when we walk along the road; when we lie down and when we get up Deuteronomy 6:7, NIV. We need to be there for them. We need to discipline them too, wisely and consistently, like God disciplines us. I am glad that I was physically born and raised in a God-fearing Christian family and I was spiritually ‘born-again’ in DNCF. That joyful day is still ingrained in my heart when I accepted Jesus in my life as my Father and my King, my Saviour and my Deliverer, my all in all. Being a born again Christian doesn’t mean I never committed sin from that day forth, but I did find God’s guidance and discipline in His words that saved me from making bigger blunders, which could have led me into devastation. As I end this note, I want to thank God again for these 25 years that DNCF, as His church, has crossed and I pray that many more years will be added to this fellowship and many souls will be added to His Eternal Kingdom. May we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever! Amen. References ESV, English Standard Version. NIV, New International Version. Vickie Kraft, “The Influential Woman (8)”, The Influential Mother Series, URL: influential-woman-8-mother-and-her-children

“Sainthood lies in the habit of referring the smallest actions to God.” - C.S. Lewis

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 13


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

Hand of God - By Narottam Pradhan

Sometimes the hand on the shoulder is also a hand of encouragement or even the proverbial “pat on the back.” When I have been afraid or discouraged and the mountain before me seemed too steep or the valley I walk through too dark and deep, I found His hand resting on me. Psalm 139: 5 mentions “Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.” It is customary in the Nepali tradition for youngsters to seek their elders’ blessings each morning; the elders in turn bless them by placing their hands upon their heads. Perhaps David meant something similar when he wrote this psalm. God goes before us (past) and behind us (future) and lays His Hand upon me (imparts blessings for the present day).

The phrase “Hand of God” has been looked at in a variety of ways! Beginning from Maradona’s winning goal in the world cup, to the different beliefs and philosophies accepted in this country, the phrase has been more often misused than used appropriately in India. In fact, sometimes it has also been used to denote a misfortune in one’s life, implying that something unfortunate has happened in their lives as a form of punishment from God. Some people imagine their lives as being bound with the “Puppeteer’s strings” and God’s hand directing the movement of the same.

For me, the Hand of God has meant comfort. So often, I picture God standing behind me, laying His hand on my shoulder and comforting me. For me, however, the Hand of God has meant comfort, so often I visualize God standing behind me, laying His hand on my shoulder and comforting me. When I have been dismayed, lost and broken-hearted I have felt His hand of comfort on me.

About holding hands -- well we all needed a hand to hold. Haven’t we all felt warm and comforted while holding the hands of those we love and care? How often have our parents held our hands when we were small and wouldn’t we need our children’s hand when we grow old? We hold the hands of our brothers, sisters, friends and mates. What would it mean to have God holding our hand? I remember a friend who came to me discouraged with his life, uncertain of his walk with Jesus. He told me of how he had given up hope and was simply unable to hold on to God’s hands. I was then reminded of the verse in John 10:28 which says “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” All I could understand at that time was that even when we let go God doesn’t and no-one would dare try to “pluck our hand away from His”!

“Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.” - Psalm 139: 5 . God goes before us (past) and behind us (future) and lays His Hand upon me (blessings for the present day).

When men cease to wonder, God’s secrets remain unrevealed. - Leaves of Gold 14 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


Dear I - By Saknim Namchu

So much has changed since I last wrote to you. As I sit down to write to you, I feel the world has changed around you and me…or is it that our perception has changed?

of reason echoed our fear. Our reasoning would convince us that the LIGHT was not for us. We were too ugly to be discovered. We did not deserve to be in the light. We were denying ourselves of the light, content about living in the shadows. “Content?”! The question stirring deep inside us was lulled by the fear that surrounded us. We were too frightened to seek the answer!

Today, writing with only the candle to give me light and the occasional shadows to give me company…. makes the memories come flooding back. I am reminded of the shadows lurking around you and me with no hope of reaching the LIGHT. That LIGHT which instantly made everything BEAUTIFUL. I remember how everything started looking beautiful as they came into the light. They became unblemished and seemed proud to be in the LIGHT. Even the ugliest things became beautiful beyond description.

Then one day the LIGHT called us by name. In the LIGHT everything changed. “Change”! That would be an understatement. Our life wasn’t the same anymore. Do you recall how we felt? Words cannot express the love, gratitude, joy, peace, purity and so much more. The LIGHT took us in and all the ugliness was gone. Uneasiness was gone. All we could feel was eternal gratitude and love.

As we looked on, those in the LIGHT shined radiantly. In the glory of the LIGHT they could be seen more clearly and we understood how everything had been created for a unique definite purpose. Everything was purposeful and beautiful.

Yes free, to be in the LIGHT.

I remember how ignorant we were earlier. We had been too filled with ourselves, forgetting that living in the darkness is doom. That existing in darkness was to bring harm your way. Darkness would eventually engulf us. It would be fatal. It would overwhelm us and suck us into an eternal hole of darkness.

We were free.

We were beautiful and wonderful in His love. Grateful, yes, grateful to be finally free in the LIGHT! We realized that to enter the LIGHT is to be ONE with the LIGHT. Love, Me.

There we had been, satisfied to be in the darkness. Only occasionally we would steal a glimpse of the LIGHT’s beauty. However, we had been frightened about being discovered by the LIGHT. Our very voice Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 15


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

Books That Speak About the

God of The Bible [Informal Rambling] -By Urgain Simick The fathers’ fellowship of our church recently had a discussion on the ‘legacy’ we leave behind for our children and the future generations. Many ideas were exchanged and all were very challenging. But if am asked the same question today, I would better tell that I wouldn’t like my children to be a Christian fanatic, in the literal sense of the term, but want them to be conscious and aware disciples of Christ; we must inculcate the habit of inquisitiveness, we must direct and develop their pursuit toward Christ. They should find Christ, like Fyodor Dostoevsky did in the book “The Idiot;” he concluded, “Even if someone were to prove to me that the truth lay outside Christ, I should choose to remain with Christ rather than with the Truth.” I would prefer my children to be Christian for true love for Christ, not because of the lust for heaven or fear of hell. This has prompted me to write this article where I will discuss some books, both theological and general, both fiction and nonfiction, that can shape a Christian’s perspective about the Bible and God. I am not going to follow a definite order, progression and methodology as I deal with each book. I will however attempt to share my own understanding of how these books have helped me broaden my perspective about the God of the Bible.

“Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe, a staunch abolitionist whom Abraham Lincoln addressed “So this is the little lady who started this Great War (American Civil War),” came up with the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in 1852. There is very little literary value associated with the book but the singlehanded stand that she took against slavery and its propagators kindled a fire that engulfed whole American civil society. The power of the book is testified by the fact that the United States of America was thrust into the greatest Christian ideological battle that world has ever known between proand anti-slavery groups. Someone has rightly said that when Christians choose to become Christian then the real revolution begins. This book gives us impetus to take revolutionary and reformatory stand against all evils and injustice in the society and even in church, if necessary, for Ephesians 6:12 says “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the 16 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” The book is relevant even today as it exhorts the church for introspection and calls the church to look for signs of misinterpretation of the Bible. It reminds church “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ” Colossians 2:8. Another important aspect of Christianity that the book addresses so explicitly is the issue of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not an easy topic to preach on or write about, it is an uncharted territory even for a seasoned speaker or writer. I haven’t heard a sermon or read an article on forgiveness as yet in which the speaker or the writer had done justice to that concept as laid out in Matthew 18: 22 to forgive “until seventy times seven.” Because as long as the word forgiveness is used as noun it sounds like comedy, as soon as it is to be used as verb it becomes tragedy. But the main protagonist of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” the ever dutiful and long-suffering Uncle Tom stands out as a case study of what it takes to forgive ‘seventy times seven’ those who have wronged him throughout his life. Bible theorizes the concept of forgiveness and Uncle Tom implements the concept so profoundly in his character that he personifies what Jesus meant by seventy times seven. I’ve learnt the hard way in my life that there is no shortcut to forgiveness, we’ve to forgive, forgive and forgive.

“O Jerusalem”

by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins “O Jerusalem,” by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins is not a Christian book, nor does it carry a Christian theme. It has secularist overtone from the start to the end and the authors themselves are known for their secularist credentials the world over. In this book, they have successfully combined investigative journalism and historical research to narrate and reconstruct the birth of the state of Israel. The book revolves around the climactic struggle of Jewish people. For around 2000 years they were stateless; without a piece of land under their feet; dreaming throughout these years to have a homeland of their own on the map of the world. This book narrates the historic story of how they achieved this dream.

ARTICLE Why did I then select this book which was written by two secularists for secularist Anglophone audience and has never once mentioned the name of God in its chapters? The answer lies in the perspective. As we read this book in the light of the Word of God everything becomes crystal clear. As I read it I felt as if the book is an extension of the Old Testament, the book is saturated with the omnipotent works of the God of Bible, the God of Abraham, Issac and David. He indeed acted with passion when it came to the issue of very existence of His people. His passion seems to drip “like the precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe” when His people Israel cried out and groaned to the Lord for their survival in the face of the earth. “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness.” God did not sleep in the intervening 2000 years when Israel, as prophesied in Deuteronomy 28:64 “Then the LORD will scatter you among all nations, from one end of the earth to the other,” were scattered amongst the nations. The authors seem oblivious of the fact that they were unknowingly recording every detail, every activity, every evidence that point toward the penchant of keeping promises by the God of Bible to His people. We humans tend to think that God is a passive entity and fail to understand how busy the God of the Bible had been and is, “he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” The Bible as well as the book makes it clear that God has used and using the nation of Israel as a clock to indicate fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible and indicate the time of God. Historically speaking, the book simply records the establishment of state of Israel on May 14, 1948, the authors are least bothered about the minute details on how one thing led to the other, the leadership, organization, Haganah movement, intelligence gathering and exploits, consolidation of volunteers and patriotism. But for us the formation of Israel is a modern day miracle for the whole world to see. It parallels the stories of Old Testament about the exploits and victories of Israel over other nations. I wish the world should have noticed the pervasive hand of the God, and how He was working behind the scene every second of every minute to rescue His people even in the 20th Century.

Six Days of War: June 1967 & the Making of the Modern Middle East by Michael B. Oren. I read this book first when I was 15-16 years old and had to read it again when I was mature enough to

understand the entrails of the importance of the existence of Jewish people in Biblical perspective. In both the times the first impression that got etched on my mind by the blow by blow account of the Six Days War of June 1967 was that the history was being repeated once again. Metaphorically, it was the battle between David and Goliath, a fight between two uneven and oddly matched forces. By modern military standard it was the most lopsided contest, characterized by clear domination of one competitor over another. Tactically speaking, odds were stacked against Israel, it was all alone in the middle surrounded by hostile Arab Muslim countries: Lebanon and Syria to the north, Jordan to the east, Egypt on the south and Iraq, not very far off. And on the west side was the Mediterranean Sea where Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser had pledged to all his allies to drive the Jews and drown them into it. Figuratively, Israel was doomed to annihilation; the strength of Israel Defense Forces was 275,000, almost half to combined Arab forces of 456,000 soldiers. The Arab forces were far superior in terms of military armament as they had double the amount of tanks, and near about four times the amount of combat aircraft. The statistics seemed exactly out of the Old Testament; Gideon with his 300 soldiers fighting against the Midianites who were thick as locusts, David, a young boy with his staff and sling, confronting Goliath, a giant Philistine warrior with his armor and shield. And the war did take place on June 5, 1967, and as David claimed the life of Goliath by a single stone of his sling and as Gideon routed the Midianites with his paltry 300 soldiers, Israeli Air Force attacked eleven Egyptian air force bases in Sinai and Egypt in the morning of June 5 and destroyed 300 Egyptian aircrafts in the first four hours and their air bases were made useless. Ironically, the Six-Day War was actually won by Israel in the first four hours of Monday, June 5, 1967. The ground forces of the enemies were shot as in target practice by Israeli Air Force. The differentiator was the God of the Bible. Though the world scoffs at the truth the Bible holds, the very geopolitical event of recent past shouts so loud about the existence and the handiwork of the God of Bible. By the standard of modern military leaders and analysts, the plans that proved effective against Midianites, Goliath, Jericho and the united Arab forces are ridiculous. But, in a matter of just six days, a nation managed to utterly destroy not one, but four powerful enemies. God acts funny sometimes, Glory to the God of the Bible.

Excerpted from a blog with the same title, for complete article refer Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 17


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

The “Small Cottage Industry” and dreaming with God! - By Ron Cargay Pastor, Elim Chuch, Pedong


This article based on Deut 28: 5-12, presents a theological discussion related to small business ventures undertaken by the local church. As the church grows along this venture, its horizons and dreams expand and it is set to transform the economic and spiritual health of the community. I grew up pretty much listening to basically two kinds of sermons all my childhood; a) Jesus is coming back soon b) love of the money is root of all evil. Personally, I think as the Indian church we totally missed the opportunity to shape our new nation through contribution to its economic health. I believe the reason we were so influenced by such sermons is the fact that whole of western world was reeling under tragic destruction of two world wars. It is so important to understand the context we live in and present our Saviour to the people who live and co-exist in that context. I believe in the gospel that not only saves people form sin and takes them to heaven but also in the gospel that has power to transform nations and community holistically. I do believe in the Kingdom that has come and is yet to come. I believe that Jesus wants

I don’t believe that Jesus wants us to wait for that final day to fix all problems. Rather He showed us the way when he healed , fed ,helped, offered salvation, brought justice, stood up for those who didn’t have voice. He demonstrated a whole new way of bringing transformation to the forefront. He lived and showed the possibilities of the Kingdom for those who follow him. us to engage in bringing transformation and hope to this hopeless world. I don’t believe that Jesus wants us to wait for that final day to fix all problems. Rather He showed us the way when he healed , fed ,helped, offered salvation, brought justice, stood up for those 18 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

who didn’t have voice. He demonstrated a whole new way of bringing transformation to the forefront. He lived and showed the possibilities of the Kingdom for those who follow him. With more than half of Indian population trying to live with Rs.28 per day, churches in India is met head on by the economic challenge related to the “not-somuch -shining” part of the nation’s population. I am not suggesting that churches need to offer money. Money is not the solution but we need to stretch our understanding of Kingdom. For too long the church has been living in wrong dualistic world view. That God only cares for the soul and not body. If that would be the truth then he would not have created a body to contain the soul. I think for the western churches it is not really hard to understand economic health for the community. Western nations are built on Judeo-Christian values and have a positive view of economic growth as a sign of God’s blessings. However, Asian churches and especially Indian churches find it so difficult to co-exist with money and affluence. The basic challenge is to help churches understand the God’s Kingdom is not just to save one “from” something as much as to save one “for” something. Christians think that world is already hopeless and beyond repair and there is nothing much the Church can do other than preaching salvation. There is this fundamental challenge to change this “un-Christian” world view in our regions.  Once the church understands the job at hand and responds to the calling to alleviate the world’s powerless, voiceless and nameless; money suddenly comes into a proper perspective. I think vision and money should go in parallel. In fact, I have started to use the provision of finance as one of the filters to know God’s will for life and ministry. Three levels of economic growth: 1. “Blessed shall be thy basket and thy kneading trough” Deuteronomy 28:5 Deut 28:5 talks about the basket and kneading trough.

ARTICLE This is the economic level related to providing for the family. This may not be applicable to western churches but in South and South East Asia many fathers do not bother to provide for the family. God’s economic principle has to start with the family. Once the family basket and kneading trough is taken care of, then one can look beyond to the needs of the neighbors. I believe this principle also applies to sustainability of economic model for families and the church in the long run. The creativity and skills must be provided at the family level through churches and ministry so that fathers and mothers can dream about better food and education for the next generation. In many cases I believe that South Asian and South East Asian churches can only learn to crack the code of economic growth by sustaining the family first and then providing for the neighbor.   2. “The LORD will send a blessing on your barns and everything you put your hand to.” Deut 28:8 This verse talks about blessing on barn and everything we put our hands to. For a long time whenever I use to say grace, I would always mention that God would bless those who don’t have enough food. That He would use me to meet some of those needs. You never know how He might answer such prayers. In our long family history no one has ever ventured into business. Our family has always taken up education and ministry as vocation. Few years ago, I started a hand-made-paper unit with the sole purpose of providing employment to the poor and widows of our community. Economic health brings hope in the community. This is cottage industry. The challenge of cottage industry is to become sustainable and ultimately become profit making. Important lessons: The small business venture like the cottage industry has taught us some important Biblical business lessons. Some of these are outlined below. Aligning core organization values to mission vision: It so true that “man shall not live by bread alone”. Human beings are very complex creatures. As soon people’s economic health is stabilized, the real challenges actually begin. I believe God is using small cottages industry not only to solve local economic crisis

but also to bring far reaching impact in the lives of people around. Prepares the church for larger economic ventures: Depending upon the country we are working this small industry phase teaches the “business venturing church” to interact with Government’s rules and regulations. Engaging and getting through these complexities makes the venturing church confident to move to bigger level. “Kingdom brand” of business: The Lord actually becomes the boss and partner of the business and He provides for the needs of the business. Practical and street-smart business ideas have to be rejected and bring it under Lord’s submission. It helps the venturing church learn His way of business and His sense of business in the same way the church has earlier learnt ministry lessons. “Business is ministry”: The sooner we understand that kingdom brand of business is ministry, the better we can serve the clients and people. We don’t have to fight concept that divides ministry from money. 3. “The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse for His bounty, to send rain on your land in season to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations and borrow from none.” Deut 28:12 This verse talks about ‘store house” The impact and the geographical extent of this level of economic model is huge. I believe that the Lord is not just talking about Multi National Companies or big Corporations but a network of kingdom brand business to come together and brain storm and come up with business solutions across nations. I believe this is possible with the new generation of business leaders who values missions, mutuality and transformation. Lessons The “store house” level of business is central to God’s heart. I don’t think God wants to raise-up super rich individual business leaders but he wants to raise up many effective business leaders with business ideas and concepts that will not profit one individual but will bring profit to many individuals, communities and bring transformation in economic health of the nations. Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 19


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

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“Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” - William Carey

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 21


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

What will you do when you get to

Heaven - By Peter (Chamling) Rai

God? They don’t understand why we choose to live in righteousness nor do they understand the time in which we live. Matt: 24:39 says the people in Noah’s day knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. However, if we are wise and faithful servants we will be blessed and prepared. We can be like Noah and his family and be safe in the ark not in the dark. Eternal Rewards

Jesus is coming soon although no one knows the exact day or the hour. We see and experience almost all of the end-time events mentioned by Jesus in the Bible. There are wars, famines and earthquakes happening every day. However, even under such circumstances Jesus commands us not to be troubled. If we are saved and are living a faithful life we can be at perfect peace despite the disturbances in this world. In Matthew 24: 44-46, Jesus went on to say that being prepared means being wise and faithful servants. Safe in the Ark- Not in the Dark Noah’s life is a good example of how a wise and faithful servant is supposed to be. Even though he was ridiculed, Noah did what God told him to do and his obedience paid off. He and his family members were protected when the flood washed everything and everyone else away. The Bible also tells us that the time just before the coming of the Lord will be as it was in the days of Noah. (Matt 24: 36-39, 42) Noah was a preacher of righteousness in a wicked world (Genesis: 6:9). People thought he was crazy when he built the ark. Isn’t that exactly what people of the world think about us today when we obey our 22 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

When we are faithful, we are blessed in this life and rewarded in the next. What we do now determines our eternal rewards. It is up to us. Now if you are a Christian, but you haven’t been faithful you better get busy because 1 Corint: 3:13-15 explains that the work of a Christian will be judged. This is the judgment Christian will experience. The work each person has done will be judged and rewarded accordingly. This judgment has nothing to do with where we will spend eternity. That issue was settled when we were born again and received Jesus as our lord and savior John: 3:15:19. When I get there I want to hear Jesus say well done. I don’t intend to stammer some lame excuses for why I did not obey him. I have decided that as long as I have breath I will be faithful to God and his word. I will do what he tells me to do.

People thought Noah was crazy when he built the ark. Isn’t that exactly what people of the world think about us today when we obey our God?

“Humble we must be, if to heaven we go; High is the roof there, but the gate is low.” - Robert Herrick


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- By Rev. Dr. Satyen Joseph, Jaipur

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“The most obvious lesson in Christ’s teaching is that there is no happiness in having or getting anything, but only in giving.” - Henry Drummond

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 23


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

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Bible Facts The Bible was written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek The Bible, the world’s best-selling book, is also the world’s most shoplifted book. The word “God” appears in every book except Esther and Song of Solomon. Methuselah is the oldest man on record: 969 years old (Genesis 5:27) A chariot imported from Egypt cost around 600 shekels of silver (1 Kings 10:29). That would be about $77,000. Psalm 118 verse 8 is in the center of the Bible: “It is better to trust in the Lord than put confidence in man.” 24 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Musical Journey Albums produced by DNCF so far

Music has always been a backbone of DNCF. Musicians, both passionate and professional, have made their mark in DNCF. We have been active in the local gospel music circles, be it YMCA annual choir festival, Free Church choir festival, Yuwa Utsav or Gospel music competition by FEBA – we have taken active part in all. God has always blessed us with the gift of music and it has really been the food of love. We have been blessed to honour God with our music albums – three so far.

Roots of Faith

(The Debut Album) Year 2000 DNCF’s first gospel music album was titled, ‘Roots of Faith,’ a collection of songs that had a mix of songs with the message of good news and devotion. The name has an apposite connection with DNCF as we wanted to tell the world that roots of our faith are grounded in Jesus Christ and nothing else. No matter where we came from and how we came to know the Lord; no matter what background we have or which denomination we belong to, we are but one is Christ.

- By Ruben Chhetri

was and audio skit album. Baato, Satya Ra Jiwan was released in CNI bhawan in 2006. The album had skit based story of the gospel, written in simple language for the rural as well as urban listeners. The album was locally recorded and mastered and had a good circulation in India and Nepal. The distribution of the album was done jointly by The Bible Society of India and DNCF. Team: Satish Chettri, Bhumika Chettri, Adilina Chhetri, Amit Karthak, Reshma Karthak, Anmol Rai, Abhishek Rai, Ruben Chhetri Format: Cassettes and CDs


(Third album) Year 2008 This was a major project by DNCF, which took over 3 years to complete. While IWITNESS, the band was born in 2003, we were yet to produce an album. Mr. Dhirodatta Subba had collection of songs that he had composed in early nineties. IWITNESS had some old and new compositions that were not yet recorded.

The song ‘Prabhu Yeshu Khrist’ contributed by Ps. Prabhat Thapa, is probably the most popular song of the album. It also happens to be the first gospel album in Nepali from New Delhi.

The concept of the album was simple – it should also meant for the listeners who are not church-goers. The album had songs about God’s love, His comfort, His Creation & its vastness, His sacrifice and so on.

The album was our first step in our musical journey for the glory of God. We had a mix of passionate and professional musicians who came together to bear witness through music.

The unambiguous feedback we got was ‘it’s different’ – both from Christians and non-Christians. We approached few producers with the album but they refused to produce because they found the album to be ‘non Gospel.’ We thought of many different names but since there was no consensus on the name we named if after the band IWITNESS.

Team (Dhirodatta Subba, Satish Chettri, Kamal Mothey, Ruben Chhetri, Adilina Chhetri, Bhumika Chettri, Sandhya Subba, Saknim, Waiser and Upashna) Format: Cassettes and CDs

Bato, Satya Ra Jiwan

Team: Dhirodatta, Ruben, Anmol, Abhishek, Almona, Gideon, Sasa, Adilina, Saknim, Waiser, Uden, Mary, Michelle & Asha Format: CDs

(Second Album in partnership with Bible Society of India) Year 2006 As the name suggests this was an out-and-out gospel album. It was more than just a musical album – it Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 25


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

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26 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

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End of Article


The Church and the World - By Anand David*

Years ago, as a passionate student of Journalism, I religiously read secular magazines on Sunday mornings, instead of attending a church. To my own loss, I overlooked the lasting benefits of a life of faith. An American survey finds five most common reasons as to why people do not attend a church: 1) Churches are always asking for money (yet nothing significant seems to be happening through the use of it); 2) Church services are boring and lifeless; 3) Church services are predictable and repetitive; 4) Sermons are irrelevant to daily life scenario; and 5) The pastor makes people feel guilty, so they leave church feeling worse than when they entered the doors. These views reflect how the Church has often been a mistaken institution, despite its unceasing effort to uphold its rightful place and relevance in a world that is racing after money, material and pleasures. British theologian Gerald Vann said, “If you say that the history of the Church is a long succession of scandals, you are telling the truth, though if that is all you say, you are distorting the truth.” While science, technology and international trade empower people with a higher standard of life, the never ending saga of moral decadence, broken families, crime, economic threats, poverty, hunger, terrorism, wars and diseases, engulf humanity with a pall of gloom. Does a man of such a fallen world have the right to expect the Church alone to be perfect and fix all problems of the society? It is a tall order for any single institution in this world. Yet, the Church has a constructive role to play in today’s world that is aimlessly self-destructive. 1. The Church exists to evangelise the world: The world has nagging problems like inflation, starvation, malnutrition, illiteracy, diseases, crime and corruption. In the process of engaging with local communities, the Church may be drawn into certain issues that rather pertain to the local government or policy makers. Christian leaders tend to get preoccupied with finding solutions to the maladies of the world, thus meddling indiscriminately on everything under the sun, from homosexuality to global warming, nuclear holocaust to local politics, contraceptives to genetically modified foods, water crises to water baptism, ignorant of their calling and thrust areas. The prime calling of the Church is to bear the good news that Jesus is the Saviour of the world, from sin and curse. “You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a

people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us” (1 Peter 2:9 & 12). The work is evangelising the world should be through our words of truth combined with deeds of love. 2. The Church guards the Truth: There are many voices creating polarities of thought, giving us a number of options to choose concerning beliefs or practices. But there cannot be multiple versions of truth. Apostle Jude wrote “I ...urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints’ (Jude 3). Paul advised Timothy saying, “You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Tim 2:1, 2). The Church guards the truth by teaching what all Christ taught. A Bible-teaching church will be a better guardian of God’s truth. We need to know what the early church was talking about -- on emulating the life of Jesus, holiness, prayer, worship, sacrifice and soul winning and the second coming of Christ. As long as the church speaks these, it will certainly face rejection, threats, mockery and hostility from a pleasure seeking society. C.H. Spurgeon observes, “Brethren, there is nothing in the gospel, apart from the Spirit of God, which can save a man, for man hates the gospel with all his heart! Though the reasonableness of the gospel of Jesus ought to make the belief of it universal, yet its plain dealing with human sin excites deadly antagonism. Therefore, the gospel itself would make no progress were it not for the divine power. There is an invisible arm which pushes forward the conquests of the truth. There is a fire unfed with human fuel, which burns a way for the truth of Jesus Christ into the hearts of men.” 3. The Church edifies the saints: Edification is a process where the person is taught to receive the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It enables the renewal of the mind, rejuvenation of the spirit and self control of the body. This refers to total transformation, starting from a spiritual re-birth by the supernatural intervention of God. This regenerated heart and the new nature Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 27

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

is further empowered by spiritual gifts to minister to a dying world. A Church that teaches on holiness also emphasizes an ongoing communion with God, listening to His Voice and doing His will in this world, as per His calling. “It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” (Eph 4:11-13). 4. The Church disciplines the unruly: The Church will have certain diversities of profile based on local history, culture and context, where people may form factions and major over minor differences in interpreting rules, regulations or doctrines. While Christian leaders or believers engage with the whole world around, their personal world may crash all of a sudden with financial scams and sexual affairs. Discipline also is eroded by wrong company, where personal judgement of what is right or wrong is influenced by false teacher or false brethren. Sin has the capacity to multiply like a virus. When sin is denied or deliberately hidden, then hypocrisy will permeate the church, leading to a divided house or and ultimate doom. Therefore, it is advisable to nip it in the bud. The early church insisted on the discipline of the tongue, discipline of the spirit, discipline of the body, discipline of the mind, discipline in prophesying, giving, caring, sharing, etc., Discipline comes by total surrender of a person to God. Elders are called to be examples to the youth and children. Only then they can have the authority to counsel others. Paul instructed Timothy to “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage--with great patience and careful instruction” (2 Tim 4:2). 5. The Church responds to persecution with patience, prayer and discretion: Persecution is an inevitable reality for a true Church. Theologian Tertullian said, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.” Jesus taught elaborately on dealing with the reality of persecution, “But beware of men, for they will deliver you up to councils and scourge you in their synagogues. You will be brought before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles. But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak” (Matt 10:16-19). As we obey the command and commission of Christ, He bestows us with the authority to also confront injustice. “Open your mouth for the

28 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

ARTICLE speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously and plead the cause of the poor and needy” (Pro 31:8). Every believer in this world is called to contend for truth, with the help of the Holy Spirit, who leads us into all Truth! 6. The Church and you: No other institution as the Church ever had instilled morality in the collective conscience of many a civilized society, since the reckoning of modern history. Former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford once observed “For millions of men and women, the church has been the hospital for the soul, the school for the mind and the safe depository for moral ideas.” There is a saying “Do not wait for the hearse to take you to church.” Attend a Church, where you are most useful to the Lord. Ask not what the church can do for you. Ask what you can do for the church. Here are some suggestions: 1) A church can have special services for healing and evangelism once a month, which can be a blessing for new comers to taste and see that the Lord is good; 2) Members can participate in evangelism-oriented outreach through Sunday school, youth fellowship, women’s fellowship, men’s fellowship, cell groups, internet community forums or web based seminars, etc.; 3) A church can also post its announcement and sermons (in text, audio and video formats) offline and online to reach people of all age groups; 4) Members can participate in service-oriented outreach through counselling, library, bookstores, travel groups, financial planning, health care, day care, skills training, care of the aged; focus on social, economic and family concerns; 5) Members can pray for the pastor, elders, team leaders and their families and for other believers who are new or who are facing difficulties in life and can also try to be of immediate or practical assistance if they can; 6) Members can give sacrificially at the hour of need, to help those affected by financial crisis, sickness, broken family situation, sudden disaster, etc. and 7) Members can be natural and spontaneous instead of being doctrine-driven, mechanical, business-like, seasonal or showy.

* Anand David works as a Program Officer at the Embassy of Ireland, New Delhi. In his spare time, he volunteers for leading Bible study, writes articles, counsels and prays for people in distress. He and his wife Sharmilee attend Centenary Methodist Church, New Delhi and participate in wider ministry inter-denominationally.


vk’kh”k dk lksrk - By Lorisha Gupta

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ARTICLE: Hindi/Nepali

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

ijes’oj gels I;kj djrk gSA ;g rHkh laHko gS tc ge nwljksa ds fgr esa lksps vkSj mlds vuqlkj dk;Z Hkh djssA 4) mnkjoknh cusa izHkq us gekjs izfr mnkjrk fn[kkbZ vkSj mlus vius ,dykSrs iq=dks gekjs fy, ns fn;k rkfd gekjs ikiksa ls gekjk mºkj gks ldsA firk us gesa u dsoy mºkj fn;k] oju(bfQ 1%3) izHkq ;h’kq esa lkjs LoxhZ; vk’kh“kkas ls vk’khf“kr Hkh fd;kA mlus ges vk’kh“k blfy, ugha nh fd ge vk’kh“kksa dks izkIr dj LokFkhZ cu tk;saA ijUrq tSls firk us gekjs izfr mnkjrk fn[kkbZ gS oSls gh gesa Hkh lalkj esa jgrs gq, vius iM+kslh] vius lgdfeZ;ksa vkSj gj ,d t:jreanksa ds izfr mnkjrk fn[kkuk gSA mnkjrk nsus esa] mnkjrk nwljksa dh lgk;rk djus esa] mnkjrk vius vijkf/k;ksa dks {kek djus esa gaSA fiz; HkkbZ vkSj cguksa bl O;Lr lalkj esa vius fnup;kZ ds thou esa FkksM+k le; fudkydj tc ge izHkq ;h’kq elhg ds crk;s gq, ckrksa

dk vuqlj.k djus yxrs gS rc ge nqfu;k esa vius vkl&ikl ds yksxksa vkSj izR;sd O;fDr tks gekjk laidZ esa vkrk gS] muds fy, vk’kh“k dk lksrk cu tkrs gSA tc ge ,slk djrs gS rc ge izHkq ;h’kq dks vius }kjk bl lalkj esa dk;Z djus nsrs gSA izHkq us ges dsoy izkIr djus ds fy, gh bl lalkj esa ugha j[kk gS] ijUrq og pkgrs gS fd ftu ckrksa dk vFkkZr ftu vk’kh“kksa dks geus lPkeqPk izzHkq ls ik;k gS] mu vk’kh“kksa dks ge nwljksa dks Hkh nsaAtc ge nwljksa ds lkFk vk’kh“kksa dks ck°Vrs gS ;k vk’kh“k ds dkj.k cutkrs gS] rc gekjh vk’kh“k de ugha gks tkrh oju vkSj Hkh vf/kd c<+ tkrh gS vkSj ge ,d lksrs ds leku cu tkrs gSA izHkq us gesa Bgjs gq, ikuh ds :i esa ugha cqyk;k ijUrq mlus gesa fujarj cgusa okys ty ds leku cuus ds fy, cqyk;k gSA Bgjs gq, ikuh esa rkt+xh ugha gksrh] dsoy cgus okys ty esa rkt+xh gksrh gSA izHkq pkgrk gS fd tc vU; yksx gels feys rc ml rkt+xh dks eglwl dj ldsA

vkilh izse j laxfrdks feBkl - ,fMfyuk (DNCF)

laxfr lekIr Hk,ifNdks laxfr vUr gquS xkŒks] vkilh HksV?kkV j ckrphrdks J`a[kyk VqV~uS lkŒksA lsok ?kjnsf[k ckfgj] ckfgjnsf[k cYy cYy ikfdZx LFkyek xkM+hfHk= ilsj ifu vgks ;ks laxfr pysdks pysdS-----“gu vksmG] bew vkik] y u tkmGWa gkSaA” “vueksy fuLd;kSa] ckck&vkek ukuh fy,j i[ksZdks i[ksZdS NA” “ykS :csu ldsu\dfr rUdsdks rUds gkSA” “MkfyZax tkvkSa gkS Hkksyh tksokl~dks VsLV N A” “yw MkfyZax vk,° vk,°] gu tsLlh Qsjh [kS\”----- vkekg# ifu fnnh&cfguhg#flr cYy&cYy NqfÍ,j ?kjfrj ykXu ykxsdks lk;nS ,mVk laxfrdks fnu gksA laxfr! laxh fo’oklhg#dks ;ks laxfr o”kkSZansf[k ;LrS ?kfu”Brkek pfyjgsdks NA fofHkUu xkmWa&BkmWa] i`”VHkweh rFkk e.MyhckV vk,dk fo’oklh lkFkS ;gha e.Myhek tUesdk fo’oklhg#dks vkfRed ifjokjdks vfojke laxfrdks e ,mVk HkkxhnkjA ,d laxfr utkmWaG r vkaVh ysIpk vkf’k”k fnanS HkUuqgqUN] ,d efguk uHksVsdks tLrks ykX;ks ukuhA dksgh Qyuk laxfrek vk,u r] [kcj ifu vk,u HkUnS dksgh u dksghys lks/u eksckby ?kqekbZgkYNA O;fDr&O;fDr j ifjokj&ifjokjykbZ LoLF; lEcU/kek j vkfRed ?kfu”Brkek izHkqys cM+kmWanS ykuq Hk,dks Hkku gqUNA;ljh uS x,dks d;kSa o”kZnsf[k izHkqdks ifjokjdks ;fg ehBks laxfr fyanS 25vkSa o”kZdks /kU;okn Kkiu lsokdkbZdks rer;kjh chp] esjks Œn;ys /kU;okn izHkq HkUnS djkbZ mBN--^^#csu yq nkT;w vkbiqXuq Hk;ks--- tkmGWa A** vfUre laLdkjdks lsokdkbZifN ifu cYy jk=h lkWaM+s vkB cts lcS NqfÍ,A lkWapS laxfrdks feBkl dfr vewY;! 30 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


WHAT IS YOUR DREAM? - By Waiser Wangdi

If your dreams were to dissolve in front of your eyes, how would you react? Would you fall into self-pity, play the blame game, get swallowed up by envy and covetousness, doubt the goodness of God or find it hard to read the Bible, to pray, to attend fellowship, to worship? What would you do? Most of us are very sure we know exactly what we need to do to be happy. We definitely know what we want God to do in our lives, our career and our relationships! But a few times God takes us by surprise, he has a different plan! I soon began to understand this reality! God began a new season in my life and took me to a completely new level of understanding after an entire episode of turmoil and unrest in my life. A

What kind of bread do I really hunger for? Are you coming to Jesus because you’re holding onto your dreams and you hope that somehow, someway, Jesus will help you get it? If that’s all you want from him, then you’re going to be miserably disappointed if your dreams don’t come true, like the way I felt and ridiculed everything possible! miracle did not happen, there was no sign of relief but before it was too late I began to feel his favour and goodness upon my life and yes, God was beginning to do something new. It was not an overnight change or some kind of magic but just a simple understanding that changed my little world to a great extent! I had no choice, I had to go before him and as I stood there I felt like a broken vessel waiting for the Master’s touch to be shaped and yielded into his perfect piece of art. When I consider my life and the hopes and aspirations I had, whose dream was I bringing before God, mine or his? Do I want what He wants for me or was my dream shaped by my personal definition of a perfect and happy life? The question was what is the deepest level of your hunger today? Is it for your own dream, or is it for Jesus himself- his love, joy and perfect rule in your life? I never realized it, as I was preoccupied with myself made plans and intentions. But God said, “Now is about something much deeper!!! God is willing to let go those seemingly essential hopes and dreams we have to produce something much greater, fuller and deeper meaning in our lives which is genuine faith. This is what God is after, in the midst of those painful experiences that cause us to wonder

if he really loves us and hears our prayers, the times when we find ourselves envying other believers and even those who don’t yet know the Lord. In the midst of everything, he gave me the goal of my faith which is the salvation of my soul. I asked God, why me? But on the contrary God gave me a heart of gratitude and taught me to thank him. I now realize that the struggle of that moment is not a mistake after all. It’s an act of his perfect, abounding and unconditional love. In John 6, Jesus says, “I am the bread of life.” The question we need to ask is What kind of bread do I really hunger for? Are you coming to Jesus because you’re holding onto your dreams and you hope that somehow, someway, Jesus will help you get it? If that’s all you want from him, then you’re going to be miserably disappointed if your dreams don’t come true, like the way I felt and ridiculed everything possible! God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. We can be joyful even in the midst of the entire struggle. But is it truly possible to know Jesus in this way, the answer is yes but it surely requires a choice. God’s goodness, love, power and his calling in your life- do not change when your situation seems bleak and empty. He is still there and he still satisfies. In the book of Habakkuk, God revealed his power and glory to the prophet. As it is mentioned in Habakkuk 3:17, 18: “Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Saviour.” Now, if Jesus is the bread of life, then what does it take to follow him? When we consider what Christ wants from us, we may feel uneasy. For many of us the demands may seem too hard to achieve. We are afraid of what wholehearted obedience to him will cost us. He doesn’t demand the impossible from us. He knows what we are made of, and he will patiently guide us as we learn more and more of what it means to seek him and obey him. Christ is looking for dependence, risk, loyalty and imitation from our lives today. The choice and the question still remains the same….. what is the deepest hunger of your heart today? Oh that it would be for Christ!!!!!

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 31


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

Healthy Body for Healthy Soul

- By Anand Asher Rai

Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and is given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Most of us are acquainted with this verse as it is often quoted in context to substance abuse and other intoxicating substances that people often defile their bodies with, but it is equally relevant even in today’s time where 60% of the Indians either have hypertension or diabetes or both. People often blame their schedule for not getting the time to exercise and they often tend to make poor nutritional choices due to the ease of availability of over-processed, low-nutrient and high-calorie foods. However, it does not take much to turn the ship around. The approach toward health and fitness

should be considered a life style change and not just a quick fix. Small and manageable changes that you can stick to are the keys to developing healthy habits. It can be as easy and simple as taking your dog out for a long walk every evening, drinking more water, getting enough sleep every day, snacking on fruits, etc. If you drink a glass of soft-drink every single day and you replaced it simply with water you would lose a pound of fat within a month or a whopping 12 pounds in a year! This is just a simple example of how small manageable changes can have a huge impact over time. If you really wanted something, wouldn’t you just go ahead and take it or make time for it? Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. 3 John 1:2

Did You Know ? - By Urgain Simick How Much of the Gospels Is Occupied by the Death of Christ?

Nearly one-third of the four Gospels is devoted to accounts of the death of Christ, the incidents leading up to it and following it. And it is claimed that the other two-thirds of the four Gospels are given up to a preparation for the account of Christ’s death. If the men who gave us the record of Jesus’ life thought His death was an event of such importance as to justify giving it so large a portion of their attention, is it not possible that we have erred in understanding the comparative importance of the cross? Source:

Paul-Successful Failure

God has different measurements for failure and success than we do. Paul the Apostle was not acclaimed during his lifetime. He was rejected by Jews and held in suspicion by Gentiles. He was stoned, beaten, imprisoned, mocked by some, and ignored by others. He spent his life starting little churches that were soon overtaken with problems so big that the members needed revisiting and letters written to them to straighten out their difficulties. Paul taught the truth only to discover that some who received it on one day were turning the next day to some false doctrine. No glory crowned his life, nor was any success evi32 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

dent when, during his last days, his friends deserted him as he was held prisoner. In the end, he was shamefully executed. Yet, looking back on the ministry of Paul, we see that he was indeed a successful failure. One-half of the books of the New Testament are from his pen, and he is now hailed as the greatest Christian missionary of all time.


Church & Prayers Behind the Fall of Berlin Wall

The major force behind the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, that consequently reunified the East and West Germany in 1990 and ended communism in East Germany, was the St. Nikolai Evangelical Lutheran Church of Leipzig and its Monday prayer service. The church sheltered dissidents and mixed Gospel teachings, prayer service and political debates. It gave rise to a series of non-violent demonstrations on September 4, 1989. By October 9, the movement had swelled to more than 70,000, next Monday 120,000 showed up, with armed police personnel being held on stand-by in the vicinity. The next week it doubled to 320,000. This pressure led to the fall of Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, marking the imminent and peaceful fall of the socialist German Democratic Republic regime.


My Bible

- Contributed by Sanjeev Thapa When I am tired, the Bible is my bed; Or in the dark the Bible is my light; When I am hungry, it is vital bread; Or fearful’ it is the amour for the fight; When I’m sick, ‘tis healing medicine; Or lonely, thronging friends I find therein. If I would work, the Bible is my tool; Or play, it is a harp of hapopy sounds; If I am ignorant, it is my school; If I am sinking, it is solid ground; If I am cold, the Bible is my fire; And wings, if boldly I aspire.

Thirsty on The Cross - By Narottam Pradhan

Hanging on a cursed tree, pierced brow and broken body, ripped and torn your flesh and deeply bleeding! Do I still hear You uttering Just these words that say You are feeling thirsty? But now I know You well, for You are the very one from who the living waters flow on profusely! Was it many years ago, travelling by the desert road, you stopped by the well just feeling very thirsty!

Should I be lost, the Bible is my guide; Or naked, it is raiment rich and warm; Am I imprisoned, it is ranges wide; Or tempest-tossed, a shelter from the storm; Would I adventure, ‘tis a gallant sea; Or would I rest, it’s a flowery lea.

I was there and you knew me, my life was spent completely, yet You asked me for the water saying “give me”!

- Dr. Amos R. Wells

Then I saw You on the cross, my shame and sorrow tied You and I know that You died instead of me!

Little had I to give to You, while you had Your life to give me, water living flowed on from You profusely!

Searching at last I have found You, there’s an empty tomb beside me I know now You’ve risen into glory!

ifjorZu -

By Suraj Ghimire

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Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 33

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

34 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012



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- Jherh lkjk ysIpk

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Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 35


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

My Extended Family - By Bharat Darnal I feel honoured and grateful to have been given this opportunity to write about my days with DNCF. I had been with this church for about six and a half years. Going back to those early days with DNCF I still recall the time when I was in Mumbai. I received the news about my transfer to Delhi. I had already been wellsettled in Mumbai and thus wasn’t happy about the transfer. In fact Delhi was not the place that I really wanted to be. On 16th May, 2005 I shifted to Delhi, the summer was at its peak and I was unwillingly moving on. On 21st May Saturday I attended my first housegroup fellowship in Delhi at Uncle Lepcha’s place. As I entered the house it was not difficult for me to guess who Ruben and Adilina were and they too promptly figured out who I was. But that evening was made unforgettable by Carissima Bahini’s statement, “Daju tapai jastai ‘aged manche’ chahiyeko cha DNCF ma.” We had a hearty laugh, but the phrase “aged manche” left me wondering what she actually meant. However in the days to come I became at ease as I started to realize that I was in the midst of very loving family members. I then started referring DNCF family mem-

I was at ease knowing that I was in the midst of very loving family members. So I started referring DNCF family members as my extended family. As the time passed, I re-looked at God’s plan for me to go through commando training in DNCF, to make me strong spiritually and also giving me opportunities to learn new things every day. bers as my extended family. As the time passed, I reanalyzed God’s plan for me at Delhi- it was a commando training to make me strong spiritually and

also to give me opportunities to learn new things everyday. I met Sonam Bhutia daju at DNCF after a long time, and learnt a great deal from him. I am thankful for his support and guidance. DNCF strongly believes in house visits and I actively participated in it. At DNCF, I also got chance to meet great men of God like brother Norman Meeten from England and other Christian leaders from India. I have always been encouraged by the young, energetic and dynamic youth group and I always thank my brothers Urgain and Ruben for calling me “Evergreen Senior Youth Member”. I also enjoyed serving as a chauffeur for DNCF sisters as I used to ferry them to their residences in my car every Friday after the fellowship. I just can’t forget how one Sunday morning at church the DNCF members encountered a sister possessed by evil spirit. There we saw our sisters as true warriors of God, praying for her deliverance. That sister has since been completely delivered now. I cherish Wednesday prayer time at sister Charisima’s place and how her little son Jesse would stand at door and say ”khai Bharat daju pani dhilo aako.” In such Wednesday prayer services God gave us many prophecies and revelations; the whole night prayer service started at my place and it served to be a turning point for many of us. The church grew and we had to shift the Sunday service center to new place at YMCA. I also saw the healing hand God in DNCF for Sister Hema, brother Benoni and others. It was in September 2011, that I got the news that I had been transferred back to Mumbai. It was then that I realized how quickly the last six years had passed. Though now I am not in Delhi I know I will always be a part of DNCF. May God bless this family.

Never be afraid of giving up your best, and God will give you His better. -James Hinton 36 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012



– A Testimony by Ajay Dcruze, DNCF

First of all congratulations to the Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship (DNCF) for reaching this milestone and all praises to God for raising up this congregation and using it strategically to promote the gospel around the world. It gives me immense pleasure to jot down something for the 25th anniversary Souvenir so I took the topic of “Mother”. I know that Mother’s Day has passed but I still wanted to share what my mom means to me. I was born on November 4, 1986 as the second son of Shanti and Stephen Decruz, the most loving parents in the world. My life was great as my parents loved me deeply, but a voice inside me always told me that my life would not be an easy one. Then on January 13, 1991 our lives especially my mom’s was shattered. My father Stephen died in a car accident. Looking back now, I remember mom being strong, yet she wept for years. At that time I didn’t know what tormented her so much, nor could I feel the intensity of her pain. All I could do was to hug her and let her know that I loved her. Our family was never the same. But now I realize that the whole Bible resonates with special words and compassion toward widows and their children; God the Father and Jesus both show great concern toward them and protect them from harm. Psalm 68:5 says “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” So God made my mom move forward with life and she started working. She knew that her children needed her to carry on. She has been my inspiration and has directed my life toward Christ. I have been blessed and honoured to say that I am the son of Mrs. Shanti, the most beautiful person in the world. Thank you, Jesus for allowing me to be her son. God bless all mothers.

God blots out our sins - A Testimony by Asha Lepcha

My five year old daughter invited her friends to play with her at our house a few days ago. The kids were mischievous and in no time they made a complete mess of my living-room. One of them took a crayon and started writing on my daughter’s toy black-board. After they went back home I was exasperated trying to clean all the clutter. However even after rigorous cleaning I was unable to clean the crayon marks on the blackboard. I was annoyed and told my daughter that I would not allow them again; though I wasn’t so serious about it, she seemed to believe me. The next day as I was carrying on with my household chores, I noticed that my daughter was bit more busy than usual. After I finished preparing the lunch in the kitchen, she came to me with a triumphant smile on her face and told me that she had wiped clean the crayon stain on the blackboard. She then asked me if her friends could come over to our house again! I was overwhelmed at this act of hers as she innocently reminded me of how our God has dealt with us. Just as she cleaned the black-board, our God cleans us from our sins! She made me proud by showing me how she cared for her friends. God also forgives us and forgets our wrong doings, and of course, WIPES CLEAN our crimson coloured sins, no matter how dark they might be!!! :-)… God bless us all!!!

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 37

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship



I was born in a Christian family however I was uncertain about my walk with the Lord. I felt left behind and confused. I came to Delhi in the year 2007 and started missing home very much; I felt extremely lonely. At that time I happened to visit DNCF, I felt as if I found a new home, a complete family and most important of all I drew closer to God. It has been five years now since then and I cherish the Sunday messages, house group fellowships and all the church activities. I have been immensely blessed in DNCF.

Louise Pariyar

I have been regularly attending DNCF from the year 1994 with my family. Pastor Satish Chettri used to visit our home and teach us beautiful Christian Hymns. Pastor Satish has a big role in leading me and my family closer to God. He also encouraged us to participate in the DNCF choir. In the beginning we were only about 6 members in DNCF, but now by the grace of God there are over 100 people attending the church every Sunday. In 1997, my mom was healed of cancer; we are grateful to God and all the DNCF members who prayed for her. There are uncountable blessings that I and my family have received through DNCF in the past 17 years. I and my family wish all the best to the DNCF members and leaders in the coming years. Thanks.

Margret Lepcha Rai

When I joined DNCF around 4 years ago, I was somewhat lost even though I had known that Jesus has been with me throughout my life and had always protected me. DNCF recieved me with open arms and welcomed me with love and affection as a brother in Christ. DNCF has been with me through the thick and thin of my life and has rekindled my faith in the Lord. Although I am distant from my immediate family, I have found family in DNCF through Jesus. Personally from my experiences I would encourage everyone to attend fellowship regularly as it enriches ones life. Although many might think that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve lost much, I thank the Lord, for He has done so much for me that I could learn His ways and spiritually be closer to Him. To bear ones Cross isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t easy, but His rewards are heavenly. Walk in His ways and you shall be blessed. My faith in our Lord has increased a lot, not enough yet to move the mountains (Mattew 17:20) but with my little yet increasing faith, I have been able to achieve many things which might have been impossible before. I give thanks to our Savior and pray that DNCF grows exponentially.

Neel Seth * PTL stands for Praise The Lord!

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Jherh gsek nukZy

Jennie Chhetri

I am Jennie Chhetri from DNCF and happy to be a member here. I have been going to this church ever since I was born. I have two birthdays - first is on 1 November and another is 28 March, which is my spiritual birthday, the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ and let him stay inside my heart. I like this church very much and I thank Lord Jesus for this. I have friends who are not Christians and I tell them many things about Jesus Christ that I learnt from listening to the preacher in the church. I told my friends Asmita and Shivaji about Jesus and they were amazed to know that He is their saviour too and wanted to give their life to Jesus. So I am happy to be part of this church as I learn more about Jesus Christ our saviour.

DNCF My Family!! I am Joash Chettri and I belong to a wonderful family called DNCF. When I turned eight on 28th March 2008 I gave my life to Jesus in my family Morning Prayer time. So I have two birthdays on the same day. My Mom and Dad told me about Jesus. They explained to me why it was important to invite him in my heart. I am really happy to be a part of the DNCF Family. I am blessed to be a member of this Church right from the time I was born and I’m growing up here knowing more and more about Lord Jesus. DNCF is special for me because there are loving and caring people out here. It is always open for children, friends, visitors and guests wherever they come from. We also have a nice worship team and we enjoy singing with them. Our Sunday school is fabulous and I enjoy so much being a part of it. I and my friends have lots of fun learning together about our God in our Sunday school classes. Our teachers are very loving and hard-working. They sacrifice their time and teach us even when they have to miss the sermons - my Mom & Dad told me about this. Once in a year they also take us for a picnic which we look forward to so eagerly. Our Sunday school also makes sandwiches and sometimes Christmas cards for sale to assist the church in helping old age homes, medical camps for poor people, etc. Many People from our church have gone to other countries to work, we miss them a lot but thank God that we have Skype & Facebook to keep in touch with them. I like DNCF because we are a big Joash Chettri loving family. I really love my DNCF Family.

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

SIL VER JUBILEE ACTIVITIES 2012 happens to be a very special year for DNCF; it is the year in which the church completes its 25 years of establishment. To make most of this year we prayed and decided to carry out a series of activities to strengthen the unity among the Nepali churches in Delhi as well as among the members within the church itself. These activities brought us closer together as the body of Christ and enabled us to enjoy the warmth of Christian fellowship.

Inter-church football tournament - Republic Day Football Inter-church football tournament was held on the republic day- 26th January 2012. About 8 churches participated. Keen spectators turned up from different churches. DNCF secured the first position and Aatmic Ghar stood second. Crowds cheered loudly to encourage the teams and it was one of the most exciting Republic Days in many years for the local Nepali churches.

Inter-Sunday School Sports Meet & Painting Competition About 7 churches participated in the Sunday School Day Meet and Painting Competition on 7th April 2012. Children had been eagerly waiting for this day to come. They participated with full vigour and energy. For them it was not about winning or losing but just about a day full of excitement and having lots of fun with new friends. A number of medals and trophies were distributed in the end and it was a grand celebration.

40 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Silver Jubilee Activities

Sat Tal Retreat Every once in a while we need rest from our hectic schedule. DNCF members therefore decided on a retreat at a peaceful location in Saattal wherein the members were rejuvenated spiritually, mentally and physically. The team of 40 people started off on 6th June 2012 and returned on 9th June 2012 back to Delhi.

Old Age Home Visit DNCF has visited old age homes many times before but on 13th March 2012 it was an exceptional visit as the visiting team comprised mainly of beauticians. This time it was more than just singing hymns and handing over gifts. Pastor Satish Chhetri led the group and they proceeded to smarten the seniors at the old age homes with their skills. The oldage home residents were delighted at this unique service extended to them.

Inter-Church Visits DNCF conducted its monthly InterChurch Visits in order to strengthen its bonding with the other churches and encourage unity with them. The churches gladly welcomed the DNCF team that supported in worship and participated with them in their Sunday service. Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 41

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

42 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 43

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship


Old time DNCF

Moustache man

n’ Enjoying tea & ‘fa At Suraj Kund lake

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day 44 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

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orie Retreat in Muss

Releasing ‘Roots of Faith’

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Old-time folks

Picnic in the park

Worship Team of 19....

Worship Team of 2003

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 45

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

46 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 47

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

48 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 49

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

50 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 51

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

52 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 53

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

54 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 55

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

56 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 57

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

58 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 59

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

60 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 61

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

62 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


P. O. MIRIK, DARJEELING, WEST BENGAL â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 734214, INDIA Registration Number: S/6060 of 1963-64 E-mail: or, Mob: 09832017568

Darjeeling Hills Bible School & Seminary is a time-tested theological institute committed to imparting Bible based teaching. It stands for the historical biblical doctrines of Reformed traditions and spiritual heritage. Young men and women who feel the call of god to serve Him in the prophetic and apostolic traditions and Scriptural patter may apply for the following courses. Name of Course Diploma in Theology B.TH. B. A. Theology M. Div. D. Min


Medium of Instruction

Session begins

Qualification Required

2 Years

Nepali/ Hindi

March 01, 2013

Class VIII Passed

4 Years 3 Years B.TH. 3-4 Years


March 01, 2013

Class XII Passed


Always Open *

M. Div., M.TH.

4 Years



March 01, 2013 Always Open*

Class XII Passed B. A. Theol.

*B. A. in Theology, M. Div. and D. Min programmes are offered in collaboration with Miami International Theological Seminary of which DHBSS is the recognised national centre. Pastors, missionaries, other church workers can earn US degrees at home in India and at a minimal cost. These courses are offered both residentially and externally for the benefit of students. DHBS also organises special and basic course in Christian Doctrines for boys and girls who have appeared for their HS, SSE and ISC examinations in May and June every year. This programme will be conducted in English language.

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 63

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

64 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 65

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

66 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 67

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

68 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 69

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

70 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 71

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

72 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


Susanta Robbins Joseph went to be with the Lord on 25th September 2012. Susanta was a talented dancer, choreographer and singer. We remember her as a person with great zeal and commitment for the Lord.

We miss you dearly and though you are not here with us today we are thankful to God for all those precious moments we were able to spend with you. We can never forget your infectious laughter and your positive spirit that continues to inspire us. Your contribution towards DNCF is irreplaceable and will always be remembered and cherished. Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 73

Your DNCF Family

PICTURE DIARY A pictorial story of DNCF highlighting some cherished momentsâ&#x20AC;Ś.

Thanksgiving Services of the recent past 2007




74 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012



Old-Age Home visit

Medical Camps

Christmas & Carols

Inside our famous RTV

Khaana aur gaana

Dancing with the don

Camera Shy Girls

Prem Bhoj at Nehru Park

Our Funky Christmas play

Bigtime Funtime All smiles after a hearty meal... Christmas gifts for our kids A family that sings together stays together

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 75


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

Power House of DNCF Sunday School Kids

Animal Kingdom 4 Jesus

Hip-Hop Kids, 2009

Guest Appearance

Yummy...Th e cake’s fin ally here

Power Teens Give us this day our daily bread!

Rock of Ages jamming with the kids

Yippee...we made a card

Artists in the making

76 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Emu’s b’ day bash... uncle Anmol in action

“Mary had a little lamb...”


Ordination of Pastor Satish Chettri

Pastor Satish was ordained on 2 May 2009 by Bishop Rolly Singh at Mount Carmel School, New Delhi

Pastor Satish Chettri with Bishop Rolly Singh and Rev.Dr. CSR Gier


Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 77


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

Samarpan & Wedding

...for better or for worse, in sickness and in he h,for richer, for poorer, to love and to cheris from this day forwardaltun til death do us part. h;

Yes I do!

Made 4 each other

, Baarat Band, Baaja Cake & Honey

Mad 4 each other 78 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Bride & her maids


Picnic & New Year

DNCFâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s day out

The Ray-Ban girls

Barbe (que) girls Barbeque on the house!


arning) vour & Le a e d n E g yin ip for Und (Fellowsh

New kids on the block


25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

Installation of Pastor Vineet Joseph - 14 June 2012

T-Shirt SALE

Mini Silver Jubilee Celebration DNCF Completed 25 Years on 14 June 2012

80 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012


Members who took responsibilities as Presidents and Secretaries since 1988 Y. K. Chhetri Solomon Adhikari Satish Chettri Pradeep Pradhan Gagan Saru Ratnamani Pradhan Gautam Datta Dhirodatta Subba Saom Namchu Francis Chhetri

Allen Ghimirey O. T. Sada Narottam Pradhan Sonam Bhutia Charissima Simick (Chhetri) Adilina Chhetri Asha Lepcha Ruben Chhetri Urgain Simick -

Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving Committee 2012 Patrons: Mr. C. Lepcha and Ps. Satish Chettri Convener: Mr. Bharat Darnal Chief Coordinator: Mr. Urgain Simick Fund Management/Catering: Mr. Krishna Rai Event Manager: Mrs. Adilina Karthak Chhetri Communication & Publicity (Visuals): Mr. Ruben Chhetri Media Coordinator (Videography/Photography): Mr. Biswo Chhetri Music, Choir and Audio: Ps. Vineet Joseph/ Mr. Anmol Rai Souvenir & Prayer Coordinator: Mrs. Charissima Chhetri Reception & Accommodation Coordinator: Mrs. Bhumika Chettri Transportation Coordinator: Mr.Neel Seth Sports Coordinator: Mr.Vishal Tamang

Freewill offering contributed by: Mr. C. Lepcha & Family Mr. Yakub Tamang Mrs. Sarah Chhetri Mr. Jyoti Sharma Mr. Arpan Rongong Praneel Rasaily Waiser Wangdi Ruben & Adilina Ps. Satish & Family Krishna Rai

Anmol & Pratima Srijana Pradhan Benjamin Tamang Jyotika Baraily Rebecca Baraily Minu Singh Saknim Namchu Urgain Simick & Family Sashi Rasaily & Family Joanna Mukhia

Mrs. Satyen Joseph Siddhanth Chettri N.T Sada & Family Ayush Singh Mr. Kamal Mothey & Family

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 81

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

82 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

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Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 83

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

84 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 85

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

86 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

May DNCF be a caring community for the wounded, broken hearted and marginalised. Luke 10: 30-34

With Prayers Mrs. Sunita Chamling Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 87

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship


Free Church Family Diocese of Delhi (CNI) Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110001

Rev. Suresh Kumar Presbyter-In-Charge 98105 61382

Vasant Reuben Assistant Presbyter 98102 46128

Mr. Bertram Devadas Mr. M. Simon John Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer 93136 97412 98681 04558 88 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 89

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

90 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 91

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

92 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of DELHI NEPALI CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP We at


our best wishes and prayers for more fruitful years of service to the LORD & MANKIND. We meet every Sunday at

The Triumphant Church A-113, Ramdutt Enclave Uttam Nagar New Delhi-110059 Timing: 10.00 AM – 12.30 PM

The Triumphant Church Mt. Carmel Jr.School (Basement) Anand Niketan New Delhi-110021 Timing: 2.00 PM – 4.30 PM

Contact Person: ML Tamang, Mobile: +919818372579

Congratulations & Best Wishes from Bethany Assembly & Shrestha Family

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 93

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

Very Hearty Congratulations to All The Members of DNCF in completion of 25 Years of Felloship From family of DEFONE (UCNI) eqgku izdk’kuys fofHkUu ys[kd}kjk fyf[kr iqLrdg#] HktuiqLrd]if=dk izdkf’kr xuZ l{ke cusdks [kcj fnu ikmWank g”kZ ykxsdks NA eqgku izdk’kudk iqLrdg# % iqLrddk ukmWag#


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ikoy flfed

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3- [kzhf”V; xhrekyk (Hktu laxzg)

eqgku izdk’ku

4- dkyks flfjldks izfr#i (miU;kl)

ikoy flfed

5- jekgVdk /kqug# (fdzlel j bLVjdk xhrg#)

eqgku izdk’ku

6- iq”igkj (jktnwr if=dkckV ladfyr ys[kg#)

jsHk- ch-Mh-jkbZ

7- xkmWa ?kjdks lsjks Qsjks 8- eqgku (f}Hkk”kh; =Sekfld if=dk)

ikoy flfed eqgku izdk’ku

ekfFkdk mYysf[kr iqLrdg# fufEr Bsxkukek miyCèk Nu~ % Kalimpong: Great Joy Books, 9547248389, Eld. Raju Rai, 9933021377; Darjeeling: Paul Simick, 7872878291; Siliguri: Ekta Book House, 0353-2517150, Ruben Thapa, 8944076736; Gangtok: Beautiful Books, 9434485744; Namchi: Pastor Abi K Gurung, 9474526728; Jorethang: Pastor N B Rai, 9733260926; Jaigaon: Beautiful Books, 9903155977; Jholung: Neeru Rai, 8001222598; Delhi: Ruben Chhtri, 9810061646; Urban India & Overseas: Stephen Rai, 09971278899 For trade discount please contact us at the address below. Stephen Rai, PO Box 10827, Mehrauli, New Delhi 110030 Email:, Tel:.011 26643715, 09971278899, 9547248389, Eld. Raju Rai, 9933021377;

94 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

With Best Compliments from Yoel & Family

Khirki Extension, New Delhi

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 95

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

isnksax “h”Vh;u e.Myh

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96 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 97

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

98 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 99

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

With Best Compliments from

Pastor Ravi Shrestha Koinonia Church Kishangarh, New Delhi

100 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Best compliments from

Dr. Judith Lhamu, BDS

Dr M Y Chiang Memorial Dental Clinic, Opposite BN College, Ashok Rajpath, Patna. Phone ; 91-9835234012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 101

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

Shalom Travels (Unit of Shalom Overseas Pvt.Ltd)

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Mrs. Mary Director

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Dwarka, New Delhi-110078, India. Tel: 00-91-11-45613032, 45128725 Mobile: 9350255752, Email:, Skype: gcshalom

G.Chidambaram Director

With Best Compliments from

Sweet Angel Academy, Lopchu, Darjeeling

With Best Compliments from


Classes Nursery - IV

Masoodpur, New Delhi

Mrs. Manjina Karthak Rai

Nandalal Jashi +91 9717913329

Dance & Yoga classes are also conducted Principal

+91 9735017939

102 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Dear Pastor Satish Chettri, It gives us great joy and pleasure to know that DNCF, under your dynamic leadership, is celebrating 25th Silver Jubilee anniversary this year 2012. On this happy occasion with my family I want to convey good wishes to all the members. This is a historical moment for DNCF. This promise for DNCF on this special occasion would be â&#x20AC;&#x153;Oh children you are from God having overcome them from he ruled in you is greater than he who is in the worldâ&#x20AC;? -1st john 4:4. With prayer and many blessing. In His mission Rev. Dr. Satyan Joseph JAIPUR

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 103

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

With Best Compliments from

Chime Child Care Centre Samdrupzonkhar, Bhutan

Best Wishes and Heartiest Congratulations to Pastor Satish and Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship for 25 years of ministry in Delhi. From Meenu Foundation Darjeeling. Ministry among poor children, health awareness, human trafficking, etc. Kindly keep us in your prayers, Pastor Sunny and Mrs Sujan Sapkota and MFD Family AOG Church Darjeeling, Contact no. 9733327284 9733072008 104 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 105

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

With Best Compliments from

With Best Compliments from

Ps. Bharat Baraily

Solon & Kalpana Karthak Family

Bible Bhawan, New Delhi


106 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

With Best Compliments from

With Best Compliments from

Anmol, Pratima and Adela

Hem Kumar Rai & Family



With Best Compliments from

With Best Compliments from

Aviral, Bobby & Family

Ram Gurung, Astu Gurung, Prava and Bishu


New Delhi/Kalimpong

Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship 107

25 Years of Delhi Nepali Christian Fellowship

With Best Compliments from

With Best Compliments from Malina Tamang & Family Mangan

Vishal Tamang DNCF

Psalm 23

With Best Compliments from

With Best Compliments from

Manikumari Karthak

Urgain Simick & Family

S.T Karthak &


Souvenir Team

Ps. Satish Chettri Charissima Simick Chhetri Krishna Rai Urgain Simick Ps. Vineet Joseph Ruben Chhetri Pratima Gurung Rai Waiser Wangdi Srijana Pradhan Saknim Namchu


Editorial Team

The Team in action

Dr. Narottam Pradhan Ps. Satish Chettri Urgain Simick Prashansa Rai Adilina Chhetri

Design Team

Ruben Chhetri Mary Lepcha Leenoor Lepcha Saknim Namchu

Many Thanks to Ps. Pravash Rai from New Covenant Nepali Church, Elisa Tamang from Triumphant Church, Neel, Leena & Amit from DNCF.

About DNCF DNCF is a Registered Trust #105999 Registered in 2006 Founding Trustees: Mr. C.Lepcha, Rev. S.T. Bhutia Ps. Satish Chettri & Mr. Dhirodatta Subba Present Trustees & Governing Body Chairman: Mr. C.Lepcha Trustees: Ps. Satish Chettri & Mr. Dhirodatta Subba Secretary: Ruben Chhetri Treasurer: Ms. Pratima Gurung Rai Email:

Note: DNCF Church Service is held presently at 11.00am every Sunday, at Sports Hall, YMCA, Jai Singh Road, ND 1

108 Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving: Souvenir 2012

~ After a hard dayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work Vision To be a Light-house to our society, nation and the world Mission To reach out and uplift the deprived, needy and underprivileged people, with the love and eternal hope of Jesus Christ, to inspire, to encourage and to proclaim the good news, and to bring about a positive and progressive change in the society DNCF is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, Bible-inspired church that is committed to reach out with spiritual, physical, moral and social values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, to people from all walks of life, irrespective of caste, creed or gender. DNCF is a fellowship of Nepali speaking people from all Christian denominations, who have come to the city for work, study, travel or medical treatment.

Souvenir - DNCF Silver Jubilee  

Celebrating 25 years of God's faithfulness

Souvenir - DNCF Silver Jubilee  

Celebrating 25 years of God's faithfulness