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Workshop of Albrecht Dürer: 'The Madonna with the Iris' In this blossoming walled garden, near the sea, an adoring mother sits feeding her son. A light breeze catches her glistening golden curly hair. This scarlet clad woman is the Virgin Mary. The enclosed garden is symbolic of her pureness.

Workshop of Albrecht Dürer, 'The Virgin and Child ('The Madonna with the Iris')', about 1500-10The garden is full of life. Vine tendrils climb up the tethered poles. To the right a pink peony is in bloom. Behind the Virgin a tall iris, from which the painting takes its name, reaches towards the blue sky. Some tiny butterflies are making the most of the scented garden. One has settled on the Virgin’s red cloak, perhaps mistaking it for a bright petal.

painting doc  
painting doc  

doc about a painting located in the national gallery.