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2014 Ruben Alvarez Mr. May US History 4th Period 5/22/2014

Chris Paul Back in Time

Acknowledgements I would lIke to thAnk my mom‌ for brIngIng me Into thIs world And rAIsIng me the rIght wAy. thAnks to thAt I got All the gIrls.! I love you mom thAnk you for everythIng you hAve done for me.

tAble of contents 1. europeAnexplorAtIon 2.1:s of jAmestown 3.2:s of plymouth 4. new englAnd colonIes 5. mIddle colonIes 6. southern colonIes 7.event leAdIng to rev 8.AmerIcAn rev. 9.AmerIcAn goverment

10.presIdency of george wAshInton 11.federAlIst vs democrAtIc- republIcAn 12.presIdency of john AdAms 13.presIdency of thomAs jefferson 14. presIdency of jAmes mAdIson

15. presIdency of jAmes monroe 16.presIdency of Andrew jAckson 17.the IndustrIAl Age And the technology Age 18.westwArd expAnsIon: mAnIfest destIny 19. reform movements leAdIng to the AmerIcAn cIvIl wAr

21.fAmous court cAses 22.the AmerIcAn cIvIl wAr 23.reconstructIon 24.fInAl chApter

chrIs pAul bAck In tIme! There he was in game six with Okc and they were down one. The game had began and they immediately were down by three and the third quarter came they were down by ten. Fourth quarter came and then they were down by twenty five. So they had like . 9 seconds left, so Chris paul went back in time to try to win the game but he didn’t know that the year was set to the 1500’s And not three hours later. So then he went back to 1500’s instead of going back a few hours to the beginning of the game to try to start differently.

europeAn explorAtIon

so there he wAs In europe, In the 15th century. he wAs wonderIng where he wAs cAuse he fIndIng All kInds of stuff thAt looked AncIent And knew It wAs worth some fortune. tIll one dAy he wAs found by some englIsh people And told hIm thAt they were explorIng the new world And they needed hIm to leAve. he thAn left And went on to contInue thIs journey And Adventure he hAd comIng towArd hIm.



settlement of jAmestown

so then whIle wAlkIng he cAme upon A lIttle town And It wAs full of food, wAter ,And clothIng. so then he chAged out of hIs jersey And shorts And Ate some soup thAt wAs In the frIdge And drAnk the wAter from A fountAIn. he then went out sIde And looked Around for Any sIgn of lIfe And dIdn’t fInd Any thIng or Anyone. so he went AheAd And nAmed the town hIs very own, jAmestown. then some people cAme And told hIm If It wAs hIs And If he wAs Alone . he replIed ‘’yes’’ so then he wAs jumped out of there And tIll

thIs dAy hIs jAmestown stIll remAIns.

Chris paul back in time  
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