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Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck Surgery Following Pregnancy or Weight Loss Everyone has heard of the famous tummy tuck procedure. It is probably one of the most common types of plastic surgery around with a long history in medical and cosmetic circles. The reason behind the success of this surgery started out of medical necessity. In order to remove sagging skin following pregnancy and extreme weight loss, crude surgery methods were devised to remove these excesses and put everything back together again. Although early methods left a lot of visible scaring, newer techniques mean it is becoming less obvious and far safer. The incidence of obesity, as well the more routine nature of the surgery, mean it is becoming more and more popular. As it becomes more frequently carried out, the techniques that are used to perform it have also become ever more widespread and advanced.

Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills

Why Get a Tummy Tuck? As stated, the main reasons behind getting a tummy tuck relate to unwanted excess skin. Primarily the reason is attributed to sudden weight loss as well as following pregnancy. However, the removal of large tumors or other growths can also cause excess skin that may call for this sort of surgery. The reasons attributed to removing excess skin are two fold and relate to cosmetic or medical reasons.

Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills With regards to the medical reasons, excess skin can cause huge amounts of discomfort and skin fold can also become a breeding ground for infection. The cosmetic applications are a little more straightforward and relate simply to the idea that a firmer, flatter stomach is more attractive. In these circumstances, tummy tucks often follow liposuction and other fat removal techniques as a way of creating the desired visual effect after fat has been removed. Where to Go For a tummy tuck, Los Angeles remains one of the best places to get the surgery done in the United States. Not only does it have some of the best facilities and doctors, it is also a great place to recover and get the sort of pampering you may need following extensive surgery.

Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills Although admittedly for a tummy tuck Los Angeles is not the only option available to you, it still remains one of the best locations due to the aforementioned reasons. There are however many other great locations that are quickly emerging all over the country. It is always good to keep a firm ear to the ground. It is also advisable to see what exactly suits your specific needs. Other Tips It is always advised to look carefully at the different options available to you. Not only should you look at the facilities and doctors you can go to and afford, you should also look at what type of surgery would help you the most.

Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills

A consultation with a surgeon or your doctor is always the first step and the best way to determine what kind of treatment would be most effective. Always remember to check with your insurance company however, as this treatment is not always covered – even if it is to alleviate pain and discomfort. To explore your options and change your life, check out Ruben Abrams, MD. Source:

Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills

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Tummy tuck surgery following pregnancy or weight loss