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The Pros OutWEIGH the Cons with A Los Angeles Tummy Tuck If you’re in Los Angeles and are curious about what it takes to get a tummy tuck, contact Doctor Ruben B. Abrams to find out all the information there is to know. When you do, you may be surprised to learn that there are more health (as well as cosmetic) advantages to receiving a tummy tuck than you may have expected. In Los Angeles, it’s not hard to find someone who’s had atummy tuck surgery. Most of these people will tell you that a tummy tuck has changed their lives…but it’s still a surgical procedure. So, just like most surgeries, a tummy tuck requires general anesthesia. After all, the doctor needs to make an incision in your lower stomach. If you’re wondering about a scar, you shouldexpect a moderate sized oneto remain. Another thing you might want to do is compare the difference between a tummy tuck and a liposuction procedure. Dr. Abrams and his staff will explain to you the difference to help make thedecision on which is a better choice to go with.

Believe it or not, a tummy tuck is not just for people with extra fat and skin. For example, Los Angeles mothers can take advantage of the procedure as well. During pregnancy, women’s abdomen muscles change in shape and location. These changes can remain long after the birth(s). Well, these mothers can go in and see Dr. Abrams to receive a tummy tuck, which will re-shape the stomach muscles. Health benefits are another popular reason to receive a tummy tuck. Excess belly skin can lead to fungal infections, as well as being unattractive.Theremoval of belly fat cells for the internal organs to function properly, without added toxins, pressure and fatty acids, is also extremely beneficial. When it comes to a tummy tuck, the positives outweigh the negatives. Another plus is that your mental health canbenefit as well! It’s a proven fact that improved self-appearance will lead to increased self-esteem‌as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Give Dr. Ruben Abrams and his Los Angeles staff a call to schedule your initial consultation.

The Pros OutWEIGH the Cons with A Los Angeles Tummy Tuck