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The #1 Beverly Hills Office For Breast Reduction There are plenty of plastic surgery procedures performed to enhance the body. There are also plastic surgeries, like breast reduction, that’s done to fix a cosmetic or medical issue. Anyone who is looking to inquire about breast reduction plastic surgery should contact the office of Dr. Ruben B. Abrams in Beverly Hills. In the office of RUBEN B. ABRAMS MD FACS, the qualified staffis available to answer any patient’s questions. There are several different reasons to get breast reduction plastic surgery. It differs from patient to patient. People, who come into Dr. Abrams’ Beverly Hills office, do so because theymay have issueswith excessive breast weight (technically called Breast Hypertrophy / Mammary Hypertrophy). Certain types of plastic surgery have physical benefits, as well as cosmetic ones. Breast reduction surgery will help alleviate neck strain, shoulder pain, as well as back pain. Too much weight from large breasts can throw the body off and can result in an obese appearance. Receiving the proper breast reduction surgery,from Dr. Abrams,can correct this issue and alleviate the pain.

One of the top questions patients ask, here inBeverly Hills, is about recovery time. The best part of this plastic surgery is that even though this is an extensive operation, the recovery is fairly rapid. Patients who undergo this operation are usually able to return to work within4-5 days and the pain level is remarkably low. Of course, acommon,important concern by most peopleis the cost of this plastic surgery. Since breast reduction is mostly a functional procedure, some insurance may cover a part of the expenses. Certain factors may include how long the symptoms have been present, height and weight, what treatments have been tried and for how long, and how many grams of tissue are expected to be removed total. If you are considering breast reduction plastic surgery, call to set up an appointmentwith Dr. Abrams in Beverly Hills.

The #1 beverly hills office for breast reduction