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Welcome to the Rubbish Revamped workshop brochure Brochure contents How to choose and book a Rubbish Revamped workshop Workshops by recycled material ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗

Card & food packaging transformed Blissed Out with Buttons Sock creatures Textile Transformations Revenge on the Junkmail! Plastic Fantastic! Rubbish Revamped in the Garden

Practical Revamping Festive Revamping Revamping with children A photographic glimpse of workshops ∗ Tailored for organisations ∗ Al Fresco Fun ∗ Small group in-house workshops ∗ Train the Trainer ∗ Party time! Displays & Exhibitions A small selection of feedback

Rubbish Revamped is run by Danielle Lowy together with a small pool of friendly and talented freelance workshop practitioners. Danielle’s background is in a variety of posts in the voluntary & community sectors in London and Greater Manchester. She has also worked in education and local government. She set up Rubbish Revamped in 2009 and is now devoted on a fulltime basis to helping people have a fun and fruitful time giving new life to their rubbish and other neglected items. 07910 270 789 2

How to choose and book your Rubbish Revamped workshop Why do a Rubbish Revamped workshop? Rubbish Revamped workshops are a great way to raise awareness about the environment and encourage people to appreciate and re-use what they have around them. Without being lecturing, participants find themselves re-thinking what they throw out and how they can use their resources in a fun and money-saving way. As well as the pleasure of learning something new, crafting is a great way to relax and get chatting with others and so fits with organisations’ interest in social responsibility, community engagement and wellbeing aims. Rubbish Revamped craft sessions can be tailored to your event, for instance if you have a particular theme.

Who can join a Rubbish Revamped workshop? Rubbish Revamped workshops are available to everyone! Whether you’re a small group of friends, an organisation with an event or professionals interested in craft training, there’ll be a set of workshops to suit your interests and needs. Workshops are run for individuals and a broad range of organisations such as local authorities (from the recycling officers to youth workers, in libraries and elsewhere), for housing associations (for example for community engagement), in schools, for community centres, for local fun days and festivals, birthday parties, for a different kind of hen do, the list goes on!

Do you run craft sessions for your organisation? Is it a luxury of time to find and develop new crafts? We’ll train you in your choice of Rubbish Revamped crafts in some fast paced sessions to broaden your range. You’ll even get step-by-step illustrated guides so you don’t have to struggle to remember the techniques. Also included is advice on how to run sessions and how to gather your rubbish for revamping as well as where to source those items that need purchasing. Train the Trainer sessions have been run for local authority recycling officers, occupational therapists, guide leaders and teachers among others.

What do you get with your workshop? All materials and any tools are included although we always invite people to gather their own rubbish for revamping too. There will be one, two or more helpers at the session depending on your numbers, to ensure that everyone gets really good support. A display of other revamped rubbish crafts can be set up to inspire and amuse the group.

Ethos People completely new to crafting are made welcome and supported to enjoy a new experience. Crafts are seen as very ‘do-able’ as well as many offering scope for more experienced people to develop their skills. We usually create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, conducive to learning and pleasant social interaction.

How to book your workshop Do contact Danielle to discuss your interests. Guidance will be given on workshops most appropriate for your group and the time you have available—for instance you might want a one-off drop-in style session or a series of two hour sessions. The cost quoted will be based on a number of factors including your group size and the session length.

Please contact Danielle Lowy at 07910 270 789


Card & food packaging transformed

Woven food packaging box

Personalised notebooks

Greeting card box

Mini greeting card bunting Petal hanging from used cards

Juice carton wallets and bag 4

Globes from greeting cards— from mini to massive!

Blissed Out with Buttons

Getting decorative ...

Embellishing a bag

Funky bracelets


Sock creatures 1/2

Sock bunnies These tactile little cuties are made from baby socks filled with rice and lavender, mmmm …

Jumper monkey Over-washed, matted jumper? There’s a jumper monkey in the waiting! Gilbert Washing machine claimed a sock? Here’s what to do with the left-over one.

Creativity runs rampant for Sock Monsters 6

Sock creatures


Flying Squirrel This cheeky little beastie will use up bits of worn out jumper. How thoughtful.

Sock monkey Transform a favourite old pair of socks into a long tailed monkey.

Meet the Mousevaark! Is it a mouse? Is it an aardvark? Or even a clanger? What will yours be?


Textile Transformations

Folksy hanging from worn out clothes, with a lavender heart Handy purses made from ties

Shabby Chic Brooches

Hanging stars or ‘wands’ from cardboard rolls and worn out clothes


Bottle top and bottle bottom Pincushions (using old socks!)

Revenge on the Junkmail!

Junkmail jewellery— stylish and versatile Junkmail bunting

Origami stars

Concertina flowers

Newspaper bags and weaving


Plastic Fantastic! These Manchester Blooms, made from used bottles, will brighten up a room or a flowerless tree or plant. They are weather, slug and disease proof!

Cheerful bunting made from plastic bags and old shower curtains! Perfect for indoors or outdoors and beautifully easy to make...

Plastic fusion, created by melting plastic bags and ‘trapping’ embellishments. Used here to make desk tidies and plant holders. Also great for jewellery and wall decorations. Offered as a 1:1 workshop; not suitable for groups due to use of irons. 10

Rubbish Revamped in the Garden Rubbish Revamped in the Garden can be tailored to your needs and interests, with decorative and practical revamping ideas. You’ll learn different uses for plastic bottles, vegetable trays, CD roms, and used laundry bottles in your garden as well as how to make seedling pots from newspaper and more.

Crazy planters!

What might have you fill with a plant‌? An old teapot perhaps?


Practical Revamping With Rubbish Revamped, you are giving new life to materials that either normally go in the bin (cardboard, worn out socks, junkmail etc) or lie neglected in a cupboard (a favourite old jumper, some buttons, a birthday card – sound familiar?). And it’s not just about making attractive items, as many Rubbish Revamped crafts are useful too. Here’s range of functional crafts:

Clear-Up-Your-Clutter Cans A fun and useful project for adults and children, reusing cans, plastic containers, socks and sleeves, then embellishing to your heart’s desire. Suitable for sewing or gluing.

Peg-it-Pretty These attractive displays boards are concocted from cardboard, junkmail, used gift wrap and magazine sheets! Have fun decorating some pegs and put on your display of photos, jewellery, tea bags, to-do lists, or seed packets. What might yours be used it for?

Other practical items shown elsewhere in the brochure include: Baskets woven from card, newspaper or magazines Junkmail pots Newspaper bags Juice carton wallets Juice carton bags Greeting card boxes Tie purses Personalised notebooks Blissed out with buttons: The Bag Festive Wrapping 12 Pin cushions

Festive Revamping Christmas cards from junkmail and sweet wrappers

3-D tree hangings

Newspaper gift bags

Gift tags or tree decorations

Junkmail bows

Newspaper wrappings

Gift or sweet boxes

Other workshops in the brochure suitable for festive revamping


Revamping with children Rubbish Revamped crafts are very popular with all ages! From the main brochure, the following are suitable for children and young people: Juice carton wallets, button bracelets, junkmail bunting, greeting card bunting, greeting card boxes, personalised notebooks, Manchester Blooms, Clear-Up-YourClutter cans and many of the festive crafts too. Junkmail jewellery and sewing crafts are suitable for around ages 10-12 and upwards.

Flying fish on a

Creative quilling with used papers

Snappy Chopstick Monster

CD sun-catchers

Dragonfly pegs

Combined dream-catcher & scoobie-woven plastic bottle

Litter lollies 14

A photographic glimpse of workshops (1/5)

Tailored for organisations Staff workshop day at Mid— Cheshire College Broomwood School

Personalised notebooks with Start, arts for people with mental health difficulties

Mothers learning crafts to make with their children at Stretford Children’s Centre, on behalf of Trafford College

Lesbian & Gay Foundation Youth Crafternoon

Moss Side Voluntary Sector Forum

Whalley Range Good Neighbours Day 15

A photographic glimpse of workshops (2/5)

Al Fresco Fun Come rain or shine, Rubbish Revamped workshops are available for outdoor events with a warm welcome and inspiring craft display


A photographic glimpse of workshops (3/5) Small group in-house workshops

Check out the programme of workshops open to all over 14+ on the website at Small, friendly groups of up to 7 people. Tea/coffee and cake included.


A photographic glimpse of workshops (4/5)

Train the Trainer At a Rubbish Revamped Train the Trainer day, staff will benefit from a packed programme of self-selected workshops. You will receive step-by-step illustrated guides for repeating the workshops in your own organisation. An enjoyable and cost-effective way to broaden the scope of what you provide yourselves.

A weekend workshop for occupational therapist from London learning new workshops for mental health clients

A bride-to-be gathered her bridesmaids for a workshop making wedding favours

Guide and Brownie leaders learned to make button bracelets, greeting card boxes and CD suncatchers for a massive summer camp in Stockport

The Edge Arts Centre trained up two members of Jump!, an arts club for people out for work, to learn junkmail jewellery, buttons bracelets and desk tidies for teaching to the rest of their group.


A photographic glimpse of workshops (5/5)

Party time!

Hen-party with a difference: making cupcake-style pincushions from socks and bottles!

Junkmail jewellery hen party for five engineering friends before the big night out

Sock monster birthday party for ten 9-10 year olds.

Mousevaark making party for 13 year olds


Displays & exhibitions Displays of Rubbish Revamped crafts are available for arts festivals, exhibitions, window displays and other events. Ask us to set up an exhibition to suit your theme.

Chorlton Arts Festival Hub shop exhibition

Manchester Blooms (bottle flowers) on the Arts Festival Trail

Art Over the Counter at Rumpus Toyshop for , Didsbury Festival

Chorlton Bookshop October 2011

Creatures Comforts—exhibition of Rubbish Revamped animal creations at St Werbergh’s Church


A small selection of feedback I didn’t know what to expect & I have enjoyed myself so much – much more that I thought I would! I am going to bring my daughter and creative friend who could do with a bit of revamp therapy soon. Paula I came all the way from Rossendale to do this workshop. Recycling is SO importantdo it though arts & crafts. Brilliant ideas!! Will come again. Janice It made me feel young again. Better than Botox. Josie OAP Great fun! I enjoyed it so much the 1st time; I came back again for the same course. Nicola Ironing bubble wrap - much better than ironing duvet covers - really enjoyed it and the clear, directive teaching. I am so pleased with my desk tidy. Kim All the students thought it was ‘brill’, ‘wicked’, ‘ace’, ‘better than working!’. They loved trying out new things, but more importantly, they loved doing things they could actually succeed at and being able to choose the materials and colour schemes. They are already desperate to try some of the other projects. The staff who worked with you loved every minute and those who only came in at the end of the day were so impressed with what they saw and where gutted not to have been part of the experience. I really hope we can repeat the day sometime. We spent a lovely evening and day learning how to make lots of incredible crafts. Going away with lots of ideas and skills to use at work and home. A friendly and relaxed teacher where nothing is too much. It has been a fantastic weekend and thoroughly enjoyable. With thanks. Susie & Louise Your set-up is fabulous, very conductive to creativity, a pool of glorious ideas to reuse and reduce, recycle and revamp, and it was so well prepared. Thank you for a lovely colourful session. Helene Very inspiring. Makes you think twice about what you’re throwing out!

Thanks so much, it was a hoot!! Lauren

Contact Danielle Lowy at 21 or on 07910 270 789

Rubbish Revamped recycled craft workshops