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Abide by rules for rubbish collection in London Spring time is here, and you may already be mulling over a makeover plan for your home or office. Garbage disposal is the first thing you need to do in order to give a makeover to your property. You need to collect all your rubbish and arrange for its disposal. However, there is a strict code of conduct regarding

rubbish collection in London. If you are not adhering to the rules you may be fined and even prosecuted. Rubbish Collection in London Clear it waste, an agency which has been providing rubbish collection service within the city of London, collects rubbish everyday day from Monday to Saturday at almost negligible cost. Where to put your rubbish and how Mostly you need to use the chute provided by the city of London. You have to tie the sacks containing the rubbish and put them into the chute. But you should be careful while putting rubbish in sacks. Large items such as cardboard pieces etc, and heavy items such as construction rubble and even items deemed to be hazardous should not be put into the chutes. If you have a ground floor flat you can keep the chutes in the waste cupboard. You can also keep them in the bins with red lid located in the nearest car park. The bins will have a household waste icon painted on them. Privately apartment blocks If you are a resident of a flat within a privately managed estate then there are two ways for you. Blocks with bin store If the estate has its own bin store then you should use that facility since government approved agencies will transfer rubbish directly from there. Blocks without bin store If you do not have a bin store or refuge collection centre then you have to go for kerbside disposal. You will be provided with waste sacks which are white sacks with red stripes for disposing your waste. Put your non-recyclable rubbish in these stripped bags and keep them in the street side between 6.30 and 7.30 p.m from Monday to Saturday. Things to remember

You should use only the sacks provide by the city of London for disposal as well as recycling. Plastic bags are a strict no no. Commercial rubbish collection in London For commercial rubbish collection the city of London has licensed waste collection operators. For your office or factory rubbish collection you should get in touch with any of these and that includes clear it waste, the agency that collects household rubbish. Services rendered by licensed rubbish collection operators in London Services offered by the licensed rubbish collection operators in London include WEEE recycling and IT disposal which seeks to manage the huge and toxic electronic waste; collecting rubbish from shops, offices and hotels; rubbish from bars, pubs and restaurants; removal of asbestos and removing rubbish from unoccupied property. Apart from these services you can also use them to destroy your confidential documents safely. Types of disposal You can go for either skip hire or man & van service. Both these services have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you should select the one that best suits your type of rubbish and minimizes the cost.

Rubbish Collection in London  

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