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January 4th

January 5th

Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton Father of modern physics 1642

Momentum works for cars—and people.

Imagine you are in a car without any brakes and someone pushes you down a steep hill. About halfway down the hill you stick your foot out the door and try to stop the car. You would probably end up with a hole in your shoe or maybe even a broken leg. That’s because of something called momentum. Once something gets going in a direction it’s hard to stop it. It’s even harder to make it turn around. If you are doing the right things in your life, momentum will work for you, helping you do more of the right things. If you are doing the wrong things in life, however, momentum will make it hard for you to stop and change direction. The longer you wait to stop, the harder it will be.

It doesn’t matter if you

think you can

do something or if you think you can’t. You are probably right whichever one you believe. Our minds have an incredible power to take the things that we believe and help us turn those beliefs into actual, physical things. Be careful what you believe. Your mind is going to believe whatever you tell it, even if it is silly or isn’t true. You can do anything. You have great talents and gifts.

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