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Table of Contents 4 Safety Chat 4 ABATE 5 PAPA HOODOO’S Culinary Specialties 5 Riding on a Wheel and a Prayer 13 The Adventures of Biker Billy: Part 5 Conclusion 18 Lady Biker 23 Daniel Wedge IV Benefit Sposored by Red Knights 24 Lacy’s Cue Grand Opening 25 The Gator Gazette 25 Events 29 Rescues 30 Hog Humor

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6 Rubber Down Issue 1

Legislative Updates

BATE members are working with our State Legislators on several bills of interest to the Louisiana biker. The Legislative session starts in March, so we have to get these proposals set up for Committee approval by then; once the specific Committee approves a proposal, it can go for vote and be submitted to the Governor. One of the proposals being submitted refers to fines for Right of Way violations (please refer to last month’s ABATE article). As the law now stands, a motorist who disregards a stop or yield sign, or traffic light, and collides with another vehicle, is subject to penalties. The existing law does not cover a collision when no sign or light exists. The Fairness for Safe Motorists Act will enhance and extend the coverage of a vehicle’s right of way. Again, the intent is not so much to punish a violator as it is to deter a collision in the first place. We have all experienced the scene of a collision when a driver utters those words “But Officer, I didn’t see the motorcycle!” Another proposal ABATE is working on with Legislators is tentatively called the Freedom of Choice bill. This is a helmet law proposal. Many of our neighboring states have limited helmet use laws; this one is similar to the Michigan law which covers a rider and passenger over 21years of age with satisfactory insurance. There may be other stipulations such as rider course completion or a minimum number of years’ experience. These proposals can become law, but our State lawmakers need to know that we are behind them. Contact your legislator now and ask him or her to support these two issues when they come up for vote. Updates for these and other proposals will be presented in this magazine, as well as the ABATE website The website will also give you information on how to contact your legislator. Check it often for updates and special news. ABATE is also planning on meeting with our lawmakers on the first day of legislation with our Rally at the Capitol on 10 March 2014. Check out the website under Events for more information. If you can make it, we would like to see you there. For more information about these and other items of interest to bikers, please contact your local ABATE chapter.




Safety Chat

hanging Lanes – Some say that changing lanes on a motorcycle is the same thing as changing lanes in a car, they are. The process to passing another vehicle is the about the same as changing lanes. However, some important key notes about passing other vehicles on the highway from my experiences are listed below. (this is for single rider, not those in a group). See if you can add to the list. 1. Turn on your blinker (remember, a blinker is an indication that you WOULD LIKE to change directions, it doesn’t give you the right to make the direction change.) 2. Look in the side mirror on the side you’re going to attempt to go. (Be careful - Objects are closer in your mirror than they appear.) 3. Do a QUICK head check - Turn your head to the side you’re going to check the blind spot BEFORE you start that lane transition to ensure the path of travel is clear. Ever find yourself changing lanes as you start your transition and then do a head check and realize there IS ANOTHER vehicle? Seeing that other vehicle gives a pucker moment, now you have to swerve back into your original lane. WORK ON YOUR MIRROR/HEAD CHECK/TRANSITION processes, it could save your life. 4. Transition into the new lane, cancel your blinker and sit back to enjoy the ride. Key notes: Head wind or side wind – most everyone has experienced passing another vehicle. It’s not hard at all passing regular types of vehicles and pickup trucks are seemingly uneventful with regards to wind. Passing an 18 Wheeler on the other hand can seem to be a bit more challenging and with practice, this too can be smooth and less stressful. Full faring – easy, full face helmet with full fairing, even easier. However, on motorcycles that don’t have a windshield and those that ride without a full face helmet, the headwind shear when you’re near the front of the 18 wheeler has the potential to “bobble” your head a tad as well as push you to the side a little bit more. I recommend staying vigilant, stay in the MIDDLE of your lane as you’re passing and most important, use your blinkers and don’t be hasty in making that transition back in front of the passed vehicle. DOUBLECHECK.. Regards, Jerry Maye Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Rider Coach, Rider’s Edge Instructor

A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc GNO Chapter.



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One Tank Getaway


ecently we had an opportunity to revisit beautiful St. Francisville. We went there for Valentine’s earlier this year and fell in love with the area and people. A very laid back area with that warm inviting hospitality you would expect from a small town, but with the biggest heart. We stayed at the St. Francisville Inn, also known as the Wolf Schlesinger House. This beautiful 100+ year old rambling plantation home surrounded by massive live oaks and other flowering bushes and trees is adjacent to a nice walking park, great for picnics or just walking in quiet meditation. This Bed & Breakfast hosts a locally famous breakfast that includes both hot and cold selections such as cream cheese crepes with lemon curd, sausage and cheese omelets, cottage fries, and so much more that locals come just for the breakfast. Pat Walsh, one of the owners even wrote a cookbook, and his kitchen skills show in his food. Ms. Shirley is their very accommodating and helpful service person, who acts like ya momma and makes you feel spoiled and at home. Another great thing is at the end of the evening you can relax in a turn of the century Victorian parlor called The Wine Parlor, that is equipped with a big screen projector for watching movies. They also have a full bar, great beer selections and an extensive wine cellar with wine ranging from $12.00 to over

$100.00. Laurie Walsh, the other owner, will serve you their locally famous cheese fonduta dip with crackers and fruit to compliment the beverage of your choice. They offer several packages starting around $98.00, and the package we selected included an in-room 2 person Jacuzzi, wine and cheese night, and a tour of a local plantation home (we chose the Butler Grenwood Plantation) & grounds. Each room comes with a full bath, TV with cable and radio (only room 10 has a Jacuzzi). Rates varied with different packages. The area offers many antique shops, art shops, and local restaurants for your lunch and dinner outings, such as the Magnolia Cafe, The East Dragon, and many others. With so many historical places, plantations,

even the National Cemetery in Port Hudson (where James “Poet” Cisco is buried) there are plenty of things to do. There are even places for wine connoisseurs to sample and buy locally made wines. One night after dinner, as we pulled into the parking area our lights caught a big buck and 3 does running through. The wildlife is abundant, and there are resident cats that stroll the grounds and watch over the French Quarter style courtyard and pool area which includes a BBQ grill if you would like to grill by the pool. This is a great one tank romantic getaway with a staff that will spoil you as well as any multi-star hotel. And tell’em I sent ya, Rick “DOC” Borja

Laurie & Pat Walch The St. Francisville Inn B&B 3720 Commerce St. P.O. Drawer B69 St. Francisville, LA 70775




8 Rubber Down Issue 1

Photo by Robert Bahn

Culinary Specialties ______________________________ Crawfish Shannon Ingredients: 1 lb. (fresh) Or 12 or 16 oz. (packaged) crawfish tails 1 lb. cajun style smoke or andoulli sausage sliced 1 clove garlic minced 2/3 cup onions diced 1/3 cup celery diced 1/4 cup bell pepper diced Chef Pauls Prudohomes’s Seafood or Shrimp Magic 1/2 stick butter 12 oz. Rotini pasta 1 pt. half & half milk 1/3 to 1/2 cup parmesan cheese grated Directions:


Cajun Cast Iron Skillet Corn Bread Ingredients: 1-1/4 cups coarsly ground cornmeal 3/4 cup AP flour 1/4 cup sugar granulated 1-1/2 tsp. cajun Seasoning of your choice 2 tsp. Baking powder 1/2 tsp. Baking soda 1/3 cup whole milk 1 cup buttermilk 2 eggs lightly beaten 8 tbs. Unsalted butter melted (optional) 1 large diced jalopeno-no seeds and ¼ cup onions fine diced Directions:

1. Boil pasta as per directions, but only 2/3’s of the way. Drain and rinse with cold water and set aside. 2. In a large (non-stick) skillet, on medium high heat, melt butter and add onions, celery, bell pepper, garlic, magic seasoning, and juice from crawfish tails. Sweat veggies until transluscent. 3. Add sausage and cook till almost done. 4. Add half & half (taste for seasoning and adjust.) Reduce to medium heat and cook for 2-3 minutes. 5. Add pasta and crawfish to sauce, and after 2 minutes add cheese to thicken. Taste to check pasta for doneness and seasoning. Serves 6+ people or 3 to 4 cajuns.

Until next month, listen to Papa HooDoo and eat well, love long, and laugh often.

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F and place a 9” cast iron skillet inside to heat while you melt the butter. 2. In a large bowl, whisk together the cornmeal, flour, sugar, cajun seasoning, baking powder, and baking soda. Whisk in milk, buttermilk, and eggs. Whisk in all of the melted butter, reserving about 1 tbs. For the skillet later on. 3. Carefully remove the hot skillet from oven. Reduce oven temperature to 375 degrees F. Coat the skillet with remaining butter. 4. Pour batter into skillet and place in the center of oven. Bake until the center is firm and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, about 20-25 minutes. Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes and serve.

Riding on a Wheel and a Prayer


ave you ever felt like an old pair of brown work shoes at a fancy dress ball? Where if it wasn’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have any? You’re not alone, everyone does. The trick is to know how to handle them. We have troubles all around us, but we are not defeated. We do not know what to do, but we do not give up the hope of living. We are persecuted in many ways for many things, but God does not leave us. We are hurt sometimes, but we are not destroyed. No one suffered more than Job, but he kept his Faith that God would get him through it, and not only did he get through it, but he was rewarded many times over what he had lost. Romans 8:28 tells us that we know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him. They are the people he called, because that was his plan. Oh, I know it’s easy to say “Give it to God,” and let it go, but the actual letting it go is the hard part. We need to put on our FAITH glasses to see things not as they are, but as God can make them to be. Remember Phill. 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” We mustn’t get so caught up in circumstance that it dictates our actions or reactions, but make our faith actions change our circumstances. Seek God’s council in prayer and supplication, remember the fervent prayers of a righteous person availeth much. God never gave us a winter without following it with a spring. Remember, let God be your pilot and never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly. Be blessed. Chaplain Rick “DOC” Borja



_ Issue 1 Rubber Down 9


s many of you know, a biker without a bike can go stir crazy. Last year my bike was in the shop for much longer than I had anticipated and on occasion I had to ride “Bitch” on my then-girlfriend’s bike. I did not like it, but trusted her not to get us killed. I’d seen a lot of double takes as male bikers would roll on by to check out to the Bitch on the back of the bike only to discover a dude being ridden by a Chic. They would give us the “Thumbs Up”. Some laughed so hard they almost crashed. Then a fellow biker gave me some advice. You need to carry an empty gas can if you are going ride bitch. That way, it looks like she’s helping you out. “Funny,

biker fashion, to get along side of them. Big Mistake!!! I notice they are playing with their cell phones, so I wave to get their attention. Now, the female passenger rolls down the window and starts cussing me out. Then, she starts hurling bottles at me as I ride down the interstate at about at highway speeds. Now, I’m playing dodge the bottles with someone that obviously isn’t playing with a full deck. My first thought is, “Where are the State Police when you need ‘em?” My second thought was to get their license plate number and report them to the Police. So I slow down to see that it’s a new car with a paper license plate that you cannot read. Just then my luck changed, I see a Louisi-


“The following Sunday morning, I got up and went for a ride. It started out great. I was on I-10 west passing thru Kenner heading to LaPlace. Then things got dicey.....”

____________________________________________________ Huh?”. Well it so happens that my good friend Brad also has a bike. He has a 2011matte black Harley Davidson Street Bob. One day, Brad called me up explaining that he was going to be out of town for a few weeks. “Why don’t you come get my bike and ride it till I get back?” My first response was “Thanks, but, no thanks.” But, I was really missing riding, so I reconsidered and took him up on his offer. What a great feeling having my knees in the breeze again after driving a cage for 3 months straight. The following Sunday morning, I got up and went for a ride. It started out great. I was on I-10 west and was passing thru Kenner heading to LaPlace. Then things got dicey…. I was in the left lane and traffic was light. I noticed a black SUV rolling up fast on my six. Next thing I know, I have to bail out of my lane because they just took my lane from me, passing me on the left. I’m thinking, “Look at these morons!” I sped up, in typical

ana State Trooper on the side of road. He has somebody pulled over. I am very hesitant to pull in behind him. I have some police friends that have told me to never do that, so I ride on. When I was about ¾ of the way to Laplace, that SUV slowed down and got into the right lane. I passed them and noticed they were still on their phones. Next thing I know, I see that State Trooper pass them with his lights on and (he) pulls up next to me. Now, I’m thinking that they called the Police on me. He looks at me, but gives me no instructions. Then, he straddles the lanes and starts slowing down. I slow down, pull off to the shoulder, remove my skid lid, and sit on the concrete guardrail. He stops all traffic. He gets out of his vehicle and as he walks past me he says, “I will be right with you sir” as he walks to the SUV and tells them to pull over. He pulls his car off to the shoulder and talks to the people




10 Rubber Down Issue 1


“Always remember, - It doesn’t matter if you are in the right or wrong when you ride, if you are in a_______________________________________________________________________________ crash....You are the LOSER. RESPECT THAT.” in the SUV. The traffic had started moving slowly, when a red PT Cruiser with Arkansas plates pulled up. The four people in the car stopped and told me that they saw that car almost hit me back there and also saw them throwing bottles at me. They said, “We didn’t like that one damn bit, so we called the Po-lice”. It turns out that several people called Troop B and reported these dangerous people. I am thinking, “How awesome is that?” I asked them to stay and give a statement to the officer. “No problem”, they said, and pulled over. The officer talks to the Morons who could have killed me, then he spoke to the good Samaritans, then he took my statement. He told me several people had called Troop B reporting pretty much what I told him. He asked me if any bottles had hit me. I said, “Nope.” The Trooper informed me that he was going to write a littering ticket to the passenger and that the driver had a suspended driver’s license. He took my info and said I was free to go. Man, I rode out of there with one hell of a smile on my face! I would like to thank the Louisiana State Police for responding so quickly. That officer did a great job of getting the facts and taking the correct action. It is my understanding that

a first offense littering charge could cost $250 or more, and 8 hours of community service. I guess that means she had to pick up trash for 8 hours. When it was time to return my friends bike I let him know how grateful I was that he lent me his bike. Then I told him that story. I said, “I’ve been riding rice burners the whole time I’ve been a biker. Not once did anyone throw anything at me. Put me on a Harley…..and look out… People are hurling things at me.” We had a good laugh. Now, in retrospect, the best action I should have taken would be to just let them have the lane and be glad I didn’t get run over. “Live to Ride Another Day”. Always remember: It doesn’t matter if you are in the right or wrong when you ride. If you are in a crash ….You are the loser. RESPECT THAT. So keep the shiny side up and rubber side down, and most importantly, “Don’t drink and ride”. I am a Motorcycle Awareness Campaign (M.A.C.) Member and you should be too. Go to for more info. Buck Rogers



_ Issue 1 Rubber Down 11

6545 W. Main St. Houma, LA

(985)-873-9923 Open 7 days a week.

10am - 2am New Owner: Mike McGeever

BIKER FRIENDLY Monthly Jam Night

See Facebook Page for LIVE MUSIC and DJ dates.

Mon. Steak Night 6 Til’ $9 Ribeye with Fixings.

Early Bird Special Mon-Fri 10AM - 2PM

Tue. Ladies Night 2 for 1 Bar Brands 3pm Til’ 11PM Free Pool ALL DAy Tue-Sat DJ & Lingerie

Sunday - Bike Day, ALL DAY 1500 Bridge City Ave. Bridge City, LA

Happy Hour Mon-Fri 3PM - 6PM

(Open 7 Days A Week) Mon - Thurs. 10AM to 2PM Fri. - Sun. 24 Hours _



12 Rubber Down Issue 1

Part 5 Conclusion

by: Pat “Road Hog” Patterson


ell, Billy pushed the old Pan hard and made it over that mountain of a bridge; and with the Sunshine Skyway in his rearview mirror he pulled into Sarasota. He knew he didn’t have far to go. Later that evening Billy pulled into the outskirts of Fort Myers Florida knowing that rest and relaxation was not far off. He pulled into a station for gas and to stretch his legs (the old Pan was not the ultimate in riding comfort). After a nice long stretch and a cold drink Billy asked Angel where she wanted him to drop her off, to which she replied, “Hell I don’t care. I got no place to go”. Now this kind of pissed Billy off a little because he thought he was making this trip to Florida to bring her to her family’s home, or at least some good friends’ place. After a little bit of cooling down, he asked Angel “Just where the hell was I bringing you?” to which she replied (with a not to be ignored smile), “Nowhere special. I just like Fort Myers; I actually live in Tampa”.

fine”, to which Billy answered “Just what the hell do you have in mind?” Angel smiled as she said “I thought you might like some company, and I got nowhere to go”. Being the typical biker, Billy thought ‘hey what the hell, I brought her all this way I might as well reap some of the benefits of this misadventure’. Over the next weeks Angel turned out to be a more than an ample benefit for Billy, and they became quite an item. It didn’t take Billy long to connect with several local bikers, and one weekend they all took off for a ride to Miami to meet up with a bunch from Dade County. They decided that since they were in no great hurry to get there they would take the long route to Miami and decided to cross Alligator Ally to Whisky Town, and then through West Palm Beach into Miami. Now at this time a large number of bikers riding in a group attracted the kind of attention most bikers of that era were used to but did not much like, and Billy and this group were


“Just where the hell was I bringing you?” to which she replied (with a not to be ignored smile), “Nowhere special. I just like Fort Myers; I actually live in Tampa”. _______________________________________________________________________________ Well now as you could expect, Billy was a little ticked off, and even someone a gorgeous as Angel was not beyond his anger. He decided that he had had enough of the road for a while and informed Angel he was through and that he was going to get a place to stay for a bit, so she could do whatever she wanted to do. She told Billy that she knew people here in Fort Myers and they could most probably find him a place to stay, so they headed the old Pan toward her friends’ place, and in a little while Billy and Angel pulled up to a house of one of her friends. In a short time, everyone got acquainted. Billy and Angel were invited to stay there night. They did and in the morning after breakfast they went to see a small apartment which fit Billy’s needs perfectly. After paying the landlord for the rent, Billy settled into his new apartment to relax and think about the events that had unfolded over the past few days. As he kicked back into a recliner in his new digs, Angel came into the living room and announced “This ought to do just

no different. Somewhere around Palm Beach, our little group caught the attention of the Sheriff’s Department and was pulled over; just as luck would have it, several of the group was in possession of a green leafy substance which just happened to be illegal. Needless to say, the entire bunch was arrested and their bikes impounded. This turned out to be Billy’s lucky day as one of the bikers knew the right people and they were bonded out the very next day… The last time Billy was seen, he was headed north out of town and disappeared into the mass of unknown faces of bikers somewhere on some road somewhere in the United States. I hope someday soon we will once again hear from our old friend Billy, riding some lonesome road in some small town and enjoying life to the fullest, but until then, ride safe Billy, and remember to keep the “Rubber side down”.



_ Issue 1 Rubber Down 13




14 Rubber Down Issue 1

Interview with Loki, Custom Bike Builder


Photos by Bruce LeBlanc

was in a bad accident in 1996. One early morning I was riding down a four lane highway; as the four lane road narrowed down to two lanes, a woman pulled out of a side street through a flashing red light in front of me. She stopped in the middle of the intersection. I tried to stop in time; I ended up trying to lay the bike down, but I was too close. Instead I broadsided her car. It wound up totaling my 1969 Shovelhead that


“After growing up on bikes, you never realize how important it is to have your sled until you don’t.” ________________________ I had wrenched myself. After paying the medical bills out of the insurance settlement, I didn’t have much money left. I was trapped with my life out of control. I felt that my life and who I was had been stolen from me. Buying a part here and there as I could, after 18 years, I finally had enough money for another build. While growing up on bikes, you never realize how important it is to have your sled until you don’t. To be without one really tears your soul apart. You feel lost, like you are withering away. It’s like life moves on without you. I was helpless and hopeless. Kind of like knowing what makes you is gone and you don’t know how to get it back.



_ Issue 1 Rubber Down 15

“The sacrifice and love that went into it was more than I knew in the past. May have been a long time coming, but I am starting to feel my soul again.” After wrenching my new bike in a tiny apartment living room, I can feel the life coming back. My Spirit is lifted and I feel like I have life back in my body. I feel proud when someone stops me on the street to tell me what a nice bike I have. Strangers pull out their cameras to take pictures of me and the sled as we pass down the road or when I am filling up the gas tank at the corner station. Now, when I ride, I appreciate and respect life more. For me, I found that the build was important as well as it relaxes the




16 Rubber Down Issue 1

mind and makes you one with your sled. You become a part of it and it becomes a part of you. Just like when you are with someone for a long time, you become one together. I’ve built bikes in the past. But I’ve never felt the affection for them like this one. The sacrifice and the love that went into it was more than I knew in the past. It may have been a long time coming, but I am starting to feel my soul again. With the new bike came a new woman in my life. And thanks to that good woman behind me, I will be able to accomplish so much more.

2013 Rigid Frame 34 Degree Rake (Redneck Engineering) Gas Tank, Oil Tank, Rear Finder

1984 4xWG Fork Assembly -31” Overall 21” x 2.5” Rime 1984 WG Caliper 1984 11” Rotor

Motor: 2013 Revtech Engine Bore 4.25” Stroke 4.41” Displacement 125 cu-in/2050cc Compression Ratio 9.5:1 Horsepower 115 Torque 135

Marathon Tire 90/90 -21 Rear Rim Custom 18” x 10.5” Tire 300/35 -18 Marathon Performance Machine Calpier 11.5 Rotor

Transmission 1999 Revtech 6-Speed 8620H Chromoly Steel Gears 2.94:1 First Gear .893:1 6th Gear B.D.L. 3” Primary Drive Kuryakn 1999 Hypercharger - Oil Cooler of a Lawnmower

OME 1952-85 Forward Control Kit for a 4-Speed Transmission Pant Rattil Cans: 8 Cans Red, 4 Cans Black, 12 Cans Grey Primer Build Time: 10 Weeks



_ Issue 1 Rubber Down 17

Lady Biker




18 Rubber Down Issue 1


Photos and Story by Bruce LeBlanc


ur featured lady biker is April. She was born in New Orleans and raised in Algiers La. This Southern Belle is the proud mother of two & Grandmother of future biker Jason. Professionally she has been a Registered Nurse for 18 years working in ICU. Ending up in her department means you’re knocking on heaven’s door. April’s interest in motorcycling started when her husband bought one. She rode on the back like most women do and enjoyed it. She stopped riding after they divorced and didn’t ride again till a boyfriend had one. She was back in the saddle till that relationship ended. She missed riding and her friend Scott encouraged her to ride her own bike. After giving it some thought she enrolled in a “Riders Edge” motorcycle safety course at the local Harley Davidson. I had the chance to talk to one of her instructors (Jerry Maye) who remembered her as taking the information he was teaching to heart. She paid close attention and applied what she learned to improve her riding skills. April’s first bike was a 2002 Dyna Wide Glide, which was traded in on a 2014 Softail Deluxe she named Sparkles. Her travels have taken her to Mobile Alabama, Bridge City Texas, and the Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina. Future destinations include Natchez Trace & Bike week at Daytona Beach, Florida. April had some parting remarks for other lady bikers: ________________________

“Don’t be intimidated by the size of the bike.” “Find a good fit for how you ride. Ride your Ride!” “Have the Ultimate Respect for the machine. If you don’t…. it will bite you some day.”

________________________ We wish April the best as she continues to ride all over America. May she keep her throttle open and the shiny side up & the rubber side down.



_ Issue 1 Rubber Down 19

Monday - Friday HAPPY HOUR 4PM - 7PM

Open Daily 11:30AM - 2AM Wednesday

Dart League

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May 17th 2PM

Friday Night

Pool Tournament 8PM Start


DJ & Karaoke at 8PM

BIKER FRIENDLY Home to the Krewe of Cajuns’ Rougaroux 3711 West Main Street, Gray, LA 70359 (985)851-1995


Every friday and saturday


OPEN MIC BLUES JAM every sunday

TUES: SIN NIGHT service industry night

where happy hour is all night

HAPPY HOUR Noon to 7PM monday friday

THURS: LADIES NIGHT First drink free

open 7 days a week from Noon to 2AM - “sit ins” encouraged




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Raising Money for the American Cancer Society in Memory of Enfinger s s e rg u B t” a P “ ia ic Patr


n February 15, 2014, the Cactus Lounge hosted its 7th Annual Memorial Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society in memory of its former owner, Patricia “Pat” Burgess Enfinger. As is the course for any activity in South Louisiana, there was plenty of food, cold beer and fun to be had by all. The day began with separate pool tournaments for the men and women. Double elimination brackets brought out the best in those who chose to participate. Jake Holden was the winner of the men’s bracket, with Angel Scimoneaux winning the ladies bracket. Congratulations to both! As is tradition, their names will be engraved in a plaque recognizing the winners both past and present. Soon to follow was a full darts bracket. 18 participants fought their way through the bracket in which Wesley Cherry was crowned champion. Congratulations Wesley! And a huge, heartfelt Thank You to all who participated in the tournaments. Fees collected, along with individual donations, netted the American Cancer Society over $900. Pat would be soooo proud! Way to go, Cactus family! Pat Burgess Enfinger owned the Cactus Lounge from August 1993 until her death in February 2007. She loved the people that found their way to the cozy little bayou-side bar she purchased after having worked there part time. Over the 13 plus years she spent there, Pat served bikers, road crews and a mix of locals. Additionally, she served those that travelled between Thibodaux and Houma, Raceland and Morgan City. Still today, there are no strangers at the Cactus Lounge. Why even the bartenders will introduce themselves ‘to a new face that moseys in’, as Pat would have. Outside of the Cactus Lounge, Pat enjoyed gardening and fishing, and took a liking to hunting with her husband. But mostly, Pat loved her family. Pat spent her free time with her husband, John Enfinger; daughter Samatha Burgess; sons Michael Lee and Douglas Burgess, grandchildren and large extended family. Smiling, laughing and showing affection to those she cherished made Pat the happiest. Pat’s Darts and Pool Tournaments Fundraiser is held every February to raise money for the American Cancer Society but mostly to remember her… the wife, the mother, the friend . She is truly missed by all who knew and loved her. So the next time you find yourself on LA Hwy 24 or US Hwy 90, near Gray, LA stop in at the Cactus Lounge and have a cold beer, play darts or pool, dance, sing or just relax from the weary road. Pat’s spirit is still there in everyone who calls the Cactus Lounge their home away from home. You’ll be glad you did!



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Happy Hour

Pool League Wednesday

Monday - Friday 4pm-6pm $1.00 on Domestic Cans

Dart League Thursday

219 Paul Maillard Rd. Luling, LA

Bike Night

Every Sunday 4pm -till’ with a Band or Dj

Bucket Special: 6 for $10.00 on Domestic Beers



Mon. - Drink Specials

5201 4th St., Marrero, LA

Tues. - Ladies Night 7pm. -’till Wed. - Bike Night Thur. - Karaoke with Bino 8pm - ‘till D.j. Fingaz Every Saturday 9pm - ‘till

Domestic Can Beer $1.50 & Domestic Bottled Beer $1.75 from 11am - 6pm

Sun. Free Food

Different $2.00 Shots Everyday

Mardi Gras Day, March 4th 2014 Free Food, Dj Fingaz and Drink Specials!

Friday, April 21st Come and Celebrate Clarence’s Birthday! with “Just Right” band.

March 8th the band “Under Review”




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Daniel Wedge IV Benefit Sponsored by the Red Knights Photos & Story by Bruce LeBlanc


Thank You

anuary 26, 2014 a benefit was held at the Westwego Civic Center for 3 year old Daniel Wedge IV who was diagnosed with T- Cell Leukemia. He is currently being treated at Children’s Hospitial. He is the son of Danny and Michelle Wedge. Danny is a Jefferson Parish Fire Fighter and Dispatcher. Michelle is a Dental Office Manager and Transport Coordinator for animal rescue. The Red Knights La. Chapter 1 whose many members are active or retired Fire Fighters learned of the Wedge’s situation during their monthly meeting. They responded with a financial donation and staffed the concessions area with Red Knight members. The event was very successful as an estimated 650 people attended the event. The community showed their love and support for this family in their time of need. Live music was played thru out the day by Creole Soul Band, Ronnie Boudreaux, Brian Melancon, Mike Clement and many more. There was a live auction of lots really cool one of kind items. The winner of the 50 / 50 raffle donated his winnings back to the benefit. As the event came to a close the Danny, Michelle and Daniel “ Pooter “ Wedge IV took the stage. You could see tears welling up in their eyes as they thanked everyone that came out to support their little boy. Even little Daniel took the microphone and gave a Big Thank You. HOLD ON Folks: We are not done yet. Daniel has had 8 blood transfusions and is in need of more. Please make arrangements to give Blood or Platelets on Saturday March 8, 2014. Blood Drive location: Blood Center West bank location at 2701 Manhattan Blvd. Harvey La. (504) 263-1190. Important: Must have 35 people signed up by March 5, 2014. Please call the 5th District Savings Bank to donate blood or platelets. (504) 363-6535. More info on how you can help this family contact: Angie Autin (504) 733-1472.



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Lacy’s Cue

Story by Constance Drew


t. Bernard Parish is now boasting a brand new Sports Bar in Chalmette! Lacy’s Cue celebrated its Grand Opening on January 17, 2014. Along with the official ribbon cutting with the St Bernard Parish Chamber of Commerce, guests were indulged with great food served with a smile! Setting the pace to be the premier Sports Bar and Billiard Supply Store in the South, Lacy’s Cue offers the following: 18,000 SQ FT. SPORTS BAR AND BILLIARD SUPPLY STORE 15 9’ TOURNAMENT TABLES 17 7’ COIN OPERATED TABLES THE SOUTH’S 1ST NEW 5X10’ DIAMOND POOL TABLE 35 TELEVISIONS DIGITAL KARAOKE SANDWICH CAFÉ AMATEURS AND PROS WELCOME NON-SMOKING VENUE GULF SOUTH’S PREMIERE SPECTATOR POOL ROOM INTERIORS DESIGNED BY DELATTE CREATIONS Stop in, have a drink and rack up a game on one of the finest pool tables in the South! 701 W. Judge Perez Dr. Chalmette, Louisiana 70043 Monday - Sunday 2:00 pm - 2:00 am Phone (504)682-6199




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EVENTS 1st Mar: AHRMA Vintage Motorsports Grand Cane, LA (318)-461-3659 _______________________________ 1st Mar: Jonquil Jubilee Festival Downtown Gibsland, LA _______________________________ 1st Mar: Church Point Courir Mardi Gras Downtown Churchpoint, LA _______________________________ 1st Mar: Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Town Square - Baton Rouge, LA _______________________________ 2nd Mar: AHRMA Post Vinatage Mix Grand Cane, LA (318)-461-3659 _______________________________ 4th Mar: Tee Mamou-Iota Mardi Gras Folklife Festival Downtown Iota, LA _______________________________ 7th Mar: Tbipac Spring BBQ Throwdown and Trade Days _______________________________ 7th Mar: Independence Sicilian Heritage Festival Downtown Independence, LA _______________________________ 7th -16 Mar: Daytona Bike Week Daytona Beach, FL www.bikerplaza. com _______________________________ 14th -15th Mar: Iowa Rabbit Festival Lawrence Toups Jr. Memorial Park - Iowa, LA _______________________________ 15th Mar: Acadian Memorial Festival Evangeline Oak Park - Saint Martinville, LA

Lacy’s Cue Grand Opening _______________________________ 15th Mar: Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Tour New Orleans, LA (504)587-3663 _______________________________ 15th Mar: Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC) Poker Run/VFW Post 3106/Leesville, LA. _______________________________ 15th to 16th Mar: Frisco Fest San Franciso Plantation Grounds Garyville, LA _______________________________ 19th -23rd Mar: Zarchary Arts & Music Festival/BREC’s Zachary Community Park/Zachary, LA _______________________________ 20th -23rd Mar: Louisiana Crawfish Festival/Sigur Culture Center/ Chalmette, LA _______________________________ 21st -22nd Mar: Hammond Smokin’ Blues & BBQ Challenge/Downtown Hammond/ Hammond, LA _______________________________ 21st -22nd Mar: 11th Annual Ride for Autism “Ride for Independence”

Scott, LA (985)-237-0429 www. _______________________________ 21st -23nd Mar: Amite Oyster Festival/Tangipahoa Parish Fairgrounds/Amite, LA _______________________________ 21st -23nd Mar: Louisiana Swamp Stomp Festival/Nicholls State University/Thibodeaux, LA



_ Issue 1 Rubber Down 25 _______________________________ 22nd Mar: Brittany’s Project Franklin, LA (337)-828-2184 www. _______________________________ 22nd Mar: Great Southern Motorcycle EXPO Jackson, MS (601)-8323020 _______________________________ 22nd Mar: 3rd Annual Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Tractor Rad Rod Event/Franklin, LA. _______________________________ 22nd Mar: IPCC Craft Show/Classics

Car Show/Career Center at the Airbase/New Iberia, LA _______________________________ 22nd Mar: LA Slow Rollers Gatorama Auto Show/Downtown/DeRidder, LA _______________________________ 22nd to 23rd Mar: Gonzales Gun & Knife Show/Lamar-Dixon Expo Center/Gonzales, LA _______________________________ 23rd Mar: Ride to the Son III/Journey Church/Pineville, LA. _______________________________ 27th to 29th Mar: Merryville Heritage Festival/Burk’s Log Cabin & Merryville Museum/Merryville, LA _______________________________ 27th to 29th Mar: Spyder on the Bayou/Denham Springs, LA. _______________________________ 28th - 30th Mar: AHRMA NOLA Motorfest, NOLA Motorsports Avondale, LA (504)-302-4875 _______________________________

IPC Printing

Brochures, Posters, Business Cards, Product Sheets, Display Products & More!! Starting a Business? We have the solution for your printing needs! (225)751-4500 11632 Industriplex Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70809




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29th Mar: Jennings Lions Club Lottery Run Jennings, LA (337)-6168120 _______________________________ 29th Mar: Retired American Legion Annual Poker Run/Retired American Legion Post 387/Llano, LA. _______________________________ 29th Mar: Thunderbeach Spring Rally Panama City Beach, FL (888)-396-1638 _______________________________ 3rd-5th Apr: LA State HOG Ralley/ Lafayette, LA (225)-925-1180 www. _______________________________ 6th Apr: Northshore Cruisin’ for a Cure Poker Run & Charity Event/ Covington, LA (985)710-7542 _______________________________ 10th Apr: Mardi Gras Madness/Holiday Inn and Convention Center/ Lafayette, LA. _______________________________ 10th-13th Apr: French Quarter Festi-

GeraGear Leather Custom Made Leather Apparel & Accessories Large Selection of Ready-To-Ride Gear In Stock Patches Sewn - Custom Embroidery Tailoring & Repairs


8657 Main St. Houma, LA

1000 West Drive - Westwego, LA 504-348-7928 Next to Domino’s in the Old Affordable Leather location Check out our new website


10am -2am 7 Days a Week Happy Hour 5-7 $1.50 beer (domestic) Sunday DJ and Free Food

Swap Meet - March 15th - 10am - till’ : Bike Wash & Food on location :

Everyday All Day $6.00 Beer Bombs & $4.00 Shots

Plaisance's Bar Since 1957


1920 Pratt St. Gretna La.




BAR HOURS Closed Mondays




Tuesday BIKE NIGHT 6:00PM-TILL Home of the smallest Bike Night on the Westbank



“If its broke, I can fix it.”




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Now Availiable for ALL of your boring and directional drilling needs! S&S Drilling has the ability to bore highways, driveways, sidewalks and all other obstacles that you need to go under. We are experienced in installing all utility lines such as water lines, cable lines, sewer lines, gas lines, etc.

NO job is too big or too small!!

val/French Quarter/New Orleans, LA _______________________________ 11th Apr: 12th Annual BKMC Burn/ Lake Bistineau State Park Area 1/Doyline, LA. _______________________________ 11th-13th Apr: Cajun Hot Sauce Festival/SugArena at Acadiana Fairgrounds/New Iberia, LA _______________________________ 11th-13th Apr: Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival/Downtown Franklin on the Bayou/Franklin, LA _______________________________ 11th-14th Apr: Downtown Lake Charles Crawfish Fest/LCCC Coliseum/ Lake Charles, LA _______________________________ 11th -20th Apr: Holiday in Dixie/ Festival Plaza/Shreveport, LA _______________________________ 12th Apr: 2nd Annual Sak Sanders Memorial Ride/Calvary Baptist Church/Homer, LA. _______________________________ 12th Apr: 3rd Annual Cane River Thunder-Full Throttle Bike Ralley/100 Rue Beauport/ Natchitoches, LA. _______________________________ 12th -13th Apr: Lafayette Gun & Knife Show/Lafayette Event Center/ Lafayette, LA

_______________________________ 19th Apr: 17th Annual Camellia City Car Show/Square Mall/Slidell, LA. _______________________________ 25th Apr: 9th Annual Meet on the Creek Motorcycle Ralley/Silver Creek Campground/Mount Hermon, LA. _______________________________ 26th Apr: Annual Crawfish Boil/ Renegade Harley Davidson/Alexandria, LA. _______________________________ 3rd May: Fourth Annual LA All Patriots Run/Southeast War Veterans Home/Reserve, LA. _______________________________ 8th -11th May: Houma Street Survivors RC 3rd Annual TNT Bike Ralley/Houma, LA _______________________________ 23rd - 26th May: MS Gulfcoast Memorial Day Blowout/Gulfport, MS _______________________________ 7th Jun: 6th Annual B.A.A.K. Benefit Poker Run (Battered and Abused Kids) Benefit/Lake Charles, LA. _______________________________ 28th Jun: A Ride to Remember/ Bossier City Harley-Davidson/ Bossier, LA. _______________________________

P L E A S E C O N TA C T US FOR A FREE QUOTE! S&S Drilling, Inc.

14301 Hwy. 90 Boutte, LA 70039

14301 Highway 90 Boutte, LA 70039 Office (985)758-2555

Fax (985)758-9000 _



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Cactus Lounge - American Cancer Society in Memory of Patricia

RESCUES Meet Kaia Zu, a beautiful shepherd mix who deserves a great home. She is 5.5 years old, and is our longest resident at ARNO’s no-kill shelter. Kaia is always happy to see everyone she knows, while she is shy at first meeting. All reports from weekend volunteers say she is an angel in a home! Kaia is undeniably loyal. A little effort goes a long way with Kaia. She gets along with some dogs, but Kaia doesn’t always get along with all dogs. Kaia is well behaved in a home, house trained, and you can eat around her with minimal begging and then go sit somewhere else. She will not jump on your couch or bed unless you tell her to do so. Kaia did however jump into a swimming pool when it was 32 degrees out! And she couldn’t have been happier. Interested in Kaia Zu? Please email adoptfromarno@



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HOG HUMOR Keeping the “Rubber Down”

A young man has always dreamed of owning a Harley Davidson. One day he has finally saved up enough money so he goes down to the dealer. After picking out the perfect bike, the dealer asks if he would like some extra chrome protection added to the bill. The young man is upset because he does not have the extra money, and is now afraid that the chrome will rust as soon as it gets wet. The dealer tells him not to worry. There is an old biker trick that will keep the chrome like new. All he has to do is to keep a jar of Vaseline handy and put it on the chrome before it rains - and everything will be fine. The young man happily pays for the bike and leaves. A few months later, the young man meets a woman and falls in love. She asks him to come home and meet her parents over dinner. He readily agrees and the date is set. At the appointment time, he picks her up on his new Harley and they ride to her parents house. Before they go in, she tells him that they have a family tradition that whoever speaks first after dinner must do the dishes. After a delicious dinner everyone sits in silence waiting for the first person to break and get stuck doing the dishes. After a long fifteen minutes, the young man decides to speed things up, so he reaches over and kisses the woman in front of her family. And no one says a word....... Next he decides to take a more direct approach, so he throws her on the table and makes love to her in front of everyone. And no one says a word..... Now he is getting desperate, so he grabs her mother and throws her on the table. They have even wilder relations. Yet no one says a word..... By now he is getting very worried and is thinking what to do next when he hears thunder in the distance. His first thought is to protect the chrome on his new Harley, so he reaches in his pocket and pulls out his jar of Vaseline.

And the father says “Never mind! I’ll do the dishes!”




30 Rubber Down Issue 1

Thibodeaux was driving his car past Boudreaux’s house down by da bayou and saw a sign out front that read: “Boat For Sale”. So Thibodeaux marches up to Boudreaux front porch and raps hard on the door. When Boudreaux opens it: Thibodeaux says, “Boudreaux! How long we ban frands? Boudreaux says, “Well....All our lives,Thibodeaux.” Thibodeaux says, “Why don’t you told me you gotta boat?” Boudreaux says, “I ant gotta boat!” Thibodeaux says, “Da’ sign say ‘BOAT FOR SALE’.” Boudreaux says, “OH-NO Thibodeaux! See dat old ‘72 Ford pickem’up truck over dare” Thibodeaux says, “Yas, I see dat old pickem’up truck” Boudreaux says, “See dat ‘76 Cheverlet see-dan” Thibodeaux says, “Yas, I see dat see-dan.” Boudreaux says, “Well, dey boat for sale.


The Dishes

Boat for Sale

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein arrives at a dinner party. He introduces himself to the first person he sees and asks, “What’s your IQ?” The man answers, “189.” “That is wonderful!” says Albert. “We will talk about the Grand Unification Theory and the mysteries of the universe. We will have much to discuss!” Next, Albert introduces himself to a woman and asks, “What’s your IQ?” The lady answers, “143.” “That is great!” responds Albert. “We can discuss politics and current affairs. We will have much to discuss!” Albert goes to another person and asks, “What’s your IQ?” The man answers, “58.” Albert’s face lights up as he exclaims, “So you’re the one who rides the Harley parked out front!”



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Y A D N MO $1.00 Draft

AY $5.00 Pitcher Karaoke


SDAY Bike Night

$2.00 Domestic Longnecks ALL DAY

SATURDAY Steak Night

Y A D I R F Ladies Night


140 I-310 Service Road St. Rose, LA 70087 (504)468-9007 Behind the Racetrac

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