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17 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking US intelligence leaker Edward #Snowden withdraws request for asylum in Russia, Kremlin says 19 people killed as Russian MI-8 helicopter crashes in Yakutia region of Siberia, officials say US whistleblower Snowden writes to Ecuador's president thanking him for "protecting" his departure from Hong Kong Wikileaks releases new Snowden statement attacking Obama administration for "pressuring countries to deny my asylum" Egypt's Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr tenders his resignation Kabul suicide attack on Nato supply firm kills at least two people, police say Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones ¡OJO! to finish doing acabar/terminar DE hacer to end up doing acabar/terminar POR hacer/acabar/terminar hacIENDO cursoingles @curso_de_ingles Indefinite Pronouns You ate all the cookies! ¡Te has comido todas las galletas! Another glass of wine please. Otra copa de vino por favor. Is there any milk? ¿Hay leche? Is there anybody/anyone home? ¿Hay alguien en casa? It's so dark, I can't see anything. Está muy oscuro, no puedo ver nada. We can go anywhere you want. Podemos ir donde quieras. Both of my children speak French. Mis dos hijos hablan Francés. Each of them is different. Cada cual es diferente. I'm happy to see either movie. Me da igual ver cualquier pelicula. There is never enough time. Nunca hay tiempo suficiente. Every student failed the exam. Todos los estudiantes suspendieron el examen. Is everybody/everyone here? ¿Está todo el mundo aquí? How's everything? Everything is fine. ¿Que tal todo? Todo bien. The water spilled everywhere. El agua se derramó por todas partes. He has few friends. Él tiene pocos amigos. There are fewer students this year. Hay menos alumnos este año. There is less work this year. Hay menos trabajo este año. There is little to do here. Hay poco que hacer aquí. She has many books to read. Ella tiene muchos libros para leer. There is more work this year. Hay más trabajo este año. It rains most of the time here. Llueve la mayoría del tiempo aquí. We don't have much money. No tenemos mucho dinero. Neither of us speaks Spanish. Ninguno de nosotros habla español. Nobody/No one was in class today. Nadie fue a clase hoy. None of the children wanted to answer the question. Ninguno de los niños quiso responder a la pregunta. There is nothing in the fridge. No hay nada en la nevera. He has nowhere to stay. No tiene dónde quedarse. One never knows what the future will bring. Uno nunca sabe lo que le traerá el futuro. The other class has more students. La otra clase tiene más estudiantes. The others are going to a concert tonight. Los otros van a un concierto esta noche. There are several movies playing. Están poniendo varias peliculas. There are some dogs in the park. Hay algunos perros en el parque. Somebody/Someone is in the bathroom. Alguien está en el baño. I have something in my eye. Tengo algo en el ojo. Right now it is raining somewhere. Ahora mismo está lloviendo en algún lugar. He is such a nice man. Es un hombre tan amable. They say this is the best restaurant in town. Dicen que este es el mejor restaurante del pueblo. You never know. Nunca se sabe. Somebody is at the door. Alguien está en la puerta. Everybody loves chocolate. A todo el mundo le encanta el chocolate. Nothing was ever the same. Nada fue lo mismo. Is there anywhere you want to go? ¿Hay un sitio dónde quieras ir? There is something on the floor. Hay algo en el suelo. Would you like something to drink? ¿Te gustaría algo para beber? There isn't anybody home. (No hay nadie en casa.) Is there anything I can do to help? ¿Hay algo que pueda hacer para ayudarte? Nobody wants to work today. Nadie quiere trabajar hoy. Everyone is here already. They have been waiting for you. Todo el mundo ya está aquí. Han estado esperando por ti.) Somebody left their jacket. It's so cold outside, I'm sure they will be back for it soon. (Alguien ha dejado su chaqueta.Hace tanto frío, estoy seguro que regresará pronto.) Is this anyone's seat? ¿Hay alguien sentado en este asiento? BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 7 killed in clashes in #Cairo, Egypt's health ministry says, as pro & anti-government protesters take to streets Portuguese PM Pedro Passos Coelho says he will not stand down, despite the resignation of two senior ministers in as many days Egypt divided as protesters for and against President Morsi gather in Cairo 41-year-old British security contractor identified as among at least seven people killed in suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan At least 31 people killed in #Iraq in series of bomb attacks targeting mainly Shia areas, officials say Chad's former leader, Hissene Habre, charged in Senegal with war crimes allegedly committed during his 1980s rule Mandela family seeks criminal charges against former South African leader's grandson for alleged grave tampering Up to 1,800 jobs to be cut at Ulster Bank as parent firm Royal Bank of Scotland reduces number of branches Media magnate Alexander Lebedev


17 convicted over Russian TV punch-up but escapes jail Russian tycoon Alexander Lebedev - owner of UK papers Independent & Standard - sentenced to 150hrs community service over Russian TV brawl French far-right leader Marine Le Pen loses EU parliamentary immunity - likely to lead to charges for inciting racism lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit To hit the town salir de juerga/a la marcha Let’s hit the town tomorrow night.We haven't been out together for ages Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones Would ¿Te gustaría venir? Would you like to come? ¿Nos ayudaría (él)? Would he help us? ¿Cuándo empezarían? When would they start? ¿Cuándo empezarían? When would they start? ¿A qué hora acabaríamos? What time would we finish? ¿A qué hora acabaríamos? What time would we finish? Él no trabajaría los sábados. He wouldn’t work on Saturdays. Mis amigos no necesitarían verlo. My friends wouldn’t need to see it. ¿No te gustaría visitarme? Wouldn’t you like to visit me? ¿No lo vendería (ella)? Wouldn’t she sell it? ¿Por qué no lo haríamos? Why wouldn’t we do it? ¿Por qué no lo haríamos? Why wouldn’t we do it? They said that* it would be interesting. They said it’d be interesting. Dijeron que sería interesante. I told you that* they would arrive a little late. I told you they’d arrive a little late.Te dije que llegarían un poco tarde. 1.Me gustaría hablar contigo. 2.¿Te gustaría venir conmigo? 3.David dijo que terminaría pronto. 4.No cenaríamos tan tarde. 5.¿Por qué no lo cambiarían? 1.I would like to speak with you / I’d like to speak with you. 2.Would you like to come with me? 3.David said (that) he would finish soon / he’d finish soon. 4.We wouldn’t have dinner so late. 5.Why wouldn’t they change it? get going ponerse en marcha Come on! We need to get going; we have to be there by 10! ¡Venga ya! Necesitamos ponernos en marcha; ¡tenemos que estar allí para las 10! get a move on darse prisa If we don’t get a move on, we’ll miss the train. Si no nos damos prisa, perderemos el tren. get rid of deshacerse de You should get rid of that t-shirt; it’s too small for you now. Deberías deshacerte de esa camiseta; ya es demasiado pequeña para ti. get ready arreglarse How long do you normally take to get ready in the mornings? ¿Cuánto tiempo tardas normalmente en arreglarte por las mañanas? get your own way salirse con la suya (en el sentido de “conseguir lo que quieres”) Unbelievable!She’s 25 but she behaves like a little girl, always sulking if she doesn’t get her own way. ¡Increíble! Tiene 25 años pero se comporta como una niña pequeña, siempre enfurruñándose si no se sale con la suya. Idioms con GET English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR take out (a) sacar (b) invitar a una fiesta, etc (c) of - hacer que alguien se sienta muy cansado (d) on - desquitarse con Take out the trash, the bag is full. Saca la basura, la bolsa está llena. Let me take you out for dinner. Déjame invitarte a cenar. The plane journey has taken it out of me, I'm going to take a nap. El viaje en avión me ha agotado, voy a echarme una siesta. I know you are upset, please don't take it out on me. Sé que estás ofendido, por favor no te desquites conmigo. take apart (a) destrozar, dar una paliza (b) desmontar My team took the opposition apart! That's why we're all celebrating. ¡Mi equipo destrozó al oponente! Por eso todos lo estamos celebrando. The mechanic had to take the engine apart see what the problem was. El mecánico tuvo que desmontar el motor àra ver cuál era el problema. take on (a) encargarse de (b) contratar I'm too young to take on this much responsibility. Soy demasiado joven como para tener tanta responsabilidad. I've been taken on by a very important marketing company. He sido contratado por una empresa de márketing muy importante. take after parecerse a She has completely taken after her mother with her sense of humour. Ella se parece a su madre completamente en el sentido del humor. VOCABULARY- FOOTBALL (FÚTBOL) Stadium Estadio Field Terreno de juego Supporters Afición Coach Entrenador Goalkeeper Portero Referee Árbitro Foul Falta Offside Fuera de juego Extra time Prórroga Scoreboard Marcador whistle silbato Red/Yellow card Tarjeta roja/amarilla Goal Portería/Gol Penalty shoot-out Tanda de penaltis Draw Empate BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking At least 16 people killed in clashes at pro-Morsi rally at Cairo University -Egyptian Health Ministry Wales becomes the first country in the UK to vote for a 'presumed consent' system of organ donation Egypt's President Morsi calls for army to withdraw its ultimatum "I will do all in my power to attain stability and growth" - Egypt's President #Morsi addresses nation on TV President Morsi admits "shortcomings" but says he is "legitimate" leader of Egypt


17 and must "safeguard the revolution" Plane carrying Bolivia President Morales is diverted to Austria on suspicion US fugitive #Snowden is on board Bolivia says France and Portugal denied airspace to plane from Moscow carrying President #Morales, and says Snowden is not on board InglesParaUsted @InglesParaUsted "No tengas miedo":"Don't be afraid" espressoenglish 1.What do you do? This question means “What is your job/profession?” I’m a student. I work in a bank. I’m unemployed at the moment. I run my own business. The word “run” means you are the primary person responsible for operating the business. I’m retired now. I used to be an engineer. “Retired” means you have stopped working (usually after you are 60 or 65 years old). 2.Are you married? Yes, I’ve been married for two years now. I’m divorced. I’m engaged – we’re getting married next year. No, but I’m in a relationship. Nope, I’m single. “Nope” is an informal way to say “No.” 3.Why are you studying English? For work. So I can communicate when I travel. I love learning new languages. Because I’d like to immigrate to the U.S. I’m thinking of studying in England. The correct way is “thinking of studying” and not “thinking to study.” 4.Where/How did you learn English? I took classes for three years. I did an intensive course. I’ve been studying on my own. You can also say “studying by myself.” I picked it up from movies and songs. In this context, “picked it up” means “learned it casually.” My girlfriend taught me. 5.What do you do in your free time? I don’t have any free time! I usually hang out with friends. “Hang out” means to spend time in an informal way. I go running a lot. I do volunteer work. I like reading and relaxing at home. 6.What’s the weather like? / How’s the weather? Hot and humid. “Humid” means there is a lot of water vapor in the air. It’s pouring – take an umbrella. “Pouring” means raining very heavily. A little chilly – you might wanna bring a jacket. “Chilly” means a little bit cold. Gorgeous – a perfect summer day! It’s quite cold – make sure to bundle up. “Bundle up” means to wear warm clothing for protection against the cold. 7.What time is it? / Do you have the time? It’s ten o’clock. It’s half past four. This means “4:30″ It’s a quarter to twelve. “A quarter” is 15 minutes – so this means “11:45″ Let me check my phone. Sorry, I don’t know. 8.Can I help you? / Do you need any help? This is a question that you might hear from an employee or salesperson in a store. No thanks, I’m just browsing. “Browsing” means looking casually at the items. Yes – do you have this in a larger size? Yes – where are the try-on rooms? “Try-on rooms” means the place where you can put on the clothes to see if they are the right size and if you like them. Yeah, can you tell me how much this is? Yeah, I’m looking for something under $30. 9.How’s it going? Great! Couldn’t be better! This means that everything is excellent. Fine. How are things with you? Not bad. This means that things are OK. I can’t complain. Do you really wanna know? Normally when people ask “how’s it going?” they expect a positive response like “fine” or “good.” If you say “Do you really wanna know?” it means that things are going badly, but you are not sure if the other person wants to listen to your problems or not. 10.How are you feeling? Great! Never better. I’m all right. Like I need a vacation. A little depressed. Really awful. You can say you’re feeling “awful” for both physical and emotional pain. 11. How was your day? Really good! Pretty uneventful. This means that nothing particularly special or interesting happened during the day. Very productive. Super busy. A total nightmare. A “nightmare” is a terrible, scary dream. Describing an experience as a “nightmare” means it was horrible. 12.Did you like the movie? It was fantastic. It was terrible. It wasn’t bad. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. No, I didn’t think it lived up to the hype. This means the movie was not as good as its publicity presented. 13.How was the party? Crazy – it was absolutely packed. “Packed” means it was crowded; there were very many people there. It was a good time. Small, but fun. There was hardly anybody there. Boring – I couldn’t wait to get outta there. 14.Can you give me a hand? This means “can you help me?” – often with a physical task like moving furniture or carrying a box. Of course! I’d be glad to. Will it take long? Sure – just a sec. This means “just a second” – you need the other person to wait one moment before you can help them. Sorry – I’m a bit busy at the moment. 15.What have you been up to lately? This question means “What have you been doing recently?” – you can answer it in the present perfect continuous. I’ve been working a lot. Mostly studying. I’ve been taking it easy. This means “relaxing, not doing anything intense or stressful.” Planning my summer vacation. Nothing much. 16.What’s the matter? This means “What’s the problem?” – you can ask it to someone who appears sad or upset


17 espressoenglish What’s the matter? This means “What’s the problem?” – you can ask it to someone who appears sad or upset Oh, I’m just having a rough day. A “rough day” means a difficult, bad day. I’m not feeling so good. I just found out my mother’s in the hospital. The phrasal verb “found out” means “discovered or heard some new information.” I’d rather not talk about it. This means “I’d prefer not to talk about it.” Nothing, I’m fine. 17. What would you like to drink? Iced tea, please. Just water for me. What do you have? Could we see the wine list? Nothing for me, thanks. 18.Are you ready to order? To “order” means to ask the waiter/waitress for the food you want to eat. Not quite – I think we need a little more time. What are the specials today? “Specials” are featured dishes that might also have a discount. Yes, I’ll have a Caesar salad and then the baked chicken with potatoes. The most common way to order food is to say “I’ll have…” Uh-huh. To start off, we’ll split an order of nachos. “To start off” means you are ordering an appetizer (small amount of food eaten before the main meal). “Split” means that two or more people will share/divide one order of food. Almost – I just have a couple of questions. 19.Is everything OK? While you are eating, the waiter/waitress will often come to your table and ask this question to check if you need anything. Yes, everything’s fine, thanks. It’s all delicious! Could we have some more water, please? “Could we have…” is a polite way to ask for something. Actually, I’m still waiting for my side dish. A “side dish” is a small portion of food that accompanies the main meal. To be honest, my food is kinda cold. Could you heat it up? “To be honest…” is a diplomatic way to introduce a complaint or negative comment. 20.Can I get you anything else? The waiter/waitress will probably ask you this after you have finished eating. Two decaf coffees, please. “Decaf coffee” is coffee with no caffeine. Just the check, please. The “check” is the list of items and the total price to pay. Could I have a look at the dessert menu? I’ll have a slice of apple pie. A “slice” is a single piece of a pie, cake, or pizza. No thanks – I think we’re just about done. Vaughan Classroom No longer "ya no." "no longer" Ya no lo considero un candidato viable. I no longer consider him a viable candidate. Ya no me tengo que levantar temprano. I no longer have to get up early. Ya no creo en las hadas. I no longer believe in fairies. Ya no me duele cuando hago ejercicio. It no longer hurts when I do exercise. Ya no como carne. I no longer eat meat. Cuando el verbo es un auxiliar (incluyendo el verbo "to be") hay que colocar "no longer" detrás del mismo. Ya no tiene importancia. It's no longer important. Ya no puede jugar a nivel profesional. He can no longer play professionally. Ya no es capitán de la selección. He is no longer captain of the national side. Ya no estoy aburrido en mi trabajo. I'm no longer bored at work. Ya no puedo quedarme por ahí hasta las tantas. I can no longer stay out late Nunca decimos "near to" ni "near of". It's near Madrid Esta cerca de Madrid. To pass the buck. Pasar la pelota. To get over with acabar/terminar. Let's get it over with. Acabemos con esto de una vez. Rickety desvencijado/destartalado That chair is a bit rickety. Esa silla está un poco desvencijada. English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR take through explicarle algo a alguien o mostrarle cómo se hace algo It seems complicated at first, but I'll take you through it step by step. Parece complicado al principio, pero te lo iré explicaando paso a paso. take to encariñarse con alguien, aficionarse a Mike took to Audrey from the moment he met her. Mike se encariñó con Audrey desde el momento en que la conoció. take aside llevar aparte, llevar a un lado John took Anthony aside and told him to stop drinking. John se llevó a Anthony aparte y le dijo que parara de beber. take up (a) continuar (b) ocupar tiempo-espacio (c) comenzar, emprender (d) on - aceptar una oferta (e) with - hacerse amigo de alguien, juntarse con alguien I will take the story up from where we left off yesterday. Continuaré la historia desde donde la dejamos ayer. The TV takes up too much space. We need a new flat screen! La tele ocupa demasiado espacio. Necesitamos una nueva con pantalla plana. I think I would like to take up a self defence class. Creo que me gustaría empezar a recibir clases de defensa personal. I'd like to taking you up on the job offer? Robert has taken up with a bad crowd, I hope they don't influence his behaviour too much. Robert se ha juntado con mala gente, espero que no le influyan demasiado en su comportamiento. take upon asumir la responsabilidad de James took upon the responsibility of his sister children after the accident. James asumió la responsabilidad de su hermana pequeña después del accidente. To wake - woke - woken : despertarse Would you wake me up early tomorrow? ¿Me despiertas pronto mañana? She woke up before me this morning. Ella se ha despertado antes que yo esta mañana. I have woken up early all week. I can't wait until the weekend. Me he despertado pronto durante toda la semana. No puedo esperar para que


17 llegue el fin de semana. to call someone's bluff poner en evidencia knew they weren't going to fire me so I called their bluff. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Egypt's ousted President Morsi is being detained by authorities, a Muslim Brotherhood official says. Obama says US will review its aid to Egypt. Full statement President Obama "deeply concerned" by Egypt military removal of Morsi; calls for swift return to civilian government Two top figures in Muslim Brotherhood arrested hours after Egypt's President Morsi deposed by army, officials say Foreign Secretary William Hague urges 'leadership and vision' to restore Egypt's 'democratic transition' Four people killed in clashes in city of Marsa Matrouh after army announces Egypt President Morsi deposed Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei describes roadmap as fresh start to January 2011 revolution Egyptian army commander General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi says Egypt's constitution is suspended ahead of fresh elections Head of Egypt's armed forces, Gen al-Sisi, says military 'could not stay silent' over crisis Egyptian army commander General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi begins delivering a televised statement to the nation Egypt's army making TV address about country's crisis Britain's Andy Murray beats Spain's Fernando Verdasco in five sets to reach Wimbledon semi-final http://bbc Egypt's opposition and religious leaders to announce roadmap aimed at ending the political crisis, state TV reports Egypt's army deployed on streets of #Cairo as darkness falls Snapshot of mass protests in Egypt's capital, Cairo, as army deadline passes Muslim Brotherhood spokesman says "full military coup" under way in Egypt Ex-police chief Sir Norman Bettison referred to UK watchdog over fears officers tried to discredit Lawrence family King of the Belgians, Albert II, confirms he will abdicate in favour of son on 21 July 2013 Two more people, including a serving constable, arrested by UK detectives investigating the 'plebgate' row Egypt's President Morsi refuses to step down and says coalition government should be part of solution to crisis The two most senior managers at Tameside Hospital resign amid claims of poor patient care The chief executive of Tameside hospital in Greater Manchester resigns amid claims of poor patient care South African police break down gates of Mandla Mandela's property after court orders him to move remains back to family graveyard Belgium's King Albert II to address nation amid reports he is about to abdicate Team probing historical murders in N Ireland used "less rigour" for killings involving the state, report says Egyptian army asks all but essential staff to leave state TV building, as deadline for president to respond looms British designer fashion brand Nicole Farhi goes into administration "UK at serious risk" of becoming khat trafficking hub to countries where it is banned - Theresa May Nelson Mandela's grandson Mandla ordered by South Africa court to restore three family members' bodies to family grave Bolivian President Morales says diverting his plane was "an offence against the country" Bolivian presidential jet takes off from Vienna after it was diverted amid suspicion it was harbouring US fugitive Edward Snowden Top military commanders begin emergency talks in #Egypt hours before army deadline on Morsi - defence sources Suspected US drone strike kills at least 16 people in North Waziristan tribal region, Pakistani officials say Spain opens air space to let Bolivian president's jet fly home, hours after it was diverted amid suspicion it was carrying Edward Snowden Vaughan Systems I went to Spain a few summers ago for free thanks to @VaughanSystems. Spend a week in España teaching English! Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones ahora to make ends meet llegar a fin de mes, sobrevivir económicamente . Due to salary cuts, may people are struggling to make ends meet tan grande como as big as como si as if a medida que as ya que as. cursoingles @curso_de_ingles In a Store (En una tienda) checkout, cashier, cash desk caja sale(s) rebajas salesperson (US), shop assistant (UK) dependiente/a price-cut, discount de oferta bargain ocasión,ganga receipt recibo clothing store tienda de ropa shoe store zapatería bookstore librería department store almacén upermarket, grocery store supermercado jeweler joyería toy store juguetería newstand quiosco size talla, tamaño fitting/dressing rooms probadores to look for busca to wrap envolver to try on probarse Is there anything I can help you with? ¿Hay algo en lo que pueda ayudarle? I'm just looking, thanks. Sólo estoy mirando, gracias. Can you please help me? ¿Puede ayudarme? I'm looking for... Estoy buscando... How much is it? ¿Cuánto cuesta? I'll take it. Me lo quedo. What is it made of? ¿De qué material es? How late are you open? ¿Hasta cuándo está abierto? What time do you close? ¿A qué hora cierra? May I try it on, please? ¿Puedo probarmelo por favor? Where are the fitting rooms? ¿Dónde están los probadores? What size is it? ¿Qué talla es? It's too big/small. Es demasiado grande/pequeño.


17 cursoingles @curso_de_ingles Do you have a smaller/larger size? ¿Tiene una talla más pequeña/grande? Do you accept credit cards? ¿Acepta tarjetas de crédito? Can I have a bag? ¿Tiene una bolsa? Can you please gift wrap it? ¿Podría envolverlo en papel de regalo por favor? The receipt, please. El recibo por favor. Can you ship it? ¿Puede enviarlo? That's all, thanks. Eso es todo, gracias. InglesParaUsted @InglesParaUsted "¿Quieres un helado?":"Do you want ice cream?" "¿Por qué tiemblas?":"Why are you shaking?" lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTR cut up cortar en pedazos, picar, acuchillar My mother used to cut up my food when I was young. Mi madre solía cortarme la comida cuando era pequeño. cut off (a) aislar (b) desheredar (c) dejar de servirle bebida a alguien en un bar porque ya ha bebido demasiado All the people from the city has been cut off due to the blizzard. Toda la gente de la ciudad ha sido aislada debido a la tormenta de nieve. I quit university so my father cut me off. Dejé la universidad por lo que mi padre me desheredó. The barman cut me off because I'd had too much to drink. El barman dejó de servirme bebida porque ya había bebido demasiado. cut across tomar un atajo We will gain time if we cut across this field. Ganaremos tiempo si tomamos un atajo por este campo. cut down (a) cortar, acortar, reducir, abreviar (b) on - reducir el consumo de, reducir, recortar The teacher asked Ross to cut down his essay, it was too long. El profesor pidió a Ross que abreviara su ensayo, era demasiado largo. Sally is cutting down on sweets, she says she wants to lose weight. Sally está comiendo menos dulces, dice que quiere perder peso. to play second fiddle to someone desempeñar un papel secundario Richard thinks he runs the company, but he just plays second fiddle to the investors. BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreaking Man charged with murder of woman, 84, in Shipley, West Yorkshire, and attempted murder of nine-year-old boy Egypt's military says won't take action on any political faction: "Peaceful protest and freedom of expression are rights guaranteed to all" James Bulger's killer, Jon Venables, should be released from prison, UK parole board says Egypt army arrests key figures in Mohammed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood Singer and actress Bernie Nolan, who sang with her sisters as The Nolans, has died aged 52 after a long battle with cancer Constitutional Court chief Adly Mansour is sworn in as interim Egypt leader after the army ousted President Morsi UK interest rates held at 0.5% after Mark Carney's first committee meeting as Bank of England governor Nelson Mandela remains 'critical but stable' in hospital, South African President Jacob Zuma says UK police say they have new evidence in case of missing Madeleine McCann and are moving to a formal investigation "A big step" - Gerry & Kate McCann, parents of missing Madeleine, welcome UK police investigation Irish singers The #Nolan Sisters - Bernie, 3rd from left, has died aged 52 The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood movement which supports Egypt's ousted president has been arrested, security sources say Zimbabwe's Constitutional Court rejects requests by President Mugabe and PM Tsvangirai to delay elections from 31 July Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones I don't bear a grudge No guardo rencor en dentro in en por encima on en una posición ni dentro ni por encima at In – dentro La pizza está en el horno. The pizza is in the oven. Me encanta nadar en el mar. I love swimming in the sea. Tengo muchas ideas en la cabeza. I have a lot of ideas in my head. Mi primo trabajaba en una oficina. My cousin used to work in an office. On – por encima Voy a relajarme en el sofá esta tarde. I’m going to relax on the sofa this evening. ¿Te gusta tomar el sol en la playa en verano? Do you like sunbathing on the beach in summer? Estaba sentado en el balcón mirando la puesta del sol, cuando oí la explosión. I was sitting on the balcony watching the sunset, when I heard the explosion. Dejé el informe en tu mesa/escritorio. I left the report on your desk. At - posición ni dentro ni por encima El coche paró en el semáforo. The car stopped at the traffic lights. Quedemos en el monumento a las dos. Let’s meet at the monument at two o’clock. Se sentaron en la mesa para cenar. They sat (down) at the table to have dinner. Estamos en la playa. We’re at the beach. (en el sentido de “en la zona de la playa” pero no por encima de la playa en sí)



17 in the bar en el bar (dentro del bar) on the bar en la barra (por encima; casi seguro que el que está on the bar ¡ha tomado una copa de más!!) at the bar en la barra (la posición más habitual; ni dentro ni por encima) Estoy en la cama (Estoy bajo las sábanas) I’m in bed Estoy en la cama (Estoy tumbado por encima) I’m on the bed en el autobús on the bus en el tren on the train en el avión on the plane en el coche in the car en el taxi in the taxi en la televisión on (the) television en la radio on the radio en el MP3 on the MP3 en el ordenador on the computer Muchos españoles van de vacaciones en agosto. Many Spaniards go on holiday in August. Steve Jobs se murió en 2011. Steve Jobs died in 2011 (twenty-eleven). en Navidad at Christmas en Semana Santa / en Pascua at Easter Me gusta visitar a mi familia en Navidad. I like visiting my family at Christmas. El viernes se van a Londres para el fin de semana. On Friday they’re going to London for the weekend. Los lunes tengo que madrugar. On Mondays I have to get up early. Jorge empezó su nuevo trabajo el 1 de septiembre. George started his new job on 1st September*. (* Con las fechas, se escribe, por ejemplo, “on 1st September” pero se dice “on the first of September.) ¿Qué haces el fin de semana? What are you doing on / at the weekend? Jugamos al fútbol los fines de semana. We play football on / at the weekends. 1.Hay muchos libros en la estantería. 2.Él va a venir en su moto. 3.He visto un traje muy elegante en esta tienda. 4.Lo pasé muy bien en la fiesta. 5.Tenemos que esperar en la cola para comprar las entradas. 6.En verano, normalmente visitamos a los abuelos los fines de semana. 1.They are a lot of books / many books on the shelf. 2.He’s going to come on his motorbike. 3.I’ve seen a very smart / elegant suit in this shop. 4.I had a very good time at the party. 5.We have to wait in the queue* to buy the tickets. 6.In summer we usually visit our grandparents on / at the weekends. * [una cola a queue /kyu/ (UK); a line /lain/ (US)] espressoenglish All / Whole / Every Don’t say: “I invited all the class.” Say: “I invited the entire class.” (more formal) Or: “I invited the whole class.” (more informal) Use "every" with singular, countable nouns: I exercise every day. = Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Every student in the class has a computer. Every necklace in this store costs more than $1,000. Use "all" with plural countable nouns OR with uncountable nouns to mean 100% of many things: All of this equipment is new. = many pieces of equipment All the students in the class have computers. All the necklaces in this store are expensive. Use "whole" or "entire" with uncountable or singular countable nouns to mean 100% of one thing: I ate the whole pizza. = 100% of one pizza. I finished reading the entire book in three days. =100% of one book. Here are more examples that show the difference between all and whole: I ate the whole cake. = 100% of one cake. I ate all the cakes. = 100% of many cakes The whole apple is rotten. = 100% of one apple. All the fruit is rotten. = 100% of many apples, bananas, grapes, etc. English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR to blow someone's cover desenmascarar a alguien Mary thinks her husband is cheating. She hired a private investigator to blow his cover. run up (a) acumular (b) against - encontrarse con, tener que vérselas con alguien We ran up a huge bill in the restaurant. Acumulamos una factura astronómica en el restaurante. If you go to the olympics you’ll run up against a lot of competition. Si vas a los juegos olímpicos tendrás que vértelas con muchos competidores. run on prolongarse, durar, seguir hablando The movie ran on for over two hours. La película duró más de dos horas. run away escaparse, fugarse My daughter ran away from boarding school. Mi hija se escapó del internado. run in hacer el rodaje Elisa is running her car in, it is still very new. Elisa está haciendo el rodaje de su coche, todavía es muy nuevo. run by repetir algo dicho Could you run that by me again? I wasn’t paying attention. ¿Podrías repetirme otra vez lo que has dicho? No estaba prestando atención. run off escaparse, fugarse Her best friend ran off with her boyfriend. Su (de ella) mejor amiga se fugó con su novio. grand - grander - the grandest : grandioso, ambicioso, impotente We have grand ideas, but we don’t have the time to carry them out. Tenemos grandiosas ideas, pero no tenemos tiempo de levarlas a cabo. The Ritz is a much grander hotel than this. El Ritz es un hotel más imponente que este. The grandest projects require teamwork. Los proyectos más ambiciosos requieren trabajo en equipo. lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwit TO HIT ON (to flirt with) tirar los tejos a ‘He hit on me last night!’ “In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what you want. The other is getting it.”


17 BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreaking Djokovic roars on Centre Court. He's beaten Del Potro after the longest semi-final in #Wimbledon history. Leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood vows at Cairo rally to continue protests until President Morsi is restored to power "They used live rounds long before they used tear gas" - @BowenBBC talks of security forces firing at pro-Morsi Cairo protest Egypt's interim president, Adly Mansour, dissolves upper house of parliament, appoints new head of intelligence "Someone opened fire straight away from military side" "Very concerned by reports of deaths in #Cairo. Hope calm heads will prevail" Three people killed after Egypt security forces open fire at pro-Morsi protest in Cairo Private bill on #EU membership referendum passes first test in UK Parliament At least one person killed at demonstration in support of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in Cairo Shots fired, casualties reported, at Muslim Brotherhood protest in Cairo Shots fired during a demonstration in support of ousted Egyptian President Morsi in the capital Cairo The US economy added a net 195,000 new jobs in June, official figures indicate Suicide bomber who killed 12 people in Afghan police station canteen was wearing uniform, official tells BBC The Vatican says John Paul II is to become a saint, after approving a second miracle attributed to him African Union suspends Egypt after ousting of President Morsi, the country's first democratically elected president Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jones Verbos más infinitivo o gerundio Long time no see! ¡Cuánto tiempo (sin vernos)! un empleado an employEE los empleados the employEES. un desempleado an unemployED PERSON los desempleados the unemployED I must remember TO DO it Debo recordar hacerlo. I remember DOING it Recuerdo haberlo hecho He stopped to help the old woman. Simon paró para ayudar a la anciana. In January I stopped smoking. En enero dejé de fumar. I must remember to iron my shirts before Monday. Debo recordar planchar mis camisas antes del lunes. David remembers getting lost in London the first time he visited the city. David recuerda haberse perdido en Londres la primera vez que visitó la ciudad. I regret to inform you that your job application was unsuccessful. Lamento informarte de que tu solicitud de trabajo no fue exitosa. Albert regrets arguing with his wife the day before she died. Albert se arrepiente de haber discutido con su mujer el día antes de que muriera. He meant to call his girlfriend last night but he forgot. Tenía la intención de llamar a su novia ayer por la noche pero se le olvidó. For the young rocker, starting work for the first time meant getting his long hair cut. Para el joven rockero, empezar a trabajar por primera vez significó cortarse el pelo largo. Mark tried changing the battery but the torch still didn’t work. Mark intentó cambiar la pila pero la linterna seguía sin funcionar. After getting a puncture, Mark tried to change the wheel but without the proper tools it was impossible. Después de sufrir un pinchazo, Mark intentó cambiar la rueda, pero sin las herramientas apropiadas fue imposible. 1.Pararon de hablar para escuchar las noticias. 2.No han recibido la invitación. ¿Recordaste echarla al correo? Sí. Claramente recuerdo haberla echado al correo. 3.Lamento decirte que me arrepiento de haberme casado contigo. 4.Tenía la intención de ir a correr esta mañana pero significaba levantarme temprano. 5.Intenta encender la luz si no puedes ver. 6.Intenté encender la luz pero no pude encontrar el interruptor. 1.They stopped talking to listen to the news. 2.They haven’t received the invitation. Did you remember to post it? Yes.I clearly remember posting it. 3.I regret to tell you that I regret marrying you / getting married to you. 4.I meant to go running this morning but it meant getting up early. 5.Try turning on the light if you can’t see. 6.I tried to turn on the light but I can’t find the switch. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Clashes erupt near Tahrir Square in Cairo between supporters and opponents of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi "I saw barrels of guns lowered, shooting into crowd" - @BowenBBC on Egypt army firing Health ministry says six killed today across Egypt Andy Murray beats Jerzy Janowicz to reach second consecutive Wimbledon final, playing top seed Novak Djokovic Ten people dead, 318 wounded in violence across #Egypt, emergency services say Diez muertos, 12 killed in clashes in Alexandria, Egyptian officials say - overall death toll in Friday's unrest is at least 26 Nicaragua's President Ortega says Edward Snowden applied for asylum, which would be granted "if circumstances permit" Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro offers US fugitive Edward Snowden asylum, following similar offer from Nicaragua Egypt health Ministry says 30 dead, 1076 injured in clashes yesterday.. Gunmen have killed at least 28 people -including students- in an attack on a school in north east Nigeria, reports say


17 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Some victims burned alive, eyewitnesses say, as at least 28 reported killed at school in Nigeria British and Irish Lions beat Australia 41-16 in deciding rugby union Test in Sydney - their first series victory for 16 years lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit To let yourself go / to let your hair down soltarse el pelo You should have a couple of drinks, let yourself go. "I'm sorry, I can't go to bed yet. Someone on the Internet is wrong." English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR to get rid of deshacerse de My girlfriend made me get rid of the pornography on my computer. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Another 2 bodies found after runaway train exploded in Lac-Megantic, eastern Canada - death toll now 3 Abu Qatada formally charged with terrorism offences during first court appearance on return to Jordan Two killed in San Francisco plane crash were Chinese women; 49 seriously hurt, officials say San Francisco plane crash not caused by mechanical problems, head of South Korean airline Asiana says Radical cleric Abu Qatada has arrived in Jordan after being deported from the UK, Jordanian officials say Plane deporting Abu Qatada from Britain to face trial in Jordan takes off from RAF Northolt Avión deportando a Abu Qatada de Gran Bretaña para ser juzgado en Jordania se despega de RAF Northolt Abu Qatada boards plane at RAF Northolt prior to his deportation Police convoy thought to be carrying Abu Qatada arrives at RAF Northolt ahead of his deportation Convoy of police vehicles leaves Belmarsh prison, ahead of expected deportation of Abu Qatada Egyptian presidency says Mohamed ElBaradei has yet not been appointed prime minister, contradicting earlier reports Pictures show partially-burned wreckage of Boeing 777 aircraft on tarmac at San Francisco airport Train carrying petrochemicals explodes in town of Lac-Megantic in Canada, destroying dozens of buildings Tennis: Marion Bartoli of France beats Germany's Sabine Lisicki 6-1, 6-4 in #Wimbledon women's final Intelligence leaker Edward #Snowden would be given asylum in Bolivia if he asked, President Evo Morales says Fire destroys buildings in Canadian town of Lac-Megantic as derailed train explodes Tear gas & water cannon fired at protesters trying to enter #Gezi Park in #Istanbul "We fear fatalities & are trying to locate people," Quebec police tell BBC World after fuel train explodes in town Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of UN nuclear watchdog, to be named Egyptian prime minster, presidential sources say English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR pass along distribuir Take one sheet of paper and pass the rest along. Coge un folio y pasa el resto. pass away morir Ana's dog passed away so we bought her another one for her Birthday. El perro de Ana se murió así que le compramos otro por su cumpleaños. pass back devolver Could you pass me back my lighter, please? I only have that one. ¿Podrías devolverme mi mechero, por favor? Sólo tengo ese. pass by pasar por I'm going to pass by the supermarket on my way home. Voy a pasar por el supermercado de camino a casa. pass off hacer pasar por He passed himself off as a policeman to rob the bank. Se hizo pasar por policía para robar el banco. pass out desmayarse, perder la conciencia The heat was so unbearable that I almost passed out. El calor era tan insoportable que casi me desmayo. pass up dejar pasar la oportunidad She shouldn't pass up the opportunity to kiss him tonight. Ella no debería dejar pasar la oportunidad de besarlo esta noche. go about (a) comenzar a hacer algo (b) correr un rumor (c) pasar el tiempo comportándote mal (d) together - pasar mucho tiempo con alguien porque es tu amigo How should I go about fixing these financial difficulties? ¿Qué debería hacer para empezar a afrontar estos problemas económicos? A rumour is going about affecting his reputation Está corriendo un rumor que afecta a su reputación. Her son goes about fighting the other children at school. Su hijo está siempre peleándose con otros niños en el colegio. Albert and Laura used to go about together everyday at uni and now they going to get married. Albert y Laura solían estar todos los días juntos en la universidad y ahora van a casarse. go across cruzar, atravesar We have to go across the river if we want to get to the camp site. Tenemos que cruzar el río si queremos llegar al camping. go along (a) seguir, acompañar (b) suceder o desarrollarse de cierta forma (c) with - estar de acuerdo con Go along with Rob, he'll show you the way. Ve con Rob, él te dirá por donde ir. He was scared about the surgery, but everything went along well. Él estaba asustado por la cirugía, pero todo salió perfectamente. I don't like the way she thinks, but this time I go along with her reasoning. No me gusta la manera en que ella piensa, pero esta vez estoy de acuerda con su razonamiento. go around (a) haber suficiente para todos (b) ir a visitar a alguien I'm sure there'll be enough cake to go around everyone. Estoy seguro de que habrá suficiente tarta para todos. This weekend I'll go around Claire's house to see


17 her new kitten. Este fin de semana voy a ir a casa de Claire a ver a su gatito nuevo. go at atacar, arremeter A thief went at me thinking I had money in my pocket. Un ladrón me atacó creyendo que tenía dinero en el bolsillo. The verb "patronise" has two synonyms which are antonyms of each other: 1.Support, Sponsor, foster, nurture 2.Condescend, berate El verbo “patronise” tiene dos sinónimos que son antónimos entre sí:1.Apoyar, patrocinar, fomentar, promover.2.Subestimar, reprender. to jump ship desertar Rob jumped ship because they weren't paying him enough. lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit GEEK colgado 'He's a computer geek' es un colgado obsesionado con los ordenadores. El blog para aprender inglés Wind up acabar, terminar Pronunciación figurada waind ap wind up (infinitivo, acaba- presente ) wound /wund/ up (acabó-pasado, ) wound up (acabado-participio). We must wind up this meeting soon. Debemos acabar esta reunión pronto. Wipe off limpiar con una mopa, trapo o esponja restregando Pronunciación figurada: waip of, wipe off (infinitivo, presente limpiar) wiped off (pasado, limpié) wiped off (limpiado). I wiped off the oil stain on the floor. Limpié la mancha de aceite del suelo. "I'll wipe my make-up off" o "I'll wipe off my make up. Me limpiaré el maquillaje. "Wipe off" es quitar una mancha, o lo que sobra de lago, restregando y "wipe out" es "eliminar" o "exterminar". I'm going to wipe out all the ants from the garden. Voy a eliminar a todas las hormigas del jardín. Nota: Puedo hacerlo con agua, o con un insecticida, o con cualquier otro medio, que no sea necesariamente "limpiar". I need to wipe off my make-up after the show. Tengo que quitarme el maquillaje después del espectáculo. Nota: Lo haré normalmente con algún tipo de crema o aceite y un poco de algodón, o esponja, para restregar. Use up utilizar algo hasta acabarlo. acabar un producto hasta agotar existencias. Pronunciación figurada: yús ap use up (infinitivo, gastar todo- presente ), used up (gastó todo-pasado,), (gastado todo- participio) He used up all our money to finance his business. Utilizó todo nuestro dinero para financiar su negocio. Use it up. "Úsalo todo." She used the soap up. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Five people, including a prison officer, to be charged over UK probe into selling of information to journalists Army “has faced acts of provocation” in Cairo, military spokesman says, as death toll near barracks passes 50 Judicial committee set up by Egypt’s interim head of state to investigate killings in Cairo, state news agency says Support for two extremist groups - Minbar Ansar Deen and Boko Haram - to be made criminal offence in UK At least 40 people shot dead outside Cairo barracks where Morsi loyalists believe ousted president is held Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall are expecting a baby in the New Year, Buckingham Palace says Death toll now 5 after train exploded in town in eastern Canada, police say - about 40 others missing Britain's Andy Murray wins #Wimbledon tennis championship Andy Murray's #Wimbledon win makes him first British men's singles champion since 1936 Britain's Andy Murray euphoric as he wins first #Wimbledon tennis championship "An unbelievably tough match" Andy Murray after beating Novak Djokovic in #Wimbledon final Church of England approves apology for cases of child abuse in the Diocese of Chichester in 1970s and 1980s At least seven killed after Egyptian security forces open fire on supporters of ousted President Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood says Eyewitness tells BBC that Egyptian troops used live ammunition in early morning raid Fifteen killed in Egypt as shots fired outside Presidential Guard building in Cairo, health officials say At least 34 people shot dead in #Cairo as army raids sit-in by supporters of ousted President Morsi Peak audience of 17.3m watched Andy Murray win #Wimbledon final on BBC TV English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR to break one's back deslomarse I broke my back for the company. Charlie’s friend lives two houses but one from me. El amigo de Charlie vive en la siguiente casa, si no fuera por una, de mí. (El amigo de Charlie vive a dos casas de mí) Marta was last but two in the last year’s race. Marta fue la antepenúltima en la carrera del año pasado. (Marta fue la última menos dos en la carrera del año pasado) “y” is the last but one letter in the alphabet. “y” es la penúltima letra del alfabeto. (“y” es la última menos una letra del alfabeto) I wouldn’t have passed my exam, but for my notes. No hubiera pasado el examen, de no haber sido por mi chuleta. (No hubiera pasado el examen, menos por mi chuleta) put in (a) instalar (b) dedicar (C) for - solicitar Could you put a new hard drive in my computer? ¿Podrías instalar un disco duro nuevo


17 English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR I put in a lot of work to our website. Le he dedicado mucho trabajo a nuestra página web. I put in for a promotion at work. He solicitado un ascenso en el trabajo. put before anteponer, prestar más atención a una cosa que a otra porque la consideras más importante I always put my family before my friends. Siempre antepongo mi familia a mis amigos. put behind dejar atrás una mala experiencia para olvidarla y que no afecte tu vida Try to put the past behind you and continue with your life. Trata de superar el pasado y continua con tu vida. put forward presentar, proponer, exponer I’ll put my idea forward in tomorrow’s meeting. Propondré mi idea en la reunión de mañana. put across comunicar, hacer entender Put your opinions across to your family, they might agree. Comunica tus ideas a tu familia, puede que estén de acuerdo. put at estimar The number of casualties was put at 10,000 by the World Health Organisation. El número de heridos se estimó en 10.000 por la Organización Mundial de la Salud. lively - livelier - the liveliest : animado, vivo Madrid has a lively nightlife. Madrid tiene una vida nocturna animada. This place is boring, let’s go somewhere a little livelier. Este sitio es aburrido, vámonos a algún sitio más animado. Their barbecue was the liveliest event of the summer. Su barbacoa fue el evento más animado del verano. lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit CRACK 'What's the crack, guys?' ¿Qué os contaís, colegas? 'The crack's great there' Allí hay una movida genial A good video to help you improve your listening To mumble murmurar entre dientes “Stop mumbling and tell me what you want!” InglesParaUsted @InglesParaUsted “Come tu desayuno”:”Eat your breakfast” Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jones Read about how Andy Murray became the first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years Listen to Andy Murray talking about winning Wimbledon Vaughan Systems no pegué ojo I didn’t sleep a wink. It’s hot! Can you sleep in this heat?! How? Send your tweets for today’s #PleasedToTweetYou at 12:30. lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwit To nag dar la lata, la paliza “Stop nagging me! I’ll go to the shops when I finish this game on the X-Box!” HOMEBOY, HOMEY (U.S. slang for friend) amiguete. Also means 'fellow gang member' - compinche BBC Breaking News Muslim Brotherhood rejects timetable for new elections proposed by interim #Egypt president Adly Mansour Russian government has replaced the head of the Bolshoi Theatre in the wake of a series of scandals, reports say Timetable for new elections in #Egypt outlined by interim leader Adly Mansour as unrest continues Death toll rises to 13 after Saturday’s train explosion in Lac-Megantic, eastern Canada, police say Egypt’s military should exercise “maximum restraint”, US State Dept says, after at least 51 killed in Cairo No evidence of distress calls or problems before Saturday’s plane crash at San Francisco, investigators say Plane’s landing speed was 30 knots slower than target before fatal San Francisco crash, investigators say Saudi Arabia to send $5bn (£3.4bn) of aid as #Egypt names transitional leaders Egyptian army warns all parties against disrupting the transition process following the removal of President Morsi At least 17 people - 10 from same family - killed by roadside bomb in Herat, western Afghanistan Ex-finance minister Hazem el-Beblawi named Egypt's interim PM; Mohamed ElBaradei to be vice president Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito's appeal to be heard on 30 September - they deny killing Meredith Kercher in Italy Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch to be ordered to appear again before UK MPs over phone hacking comments Tweet saying Edward Snowden accepts Venezuela asylum offer no longer on timeline of Russian politician US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden accepts Venezuela's offer of asylum, senior Russian politician tweets IMF lifts its UK economic growth forecast to 0.9% for this year, but cuts prediction for global growth CPS to review decision not to bring charges after man died while being deported to Angola, following inquest ruling he was unlawfully killed Inquest into death of Jimmy Mubenga while being deported to Angola in 2010 reaches verdict of unlawful killing UK man who threatened on Facebook to kill 200 people in US jailed for two years and four months Nelson Mandela still critical but stable in hospital, South Africa presidency says in latest update UK Prime Minister David Cameron is 'very disappointed' at the European judgement against 'whole life' tariffs A man is holding a two-yearold girl in an armed siege at a house in Oxfordshire, UK police confirm Number of aircraft flying and taking off in southern England restricted after air traffic control computer problems Convicted killers Jeremy Bamber, Douglas


17 Vinter & Peter Moore have WON their case at the ECtHR in Strasbourg cursoingles ?@curso_de_ingles Past Simple looked [lukt] kissed [kisst] yelled [jeld] cleaned [klind] ended [endid] waited [weitid] She was a doctor. Ella era doctora. The keys were in the drawer. Las llaves estaban en el cajón. I wanted to dance. Quería bailar. He learned English. Aprendieron inglés. They believed him. Le creímos. She wasn't a doctor. Ella no era doctora. The keys weren't in the drawer. Las llaves no estaban en el cajón. I didn't want to dance. No quería bailar. He didn't learn English. No aprendieron inglés They didn't believe him. No le creímos. Was she a doctor? ¿Ella era doctora? Were the keys in the drawer? ¿Estaban las llaves en el cajón? Did you want to dance? ¿Querías bailar? Did he learn English? ¿Aprendieron ingles? Did they believe him? ¿Le creíste? Tom stayed at home last night. Tom se quedó en casa anoche. Kate worked last Saturday. Kate trabajó el sábado pasado. I didn't go to the party yesterday. No fui a la fiesta ayer. Did they walk to school this morning? ¿Han andado a la escuela esta mañana? I received the good news and immediately called my husband. Recibí la buena noticia y llamé de inmediato a mi marido. He studied for an hour in the morning, worked all afternoon and didn't return home until 10 at night. Estudió durante una hora por la mañana,trabajó toda la tarde y no regresó a casa hasta las 10 de la noche. We always traveled to Cancun for vacation when we were young. Siempre viajábamos a Cancun durante las vacaciones cuando éramos jóvenes. He walked 5 kilometers every day to work. Caminaba 5 kilómetros hasta el trabajo cada día. I worked for many years in a museum. Trabajaba en un museo durante muchos años. She didn't eat meat for 6 years. No comía carne durante 6 años. The Aztec lived in Mexico. Los aztecas vivían en México I played the guitar when I was a child. Tocaba la guitarra cuando era niño. Where can you get the best hamburger in your town/city? Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jones tengo ganas I really want to Realmente quiero, Quiero mucho I’m keen to Tengo ganas de I feel like Me apetece I fancy Me apetece I can’t wait No puedo esperar, Espero con ganas I’m looking forward to Tengo ilusión, Me hace ilusión, Espero con ganas I really want to go to bed. Tengo (muchas) ganas de acostarme. She doesn’t really want to spend too much money. Ella no tiene ganas de gastar demasiado dinero. She really doesn’t want to spend too much money. Ella no tiene nada de ganas de gastar demasiado dinero. Do you want to go shopping? ¿Tienes ganas de ir de compras? Do you really want to go shopping?¿De verdad quieres ir de compras? David’s keen to start work as soon as he finishes university. David tiene ganas de empezar a trabajar en cuanto acabe la universidad. My wife isn’t very keen to move abroad. Mi mujer no tiene muchas ganas de trasladarse al extranjero. What do you feel like doing this weekend? ¿Qué tienes ganas de hacer este fin de semana? ¿Qué te apetece hacer este fin de semana? I really feel like relaxing. Tengo muchas ganas de relajarme, Do you fancy going to the cinema? ¿Tienes ganas de ir al cine? They fancy having dinner at that new restaurant near the harbour. Tienen ganas de cenar en ese nuevo restaurante cerca del puerto. Les apetece cenar en ese nuevo restaurante cerca del puerto. The kids can’t wait to go to Euro Disney in a few weeks. Los niños tienen muchas ganas de ir a Euro Disney en unas semanas. I really can’t wait for the summer. o I really can’t wait for the summer to arrive. Tengo muchísimas ganas de que llegue el verano. I’m really looking forward to visiting my parents next weekend. Tengo muchas ganas de visitar a mis padres el fin de semana que viene. I’m looking forward to my parents visiting me next weekend. Tengo ganas de que mis padres me visiten el fin de semana que viene. Are you looking forward to your holiday? ¿Tienes ganas de ir de vacaciones? o ¿Tienes ganas de que lleguen tus vacaciones? Deseo really want Motivación to be keen to Apetecer to feel like, to fancy Planes, futuro con impaciencia can’t wait Planes, futuro to be looking forward to I regret TO inform you Lamento informarte. I regret informING you Me arrepiento de haberte informado English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTR to give someone the axe/boot despedir a alguien If he doesn’t change his attitude the boss will give him the axe. fall into caer en, caerse en Sam fell into a coma after the heart attack. Sam cayó en coma después del infarto The kid tripped and fell into the bushes. El niño tropezó y se cayó en los arbustos. fall on caer en This year my boyfriend's birthday will fall on Sunday Este año el cumpleaños de mi novio caerá en domingo.


17 English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTR fall out (a) romper filas (b) with - pelear con alguien The soldiers fell out after the colonel's order. Los soldados rompieron filas después de la orden del coronel. The goal keeper fell out with the referee after the penalty. El portero se peleó con el árbitro después del penalti. fall over caerse, tropezar The puppy is still clumsy and falls over everything. El cachorro todavía es torpe y se tropieza con todo. fall through fracasar My plan has fallen through because of the bad weather. Mi plan ha fracasado por el mal tiempo. Vaughan Systems I've got the book finally and on 26th July I'll take my B2 exam! InglesParaUsted @InglesParaUsted “Tengo que ver Mad Men.” ”I need to watch Mad Men.” Carlos - InglesTotal @InglesTotal Great grandfather/grandmother Bisabuelo / bisabuela Great grandson/granddaughter/grandchildren Bisnieto / bisnieta / bisnietos Grandfather/Grandmother Abuelo/abuela Grandson/Granddaughter/grandchildren Nieto/nieta / nietos (en general Father/mother Madre/padre Son/daughter/children Hijo/hija/hijos (en general) Step father/mother Padrastro/madrastra Step son/daughter Hijastro/hijastra Son / daughter / children Hijo / hija / hijos (en general) Brother/sister Hermano/Hermana Uncle/aunt Tío/Tía Nephew/Niece Sobrino/Sobrina Cousin Primo/Prima Father/Mother-in-law Suegro/Suegra Son /daughter-in-law Yerno/Nuera Brother/Sister-inlaw Cuñado/Cuñada BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking UK Association of Fish Producer Organisations loses its legal battle with the government over the re-allocation of fishing quotas Between 30 and 40 people buried in landslide in Sichuan province, China, state news agency says - rescuers at scene Criminal investigation launched into Canadian train explosion - 15 confirmed dead & about 35 others missing Another 2 bodies found after oil train explosion in eastern Canada, taking death toll to 15 Egypt cabinet posts to be offered to figures from deposed Muslim Brotherhood movement, president's office says Ministers will be chosen "based on experience & efficiency", #Egypt's new PM, Hazem el-Beblawi, tells BBC Arabic US "cautiously encouraged" by timetable for #Egypt's transition, White House says Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones Remember v Remind ¿Qué significa eso? What DOES that mean? NOT What means that? OR What does that means? to remember recordar, acordarse de to remind recordarle (a alguien) Remember Debes recordar cerrar la puerta. Debes acordarte de cerrar la puerta. You must remember to close the door. ¿Me recuerdas? ¿Te acuerdas de mí? Do you remember me? No tengo facilidad para recordar los nombres. No tengo facilidad para acordarme de los nombres. I’m not good at remembering names. Si mal no recuerdo,/Si recuerdo bien, … Si mal no me acuerdo,/Si me acuerdo bien, …If I remember well,/If I remember rightly, … Remind ¿Puedes recordarme a qué hora empieza el partido? Can you remind me what time the match starts? Necesitaréis recordarnos dónde vivís. You’ll need to remind us where you live. Recuérdale a tu hermano que le toca lavar los platos (que es su turno de lavar los platos). Remind your brother that it’s his turn to wash the dishes. ¿Puedo recordarte que estamos hablando detu futuro? Can/May I remind you that we are talking about your future? Me recuerda a mi abuelo. He reminds me of my grandfather. Les recuerdo a su madre. I remind them of their mother. El olor a pan recién horneado me recordó a los veranos en casa de mi abuelos. The smell of freshly baked bread reminded me of (the) summers at my grandparents’ house. Ver a los niños jugando en la calle me recuerda a mi niñez. Seeing those children playing in the street reminds me of my childhood. Él nos recordó la última vez que nos vió cuando fuimos a ver un musical a Londres. He reminded us about the last time he saw us when we went to see a musical in London. No me recuerdes la fiesta de la semana pasada; ¡qué desastre! Don’t remind me about the party last week; what a disaster! ¿Les recuerdas lo del partido del sábado, por favor? Will you remind them about the match on Saturday, please? Recuérdale lo de la reunión de mañana. Remind him / her about the meeting tomorrow. ¿Puedes recordarme que vaya al banco? Can you remind me to go to the bank? Recuérdame que escriba a mi madre. Remind me to write to my mother. Recuérdales que arreglen el grifo. Remind them to fix the tap. 1.Recuerda echar la carta. 2.¿Puedes recordarme que eche la carta? 3.Lo siento pero no recuerdo tu nombre. 4.¿Me recuerdas lo que es, por favor? 5.No olvides recordarles lo del concierto de la semana que viene. 6.El documental sobre el carnaval de Río de Janeiro nos recordó a nuestras vacaciones en Brasil hace tres años. 7.¿Por qué David


17 siempre nos recuerda esas fotos embarazosas? 1.Remember to post the letter! 2.Can you remind me to post the letter? 3.I’m sorry but I don’t remember your name. 4.Will you remind me what it is, please? 5.Don’t forget to remind them about the concert next week. 6.The documentary on / about the Rio de Janeiro carnival reminded us of our holiday in Brazil three years ago. 7.Why does David always remind us about those embarrassing photos? English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR to get off the ground despegar I know once our business gets off the ground we'll be financially secure. Vaughan Systems Desenchúfalo antes de repararlo Unplug it before repairing it. cursoingles @curso_de_ingles What time is it? It´s a quarter to twelve ten twenty (10:20) two fifteen (2:15) five forty-five (5:45) nine or nine o'clock (nueve en punto) twelve or twelve o'clock (doce en punto) Four [o'clock] in the morning / 4am (4:00) Five [o'clock] in the afternoon / 5pm (17:00) one o'clock (1:00) 7am (7:00) 3pm (15:00) ten past [after] five (5:10/17:10) quarter past [after] six (6:15/18:15) half past eight / eight thirty (8:30/20:30) twenty to eleven (10:40/22:40) quarter to twelve (11:45/23:45) What time is it? (¿Qué hora es?) What's the time? (¿Qué hora es?) It's ... (Es la... /Son las...) lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit GEEZER (British English slang for man) fulano "Look at that old geezer over there." BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreaking Nelson Mandela is "responding to treatment" but he is still "critical but stable", South Africa's President Zuma says SAS sniper Danny Nightingale, convicted of illegally possessing pistol, says he is taking advice about appeal SAS sniper Daniel Nightingale from Cheshire found guilty of possessing pistol and ammunition by military tribunal Number of dead and missing after Quebec train blast rises to 60 from 50 - police Apple guilty of conspiring with publishers to fix prices of e-books, US judge rules BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten says severance payments for senior managers was a matter "of shock and dismay" Pakistan president's chief security officer killed in bomb attack in port city of Karachi, reports say South Wales Police investigating disappearance of Glasgow teenager Hollie McClymont say body has been recovered from the sea Deaths of 7 young people in Scotland linked to a batch of fake ecstasy tablets, police confirm Egyptian prosecutors order arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leader on charges of inciting violence, state media say UK's largest fishing groups lose high court challenge against government efforts to redistribute unused fish quotas Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jones I'll do my best Haré todo lo que pueda tirar la toalla to throw in the towel (literalmente: tirar en la toalla) I know learning a language can be difficult and frustrating at times but you mustn’t throw in the towel. Sé que aprender un idioma puede ser difícil y frustrante a veces pero no debes tirar la toalla. Never throw in the towel if you want to fulfil your dreams. Nunca tires la toalla si quieres cumplir tus sueños. lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwit To natter parlotear/pegar la hebra “Stop nattering to your sister and listen to what I’m saying!” English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTR go on (a) seguir, durar (b) basarse en (c) at - criticar a alguien continuamente (d) to - hacer una cosa después de haber acabado otra. I fell asleep at the cinema because the movie went on for more than three hours. Me quedé dormido en el cine porque la película duró más de tres horas. You are going on what Iris told you to accuse me, aren't you? Te estás basando en lo que Iris te dijo para acusarme, ¿verdad? My mother is always going on at me about the girlfriends I have. Mi madre siempre me critica por las novias que tengo. After visiting Paris we will go on to Berlin. Después de visitar París iremos a Berlin. go out (a) to - viajar a otro país por un largo tiempo (b) with - salir con alguien Roddy went out to France to study a new course. Roddy se fue a Francia a estudiar un curso nuevo. I didn't know he was going out with Jane when I kissed him. Yo no sabía que él estaba saliendo con Jane cuando lo besé. go over (a) examinar, repasar (b) acercarse (c) to - pasarse a, ir a You made a few typo mistakes, you should go over the text again. Has cometido algunos errores al escribir, deberías repasar el texto otra vez. If you can't read the subtitles go over to the first row. Si no puedes leer los subtítulos vete a la primera fila. We're going to go over to Ana's house. Today is her birthday. Vamos a ir a casa de Ana esta noche. Hoy es su cumpleaños. go round (a) dar vueltas (b) visitar (c) patrullar The children were going round like crazy during the break at school. Los niños estuvieron dando vueltas como locos durante el recreo.



17 English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTR Don't forget to go round the Royal Palace if you go to Madrid. No olvides visitar el palacio real si vas a Madrid. The police were already going round my neighbourhood when I called them. La policía ya estaba patrullando por mi barrio cuando los llamé. go through (a) repasar, registrar (b) atravesar (c) with - llevar a cabo I'm going to go through the files to check that everything is correct. Voy a repasar toda la documentación para asegurarme de que todo está bien. Mary has been going through a rough time but she's fine again now. Mary ha estado atravesando una temporada dura, pero ahora está bien. The manager is going through with the recruitment process this afternoon. El jefe llevará a cabo el proceso de selección de personal esta tarde. To hold - held - held : tener, mantener I can't hold on to a job for over a year. No puedo mantenerme en un puesto de trabajo más de un año. He held her close and kissed her softly. Él la abrazó fuerte y la besó suavemente. I have held the world record for ten years. He ostentado el récord mundial durante diez años. InglesParaUsted ?@InglesParaUsted "Odio clases por la mañana." "I hate morning classes." Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones so . as . such – tan ¡NO CONFUNDAS¡ El pasado de "feel" (sentirse) es "felt" y el pasado de "fall" (caer) es "fell" /fel/. tan + adjetivo so tan + adjetivo + como (comparaciones) as sustantivo + tan + adjetivosuch I had to get up so early yesterday in order to catch my flight that I’m really tired now. Tuve que levantarme tan temprano ayer para tomar mi vuelo que ahora tengo mucho sueño. The party next door was so noisy that I couldn’t sleep. La fiesta al lado era tan ruidosa que no podía dormir. tan grande como as big as tan interesante como as interesting as tan bueno como as good as My brother isn’t as tall as me. My brother isn’t as tall as I am. Mi hermano no es tan alto como yo. Just as well the car repair wasn’t as expensive as we had first feared. Menos mal que la reparación del coche no era tan cara como habíamos temido al principio. una casa tan grande “tan una grande casa” such a big house un libro tan interesante “tan un interesante libro” such an interesting book información tan buena “tan buena información” such good information niños/hijos tan guapos “tan guapos niños/hijos” such beautiful children El entrenador de Andy tuvo un impacto tan positivo en su carrera de tenista que le dedicó su primer título. Andy’s coach had such a positive impact on his tennis career that he dedicated his first title to him. Tendremos que estudiar mucho para aprobar un examen tan difícil. We’ll have to study a lot in order to pass such a difficult exam. My best friend always gives me such useful advice; I don’t know what I’d do without him. Mi mejor amigo siempre me da consejos tan útiles; no sé qué haría sin él. John’s first boss had such an impact on his career. El primer jefe de John tuvo un impacto tan grande/importante en su carrera profesional. You are such an idiot! ¡Eres tan idiota! 1.Fue una película tan aburrida que me quedé dormido. 2.¡No te acuestes tan tarde! 3.¡No te acuestes tan tarde como ayer! 4.Son hombres tan feos. 1.It was such a boring film that I fell asleep. 2.Don’t go to bed so late! 3.Don’t go to bed as late as yesterday! 4.They are such ugly men. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Police confirm body found off south Wales coast is that of missing Glasgow 14-year-old Hollie McClymont Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleads not guilty to all charges relating to Boston Marathon bombings Boston bomb accused Dzhokhar Tsarnaev makes first court appearance Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker to resign over security services scandal Canadian rail firm chief blames employee over train explosion that killed at least 15 people Canada police say 20 dead and 30 missing from fuel train explosion in Lac-Megantic Pilot on Asiana jet that crash-landed in San Francisco initially told flight attendants not to evacuate plane Evacuation of Asiana jet that crash-landed in San Francisco began 90 seconds after plane came to a halt English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTR look after cuidar a alguien I have to look after my nephew this afternoon, I'll take him bowling. Tengo que cuidar a mi sobrino esta tarde, lo llevaré a la bolera. look away apartar la mirada She looked away when she saw her ex boyfriend coming. Ella apartó la mirada cuando vio que llegaba su ex novio. look down on menospreciar (mirar por encima del hombro) A good boss never looks down on his employees. Un buen jefe nunca menosprecia a sus empleados. look forward to esperar con muchas ganas I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday. Estoy deseando celebrar mi cumpleaños. to blow the lid off destapar The employment office blew the lid off the company's illegal hireing policies.


17 BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreaking Greenpeace climber reaches top of London's Shard in protest against Shell's Arctic drilling Body of Fusilier Lee Rigby, killed in Woolwich attack, arrives at church for vigil Hague war crimes tribunal reinstates genocide charge against former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic Nelson Mandela remains in a critical but stable condition and is responding to treatment - South African presidency Justice Secretary Chris Grayling asks the Serious Fraud Office to investigate G4S overcharging for tagging criminals Two UK security firms are accused of overcharging government by 'tens of millions' for electronic tagging contracts Former UK Labour MP Denis MacShane to face charge of false accounting over expenses claims totalling £12,900 Former UK MP Denis MacShane to face false accounting charge in relation to parliamentary expenses claim, CPS says UK's largest pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline investigated for suspected bribery over sales of #Botox in China Police called to UK's tallest building, the Shard in central London, as attempt to scale it made by six people Six protesters from Greenpeace are attempting to climb UK's tallest building, the #Shard Moscow court finds late Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky guilty of fraud in case that caused a major row with the US lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwit “Nothing in fine print is ever good news.” (fine print = letra pequeña) DOSH - money - Br.English slang (pasta) -"He's earning loads of dosh" - gana un pastón To put money in a kitty hacer un bote, fondo común. “Let’s put some money in the kitty.” Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jones to kick in tomar efecto I still have a headache. The paracetamol hasn't kicked in yet get on your nerves poner de los nervios, sacar de quicio Why can’t Robert ever be ready on time? It really gets on my nerves having to wait for him all he time! ¿Por qué Roberto nunca puede estar listo a tiempo? De verdad, me pone de los nervios tener que esperarlo todo el tiempo. get on well/badly with someone llevarse bien/mal con alguien Do you get on well with your boss? ¿Te llevas bien con tu jefe? I’m getting on badly with my girlfriend at the moment; I’m not sure that the relationship will last much longer. En este momento me estoy llevando mal con mi novia; no estoy seguro de que la relación dure mucho más. get the sack ser despedido Michael got the sack after getting drunk at the Christmas party and making a complete fool of himself. Michael fue despedido después de emborracharse en la fiesta de Navidad y quedar en ridículo total. get cold feet echarse atrás During the wedding preparations, Sandra got cold feet and decided not to marry David. Durante los preparativos de la boda, Sandra se echó atrás y decidió no casarse con David. get carried away dejarse llevar The captain warned the players that they shouldn’t get carried away by recent good results. El capitán avisó a los jugadores que no deberían dejarse llevar por los recientes buenos resultados. get going ponerse en marcha GET Come on! We need to get going; we have to be there by 10! ¡Venga ya! Necesitamos ponernos en marcha; ¡tenemos que estar allí para las 10! get a move on darse prisa If we don’t get a move on, we’ll miss the train. Si no nos damos prisa, perderemos el tren. get rid of deshacerse de You should get rid of that t-shirt; it’s too small for you now. Deberías deshacerte de esa camiseta; ya es demasiado pequeña para ti. get ready arreglarse How long do you normally take to get ready in the mornings? ¿Cuánto tiempo tardas normalmente en arreglarte por las mañanas? get your own way salirse con la suya (en el sentido de “conseguir lo que quieres”) Unbelievable! She’s 25 but she behaves like a little girl, always sulking if she doesn’t get her own way. ¡Increíble! Tiene 25 años pero se comporta como una niña pequeña, siempre enfurruñándose si no se sale con la suya. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Public prosecutor's office in Egypt says it is investigating complaints against the deposed President Mohammed Morsi A technical fault on the track caused the train crash near Paris which killed six people, French rail company says Russia not yet received asylum request from US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, migration official sayNorthern Ireland police chief says riots in Belfast were 'shameful and disgraceful' Jacksonville Jaguars chief Shahid Khan becomes Fulham new owner after buying football club from Mohamed Al Fayed MP for North Belfast, Nigel Dodds, knocked unconscious during disorder surrounding Orange parade



17 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Bomb attack in cafe in northern Iraqi city of #Kirkuk kills 18 people and injures 26, officials say Six women arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass after climbing London's #Shard have been bailed until August Water cannon used in north Belfast as police attacked following curb on Orange parade US calls on Egypt's military and interim leadership to release ousted President Mohammed Morsi Police launch murder probe after body of boy found at home address of woman and son who fell from rocks in Dartmoor 385 passengers were on board train that derailed near Paris Flights now taking off at London's #Heathrow airport, following incident with #Dreamliner787 At least 8 dead in train derailment south of French capital Paris, officials say No passengers on board Ethiopian airlines jet involved in London Heathrow incident - airport press office Runways at Heathrow in London closed after incident involving Ethiopian airlines jet Many hurt in train derailment at Bretigny-sur-Orge, south of French capital Paris, reports say No injuries that the police know of at present. Two incidents in three weeks in West Mids involving explosive devices near mosques Explosion near mosque in West Midlands being treated as terrorist incident, police says "They thought bullets would silence us but they failed" On 16th birthday Pakistani #Malala Yousafzai - shot by Taliban for going to school - addresses UN in New York Former UK newspaper boss Eddy Shah found not guilty of raping a schoolgirl First glimpse of Edward #Snowden in Moscow airport US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden reported to be asking for asylum in Russia, after withdrawing earlier request Moscow airport media scrum ahead of human rights meeting called by US fugitive Rights activists meet US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden at Moscow airport "He continues to respond positively to treatment - I'm less anxious" - #Mandela's wife Graca Machel on health of South African ex-president UK broadcaster Alan Whicker dies at the age of 87 after suffering from bronchial pneumonia British broadcaster Alan Whicker dies at the age of 87 Family of ex-KGB spy Litvinenko want judicial review of UK's decision not to hold public inquiry into his death The military funeral of Fusilier Lee Rigby is taking place at Bury Parish Church in Greater Manchester. Fusilier Rigby's body was guarded overnight on Thursday during a vigil at the church by members of his regiment, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. The 25-year-old soldier, from Middleton, was killed in Woolwich, south-east London, in May. Please note no footage will be broadcast from inside the church UK will not hold public inquiry into death of ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, coroner says Live audio coverage of military funeral in Greater Manchester of Fusilier Lee Rigby killed in Lorraine Allen, who was wrongly jailed for killing her baby son, loses battle for compensation at European Court Woman who was wrongly jailed for killing her four-month-old son in so-called "shaken baby" case has lost her claim for compensation Teachers from NUT and NASUWT to stage one-day strike across England and Wales over pay and workload in autumn Ireland's parliament votes to allow abortion under certain conditions for the first time, after lengthy debate Irish parliament votes 127-31 in favour of abortion when mother's life at risk English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR to fall all over oneself desvivirse I fall all over myself trying to keep her happy, but she’s never satisfied. go for (a) gustar (b) atacar (c) optar por, escoger I usually wear trousers, I don’t go for skirts very much. Normalmente llevo pantalones, no me gustan mucho las faldas. The tiger went for the tamer during the performance.El tigre atacó al domador durante la función. If I could keep a pet, I’d go for a monkey.. Si pudiera tener una mascota, elegiría un mono. go forward (a) avanzar, seguir adelante, presentarse (b) with - comenzar a hacer algo que tenías planeado hacer If we finish this lesson today, we’ll go forward to the next one tomorrow. Si acabamos esta lección hoy, pasaremos a la siguiente mañana. I’ll go forward with my piano class next week. Empezaré mis clases de pianola semana que viene. go in (a) entrar (b) caber (c) for - presentarse a, interesarse en Go in, please. We were waiting for you. Pasa, por favor. Te estábamos esperando. Don’t put those dishes in that draw, they won’t go in. No pongas esos platos en el cajón, que no van a caber. Rachel will go in for her driving license test one more time. Rachel se va a presentar para sacarse el carné de conducir una vez más. go into (a) chocar contra (b) examinar a fondo My car swerved and I went into a streetlight. Mi coche viró bruscamente y fui a chocar contra una farola. The detective is going into the evidence to solve the crime. El detective está examinando a fondo las pruebas para resolver el crimen. go off (a) marcharse (b) apagarse (c) echarse a perder (d) perder el gusto a algo (e) with - dejar a alguien por otra persona (f) with - robar algo, o tomar algo sin pedirlo, They’re going off to Cuba for their holidays. Ellos se van a Cuba de vacaciones. The power went off when the child was at home alone. La luz se fue cuando el niño estaba solo en casa. The shellfish has gone off , it smells terrible! El marisco se ha estropeado, ¡huele fatal! Patrick used to go running quite often but he’s gone off it. Patrick solía ir a correr bastante a menudo pero ya no le gusta ir.


17 English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR Jonny has left his wife and gone off with a younger girl. Jonny ha dejado a su mujer y se ha ido con una chica más joven. I needed that backpack this weekend, but my brother went off with it. Necesitaba esa mochila para este fin de semana, pero mi hermano me la ha cogido sin permiso. grateful - more grateful - the most grateful : agradecido It’s important that you are grateful for everything in your life. Es importante que seas agradecido en todo en la vida. Being more grateful more often makes us happier and more optimistic. Ser más agradecido más a menudo nos hace más felices y más optimistas. People who have the least are the most grateful. La gente que menos tiene es la más agradecida. @VaughanSystems With @VaughanSystems at Aneto peak (3.404 metres high), the higher summit in the Pirineos range. An amazing view. lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit HAIR - a hair of the dog (hangover cure) I could do with a hair of the dog no me iría nada mal algo de alcohol para curar esta resaca. Here’s what the kids are listening to these days; One Direction “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones Hace calor It’s hot (Literlmente: está caliente/caluroso). El calor the heat. “Hot” adjetivo; “heat” sustantivo para mí for me para ti for you para él for him Para infinitivo NO SE TRADUCE “PARA” CUANDO VA DELANTE DE UN INFINITIVO. Quiero verte para darte un regalo I want to see you to give you a present I want to see you for to give you a present Necesitan salir ahora para llegar a tiempo. They need to leave now to arrive on time. ¿Quieres venderlo para tener más dinero? Do you want to sell it to have more money? Él llamó ayer para hablar contigo. He called yesterday to speak with you. ¿Puedo venir mañana para devolveros/les las llaves? Can I come tomorrow to return you the keys? Necesito ir a la otra oficina para imprimir el documento. Debemos trabajar mucho para producir los cambios necesarios. Es importante estudiarlo para entenderlo completamente / por completo. ¿Ella tiene el dinero para comprarlo? I need to go to the other office to print the document. We must work a lot to produce the necessary changes. It’s important to study it to understand it completely. Does she have the money to buy it? Necesitan salir ahora para llegar a tiempo. They need to leave now in order to arrive on time. Él llamó ayer para hablar contigo. He called yesterday in order to speak with you. Necesito ir a la otra oficina para imprimir el documento. I need to go to the other office in order to print the document. Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones Los 10 verbos en INGLES más usados It’s funny because I never wanted to be a teacher when I was younger. Es gracioso/Es curioso porque nunca quería ser profesor cuando era pequeño / más joven. Is it possible to learn all these verbs? Of course! Es posible aprender todos estos verbos? ¡Por supuesto! I was happy because she was ready when I arrived to pick her up. Yo estaba contento porque ella estaba lista cuando llegué para recogerla. The last straw was when they made us wait another hour. El colmo fue que nos hicieron esperar otra hora más. My friends are waiting for me. Mis amigos están esperándome. Do you know where they are? ¿Sabes dónde están? As we were walking along the beach, we saw a crab burying itself in the sand.Mientras estábamos caminando por la playa, vimos un cangrejo escondiéndose en la arena. Do you have to work tomorrow? ¿Tienes que trabajar mañana? Have you worked today? ¿Has trabajado hoy? David had to retake his driving test after failing it the first time. David tuvo que retomar su examen de conducir después de suspenderlo la primera vez. I haven’t had a very productive day today. No he tenido un día muy productivo hoy. Can you send me the report as soon as you finish it? ¿Puedes enviarme el informe en cuanto lo acabes? She said that she needed some time to think. Ella dijo que necesitaba tiempo para pensar. It seems that people use the word “use” a lot. Parece que la gente utiliza mucho la palabra “use”. What do you want to do tonight? ¿Qué quieres hacer esta noche? If it rains tomorrow, will you go to the swimming pool instead of the beach? Si llueve mañana, ¿irás a la piscina en lugar de ir a la playa? ¿Will you come here, please? ¿Vienes aquí, por favor? Would you buy it if I offered you a discount? ¿Lo comprarías si te ofreciera un descuento? As a child, I would wake up very early and all excited on Christmas Day. De pequeño solía despertarme muy temprano y todo emocionado el día de Navidad. He wouldn’t pay me the money he owed me. No me pagó (rechazó pagarme) el dinero que me debía. We’re about to make the dinner. Estamos a punto de hacer la cena. I like reading in my spare time. Me gusta leer en mi tiempo libre. What would you like to do this evening? ¿Qué te gustaría hacer esta tarde? lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit “Irony is when you buy a suit with two pairs of trousers, and then burn a hole in the jacket.” “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”


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