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16 BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreaking RBS could be split into a good bank and bad bank, but its sale is "some way off" Outgoing Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King becomes Lord King, George Osborne announces at Mansion House UK Chancellor George Osborne gives annual Mansion House speech to the City UK government is preparing to sell 39% stake in #Lloyds Bank back to private investors - Chancellor George Osborne Chancellor signals first stage of Lloyds privatisation in autumn, no RBS share sale till after election, & possible RBS breakup Dolce and Gabbana sentenced to jail for tax evasion, accused of hiding millions of euros from Italian authorities Formal announcement of royal birth to be put in a frame on easel in Buckingham Palace forecourt Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have decided not to find out sex of their first child Duchess of Cambridge expected to give birth at London's St Mary's Hospital where Princess Diana had her sons Italian fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in jail for tax evasion US will reduce deployed nuclear weapons by "up to a third" and seek negotiations with Russia Obama: "When Europe and America lead with our hopes instead of our fears we achieve things no other nations can" Obama: "The words of John F Kennedy: 'Ich bin ein Berliner' echo through the ages". Barack Obama speaks at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Afghanistan will not join Qatar peace talks with Taliban until "process is Afghan led", says President Hamid Karzai Obama says re Syria people have got "over cranked " thinking that US is going in to start another war "we want to end a war" President Obama "cannot & will not" detail aid programmes to #Syrian opposition US President Barack Obama & German Chancellor Angela Merkel holding Berlin press conference, watch live Somali and African Union soldiers regain control of a UN compound attacked by insurgents in Mogadishu Deputy Commons Speaker, Nigel Evans MP, arrested in Lancashire on suspicion of three counts of indecent assault Supreme Court rules relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq can sue UK government for damages under Human Rights Act cursoingles ?@curso_de_ingles Prepositions I live in Brighton. Vivo en Brighton. The cat is in the box. El gato está dentro la caja. I found your address in the phone book. He encontrado tu dirección en la guía telefónica. My parents arrive in France on Monday. Mis padres llegan a Francia el lunes. We went to Mexico in May. Fuimos a Méjico en mayo. I always run in the mornings. Siempre corro por las mañanas. I will see him in a week. Le veré en una semana. She was born in 1976. Nació en 1976. He is at home. Él está en casa. I always visit my sister at work. Siempre visito a mi hermana en el trabajo. We eat at the table. Comemos en la mesa. She will see him at the theatre. Le verá en el teatro. Her name is at the bottom of the page. Su nombre está en la parte inferior de la página. When did you arrive at the airport? ¿Cuándo llegaste al aeropuerto? He runs every morning at 6. Él corre cada mañana a las 6. I will see them at Christmas. Les veré en Navidad. The pen is on the table. El bolígrafo está sobre la mesa. They have a photograph of Paris on the wall. Tienen una foto de París en la pared. I am on the bus. Estoy en el autobús. Her apartment is on the second floor. Su piso está en la segunda planta. They went to Mexico on the first of May. Fueron a Méjico a primeros de mayo. He runs on Mondays and Fridays. Él corre los lunes y los viernes. I will see Luis on his birthday. Veré a Luis en su cumpleaños. English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTR bring around (a) persuadir a alguien, (b) hacer recobrar el conocimiento Rob's too stubborn, I'll never bring him around. Rob es demasiado cabezota. nunca voy ha convencerle. He was unconscious for two minutes until the doctors brought him around. Estuvo inconsciente dos minutos hasta que los médicos lo reanimaron. bring out sacar, sacar a relucir, publicar, lanzar al mercado She brought out the worst in him. It's good that they're not together anymore. Ella sacaba lo peor de él. Menos mal que ya no están juntos. bring together reunir, reconciliar Sarah's party brought Andy and Jane together. La fiesta de Sarah hizo que Andy y Jane se reconciliaran. bring about ocasionar, provocar The heavy rain brought about floods in the North of England. Las fuertes lluvias ocasionaron inundaciones en el norte de Inglaterra. To weave - wove - woven : tejer Nobody weaves anymore. Ya nadie teje ...however people wove their own clothes all the time centuries ago. ...sin embargo, la gente se tejía su propia ropa todo el tiempo hace siglos. My grandmother has woven a scarf for me, but it itches. Mi abuela me ha tejido una bufanda, pero pica. expressoenglish cut cut across To go across a place rather than around it, to make the trip faster. Let’s cut across the park on the way home from school – it’ll be faster. cut back (on) / cut down (on) 1. To reduce (especially spending)


16 expressoenglish cut cut back (on) / cut down (on) 1.To reduce (especially spending) We’re cutting back on entertainment in order to save up for our vacation. Instead of going to the movies once a week, we’re going once a month. 2.To consume less I’m on a diet – I’m cutting down on fast food. 3.Cut down can also be used in the literal sense, regarding trees: He’s cutting down a tree. cut in 1.Enter a conversation by interrupting I couldn’t have a serious conversation with Barry because my sister kept cutting in. 2.When two people are dancing, and a third person interrupts them to dance with one of them. May I cut in? I’d like to dance with Joanna. 3.To “cut in line” is to enter a line ahead of other people who have been waiting longer: Cut it out! Say “cut it out” when you want to tell another person to stop their bad behavior. (your kids are running around the house yelling and screaming) “Cut it out! I’m trying to take a nap!” cut off 1.To remove something from something bigger. I cut the tags off my new clothing. 2.When the telephone connection disconnects accidentally We were cut off in the middle of our conversation. 3.To stop the supply of something Our electricity was cut off after we didn’t pay the bill for 3 months. 4.To interrupt I tried to explain about the problem, but she cut me off and said she didn’t want to hear about it. 5.To drive in front of another car suddenly He got angry when another car cut him off on the highway. cut out 1.To remove something (like a picture) from something bigger (like a magazine). I cut the article out of the newspaper. 2.To “cut someone out” is to exclude them. Helen cut her ex-boyfriend out of her life. She doesn’t even want to be friends with him. 3.When an engine, motor, or other machine stops. I was terrified when the plane’s engines suddenly cut out. cut up To cut (with scissors) into smaller pieces. “The teacher cut the paper up into triangles.” BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Ex-CQC chief executive Cynthia Bower denies giving instruction to delete baby death review about England hospital Ex-Care Quality Commission boss Cynthia Bower quits current job after being linked to Cumbria baby death “cover-up” More details about Care Quality Commission staff linked to “cover-up” of deaths of babies in Cumbria 10 children taken to hospital after car overturns outside school in #Rhoose, south Wales 5 children & 4 adults taken to hospital after crash outside south Wales school, officials say Health minister Lord Howe says England NHS regulator will name officials accused of baby death ‘cover up’ today A Spanish judge summons Barcelona’s Argentine footballer Lionel Messi to court over tax fraud allegations Teacher Jeremy Forrest found guilty of abducting a schoolgirl and taking her to France Recently-appointed Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah tenders his resignation, Palestinian sources say Former CQC chief executive Cynthia Bower, deputy Jill Finney and media manager Anna Jefferson named in UK baby death ‘cover-up’ probe Takings at UK retailers up by 2.1% between April & May, beating expectations; sales grew 1.9% year-on-year UK retail sales rose by 1.9% year-on-year in May, @statisticsONS says Afghan officials tell the BBC the removal of flag and nameplate from Taliban's Qatar office does not go far enough RBS, Lloyds, Barclays, Nationwide & Co-operative "must raise another £27bn to cover their risks" Five UK banks have a total capital shortfall of £27.1bn, the Prudential Regulation Authority says Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro reverse public transport price increases, following widespread protests Sopranos star James Gandolfini has died of a possible heart attack in Rome aged 51, HBO confirm "Our hearts are shattered and we will miss him deeply," say managers of late US actor James Gandolfini English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR fall about morirse de risa Paul fell about when I showed him my costume Pablo se murió de risa cuando le enseñé mi disfraz. fall away desmoronarse, desprenderse, caer bruscamente Prices fell away during the sales. Los precios se desmoronaron durante las rebajas. fall behind (a) retrasarse, quedar atrás (b) with - atrasarse con un pago My favuorite runner is falling behind! ¡Mi corredor favorito se está quedando atrás! My telephone was cut off because I fell behind with the payment Me cortaron el teléfono porque me retrasé con el pago. fall for (a) enamorarse de (b) dejarse engañar Marta is falling for him deeply and quickly Marta se está enamorando de él profunda y rápidamente. I fell for his lies again. Me ha engañado con sus mentiras otra vez. fall off desprenderse, disminuir, decaer My son used to have good marks, but now his performance has fallen off. Mi hijo solía sacar buenas notas, pero ahora su rendimiento ha disminuido. Zilch Nada/Cero


16 English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR Zilch Nada/Cero I am always saying nice things to you and you give me zilch in return. Siempre te estoy diciendo cosas agradables y tú no me das nada a cambio. Do you know how much of a bonus I got this year? Zilch! I hate this job! ¿Sabes cuánta bonificación he tenido este año? ¡Ninguna! ¡Odio este trabajo! You have zilch chance of getting that girl into bed! ¡No tienes ninguna oportunidad de llevar a esa chica a la cama! to eat someone out of house and home dejarle la despensa vacía a alguien I need to go to the supermarket, my children are eating me out of house and home. @VaughanSystems He took the news very well Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones Hablando por teléfono: Soy yo Speaking. Caller: Can I speak to Gareth, please? Gareth: Speaking Hablando por teléfono: Soy Gareth This is Gareth NOT I’m Gareth. Good morning, this is Gareth. Can I speak to Paul, please? Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones I had to bite my tongue Tuve que morderme la lengua. “Brazil unrest: ‘Million’ join protests in 100 cities” Hacer turismo to go sightseeing /sáit-sii-in/ NOT to do tourism It was a lovely day so we went sightseeing BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Canadian officials order evacuation of downtown Calgary amid worst flooding in decades US President Barack Obama nominates James Comey as the new head of the FBI Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah has taken back his resignation after speaking to President Abbas, BBC learns Indian army is working to recover 556 bodies found amid flooding & landslides in Uttarakhand state, say officials Death toll from monsoon flooding in northern India doubles to more than 500, officials say “I feel like the worst mother in the world” - statement from pupil’s mum as UK teacher Jeremy Forrest jailed UK teacher Jeremy Forrest repeatedly lied about pupil relationship & caused family “appalling distress” UK teacher Jeremy Forrest jailed for five & a half years for abduction & sexual activity with child “Only a prison sentence is appropriate,” Jeremy Forrest’s barrister admits, as UK teacher awaits abduction sentencing British teacher Jeremy Forrest pleads guilty to five charges of sexual activity with a child Suicide bomb attack on Shia mosque in north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar kills at least 7 people Ex-CQC official Jill Finney, allegedly involved in Cumbria baby death “cover-up”, is sacked by her new employer Police fire tear gas in Rio, as widespread anti-government protests continue across Brazil Protesters demand better public services outside Congress in Brazil’s capital Motorist drives through barricade killing protester aged 18 in Ribeirao Preto, #Brazil, police say One million people took part in protests in 100 cities across #Brazil on Thursday, local media report Singapore smog caused by Indonesian forest fires hits record levels Miami Heat (@MiamiHEAT) win #NBA championship by beating San Antonio Spurs in decisive final game of basketball series A Jewish Israeli man is shot dead by guards near Jerusalem’s Western Wall, Israel media report Jewish Israeli man shot dead near #Jerusalem’s Western Wall after guard mistook him for Palestinian militant Spanish police say they have arrested eight people suspected of being part of an al-Qaeda-linked cell recruiting militants to fight in Syria The British and Irish Lions have beaten Australia 23-21 in the first Test in Brisbane Nelson Mandela was transferred to substitute ambulance when vehicle taking him to hospital two weeks ago broke down Ambulance taking Nelson Mandela to hospital two weeks ago broke down, and he had to be transferred to another vehicle, government says Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff unveils a series of reforms in a bid ro end days of anti-government protests Ex-CQC official Jill Finney, allegedly involved in Cumbria baby death "cover-up", is sacked by her new employer Police fire tear gas in #Rio, as widespread anti-government protests continue across Brazil Protesters demand better public services outside Congress in Brazil's capital Motorist drives through barricade killing protester aged 18 in Ribeirao Preto, #Brazil, police say One million people took part in protests in 100 cities across #Brazil on Thursday, local media report Singapore smog caused by Indonesian forest fires hits record levels Miami Heat (@MiamiHEAT) win #NBA championship by beating San Antonio Spurs in decisive final game of basketball series A Jewish Israeli man is shot dead by guards near Jerusalem's Western Wall, Israel media report Jewish Israeli man shot dead near #Jerusalem's Western Wall after guard mistook him for Palestinian militant Spanish police say they have arrested eight people suspected of being part of an al-Qaeda-linked cell recruiting militants to fight in Syria English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR have on (a) llevar puesto (b) llevar algo consigo (c) tener información de (d) have somebody on, tomarle el pelo a alguien


16 English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR have on (a) llevar puesto (b) llevar algo consigo (c) tener información de (d) have somebody on, tomarle el pelo a alguien I have on the dress he gave me for my birthday. Llevo puesto el vestido que él me regaló en mi cumpleaños Do you have your keys on you? I think I left mine at home. ¿Tienes tus llaves? Creo que me dejé las mías en casa. I’ve been asking people and I have something on your new friend that you’re not gonna like. He estado preguntando a la gente y sé algo sobre tu nuevo amigo que no te va a gustar. Aren’t you realizing that he’s having you on? ¿No te estás dando cuenta de que él te está tomando el pelo? have out with intentar hacer las paces I’m gonna have it out with my sister to solve our problem. Voy a hablar con mi hermana para resolver nuestro problema. have down as tener hecha una idea acerca de alguien sin conocerlo Are you working? I had you down as an eternal student. ¿Estás trabajando? Creía que eras un estudiante eterno. have in llamar a alguien para que venga a tu casa We had to have the electrician in to fix the short circuit. Tuvimos que llamar al electricista para que viniera a arreglar el cortocircuito . have over tener visita I’m gonna cook for dinner. I have my parents over tonight. Voy a cocinar para la cena. Mis padres vienen a visitarme esta noche. have up llevar a alguien a juicio Winona Ryder was had up for shop-lifting. Winona Ryder fue llevada a juicio por robar en tiendas. lovely - lovelier - the loveliest : precioso, bello, bonito The bride looks lovely but the groom looks nervous. La novia está preciosa pero el novio está nervioso. Every day you look lovelier than the last. Cada día estás más bonita que el anterior. The beaches in Fuerteventura are the loveliest beaches in Spain. Las playas de Fuerteventura son las más bellas de España. Yummy Delicioso/a Yummy! Chocolate ice cream for dessert! ¡Delicioso! ¡Helado de chocolate de postre! That Indian food was yummy, I could eat it all over again. Esa comida india estaba deliciosa, podría comerla una y otra vez. My mother’s cooking is yummy. La comida de mi madre está deliciosa. to give someone a black eye dejarle un ojo morado a alguien He wouldn’t stop provoking me so I gave him a black eye . Whopper Trola My wife told me she wasn’t having an affair, what a whopper! Mi mujer me dijo que no estaba teniendo un lío, ¡vaya trola! Every politician tells whoppers to get elected. Todos los políticos dicen mentiras para ser elegidos. You can always tell when he tells a whopper. He’s a terrible liar. Siempre puedes adivinar cuándo dice una mentira. Es un terrible mentiroso. to get carried away dejarse llevar I got carried away and spent my weekly shopping money on a video game. lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwit “Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.” “In times like these, it is helpful to remember that there have always been times like these.” To go bonkers / bananas / nuts volverse loco, tarumba, majara He’s gone bonkers! cursoingles @curso_de_ingles HAPPY first day of SUMMER! We hope it’s filled with fun times, relaxation and a bit of English learning OM Personal English @ompersonal ahora Today we talk about violence and drugs. With audio and bilingual vocabulary Stop the violence. Don´t do drugs. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Celebrations erupt across the Palestinian territories after a singer from Gaza wins the Arab Idol TV contest Suicide bomber kills at least 12 people in an attack on a Shia mosque in Iraqi capital, Baghdad Driver dies after crash at LeMans 24 Hour race Danish driver Allan Simonsen dies after crash at #LeMans 24 Hours race, organisers say #LM24 Friends of Syria agree to supply rebels: "Providing arms may be the only means of achieving peace" A ferry is in difficulty at Parkeston Quay in #Harwich, UK, witnesses say. Harwich Haven Authority says "an incident is currently ongoing" Harwich ferry "struck dock as it berthed" witness tells @BBCEssex. Reports of hole in side of ship Sirena Seaways ferry "stable" after hitting #Harwich quay. 400 passengers on board but no casualties - fire service Ferry listing after hitting #Harwich dock. "I heard a loud crumpling noise" - witness Friends of Syria group, meeting in Doha, agrees to 'provide urgently all necessary materiel and equipment' for opposition inside the country English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR Only two English words in current use end in "-gry". They are "angry" and "hungry". Sólo hay dos palabras inglesas actualmente en uso que acaben en “-gry”. Son “angry” (enfadado) y “hungry” (hambriento). to be well up on saber mucho de algo Johnny is a real “film buff”: he’s well up on everything related to cinema.


16 English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR to be well up on saber mucho de algo Johnny is a real "film buff": he's well up on everything related to cinema. Johnny es un verdadera devoradora de cinema: sabe muchísimo sobre cine. to be out to tener la intención firme de hacer algo I'm out to get my degree, so I'll give up working to study. Quiero graduarme, así que voy a dejar de trabajar para estudiar. to be in for estar por experimentar algo desagradable Steven is in for a severe scolding. Steven esta esperando una reprimenda severa. to be around estar cerca/ por los alrededores I'll be around in case you need some help. Estaré por aquí en caso de que necesites ayuda. to be behind with estar atrasado con I have had so many meetings that I'm behind with my work now. He tenido tantas reuniones que ahora me atrasé con mi trabajo. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking A Russian airliner believed to be carrying US intelligence fugitive Edward Snowden has landed at Moscow, airport officials say US justice department says it will seek legal co-operation with countries where fugitive #Snowden attempts to travel New governor of Egypt's Luxor province quits amid controversy about his membership of Islamist group that killed 58 tourists there in 1997 US fugitive #Snowden may fly to Cuba from Moscow, Russian news agency Interfax says Starbucks pays corporation tax in UK for first time in four years George Osborne says jobs will be lost at UK Ministry of Defence but "we won't reduce military capability" Starbucks coffee chain says it has paid £5m corporation tax in UK, following controversy over its tax arrangements Hong Kong says #Snowden left lawfully, "on his own accord" on a plane to a "third country" Hong Kong government confirms US surveillance whistleblower Edward #Snowden has left on a flight to Moscow Palestinian President Abbas accepts resignation of PM Rami Hamdallah, two weeks after he took office US intelligence fugitive Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong on a Russian flight to Moscow, reports from Hong Kong say Police in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir say gunmen entered hotel and opened fire, killing 10 tourists Ten foreign tourists killed when gunmen stormed hotel in northern Pakistan, reports say Celebrations erupt across the Palestinian territories after a singer from Gaza wins the Arab Idol TV contest Suicide bomber kills at least 12 people in an attack on a Shia mosque in Iraqi capital, Baghdad Driver dies after crash at #LeMans 24 Hour race Danish driver Allan Simonsen dies after crash at #LeMans 24 Hours race, organisers say #LM24 Friends of Syria agree to supply rebels: "Providing arms may be the only means of achieving peace" A ferry is in difficulty at Parkeston Quay in #Harwich, UK, witnesses say. Harwich Haven Authority says "an incident is currently ongoing" Harwich ferry "struck dock as it berthed" witness tells @BBCEssex. Reports of hole in side of ship Sirena Seaways ferry "stable" after hitting #Harwich quay. 400 passengers on board but no casualties - fire service Ferry listing after hitting #Harwich dock. "I heard a loud crumpling noise" - witness Friends of Syria group, meeting in Doha, agrees to 'provide urgently all necessary materiel and equipment' for opposition inside the country English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR Vibes Rollo I'm getting good vibes about my job interview. Me ha dado buen rollo mi entrevista de trabajo. That guy gives me bad vibes. Ese chico me da mal rollo. I have good vibes about your English. Tu inglés me da buen rollo. to let oneself go dejarse llevar You are always so serious, you need to let yourself go a little! Only two English words in current use end in "-gry". They are "angry" and "hungry" Sólo hay dos palabras inglesas actualmente en uso que acaben en “-gry”. Son “angry” (enfadado) y “hungry” (hambriento). to be well up on saber mucho de algo Johnny is a real "film buff": he's well up on everything related to cinema. Johnny es un verdadera devoradora de cinema: sabe muchísimo sobre cine. to be out to tener la intención firme de hacer algo I'm out to get my degree, so I'll give up working to study. Quiero graduarme, así que voy a dejar de trabajar para estudiar. to be in for estar por experimentar algo desagradable Steven is in for a severe scolding. Steven esta esperando una reprimenda severa. to be around estar cerca/ por los alrededores I'll be around in case you need some help. Estaré por aquí en caso de que necesites ayuda. to be behind with estar atrasado con I have had so many meetings that I'm behind with my work now. He tenido tantas reuniones que ahora me atrasé con mi trabajo. lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. Espresso English Trip (n.) The act of going to another place (often for a short period of time) and returning. We took a five-day trip to the Amazon. You’re back from vacation! How was your trip? I went on business trips to Switzerland and Germany last month.


16 Espresso English Use the verbs “take” and “go on” with trip. A round-trip ticket is a ticket for going and coming back. A one-way ticket is only for going. Travel (v.) Going to another place (in general). I really like to travel. He travels frequently for work. My sister is currently traveling through South America. Travel (n.) can be used to describe the act of traveling in general: Travel in that region of the country is dangerous. World travel gives you a new perspective. Journey (n.) One piece of travel (going from one place to another) – usually a long distance. The journey takes 3 hours by plane or 28 hours by bus. He made the 200-mile journey by bike. “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” - Lao-tze, Tao Te Ching We can also use journey in a more “metaphorical” way to talk about progress in life: He has overcome a lot of problems on his spiritual journey. My uncle is an alcoholic, but he’s beginning the journey of recovery. English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR big - bigger - the biggest : grande You're a big boy now, stop crying. Ahora eres un chico grande, deja de llorar. My dad is bigger than your dad! ¡Mi padre es más grande que tu padre! It may not be the biggest you've ever seen... but what I lack in size, I make up for in enthusiasm. Quizá no es el más grande que hayas visto...pero mi falta de talla, lo compenso con entusiasmo. to blow the whistle on delatar I saw him taking money so I blew the whistle on him. get up (a) levantarse, ponerse de pie (b) to - llegar a un punto de algo que estás haciendo y detenerte ahí It's polite to get up if someone enters the room. Es educado ponerse de pie si alguien entra en la habitación. I couldn't finish the book, I only got up to the sixth chapter. No pude acabar el libro, sólo llegué hasta el sexto capítulo. get over (a) superar (b) with - acabar de una vez Rob couldn't get over his fear of flying. Rob no pudo superar su miedo a volar. Once I've gotten the housework over with I'll call my mother. Una vez que acabe con las tareas domésticas, llamaré a mi madre. get in (a) llegar (b) entregar (c) entrar (d) on - involucrarse en una actividad que otra gente ya está realizando generalmente sin ser invitado (e) with - juntarse con Let's go! The plane will get in soon and James will wonder where we are. ¡Vamos! El avión llegará pronto y James se preguntará que dónde estamos. Get your essays in by nine o'clock sharp. Entrega tus ensayos antes de las nueve en punto How did you get in here? ¿Cómo entraste allí? What do I need to get in on the action? ¿Qué tengo que hacer para unirme a la acción? You have a higher chance of joining if you get in with some of the other members. Tienes más posibilidad de unirte si te juntas con alguno de los otros miembros. get away (a) irse, apartarse,tomarse unas vacaciones (b) salir, escaparse (c) with - lo lograr no ser criticado o castigado por algo malo que hayas hecho You should get away for a couple of days and rest. Deberías irte un par de días y descansar. Quickly! Catch them before they get away. ¡Rápido! Cógelos antes de que se escapen. Sally thought she could get away with lying to me, but this time she's been caught. Sally pensó que podría salir indemne después de mentirme, pero esta vez ha sido pillada. get ahead tomar la delantera, progresar Mike's really getting ahead in the company. Mike realmente está progresando en la empresa. get along (with) llevarse bien, manejar una situación Please don't invite her, I don't get along with her. Por favor, no la invites, no me llevo bien con ella. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Human rights will be considered above any interests, says Ecuador foreign minister on #Snowden's asylum bid Ecuador's foreign minister defends ex-US intelligence officer #Snowden and confirms it is assessing his asylum bid Qatar Emir is to hand over power to his son, Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim Stephen Lawrence smear allegations against UK police will be examined by Mark Ellison QC, BBC understands UK man arrested by Surrey police over Alps murder is victim's brother, Zaid al-Hilli, BBC understands Motion of no confidence in UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt passed by British Medical Association Ex-intelligence contractor Edward #Snowden is "traitor to his country" - US Secretary of State John Kerry Man held after killing of family & cyclist in French Alps is 54 & was arrested in Surrey, police say UK police investigating deaths of four people from Surrey in France last year arrest man over murder plot http://bbc. Doctors doing everything possible to make Nelson #Mandela "feel comfortable", says President Jacob Zuma Former South African President Nelson #Mandela remains in critical condition, President Jacob Zuma says Edward #Snowden was asked to leave Hong Kong by government official, ex-intelligence contractor's lawyer tells BBC No instruction was given to delete Cumbria baby death hospital report - former #CQC executive Jill Finney


16 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Ecuador 'analysing' Edward Snowden's request for asylum, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino tells reporters in Vietnam Negotiations over next round of UK public spending cuts finish ahead of Wednesday's Spending Review Doctors doing "everything possible" to get Nelson Mandela's condition to improve, South African presidency says Nelson Mandela's condition has deteriorated to critical, South African presidency says Wikileaks says US whistleblower Edward #Snowden is "bound for Ecuador for purpose of asylum" Ecuador receives asylum request from US fugitive Edward #Snowden, foreign minister Egypt's army warns it is ready to intervene to stop "uncontrollable conflict", ahead of planned mass protests Ecuadorean ambassador arrives at Moscow airport hotel, tells journalists he expects to meet Edward #Snowden El blog para aprender inglés maneras de decir "más" en inglés to find out enterarse. When did you find out? ¿Cuándo te enteraste? 1)Más para cantidades- More They always want more. Ellos siempre quieren más. Do you think you can give me more money? ¿Crees que puedes darme más dinero? 2)Dar de más- Too many- Too much You gave me two eggs too many. Me diste dos huevos de más. He paid me $1 dollar too much. Él me pago un dólar de más. 3)Más para indicar tiempo- No longer- Any longer I won't wait any longer. No esperaré más It will take no longer than one minute. No tardará más de un minuto 4)Ya no más - Anymore - No more. I don't do it anymore. Ya no lo hago. There is no more time. (Ya) no hay más tiempo 5)Cada vez más-More and More - Harder and harder He is getting more and more tired. Se está cansando cada vez más. The exam got harder and harder. El examen era cada vez más difícil. It got easier and easier. Fue cada vez más fácil. She talked and talked about you. Hablaba cada vez más sobre ti. 6)Tiene más de una edad determinada- Past 40 -Over 40 He is past 40. Tiene más de 40 años. He is over 30. Ella tiene más de 30 años. 7)Más de una cantidad- Over Inflation is over 5%. La inflación es superior al 5%. She waited over two years to get a permission. Ella espero más de dos años para obtener un permiso. 8)Más para sumar- Plus Two plus two is four. Dos más dos son cuatro. Forty plus ten is fifty. Cuarenta más diez es cincuenta. 9)Más comparativo- More, adjetivos terminados en -er o formas irregulares He is happier than I am. Él es más feliz que yo. They have more money than my parents. Ellos tienen más dinero que mis padres. They know better than you do. Ellos saben más que tú. 10)Más veces- (More) Times This exam is ten times easier than that exam. Este examen es diez veces más fácil que ese examen. You have to repeat it many more times to learn it. Tienes que repetirlo mucho más veces para aprendertelo. 12)Acércalo más- Bring it closer. Can you bring it closer, I can't see it. Puedes acercarlo más, no puedo verlo. 13)¿Algo más?- Anything else? Do you want anything else? ¿Quieres algo más? What else? ¿Qué más? 14)Nadie más- Alguien más-Nobody else- Anybody else Nobody else knows about this subject. Nadie más sabe de este tema. Anybody else? ¿Alguien más? 15)El que más me gusta. What I like best I like all the houses, but I like this house best. Me gustan todas las casas, pero esta me gusta más. 16)El que más- superlativo- The most He has the most mistakes. Él es el que tiene más errores. He the tallest of his group. Él es el más alto de su grupo. 17)Más o menos- More or less I think they are more or less comfortable. Creo que están más o menos cómodosThey are more or less the same. Son más o menos lo mismo. 18) Más bien + adjetivo- Más bien He is rather silly Es más bien tonto. They are rather tired. Están más bien cansados. 19)Un cosa de más, de sobra- Spare Do you have a spare key? ¿Tienes una llave de más/de repuesto? How many spare rooms do you have? ¿Cuántas habitación de más (de invitados) tienes? 20) Más información- Further information For further information contact us at 677-456567. Para más información contacte con nosotros en el 677-456567. 21)Ir más lejos- To go further I want to go even further. Quiero ir aún más lejos 22)Otro más- Another I want another beer. Quiero otra cerveza. Quiero una cerveza más.


16 Don't say another word. No digas una palabra más. 23)No hacer nada más- Except He did nothing except complain. No hizo más que quejarse. They did nothing except sleep. Ellos no hicieron más que dormir. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking President @BarackObama says US is following all legal channels in pursuit of fugitive Edward Bomb explosions in Iraq capital Baghdad kill at least 15 people Rafael #Nadal loses in 1st round of Grand Slam for first time beaten in straight sets at #Wimbledon by Steve Darcis Ex-Italian PM #Berlusconi found guilty of having sex with an underage prostitute and abusing power of his office "If true, it's a disgrace" - Met Police commissioner promises apology if Stephen Lawrence "smear" claims proved in UK Italian ex-PM Silvio #Berlusconi banned from holding public office & sentenced to 7 years in jail but appeal pending Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad to hand power to son - cabinet reshuffle also expected English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR 11)Se pone mayúscula al nombrar a instituciones y lugares públicos. Washington University Libraries is the library system of Washington University in St. Louis. La librerías de la Universidad de Washington es el sistema de librería de la Universidad e Washington en San Luis. The demostration took place at the entrance of the Town Hall. La manifestación se llevó a cabo a las puertas del ayuntamiento. 12)Se ponen con mayúscula los periodos de tiempo que tienen un nombre determinado. (Excepción: no se pone mayúscula en estaciones del año ni siglos). I'll go shopping on Monday. Iré de compras el lunes. When does spring start? It starts on the 21st of March. ¿Cuándo empieza la primavera? Empieza el 21 de marzo. 13)Comienzan por mayúscula los nombres científicos. (Las especies en mayúscula y las subespecies en minúscula. Además se escriben en cursiva). Homo erectus Homo erectus Listeria monocytogenes Listeria monocytogenes 14)Siempre se pone mayúscula en los gentilicios y los idiomas. He would speak better Spanish if he had a Spanish girlfriend. El podría hablar mejor el español si encontrara una novia española. You've improved your English a lot. Have you been to England or are you following English on the Rocks? Has mejorado mucho tu inglés. ¿Has estado en Inglaterra o estás siguiendo a English on the Rocks? take aback desconcertar, sorprender The news took me aback, it was completely unexpected. Las noticias me desconcertaron, fue completamente inesperado. take along llevar consigo When you go camping you should take along some toilet paper. Cuando vayas de camping debes llevarte algo de papel higiénico. take around visitar un lugar con alguien mostrándole los lugares más interesantes If you come and visit I will take you around the city. Si vienes a visitarme te enseñaré la ciudad. take off (a) quitar(se) (b) descontar (c) despegar (d) imitar I took my jacket off and hung it by the door. Me quité la chaqueta y la colgué en la puerta. Our food arrived late so I asked them to took it off the bill. Nuestra comida llegó tarde así que les pedí que la descontaran de la cuenta. The plane takes off in an hour, we don't have time for a meal. El avión despega en una hora, no tenemos tiempo de comer. Colin is good at taking off the voices of celebrities. Colin es bueno imitando voces de famosos. take over (a) asumir, encargarse de (b) from - reemplazar a alguien I would like your colleague take over the design if you don't mind. Me gustaría que tu colega se encargara del diseño, si no te importa. Kyle will take over from Alberto until he has recovered. Kyle reemplazará a Alberto hasta que éste se haya recuperado. Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones Holiday or Holidays ? The summer holidays Las vacaciones de verano The Christmas holidays Las vacaciones de verano The Easter holidays Las vacaciones de Semana Santa How many holidays did you have last year? ¿Cuántas vacaciones tuviste el año pasado? I had two holidays last year: in the summer I went to Thailand and in the winter I went skiing in the Alps. Tuve dos vacaciones el año pasado: en el verano fui a Tailandia y en el invierno fui a esquiar a los Alpes. I’ll be on holiday next week. Estaré de vacaciones la semana que viene. How was your holiday in Thailand? ¿Qué tal tus vacaciones en Tailandia? Un día festivo Bank holiday o Public holiday Días festivos Bank holidays o Public Holidays Next Monday is a bank holiday so we’re going away for a long weekend*. El próximo lunes es día festivo así que saldremos de fin de semana largo. There are more bank holidays in Spain than in the UK. Hay más días festivos en España que en el Reino Unido día de Navidad (Christmas Day), día de San Esteban (Boxing Day) ,Viernes Santo (Good Friday) 1.¿Has estado de vacaciones este año? 2.Las vacaciones son mi oportunidad de descansar. 3.Me gusta pasar las vacaciones de verano en la playa. 4.Después de vender el negocio, tuvimos unas vacaciones fantásticas en el Caribe. 1.Have you been on holiday this year? 2.The holidays are my opportunity to rest. 3.I like spending the summer holidays on the beach.


16 4a.After selling the business, we had a fantastic holiday in the Caribbean. (un viaje) 4b.After selling the business, we had some fantastic holidays in the Caribbean. (varios viajes) Where do you like going on holiday? InglesParaUsted @InglesParaUsted "Guerra" "War" "anuncio" "advertisement" "No sé qué hacer con mi vida" "I don't know what to do with my life" BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Man arrested in Surrey on suspicion of the murder of his brother and 3 other people by Lake #Annecy in French Alps released on bail US President @BarackObama calls for Congress to end tax breaks for big oil companies in climate change speech Scotland Yard looking into claim that @metpoliceuk secretly recorded meetings with Duwayne Brooks and his lawyer London police secretly bugged meetings with murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence’s friend Duwayne Brooks, BBC told Snowden is a free man and the sooner he chooses a destination, the better” - Russia’s president Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin confirms US fugitive #Snowden is in transit area of Moscow airport Former President Nelson #Mandela’s condition remains unchanged in hospital, South African government says Briton Rebecca Shuttleworth jailed for life, with minimum term of 18 years, for murder of two-year-old son Keanu US Supreme Court strikes down a key part of a Civil Rights-era law designed to protect minority voters Londoner Wendell Baker found guilty of raping a pensioner in her bedroom after second trial for same offence Real Madrid name Carlo Ancelotti as their new coach, as Laurent Blanc is appointed at Paris St-Germain. More soon. The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, hands over power to his son Brazil's President Rousseff pledges more money for public transport and referendum on reforms, following protests Brazil's President Rousseff pledges 50bn reais ($25bn, £16bn) investment in public transport, following huge protests Explosions and gunfire have been heard in the centre of the Afghan capital Kabul BBC reporter sees militants and president's bodyguards exchange fire amid explosions at Afghan presidential palace Moscow denies involvement in case of fugitive Edward #Snowden and says he has not entered Russian territory British child killer Ian Brady says he is being misdiagnosed as mentally ill, in first public appearance in decades The tribunal hearing of Moors murderer Ian Brady has begun in Merseyside. English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR put back (a) poner otra vez en su sitio (b) posponer Don’t forget to put that book back on the shelf when you’re done. No olvides poner ese libro otra vez en la estantería cuando hayas acabado. Can we put the meeting back to Monday. ¿Podemos posponer la reunión al lunes? put off (a) postponer (b) distraer (c) causar rechazo I should stop putting my homework off . Debería dejar de posponer mis deberes. Stop putting me off. I can’t concentrate! Deja de distraerme, ¡no me puedo concentrar! Seeing that accident has put me off my dinner. Ver ese accidente ha hecho que no me apetezca la cena. put on (a) ponerse (b) encender (c) aumentar Put your coats on it’s cold outside. Poneos los abrigos que hace frío fuera. Let’s put the heating on so it’s warm when we come back. Vamos a encender el radiador para que se esté caliente cuando volvamos. I think I put on weight over Christmas. Creo que aumenté de peso durante las navidades. put through comunicar If you hold the line I’ll put you through to the boss. Si no cuelgas te pongo en comunicación con el jefe. put under dejar inconsciente a aguien antes de una operación The surgeon will put you under for the operation, so you won’t feel a thing. El cirujano te anestesiará para la operación, así que no sentirás nada. to go without saying de más está decir We ran away from home to get married, it goes without saying my parents were furious. lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit To gossip cotillear The woman who lives next door is always gossiping about our neighbours “Kites rise highest against the wind; not with it.” (kites cometas) Vaughan Radio y TV I celebrated because the Blackhawks won. If the Blackhawks hadn’t won, I wouldn’t have celebrated. Who's the most recognizable cartoon character ever? We'll look at it after the break on cursoingles @curso_de_ingles Adverbs : Types and Positions today, tomorrow, last week, next month, already, eventually, still, soon, yet, now, later... We went to Paris last year. Fuimos a París el año pasado. I already finished my homework. Ya he acabado los deberes. See you later! ¡Hasta luego! I haven’t finished yet. No he acabado todavía. He still needs to finish his homework. Todavía necesita acabar los deberes.


16 cursoingles @curso_de_ingles I am still waiting. Todavía estoy esperando. here, there, everywhere, nowhere... Is she here? ¿Está aquí? I have searched everywhere but I can’t find my keys. He buscado por todas partes pero no puedo encontrar mis llaves. very, really, almost, hardly, quite, barely... He was almost late for the meeting. Casi llegó tarde a la reunión. We are very busy this week. Estamos muy ocupados esta semana. I really hope she passes the exam. Realmente espero que pase el examen. loudly, carefully, softly, beautifully, fast, hard... you speak English perfectly. Hablas inglés perfectamente. She read the book quickly. Leyó el libro rápidamente. Please drive carefully. Por favor, conduce con cuidado. He runs fast. Corre rápidamente. often, frequently, usually, sometimes,rarely, seldom, never... They are frequently late. Frecuentemente llegan tarde. She usually wears black. Normalmente lleva ropa negra. We never eat in restaurants. Nunca comemos en restaurantes. WARNING! Los adverbios nunca van entre el verbo y el objeto. You speak English perfectly. NO You speak perfectly English espressoenglish Travel English : Conversations in the Airport A lot of English students have a BIG problem… They read and study a lot – and they’re good at doing exercises in English class. But when they travel to an English-speaking country, they don’t know what to say! It’s because all those hours of study didn’t teach the practical phrases used in everyday travel situations. Don’t let this happen to you! Take the Travel English Course. You’ll learn what to say at the airport and hotels, in restaurants and public transportation, while shopping and sightseeing, and much more. The Travel English Course will help you improve: your vocabulary your speaking ability your confidence…before your next trip. You’ll get 30 lessons with text, audio, and practice exercises that you can download. Don’t wait – register by clicking the green button to pay by credit card, or e-mail me to pay with a bank deposit in Brazil. The Travel English Course will help you travel with confidence – not confusion. I hope to see you in the course! Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones 1.cenar to have dinner PERO cenar algo to have something for dinner (literalmente: tener algo para cena) 2.I’m going to have a salad for dinner this evening Voy a cenar una ensalada esta noche InglesParaUsted @InglesParaUsted "Vamos a terminar esto juntos.." "Let's finish this together." BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Sergiy Stakhovsky has defeated Roger Federer 6-7 7-6 7-5 7-6 at #Wimbledon UK Foreign Office “urgently” investigating claims three Britons have been found shot dead on the Costa Del Sol President Obama says “we are all more free” in reaction to historic US ruling on gay marriage Irish government to pay survivors of Catholic-run Magdalene laundries compensation of at least 34m euros Australia’s Labor Party leadership ballot: Kevin Rudd 57 votes, Julia Gillard 45 Commission investigating Vatican bank’s activities is set up by Pope after several financial scandals Chancellor George Osborne outlines plans for UK government cuts in #SpendingReview Ousted Australian Labor leader Julia Gillard has confirmed she will stand down from parliament at the next election UK deficit down by third, record number in work & economy back from brink of bankruptcy Council tax frozen for further 2 years, says UK chancellor, despite local authority cuts of 10% Money from Libor banking fines will be spent on UK military convenant, chancellor says Police counter-terrorism budget “will not be cut at all” in UK, chancellor says in #SpendingReview Brits living abroad “in hot countries” will no longer get UK winter fuel payments, chancellor says “If you’re not prepared to learn English, your benefits will be cut,” UK chancellor tells claimants “They call him George, president calls him Jeffrey, to everyone else he’s Bungle”. Labour’s Ed Balls on UK chancellor US economy grew by 1.8% in Q1 of 2013, revised figures show - original estimate was for a 2.4% increase Main points from UK government’s #SpendingReview plus continuing reaction & analysis US economy grew by less than previously estimated due to weak investment and slowdown in consumer spending Danny Alexander has just told us the “cap” will cover about £100bn of welfare spending - ie less than half. Australia’s Deputy PM Wayne Swan resigns after Kevin Rudd ousts PM Julia Gillard as leader of the Labor Party US Supreme Court strikes down a law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman only, in a landmark ruling US Supreme Court (#SCOTUS) strikes down law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman only


16 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking US Supreme Court (#SCOTUS) declines to rule on a second case concerning a ban on same-sex marriage in California Female staff win legal battle to be paid the same as men at schools in Dumfries & Galloway, SW Scotland Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has lost the leadership of the Labor party to the man she ousted in 2010, Kevin Rudd Texas vote which would close many abortion clinics actually missed deadline, official quoted by @ AP now says Australian PM Julia Gillard calls Labor party leadership ballot as opponents move against her ahead of general election Australia PM Julia Gillard says she'll quit politics if she loses Labor leadership ballot later Texas senate passes bill expected to close most abortion clinics in the state About 2,000 jobs at risk as UK insurance firm Direct Line announces plans for further cuts Clashes in China's far western region of Xinjiang leave 27 dead, state media report US and Afghanistan reaffirm commitment to peace talks with Taliban, hours after militants attack CIA station English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR let down decepcionar My sister let me down when I counted on her. Mi hermana me decepcionó cuando conté con ella. let in dejar entrar (b) on - revelar Let me in, please! It’s pissing down! ¡Déjame entrar, por favor! ¡Está lloviendo a cántaros!. Don’t let me in on the secret. I don’t want to be your accomplice. No me reveles el secreto. No quiero ser tu cómplice. let into abrir la puerta para permitir entrar The bouncer let us into the club for free. El portero nos dejó entrar en la discoteca sin pagar. let off (a) liberar (b) explosionar The judge let the murderer off by mistake. El juez dejó al asesino en libertad por error. At the end of the wedding, the guests let off beautiful fireworks. Al final de la boda, los invitados hicieron explotar bonitos fuegos artificiales. let on revelar un secreto Rose let on to Lucy that she was going to be fired. Rose le contó a Lucy que iba a ser despedida. let out (a) dejar salir (b) contar, revelar Let me out, mum! I want to meet my friends! ¡Déjame salir, mamá! ¡Quiero ir con mis amigos! Do what I want or I’ll let your secret out. Haz lo que digo o contaré tu secreto. let up (a) mejorar el tiempo (b) no dejar de hablar When the storm lets up I’ll drive home. Cuando pare la tormenta conduciré a casa. Jane never lets up when she drinks beer. Jane nunca deja de hablar cuando bebe cerveza. To rise - rose - risen : elevar Crime figures in the city are on the rise. La cifras de delincuencia en la ciudad están en aumento. I rose before the sun this morning. Me he levantado antes que el sol esta mañana. The dead have risen from the grave. El muerto ha salido de su tumba. to go to show demostrar She was underqualified. It just goes to show that beauty can get you far. Vaughan Systems Who's coming to the event to inaugurate the new @VaughanSystems store at Arapiles 18? Deja que te releve. Let me take over for you Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones ahora Esperar en #inglés: elige el verbo que sea más apropiado para la situación: hope (esperanza); expect (expectativa); wait (una espera) Prefiero no hacerlo I prefer not to do it NOT I prefer don’t do it. Utiliza “not” delante de infinitivos ¿Quieres ir al bar? Do you want to go to the pub? No. No. No ahora. Not now. Did you win the match? No, we lost. ¿Ganasteis el partido?/¿Ganaron ustedes el partido? No, perdimos. Are you going to the party tonight? No, I’m staying at home. ¿Vas a la fiesta esta noche? No, me quedo en casa. Ninguna decisión fue tomada. No decision was taken. Ningún bar cierra antes de medianoche en este barrio. No bar closes before midnight in this neighbourhood. No hay ninguna diferencia. 1.There is no difference. 2.There isn’t any difference. No tengo (nada de) dinero. I have no money. (o: I don’t have any money.) No había nada de leche en la nevera. There was no milk in the fridge. (o: There wasn’t any milk in the fridge.) Él no bebió nada de vino. He drank no wine. (o: He didn’t drink any wine.) Prefiero no hacerlo. I prefer not to do it. Tengo miedo de no acabar a tiempo I’m afraid of not finishing on time. Como pescado pero no carne. I eat fish but not meat. No muy tarde. Not very late. Mi hermano cocina pero no muy bien. My brother cooks but not very well. I’m not ready. No estoy listo. He’s not here. (Contracción alternativa: He isn’t here.) Él no está aquí. They’re not at home. (Contracción alternativa: They aren’t at home.) No están en casa. You must not arrive late tomorrow. No debes llegar tarde mañana. I do not think that is a good idea. No creo que sea una buena idea. They did not tell us that before. No nos dijeron eso antes.

no y not


16 English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR You must NOT arrive late tomorrow. I do NOT think that is a good idea. They did NOT tell us that before. 1.A:¿Te gustaría tomar una copa de vino? B:No, gracias. C:No vino. Una cerveza, por favor. 2.¿Preferirías no levantarte temprano mañana? 3.Él no tiene nada de paciencia 4.¡No lo llamaré! Te lo prometo. (haciendo hincapé en el “no”) 5.Ninguna propuesta fue aceptable. 1.A:Would you like (to have) a glass of wine? B:No, thanks. C:Not wine.A beer please. 2.Would you prefer not to get up early tomorrow? 3.He has no patience. (OR: He doesn’t have any patience.) 4.I will not call him! I promise you. 5.No proposal was acceptable. @VaughanSystems Head honcho jefazo Richard Vaughan is the head honcho at @VaughanSystems GraspEnglish @GraspEnglish Which car is yours, the Ford or the Honda? ¿Cuál es tu coche, el Ford o el Honda? Which parent do you get on best with? ¿Con quién te llevas mejor, con tu padre o con tu madre? What painters do you like? ¿Qué pintores te gustan? Which house did they go into? ¿En qué casa entraron? What car do you drive? ¿Qué coche tienes? BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking US suspends Bangladesh’s trade privileges over concerns about workers’ safety after series of tragedies Boston suspect accused of “forever changing lives” of scores of people by “maiming, burning & wounding” - prosecutor Tennis: First time since 1912 that no American man has reached 3rd round of Wimbledon in London Boston Marathon suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev to face 30 charges over bombing - prosecutors set to give details at 1900 BST, US reports say Scottish MSPs pass a bill to give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in next year’s independence referendum “Be under no doubt - we are coming for you,” police warn other offenders as 7 men jailed for grooming girls in Oxford Seven men jailed, five of them for life, for grooming vulnerable young girls in the Oxford area Two brothers jailed for life for “grooming” & sexually abusing girls in Oxford - sentencing of five others continues Nelson Mandela’s condition improved overnight and ‘he is much better today’, South African President Jacob Zuma says US President Obama, speaking in Senegal: I won’t start “wheeling and dealing and trading” with China and Russia to extradite Edward #Snowden EU reaches political agreement on contested 2014-2020 budget, European Commission president announces UK double-dip recession did not happen - revised figures Stephen #Lawrence’s mother Doreen calls for public inquiry after meeting UK home secretary over police “smear” claims Nelson #Mandela’s granddaughter Ndileka describes him as “stable” as she leaves hospital in Pretoria “Biggest public housing programme in UK for 20 years” is announced by Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander Cost to UK taxpayer of supporting monarchy rose by £900,000 to £33.3m during last financial year - Buckingham Palace Nelson Mandela is ‘still responding’ and tries to open his eyes, his daughter has told South African radio US President Barack Obama: Nelson #Mandela is “a hero for the world”, whose legacy will last “through the ages” The UK economy did not enter a double dip recession at the beginning of 2012, revised growth figures show Nelson #Mandela's condition has deteriorated in past 48 hours, South Africa presidential spokesman says South African President Jacob Zuma cancels visit to Mozambique, as Nelson Mandela remains in critical condition in hospital South African President Jacob Zuma cancels trip to Mozambique after visiting #Mandela who remains critically ill English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR go for (a) gustar (b) atacar (c) optar por, escoger I usually wear trousers, I don’t go for skirts very much. Normalmente llevo pantalones, no me gustan mucho las faldas. The tiger went for the tamer during the performance. El tigre atacó al domador durante la función. If I could keep a pet, I’d go for a monkey.. Si pudiera tener una mascota, elegiría un mono. go forward (a) avanzar, seguir adelante, presentarse (b) with - comenzar a hacer algo que tenías planeado hacer If we finish this lesson today, we’ll go forward to the next one tomorrow. Si acabamos esta lección hoy, pasaremos a la siguiente mañana. I’ll go forward with my piano class next week. Empezaré mis clases de pianola semana que viene. go in (a) entrar (b) caber (c) for - presentarse a, interesarse en Go in, please. We were waiting for you. Pasa, por favor. Te estábamos esperando. Don’t put those dishes in that draw, they won’t go in. No pongas esos platos en el cajón, que no van a caber. Rachel will go in for her driving license test one more time. Rachel se va a presentar para sacarse el carné de conducir una vez más. go into (a) chocar contra (b) examinar a fondo My car swerved and I went into a streetlight. Mi coche viró bruscamente y fui a chocar contra una farola. The detective is going into the evidence to solve the crime. El detective está examinando a fondo las pruebas para resolver el crimen.


16 English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR go off (a) marcharse (b) apagarse (c) echarse a perder (d) perder el gusto a algo (e) with - dejar a alguien por otra persona (f) with - robar algo, o tomar algo sin pedirlo, They’re going off to Cuba for their holidays. Ellos se van a Cuba de vacaciones. The power went off when the child was at home alone. La luz se fue cuando el niño estaba solo en casa. The shellfish has gone off , it smells terrible! El marisco se ha estropeado, ¡huele fatal! Patrick used to go running quite often but he’s gone off it. Patrick solía ir a correr bastante a menudo pero ya no le gusta ir. Jonny has left his wife and gone off with a younger girl. Jonny ha dejado a su mujer y se ha ido con una chica más joven. I needed that backpack this weekend, but my brother went off with it. Necesitaba esa mochila para este fin de semana, pero mi hermano me la ha cogido sin permiso. to bring someone to their knees derrotar a alguien In Starwars, the Empire was brought to their knees by the Rebels. Idioms con GET Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones lo que what Do what I tell you! ¡Haz lo que te digo! What I need to know is... Lo que necesito saber es... Why can’t Robert ever be ready on time? It really gets on my nerves having to wait for him all he time! ¿Por qué Roberto nunca puede estar listo a tiempo? De verdad, me pone de los nervios tener que esperarlo todo el tiempo Do you get on well with your boss? ¿Te llevas bien con tu jefe? I’m getting on badly with my girlfriend at the moment; I’m not sure that the relationship will last much longer. En este momento me estoy llevando mal con mi novia; no estoy seguro de que la relación dure mucho más. Michael got the sack after getting drunk at the Christmas party and making a complete fool of himself. Michael fue despedido después de emborracharse en la fiesta de Navidad y quedar en ridículo total. During the wedding preparations, Sandra got cold feet and decided not to marry David. Durante los preparativos de la boda, Sandra se echó atrás y decidió no casarse con David. The captain warned the players that they shouldn’t get carried away by recent good results. El capitán avisó a los jugadores que no deberían dejarse llevar por los recientes buenos resultados. lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit ahora To have a screw loose faltarle un tornillo “You must have a bloody screw loose if you think Vaughan Systems See you at C/ Arapiles 18 on Sat. 29/06 for a FREE English event with @VaughanSystems Don’t miss it! BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreaking Andy Murray beats Tommy Robredo 6-2 6-4 7-5 to reach last 16 at #Wimbledon US President Obama lands in South Africa for weekend visit to Pretoria, Johannesburg & Cape Town Police in Northern Ireland are investigating whether 8 sudden deaths are related to "ecstasy" tablets Nelson #Mandela has shown "great improvement" but "clinically is still unwell" - ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela British man convicted of raping pensioner in London after second trial for same offence jailed for at least 10 years Two men accused of killing British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich will stand trial on 18 November David Cameron says a task force of "6 of our best business leaders" will assess impact of #EU regulation on UK firms EU leaders agree to begin accession talks with Serbia, by January 2014 at the very latest Moors Murderer #Brady suffers "chronic severe mental illness" and will remain at Ashworth Hospital "to receive the right treatment" - doctor British child killer Ian Brady loses bid to be transferred from hospital to prison Prince of Wales's funding from UK taxpayer dropped from £2.1m to £1.1m last year, Clarence House says Five UK phone hacking defendants, including Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, lose bid to block their prosecutions Senior bishop at #Vatican arrested on charges of money laundering and embezzlement Immigration reform bill that includes first steps towards citizenship for illegal immigrants is passed by US Senate InglesParaUsted ?@InglesParaUsted "ballena" [ba-lle-na] :"whale" [we-il] English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTR run after perseguir, correr tras The security guard was running after thief. El guardia de seguridad estaba persiguiendo al ladrón. run for presentarse para ser elegido para un puesto público Michael is running for mayor. Michael se presenta para alcalde. run into (a) entrar corriendo en (b) encontrarse con (c) chocar The kids ran into the sweet shop. Los niños entraron corriendo en la tienda de caramelos. I ran into my friend while I was in the bank. Me encontré a mi amigo cuando estaba en el banco. If you don't pay attention you'll run into something. Si no prestas atención vas a chocarte con algo. run out (a) of quedarse sin (b) on abandonar I ran out of petrol on the way to the hotel. Me quedé sin gasolina de camino al hotel.


16 English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTR My dad ran out on me when I was a baby. Mi padre me abandonó cando era un bebé. run over (a) derramar (b) atropellar, arrollar You've poured so much beer that it is running over the glass! ¡Has vertido tanta cerveza que se está derramando por fuera del vaso! The taxi ran over a cat! I couldn't believe it! ¡El taxi atropelló a un gato! ¡No me lo podía creer! blue - bluer - the bluest : azul She has the most beautiful blue eyes in the whole world! ¡Ella tiene los ojos azules más bonitos del mundo entero! The ocean is bluer in the Caribbean than in Vigo. El océano es más azul en el Caribe que en Vigo. That is the bluest sky I have ever seen. Ese ese el cielo más azul que he visto nunca. to let off steam desahogarse I go to the gym after work to let off some steam Vaughan Systems Waive prescindir de wave ola/saludar As a prisoner he waived his rights to enjoy the waves. I see myself speaking a really fluent and good english..Thanks in part of course to @VaughanSystems Join us on #TGIF today as we interview musician Jordi Cubino from lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwit “No person was ever honoured for what he received. Honour has been the reward for what he gave.” To have a soft spot for something/someone tener debilidad por algo/alguien. I've got a soft spot for that old. cursoingles ?@curso_de_ingles Homophones Allowed-Aloud Children, you are not allowed to stand up on the chairs! Don’t say it aloud, it’s a secret! Bear-Bare There are many bears living in the forests of Canada. The kids weren’t wearing any shoes…. they were bare foot. Blue-Blew The sky is blue today. The wind blew very hard yesterday. Bored-Board I have nothing to do, I’m so bored! The teacher wrote the words on the board. Break-Brake If you throw the toy on the floor, it will break. When you need to slow down, use the brakes. Dear-Deer To start a letter we write: Dear Sam… Deers are one lions´ favourite prey. Fair-Fare It’s not fair! He can go out tonight, but I can’t. The fare on the train to San Francisco is $5. Flower- Flour In the Spring there are beautiful, colourful flowers. To make a cake you need eggs, sugar and flour. Guest-Guessed How many guests are coming to the party? I didn’t know the answer on the test, so I just guessed. Hair-Hare She has such long, beautiful hair. Hares can run very fast. Hole-Whole Dig a hole in the soil before you plant the tree. The whole family is coming at Christmas. Heard-Herd I heard the story on the news. He is a shepherd and he cares for his herd of sheep. Mail-Male He sent me a package in the mail. Male is masculine, female is feminine. New-Knew We bought a new car. Since she had studied a lot, she knew all the answers. Night-Knight I love swimming at night in the summer. The princess fell in love with a brave knight. Pear-Pair Pears and peaches are my favourite fruits. In class today we worked in pairs. Peace-Piece Many ngo’s ( non-governmental organizations) promote peace in the world. I can’t finish the puzzle because I’m missing a piece. Poor-Pour Some very poor people are homeless. Can you pour me a glass of milk, please? Red-Read Red is my favourite colour. Last night I read for two hours before going to bed! Roll-Role The children like to roll down the hill on a snowy day. Her role in the play is a crazy, old lady. Right-Write You are right. I am wrong. Please write your name here. Stair-Stare Be careful when you walk down these stairs. They were angry so they just stared at each other. Wait-Weight We need to wait about 10 minutes for the next train. I’ve gained 2 kilos in the last month. I need to lose weight! Week-Weak This week has been so stressful! He is so weak, he can’t even lift a bottle of water. Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones next door al lado (en el sentido de casa/piso al lado) The man who lives next door plays the guitar all day next-door neighbour (US: neighbor) el vecino de al lado My next-door neighbour is a musician to miss /mis/ perder(se) en el sentido de: llegar tarde o no llegar to lose /luss/ perder en el sentido de: i) no encontrar, no saber dónde está ii) relacionado con juegos o deportes to waste/weist/ perder en el sentido de: malgastar, no aprovechar He’s going to miss his flight if he doesn’t leave soon. Va a perder su vuelo si no sale pronto.


16 miss, lose, waste Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones She missed her English class last week because she was ill. Perdió su clase de inglés la semana pasada porque estaba enferma. to miss an appointment, a meeting, a conference, a class perder(se) una cita, una reunión, una conferencia, una clase to miss the bus, train, flight, etc perder el autobús, tren, vuelo, etc to lose your wallet, your money, your watch, your keys perder tu cartera, tu dinero, tu reloj, tus llaves to lose the thread of a conversation, to lose control, the plot, your head perder el hilo de una conversación, perder el control, los papeles, la cabeza If you want to drive home, don’t lose your keys this time! Si quieres conducir a casa, ¡no pierdas tus llaves esta vez! I‘m sorry; I’ve lost the thread. Can you repeat that last part? Lo siento; he perdido el hilo. ¿Puedes repetir esa última parte? to waste money, time, to waste an opportunity perder/malgastar el dinero, el tiempo, perder/no aprovechar una oportunidad The food went to waste. La comida se echó a perder. Why do you waste your money on rubbish like that? ¿Por qué malgastas tu dinero en basura como ésa? to waste deperdiciar to waste food, electricity desperdiciar la comida, la electricidad 1.¿Dónde crees que perdiste tu cartera? 2.¡No pierdas más tiempo! ¡Llama ahora para ganar un premio! 3.Ella perdió el tren y tuvo que tomar un taxi. 1.Where do you think you lost your wallet? 2.Don’t waste any more time! Call now to win a prize! 3.She missed the train and had to take a taxi. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking Amid the late chaos, Marcel Kittel wins first stage of Tour de France for Argos-Shimano Britain's Laura Robson comes from a set down to beat Maria Erakovic and make fourth round at #Wimbledon UK Prime Minister David Cameron has arrived in Islamabad from Afghanistan Obama talks to students at the Soweto campus of the University of Johannesburg First Lady Michelle Obama was not present at Obama's meeting with members of the Mandela family US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have met with members of the #Mandela family Australia defeat British & Irish Lions 16-15. Listen live for reaction: US President Barack Obama says the US is 'looking with concern' at the situation in Egypt UK Prime Minister David Cameron visits troops in Afghanistan to mark Armed Forces Day "Madiba's moral courage has been personal inspiration to me and to the world" Obama speaking live in South Africa Presidents Zuma and Obama hold news conference as vigils for ailing #Mandela continue in South Africa US journalist killed during clashes in Egyptian city of #Alexandria, state media report A US appeals court overturns a ban on same-sex marriages in California, following a Supreme Court ruling US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to meet privately with Nelson Mandela's family, White House says President Obama will meet Mandela's family, but won't visit the former leader in hospital, White House says English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable" La única palabra de quince letras que se puede deletrear sin repetir ninguna letra es “uncopyrightable” (sin posibilidad de tener derechos de autor). breah up (a) deshacer, hacer pedazos (b) empezar las vacaciones (c) terminar una relación The children were very happy about the school breaking up. Los niños estaban muy felices porque comenzaban las vacaciones. He took his cookie and broke it up into pieces. Tomó su galleta y la hizo pedazos. Mike and Jill broke up, they're no longer together. Mike y Jill terminaron; ya no están juntos. break away desprenderse, separase Rob has broken away from his boss to start his own company. Rob se ha separado de su jefe para comenzar su propia empresa. break for moverse rápidamente hacia algo When you see my signal, break for the door. Cuando veas mi señal, corre hacia la puerta. break out (a) escaparse (b) estallar, producirse (c) in brotar en la piel Yesterday I read an article about a man breaking out of prison. Ayer leí un artículo acerca de un hombre que se escapaba de prisión. The fire first broke out in the third floor. El fuego se produjo primero en el tercera piso. Pablo got the measles and he broke out in spots. Pablo se contagió de sarampión y le salieron granos. to take the wind out of someone's sails desanimar a alguien When I found out I didn't have enough money to go on holiday it really took the wind out of my sails. lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”


16 lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit To have loads estar forrado, montado en el dólar “She’s got loads of money.” Holiday or Vacation? Vacation USA las vacaciones inglés británico ‘holidays’. ‘Vacationer’ (en USA) la persona que disfruta de sus vacaciones (‘holidaymaker’ en U.K.) Tourism or Sightseeing? ‘sightseeing’ hecho de hacer turismo. A sightseeing tour Un recorrido turistico turismo como industria o actividad comercial, ‘tourism’. Tourism is vital for the Spanish economy El turismo es esencial para la economía española. ‘sightseer’ o ‘tourist’ el turista que viaja visitando lugares de interés turístico, generalmente en viajes organizados. libremente por tu propia cuenta ‘traveller’ (viajero). ‘Tourist guide’ (también ‘tour guide’ o ‘courier’) es el guía turístico. guía de viajes (libro) ‘guide book’. agencia de viajes ‘travel agency’. ‘Tour operator’ operador turístico mayorista . Travel or Trip? ‘viaje’ ‘travel’, ‘journey’, ‘trip’, ‘voyage’ y ‘tour’. ‘Travel’ sustantivo incontable actividad de viajar en general. También verbo. He hates travelling by train No le gusta viajar en tren. ‘Journey’ viaje en concreto. The journey from Paris to New York takes about seven hours. El viaje de París a Nueva York dura unas siete horas. ‘Trip’ un viaje concreto en el que se supone también la estancia en un lugar. I went to Japan on a business trip. Fuí a Japón en viaje de negocios. ‘Voyage’ viaje largo por mar, o también viajar por el espacio. Cook is famous for his voyage to Hawaii Cook es famoso por su viaje a Hawai. ‘Tour’ viaje organizado, generalmente en grupo, en el que se recorre un itinerario predeterminado. John is going on a tour around Australia John va a hacer un viaje por Australia. English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR Everyone but me wants to be rich Todo el mundo quiere ser rico menos yo I wish nothing but the best for you No deseo nada, excepto lo mejor para ti (sólo quiero lo mejor para ti) My father gets up early every day but Sundays Mi padre se levanta pronto todos los días excepto el domingo cut out (a) dejar de beber o fumar (b) cortar, omitir, eliminar As I have a cold, I’m gonna cut out smoking for a few days. Como estoy resfriado, voy a dejar de fumar unos días. John cut out many details of the story. John omitió muchos detalles de la historia. cut back on reducir, cortar, economizar We should cut back on our expenses if we want to make ends meet. Deberíamos reducir nuestros gastos si queremos llegar a fin de mes. cut in (a) interrumpir (b) adelantar con el coche de repente, colarse Don’t cut me in when I’m speaking! ¡No me cortes cuando estoy hablando! The police cut in the thieves in the avenue. La policía adelantó a los ladrones en la avenida. cut through abrirse camino a través de, sortear, saltarse Cut through all that criticism and carry on with your plan. Evita todas esas críticas y sigue adelante con tu plan. expensive - more expensive - the most expensive : caro This place is too expensive. Este sitio es demasiado caro. Macs are more expensive than PCs. Los Macs son más caros que los PCs. Feel free to buy me the most expensive gift you can find for my birthday. No te cortes en comprarme el regalo más caro que puedas encontrar para mi cumpleaños. to go haywire desbaratarse, volverse loco I spilt coffee on my laptop and the screen went haywire see about (a) pensar, considerar (b) ocuparse de Mike likes singing, I'll see about giving him a karaoke machine for his graduation. A Mike le gusta cantar, estoy pensando en comprarle un karaoke por su graduación. Don't worry if you're busy, I'll see about it. No te preocupes si estás ocupado, yo me encargo de ello. see in hacer pasar, recibir As soon as I finish the meeting see Rachel in. En cuanto acabe la reunión haz pasar a Rachel. see into investigar, examinar The vet is seeing into a new treatment for my parrot. El veterinario está investigando un nuevo tratamiento para mi loro. see off ir a despedir My brothers and I went to the airport to see my cousin off. Mis hermanos y yo fuimos al aeropuerto a despedir a mi primo. to lose heart desanimarse After failing my driving test for the third time I just lost heart BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has applied to Russia for political asylum, Russian officials say Nelson Mandela remains in “critical but stable” condition, South Africa’s presidency says President Putin says intelligence fugitive Edward Snowden must stop leaking US secrets if he wants to stay in Russia The Egyptian army has given parties 48 hours to resolve political crisis, or it will ‘take responsibility’ The FBI and Russia’s FSB have been ordered to find solution to case of leaker Edward Snowden, Russian official says French president threatens to block EU


16 trade negotiations with the US amid bugging scandal France’s President Hollande demands that US stop spying on its European allies, after reports of bugging of embassies BBC says it paid £25m in severance payments to 150 senior managers in the three years to December 2012 ”Not unusual” for nations to act to protect security, says Secretary of State John Kerry, as US faces bugging claims Eurozone unemployment reaches 12.1% (19.2m people) - EU says this is a new record as it’s revised down previous totals “Chinese lanterns to blame” for major fire at recycling factory in #Smethwick, West Midlands Egypt protesters storm and ransack Cairo HQ of Muslim Brotherhood, witnesses say Medics treat 9 firefighters at #Smethwick factory fire in West Midlands; 3 then taken to hospital “They were heroes” - Obama leads tributes to 19 firefighters who died in Arizona wildfire 9 firefighters taken to hospital as blaze tackled at factory in #Smethwick, West Midlands 19 US firefighters die battling wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona At least 18 firefighters killed battling wildfire at Yarnell Hill, Arizona, officials say President #Obama delivers a speech at University of Cape Town Egyptian presidency calls on all Egyptians to “unite and listen to the sound of wisdom” At least four people killed in #Egypt protests - three in Assiut and one in Beni Suef Brazil police clash with protesters outside Rio’s Maracana stadium ahead of Confederations Cup Croatia becomes 28th member of European Union Brazil win football Confederations Cup final beating Spain 3-0 in Rio’s Maracana stadium Egypt: At least 1 person killed in Cairo as protesters attack Muslim Brotherhood headquarters Defending champion Serena Williams knocked out of #wimbledon by former semi-finalist Sabine Lisicki in three sets President Obama visiting the bleak cell where anti-apartheid hero #Mandela spent 18 years David Cameron arrives in Kazakhstan for the first trip to the country by a serving British prime minister President Obama says he is 'deeply humbled' to have visited Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner Nico Rosberg wins the British Grand Prix by 0.7 seconds from Mark Webber The US secretary of state says 'real progress' has been made to restart Mid-East peace talks but more work is needed Bomb attack aimed at security convoy in Peshawar kills at least 14, injures 25, police say Powerful blast kills at least 11 people in the north-western city of Peshawar in Pakistan, officials say lamansiondelingles @mansiontwit Practise shopping vocabulary with our famous detective Rick Mansworth: With more than 4 and a half million views, this song must be worth listening to. To lose one’s marbles le patinan las meninges “She’s lost her marbles and gone completely crazy!” El blog para aprender inglés Arrive in - Arrive at - Arrive on He arrives home at 6 o’clock every day. Él llega a casa a las 6 todos los días. Why does she arrive late every Monday? ¿Por qué llega tarde todos los lunes? It’s difficult to arrive there. Es difícil llegar allí. They arrived in London yesterday. Llegaron a Londres ayer. I don’t know when he will arrive in Germany. No sé cuándo llegará a Alemania. Is he going to arrive in Madrid tomorrow? ¿Va a llegar mañana a Madrid? She’ll arrive at the station at 4 o’clock. Llegará a la estación a las 4. “Station” es el lugar determinado. We arrived at Barajas airport in the morning. Llegamos al aeropuerto de Barajas por la mañana. The children never arrive at the school on time. Los niños nunca llegan al colegio puntualmente. I always arrive on time. Siempre llego a la hora/Soy puntual. They arrived on the island last month. Llegaron a la isla el mes pasado. You arrived on the scene when it was too late. Llegaste (al lugar) cuando era demasiado tarde. We’ll arrive on Sunday. Llegaremos el domingo. I arrived on my own. Llegué por mi cuenta. Arrive sin preposición: Arrive home, Arrive late, Arrive there. Arrive in: País o ciudad. Ejemplo: She arrived in Rome. Llegó a Roma. Arrive at: Lugar: Ejemplo: We arrived at the airport. Llegamos al aeropuerto. Arrive on: Con “on time”, “on an island”, “on a territory”, “on the scene”,”on a date”, “on your own”.

9 diferentes maneras de decir "de" en inglés

1)De - Of The Lord of the Rings. El señor de los anillos. They history of Rome. La historia de Roma. 2)Hecho de un material- Made (out) of Is that table made out of wood? ¿Está esa mesa hecha de madera? What is it made of? ¿De qué está hecho? 3)De (sobre)- On This is a biography on Charles Darwin. Esta es una biografía sobre Charles Darwin. Is this the story on American Indians? ¿Es esta la historia de los indios americanos? 4)De vacaciones- On holiday(Brit)/ On vacation (Amer) They went on holiday to the mountains. Se fueron de vacaciones a las montañas. No, he is not at the office. He on vacation. No, no está en la oficina, está de vacaciones. 5)Un número X de cada- # out of # 9 out of 10 people use the internet. 9 de cada 10 personas usa internet. Only 3 out of 7 people participated in the poll. Solo 3 de 7 personas participaron en la encuesta. 6)Depende de- Depends on It only depends on you. Solo depende de it. Do you know who does it depend on? ¿Sabes de quién depende? 7)Último/primero de la lista- The last/first on the list He is the last on the list. Es el primero de la lista. Are you the first on the list? ¿Eres tú el primero de la lista?


16 El blog para aprender inglés 8)Es un niño/a de X años- It’s a #-year old boy/girl It’s a 3-year old boy. Es un niño de 2 años. When she a 7-month old girl she flew for the first time to Rome. Cuando era una una niña de 7 meses voló por primera vez a Roma 9)De (procedencia)- From He is from England. Él es de Inglaterra. Are you from Spain. ¿Eres de España? InglesParaUsted @InglesParaUsted “Haz cosas pequeñas con gran amor.”:”Do small things with great love.” “Es tiempo de voltear la moneda”:”Is time to turn the coin” GraspEnglish @GraspEnglish I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! ¡Espero que hayáis tenido un fin de semana fantástico! delighted (by/at/with sth); delighted (to do sth); delighted (that…) encantado (con algo); encantado (de hacer algo); encantado (de que…) I’d be delighted (to) Me encantaría She's delighted with her job Está encantada con el trabajo Delighted to meet you Encantado de conocerle I’m delighted to hear it No sabes cuánto me alegro I’m delighted (that) you’ve come Estoy encantada de que hayan venido Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones ahora I used to do it Solía hacerlo / Lo hacía. I'm used to doing it Estoy acostumbrado a hacerlo (preposición to + gerundio) de vez en cuando de vez en cuando from time to time (every) now and again (every) now and then (every) once in a while occasionally He calls his mother from time to time despite living abroad. Llama a su madre de vez en cuando a pesar de vivir en el extranjero. I’m not a big cinema fan but I like going now and again. No soy muy aficionado al cine pero me gusta ir de vez en cuando. Every now and then the neighbour’s cat comes into our house through our cat flap. De vez en cuando el gato del vecino entra en nuestra casa por nuestra gatera. Every once in a while I turn on the television to watch the news and I hear a happy news story. De vez en cuando enciendo la televisión para ver las noticias y oigo una noticia alegre. We occasionally go out at the weekends but since having kids, it’s not as often as before. De vez en cuando salimos los fines de semana pero desde que tenemos hijos, no es tan a menudo como antes.


Yo compraría una casa muy grande. I would buy a very big house. I’d buy Iríamos a la playa más a menudo. We would go to the beach more often. We’d go Ella habría aprobado el examen She would have passed the exam. would’ve Ellos habrían llegado al tiempo al concierto. They would have arrived at the concert on time. would’ve Si yo volviera / volviese If I returned Si tu jugaras / jugases If you played Si él prefiriera / prefirese If he preferred Si ella llamara / llamase If she called Si tuviéramos / tuviésemos If we had Si explicarais / explicaseis If you explained Si ellos hubieran / hubiesen If they had Si yo ganase la lotería, compraría una casa muy grande. If I won the lottery, I would buy a very big house. Si viviéramos más cerca de la costa, iríamos a la playa más a menudo. If we lived closer to the coast, we would go to the beach more often. Si ella hubiera estudiado más, habría aprobado el examen. If she had studied more, she would have passed the exam. Si no hubiesen perdido el autobús, habrían llegado a tiempo al concierto. If they hadn’t missed the bus, they would have arrived at the concert on time. Si hubiera estudiado medicina, ahora sería médico. If I had studied medicine, I would be a doctor now. No lo pondría allí si yo fuera tú.I wouldn’t put it there if I were you. Si David estuviese aquí, sabría qué hacer. If David were here, he would know what to do. Si fuera/fuese posible. If it were possible. 1.Iríamos a Australia si tuviéramos el dinero. 2.Si lloviera mañana, ¿qué harías? 3.Si fuera tan fácil, todo el mundo lo haría. 4.Habrían vendido más si hubieran reducido el precio. 5.Si él no lo hubiese buscado, no lo habría encontrado. 1.We would go to Australia if we had the money. 2.If it rained tomorrow, what would you do? 3.If it were so easy, everybody would do it. 4.They would have sold more if they had reduced the price. 5.If he hadn’t looked for it, he wouldn’t have found it. What would you do if you had more time? English on the Rocks @EnglishOTR to run amok/amuck descontrolarse After the match all the fans ran amok in the city . @VaughanSystems to drop out abandonar los estudios The person featured in today’s #HiBy Business section dropped out.


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