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Helicopter MRO

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Helicopter Maintenance General capabilities at a glance Maintenance Services on AS 332/532 Maintenance Services on AS 365 Maintenance Services on H135/H135M Maintenance Services on H125 (AS 350 Series)/H130 Maintenance Services on H120 Maintenance Services on MD 500 series, MD 600 and MD Explorer Maintenance Services on Sikorsky S-76

Component MRO 28 30 32 34 36

Main Rotor Head Overhaul AS 332/532 Overhaul Transmissions Composite Repairs Rotor Blades – Inspection/Repair Rescue Hoists and Cargo Hooks


System Upgrades

40 Helicopter Cockpit Upgrades 42 The touchscreen Garmin GTN 650 certified installation 44 Helisafe V2 – Usage Monitoring System (UMS) 46 Autopilot HeliSAS 48 Pilot Assistance System Integration 52 EASA-approved Power Outlet 54 Multifunctional Alerter System (MAS) 56 Ballistic Protection 58 Ergonomic Console 60 STAR-Q-Mount



64 Integrated Self-Protection System 66 Integrated Self-Protection System Plug-on-Device 68 missim – the only 4-in-1 solution for confidence testing self-protection systems 72 CAST-easy




Support & Consulting



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Helicopter Services | About us

Ensuring independent life cycle support. Your individual needs are the basis of our independent life cycle support services. Our core activities are centred on delivering added value for selected civil and military helicopters – by improving safety, enhancing performance and increasing comfort. Benefit from reduced downtimes with our personalised solutions, which we adapt to your individual schedule. Our over 50 years of experience as a helicopter service provider is the foundation of our comprehensive portfolio, which includes maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), system upgrades and painting services. Whatever your requirements, our Sales and Customer Support are ready to design an individual package for you.

Our locations




Alpnach Switzerland Sion Lugano

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Our values Collaboration, high performance and visionary thinking – these are the values that represent RUAG. They form the basis for our conduct today and in the future.

Collaboration We provide individual services for, and together with, our customers. We believe in the power of reliable collaboration.

High performance Excellence characterizes our ideas and actions: our aspiration is first-class, high-performance solutions.

Visionary thinking We live continuous improvement and take it as our motivation to develop the products and services of the future.

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Helicopter MRO

Ensuring availability – with our reliable maintenance services. Comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services from one single source. Secure value-adding advantages with our one-stop shop solutions, ranging from line maintenance to depot-level heavy maintenance, major repairs and 24/7 aircraft on ground (AOG) services. Reliability, cost efficiency and reduced turnaround time are the focus of our personalised solutions. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure operated by our highly dedicated specialists make RUAG Aviation a leading partner of helicopter owners and operators worldwide. RUAG Aviation is certified by Airbus Helicopter and Sikorsky as an Authorised Service Centre for over 10 different single and twin-engine helicopter types. Furthermore we do maintain MD Helicopters.

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Helicopter Services | Helicopter MRO

Helicopter Maintenance

Reliable and efficient equipment is key to safe, effective and economical platforms. RUAG Aviation delivers the full range of helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions down to the component level. Description RUAG Aviation delivers comprehensive one-stop shop solutions for the MRO of selected civil and military helicopters. These services ensure the continued functionality and performance of platforms down to the component level. Our solutions are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that your helicopter receives optimal care. Reliable, internationally recognised quality management systems with a­ dvanced quality assurance procedures make us an official EASA-approved maintenance and repair centre. Core competences Line maintenance, troubleshooting and periodical inspections Major inspections and incorporation of modifications or customised options Airframe repair and rebuilding, including painting Retrofit and upgrades Engine troubleshooting and borescope investigation Dynamic component repair and overhaul, including test run (AS 332/532) Blade inspection and repair Training according to specific customer needs 8 | Capability Booklet

Type ratings

AS365 Dauphin

AS332 Super Puma / AS532 Cougar

H125 Ecureuil (AS350)

H120 Colibri

H135 / H135M


S-76 Series

MD 500/600 Series

MD Explorer 900/902

AB/AW139 Series

Benefits Reduced turnaround time (TAT) Cost-effective One-stop shop solutions Strong, long-standing relationships with OEMs

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Helicopter Services | Helicopter MRO

General capabilities at a glance RUAG Aviation delivers MRO & engineering services from a variety of sites and locations. Please contact us for further information.

Aircraft & Type

Civil Airbus Helicopters

AS332 Super Puma AS365 Dauphin H120 Colibri H125 Ecureuil (AS350) H130 H135 H145


212, 214, 429

Leonardo Finmeccanica

AW139 Series

MD Helicopters

MD 500/600 Series


S-76 Series

MD Explorer 900/902

Military Airbus Helicopters

H135M H145M AS332 Super Puma AS532 Cougar


S-70A Blackhawk S-70B Seahawk UH-60

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CH-47 Chinook



Airframe Services

Engine Services

Landing Gear Services

Component Services

Spare Parts & Component Management

Cockpit & Cabin Upgrades

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Helicopter Services | Helicopter MRO

Maintenance Services on AS 332/532

Proper maintenance can assure the safety and performance of your AS 332/532 and extend its service life. We have over 20 years of experience performing line, to heavy maintenance on AS332/532. Description This inspection (GV) is due either after 7,500 hours or 15 years of operation, whichever comes first. All dynamic components are removed and inspected. Flexible connections, such as hose lines or cable assemblies, are checked for functionality; chafe marks are eliminated, or, if required, the parts are replaced. Additionally, fuel tanks undergo detailed inspection for leaks, with all filters generally replaced by new ones. The known critical points of helicopter airframes are evaluated in detail, and, when necessary, repaired according to standardised procedures. All actions are documented in accompanying Work Reports to enable the current status to be reconstructed in any inspection phase.

12 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Single source solution provider Support and consultation in condition assessment Competitive turnaround time (TAT) Standard overhaul according to OEM procedures Highest level of quality – EASA Part 145, ISO 9001, AQAP 2110 Handover with performance certificate / status report Competitive warranty period

Your advantages –– All inspections are carried out by OEM-trained and certified personnel –– Extensively tested and flight-ready aircraft –– All dynamic components are recalibrated; helicopter is dynamically adjusted (vibration level) –– Company test pilots define a test flight procedure which ensures the flight performance required by the flight manual

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Helicopter Services | Helicopter MRO

Maintenance Services on AS365 Dauphin

Proper maintenance can assure the safety and performance of your Dauphin and extend its service life. We have over 20 years of experience performing line to heavy maintenance on AS365 Dauphin. Description This inspection (GV) is due either after a given number of flight hours or after a certain amount of time in operation, whichever occurs first. All dynamic components are removed and inspected accordingly. Our experienced teams of specialists make use of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to guarantee a high maintenance standard.

14 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Modifications and customised avionics Single source solution provider Fixed prices and turnaround time (TAT) for standard inspection Structural repair solutions Main rotor blade inspection and repairs OEM-approved repair centre Painting and completion Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) covering own engineering Subcontracting of continuous airworthiness management (CAM) tasks Borescope engine inspection Certified EASA Part 145 standard

Your advantages –– All maintenance and repair tasks can be carried out in-house at RUAG Aviation. –– Extensive expertise in the upgrade and integration of personalised cockpit and equipment solutions –– OEM-approved repair centre for main rotor blades –– Stock of standard spare parts –– Cost-effective and high quality

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Helicopter Services | Helicopter MRO

Maintenance Services on H135/H135M

Proper maintenance of your H135/H135M delivers increased safety and improved service life. We have over 20 years of experience performing line to heavy maintenance on H135/H135M. Description Our experienced teams of specialists make use of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to guarantee the highest standards of maintenance. This is underscored by Eurocopter choosing RUAG Aviation for the completion of 16 highly sophisticated H135M helicopters for the Swiss Air Force.

16 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Fixed prices and turnaround time (TAT) for standard inspection OEM-approved single-source maintenance solution provider Modifications and customised avionics Structural repair solutions Painting and completion Subcontracting of continuous airworthiness management (CAM) tasks Borescope engine inspections Certified according to EASA Part 145

Your advantages –– Extensive expertise in the upgrade and integration of personalised cockpit and equipment solutions –– All maintenance and repair tasks carried out in-house at RUAG Aviation –– Engine troubleshouting and Borescope/Videoscope investigation –– Stock of standard spare parts –– Cost-effective and high quality –– Attractive cost-benefit ratio

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Helicopter Services | Helicopter MRO

Maintenance Services on H125 (AS350 Series)/H130

Proper maintenance can assure the safety and performance of your H125 (AS350 Series)/H130 and extend its service life. We have over 20 years of experience performing line to heavy maintenance on H125/H130. Description Our experienced teams of specialists make use of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to guarantee the highest standards of maintenance.

18 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Fixed prices and turnaround time (TAT) for standard inspection Single-source solution provider Modifications and customised avionics in accordance with EASA Part 21 Structural repair solutions Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) covering own engineering Subcontracting of continuous airworthiness management (CAM) tasks Borescope engine inspection Certified EASA Part 145 standard OEM-approved repair centre

Your advantages –– All maintenance and repair tasks can be carried out in-house at RUAG Aviation. –– Extensive expertise in the upgrade and integration of personalised cockpit and equipment solutions –– Stock of standard spare parts –– Borescopes / videoscopes on engine –– Cost-effective and high quality

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Helicopter Services | Helicopter MRO

Maintenance Services on H120

Proper maintenance can assure the safety and performance of your H120 and extend its service life. We have over 20 years of experience performing line to heavy maintenance on H120. Description Our experienced teams of specialists make use of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to guarantee the highest standards of maintenance.

Benefits Fixed prices and turnaround time (TAT) for standard inspection Single source solution provider Modifications and customised avionics in compliance with EASA Part 21 Structural repair solutions Painting and completion Subcontracting of continuous airworthiness management (CAM) tasks Borescope engine inspection Certified according to EASA Part 145 OEM-approved service centre

20 | Capability Booklet

Your advantages –– All maintenance and repair tasks can be carried out in-house at RUAG Aviation –– Extensive expertise in the upgrade and integration of personalised cockpit and equipment solutions –– Stock of standard spare parts

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Helicopter Services | Helicopter MRO

Maintenance Services on MD 500 series, MD 600 and MD Explorer

Nose-to-tail solutions for your MD Helicopter. Benefit from certified life cycle solutions you can rely on from RUAG Aviation for your MD 500 series, MD 600 or MD Explorer helicopter. Description Reliable and cost-effective technical maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for MD Helicopters and components, provided by RUAG Aviation’s one-stop shop. Highly trained and experienced specialists provide an extensive array of solutions, from complex system upgrades through to various support and consulting services. Working with state-of-the-art infrastructure and tools, we possess the necessary STC and ensure consistency in delivering the highest standards of quality for your MD Helicopter. We work closely with you to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled. From outfitting the cabin interior to repainting your helicopter’s exterior, from the upgrade and integration of customised cockpit solutions to engine investigations and MRO, our solutions make sure your aircraft looks and performs precisely as you want it.

22 | Capability Booklet

Your benefits Availability: –– On-time delivery (OTD) –– Competitive turnaround time (TAT) –– Ready stock of spare parts

Cost-efficiency and transparency: –– Benchmark prices –– Fixed prices for standard inspections –– Independent service stations

Reliability: –– MRO performed to OEM specifications –– Only genuine OEM parts used –– Highly trained and qualified specialists

Convenience: –– One-stop shop –– 24/7 AOG service –– Maintenance and repair in-house / at your facility –– Dedicated customer service

Further capabilities –– –– –– –– ––

Testing capabilities, incl. flight tests Ground crew and aircrew training Design Certifications (DOA) Fleet management Continuing airworthiness management (CAM) –– Cockpit and cabin upgrades –– Painting

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Helicopter Services | Helicopter MRO

Maintenance Services on Sikorsky S-76 Series

Proper maintenance can assure the safety and performance of your helicopter and extend its service life. We maintain and manage your Sikorsky S-76 fleet at our Alpnach facility. Description We provide service work as well as upgrades, engineering services, system integrations and logistic management in-house and on-site. Our experienced team of specialists make use of our state-of-the-art tools and equipment to guarantee a very high standard of maintenance.

Benefits Single source solution provider Fixed prices and turnaround time (TAT) for standard inspections Modifications and customised avionics OEM-approved service station Certified according to EASA Part 145 / Cayman Island Various Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) through own engineering Personalised painting services

24 | Capability Booklet

Cockpit upgrade & modifications –– –– –– ––

Integration of GPS-based navigation and FMS avionics Integration of new radio communication including antenna arrays Instrument panel rework Approval and certification assistance in other countries

Your advantages –– All maintenance and repair tasks can be carried out in-house at RUAG Aviation or on-site at your location. –– Extensive expertise in the upgrade and integration of personalised cockpit and equipment solutions –– Engine troubleshooting and investigation –– Stock of standard spares –– Competitive price conditions

Capability Booklet | 25

Component MRO

Benefit from reduced turnaround time – thanks to our in-house MRO component shop. Helicopter downtimes tailored to your individual schedule. Our in-house component shops deliver heightened flexibility and greater efficiency to our maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solutions. Our diverse capabilities enable us to support any system. This includes engines and avionics, as well as mechanical, hydraulic and dynamic components.

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Helicopter Services | Component MRO

AS 332/532 Main Rotor Head Overhaul

The functionality and efficiency of your main rotor head system can affect your helicopter’s service life. Improve its performance with our overhaul services. Description Overhauling rotor head systems involves highly complex test procedures with narrow tolerances, e.g. crack detection. RUAG Aviation has over 15 years of experience overhauling, testing and reassembling main rotor head systems (MRH) and tail rotor head systems (TRH).

System specification Versions O-Level I-Level D-Level AS 332 L-MI




AS 532 MKI




28 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Comprehensive know-how Support and advice Short turnaround time (TAT) Fixed prices for standard overhauls High quality MRH/TRH delivery including certificate (FORM One)

Your advantages –– Work report detailing all tasks performed and corresponding basic settings –– Single source service provider –– Component modification status compliant with current manufacturer’s specification and updated upon delivery –– Our employees are certified and authorised by the OEM

The drive unit is ready to be installed in the Super Puma. All preceding inspections and test runs have been carried out.

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Helicopter Services | Component MRO

Transmission overhauls – Main, Intermediate and Transfer Gearboxes

Overhauling your helicopter’s transmission can significantly extend its useful service life. RUAG Aviation provides comprehensive overhaul solutions for main gearboxes (MGB), intermediate gearboxes (IGB) and transfer gearboxes (TGB). Description RUAG Aviation has over 20 years’ experience providing comprehensive overhaul services on mechanical transmission groups, as well as performing associated tests as a single source solution provider. This allows us to efficiently perform comprehensive overhaul operations in-house. Our customers further benefit from receiving their own components and corresponding updated equipment records.

30 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Comprehensive know-how Support and consultation services Short turnaround time (TAT) Fixed prices for standard overhauls Highest standard of quality MGB/IGB/TGB delivery with “Form One” certificate & test runs only with COC

Your advantages –– –– –– –– –– ––

All services are provided from one source Our staff meet the highest standards of quality and are certified by the OEM Definable turnaround times (TAT) Test runs are analysed and logged in your equipment records Storage of all test reports to ensure accurate statements in case of queries Employees receive regular training to ensure that all accompanying processes are tested in practice and consistently audited by the OEM

Capability Booklet | 31

Helicopter Services | Component MRO

Composite Repairs (GRP/CFRP Materials)

You need your aircraft to be lighter, stronger, more resistant. Our over 20 years of experience in composite repairs allows us to provide innovative and reliable solutions for restoring and improving your aircraft. Description RUAG Aviation has established itself as the OEM supplier of various composite parts. Our vast experience and expertise enables us to develop solutions for phased out or difficult to find parts, i.e. the replacement of honeycomb cores.

32 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Field repairs Certified procedures Load analysis (thermal/mechanical) Shaping according to OEM guidelines Short turnaround time Cost-effective Covering colour tailored to customer specification

RUAG Aviation’s composite repair solutions comply entirely with the OEM guidelines. Under no circumstance can intolerable changes in weight occur, regardless of whether it is in the use of strong honeycomb cores or in the applied cover layers. By means of specially developed system solutions, RUAG Aviation is able to perform relatively complex individual repairs within a short time frame.

RUAG Aviation applies specially developed process procedures for all repairs.

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Helicopter Services | Component MRO

Rotor Blades – Inspection and Repair

Regular inspection of the rotor blades increases your reliability. Description Ensure early detection and prevention of damaging defects through the regular investigation of the main and tail rotor blades of your helicopter.

34 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Short turnaround time (TAT) Detailed work report for equipment history Expert advice on-site Technical advice for customer OEM-approved technicians Transportation of delicate material

Your advantages –– In-house solution enabling you to avoid expensive and laborious transport to the OEM –– Tests carried out by our certified specialists produce immediate results to ascertain the condition rotor blades currently in operation –– All tested / repaired rotor blades are declared with Form One, in compliance with EASA Part 145

Capability Booklet | 35

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

MRO on Rescue Hoists & Cargo Hooks

Increase your strength and capability with our rescue hoist and cargo hook solutions. Description –– The working load ranges from 200 – 270 kg –– Overhaul for different types of Breeze Eastern and Goodrich cargo hooks and hoists –– Loads of the cargo hooks provided by RUAG maintenance range from 750 –  5,000 kg

System capabilities Nomenclature OEM P/N / System

MRO Option of Level modification


Breeze Eastern




Breeze Eastern




Breeze Eastern





76368-240/-240-D D-Level



76368-200/-040 D-Level


Goodrich 44301-10-05 I-Level


Goodrich 44316-12-101 I-Level

Cargo Hooks

36 | Capability Booklet

Various, on demand



Upon request

Benefits Short turnaround time (TAT) High quality and technological standard guaranteed Cost-effective Authorised service centre for the winches HS 29700, HS 20200 and BL-10300

Your advantages –– Regular progress reports throughout the process –– Support before, during and after completion of activity –– Annual forecasts and close cooperation ensures the on-time delivery (OTD) and availability of all necessary parts –– Direct relationship with OEM provides advantages even in AOG situations –– In-house test equipment

OEM-authorised, RUAG developed testing stand, able to test between 750 – 5,000 kg.

Capability Booklet | 37

System Upgrades

Affordable mission success – with our customised system upgrades. Customised system upgrades according to your individual requirements. Over 40 successful years of experience in helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) testifies to our reliability as an innovative and capable partner.

Our engineering based solutions enable us to develop unique modifications and products for enhancing military and civil helicopters. From minor modernisations to complete cockpit upgrades, our customised solutions support the fulfilment of your mission requirements.

38 | Capability Booklet

Capability Booklet | 39

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

Improve mission effectiveness – with our helicopter cockpit upgrades

Super Puma AS332 Post-Upgrade

Super Puma AS332 Pre-Upgrade

Benefit from the effective advantages of a modern cockpit. RUAG Aviation’s proven upgrade capabilities delivers reliable approved solutions for all types of helicopters. Description To fulfil today’s complex missions, pilots, ground crews and helicopters have to be integrated into a state-of-the-art environment. As your integration partner, RUAG Aviation enables you to optimise your tasks, support your mission readiness and extend your operational versatility while minimising your costs per flight hour. We are your international, full life cycle support partner.

Upgrade capability overview Cockpit/Avionics and Recording Systems

Safety, Situational Awareness and Protection Systems

Additional Upgrade Program Services

NAV (navigation and guidance)

Weather radar Altitude alerter

CIV/MIL certification (EASA DOA)

COM (communication)

HELLAS (Helicopter Laser Radar)

Test capabilities including flight test

Anti collision systems (TCAS, Flarm, Floice)

Training ground and air crew

HMD (helmet mounted display)

Flight data analysis

Integrated Self-Protection System

Supply chain management (tools, spares and manuals)

Ballistic protection

Ageing programmes

FMS (flight management system) Digital map EFB (electronic flight bag) CVFDR (cockpit voice and flight data recorder) HUMS (health and usage monitoring system)

40 | Capability Booklet

Documentation Life cycle partnership (MRO)

Powerful combination of benefits Avoid early retirement of your fleet and conserve your investment with our high value upgrade program. Benefits NAV (Navigation & Guidance)

Multi navigation position sensor concept for precise guidance to the mission target

FMS (Flight Management System) Faster and easier preflight and in-flight management COM (Communication) Reliable reachability of crew and mission stakeholders Safety, situational awareness and protection system

Fly safe under all conditions

Your Advantages Full service package from one source: –– Civilian and military certifications (DOA) –– Test capabilities, incl. flight test –– Ground and aircrew training –– Documentation –– Flight data analysis –– Life cycle partnership in connection with our MRO service capabilities –– Service life extension programmes –– Fleet management

Capability Booklet | 41

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

The touchscreen Garmin GTN 650 certified installation on rotorcraft

Reduces pilots’ workload through an intuitive all-in-one comm/nav/ GPS upgrade. Enjoy whole new levels of utility with easier handling via touch screen. Description A wealth of innovative features and capabilities further enhances the GTN 650, taking graphical flight planning, systems management and GPS guidance technology to whole new levels of utility. In cooperation with Garmin Aviation Products, RUAG Aviation upgrades the GNS 430 to the improved GTN 650 touchscreen system. This service is available to EASA-registered rotor wing aircraft.

Approvals Under its full Design Organisation Approval (DOA), RUAG Aviation has received the Major EASA Modification STC for Airbus Helicopters

42 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Reduced cockpit workload (more intuitive touchscreen user interface) No mechanical cockpit modification needed (same physical size as the GNS 430) No additional ground time Control of remote transponder (optional) means more panel space Flexible pricing by combining with other one-stop shop services Discount for fleet upgrades

Pricing options Choose between three commercial options: 1. STC fee only 2. STC fee plus material kit 3. Full installation (incl. STC fee, material, etc.)

Beyond this upgrade: One-stop shop solutions More benefits from a single source. With EASA Part 21 and Part 145 certification, RUAG Aviation is a leading MRO service centre for the following helicopter types: –– Eurocopter: AS(5)332, AS365, EC(6)135, EC130, AS350, EC120, Alouette/Lama –– Sikorsky: S76B and S76C series –– MD Helicopter: MD500-, MD600- and MD900 series –– Bell: B205, B212, UH-1D

Capability Booklet | 43

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

Helisafe V2 – Usage Monitoring System (UMS)

In order to satisfy the CAT.POL.H.305 EASA requirement, a Usage Monitoring System (UMS) has to be used. The installation of the Helisafe V2 USM ensures that all relevant helicopter data is recorded and monitored at all times, without the crew having to spend any time doing so. Description In order to satisfy the CAT.POL.H.305 EASA requirement, a Usage Monitoring System (UMS) has to be used. The system must satisfy the following requirements: The system must record: –– The date and time at which the recording is being made –– The number of hours flown during a single day and the total flight time of the helicopter –– N1 (gas producer RPM) cycle count –– N2 (power turbine RPM) cycle count (bei 2 Wellen TW) –– Turbine temperature exceedance: value, duration –– Power shaft torque exceedance: value, duration –– Engine shaft speed exceedance: value, duration

Helisafe V2 Thanks to its compact design, the Helisafe V2 USM can either be installed on the instrument panel, on the centre control stand, under the cabin floor or in the cargo bay, depending on the type of helicopter.

44 | Capability Booklet

The system automatically turns itself on when the battery is powered on. Data regarding the engine time and operating time is recorded automatically from the time at which the engine is started (N1). The actual flight time is also recorded via an installed air/ground sensor. The recorded data is automatically transmitted to an external server via a GSM antenna when the helicopter lands. Pilots and mechanics do not have to upload the data, thus saving a great deal of valuable time. An alarm is automatically triggered if any of the limits are exceeded. In addition, the optional Iridium device enables helicopters to be tracked. Alarm thresholds can be set, which allows the system to also undergo preventative maintenance and, as such, prevents components from suffering a total failure.

Benefits Increased safety Fully automatic system – no extra work for the crew Exceeded limits are recorded and flagged STCs already exist for a wide range of helicopters Low space requirements thanks to the compact design Helicopters can be tracked (optional with the Iridium device) Possibility of preventative maintenance Short ground time Excellent price-performance ratio

Capability Booklet | 45

Helicopter Services | MRO

Autopilot HeliSAS (H125, H130 & Bell 206/407) Affordable stability in an unstable world

RUAG presents the state-of-the-art digital lightweight autopilot solution. Cobham HeliSAS is an EASA-approved stability augmentation system (SAS) and two axis autopilot that provides attitude stabilisation and force feedback to the cyclic control (Roll & Pitch). Description Optional The HeliSAS stability augmentation system is designed to be engaged at GPS/VOR/ Autopilot all times – “SAS on” before takeoff HSI LOC/GS Control Panel and “SAS off” after landing – to provide unmatched stability and ease Flight Control ADAHRS of handling. It dramatically reduces Computer or ADI Optional pilot workload while providing precise control during all modes of flight, Roll Servo Pitch Servo regardless of wind conditions or shifts in weight. The autopilot functions include heading select, navigation, and automatic instrument approach.


Autopilot Modes Heading (HDG)

to turn to a selected HDG & hold it; pilot control via HSI or EFIS

Navigation (NAV)

to intercept & track a VOR, LOC Front-, GPS Course

Back Course (BC)

to intercept & track reciprocal VOR, LOC Back, GPS Course

Altitude (ALT)

to hold current altitude

Vertical Navigation (VRT)

to intercept & track an ILS Glide slope as well as GPS VNAV, LNAV +V or LPV Glide path

Autopilot modes are engaged via push buttons on the HeliSAS Control Panel when SAS is “on” and the indicated airspeed >44 KIAS. 46 | Capability Booklet

Your advantages Reduced pilot workload

With autopilot engaged, pilot can perform other cockpit duties

Increased stability

Automatically recover to a neutral attitude simply by releasing the cyclic

Increased safety

HeliSAS employs a dual fail passive design. Identical safety monitors are used in both of the internal processors, and either processor can disengage the system if a monitor trips

Confident command

Autopilot can be commanded to maintain heading and altitude, or navigation course and altitude

Affordable EASA STC Designed, EASA-certified and priced specifically for light for light-to-medium helicopters such as AS350, EC130 and Bell 206 / 407 helicopters Sucessful long-term experience under FAA certification

The HeliSAS system has been successfully implemented in many helicopters licensed by the FAA

Further benefits Lightest existing helicopter SAS/autopilot system: <8 kg vs. 25 kg+ of other systems Lowest cost among existing helicopter SAS and autopilot systems Lightness achieved with parallel servo architecture; flight control rods remain untouched – reflected in low installation costs Shortest aircraft on ground (AOG) time due to easy system integration and highly experienced RUAG Aviation specialists RUAG Aviation as official dealer of OEM Cobham with excellent relationship 24-hour technical support





PITCH SERVO HeliSAS CONTROL PANEL (HCP) Capability Booklet | 47

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

Pilot Assistance System Integration – Maximum visibility for safe helicopter operations

Ensure maximum flight safety. Rely on RUAG Aviation’s proven system upgrades and engineering expertise to upgrade your visibility for increased confidence. RUAG integrates SFERION®, the state-of-the-art pilot assistance solution from Airbus DS Electronics & Border Security GmbH providing outstanding augmented reality during limited visibility conditions. This is the only pilot assistance system supporting all mission phases, including take-off, active flight, approach, and landing based on high precision, real-time 3D sensor-database fused information. Safe landings and secure mission operations require reliable identification of outside reference points. Limited visibility conditions, caused by extreme weather fronts, whiteouts and brownouts, in dust, fog and smoke, make landmarks unrecognizable. Safe flight operations and real-time decisionmaking become more demanding.

48 | Capability Booklet

Reliable reference points, even in limited visibility situations Steady, high quality situational awareness is crucial for safe and effective helicopter operations. When references points and landmarks are made unrecognizable by limited visibility conditions, the approach, landing and take-off phases become extremely challenging, especially with regards to unseen obstacles and uneven terrain.

Zero light landings (night)

Extreme weather fronts

Brownout (dust, selfinduced rotor down wash)

Whiteout (snow, selfinduced rotor down wash)

Flat light



Capability Booklet | 49

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

Integrate the SFERION® solution with confidence RUAG is your reliable upgrade partner for integration expertise and helicopter availability. Efficient to integrate, the SFERION® pilot assistance system for heightened visibility is your best advantage for enhanced mission safety. The only available solution combining both active flying and landing support, the system provides real-time sensor and data fusion to create a 3D augmented reality and the necessary reference points for increased safety in demanding limited visibility conditions and situations. SFERION® features 3D conformal visual cues on a helmet mounted display (HMD) –– Ensures necessary spatial awareness –– Assesses adequacy of landing zone –– Identifies obstacles in approach and landing zones –– Collects input from onboard database and 3D laser sensor –– Supports low-level flights pinpointing reference points –– Calculates terrain levels and surface details –– Is interfaced with the Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) with optional displays for 3D synthetic visualisation on a Head-Down Display (HDD) for the crew

Contour Line showing ridge line of mountains Landmark Power Line & Pole obstacle 3D measurements of other obstacles

3D conformal en-route symbology

50 | Capability Booklet

Grid showing terrain (start of grid can be shifted)

Pilot assistance for mission safety Choose RUAG Aviation and you choose SFERION® as your pilot assistance system for limited visibility situations. –– Pilots realistically see outside reference points and visual cues –– Maximized mission safety, despite visual conditions –– Pilot assistance and extended mission capability during all flight phases –– Integration expertise combined with excellent system performance –– Only system offering 3D visual cues, based on real-time 3D sensor-database fused information, for both active flying and landing, retrieves process relevant information for informed real-time decision-making –– Flexible design combines exterior mount and ergonomics of HMD, with optional HDD, for dual pilot interfaces and advanced communication –– Identifies potential landing site, interpreting surface terrain and obstacles, as well as safest approach path –– HMD enables flexibility and exceptional reaction times for all situations –– Safely fly at low-levels even with impaired outside world visibility –– Optional head-down display (HDD) for 3D advanced synthetic visualisation

Capability Booklet | 51

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

EASA-approved power outlet â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The power you need in a small, economical package

As a renowned provider of avionics upgrades, RUAG Aviation offers installation services for additional cockpit power outlets for various helicopter types. Description By installing additional power outlets in the cabin and cockpit, RUAG Aviation offers pilotsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; increased flexibility with respect to accessory devices such as tablets (EFBs), smartphones, PowerFLARM or Spydertrack systems, etc. These outlets can be installed as USB or MIL charging ports or as cigarette lighters. Customer specific solutions and mounting positions are also possible. Additional power outlets enable pilots to use navigational or flight planning aids on tablets (EFB) or collision avoidance systems in a simple, flexible and cost-effective manner. The outlets are installed as loose equipment and are EASA-approved.

48 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Flexible use of tablets or smartphones Simple installation of PowerFLARM or Spydertrack systems Approved power supply with the requisite safety standards

TSO C-71-approved USB charging port with various safety features, e.g. protection against overcurrent and short circuits, excess temperature and undervoltage. These additional features provide maximum safety when using portable devices with LiPo batteries, for example iPads. Pilots can fully charge one or two devices.

Installation The system is connected to a non-essential bus or shed bus and powered through an additional circuit breaker. Depending on the variant or customer request, an additional ON/OFF switch can also be installed.

Capability Booklet | 49

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

Multifunctional Alerter System (MAS)

Never miss a beat with the Multifunctional Alerter System (MAS). Successfully implemented in the Swiss Air Force Super Puma upgrade program. Description The Multifunctional Alerter System (MAS) notifies the aircraft crew through selectable altitude alerts (Standalone or Rockwell Collins EFIS MFD-255 EF integration), satphone call and SMS tones and voice alerts from the personal locator system, as well as radio altitude DH voice call outs over the aircraft intercom system.

System capabilities RTCA software / hardware

DO 178 level C, DO-160E

Audio output

Galvanic isolated voice synthesiser

Mean time between failures (MTBF)

> 6,000 operational hours according to MIL-HDBK-217V

Front panel

Saturn yellow, day/night/NVG (other styles upon request)

50 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Flexible application for triggered voice alerts Arinc-429: 2 x inputs, 1 x output Discretes: 12 x inputs, 3 x outputs Galvanic isolated audio output NVG compliant MTBF > 6,000 hrs Certification according RTCA standards available

Your advantages –– Voice alerts for the personal locator system, radio altimeter DH, and satphone ring and SMS tones, in addition to its main function as altitude alerter with integration in the Rockwell Collins EFIS –– Acoustic signals which are prioritised in the MAS and fed to the aircraft intercom system (ICS). –– All tones and messages as well as the individual audio volumes can be modified at the flight line via a UART-interface.

EFIS Altitude Alert display examples

Capability Booklet | 51

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

Ballistic Protection

Protect crew and passengers with RUAG Aviationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ballistic protection retrofit kit. Description The armour plates are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, with the level of protection customised to customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; specifications. The design of the ballistic protection kit allows a modular outfitting of the helicopter according to mission requirements. All components installed in the cockpit and cabin are designed to meet EASA CS-29.561 crash load standards, as well as EASA CS-29.853 fire protection requirements. The ballistic protection kit is installed in the airframe with a VELCRO Hook and Loop system. Floor panels are coated with an anti-skid surface.

52 | Capability Booklet

Your advantages Cockpit

Cockpit floor

Armour plates (PE-laminate)

Crew seat armour

Armour plates (PE-laminate)

Chin windows

Clear window with minimum optical interference protection according to STANAG 2920


Armour plates (PE-laminate)

Cabin floor

Cabin doors

Light armour (Aramid-fibre), protection according to STANAG 2920

Cabin sidewalls

Light armour (Aramid-fibre), protection according to STANAG 2920

Benefits Convenient transport and logistics Simple installation No airframe modifications required Lighter than OEM solution Modular kit adaptable to mission specification No restrictions for existing cabin equipment Interchangeable among airframes

No restrictions in use of cabin equipment

Your Advantages –– Can be designed for any type of helicopter according to your requirements –– Weight benefit of up to 30% compared to OEM solutions –– Installation of the ballistic protection kit for a complete helicopter (cockpit and cabin) can be completed by two people in half a day –– All material is manufactured using the latest technologies –– This kit includes transparent protective armour for the chin windows

Capability Booklet | 53

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

Ergonomic Console for Optimised Airborne Observation Missions

Enhance your vision with RUAG Aviation’s exceptional thermal imager and video camera, so that no detail ever escapes your notice. Description With the ergonomic console for optimised airborne missions, RUAG Aviation has closed the gap between equipment and operator. The more effective handling delivers direct results – more mission success in shorter time.

Equipment list Cockpit Display

Moving map, thermal and video camera images. Pilot or copilot can switch between images according to need

Lower/Upper Console Cube

Easy handling, transport and storage without extra container

Operator Seats

Comfortable operator seat with five-point restraint harness system to ensure safety

Desk Input Control

Ergonomic desk and input control

Mounting Plate

Easy mounting and dismounting – no structural modification needed

54 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Operator and crew trained to maximise equipment performance Easy handling, i.e. less time consuming training Significantly increased mission success Robust desktop Top quality stick for precise camera control Recessed, securely installed keyboard Modular construction Transport and storage without extra container

Your advantages The ergonomic console for optimised airborne observation missions is designed for civil operations like police assignments, border control, forest fire fighting and search and rescue (SAR). The console is dimensioned for larger helicopters like the Super Puma helicopter. It facilitates a higher rate of mission success, reduces hellicopter flight hours and enables accurate data evaluation. The Swiss Air Force has already deployed the system for several hundred hours with considerable success.

Ergonomic Console in brief –– Thermal image, video image and moving map are displayed simultaneously –– Images are furnished with mission relevant specifics like actual aircraft position, flight track, recorder status, warnings and alerts –– Digital recording of images and navigational data –– Moving map with pixel and vector maps and three-dimensional navigation database –– Video and voice downlink –– Intercom and radio system connected to the aircraft –– Mission planning and data evaluation at the console or laptop computer –– Safety: operator seats with five-point restraint harness system –– Comfort for intensive missions: operator seats are vertically and horizontally adjustable Capability Booklet | 55

Helicopter Services | System Upgrades

STAR-Q Mount for Helicopters

Quick and simple release mechanism for STAR-Q sensors of FLIR thermal imaging systems with our STAR-Q helicopter mount. Description The mount is fixed upon three hard points of the helicopter to ensure full stability, and is placed on the left side of the helicopter..

The STAR-Q Mount equipment STAR-Q Mounting Plate

milled out of a single piece to meet high standards

Fixtures for Mounting Plate

can be mounted on existing hard points â&#x20AC;&#x201C; no structural modifications needed

STAR-Q Cable Trench/Fixtures

fixtures can be mounted on existing hard points

STAR-Q Storage Container

turret can be stored together with mounting plate and prop

56 | Capability Booklet

Benefits Easy installation and removal Installation and removal can be performed by two people within a few minutes Turret is firmly installed on the mount Achieves highly stable performance Small, lightweight mount Certified by the Swiss Air Force No structural modifications needed

STAR-Q Storage Container The Star-Q Storage Container is designed for storing the STAR-Q turret while it is attached to the Mounting Plate. The container is unpressurised, fulfilling the environmental conditions required for airborne transport. No MIL-Standard tests were performed. The container is outfitted with four handles, as well as a fixture to make it forklift compatible.

Your advantages –– RUAG Aviation worked intensively with FLIR Systems and the Swiss Air Force to achieve the high performance requirements –– Turret can be stored together with mounting plate and prop –– Container has a fixture for forklift compatibility –– Container has four handles

Capability Booklet | 57


Secure safety with enhanced efficiency Self-protection technologies are essential in many military and civilian missions around the world. From military operations to humanitarian actions in conflict areas, effective self-protection systems mean the difference between success and failure. The most reliable self-protection system on the market With a proven reputation for reliability and efficiency, RUAG Aviation delivers self-protection solutions based upon the unique know-how of its specialists, state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience supporting numerous air forces worldwide. Innovative, one-of-a-kind test equipment To ensure maximum performance of any system, RUAG Aviation designs, develops and engineers test equipment and offers one-of-a-kind products, such as the only 4-in-1 sensor tester and the unique electronic chaff and flare simulator for dispenser unit testing. These simulators enable crews to easily proof the functionality of their self-protection system before take-off, requiring just a few short minutes.

58 | Capability Booklet

Capability Booklet | 59

Helicopter Services | Self-Protection

Integrated Self-Protection System

The Integrated Self-Protection System provides aircrews with essential situational awareness of surrounding electromagnetic and laser spectrum environments. Description The Integrated Self-Protection System detects missiles approaching the aircraft and dispenses chaff and flare countermeasures for self-protection. Acting as a customer defined threat library, the detection, visual and aural reporting of threats, as well as the appropriate countermeasures per threat type, can be defined.

Integrated System The Integrated Self-Protection System consists of two parts: 1. Multi-Sensor Warning System (MSWS) for the detection of threats â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all necessary sensors and a neuronal, net based Electronic Warfare Controller to detect radar and laser threat emissions over a wide spectrum. Also included are passive missile approach warning sensors to detect Ultra Violet (UV) emission from approaching missiles. 2. Counter Measure Dispenser System (CMDS) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2 to 16 latest generation chaff and flare dispensers specially adapted for operation on rotorcraft. The dispensers are capable of deploying the latest decoy units; any mixture of chaff and flare can be defined. 64 | Capability Booklet

System capabilities Radar Warning System 0.7 to 40 GHz (pulsed) 0.7 to 18 GHz (CW)

Tangential sensitivity −59 dBm or better (−64 dBm typically) Tangential sensitivity −32 dBm or better (−36 dBm typically)

Capable of tracking up to 64 emitters in parallel Laser Warning System Spectral wavelength coverage 0.5 to 1.7 Probability of intercept

95% for a single pulse, 99% for multi pulse lasers

False alarm rate

Less than 2 occurences in 3 hours (1 alarm in 8 hours typically)

Missile Warning System Field of view

110° conical field of view per sensor

Typical detection range

5 km for a SAM-7 and > 5 km for a SAM-13

False alarm rate

2 occurences or less in 3 flying hours with high UV clutter 1 occurence in 5 to 10 flying hours under normal conditions

Probability of warning

> 99% for the following missiles: HN 5A, SAM-7, SAM-8, SAM-9, SAM-13, SAM-14, SAM-16, SAM-18, Stinger

Capable of handling 10 threats simultaneously

Your advantages

Benefits Excellent self-protection capabilities (missile, laser & radar) Full integration into the platform Integration into MFD/HIS possible In-depth experience & knowledge of the complete solution MRO, analysis, integration, production, certification and training from a single source System safety analysis, system optimisation Detailed analysis and evaluation to guarantee safe and effective flare separation from the platform

–– Calculations/simulations for optimal system performance (sensor alignment, flare trajectories) –– Customised control unit to meet your operational requirements –– High performance electronic warfare (EW) system with high threat recognition rate and low false alarm rate –– EW system allows fast and efficient maintenance –– Integration into primary flight/ navigation displays for additional aircrew awareness (glass cockpit) –– RUAG Aviation possesses complete end-to-end experience, i.e. system know-how, analysis and integration experience as well as MRO capabilities Capability Booklet | 65

Helicopter Services | Self-Protection

Integrated Self-Protection System Plug-on-Device

Protect your helicopter and crew with the Integrated Self-Protection System Plug-on-Device. This highly versatile, airborne, electronic warfare (EW) solution can be installed and used on various helicopter platforms within 15 minutes. Description The Plug-on-Device (POD) is a pioneering solution that enables equipping helicopters with an EW system on a per mission basis. RUAG Aviation integrates the widely used SAAB IDAS/CIDAS system with all other equipment needed for a self-contained system. It consists of two POD-devices mounted on the helicopter hard points or on a station at the weapon carrier, thereby eliminating the need for the helicopter to be recertified.

International Standard –– Military certification subject to customer requirements –– Civil aviation certification according to EASA standards upon customer request –– Certified according to DO-160E

System specification Self-Protection System Missile Approach Warning Capability Radar Warning Capability Laser Warning Capability Chaff/Flare (NATO standard ammunition) 66 | Capability Booklet

UV-C based 0.7 – 40 GHz (pulsed)/0.7 – 18 GHz (CW) 0.85 – 1.7 μm 39 1” × 1” or 19 2” × 1” per side

Physical/Electrical Dimension [cm] (l × h × w) Power [W] (excludes dispensing pulses) Weight POD System [approx.] [kg]

128 × 38 × 49 350 – 500 W (depending on configuration) 96 – 130; complete system without chaff & flares (depending on POD configuration)

Certification DO-160E & MIL-Std-810 F

Your advantages –– Platform independent –– High aircraft availability –– Short exchange time, fast installation –– Based on the proven Integrated Self-Protection System –– Control display panel – simple and efficient operation –– Optional threat warning display –– Safe operation, low impact on aircraft performance –– Easy access for maintenance –– Tailored to customer requirements

Benefits Minimal aircraft adaptation required Fast and simple to equip a platform with self-protection Low cost per fleet (small number of PODs per fleet) Minimal training required – daily tasks as well as for fixed integration Maximum investment protection during fleet modernisation

Integrated Self-Protection System POD Design Control Display Panel

Electrical Power

Weight off Wheel Emulation


Time & Date

System & Interface Panel

Dimming, Audio Other options Threat Display (optional)

2 Sensor Fields per POD

Capability Booklet | 67

Helicopter Services | Self-Protection

missim â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the only 4-in-1 solution for confidence testing self-protection systems

Accurate testing provides mission confidence. missim is the only 4-in-1 testing unit for immediate and reliable pre-mission tests on air, land and sea electronic warfare (EW) suites. Description An innovative test solution for all self-protection sensors, missim simulates radar, laser, guided missile and even Hostile Fire Indication (HFI) signatures to test a wide range of EW systems. It is fast and easy to use, allowing testing to be conducted anytime and anywhere.

Using missim to test a helicopterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s EW system

64 | Capability Booklet

Missile, laser, HFI (left) Missile, laser, HFI, radar (right)

Following a brief test with customisable scenarios, users receive a go/no-go result and confirmation of the performance of the electronic warfare (EW) system’s sensors. missim is distance independent and automatically adjusts its signal strength according to the distance from the EW system’s sensor. missim’s memory can be securely erased and sanitised within seconds, if necessary, preventing your custom scenarios from falling into the wrong hands.

Scope of supply The missim set comprises the following components: –– missim (available with any combi­nation of the 4 emitter classes) –– Programming tool (PC software) –– User manuals –– Rechargeable battery & charger –– USB cable –– Transport case

Capability Booklet | 65

Helicopter Services | Self-Protection

Performance data Radar Frequency coverage Modulation

12 & 36 GHz PRI: 5 µs – 100 ms PW: 0.05 – 100 µs or CW (12GHz)

Wideband Radar Frequency coverage Modulation Pulse range

1.5 – 18 GHz (adjustable in 1 MHz steps) & 36 GHz CW (1.5 – 18 GHz), pulse, AM, FM, sweep PRI: 5 µs – 100 ms PW: 0.05 – 50 µs

Laser Spectrum Laser class Modulation

525/905/1550 nm Laser class 1, 2, 3R (eye safe at 25 cm/ 10” distance) PRI: 18 µs – 2 s PW: 1 µs – 10 ms (525 nm) PW: 10 ns – 100 ns (others)

Missile Spectrum Eye-safe

UV (solar blind) Yes, class 2

Hostile Fire Indication (HFI) Spectrum Profile programming Eye-safe

UV-C (solar blind) 3 different calibres of ammunition available Scalable firing distance: 200–1,000 m Yes, Class 2

Application Range With distance compensation

0–20 m (66 ft)

Programmable emitters Signatures (Radar, Laser, Missile, HFI) Scenarios

66 | Capability Booklet

255 each 255

Benefits All-in-one solution – simulation of radar, laser, missile and Hostile Fire Indication (HFI) threats Secure erasable memory – protects custom scenarios from falling into the wrong hands Application range 0–20 m (66 ft) Automatic distance compensation – constant power density at the sensor EW system independent – simplifies logistics by using just one tester instead of many Complete, fast and uncomplicated testing Handy, stowable onboard equipment Built-in internal self-testing Programming tool included at no extra cost (PC-based; requires Windows XP or higher) Regular software updates provide functional improvements over the complete life cycle

Compatibility –– –– –– ––

EW-Suites: NH-90, F/A-18, F-5, C-130, IDAS/CIDAS, CAMPS, AMPS etc. MAW-200/300, AAR-54, AAR-57, AAR-60 (MILDS) etc. LWS-300 COLDS, LSU, ATLAS-2Q & 2QB, LWS-20, LWR 1223, SPS 65 etc. RWS-300/310/500, TWE, ALR-67 (V2)/(V3), APR-39, ALR-2000, Seer, Sky Guardian, ELT/156 etc.

Capability Booklet | 67

Helicopter Services | Self-Protection


Simplify your training on airborne self-protection systems with RUAG Aviation's in-flight CAST-easy – a unique electronic chaff and flare simulator for simple and effective testing of the dispenser unit. Description CAST-easy (Countermeasure Advanced Safety Test Equipment) reduces systematic risk by providing effective training, preventive testing and troubleshooting of self-protection solutions. It is a unique, electronic chaff and flare simulator for simple and effective self-­protection training of the dispenser unit. Containing no pyro­technics, CAST-easy can be used for training purposes in the air, on the ground and in labs. It is a safe, direct replacement for standard chaff and flare cartridges. CAST-easy is versatile, cost-effective and easy to use. Cost effective –– Reusable –– Unlimited shelf life –– No maintenance required –– Easy shipping – no hazardous material, no pyrotechnics

68 | Capability Booklet

Versatile –– Dispensable anywhere – in the air, close to airfields, at low altitudes, on the ground, in labs –– No geographical restrictions –– Not dispenser specific – compatible with all dispensers using 1 × 1” cartridges

Benefits Clearly visible dispensing status – can be reset at the push of a button Dispenser system can monitor firing and inventory status No pyrotechnics – reduced logistics and handling effort Maintenance-free Qualified for harsh environmental conditions Troubleshooting: end-to-end testing (combined with RUAG Aviation’s missim) RTCA/DO-160G airworthiness certified

Specification Data Handling Firing Indication

Coloured button pops to the front

Reloading Procedure

Push the coloured button in

Durability Loading / Unloading into Magazine

At least 500 cycles

Dispensing / Reloading

At least 2000 cycles

Physical Dimension

1” × 1” × 8” (~25 mm × 25 mm × 206 mm)


180 g typ.

Temperature (storage and operational)

−55 °C to +70 °C

Altitude (storage and operational)

50’000 ft max.

Electrical Squib Characteristics

1 Ohms ± 15% (un-fired) / open (fired)

Firing Current

> 3A (dc) / 15 ms

Polling Current (no fire)

< 1A (dc) / 300 s max.

Airworthiness Qualification acc. to RTCA / DO-160G

Vibration, Shock, Temperature, Altitude, Dust,

Water, Salt Spray, Icing, ESD

Shelf Life unlimited

Capability Booklet | 69

Compatibility CAST-easy is not dispenser specific, is compatible with standard 1 × 1” countermeasure cartridges and is qualified for use in even the harshest of environmental conditions. To best suit your requirements and to prevent CAST-easy from being mistaken for live ammunition, this pioneering, troubleshooting solution is available in a variety of colours.

Dispensing Systems using 118 square format cartridges (selection) BAE Systems

ALE-47, ALE-40, M-130


Smart Dispenser 1” × 1” × 8”

EADS Cassidian

Smart Dispenser 1” × 1” × 8”



Saab EDS

BOP-L family




Vicon 78 Series 455

Shipping Information – – – –

Designation: CAST-easy 118 Packaging units: 40 pcs. packed per box Each shipping package includes handling instructions CAST-easy is subject to international export regulations

70 | Capability Booklet

Capability Booklet | 71


Preserve the value of your helicopter â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with our unique painting services. Make a solid first impression with your helicopter. In addition to preserving and enhancing your helicopterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s value, a welldesigned and well-maintained exterior can effect a desirable response from others. Our skilled advisors adhere to the highest standards of quality down to the smallest details, offering first-class value in the practical as well as the aesthetic aspect of painting. We guide you from the planning stage through to completion, with facilities capable of supporting helicopters as large as the Super Puma.

72 | Capability Booklet

Capability Booklet | 73

Support & Consulting

You have individual requirements â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we provide personalised support and consulting services. Your satisfaction is our priority. Take advantage of our many complimentary services, such as fleet management, continuing airworthiness management (CAMO), flight data monitoring, technical training and factory flight testing. Our specialists are on hand to support you in securing the availability and improving the mission effectiveness of your helicopter.

74 | Capability Booklet

Capability Booklet | 75


76 | Capability Booklet

Capability Booklet | 77


78 | Capability Booklet

Capability Booklet | 79


80 | Capability Booklet

Capability Booklet | 81


82 | Capability Booklet


RUAG Schweiz AG RUAG Aviation Helicopter Services Eichistrasse 13 6055 Alpnach-Dorf | Switzerland Phone +41 41 672 50 50 88 | Capability Booklet

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