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RIMFIRE CARTRIDGES The ammunition counts RWS rimfire cartridges have been successful in the competitive target sector for many years and have scores of victories at the club, international and Olympic levels. To further these successes, RWS work with top shots and proven experts to continuously improve their products. A decades-long experience in loading ammunition is the basis upon which RWS is always making improvements.

Not only are the cartridges continually improved and submitted to the highest technical standards of performance, the design of the packaging is also very well thought out. The clear separation of RWS rimfire cartridges into product lines makes it easier to choose the right cartridge for the desired application. In addition, a classification of target cartridges by means of stars has been introduced to signify their relative precision and performance.

¬¬¬¬¬ PREMIUM LINE Stands for cartridges of highest quality and performance for the High End sector

The pictograms on the packaging indicate the quantity, the bullet weight, whether the use is intended for pistol or rifle, and the calibre.

PROFESSIONAL LINE Features high performance cartridges for competition and training

SPORT LINE Features reliable training cartridges for price-conscious shooters

FIELD LINE Contains cartridges intended for special applications.

Thanks to its top performance and absolute reliability, every single one of the RWS branded rimfire products proves its first-class quality every day. Whether for shooting in international or club competitions, training or in special applications, RWS rimfire cartridges stand for the highest reliability and accuracy.

RWS is a partner and sponsor of


the German Shooting Sport Federation National Team

the Swiss Shooting Federation

the French Shooting Federation

the Royal Netherlands Shooters Association

the Hungarian Shooting Federation

Hunting and sport ammo 2017/18  

All brands of RUAG Ammotec in 2017/18 - assortment

Hunting and sport ammo 2017/18  

All brands of RUAG Ammotec in 2017/18 - assortment