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The effectiveness of the Evolution® is especially clear when shooting through bones of the largest game animals. Whereas traditional semijacketed bullets fragment after hitting thick bone, leaving little energy left for penetration and an exit wound, the Evolution® bullet retains most of its original mass. A special Power Bonding process fuses the lead core with the tombac jacket so that an almost 100% weight retention is achieved and thereby a high probability of an exit wound with attendant reduced waste of valuable venison. The Evolution® bullet is naturally accurate due to its aerodynamic geometry and base calotte. This results in a flat trajectory and high impact energy, even at longer ranges. The Evolution®, thanks to its favourable design advantages, expands reliably regardless of the game’s size or it’s distance from the shooter. Its outstanding penetration may be relied upon even when encountering heavier than normal game animals.

100 years’ experience in the development of game bullets has laid the foundation for this innovation from the house of RWS. The UNI Professional features an 18% reduction in air resistance compared to the UNI Classic and delivers a significantly flatter trajectory for longer-range shooting. At the same time, the expansion characteristics of the bullet have been further optimised.

For convincing depth of penetration

The next generation

Its advantages at a glance: • Powerful penetration, even through heavy bone! • Less venison waste - Power Bonding nearly eliminates fragmentation • Aerodynamic bullet shape and ballistic calotte for outstanding accuracy • Nickel-plated bullet jacket protects against barrel wear • Rapid-X Tip® for quick yet controlled expansion

Its advantages at a glance: • Flatter trajectory due to a higher ballistic coefficient (BC) • Higher velocity and more stable flight characteristics • Extended effective range • Reliable expansion How the UNI Professional works • The front core expands and delivers limited fragmentation • The rear core mushrooms only slightly and, as a rule, leaves an exit wound • The sharp leading edge cuts hair at the strike, making for easy trailing • The UNI PRO is universally suited for the heaviest game and wastes little meat

Cannelure assures rear core stability for a certain exit wound

Nickel-plated jacket increases barrel life

Jacket bonded to lead core for outstanding penetration POWER BONDING

Softer front core for controlled fragmentation and maximum effect

Ballistically optimised bullet shape for reduced air resistance and flat trajectory Sharp leading edge for easy trailing

Sharp edge cuts hair at the strike

Modified bullet jacket for reliable expansion Core lock to control deformation

for optimal initial expansion

Harder and heavier rear core for reliable penetration UNI

for excellent stability and accuracy at long range

Cannelure for a secure crimp Nickeled tombac jacket increases barrel life Ballistic calotte for stable flight and long-distance accuracy

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Hunting and sport ammo 2017/18  

All brands of RUAG Ammotec in 2017/18 - assortment

Hunting and sport ammo 2017/18  

All brands of RUAG Ammotec in 2017/18 - assortment