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TO READY TO WORK (RTW)! Two important notes: What is it? -A career pathway for individuals through “Soft Skills Training” -Entry level skills required for employment with most businesses and industries in Alabama ******************** Who manages it? -Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education, Office of Workforce Development Division -Assisted by AIDT

1) Attendance: Attendance is very important! We value you coming daily to learn. If you must be absent or late, please call us at 876-9377 as early as possible or leave a message. This is an important job skill for employment and will allow us to give you a good recommendation. 2) Logins: You are responsible for several logins. Please keep this info with you daily for the following applications:  CAT1 - Organization: wallace cc selma  ESESS - Organization: AIDT RTW  JobLink - (contact your career link office)  KeyTrain - (will be assigned by an RTW instructor or Adult Ed)  FDIC - (go to computer-based instructions, click Money Smart CBI online, then enter your username & password)  Other useful files: (ask RTW instructors for password)

Overview: Ready to Work plays an important role in helping to

Ready to Work (RTW) Instructor Brendan O’Connor (334) 876-9377

Workforce Innovations Office Alice Logan - Director (334) 876-9377 Shandra Smith - Career Coach (334) 876-9393

Class Location Wallace Community College Selma Classroom Building #147 3000 Earl Goodwin Parkway P. O. Box 2530 Selma, AL 36702

Program Hours 8:0 0 a.m. – 12 noon Mon – Thurs

provide the workforce with qualified persons who are ready for employment. Upon successful completion, graduates earn the National Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) and the AIDT Alabama Certified Worker Certificate (ACW). The CRC certifies foundational skills needed for virtually every job, and ACW focuses on skills needed for entry level employment in many of Alabama’s new and growing industries, including production and manufacturing. Certifications are granted based on satisfactory attendance, quiz scores, class participation, and final exam scores.

Program Lesson Outline (requirements for completion of RTW):  FOR CRC: KeyTrain - Tutorial assessment that allows individuals to improve skills prior to taking WorkKeys, a comprehensive assessment for measuring common skills required for success in the workplace which leads to the CRC certification (see above). Those specific skill areas are: Reading, Applied Math and Reading for Information. Each level starts with the simple, then becomes more complex.  FOR ACW: E-SESS – Modules or areas listed below that we will go through as a class and then complete tests online for each. Once all are completed and a final exam is taken, students will receive ACW certification.  Communication - Team Building  Customer Service  FDIC – Financial education & money management  Problem Solving - Time Management/Conflict Resolution/Ethics/Problem Solving Tools/Decision Analysis  Operation - Precision Measurement/Plant Safety/Just-InTime Operation/Introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC)/Statistical Process Control  Workplace Behavior - Drop by Drop/ Harassment/Workplace Violence  Job Acquisitions - Interview /Application forms/Rèsumè and Cover Letter/Mock Interview

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