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Nowadays, our lives are sutured by different media communication.

A way ago the media communication system that existed was simple and in some cases the message spends a lot of time to be delivered. The most common system which the society used was the telegraph or letters send by the post office service and people participated in social activities for sharing with their families and friends.

Currently, new changes in the world have obligated our society to create new technologies that let them to a fast communication and information deliver. Facilities and other services improve business environments and inform us about situations that happen around the world and we also get information about training, education, entertainment and other more.

The different communication media systems, like television, internet, cell phones, radios and social medias like (Facebook, Twitter, Skype and others) are part of the social medias wich people use nowadays. Advices like iPads, Smartphones, etc. Allows us to immediately communicate between our parents and friends and it also allows us to be informed about what happen around the world.

To spend a lot of time using these media can create an addiction to anyone and your privacy and identify can be stolen. It is very important to be careful about what kind of information we or our families can access, because a lot of information in some cases ¨is offensive¨ and can be through these media and sometime it is impossible to have any control about this information.

Although, we can think that these of media made our life much better and easier they have also caused that we lose our necessity to make our live easier sharing more time with our family, in some cases our live have become like the life of a ¨prisoner¨ due to a lot of technology and we forget to spend real time with special people.