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Miami’s SUMMER BAILOUT You don’t have to break the bank to stay fresh this summer— get the inside scoop on where you can find free stuff

plus... Keri Hilson on her new CD, “In a Perfect World”



Free (or cheap) Getaways

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Best of the Web

Money may not grow on trees, but free stuff is everwhere on the web–learn how you can get in on the action.


P.A.T.H.: Miami’s Summer Hip-Hop Workshop

For Your Health

A former Miss Fitness winner lets you know how to stay toned this summer.


Values Valores

Bored this summer? Get off your bum and give back.



Impress Yourself

Avoid these pitfalls to make sure your first summer job isn’t your last.

All Aboard the Fashion Train

13 Shoulders, Ears & Hearts When you need advice from someone who’s been there, Shoulders, Ears, and Hearts is the place to turn.

29 Keeping It Real Staying busy this summer can help you stay out of trouble.



8 Top 25 Free (or Cheap) Getaways for Teens

For Your Health

Your parents can’t afford Disney this year? Rediscover the very best Miami has to offer.

12 P.A.T.H.: Miami’s Summer Hip-Hop Workshop A unique summer course teaches youth the “tao of hip hop”.

16 The Art of The Hustle How one Miami-based artist stays on his grind even when the going gets tough.

17 Just Call Her “Miss Keri, Baby” Keri Hilson on music, her new CD, and why she chose to step into the spotlight.

19 The ProPops Foundation

What Dwayne Wade Sr. is doing to give back.

On our Cover: Cover model Alia Nasser


The Art of the Hustle

2 teen vision magazine

21 Confessions of a Consignment Shopper Latest trends, low prices—why consignment shopping is Miami’s best-kept secret.

22 All Aboard the Fashion Train Nail the hottest summer looks for less.

editor’s letter


Vision Summer 2009 Crew


ReCapturing the Vision, International


Jacqueline Del Rosario

President, ReCapturing the Vision Managing Editor

Photoshoot Director Mariann Moore


hh, summertime. It’s finally here. We’ve arrived at that special time of the year when everyone is just a bit more relaxed and the prospect of long, leisurely days spent at the beach stretch ahead like a carpet of open sand. No school, no teachers, no homework—does life get any better? But summertime means more than family reunions, Fourth of July BBQs, and long days at the beach. Summertime is also a time of transition. Many of you graduated from high school this month. Some of you have plans to go to college, and for those who do, a whole new world awaits you. Others may not know what comes next. For you, summertime will be a time of reflection. The famous American poet, Robert Frost, once wrote: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood/I took the one less traveled by/And that has made all the difference.” What road will you travel as you embark on this next phase of your life? After all the graduation parties are over and the novelty of being out of school has worn off, you must ask yourself, what is in my future? In this issue you will hear from one recent graduate who has taken destiny into his own hands and made a commitment to do what ever it takes to realize his dream of becoming an artist. There is a lesson in his story for all of us: Carpe Diem. It means “seize the day.’ What are you doing today, and every day, to make sure your dreams become a reality? Summertime can also be a time of opportunity. What are you going to do with all that free time you’ve got on your hands? Instead of spending all day eating and watching t.v., why don’t you take advantage of your free time and do something to give back? Raise money for a cause you believe in or volunteer your time at a nearby shelter. Though the focus is on helping others, community service always makes you feel pretty good too. Keep your mind agile by reading a good book, and your body fit by getting off your bum and doing something active every day. Whatever your plans for the summer are, here’s a word of advice: don’t let tough times get you down. Your family may not be able to afford to take you on a trip this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great time. In this issue we’ll reveal the Top 25 free (or awfully cheap) things to do in Miami this summer. We’ll also let you know about great discounts for students, where to get fresh summer gear that won’t break the bank, and how you can go online to find even more free stuff. Here’s to a great summer full of fun, free stuff, self-reflection and opportunity. Enjoy it! Wishing you well,

Jacqueline Del Rosario

Adrinda Kelly

Graphic Design

Tiffany N. Castillo


Amanda Langford

Fashion Spread

Eye Candy by Michelle Gonzalez

Makeup Contributors

Aaron Alexander Desiree Davis

Mariann Moore

Judy Jones

Thelma Thompson

Natasha Fairweather

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Plato’s Closet

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

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ReCapturing the Vision, International

Funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. Grant No. 90FEXXXX. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United states Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

teen vision magazine


best on the web

Get Free Stuff Online! Cruise these websites for free stuff, everything from movie tickets to iPods

by Adrinda Kelly


here are a few things that are still free in life. Air. Sleep. Headaches. The word “No.” But if you’re like most teens, you’ve heard that old refrain, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” every time you ask your parents to hook you up with the latest gadget or buy you that outfit you absolutely must have. In fact, you’ve probably been hearing that a lot lately, but now you can do something about it. Did you know you can find lots of free stuff on the web specifically for teens, everything from free posters to free DVDs? Check out these websites to get the hook up. is your first pit stop on the road to free stuff online. Everything is arranged by category, so deals are easy to spot. But the best thing about this website are the great promo offers. If you click on “Coupons” in the left-hand navigation plane you will see tons of discounts on everything from granola bars to photo printing. When we last checked we saw a $10 coupon for Bath and Body Works, a coupon for a free Sub at Quiznos, even a coupon to a free tire flat repair! is another great site to check out. The deals on this website are designed specifically for teens. You’ll find lots of real free stuff here, divided into the following categories: books, charities, contests, education, entertainment, food and games. Their education section has some really cool and diverse offerings including a free Science of Fat DVD (go figure), free report covers, and free books on driving and babysitting safety. Caution: some of the links are expired so you’ll need to be patient when investigating the offers from this website. 4 teen vision magazine is where you’re going to get the most bang for your buck, especially if you already spend a lot of time online. Once you register with the site, digital dollars will be awarded periodically as you search the web (you get three points just for signing up and at least one point a day if you do a search.) You can redeem your points at for exclusive merchandise, including electronics and video games. 820 Swag Bucks gets you a free iPod shuffle. Finally, is your online source for information about tickets to free movie screenings. Once you create a free account with the website you’ll be able to download movie passes for the hottest flicks before they officially come out in theaters! The trick is to show up early to get a seat, since movie screening offers usually give out more tickets than they can actually accommodate. One word of warning: when cruising these, or any, free offers make sure you read the fine print. Some of these offers have age restrictions and back door schemes to get you signed up for paid services. Make sure that what you see is what you get. All content and opinions expressed on these websites are not necessarily those of ReCapturing the Vision or its sponsors and grantors. All materials on these websites are solely the responsibility of the content providers. tv

for your health

Be Your Best You Total fitness for the mind, body, and spirit

Stability Ball Crunch

by Natasha Fairweather

Natasha Fairweather


atasha Fairweather is a certified personal trainer, fitness expert and former Miss Figure. In this four-part series she educates teens on the commitment to be fit and how to live your best life ever. If you’re like most teens, you probably take for granted that you’re going to be fit forever. Sure, you can probably eat whatever you want now and stay trim and fit, but have you given any thought to how the habits you are forming now will affect your total body health in the future? Now is the time for you to take steps to make fitness part of your lifestyle. Fitness is a way of life. It’s part of your daily mental training. That is the way to look at it—not as something that is hard and inconvenient to do, but as something that you only get one body, one mind, and one chance to take care of. Fitness is about feeling healthy and knowing that you look good. No one can force you to be fit. Anyone can start an exercise regimen to lose a few pounds, but it takes mind over matter to commit to fitness as a lifestyle. There may even be areas that you aren’t completely happy with. So lets make the good you great! Its called body sculpting. That’s when you target areas that may just need a little work. One of the main areas that everyone focuses on is the “Core,” also known as the abs. The Core consists of three main muscles: Rectus

abdominis, Obliquus Internus abdominis and Obliquus Externus abdominis. In order to get results, you must challenge these muscles in ways that they have not worked before, and force them to adapt to change. Clean eating and consistent cardio coupled with core training every two to three days should get you good results. Don’t work your Core everyday–let your abs recover before you train them again. Do 3 to 4 core exercises, 3 sets each of 15 to 20 reps. After six to eight weeks change the exercises by using weights and abs rollers—shock the body.

Floor Crunch

On Your Own Stability Ball Crunch Strong abdominals are the key to maintaining a strong core. Crunches are one of the basic abs exercise. While there are many variations of crunches, research has shown that crunches on a stability ball may be the most effective. Floor Crunch Lie supine on the floor/ mat with your hands at your ears. Flex your waist to raise the upper torso off the bench/ floor. Pause at the top,and then lower yourself until the backs of the shoulders contact the floor. Repeat until failure. The Plank Lie face down with only your forearms and toes touching the floor. Suck in your abs and keep your hips from sagging as you perform this isometric hold. try to work up to two minutes, even if you can hold only for five seconds the first time. Lift one leg to increase difficulty.

The Plank

Stability Ball Crunch

Weighted Stability-Ball Crunch Lie on your back on a stability ball and hold a medicine ball or dumbbell with both hands, arms extended behind you. squeeze your abs to raise your torso off the ball while bringing the medicine ball down in front of you toward your knees. Do three sets of 10 -15 reps. Until next time, train to be healthy... tv teen vision magazine


values valores

Just Do It How two Miami teens turned a bleeding heart into a cause to believe in by Adrinda Kelly


e’ve all been there: absentmindedly flipping through the channels on the TV. until suddenly, somewhere between PBS and MSNBC, the dark, somber gaze of a child whose head seems too heavy for his little body enraptures your attention. In the background, a concerned voice lets you know that for just one dollar a day, little Raul can go to school, drink fresh water, and eat three square meals a day. You feel a pull on your heartstrings as you watch, and you want to do something. But you’re only a teenager and deep down you’re thinking how much difference can one person really make? The problem is just too big. Miami Killian High School juniors Aaron Del Rosario, 16 and Brandan Rodriguez, 16 had a moment like this except they did more than just feel sorry—they took action. Several months after watching a 60-Minute documentary in their AP Human Geography class on a peanut-based substance fortified by vitamins and composed by scientists Aaron approached Brandan about starting a campaign at their school to raise $3000 for the fight to combat world hunger through

6 teen vision magazine

the manufacture and distribution of “Plumpy’Nut.” “We had wanted to do something since November when we saw that video, but we didn’t take action right away,” says Brandan. “Then after winter break, Aaron showed up at school with the pledge sheets. That’s how things got started.” Their strategy was simple: get the word out about the campaign through presentations to classes and pass out pledge sheets. Neither Aaron nor Brandan expected the kind of response they got. “As we got the word out, people who signed up to pledge wanted to become ambassadors—they wanted to volunteer and get involved.” Brandan and Aaron quickly discovered the best thing about raising money for Plumpy’Nut: It’s fun! “The people we have in our crew are really fun people to be with. It’s making a difference and hanging out at the same time.” But it hasn’t all been rainbows and roses. “Organization has been our biggest challenge,’ says Aaron. “We’ve had to turn down offers to help because we don’t want things to get unmanageable. Plus, we’ve had to be really careful

about working with people we can trust.” With only five months and counting to raise their target goal of $3000, Aaron and Brandan have had to get creative. “If you really want to make a difference, they’re people everywhere willing to help. You just have to be willing to put in the time and have the dedication,” says Aaron. Literally. Last month, when trying to get a local gas station to agree to let them host a series of Plumpy’Nut car wash fundraisers, Aaron and Brandan had one chance to make their pitch: at 5am on a school-day. It worked. “That’s where the commitment comes in.” With a series of car wash/bake sale fundraisers lined up for the summer, Aaron and Brandan can see the end game in sight and have no plans to slow down anytime soon. “We’re looking to establish a Plumpy’Nut fundraising network with other schools and add some more people to the movement. We want to expand and make this really official.” tv For more information about the Plumpy’Nut campaign at Miami Killian or to find out how you can get involved, contact Aaron Del Rosario at or Brandan Rodriguez at

impress yourself

Summer Job Survival Tips Landed your first summer job? Now I’m going to let you know what you need to do to keep it

by Desiree Davis


e have all experienced the desire to earn our own money so we can buy those shoes at Traffic, the outfit from Seal, that purse from Macy’s without the limits set by our parents. So what is the cure for this? We seek summer employment, and now you’ve landed your first summer job, how do you keep it? In today’s competitive workforce it is best to have the inside scoop on how to keep and maintain a professional working relationship with your employer. From a manager’s point of view here are some key points to help you out.

4 Be on time. There is nothing more important than being on time. If you are assigned to the first shift your day goes smoother when you have time to prepare for the beginning of the day. You don’t rush in hoping someone will cover your responsibility until you get there. If you are working the second shift be considerate of the person you are replacing. They may have an appointment after work. 4 Dress appropriately. Your work attire should be discussed during your interview or hire. Whether you are in uniform or not always, always be clean. Maintain a neat hairstyle or haircut. Never wear anything revealing. Ladies adjust your blouses—no cleavage or belly piercings should be visible. Gents pull your pants up.

4 Put those electronic devices away. Cellphones and iPods need to be stored out of your work area and used during your break. There is nothing more annoying than having an employee trying to (WWT) Work While Texting. You loose focus, leave room for mistakes, and it slows down productivity. If you are working in a customer service capacity it makes the customer feel ignored and that could cost you a sale. 4 Keep your business, your business. Don’t discuss your personal life at work. This cuts off the “he say, she say” which could leave room for gossip and uncomfortable feelings down the road. Keep it professional.

Hold your head up and be proud. No matter what position you have landed always take pride in every position you hold. When you embrace what you have been hired for you show your ability to move up and take on greater responsibility. This can one day lead to management. Be creative, inspiring, and work hard.

4 Don’t burn your bridges. Always leave a positive impression. If you enjoy your job and it is only for the summer inquire about working part-time during the school year, and request to be hired next summer. This is a summer job, so try not to call in. (You are only working for about six weeks.) If you don’t like your job, don’t just walk off. Give a letter of resignation. It will leave the door open for future opportunities. You never know if you have to pass that way again. Summer employment, with the proper attitude and training, can equip you with the skills to always maintain employment for life. tv


Cellphones and iPod need to be store

d away k area

out of your wor

and us

ed dur


your break. teen vision magazine




Free (or Cheap) Miami Getaways

for Teens How you can have a blast on a budget in MIami this summer by The Staff of Teen Vision Magazine


chool’s out and the summer fun has begun! But the recession has meant a lot of cutbacks for most families, and the annual family summer vacation is probably one of the first things to go. The good news is that while that Disney trip you were looking forward to is no longer on the agenda, there’s still a ton of fun things to do right here in Miami.

8 teen vision magazine

Miami isn’t the world’s #3 top tourist destination for nothing. In this article you’ll discover the Top 25 Miami Getaways for Teens, some of them you know, and others a little bit more off the beaten path. But the best thing about them is that they’re free, (or nearly so)! So kick those recession blues and start planning your best summer vacation ever—right here at home!

1. The Beach What would Miami be without its gorgeous beaches? Miami’s finest free attraction never gets old, and is always good for great people-watching, awesome sunbathing, and some much needed fun in the sun. South Beach is the epitome of Miami beach culture, a place to see and be seen and flex those muscles. For more low-key fun, check out Virginia Key Beach. Located right near the Miami Seaquarium, it’s the only beach in the area that allows leashed dogs. Arrive early to secure your spot as it can get a little crowded. 2. Miami Public Library You can travel anywhere in your imagination, and the Miami Public Library is home to literally hundreds of thousands of volumes that will transport you anywhere in the world. All you need is a library card and a quiet corner, and you’re off! You can do more than just read at Miami Public Libraries, however: call your local branch to find out about some of their other offerings, including a Japanese anime book club, table top games, a teen dance club, and afternoon movies. 3. Jungle Island Here you can see spectacular shows liked Winged Wonders, featuring the cockatoo that rides a bicycle and the only trained Cassowary in the world; encounter exotic animals like the twin orangutans; or cool off on a private beach. For hands-on activities, visit the petting barn, or feed the birds and after you’ve worked up an appetite you can eat at the Lakeside Café overlooking Flamingo Lake. Students get discounted rates, available with student ID. Receive a Sun’N Fun Pass, starting June 1st through September, purchase a one-day general admission, and get the whole summer for FREE!

Savings Pass’ that will allow unlimited admission to all three of the attractions throughout the summer. The ‘Summer Savings Pass’ will be sold for $19.95 plus tax, per person with the purchase of a regular-priced general admission at one of the three parks. 6. American Black Film Festival On June 24-27 your favorite African-American actors, directors, and film executives will gather in Miami for a series of workshops, master classes, and world premieres. Movie screenings take place throughout the city and are open to the public. Ticket prices are only 12 bucks. 7. Pincrest Gardens Most people know Pinecrest Gardens as the former site of Parrot Jungle. This beautiful park is free to the public and open daily until sunset. A petting zoo, playground, butterfly exhibit, and Spash ‘n Play water area round out the offerings here. A concession stand sells hot dogs, drinks, ice cream and snacks to guests. 8. Jazz at the MOCA On the last Friday of every month, Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) presents free outdoor jazz concerts featuring outstanding musical talent. Grab a blanket and picnic basket and find a spot to enjoy the show. Best of all, the museum itself is also open during the concerts, and you pay as little or as much as you want for entrance.

4. AMC CocoWalk Cinema A hot summer day in Miami can really be a scorcher, and there’s nothing like cooling off in the dark, air-conditioned comfort of a movie theater. The AMC CocoWalk Cinema in Coconut Grove is a great place to catch the latest blockbusters. Student Day is every Thursday, with admission of only $6.50 with a valid student ID.

9. Miami Seaquarium Next time you want to treat yourself to a really nice afternoon out, head to the Miami Seaquarium. A perennial favorite among South Floridians, the Seaquarium only costs $33.95 with a $2 discount coupon downloaded for free from their website. For that price you get to watch a suite of shows and exhibits featuring dolphins, whales, sea lions, and sharks. The Seaquarium’s Education Department offers a volunteer program for high-schoolers. Contact their office for more info.

5. Miami Metro Zoo You don’t need to be an animal lover to love the zoo. And Miami MetroZoo is one of the very best. Regular admission is $15.95 plus tax, but starting on May 15 Miami MetroZoo, Miami Seaquarium and Wannado City will offer a ‘Summer

10. Flagler Flea Market With an admission price of only $0.50 and plenty of free parking, the Flagler Flea Market is a great place to look for amazing deals on everything from electronics to sports gear. Every Saturday and Sunday over 500 deals congregate on the Flagler Dog Track to sell their wares. Food and restrooms are available.

teen vision magazine


11. Free Computer Classes with the City of Miami Summer is a great chance to brush up on those computer skills. The City of Miami offers free computer training to Miami residents through its ePark facilities. with a focus on Internet and computer safety, email and homework assistance. Visit to find a location near you. 12. Miami Arts Museum The Miami Arts Museum is a favorite among South Floridians and it’s no wonder why. Besides offering free admission to students with ID, MAM also offers incredible programming to back up its amazing exhibitions. Second Saturdays are free for families and features interactive workshops, lectures, and entertainment. 13. Monkey Jungle $29.95 goes a long way at Money Jungle. The cost of admission to this 30-acre reserve is a small price to pay to feel like you’ve been transported to another world. Located just off U.S. 1 in South Miami, Monkey Jungle is home to nearly 400 primates, most running free on a 30 acre reserve. It is the only protected habitat for endangered primates in the United States that the general public can explore. 14. Miami Museum of Science Admission to Miami’s renowned Museum of Science is only $16 with a student ID. Every First Friday of the month the public can enjoy a free Planetarium Star Show and rooftop observatory viewing (weather permitting). The museum’s free science lecture series also features hands-on activities for children. 15. Miami/Bahamas Goombay Festival Bahamian immigrants were to first to settle Coconut Grove and they keep their memories and traditions alive through Miami’s annual Goombay Festival. This year’s free street festival takes place on Saturday, June 6 and features great music, plenty of great food, and enough dancing to make you feel like you’re at Carnival.

10 teen vision magazine

16. Fireworks on the Beach Ahh, Fourth of July. Patriot or not, anyone can appreciate the spectacular fireworks display that takes place on Miami Beach every Fourth of July. Completely free and open to the public, music and festivities take place at 10th Street and Ocean Drive starting around 7:30 PM. It gets crowded fast, so plan to arrive early to stake out your spot. 17. Gold Coast Railroad Museum Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Miami’s MetroZoo, the Gold Coast Railroad Museum is one of the city’s best kept secrets. Dedicated to the preservation and celebration of rail history, admission to the museum is only $6.00 and on Wednesdays, guests get to enjoy a free train ride on the Edwin Link 2-ft gauge train. Gold Coast operates a fantastic volunteer program for high school students where you get to assist with

restoration, collection & archives, and public tours. This is a great place for students to complete their required community service hours and have fun too! 18. Game Works Flowers not your thing? Well check out this hub for Halo-heads located in South Miami. With a huge selection of interactive games, plus great food and drinks, Game Works offers fun for the entire family. On Thursday nights you can enjoy unlimited gameplay for only $10. 19. Fairchild Botanical Tropical Gardens There’s a lot to enjoy at the Fairchild Tropical Garden besides beautiful horticulture. Fairchild’s International Mango Festival in July features displays, tasting, lectures, even a live auction! And the Butterfly Days Festival in July features a weekend of events celebrating butterfly appreciation, conservation and education. But that’s not all—every Thursday night the sculpture garden is open for Thursday Nights at Fairchild. Depending on the date, this fun-filled night may feature live entertainment, outdoor movies, and live theater or nature walks. ($5 for Member children; general admission is $10 for Member Children). 20. Bayfront Park There’s something for everyone at Bayfront Park. Incredible views, a small sand beach, lush greenery, even a tropical garden and waterfall are just some of the things you can enjoy at this Biscayne hideaway. Free outdoor yoga classes are offered three times a week, and when you’re done exercising you can catch a bite to eat at the adjoining Bayside Marketplace. 21. The Coral Gables Museum The history of one of Miami’s oldest and most beautiful areas is captured at this museum on Ponce de Leon Blvd. which features memorabilia and photographs detailing the development of the Gables. Best of all, the museum is open for free on Wednesdays and Sundays from 1pm to 4pm. Free lectures on architecture and design take place on the first Friday of each month.

22. South Florida Art Center Nestled on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, the South Florida Art Center is a haven for art aficionados and aspiring artists alike. Here you can visit 40 artists at work in their studios and browse professionally curated shows for free. SFAC’s Open Drawing Lab is another draw. Artists of all skill levels are welcome and no registration is necessary. Fee is only $10/session. 23. Full Moon Drum Circle Periodically, on the night of a full moon Soul of Miami hosts the full moon drum circle from 9-12 on Miami Beach. This family-friendly event is open to audience participation, so bring your musical instruments along with blankets, dancing attire, and friends. Visit for the performance schedule. 24. Everglades National Park A must-see for natives and visitors alike, Everglades National Park was created to protect Florida’s fragile ecosystem and receives over 1 million visitors per year. Admission for one vehicle is only $10. Attractions include ranger tours, camping, fishing, biking, and boat rentals. 25. Deering Estate at Cutler Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Deering Estate is a 440-acre reserve that encompasses endangered pine rockland habitat, coastal tropical hardwood hammocks, mangrove, salt marshes, and a coastal dune island. Admission is $10 for students and includes access to Deering Estate’s roster of educational programming including a Historic House Tour, Bird Walk, and Nigh Hike. tv

teen vision magazine


P.A.T.H: Miami’s Summer Hip-Hop Workshop Preserving, Archiving, and Teaching Hip Hop History by Adrinda Kelly


ho says hip-hop can’t be educational? Founded in 2008, P.A.T.H. is Miami’s first-ever summer camp dedicated to Preserving, Archiving, and Teaching Hip Hop History. Hip hop artist and visionary Brimstone first got the idea for P.A.T.H. as a young man growing up in Miami: “I remember in elementary school there would be black kids over there, white kids over there, Chinese kids over there—everything was separate. Then as soon as Run DMC came, it was just hip hop.” This capacity of hip hop to unify is what gave Brim his first vision of P.A.T.H.: “Seeing the power of unity with hip hop culture pushed me to want to now present that in an educational format.” Over the years, Brim worked on finding a home for his summer hip hop workshop. Along the way, he encountered plenty of skeptics. “Hip Hop has always reflected life. A certain segment of it is negative but there is still a large spectrum that is not being shined on. One of the goals of this program is to open up people’s eyes to the many positive things hip hop has to offer,” says P.A.T.H. President Amit Regev. To do this, P.A.T.H. starts with educating participants on the philosophy of hip hop. “The reason this is so important is that once you understand the basic philosophy of hip hop which is ‘Can’t stop, won’t stop, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna make it happen’ then you learn that to develop this philosophy and to be successful as an artist you need to be a leader. That’s the type of topics we discuss in P.A.T.H. It’s really about leadership and self- independence.”

12 teen vision magazine

The students who attended P.A.T.H.’s four-week summer camp last year were immersed in one of four “elements”: B-Boy’ing, MC’ing, deejaying, and writing. They began their day by attending the Opening Cipher, an hour devoted to creative meditation. Next was a two-hour elements class where students received intensive instruction in their chosen element. After lunch, a 15-minute silent meditation period was followed by a presentation by a special guest speaker: “We had a special guest every single day, a celebrity, or someone involved in the actual industry. And to close the day we had the last Cipher.” A new documentary by award-winning filmmaker Dan Perez chronicles the success of last year’s camp and makes it clear that the academy offers something for everyone: “One of our kids last year was from Clearwater. She had no exposure to hip hop and during the camp she learned how to be an urban artist from Krave, one of the biggest graffiti artists in Miami. Now she has her own tag and she practices in her book. Even the kids who are so hip hop and think that they know hip hop will learn something.” tv For more information about P.A.T.H. or to register for the 2009 summer camp visit

Support, help

shoulders, ears & hearts


guidance always at hand

Dear Shoulders, All my friends already have their driver’s licenses. I’m still too young to take the driving course and I won’t get my license until next year. I want to be able to hang out with my friends this summer while they drive but my parents won’t let me. It’s so embarrassing to always have to get picked up and dropped off by my parents whenever I go out. And when they’re not around I’m stuck at home. ARGH! How can I convince my parents to let me out with my friends? –Homebound in Homestead Dear Homebound, I know it’s mind-boggling to you that you have to be chauffeured around by mommy and daddy when all your friends have their driver’s licenses and can take you around themselves, but I swear your folks are not just doing this to get on your nerves. It’s really a safety issue. Car accidents kill or seriously injure hundreds of Florida teens each year. Your parents simply want to make sure that you are not put in an unsafe situation. It’s going to be hard enough for them to let you drive without worrying—they don’t want to have to worry about some other kid’s driving too! Try to talk to your parents to see if there could be some guidelines put into place that would allow you to ride with your friends during the day, or when neither one of your parents is available to drop you off. If that doesn’t work, have patience and keep the faith— you’ll be in the driver’s seat soon enough.

Dear Ears,

college degree will make $1,000,000 more over the course of a lifetime than a person with just high school education. But if you’re still not convinced, there’s nothing wrong with taking a little time off to decide what you want to do. Most colleges will allow you to defer admittance for up to one year. The key is to have a plan for your time off. Get a job, travel, volunteer— whatever you do make sure it’s not just sitting around the house eating your folks out of house and home. Your parents will be more understanding of your decision if they see that it is not motivated by laziness.

Dear Heart, I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months and I love him very much. The only problem is his temper. He gets so angry sometimes that it scares me. When we argue he sometimes shakes me or grabs my wrists so hard until I feel like my hands are going to fall off. One time, he even pushed me into a wall. It has gotten to the point where I am afraid to do or say anything that will make him angry. I know he loves me but I am afraid that one day he will completely black out and really hurt me. How can I make him stop? –Michelle Dear Michelle, Your boyfriend has an anger management problem and if he has physically assaulted you in any way (hit, pinched, slapped, kicked, pushed, choked, arms twisted, snatched around), then he has been physically abusive. You may not have been hurt seriously yet, but all the red flags are there. Any time a woman is or feels physically threatened, is afraid to say what she thinks or feels or wants because of what her man MIGHT do to her– that woman is in an abusive relationship. You must end the relationship now before things get much worse. tv

I graduate from high school this year and my family really wants me to go to college. I got accepted at FIU but I’m just not feeling the whole college thing. I’m sick of school! I want to take a break. My parents would kill me if they knew I was thinking about not going. How can I tell them that I don’t think the college thing is right for me? –Mike Dear Mike, You sound a little confused. Is it that you don’t want to go to college period, or that you don’t want to go to college now? While college isn’t for everyone, it does give you a lot of advantages down the road. In fact, on average a person with a

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The Art of the Hustle How Miami-based artist Oliver D. stays focused on his art game even in the toughest of times

“Self Portrait”

“The Yearbook”


liver D. was an illustrator before he even knew what the word meant. The son of a jewelry designer father, Oliver D. drew his first pictures at the age of 5 and by the tender age of 7 already knew that he wanted to be an artist. Oliver D. sat down with us to talk about how he has weathered periods of doubt and uncertainty to stay true to his art hustle against all odds. TVM: Who are your artistic influences? Oliver D.: Well, there’s one specific artist I saw, I can’t remember at what age exactly, but his name is Norman Rockwell. He’s an American illustrator who was painting in the 1940s and 1950s and I would see his work on Coca-Cola bottles and I just really liked it. When I first saw his work I didn’t really know who he was but as I got older I began to realize wow—he’s like, the man. He’s the real deal. TVM: What mediums do you work with? Oliver D.: I work with every type of medium possible. I work really well with acrylic—acrylic, wash, and graphite, that’s really the thing that I do now. Acrylic is something that I’ve grown to love. TVM: Where do you get the ideas for your subjects? Oliver D.: Well, when I was working on my thesis for school I didn’t just want to read up on an artist I liked, and create a piece of art. I wanted to do something different and I was really interested in the Great Depression. So I interviewed a group of people who lived through that and the stories that I heard were just incredible—stuff you can’t read in a book. They told me about what they had to do to survive and I got those ideas and illustrated them into a picture. 16 teen vision magazine

“Walking a Monk”

TVM: Obviously it takes time and creativity to be an artist, but it also takes money. How do you afford to stay in the game? Oliver D.: I always try to find jobs to help me pay for my materials. There are contests that you could go into, gallery shows that you could do. I worked at Home Depot for five years to earn enough money to pay for art school. You just have to be very inspired and you have to have that urge. You want to be a good artist, even if you don’t have any money. That’s what you have to think about. TVM: How do you market yourself? Oliver D.: Through contests. That’s the best way to market yourself. They’re free and you just submit your artwork. If you get into a show like the Society of Illustrators that sends a book of the artists’ works to every art director in the country, that’s great exposure. And when you go to these shows you get to meet other artists you admire. I just got an email from a company that wants me to do a job for them. When I asked them how they found me they said that another artist I know had forwarded them my work. So it’s all about communication--not just with art directors, and companies, but with other artists. TVM: What’s your advice for teens that may be passionate by art but don’t really know if there’s a future in it? Oliver D.: Just stick with it. Don’t think about the money situation, that’s the first thing any artist will tell you. There’s nothing like the feeling of your brush against the canvas. And have artist friends. tv Check out Oliver D. at or

Keri Hilson photo: PRNewsFoto/Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc.

Just Call Her Miss Keri, Baby How the behind-the-scenes phenom finds herself sittin’ pretty In A Perfect World by Farrah Joseph, adapted from


eri Hilson is not your typical emerging artist. For one thing, she’s written more hits for your favorite stars—think Beyonce, Britney, Danity Kane–than most musical prodigies can hope to

have in a life time. For another thing, she’s got major swag, the kind that only comes from years spent making moves behind the scenes building a musical resume to rival any of the artists today. And then there’s her album.

teen vision magazine


Having penned chart-toppers for artists like Britney Spears, Ciara, Usher, and Ludacris, Hilson’s reputation behind-the-scenes is already well-established. For her, the decision to step out of the studio and into the spotlight was a natural progression: “I was prepared. While I had taken all this time to hone my craft as a songwriter, I always believed that I would eventually get to be an artist.” When producer-friend Polow da Don arranged a pow-wow with super-producer Timbaland, the chemistry was immediate: “A lot of nights we would just listen to other people’s music and critique it. Not for the sake of study but to listen to it and discuss it. We don’t agree all the time. Definitely not. But I think that’s what happens when you get two strong creative minds in the same room.” So what’s next for Miss Keri? With two monster hits under her belt–Turnin’ Me On and Knock You Down—and a concert tour coming soon, Ms. Hilson has no plans to slow down anytime soon. “In A Perfect World… represents a world where music is music and you can’t put it in a box... Hiphop has become pop; pop is hip-hop. Music is definitely changing. I want to be the crux of that. I want to be a reason, not a result.” tv

“In school, I would get in trouble

for singing all the time. I unknowingly hummed every chance I got.”

18 teen vision magazine

Keri Hilson photos this page: from

In a Perfect World... is singer-songwriter Keri Hilson’s much-anticipated debut album, a genreobliterating Timbaland production featuring Hilson’s incredible songwriting skills and her equally amazing voice. describes the album as “emotive, human, gorgeously and deliberately imperfect.” According to Hilson, “No human is exempt from the realities of life— heartbreak, love, failure, success—I want[ed] my album to convey a sense of reality. That’s the standpoint that lent itself to the title. There will always be something you’d change if only you lived ‘In a Perfect World…’ and I’m no different.” Keeping it real is Hilson’s modus operandi. Refreshingly down-to-earth and surprisingly approachable, Hilson isn’t one of those black sunglasses and bodyguards artist-types. In fact, when In a Perfect World debuted in March Keri blogged about her plans to go to an NYC music store and see the album on shelves. She arrived— along with about 100 screaming fans. Instead of hightailing it out of the back door she bought 60 cds, autographed them, and handed them out to her new BFFs. That’s trademark Keri. “I’m not the type of person to develop a persona and try to keep that up. That’s not real, that’s just not me.” Behind Hilson’s playful Southern accent and charming smile is a determined spirit. The Georgia native has been on her music grind since childhood. “In school, I would get in trouble for singing all the time. I unknowingly hummed every chance I got. It got so bad my friend’s nicknamed me ‘Keri-okey.’” By the age of 12, Hilson was a fixture in the Atlanta music scene, performing in plays and competing in local talent shows. After a trip to a studio session with her piano teacher where she was introduced to behind-the-scenes music production, Keri found her niche. “That was when I really knew that I could take music seriously,” she says. “Before I didn’t know if there was such a job as production or songwriting.”

The ProPops Foundation: All-Year Round Sports Camp Dwyane Wade Sr.’s take on family, fatherhood, and raising a Pro Kid by Mariann Moore iami’s Pro-Pops Foundation (PPF) is the brainchild of Dwyane Wade Sr., a man whose lanky frame and long fingers lend him the easy-going athleticism of someone used to lots of high-fives and pounds on the court. Mr. Wade’s passion for basketball still lands him at the court at least once a week, but these days, Dwyane Wade Sr. finds himself devoting most of his energy to the role as Founder and CEO of the ProPops Foundation, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization, with chapters in Miami, FL., St. Louis, MI., Madison, WI., and Liberty, MI. The foundation is designed


to allow fathers to reach out and help their children and families, and to bring fathers back into the forefront of the family, a place from which they have been missing for far too long. The idea for ProPops came about from a simple observation: “Every family needs a good father, every father deserves to have a good family and for the sake of humanity we need fathers to be good role models for the sake of our future generations.” This philosophy is the cornerstone of ProPops’ efforts to reclaim the positive role of the father by providing life skills and leadership training to men, women, boys and girls.

teen vision magazine


“Fathers our flight in life has only just begun, but never to end.” -Dwayne Wade Sr. Launched on Father’s Day in 2008, ProPops gives fathers the opportunity to give back to the next generation and set an excellent example for how the involvement of men in the lives of children is crucial to our future. Services provided by the ProPops Foundation run the gamut, including assistance for families that cannot afford medical and dental expenses and scholarship awards for youth that excel in school academics as well as succeeding in the ProPops organization. Also, ProPops is awarding scholarships for fathers who are performing over and above ProPops’ expectations. Yes, you heard right—scholarships for fathers. For Mr. Wade, fatherhood education and development is central to his mission to improve the life of kids. That’s why ProPops aims to provide resources to fathers, to help them further their education and create a better environment for their families. And then there are the All-Year Round Sports Camps. It stands to reason that the father of arguably one of professional basketball’s best players would offer one of the best all-year round sports clinics for kids in the country. ProPops sports clinics are located in Miami, Chicago, Wisconsin, St. Louis, and Mississippi .These clinics are a critical part of the organization’s overall mission to bring fathers and their families closer. The camps cover sports fundamentals and incorporate leadership and life skills training in areas such as conflict resolution, leadership training, and drug and alcohol prevention. During the season, ProPops continues its efforts to bring fathers and their children closer together and promotes healthy living. The Raising a ProPops Kid Program is at the core of the organization’s mission. “Every father has a unique perspective on the ingredients of rearing a child who has the potential to 20 teen vision magazine

reach the pinnacle of their life endeavors.” ProPops leverages these resources to help students develop the character, integrity, strong work ethic, and discipline required to be successful in any walk of life. Not everybody can go pro, but if Dwayne Wade Sr. has his way, anyone’s child can be a ProPops Kid. tv For more information about the ProPops Foundation or to find out how you can apply for the summer sports camp, visit

Confessions of a Consignment Shopper A Miami teen lets you in on her secret for scoring the latest trends at rock-bottom prices


e snuck in on a little Twitter session between a savvy teen fashionista who shall remain nameless and her friend. Here’s what Luv2shop had to say about her secret for scoring the hottest looks for less.

Plantation 8120 W. Broward Blvd. Plantation, FL 33324 (954) 474-6944

Angel01: Hey waddup? Luv2shop: Shopping Angel01: What? Thought no job or $$$  Luv2shop: Don’t need it, just got $$$ from clothes that didn’t want anymore. Angel01: How’s that? Luv2shop: OK can u keep a secret??? Angel01: Yea, sure. Luv2shop: Well, there’s this great store and they’ll buy, sell and trade brand name gently-used clothing. Angel01: No way! Luv2shop: Yep, it’s called CONSIGNMENT SHOPPING!!! There are great thrift stores you can get good clothes from, slightly used and new, some even still have the tags from the stores on them and you can’t beat the prices. Way lower than paying retail, and why should you? You can save money and spend it on fun things to do over the summer. Angel01: Wow, that sounds gr8! Where do u go? Luv2shop: Well, Flamingo Plaza Thrift Stores is good, and you can’t go wrong with Goodwill. But my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE without question is Plato’s Closet. Angel01: Plato’s Closet? I think I heard about them on the radio... Luv2shop: Yea, they’re new, but OMG, what great stuff!! Give me a sec, I’m gonna copy and paste one of their ads for you...

abercrombie & fitch aeropostale american eagle arden b baby phat banana republic bebe billabong charlotte russe

ecko forever 21 gap guess hollister j. crew lei levi limited lucky brand mossimo mudd

old navy polo rampage roxy seven silver skechers steve madden tommy hilfiger

And Many More...

The brands mentioned above are registered trademarks of their respective companies and manufacturers. At Plato’s Closet® you’ll find a huge selection of trendy, designer styles as well as those every day basics you can’t live without - all at up to 70% off mall retail prices! Not your typical secondhand clothing store. The gently used clothing and accessories that we buy are: top-name brands, cool, hip, trendy, and clean. Our process is quick and easy: Go through your overflowing closet Bring in your cool stuff Walk out with new cool stuff or $$$ in your pocket

With two great locations: Pembroke Pines 12237 Pembroke Road (Flamingo Market Place) Pembroke Pines, FL 33025 (954) 443-4414

Angel01: Oh cool! Luv2shop: If you bring a copy of this ad you get a $5.00 discount off your purchase (valid until June 30th, 2009). Gotta go, have to try on all these great clothes!  Angel01: See ya soon, XOXO


teen vision magazine


All Aboard the Fashion Train How a one-way ticket to Plato’s Closet can help you nail the hottest summer looks for less

photography by amanda langford Makeup by Eye Candy by michelle gonzalez wardrobe by plato’s closet on location at the gold coast railroad museum

22 teen vision magazine

L to R: Dress by Forever 21; shirt by Lacoste, shorts by American Eagle; dress by Express; shirt and shorts by Hollister, shirt by Wet Seal, skirt by American Eagle teen vision magazine


Shirt by Wet Seal, skirt by American Eagle, bag by Vicki Merced Designs

24 teen vision magazine

L to R: shirt and shorts by Hollister; shirt by Lacoste, shorts by American Eagle

teen vision magazine


Accessories by Vicki Merced Designs; shoes by Old Navy and Bakers

26 teen vision magazine

T-shirt by Hollister, shorts by American Eagle; Dress by Forever 21

teen vision magazine


Dress by Forever 21; Shirt by Lacoste, shorts by American Eagle; T-shirt by Hollister, shorts by American Eagle; Dress by Forever 21; Dress by NYC Street Vendor

28 teen vision magazine

keeping it real

An Idle Mind

is the Devil’s Workshop Why you need to keep busy to stay out of trouble this summer

by Desiree Davis


s the anticipation of summer vacation approaches we all have a vision of what we would like to do or where we would like to be for the summer. The goal of the first week is to catch up on some muchneeded R&R (rest and relaxation). No alarm clocks, no homework, no one telling you to clean up or walk the dog—it’s pure bliss! And so what if your pesky younger sibling is hanging around the house—you can keep him at bay with a video game or the television. There is no one to tell you what to do, how to do it, or when to do it. However, by the end of the second week a small voice appears in your head saying “I’m bored”. What is that? And what do you do with that feeling? This is the call of your inner creativity and it will be up to you to make the right choices. Go over the choices that will bring positive results now and later. Apply for that summer job to earn money for those back-to-school clothes. This will keep you busy and your mind focused on preparing for the future. If a summer gig does not come along don’t let free time and space rent your head. They say “an idle mind is the workshop of the devil”. Don’t spend all your time on MySpace—you never know what shady characters might start sending you friend requests that can lead to something you can’t reverse if it gets out

of hand. And don’t spend all your time texting. Besides running up those cell phone bills, too much texting can lead to arthritis in your hands (LOL). Search out those activities that don’t cost a thing, and I’m not talking about love. What about reading a good book? People don’t say the library is a wealth of information without good reason. Did you know you can check out a movie at the library or go online for free? You may also run into some of those books from your assigned summer reading log. Hanging out with friends is cool as long as it is done in a group. If you are going to hang at each other’s houses make sure there’s an adult present or permission is given. There is nothing worse than being embarrassed by your mama, who decided to come home early and ream you and your friends out for hanging out at the house without her permission. Finally, you may find it kind of interesting to spend some time with your family. Family reunions are normally planned around this time of year. These events usually come with the opportunity to travel and sight-see, so plan on attending. Let’s keep it real! Summer is a time for relaxation and fun but too much time on your hands can also land you in a heap of trouble if you don’t have a plan. tv teen vision magazine


Teen Vision Summer 2009  

Teen Vision: Summer Bailout

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